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This policy is to be implemented in the event of a sudden emergency which could cause significant personal distress, to a level which potentially overwhelms normal responses and procedures and which is likely to have emotional and organisational consequences.


- To create an awareness of the need for planned arrangements to be made.

- To establish a plan of action which will involve Liverpool Local Authority (Appendix i). - To ensure that all Governors and staff are aware of individual and collective responsibilities. Objectives

1. To have an ‘Emergency Recovery Plan’ that has been shared with the staff so that all are clear about roles and responsibilities should an incident occurs.

2. To alert the Headteacher and leadership team to the nature of the incident and its exact location so that they can decide the level of response needed.

3. To deal with the incident effectively and efficiently putting the health, safety and well-being of pupils and staff to the fore.

4. To remove all pupils and staff away from harm as quickly and smoothly as possible. 5. To alert emergency services if they are needed.

6. To provide first-aid and appropriate care and protection until help arrives and the incident is resolved. 7. To provide staff training to rehearse different kinds of critical incident so that they know their roles and what

to do in such an event.

8. To have hard copies of contact lists for staff, parents, LA and emergency services. Scope of the Plan

In School:

- A deliberate act of violence, such as the use of a knife/fire arm - Fire or explosion

- Pupil or teacher being taken hostage

- Destruction or serious vandalising of part of the school Outside School:

- The death of a pupil or member of staff through natural causes or accidents - A transport-related accident involving pupils and/or members of staff - A more widespread disaster in the community

- Death or injuries on school journeys or excursions - Civil disturbances and terrorism

Emergency Action List In School:

1. Emergency Support Services will be called according to the nature of the emergency. It is the responsibility of the Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher to ensure this, or the discretion of office staff according to the situation.

2. All staff have responsibility for taking all children to a safe place either outside (ref: School Health and Safety Policy Statement, Appendix 2 ‘On Sound of Fire Alarm); or securely within the building, away from windows.

3. Liverpool Local Authority Support Team and the school’s Critical Incident Management Team will be contacted as soon as an incident occurs.

4. School staff will follow the direction of the Emergency Services, and follow procedure set out in the Critical Incident Check List (Appendix ii).



Outside School

If an incident should happen when school is closed the Critical Incident Management Team will be called and appropriate personnel will meet and follow the school procedure (appendix iii), and any direction from the emergency services.

Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT) Members:

Cheryl Chatburn, Margaret Rowlands, Tracy Parry, Pauline Doyle, David Boswell, Audrey Mattocks, Dave Willis, John Manwell, Frank Hilliard and Tommy Bailey.

Link Teachers:

Lin Walker and Mary Jackson (Infants)

Matt Harvey, Lizzy Waterman (Juniors) Administration Support:

Karen Bennett and Donna Lowe Senior Staff:

Karen Carr, Lesley Pearce and Joan Peacock

Nominated Supportive Head: Cheryl Chatburn and Margaret Rowlands

See policy document for details of various incidents which warrant critical action. If this is the case:

1. The Head teacher(s) will be informed.

2. She will then inform her respective Deputy’s, who will inform Audrey Mattocks.

3. The Headteacher will inform Frank Hilliard to discuss the incident and how best to proceed. 4. Audrey Mattocks will inform all other members of the CIMT team

5. Depending on the nature of the incident the next action will be:  Call an emergency CIMT meeting at an agreed venue.  Call a CIMT meeting the following day

6. The Head teacher will decide with FH whether or not immediate support from the LA is required and liaise as necessary. They may decide to delay it until such time as deemed relevant.

7. The CIMT will discuss an appropriate response to all enquiries and designate a member of staff OR nominated member of the CIMT team to communicate with the public and on the telephone. The CIMT will agree an appropriate response and apply a call back response to all enquiries, using the emergency mobile phones 8. The CIMT will discuss appropriate action and responses to the incident in the short term and in then in the

long term at a suitable date.

9. All other teaching staff to be informed of the incident as necessary: Mary Jackson, rest of Year 2 and Nursery. Lin Walker will inform Reception and Year 1.

Karen Bennett/Donna Lowe to call appropriate none teaching staff.

10. If necessary, contact Dave Willis and Audrey Mattocks regarding the use of these churches as a meeting place from which to coordinate events/responses, or to provide refreshments.

11. Contact members of local community groups, such as Marge Symmes, Margaret Rothwell, Jean Ballyntyne to provide refreshments.

12. Contact Dave Willis for grief counselling if necessary. Other:

Use the above in conjunction with the CIMT telephone list.

Policy Agreed by the Governing Body on ………

Signed ……….……… Review Date ………..



Rice Lane Infant and Nursery School

Critical incident Check List

Issues Requiring Immediate Action Actioned By /Date

Establish as clear a picture as you can of the incident i.e. what/where/when/who involved

Evacuate the building (s) if required

Call emergency services if required and contact our Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT). See first page.

Inform Senior Teachers and ensure all staff are made aware of the incident as necessary. – ensure immediate reassurance and support is given for anyone who is distressed.

Inform Senior staff in the Education Head Office (see telephone contact list.) Local Authority to consider offering assistance as required

 If incident has occurred in another UK Local Authority consider contacting to establish link with that authority

Media Management:

Consult with the City Council’s Press Office re best strategy/dealing with enquiries if required

 If Police investigation is current, inform media lead person. Police will take lead in a serious incident.

 Consider: Access assistance from the Government News Network - they can supply experienced press-officers at any time (at no cost for the first 24 hours) who will arrive with their own communications facilities and technical-support equipment

 Establish security measures to prevent leaks to media or intrusive media into the school.

 Establish a media liaison point - this is a designated point at the disaster scene, preferably outside the outer cordon, for the reception of media personnel

 The designated Media Lead person from the CMIT should make a brief statement to the press as quickly as possible following the incident  Keep the media attention away from parents/guardians via text, website  If the media are becoming a problem consider speaking with Local Police or

investigation officers for additional police presence when required

 Staff and pupils to be asked to avoid talking to the media in the immediate hours following the incident

Management of Communications & Humanitarian Issues Set up a critical incident room (head teacher officer/admin office)

 Identify and communicate a contact phone number for parents (this may have to be the main admin number into the school)

 Identify additional phone/fax line if relevant

 Establish reception facilities (scale to suit the situation)  Appropriate room for concerned parents/relatives  Appropriate interview room for other agencies i.e. police  Identify people to act as greeters


EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT (RECOVERY) PLAN – OCTOBER 2012 Page 4  Ensure you keep them up to date with the right information

 Provide refreshments

 Consider religious/cultural needs

 Privacy areas for prayer and contemplation (Not practical in our building but offer the use of Dave Willis’ church?)

 Keep media attention away – no radio’s or TV Management of Pupils, Staff and Parents

 Consider changes to school routine as necessary

 Consider how to communicate any changes made eg notices in school windows, local radio etc

 Consult with the City Council’s Press Office on how to communicate any changes through media

Open a log to maintain a written record of all actions throughout the process

Issues Requiring Prompt Action (Within Hours) Actioned By /Date Call staff/crisis management team meeting to appraise everyone with the latest

update and discuss strategy

Consider most appropriate way to keep pupils up to date of the situation

Arrange debriefing meeting for staff involved in the incident. Speak to Helen Winrow to ensure correct support if required is given to staff

Arrange debriefing meeting for children involved in the incident. Speak to Education Services contact to ensure correct support if required is given to staff Arrange for communication to parents to reduce misinformation.

Issues Requiring Action Within The Next Few Days Actioned By/ Date Consider having a room set aside for pupils/staff to go to for reflection to be used

during the school day

Arrange for Education Welfare to consider home visits to pupils Arrange for Occupational Health to consider home visits to staff Arrange alternative teaching if necessary

Continue liaising closely with parents as appropriate

Consult with Senior Management in Education Services/Children’s Services on funeral/memorial/ritual (as required)

Long Term Issues Actioned By/ Date

Check the “Recovery Strategy” document

Monitor pupils/staff re arranging response/support measures

Plan ahead to mark anniversaries but only with consent of parents affected by the incident. Keep senior Education Services/Children’s Services Managers informed ( Helen Winrow)

Inform new staff as appropriate

Prepare for issues that may bring back distressing memories i.e. Coroners inquests, Significant progress in any Police investigations or prosecutions,







School Contacts

Head teacher 0151 342 1481 mob: 07525 133934

Deputy Headteacher 01704 575848 mob: 07801 931707

Premises Manager Tommy Bailey 0151 474 7331 mob: 07961 728819 Chair of Governors Frank Hilliard mob: 07900 828807

Deputy Chair of Governors Audrey Mattocks 0151 474 1652 mob: 07931 954121 Key Staff at Local Authority?

Executive Director (Children’s Services)Collette O’Brien 0151 233 2799

Children’s Services General Number? 0151 233 7779 Out of hours: 233 3000 Social Services Emergency Duty 0151 233 3029

Other Local Authority Contacts

TACIT Team (Local Authority only)

Trauma And Crisis Intervention Team

Local Authority team, Offers support and guidance to schools, giving advice on stress, Trauma & Bereavement in conjunction with a co-ordinated LA response.

Mrs Carol Burleigh: 254 7761(O) 254 7755 (F) 07801 454 033 (M)

There is no out of hours service for TACIT.

LA Press Office 0151 225 5517

LA Press Office – Out of hours Duty Officer

Human Resource & Payroll Services 0151 233 3003 Occupational Health Solutions 0151 255 1372 Liverpool Direct Limited (Switchboard) 0151 233 3000 Other Local Contacts

Police 0151 709 6010/999

Police – community officer Colin Sibbald 0151 7778989 (voicemail 807794) mob: 07877485180

Fire & Rescue Services 999

Liverpool Catholic Archdiocese 0151 522 1000 Hospital – Children’s Alder Hey 0151 252 5391 Hospital – your nearest A&E 0151 525 5980 Your Local Church or Religious Centre

BBC Radio Merseyside 0151 708 5500

Radio City 0151 472 6800

NHS – your local clinic Litherland Town Hall Drop in centre 0151 475 4007/ 4667 Primary Care Trust Breeze Hill Health Centre 0151 295 3444


EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT (RECOVERY) PLAN – OCTOBER 2012 Page 7 Health Protection Agency – Cheshire & Merseyside 0151 290 8360

Health Protection Agency – Cheshire & Merseyside – out 0151 264 6922 – out of hours contact Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine 0151 705 3100

Meningitis free phone number 080 8800 3344

Other Useful Contacts

Dave Willis 933 5027; mob: 07813017865

Cheryl Chatburn 342 1481; mob: 07525 133934

Tracy Parry 01704 575 848 mob: 07801 931707

Lin Walker 201 2056; mob: 07747 873560

Mary Jackson 283 0712; mob: 07527 511040

Karen Bennett 547 3277; mob: 07502 198945

Joan Peacock 494 0578; mob: 07821 843452

Lesley Pearce 263 6675; mob: 07977 010968

Mandy Jones 226 4479; mob: 07896 566748

Karen Carr 01704 896638; mob: 07875 525665

Frank Hilliard 525 3613 mob: 0790082880

E mails:

Cheryl Chatburn c.chatburn@ricelane-inf.liverpool.sch.uk Tracy Parry t.parry1@yahoo.co.uk

Lin Walker l.walker@ricelane-inf.liverpool.sch.uk Mary Jackson m.jackson@ricelane-inf.liverpool.sch.uk Karen Bennett k.bennett@ricelane-inf.liverpool.sch.uk Pauline Doyle p.doyle@ricelane-jun.liverpool.sch.uk Audrey Mattocks amattocks@blueyonder.co.uk

Dave Willis davwillis@blueyonder.co.uk Matt Harvey harveyhasmail@hotmail.com

Elizabeth Waterman ewaterman@ricelane-jun.liverpool.sch.uk John Manwell ukmanwells@aol.com

Donna Lowe b.hughes@ricelane-jun.liverpool.sch.uk Frank Hilliard Frank.hilliard@liverpoolmuseums.org.uk Margaret Rowlands m.rowlands@ricelane-jun.liverpool.sch.uk



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