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Outsourced workshop and maintenance


Our solution:

Based on its experience in performing maintenance operations in a variety of steel plants built by different

manufacturers, Siemens VAI planned a full-scale maintenance organization and workshop on-site for this integrated steel plant, which were based on the

requirements of the customer

ThyssenKrupp Companhia Siderúrgica do Atlântico. Service activities cover all plant areas from raw-material handling to continuous casting and include

mechanical as well as electrical services. In order to reduce the financial burden on the customer, the entire investment was done off-balance, arranged by Siemens VAI.

The workshop anchored a 15-year ongoing service agreement managed and operated by Siemens VAI, in close cooperation with the plant’s maintenance department and the individual plant areas.

The challenge:

Based on the experience of Siemens VAI, which was already successfully operating offline maintenance workshops in Brazil, the challenge was to design and construct a central workshop capable to fulfill the needs of an integrated steel plant with five million tons in annual production. To accomplish this task the entire design concept had to be created jointly with the customer in order to tailor the scope of services to the plant design and the needs of ThyssenKrupp Companhia Siderúrgica do Atlântico (TK CSA) as well as to reduce the volume of the investment.

The required scope of services had to include the operation of the central workshop, full-scope caster maintenance and online maintenance services for the entire plant, which are carried out as preventive and corrective maintenance activities during normal repair shifts as well as planned repairs executed during defined shutdowns. Additionally, qualified personnel must be kept on stand-by to assist in emergencies.

Professional maintenance services for

entire steel plant

Achieved results:

Fast erection of an 18,000 square meter workshop From planning to start-up in just 24 months


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The customer Name:

ThyssenKrupp Companhia Siderúrgica do Atlântico


Sepetiba Bay, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Annual output of steel slabs: 5 million tons


This ThyssenKrupp plant is near to iron-ore deposits and produces steel slabs for export.

Around sixty percent of the slabs produced in Brazil will be used to supply the North American market with high-quality steel.

Forty percent of the steel from Brazil will be processed at ThyssenKrupp plants in Germany.


Central workshop and online maintenance

The central workshop offers general maintenance and specialized mechanical and electrical services . All requests for repair or manufacturing of new components are submitted via an electronic interface (ERP-enterprise resource planning) between the

Main benefits:

 Customer can focus on the core business – the production of steel

 High transparency of costs ensured by proposals for all work performed

 High flexibility – thanks to the ability to shift personnel between plant areas based on actual needs

Professional outsourced maintenance enables plant operators to concentrate on their core business – the production of steel and steel products. The highest level of maintenance support offered assumes full responsibility for all maintenance on site.

This is Siemens VAI’s agreement at the new steel plant operated by

Thyssen-Highly qualified and experienced manpower throughout the process chain


Highly qualified and experienced manpower throughout the process chain


Central maintenance services:

 Machining services to repair parts and to manufacture spare parts

 Mechanical and electrical repair services

 Motor repair up to 2.5 MW

 Servicing of hydraulic and pneumatic components like pumps and safety valves

 Balancing rotating devices

 Maintenance of heat exchanger

 Air-conditioner maintenance

Online maintenance services:

 Provision of qualified personnel for in- plant maintenance services

 Backup for emergency repairs

 Management of workforce during plant shutdowns Capabilities Machining equipment:  Horizontal CNC lathe up to 1 m x 8 m  Vertical CNC lathe up to Ø5.5 m x 2.5m

 Drilling and milling machines

Machines in electrical workshop:

 Siemens motor test stand for low- and medium-voltage motor (up to 2,500 kW)

 Electrical testing and calibration equipment

 Balancing machines

 Drying furnaces

With this comprehensive machinery and highly skilled and experienced staff, Siemens VAI provides all maintenance and repair services required across the Highly experienced service personnel Manufacturing with state-of-the-art machinery


service that includes permanent, sustainable improvements in the maintenance of the continuous casting machine and workshop. This significantly improves performance in the production of quality slabs and increased equipment availability and reliability.


 Use of state-of-the-art casting technology

 Short component turnaround times

 Spare part management included Caster maintenance

Maintaining casting equipment at the most up-to-date state of technology reduces downtimes and increases the availability of the slab casters. Siemens VAI has full responsibility for caster maintenance at ThyssenKrupp Companhia Siderúrgica do Atlântico’s plant. The maintenance personnel offers

Checking the strand guide roller bodies


Maintenance services offered by Siemens VAI

Outsourcing of maintenance services, both online and offline, allows producers to focus on their core business activities. Operating and inventory costs can be reduced at the same time.

Siemens VAI service workshops are located throughout the world in close proximity to leading producers. This ensures dedicated maintenance services and the fast repair or replacement of equipment with high-quality original manufacturer components.

Caster maintenance workshop Test and assembly stands for caster components

Maintenance outsourcing: refocus on your core business


For further information, please contact:

Siemens VAI Metals Services Ltda. Avenida João XXIII , S/Nº, Santa Cruz CEP: 23.560-352

Rio de Janeiro / RJ - Brazil Phone: +55 (21) 3198-4700 Headquarters:

Siemens VAI

Metals Technologies GmbH P.O. Box 4, Turmstrasse 44 4031 Linz, Austria

Phone: +43 (732) 6592 0

E-mail: metallurgical-services.metals@

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