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CRCC Show N Shine & Swap Meet, 23 June 2012


Academic year: 2021

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members will also be needed to assist with the judging and to collate and sort the mountain of paperwork associated with it.

It’s going to be full-on and no doubt a demanding day but the rewards for the Club will make it all well worth it. So please be involved and enjoy the excitement and challenge of it all.

There has been no feedback on how the car display at the Morayfield Shopping Centre on the 14th, 15th and 16th June went, so it’s assumed that all went fine.

Many thanks to Scott for putting his car on display and also to the helpers who manned the display during that period. See ‘youse’ at the Show N Shine!


y the time this newsletter is received, the Club’s annual Show N Shine and Swap Meet is going to be right on top of us. There’s heaps to do before the event and on the day which will require the resources of all available members. For those who can make it, please come along to the showgrounds on Friday afternoon 22nd June to render assistance with setting-up and positioning signage, bins etc. Then there’s the show day itself which will require a chilly 4:30am start. As the gates open at 6:00am, there’s likely to be an influx of swap meet vendors eager to position their displays and to set-up. As such, members will be required to man gates, collect monies, marshal traffic and give directions.

As the day progresses,

CRCC Show N Shine & Swap Meet, 23 June 2012

Memberships are due on 30 June


t’s that time of the year again when memberships are due. We ask that these be paid by the 30th June 2012 and that

each renewal accompany a fully-completed membership form along with payment of the renewal fee of $20.00. A completed membership form is required so that Club records can be brought up-to-date.

There’s a renewal form included in this newsletter. Renewals can also be mailed to the Caboolture Regional Car Club, PO Box 1668, Caboolture, Q. 4510.


Membership Cards


Membership cards are expected to be ready for delivery by the August meeting. Would like to have them out sooner but still considering an appropriate numbering system. I have devised one which will need to presented to the Executive Committee and members for endorsement and hopefully this will be done at the July meeting.


The Perfect Club for the Car Enthusiast


Images not to scale



If you would prefer the newsletter

emailed then please let the editor know. Emailing the

newsletter presents a number of advantages to the Club in that

it is more cost-effective and less time and resource hungry. In

addition, you will get it in living, vivid colour. How good is that!


What’s Up The Road ....

Saturday 23 June: Club Show 'N Shine and Swap Meet. Caboolture Showgrounds. Working-bee on Friday 21 June at the venue. As many members as possible please to help set-up.

Sunday 01 July: Muscle Cars On The Mountain, Maleny.

Maleny Showgrounds. Stopping at the Woodford Village Hotel for breakfast. A unique car show in pleasant surroundings. The

Woodford Village Hotel puts-on a splendid spread. Meet 'Big Fish' at 0715 for a 0745 departure.

Saturday - Monday 29 Sept—01 Oct: Vanning/Camping Weekend, Hazeldean (Somerset Dam). Enjoy a relaxing, care-free long weekend on the banks of Somerset Dam at Hazeldean. This is the Queen's Birthday or Labour Day long weekend (which ever you prefer) and the location is the Stanley River Environmental Education Centre (SREEC) at Hazeldean which is approximately nine kilometres from Kilcoy on the Esk/ Kilcoy Road. SREEC is owned by the Education Department.

A well-maintained facility with clean amenities, power, hot showers, gas BBQ (gas

supplied), kitchen area and fire pit (wood to be provided by attendees). Bring your camp ovens. Walking distance to the dam so bring your red-claw pots. Hard dormitory-type accommodation also available, but you will need to bring your own bedding. Mattresses are provided. Attendees welcome to arrive at SREEC on Friday 28 Sep, but NOT before 3:00pm as students will be there until this time. For pet lovers, SREEC is pet-friendly however, owners are expected to pick-up after their pets. No 'barker's eggs' left lying about, please. The coordinator for this event is Lance.

Extraordinary Run

Saturday 07 July. Wedding, Oxley, Brisbane. 7:30am to Midnight.

Optional Runs

Sun 15 Jul: RACQ Motorfest, Eagle Farm Racecourse.

Registering ceased on 15 June. www.racq.com.au/motorfest/

Sat/Sun 01-02 Sep: Australian Muscle Car Masters, Eastern Creek. Sun 16 Sep: Toranafest, Newcastle.

Regular (Optional) SIV-Sanctioned Club Cruises

1st Saturday. Yatala Drive-In. Meet BP South Caboolture at 6:00pm.

1st and 3rd Saturday. Redcliffe, Scarborough or Sandgate Cruise. Meet BP South Caboolture at 7:15pm. Destination to be decided on the night.

1st, 2nd and 4th Friday. Harry's Diner, Newmarket Road, Newmarket (Brisbane). Meet BP South Caboolture at 6:30pm. Enjoy the many different makes and models of 'Old Skool' and modern cars which congregate at Harry's Diner each Friday evening. Excellent dining also.

Each Friday. Munch Inn. Corner Beaudesert Road and Elizabeth Street, Acacia Ridge. Meet BP South Caboolture at 5:15pm for a 5:30pm departure. Petrie Markets. Meet BP South Caboolture at 6:30pm.

Remember to carry this sheet in your car just in cast the police or the Department of Main Roads inspectors decide to haul you in.




1. The meeting was opened at 7:40 pm by the

President Dennis Siedel. Present

2. The following committee members were present:

 Secretary – Mitch Lewis.

 Treasurer – Col Jurkiewicz


3. Nil.


4. The following visitors were present:

 Dan - Ford 1979 XD (new member).

 Alf - 1962 & 1963 Ford Compact Fairlane.

 John - Holden FB, Duncan Holden HR Premier

Business from Previous Minutes

4. Cathy brought to several details from the organisation of the Club’s Show n Shine.

Camping will be permitted at the Showgrounds at the cost of $15.00 per night. The POC is for any further enquiries refer to Mark from the Caboolture Showground Society.

5.. The Poultry Club will be holding a meeting on the same day at the Show n Shine

and arrangements have been made for their entry and exit.

6. Cathy has confirmed that the Club will receive free radio promotion from several local radio stations for the promotion of the Show n Shine.

7. Cathy is still looking for volunteers to man the area inside Morayfield Shopping Centre for the period of 14-16 June 2012. Interested members are to contact Cathy for more details.

8. Arrangements have been made for the selling of food drinks and a coffee vendor in

support of the Show n Shine.

9.. Cathy to organise local newspaper advertisements for the promotion of the Show n

Shine. She will provide receipts for reimbursement in due course.

10. Cathy to co-ordinate the parking arrangements for the Show n Shine with support of

the SES volunteers.

11. Lance as Club Membership Officer is authorised to order club t shirts. Lance is to make note of all new club members and maintain a register. Members are not to attend Sooty’s to collect t shirts as this will be responsibility of Lance. This arrangement has been put in place for the better administration of the ordering and payment of club t shirts and to


avoid any confusion. Incoming Correspondence

12. The following correspondence was received:

 Samford District Historical Society requesting donations for the refurbishment of their phone box. Donations are requested for the amount of $200 - $300.

 Great Endeavour Foundation 2012 Super Rally requesting donations.

 Caboolture Historical Village Mega Motor Show 8 September 2012 invitation.

Outgoing Correspondence

13. The following correspondence was sent:

 Treasurer emailed Caboolture Show Society copy of clubs current public

liability insurance policy for the Show n Shine/Swap Meet. Newsletters Received

14. The following newsletter was received:

 Revs 2012 - FX & FJ Holden Club of Queensland Inc.

Treasurers Report

15. The Treasurer presented the financial report to members which included the current balance as at the end of May.

New Business

16. Replacement of Treasurer’s Briefcase. The Treasurer has requested the

replacement of the Club’s Treasurer’s briefcase as the current item is in poor state of repair. Proposed by Cathy to have the Treasurers briefcase replaced using the Club funds. Seconded by Kevin. Carried by majority.

Action: Treasurer to source appropriate replacement suitcase and seek reimbursement at the next meeting.

17. Donation Request from the Endeavour Foundation. A request from the Endeavour

Foundation for a donation has been requested. Proposed by Cathy for the club to donate $2000.00 to the Endeavour Foundation. Seconded by Lance Haslewood. Carried by majority.

Action: Treasurer to raise a cheque for the amount of $2000.00 for the Endeavour Foundation.

18. Donation Request from the Samford District Historical Society. A request from the Samford District Historical Society requesting donations for the refurbishment of their phone box. Proposed by Kevin for the club make a $300.00 donation to the Samford District Historical Society for their phone box refurbishment. Seconded by majority. Carried by majority.

Action: Treasurer to raise a cheque for the amount of $300.00 payable to Samford District Historical Society.


General Business

19. Show N Shine - Trophies. Kevin Lewis as the Show n Shine co-ordinator has

confirmed that planning is on track with the event trophies details to be confirmed with the supplier.

20. Show N Shine - Hire of Electronic Sign. Details were provided of Master Hire for the hire of electronic advertising trailer for the Show n Shine/Swap Meet for the daily cost of $50.00. Proposed by Kevin to hire a Master Hire electronic advertising trailer for the cost of $50.00 for the Show n Shine/Swap Meet. Seconded by Cathy. Carried by majority.

Action: Kevin to follow-up.

21. Show N Shine - Site Plan. Cathy has designed a site plan for the Show n Shine/

Swap Meet. Copies will be placed in the newsletter and clubs website. Gate 2 will be for club members for the event. Any further details please contact Cathy or Kevin from details sourced from the clubs website contact listing.

22.. Show N Shine - Assistance. Those club members able assist Cathy setup for the event are to assemble on the Friday prior to the Show n Shine/Swap Meet at 4.00 pm. Toilets at the venue are required to be cleaned at the completion of the event. Further details contact Cathy.

23. Show N Shine - Woodford SES Support. The Woodford SES has advised that

they are unable to provide support in parking duties for the Show n Shine/Swap Meet.

24. Show N Shine - Caboolture SES Support. The Caboolture SES has been

contacted by Cathy to provide parking support persons for the Show n Shine/Swap Meet. The amount of a donation to the Caboolture SES to be confirmed at a later club meeting.

25. Show N Shine - Displaying of Members’ Cars. Kevin has advised that club

members are welcome to show their cars without being judged for the Show n Shine.

26. Show N Shine - Subsistance for Club Members. Club members assisting in the

running of Show n Shine/Swap Meet are to receive $10 for the purchase of food and drink.

Action: Treasurer to make payment to respective club members.

27. Show N Shine - Caboolture AFL Sausage Sizzle. The Junior Caboolture AFL has

requested that they can provide a sausage sizzle at the Show n Shine/Swap Meet. Action: Cathy to follow-up with the Junior Caboolture AFL.

27. Show N Shine - Showground Canteen. The Caboolture Showground canteen will

operate in support of the Show n Shine/Swap Meet. Additional food and drink vendors will be in attendance.

28. Show N Shine - Media Support. Several local radio stations will provide free advertisement in support of the Show n Shine/Swap Meet.

29. Issue of Club Membership Cards. New club membership cards will be issued

over the next few weeks. Lance has requested that the club invest in a small laminator. Action: Lance is to source an appropriate small laminator and seek reimbursement accordingly. (Need to endorse ‘card numbering system’ before cards can be issued. Lance).


Run News

30.. Rodz Rock N Roll. Rodz Rock n Roll at Pine Rivers was set for 26 May 2012. Was well reported by club members attending with 10-12 cars.

31. Sunday Cruises. Caboolture railway car park Show n Shine is open for any

member wishing to attend on the first Sunday of the month.

32. Club Show N Shine. The club Show n Shine/Swap Meet has been designated as a

club run.

33. Maleny Muscle On The Mountain. On 1 July 2012 Muscle on the Mountain event

will be held at the Maleny Showgrounds from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. A gold coin donation would be appreciated on entry to the event. Breakfast will be consumed at the Woodford Village Hotel on the forward journey. The hotel opens at 8.00 am for breakfast. Lance has made a reservation on behalf of the Club.

34.. Harry’s Diner. Those interested in a run to Harry’s Diner are to meet at the south bound BP at Burpengary at 7.00 pm. The run has been designated as club run every Friday night until further notice.

35. Coolies Coolangatta. Coolies is being held on the foreshore at Coolangatta on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

36. RACQ Motorfest. RACQ Motorfest on 15 July 2012 is set for club run. Further details can be sourced from the club’s website. (Registrations closed 15th June).

37. Somerset Dam. Somerset Dam club camping event has been discussed with

details from Lance who organised last years event. It will be held on the October lonbg weekend; Saturday 29 September to Monday 01 October. There will be a requirement for a deposit of $100.00. Details can be sourced from the club’s website. Further details

contact Lance.

38.. Run Suggestions. The President has noted that any club member wishing to suggest a run for the club please come forward. Those club members with an idea for a club run are to contact the Club’s Run Co-ordinator.

Sell Swap and Buy

39. Web Site Advertisements. Those wishing to make advertisement for sell swap and

buy are to provide their respective details to the club webmaster, Lance via email. Details from the club website contact list.


40. The meeting was

closed by the Club

President at 8.45 pm. The next meeting will be on 4 July 2012.

Mitch Lewis Club Secretary 13 June 2012

Cold and miserable at the D’Aguilar Store, 3rd June, but the food was good!


The Combined Regional Car Club meets

on the 1st Wednesday of the month,

Barr Oval Complex, Beerburrum Road,

C a b o o l t u r e ,

c o m m e n c i n g

a t

approximately 7:30pm.

Next meeting:

Wednesday 4th July 2012.

Your Committee

All Holden Day, Bundaberg, 12 May. Seven members/partners drove to Bundaberg on 11 May to attend the All Holden Day. These were Helen, Lyster and Riana Clarke, Kevin and Sharon Lewis, and Lance and Karen Haslewood. Had a great weekend of mixing and leisure. They didn’t come home empty-handed as Lyster took 1st Place for Best Stock-Modified HJ-HJ Monaro and Lance took 1st Place Best SL/R 5000.

Rodz Rock N Roll, Strathpine, 26 May. Several members attended. A great day culminating in live entertainment that evening. A bit chilly once the sun went down. Hundreds of top-quality cars on show. Well worth it.

D’Aguilar/Montville Run, 03 June. Inclement weather spoilt this one. Just two cars and three people made the effort; Kevin Lewis, Carl Talboys and Lance Haslewood. As I live near D’Aguilar, I waited at the Dag store for Kevin and Carl to arrive, after which we got stuck into some scrumptious egg and bacon rolls washed down with superb coffee. Next stop, home! Would like to return to the Dag store sometime in the near future with hopefully a lot more cars and people. Jason and Mitz (owners) put on a really good spread and look forward to having the Club visit. See pic, Page 8. Lance.

Recent Runs - A Brief Report

President: Dennis Seidel 07 5428 3613 president@crc.com.au

Vice President: Errol Davidson 07 3285 3887 vice_president@crcc.com.au

Secretary: Mitch Lewis 07 3886 9042 secretary@crcc.com.au

Treasurer: Col Jurkiewicz 07 3888 0243 0438 418 774.

Run Coordinators: Georgina & Dean Jerome 07 5496 4481 run_coordinator@crcc.com.au

Editor 1: Lance Haslewood 0414 295 888 editor@crcc.com.au

Editor 2: Cyril Bates 07 3888 4164

Club Regiatration: Billy Tittor 07 5494 6952

Membership 1: Lance Haslewood 0414 295 888 membership_1@crcc.com.au

Membership 2: Carl Tallboys 0431 557 334 membership_2@crcc.com.au

Show ‘n Shine Coordinator 1: Kev Lewis 07 3888 7209 0434 532 933

Show ‘n Shine Coordinator 2: Carl Talboys 0431 557 334 show’n_shine_2@crcc.com.au

Swap Meet Coordinator: Cathy Kuhrt 07 5495 3312 swap_meet@crcc.com

Property Officer: Col Jurkiewicz 07 3888 0243 property@crcc.com.au

Webmaster: Lance Haslewood 0414 295 888 webmaster@crcc.com.au

Christmas Party: TBA


The following Club shirts have yet to be

collected. Please see Lance.

Jannette, Size 16.

Craig, L.

Glenn, XL.

Ian, XXL.

Mark Wood, M.

Nick Law, L.

Ray Pietsch, XXL.

Scott Heard, L.

Lance is endeavourin g to have the June shirt order delivered in time for the

Show N Shine on 23 June.

Sister Mary Ann, whose duties include visiting elderly

parishioners who struggle to look after

themselvesm is returning to the convent when

she runs out of petrol. Praise the Lord,

however, as the petrol station is just a block

away. And when the attendant tells her that the

only can he owns has been lent-out, it is still no

problem. For as quick as a blink, Sister Ann returns to her

car, grabs a bed pan and returns to the petrol station where she fills to the brim,

before heading-back to the car, balancing it carefully.

Club Shirts

Joke of the week (from Cyril)

Did you know this?

When you drink vodka over ice, it can give you kidney failure.

When you drink rum over ice, it can give you liver failure.

When you drink whiskey over ice, it can give you heart problems.

When you drink gin over ice, it can give you brain problems.

When you drink bourbon over ice, it can give you digestive


Apparently, ice is really bad for you.

The Caboolture Regional Car Club caters for all types of cars whether they be old or new, stock or modified, daily drivers or weekend trippers. All you need is an appreciation of cars and the enjoyment of socialising with like-minded people.

Submissions for the newsletter are always welcome. Please have the information available at the monthly meeting or email to editor@crcc.com.au no later than Wednesday of the following week. This allows the newsletter to be promptly prepared and posted to members and also placed onto the web site. Any suggestions for runs please contact a member of the Committee.



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