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Thurston County Auditor’s Office - Financial Services

Mission Statement

“The Financial Services Division of the Thurston County Auditor’s Office is entrusted by the citizens, mandated by law, and driven by integrity to promote and perform excellence in financial management and reporting in accordance with highest industry standards.”

Vision Statement

“The Vision of Financial Services is to be a leader in the implementation of innovative solutions, a trusted resource for financial information and an agent of positive change while proactively embracing and promoting new technologies, providing world class customer service to all stakeholders, facilitating employee training and development, and fostering open, honest, and respectful communication.”

Core Values

• Communication – Using clear and concise communications to manage expectations and ensuring consistency. Having open and honest communication with all customers. Realizing that listening is the most important feature of communication.

• Integrity/Accountability – Setting high standards for ourselves, honoring our commitments, and taking personal responsibility for our actions. Offering honest, fair, impartial and transparent services.

• Teamwork – Capitalizing on the synergistic effects of our collective contributions and ensuring each team member is valued and supported.

• Respect – Valuing different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives, and recognizing the validity of other points of view. Treating everyone with civility and dignity, and striving to find common ground.

• Excellence – Striving to meet a high standard of excellence and taking pride in accomplishments. We carry out our responsibilities with honor, professionalism and enthusiasm.

• Efficiency and Effectiveness – Seeking effective and efficient ways to solve problems, better serve our customers, and to remain fiscally responsible. Constantly measuring ourselves to demonstrate our commitment of being good stewards of our allocated resources.

• Customer Service – Committed to providing outstanding customer service in a manner that is courteous, responsive, and efficient. Being approachable and dependable and believing that being an educator is an important aspect of the services we provide.


Divisions within Financial Services ACCOUNTS PAYABLE


Review department/office payment transaction for compliance with County internal policies and procedures and state and federal laws. Schedule and generate payments for goods and services on behalf of Thurston County, outside agencies, and districts. Prepare and file quarterly and year-end tax information returns. CUSTOMERS AND STAKEHOLDERS

• All county departments and offices • Board of County Commissioners • Citizens and taxpayers

• Federal, State, and other Local Governments • Vendors/contractors

• Financial Institutions

• Outside Agencies and Districts

Goal 1.0 To Provide Superior Customer Service

Objective 1.1 Increase the clarity in Accounts Payable policies and access to required forms by end of 2015

Objective 1.2 Increase the amount of training of both A/P staff and departmental accountants by the end of 2015

Goal 2.0 To Enhance The Use of New and Existing Technologies

Objective 2.1 Create a new process for invoice maintenance entries by the end of 2015 Objective 2.2 Implement the Use Tax module in MUNIS by the end of 2017

Objective 2.3 Explore an increase in the use of ACH payments by the end of 2016 Objective 2.4 Increase the number of offices/departments using A/P paperless process

Goal 3.0 To Process A/P Payments Efficiently, Accurately, and Timely

Objective 3.1 Maintain timing of publishing A/P processing schedule in December of each year

Objective 3.2 Continue to look for ways to lower errors and increase efficiency in A/P process Objective 3.3 Have a thorough Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) plan in place by end of




Provide timely and accurate paychecks to employees. Maintain employee earnings, payroll, and benefit records. Withhold, report, and remit payments for mandatory, court ordered, and other deductions. Provide in-depth training and support to office/departmental payroll liaisons. Prepare and submit semi-monthly, quarterly, and annual returns. Ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local laws/rules/regulations. STAKEHOLDERS

• County employees

• County departments / offices

• Federal, State, and other Local Governments • Third party payers

• Board of County Commissioners • Outside Agencies

Goal 1.0 To Produce Timely and Accurate Payrolls

Objective 1.1 Increase the number of duties and responsibilities for Payroll by the end of 2015 Objective 1.2 Decrease the number of errors made by Payroll departmental accountants by

end of 2015

Objective 1.3 Have a thorough Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) plan in place by end of 2015

Goal 2.0 To Provide Superior Customer Service

Objective 2.1 Increase the amount of training and other communication to payroll liaisons by the end of 2015

Objective 2.2 Develop a Payroll/HR home page in SharePoint by the end of 2015 Objective 2.3 Continue to be open and receptive to customer related issues

Goal 3.0 To Utilize New and Existing Technologies

Objective 3.1 Increase the number of offices/departments that utilize Web-time entry/e-timesheets by the end of 2015

Objective 3.2 Decrease the number of physical payroll related checks processed by the end of 2015

Objective 3.3 Increase the number of payroll-related forms that can be electronically “fillable” by end of 2015



Provide financial reporting and analysis for County management, offices, and departments. Produce the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and annual Indirect Cost Allocation Plan. Maintain the county-wide accounting system, including implementation of enhancements and upgrades, and training of county employees. Maintenance of finance related policies, procedures, and tasks. Prepare responses to open public records requests. Administer and oversee the following countywide functions: credit card program, revenues and expenditures, capital assets, fraud/theft reports, purchase orders, budget and cost studies.

CUSTOMERS AND STAKEHOLDERS • All county departments and offices • Board of County Commissioners • Citizens and taxpayers

• Federal, State, and other Local Governments • Vendors/contractors

• Investors

Goal 1.0 To Promote Financial Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability Objective 1.1 Receive the GFOA Certificate for Achievement for Excellence in Financial

Reporting for the CAFR each year

Objective 1.2 Minimize SAO findings over financial reporting Objective 1.3 Increase access to, and visibility of, financial reports

Objective 1.4 Enhance the existing system of monitoring vital county financial balances Objective 1.5 Ensure year-end reporting procedures are sent out to departmental accountants

by 12/5 of each year

Objective 1.6 Increase our involvement in the production of the county’s annual budget Objective 1.7 Explore the option of producing a Popular Annual Financial Report

Goal 2.0 To be the Financial Leaders of the County

Objective 2.1 Increase the amount of training provided to other offices/departments

Objective 2.2 Increase the coordination of more roundtable group meetings with fiscal staff Objective 2.3 Increase communication with department/offices to determine our optimal level

of service

Objective 2.4 Explore options available for more centralized accounting controls

Objective 2.5 Have a strategic planning workshop towards the end of each year to plan for the following year


Goal 3.0 To Utilize New and Existing Technology Systems and Processes

Objective 3.1 Ensure the current financial system software version currently in use is being supported by the vendor

Objective 3.2 Increase the amount of rebates the county receives from its credit card program with US Bank by 12/31/15

Objective 3.3 Increase the use of MUNIS workflow in processing tasks

Goal 4.0 To be the Trusted Resource for Expert Financial Knowledge

Objective 4.1 Increase the usability and functionality of the county’s financial policies and procedures manual

Objective 4.2 Increase our availability to be on interview panels of open fiscal positions of other county offices/departments

Objective 4.3 Increase our influence over countywide controls over federal grants by end of year

Goal 5.0 To Implement Processes and Procedures to Retain Staff and Enhance Skills

Objective 5.1 Increase training opportunities available for staff by end of year



Provide accounting services to County offices/departments that do not have the dedicated resources to provide these services on a full or part-time basis. These services include: Accounts Payable, Budgeting, Fixed Assets, Journal Entries, Payroll, Grant support, and Purchase Requisition/Orders. All managerial decisions regarding the aforementioned services remain with the respective office/department.

CUSTOMERS AND STAKEHOLDERS • Participating county departments and offices • Board of County Commissioners

• Citizens and taxpayers • Vendors/contractors

Goal 1.0 To Increase the Use of Technology to Streamline and Standardize Processes Objective 1.1 Increase the use of MUNIS workflow on-line approval processes

Goal 2.0 To Provide Superior Customer Service

Objective 2.1 Increase the training we provide to new fiscal employees of our customers Objective 2.2 Increase our role to that of a consultant and problem solver as applicable

Goal 3.0 To Market Our Services to Potential New Customers and Cultivate Relationships with Existing Ones

Objective 3.1 Assist in the attempt to increase the number of customers to justify the filling of our vacant Accounting Assistant II position by 2016.





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