Motion for approval was made by Commissioner Hurst, seconded by Commissioner Black, and carried unanimously.

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PRESENT: K. S. Summers Chairman H. T. Black Member W. R. Hurst Member Ada Palmer Clerk

Meeting opened at 10 o'clock a. m. with Commissioner Summers in the Chair. MINUTES READ AND APPROVED

Minutes of the previous meeting of July 20th were read and approved with one exception. The name of James

Crowley was to be substituted for J. W. Crowley in the entry regarding repairs on the Tennis Court at Eastland. Motion for approval was made by Commissioner Hurst, seconded by Commissioner Black, and carried unanimously. MEDICAL EXPENSES FOR INDIGENT INDIAN TO BE REVIEWED IN SALT LAKE CITY

The following copy of a letter to Frank J. Allen has been received from the San Juan Hospital Administrator: July 21, 1964

Frank J. Allen

State Indian Affairs Commission 105 State Capitol

Salt Lake City, Utah Dear Mr. Allen:

Here in San Juan County we have many Navajo people in need of assistance, as I'm sure you are aware. We appre-ciate the help and interest given our people here in many of their material needs through the Indian Affairs

Commission. We further solicit your help and interest regarding medical assistance for these people who might be eligible.

In the past we have been able to request and gain some assistance from your commission on some of the poor and indigent in need of medical attention. As of late, the local director has taken it upon himself to com-pletely ignore or turn down even a presentation of our problem cases to the commission. May I request your consideration of a case at hand and request that our case be considered before your commission.

I refer to the matter of one Leroy Sleepy, age 37, who resides in Montezuma Creek, Utah, census number 18970. You will find enclosed some of the correspondence I have had with the local director on the case. Via the most recent reply (July 10, 1964 letter) I feel that Mr. Jameson is completely out of line in implying that my office or the doctor would make false statements in the case. He has had or will have no reason in the fu-ture to question our integrity. May I refer to #1 of the letter. I wrote to Dr. Bedingfeld via enclosed letter. He wrote back to me and stated that he could not pay for certain services since we had given care and the patient was receiving partial hospital payment through Welfare. Ref. #2. Dr. Goon informed me that this patient could not be moved. This surgeons medical knowledge and his integrity need not be questioned to satisfy Mr. Jameson and his"substantiating evidence". Ref #3 same as #1.

I have been in conference with my county commissioners and further have had a conference with Mr. Ray Free on the ambiguity of this matter through the local chairman. We people here in San Juan only expect consideration for matters that so severely concern our county welfare and future finance. We do not want anything we are not

en-titled to, but do sincerely request your consideration in the case of Mr. Sleepy before your committee. In the past we have had a fine relationship with your commission and where that body felt medical assistance was in order such was granted. May we continue to have such consideration for this realistic and major problem with our many medical indigent Indian people.

May I offer my sincere interest and assistance in any way for a mutual and compatable understanding. Sincerely,

Ronald L. Nielson Administrator San Juan Hospital RLN:mrb

cc: San Juan County Commissioners REST ROOMS NEEDED AT RECREATION AREA

Fern Frost reported that rest rooms are needed for the Recreation Ball Park in Monticello and that it was an idea to be considerd.


Mr. Evans from Salt Lake City was present to present an outlay of the proposed display for the Capitol Building. Fern Frost, Howard Rogers, Lynn Lyman and Gaylord Staveley of the Tourist and Publicity Council were also pres-ent to offer suggestions for improvempres-ent. Mr. Evans explained that the frames of the cases were to be remodeled so that all would be uniform, and that the cases would all have to have new electrical wiring installed and would be included in the overall cost of improvements. He also stated that Grand County had authorized permis-sion to proceed with moving their display and for coordinating with the San Juan County display.




Canyonlands Highway Association 27 July 1964

The Board of County Commissioners San Juan County

Monticello, Utah Gentlemen:

You are familiar with the program and objective of our Association as presented over the past two and one-half years, of connecting the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks via an all-weather scenic highway that traverses San Juan County, the goal of course being to induce the two million visitors annually to each of the parks to travel the route from end to end.

In connection with the various county displays that are being re-designed and installed in the Utah State Cap-itol, we want to make sure that the name "Canyonlands Highway" appears on these displays prominently. We be-lieve it is self-evident that maximum exposure of the name to the travelling public will yield useful returns in the form of increased travel to and through southeastern Utah. We solicit your help in getting this exposure in the State Capitol Display.

We would be happy to discuss this with the Board if need be, and would appreciate your keeping us advised as to progress on the subject.

Very truly yours,

Canyonlands Highway Assn. Gaylord L. Staveley

Gaylord L. Staveley, Chmn Highways Committee

Connecting Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks

It was unanimously agreed by the Commissioners that the "Canyonlands Highway" should appear on the plaque that is to be included with the display at the State Capitol.


Word has been received from the White Sands Missile Range that firings from Green River which had been sched-uled for July 24, 29, 30 and 31 have been cancelled.


The following material has been received from the Utah State Association of Counties: Utah State Association of Counties

Newhouse Hotel

Salt Lake City 1, Utah July 23, 1964

To: All County Commissioners Gentlemen:

At a recent meeting of our standing committees, Mr. Ward Roylance, Assistant Director of Utah Tourist and Pub-licity Council, was present and gave some recommendations and possibilities for county action in the field of travel and recreation.

As he supplied us with copies of these recommendations, we are forwarding one to you for your information. Yours very truly,

C. A. Grant C. A. Grant,

Executive Director CAG:vt



Salt Lake City, Utah


CAMPING AREAS- Camping as an outdoor recreation activity has grown tremendously in the past few years. Though Utah has almost 300 improved campgrounds (most of them on national forests), available space in the areas near-est the main highways is very inadequate, particularly during June-July-August. In fact, the most accessible campgrounds are completely overwhelmed at certain times. Many forest campgrounds are located 10 to 20 miles or more miles from main highways.

The possibilities for county action in this field are unlimited, and frankly it appears that the only real solution to Utah's serious problem of inadequate campgrounds is county participation, either alone or by cooperating

with local communities or state and federal agencies.

INFORMATIONAL AND DIRECTIONAL SIGNS _ There are many possibilities here. Few roads in Utah are adequately signed, particularly unpaved side roads. We would like visitors to travel our side roads because many of the most out-standing attractions can only be reached by off-highway roads. Signs should show names, distances, and give in-teresting details. There is no reason why counties cannot supplement efforts of BLM and DUP and the State High-way Department with directional and informational signs. For example: signs pointing out certain peaks or



COOPERATIVE ADVERTISING - In a number of areas of Utah, county commissions are the only groups having funds for publicity. Even where there are chambers of commerce, in some areas it is necessary for counties to supplement their funds with county money. The state Tourist & Publicity Council has a program of cooperative advertising, wherein the state matches funds appropriated by local groups for production of films, booklets, folders, etc. this program is beneficial to all concerned, and counties are urged - - before embarking on any publicity pro-gram — to consult with the state Publicity Council and see if a cooperative propro-gram cannot be worked out. County commissions should, almost as a matter of course, consider budgeting a certain amount in each year's budget for publicity.

TRAVEL SHOWS - A number of counties have cooperated with the state Publicity Council in financing and staffing Utah exhibit booths at large Sports & Travel Shows in cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. This type of advertising has proved to be most effective. Local cooperation has enabled the state to enter many more shows than it otherwise could have entered. County commissions should consider budgeting money for this pur-pose.


The following letter from the Utah State Association of County has been received: Utah State Association of Counties

Newhouse Hotel

Salt Lake City 1, U ah July 23, 1964

To: Boards of County Commissioners Gentlemen:

We are enclosing a copy of a letter recently received from the Associated Contractors of Utah as we thought the proposal made by them might be of interest to you.

Yours very truly, C. A. Grant

C. A. Grant

Executive Director CAG:vt


Associated General Contractors of America 438 So. Main - P. 0. Box 1074

Salt Lake City, Utah July 16, 1964

Mr. C. A. Grant, Executive Director Utah State Association of Counties Newhouse Hotel

Salt Lake City, Utah Dear Mr. Grant:

At a meeting of our County & Municipal Afaairs Committee, the matter of assisting counties in their snow re-moval was discussed.

As you are aware, equipment and manpower of highway contractors and those dealing in heavy construction, are idle during the winter months. This means that major equipment, as well as top-notch operators of the equip-ment, are not working; yet, in many cases contractors must pay salaries to these people.

The thought has occured to us that in your snow removal work in various counties, this equipment and manpower can be made available. This would reduce investment in heavy equipment on the part of the counties and would make use of the services of contractors. This could be a big stroke for free enterprise in our state.

We would like to discuss this with you, your committee or association in more detail. Very truly yours,

Associated General Contractors Horace J. Gunn, Manager


The following Memorandum to the County Commissioners has been submitted by the County Attorney: MEMORANDUM

17-5-35 - Police, Building and Sanitary Regulations - Power to Make- (The Commissioners) may make and enforce within the limits of the County, outside the limits of incorporated cities and towns, all such local police, building and sanitary regulations as are not in conflict with general laws.

17-5-49 - Provisions for General Health- They may make such provisions for the preservation of the health in the County or in any precinct or district therein, or in any portion thereof (except municipal corporations) as they may deem necessary and provide for paying the expenses thereof.

17-5-70 - Sanitary districts - Health officer. - The board shall divide the County, outside of the limits of incorporated cities and towns, into sanitary districts, and shall appoint a health officer for each district, who shall be, when practicable, a physician. No member of the board of county commissioners shall be eligible to appointment as a health officer. Such district health officers together with the county commissioners shall constitute the county board of health.

17-5-71 - District health officer - Salary - Term. - District health officers shall hold office for a term of two years. They may be allowed such reasonable compensation, not to exceed $3 per day, as the board may fix




and determine, and in addition thereto they may be allowed their actual and necessary expenses incurred in the discharge of their duties,

17-5-72 - County board of health - Duties. - The county board of health shall have general supervision of all matters pertaining to sanitary conditions in the county. It shall have power in time of epidemic to locate and establish pesthouses, with the approval of the state board of health, and to do and perform such other acts as the health of the people of the district may require. All expenses necessarily incurred in the carrying out of the provisions of this section must be provided for by the board of county commissioners.

Chapter 29, Title 17, pertains to county service areas, and provides for the establishment of service areas within the county to receive special types of service not common to the entire county, and to establish a sys-tem for the payment of the costs entailed through taxation. Special services include garbage and refuse col-lection.

There is no statute requiring the commissioners to provide for garbage service in the county.


F. Bennion Redd, County Attorney, has submitted the following letter: July 27, 1964

State of Utah

Office of State Engineer State Capitol

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: San Juan - Grand County Boundary Dear Mr. Criddle:

Enclosed is a copy of a letter which the San Juan County Surveyor submitted to the San Juan Commissioners, con-cerning the boundary line between San Juan and Grand Counties. Our surveyor has found that markers supposedly placed on 38°30! North parallel do not line up, even allowing for the curvature of the Earth.

The County Commissioners requested that I write you and see if your office could give its immediate attention to the proper marking of this boundary line, so that the long dispute between the counties can be terminated. The surveyors of the two counties would be glad to meet with representatives of your office in doing this work, and would you please advise our Commissioners as to when your representatives will be available.

Very truly yours,

F. Bennion Redd County Attorney FBR:nc


cc: San Juan County Commissioners


To Board of County Commissioners San Juan County


Below is a summation of my findings on the line established for the boundary between San Juan and Grand Coun-ties by the Office of the State Engineer of the State of Utah in June, 1963.

1. The boundary mark "Roc", a concrete post with a brass cap marked to indicate that the mark is on the Utah-Colorado State line lies three hundred fifty feet East of the boundary between the two states.

2. A tangent to the parallel of latitude through the mark "Roc" produced westward falls a six hundred eighty feet South of the next mark West (the boundary mark "Sal").

Both marks supposedly being on the 38°30' North parallel it is evident that an error was made in the establish-ing of one or both of the marks.

3. No effort has been made to connect the line between the mark "Sal" and the next mark West, the mark "Mill". 4. A tangent to the parallel of latitude through the mark "Mill" produced westward falls five hundred feet South of the next mark West, the mark "Pack", this again indicates an error in the position of one or both of the marks. Also a line from the next mark West of "PAck", the mark "Pipe" to the mark "Mill" falls Two Hundred Forty Two feet South of the mark "Pack".

5. I have done no work West of the mark "Pipe", however information obtained from the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey by Grand County Surveyor George H. Newell indicates that there are errors in position of some of the marks to the West of the mark "Pipe".

I have discussed the matter of errors in the boundary marking with the Grand County Surveyor and I recommend that the Board of Commissioners of San Juan County and the Board of Commissioners of Grand County inform the State Engineer of the errors that exist and request that the State Engineer check the position of the boundary marks and correct any errors found by moving the markers to the true 38°30' North parallel of latitude, or in the event that the State Engineer is not prepared to do so at this time that the authority to place the boun-dary in the proper position be delegated to the County Surveyors of the Counties concerned.

Donald V. Blake Donald V. Blake County Surveyor cc: George H. Newell



LETTER-AIRPORT CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS The following letter has been received:

Federal Aviation Agency Western Region

Airport District Office No. 4 Reno Municipal Airport

Reno, Nevada 89502 July 21, 1964 Mr. K. S. Summers, Chairman

Board of San Juan County Commissioners San Juan County Court House

Monticello, Utah

Subject: Acts of Intimidation Dear Mr. Summers:

Attached are two copies of "Government Contracts Bulletin No. 10" dated June 24, 1964, Please furnish one copy to the prime contractor for Project No. 9-42-037-C403. If you need additional copies for sub-contractors, please let us know.

This Bulletin is being furnished to you for your use in carrying out San Juan County's obligations under Sec-tion 151.49 of the RegulaSec-tions and for the use of the contractors for carrying out their obligaSec-tions under the Provisions of 151.49 (a) (17) as incorporated in the construction under the Provisions of 151.49(a)(17) as incorporated in the construction contract.

Please advise us promptly of any known acts of intimidation against employees on FAAP Projects and of any action taken by you in connection therewith.

In addition, please advise us of any such incidents that may occur in the future and of actions taken in con-nection therewith.

Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

Sincerely yours, James A. Kurtz James A. Kurtz

Acting District Airport Engineer Attachements

cc: Neff Engineering and Construction Co, Salt Lake City, Utah


June 24, 1964

Government Contracts Bulletin No. 10 TO : Agency Contract Compliance Officers SUBJECT : Acts of Intimidation

Despite the fact that all contracting agencies have full responsibility for administering the EEO provisions in all contracts without incident, various contractors have requested the Committee's advice on the handling of situations in which racial intimidation or violence has occured on company property, or in which their em-ployees have been involved.

The Committee's advice has been that acts of intimidation - - by or against employees, or on company property -- are clearly detrimental to the achievement of the intent of the Executive Orders.

So far, those contractors who have reported such acts to the Committee have successfully solved their own problems. Among the methods contractors have found successful have been the following:

1. Establishing and enforcing management policies preventing acts of intimidation by, or against, employees, both on and off their premises.

2. Informing employees and the local community that lawless acts can result in the loss of Government contracts and, probably, of other business too.

3. Disiplining, including discharging, any person participating in acts of intimidation.

4. Holding all levels of supervision personally responsible for acts of intimidation that occur among employ-ees they supervise.

5. Tightening company security measures to insure that no act of violence, or of intimidation by persons who are not employees, occurs on plant grounds.

6. Using company influence to secure enforcement of law and order by local, state or, if necessary, Federal officials, and reporting to them any acts of intimidation and violence that are threatened or occur.

Special efforts of this kind, by agencies and contractors, obviously are needed in situations in which vio-lence or intimidation are used to block full realization of the intent of the Executive Orders.

If a company's employees are involved in intimidation on racial matters, the contracting agencies are advised to assume that a contractor is in non-compliance unless he has taken all reasonable steps to assure the safe-ty of his employees and to prevent the intimidation -- on or off the job - - of others by his employees.



The Clerk was directed to write to Jay Bingham to invite him to be in attendance at the hearing on August 14th of the formation of the Water Conservancy District.



Blue Cross-Blue Shield Premium


86.90 |

St.Christopher's Mission (Father Wayne) Witness Fee (Baxter Benally) & mileage 8.00

San Juan County Clerk Petty cash account 20.00

Phillips Petroleum Company Fuel & Oil for Sheriff's Department l4.83

Causeway Super Service Service & repair on S h e r i f f ' s car 15.00

Lyman Service Service on Deputy SheriffS


cars 8.10

Turquoise Cafe Meals & Film for S h e r i f f ' s Dept.



Chevron Oil Services Gasoline for S h e r i f f ' s Department 3.93

San Juan County Road Department Reimbursement for parts & repair on Fire Control truck 54.5l

Broderick Tire Service Tires & Tire Service 132.31


Blue Cross - Blue Shield Premium (Golf) 3.45

Young's Machine Company Labor - welding, etc. 17.00

Lyman Truck Lines Freighting supplies 5.40

Shulson - Dillon Athletic Supply Uniforms & Equipment - Little League 111.53

Utah P ower & Light Company Lights at Montezuma Rec. area - Ball Field 93.60

Midland Telephone Company Local Service & Tolls 15.35

City of Blanding Utilities for Swimming Pool, Baseball Field, etc. 319.82

City of Blanding Gasoline used in mowers, tractor & truck



Mesa Sanitary Supply Company Supplies for Rest rooms & Swimming Pool 230.50

Rust Lawn Mower & Saw Filing Shop Sharpening & Servicing power mower 15.00

Smith Chemical Company Supplies used at Pool 55.50


Blue Cross - Blue Shield Premium 96.60

Tri-State Tool Company Repair Parts 1 239.10

Transport Clearings Freighting 3*50

W. S. Hatch Co. Freighting on Road Oil 933.79

Broderick Tire Service Tires & tire repairs 386.94


Trarsport Clearings Freighting 5.25

Francom Advertising Agency July Snarr Sign 2 70. 00


Blue Cross - Blue Shield Premium 3.45

Monticello Doxol Service Propane used at Airport 12.22


Blue Cross - Blue Shield Premium


Blue Cross - Blue Shield Premium 3.45


Blue Cross - Blue Shield Premium



San Juan Hospital Services for Roy Keith - 14 days @ &15.00 210.00


W. S. Hatch Co. Freighting Invoices on Road Oil 2, 905.60

There being no more business to come before the Board at this time, upon motion, meeting adjourned.

Ada Palmer, Clerk K. S. Summers,

Chairman, Board of County Commissioners