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Trip Information

2015 Junior National Championships

March 9-14, 2015

Truckee, CA

Attached is the information for the 2015 Junior National Ski Team.

Making the Team:

If you are planning on being part of the JN team, it will be named during the Besh Cup Award Ceremony ASAP at the conclusion of racing for Besh Cup 6 at approximately 3pm.

Skiers planning on attending the Junior Nationals must confirm their acceptance and turn in their forms upon completion of the awards.

Skiers likely to make the 2015 JN Team who will not be in Fairbanks should contact Ja Dorris at or 907 440 9944 by February 2, 2015 and let him know if you are coming so that your spot is not given to an alternate. Pre-qualifiers and automatic qualifiers should also contact Ja as soon as possible.

Forms and information are available on the web.

Payments and Deadlines:

Payments for athletes attending the Junior Nationals must be received in full by

February 13, 2015. You may mail payment in the form of a check or pay by credit card through the CCAK website (additional fee).


There are no deviations from the flight plan. Team Alaska has already purchased 60 tickets to receive a group rate.

Changing Flights: Per Alaska Airlines group travel rules, there are no outbound changes to group tickets. ONLY returns. If you are planning on changing your return, you may utilize your ticket but will incur am Alaska Airlines change fee; as well as a CCAK administrative change fee. Your Alaska Airlines ticket will be in your name and you would have a credit to use for one year. You would be responsible for Alaska Airlines rules, change fees etc.


2015 Junior National Ski Team

Congratulations Skier!

Welcome to the 2015 Junior National Ski team. You will be joining Team Alaska to participate in the Junior Nationals March 9-14, 2015. This should be a great trip. We welcome an excited coaching staff!

Co-Head Coaches : Ja Dorris and Peter Leonard.

Assistant Coaches: Jan Buron, Mikey Evans, Rachelle Kanady, Eric Strabel, Erika Klaar; Sam Sterling, Charlie Renfro, Cody Priest, Rebecca Konieczny, Anson Moxness, Greta Anderson, Matthew Johnson, and Stan Carrick

A special thank you to our Trip Planners: Lauri Bassett and Joey Caterinichio.

Your dedication and great results have earned you a spot on Team Alaska. We are excited to make this a great event and achieve success at the 2015 Junior Nationals. Making the Junior National Team is just the first step; remember your goal is to ski well at the event in March. Most of you will have several big races in the next three weeks. Take extra care of yourself during this time.

If you have any questions regarding Team Alaska and the 2015 Junior Nationals, please feel free to contact Team Alaska at any time. We will be updating the Team Alaska page on the CCAK website for any changes prior to the departure of the event and will also contact you by e-mail.




Junior National Ski Team

Immediate Action

Congratulations on your successful season! You have been selected to represent Alaska at the 2015 Junior National Championships hosted by the Auburn Ski Club in Truckee, CA.

In this packet there are several forms that need to be filled out and returned. Please fill out the forms that need to be turned in (Skier Information sheet, uniform size sheet) by Besh Cup 6.

Payment Due:

Payment is due in full by February 13, 2015. You may bring it to Fairbanks on the Besh Cup 5 & 6 weekend, give to coach Pete Leonard in Fairbanks, or you may pay/mail the entire amount by the deadline. Payment must be received in full by February 13. (Failure of payment may result the skiers spot on the team forfeited to the alternate). Payments may be made by check to CCAK (mailed) or Credit Card (CCAK website, additional fee to cover credit card processing costs).

Make checks payable to Cross Country Alaska. You may mail in your medical waiver at this time as well to:

Mail: Drop off: Contact: Cross Country Alaska Ja Dorris Pete Leonard P.O Box 241154 2500 Brooke Dr. (907) 978-6325 Anchorage, AK 99524 Anchorage, AK 99517

Cell: (907) 440-9944

NOTE: The Skier information sheet and uniform sizes forms along

with your deposit must be turned in BEFORE you leave Fairbanks!

Check List:

Uniform order form (turn in immediately)

2015 skier information form (turn in immediately)

Medical & Dental form (mail with payment)

Code of conduct form (mail with payment)

Check made out to Cross Country Alaska

Paying by credit card? Contact Lauri Bassett

Please check your e-mail for last minute forms to be filled out and brought with you to Junior Nationals. This is usually sent from the event organizers or coaches.


2015 Junior National Championships

March 9-14, 2015

Truckee, CA

Co-Head Coaches: Ja Dorris and Pete Leonard March 5 departure date / March 15 return date

We will be staying at homes in the Soda Springs. All meals included.

Total: $ 3,485 (with uniform and shipping) $ 3,195 (without uniform)

Racesuit 155.00$ PodiumWear; Same as 2014 uniform Jacket $ 130.00 PodiumWear; Same as 2014 uniform Shipping 10.00$

Uniform Total $ 290.00

Pants ($95) and vest ($85) available on order form optional

Race entry $ 175.00

Airline ticket $ 1,225.00 spring break rates (2014 ticket was $575) Airline baggage (per skier) $ - 2 bag limit. Passenger must have AK

Airlines 49 Club Mileage card. Equipment shipping (via AK

Airlines) $ 75.00 Lodging $ 550.00 Meals - food, chef travel, chef

transportation, $ 500.00 Coaches fees

(airfare, housing, food) $ 350.00

Wax $ 150.00 Include waxing and supplies Team Hat $ 20.00

Team Picture Available for purchase online Team Van & Fuel $ 150.00

Contingency $ 100.00 Any surplus over $100 will be refunded to the athletes.

CCAK Subsidy $ (100.00) Total expenses including

purchase of uniform $ 3,485.00 Total expenses not purchasing


There are two separate departure times for Team Alaska for each direction. There will be 30 people on A Flight and 31 people on B Flight.

A Flight

March 5 - All non Anchorage skiers & 1/2 of the coaching staff will be on this redeye flight.

2:15am depart Anchorage AK Airlines flight AS0114 Anchorage-Seattle 6:35am Arrive Seattle

7:40am depart Seattle AK Airlines flight AS2441 Seattle-Reno

9:31pm Arrive Remp

March 15

9:10am depart Reno AK Airlines flight AS2250 Reno-Seattle

11:10am Arrive Seattle

4:00pm depart Seattle AK Airlines flight AS0103 Seattle-Anchorage 6:35pm arrive Anchorage

B Flight

March 5

5:05am depart Anchorage AK Airlines flight AS0730 Anchorage-Seattle 9:24am Arrive Seattle

10:35am depart Seattle AK Airlines flight AS2257 Seattle-Reno

12:30pm Arrive Reno

March 15

12:15pm depart Reno AK Airlines flight AS2258 Reno-Seattle

2:15pm Arrive Seattle

4:00pm depart Seattle AK Airlines flight AS0103 Seattle-Anchorage 6:35pm arrive Anchorage


2015 Junior Nationals Schedule

For detailed information please visit the event website:

Basic Trip Schedule, Team Alaska:

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Depart from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Friday, March 06, 2015 Arrive in Reno, drive to Truckee

Saturday, March 07, 2015 Official Training Day

Sunday, March 08, 2015 Official Training Day

Monday, March 09, 2015 Competition Day 1: Freestyle Sprint

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 Official Training Day

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 Competition Day 2: Freestyle Interval Start

Thursday, March 12, 2015 Official Training Day

Friday, March 13, 2015 Competition Day 3: Classic Mass Start

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Competition Day 4: Classic Relay Final Banquet, Awards, Celebration

Sunday, March 15, 2015 Depart Truckee to Reno

Housing and Food:


Castle Peak Vacation Homes PO Box 979

Soda Springs, CA 95728 888-253-5551

Rather than hotels, Team Alaska has secured homes in Soda Springs located within 5 miles of the venue and will have meals prepared on-site. Michael Flynn of The Bake Shop of Girdwood is heading up the chef duties along with a few assistants.


2015 Junior National Skier Information


This information is to be used by coaches to complete the race entries and airline tickets

Athlete’s Name:_________________ _____________ _______________________

First Name Middle Name Last Name

Date of Birth: ___________________________


House Number and Street


City, State, ZIP

Athlete e-mail address: (print neatly!)__________________________________ Athlete cell phone number: _______________________________________ USSA License #_____________________________________________ High School________________________Club_____________________ Current Ski Coach_____________________

JO Roommate Requests (2 People)___________________________________


Food Allergies_______________________________________________

Parent Info:

Home Phone number:___________________________________________________ Parents’ names: __________________________________________________

Parents’ work #’s _________________________________________________ Parents’ cell phone # _______________________________________________ Parent e-mail address:_____________________________________________ Parent e-mail address:_____________________________________________


2015 Junior National/Team Alaska Medical and Dental Release Form

Permission Form

I, __________________________give my son/daughter permission to participate in the 2015 Junior National Ski races scheduled in Truckee, California March 8-14, 2015. I understand that my son/daughter will be transported to and from the venue, by team vans and will not hold the coaches/ and or persons in charge responsible in case of harm or injury for circumstances unknown. I understand that if any discipline action may be taken against my child than he/she will be dismissed from the team and not participate further.

Parent/ Guardian Date

Medical/Dental Release

I, __________________________, the parent/guardian of ________________________ hereby authorize the coaches and other adult representatives of the Alaska Junior National Ski Team to obtain such medical or dental care for my child as the coach or adult representative deems necessary. This authorization shall remain in effect during my child’s participation of the 2015 Junior National races, travel to and from the competition, and all other activities incidental thereto. I agree to be responsible for the cost of such medical or dental care.

The following information is needed by any hospital or practitioner not having access to my child’s medical history:

Allergies:_____________________________________________________________ Medications being taken:_________________________________________________ Date of last tetanus shot:_________________________________________________ Other pertinent facts to which the physician should be

alterted:_______________________________________________________________ Medical insurance company:_______________________________________________

Group/policy number:_______________________________________________ Dental insurance company:________________________________________________

Group/policynumber:_______________________________________________ Dated:__________________ ____________________________________________

Signature of parent or guardian

__________________ ______________________



Guidelines for disciplinary action resulting from breach of the USSA Alaska Division Codes of Conduct for team members during the 2015 Junior Nationals.

This should be considered a supplement to the existing Alaska Division Code of Conduct and the USSA Code of Conduct. Violation of these codes including but not limited to the possession or use of any drugs or illegal substances and the possession or consumption of any alcohol by an athlete under the legal drinking age will result in the following immediate disciplinary actions. Additional sanctions by the USSA and Cross-Country Alaska Committee will be determined at a later hearing. Any other actions that could be considered detrimental to Team Alaska and USSA skiing will follow the same procedures and policies.

Process for Immediate Disciplinary Action:

1.1 Any athlete violating the Code of Conduct will be suspended for the remainder of the competition

1.2 Parent / guardian will be notified

1.3 Any athlete using or possessing alcohol, drugs, or any other controlled substances AFTER the completion of the competition shall be subject to a hearing with the USSA Alaska Division Cross Country Competition Committee and will receive additional actions, such as , but not limited to the following:

a. The skier may not compete for the Alaska Division for the following year. b. Additional sanctions from the USSA may be anticipated

1.4 No portion of the contingency fund will be returned to the athlete or parent/guardian of an athlete who violates the Codes of Conduct.

Procedure for Coaches

1.5 Report all infractions to the Head Coach and Team Manager 1.6 Isolate athlete from other team members

1.7 Each coach witnessing the situation shall submit to the Head Coach written statement, which records his or her observations.

1.8 Notify parents of the athlete.


I agree to comply with the Code of Conduct and other reasonable requests of the coaching staff. Signature of Athlete:______________________________ Date:__________________ I agree to accept full financial responsibility for any additional expense caused by violation of the Code of Conduct by son or daughter.


2015 Junior National Team Uniform Order Form



Phone number:________________________________________

This uniform was new in 2013. If you were part of Team Alaska last year,

you do not need a new uniform (unless you need a new size). New this

year is a women’s cut option.

Non-Optional Items:

Men’s Suit Top:






Women’s Suit Top:






Men’s Suit Bottom:






Women’s Suit Bottom:




















OPTIONAL ITEMS: (extra cost)





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