MANAGED IT SERVICES. You take care of your business. We will take care of your IT.

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You take care of your business.

We will take care of your IT.


Your Information Technology (IT) network is critical to your

business, and while IT is not your business, consistently

evolving technology demands a skilled, hands-on approach

to managing IT investments. RJ Young’s proactive and

transparent approach to IT, coupled with more than 20 years

of IT management experience, and nearly 60 years experience

implementing office technology solutions, offers you

peace-of-mind when it comes to your network, so you can focus on

running your business.





Proactive, Proven & Reliable Solutions

Our focus is building networks that are easy-to-manage. Following industry standards, and defined processes, our entire team can support your network seamlessly. Additionally, your IT network is designed to address current needs, scale to future growth and prevent unnecessary problems. This strategy results in solutions that are easy-to-use, scalable, reliable and secure.

Accountable & Transparent Communication

We hold ourselves accountable for prompt issue resolution and transparency into information about your network. A 24/7 customer portal allows you to access basic network information and check the status of a service ticket. You are able to view who is working on your ticket and what is currently being done with it—no more service requests disappearing into the great unknown.

Proactive Strategies & Aligned Interests

Being reactive, or only dealing with IT when there is a crisis, costs businesses both time and money.

Our IT Services are designed to ensure your business success is our number one priority. This means focusing resources on proactive strategies, applying simple and proven industry-established solutions, transparency into services and aligned business interests to guarantee we are only successful when you are successful.


Network Design & Implementation

Our experienced engineers design practical solutions using industry-leading products that result in robust, scalable and reliable networks that are affordable. Whether you are starting from scratch, increasing the capacity or reliability of your existing network, or retrofitting it for requirements of a new software package, we can provide an analysis of your network and recommendation to achieve your goals.

Consulting & Problem Solving

Do you have a nagging computer or demand from your network? As computers become easier to use – the networks that connect them become more complex. A single change to a network can have a cascade of negative effects and businesses can be crippled with the resulting loss in employee productivity. Our team of engineers and network integrators can help find the source of network issues and configure your network for maximum efficiency.

Perspective™ Managed Services

You need to keep focused on running your business and we can help you avoid interruptions to your daily operations. Our skilled staff monitors your network to identify and remedy potential problems before they impact your network.




Managed Services

Our Perspective™ Managed Services programs are designed to help you concentrate on running your business. The program focuses on keeping your network running smoothly and preventing issues, while preparing your network for changes and growth through four key principles of network management:

• Plan

• Maintain

• Support

• Protect

These programs combine our advanced monitoring and maintenance software with our team of seasoned IT veterans. Our Perspective

software assists in avoiding problems by applying critical updates to your systems. It also monitors your IT infrastructure and provides alerts for potential issues. Our team of technicians and engineers take the time to get to know your particular business and then strive to make technology a natural part of it. This combination provides planning, maintains, supports and protects your IT infrastructure.

As part of your Perspective Program you have a vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) assigned to your organization. A vCIO is an experienced network engineer assigned to a network specifically to oversee its effectiveness, direct services performed on it and assist in developing plans to allow for expanded capacity and capabilities.


IT Roadmap – What technology will you need to support your business in the years to come, and how much will it cost? A three year roadmap lays out a plan for your IT so you can budget for expansion and avoid service outages.

IT Playbook – How does your organization react to a critical business application outage? What is your disaster recovery procedure? Your IT playbook defines how to handle situations that you will encounter during the course of business.

Quarterly Business Reviews – How are we doing and what do we need to be doing to further support your network? Regular reviews help facilitate communication and keep your IT moving at the pace of your business. These reviews cover quarterly performance and what’s next on the IT roadmap.

Vendor Selection –Who is the best Internet Service Provider for your company’s demands? Where should you host your website? Our Perspective™ Managed Service team helps you select the right vendors based on their vast experience and industry expertise.

Vendor Relationships – If you’ve ever been caught between your software company and your network guru you’ll appreciate our

approach of escalation directly to your technology vendors. That’s a lot of Greek to say – we’ll work directly with your other technology vendors toward resolution of problems.

Patching and Preventive Maintenance – Regularly scheduled

maintenance and updates are performed and reported to you so that you can be reassured that your infrastructure is in its best working order.

New Technology Integration –As your technology team we make sure that new applications or devices added to your network perform optimally and do not interfere with other components.

Customer Portal –Have you ever called someone for support and never heard anything back? Our Customer Portal allows you to log-in and view your service tickets. See who is working on the ticket and the current status. We also log information about your network in the Customer Portal. It’s your network, we’re just helping you managed it, so you can access information about your network with ease.




Contracts - As your IT management team, we help maintain and track third party warranties and support contracts for your business, which can be easily lost and untracked.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware – We offer complete protection from viral

and malware threats from your end user devices, through automated, real-time updates that run in the background of your systems. This keeps your business protected from current threats, without any action required from the end user—you all stay focused on running your business.

Web and Email Security - Most malicious code enters a network through

end-user interaction with email or the world wide web. Protect your users from themselves by protecting web browsing and email from external threats.

Data Security – There’s a lot more involved in protecting the data on your network than remembering to carry a back-up device to a secure location. Your vCIO will develop and maintain plans for backup to local and cloud based destinations as well as develop disaster recovery plans.

End User Helpdesk – We offer your employees help with any computer problems and they receive award-winning support for fast resolution. Using technology that allows us to connect directly to your computers, we work as if we’re in your office---it’s like having your own IT helpdesk. After-hours support for problems that occur outside of normal business hours is available as well.

Vendor Escalation – Ever here the response “we don’t write the software”? We manage issues with your other technology providers on your behalf, even when it’s not a problem that we can directly solve. Your team puts us in touch with the technology provider and we manage the vendor issue from initiation to resolution, maintaining incident records for tracking. This could include your phone system, internet provider, etc.





Virtual Chief Information Officer

A Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) provides strategic IT

management, planning and analysis without the cost of a full-time CIO. They work to understand your business and what technology can help you achieve your goals not just currently, but in the future as well.









Move from Reactive

to Proactive IT

If you’re like us, you don’t like being put in a situation where you have to spend money to resolve a problem. As such, reactive IT spending tends to make businesses think negatively of IT investments. Reactive spending normally is rushed and provides temporary solutions, which often don’t get looked at again until the same problem arises.

Our Perspective™ programs help minimize problems by maintaining and optimizing your network on an on-going basis as well as developing plans and budgets for projects and changes in the future.

Our goal is to help your organization IT resources to be spent more on planning and preventative measures and less in ways that are reactive. We want your IT investments to help generate positive outcomes – such as growing your business.

They work to understand your business and how technology can help you achieve your current and future goals. Your vCIO will also provide turnkey management of your additional technology providers. For example, If you’re implementing a new software or conforming to new compliance regulations your vCIO will work with you and your other partners through the transition.