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._... _... _.- f ( I ( r--' County Commissioner. MINUTE B~OK,I} rage. Q. ". \./ MINUTtS OF TNt BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MARCH 9.


Academic year: 2021

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County Commissioner.



rage •.•







Th~ Bo~~d of County Cummigsione~s of Oke~chobee County met in ~egu1a~ session on

Thu~sday Ma~ch 9, 1972 at 9:00 A. M. P~esent we~e the following membe~s:

Chai~an Clyde Du~~ance. Commissione~s H. H. Rau1e~son, Charlie O. Lawrence. Oscar Thomas and Jack Williamson. Also present We~e County Attorney W. L. Hendry, County tngineer Moseley Collins. Road Superintendent Milton Rhoden and Deputy Clerk Sarah Pdee.

Minut~8 of the previous meetin~ (February 24. 1972) were app~oved on a motion by

Commissioner Raulerson. second by Commissioner Lawrence with the following correotions: The referenoa to "McArthur·Goodbread Road" be ohanged to read "Berman Road Extension" I1nd thQ 8ubordintttion rather than the deed to be recorded, the deed having been recorded previoualy. Motion carried unanimously.

Vouohora on the following fundI were approved:

Genlra1••••• •••••••••••·7023·7058••••• • •••• ••••$11.267.20 Road and Bridge•••··.·.·3226·3252··.··· 11.S25.32

Fine and Forfeiture··· 749·755 •••••••••••••• 19.463.76 \ ./

Small Claim. Court Judge. Ed Curren appeared to ask authorization to attend Small Claims Court Judgoa Convention in Gainesville on March 16. 17, and 18. 1972. JUdge Curron Itatod thllt he realizod hie travel budget did not have suffioient fundi for per diom. thorofare hQ only requosted travel Gnd l'Ogisteration feea of $50.00.

COM1\inionor Williamson moved the Board authorize Judge Curnn to attend the oonvention. sacond by Comm11sionor Raulorson. carried unanimously.

~h'. Clydo l<a\lffmon. Civil ()efense Director. came before the Board to ask travel authorizl1tion to ~o to Starke. FlIl. on April 4. 5 and 6 to buy lurplus goodl. He aakud pennisBion to ~o up one day early to enable him to go to the Jacksonville office of H. U. D. in an effort to get Federal Aid for the local recreation program. He feels the trip necoRsary to detennine the qualifications needed for. such grantl.

Mr. I<auffman also asked that Road Supt. roloden be authorized to go up to piok up the supplies. Commissioner Williamson moved that Mr. I<auffman be authorized to travel to Starke and Jaoksonville and Road Supt. Rhoden be authorized to travel to Starke on April 4. 5, and 6. 1972. Motion seconded by Comrnissioer Raulerson. carried unaaimously. Mr, I<auffman reported to tlle Board that he had received a request from the Brighton








BOOK " Page . .






Indian Reservation to be included in the First Aid and Life Saving Courses to be taught thb Summer.

The Clerk presented several items for ~on8ideration. First item was a group of bonds on local people who have been appointed by the GOVernor to certain Boards. These bonds reqUire the signature of the board of County Commissioners. The list of appointees was read by Chai~an Ourran~e. the Board m@Mbers then signed the bonds presented. The next item presented was a letter of requisition from the Okeechobee-St. Lucie Regional Library. They are requesting the funds allocated for that agency. Commilsioner Raulerson moved that the reqUisition be paid. lecond by Commissioner Wi11iamlon. carried unanimoul1y. The Clerk reported Ihe had been contacted by the Board of Public Inltruction to report the lump pump at Oougllll1 Brown School was not opera t1ng. The Board instructed hul' to contAot the MaintonancH! Man. Jimnie be1k. And uk him to check It.

Chdnnln Durrlno@ th,m CAlled on tho Cnwt y Attorney fol' hie reportl. Attorney Hendry rl!portod that he! hlld met with Mr. Vern@ HuffmAn in regard to location of a lite for the propoled Gun and Ske!lt Rlln~o. They had Igreed on the Southwelt oo~.r of the Airport proporty if tho problem or 100011 CAn bo relolved. The Attorney had boen

requelted at I pravioul mooting to ruport on the right-of-way owned by the County on t1ighway 'f'fl north and louth of the eity •. HI reportl on ....1 louth tho only right-or.wIlY hold 11 the now exilting ono. On "Ifl north than 18 a dedication of 100 feet from the city limitl north \ n"Ue to tho bOlllnnlns of tho Hlah Sohool property. North of the 80hool only thu odltlng right-or-WilY 11 held wlth the oxeeption of one eootion of 100 fout on tho .uat lidu of thu hlghwlly ln a Iubdivldon known al T".oplcDl Ouden••

Mr. IIcmdl'y furthol' l'oportod thllt ho hid baon cabla to rOIlDroh the rll1ht-of-wIlY on the l)oftvino Tl'l&l1 Dnd flndl that tha DOllrd of County COImIhlionurl had ololed the road at

tho roquolt of llInd ownera in tht arell. Tho portlon of road front the north boundary of Suotion 28 'nol'th to tho oounty Uno Will 0108ld Jan. 3. 19'.1f. This only leavos 2 miles of thu Poavino open--fl'om Eaglo Island Road north 2 ml1es. Land owners sianins the petition to olose were: Dill Presoott, L. A. Smith, Floyd Thomas. Jamel Durrance. Zeb Durranca, Edgar Thoma~W. J. Thomas, Dnma Walker, Lorena Thompson, W. F. Walker. Agnes Prescott. Rodie Smith nml Chrissie Durranco. Mr. Hendry read from the Florida Highway Code dealing with countiea Chapter 36.12. Thia reada in part: Cloaing and abandonment of roads. The Act of any Commission in closing or abandoning any such

I I :

















roads or in renouncing or disclaiming any rights in any land delineated on any recorded map as a road shall abrogate the easement thereto owned •••••• The Attorney stated, from this ruling, hE felt the County no longer owned the right-of-way f~

Peavine TraiL

.' .. J . ".1 j

10:00 A. M. Mr. J. C. Fewell, Postmaster, appeared before the Board. He asked the advice of tl,e members on the East-West, North-South divisions for the street numbering system the Post Office is presently setting up. He also asked for help on determing the number of feet used to designate a block. After discussion, it was decided to use 300 feet as the block size or 14 block8 per mile. The divi.ion of East-West to be Highway 441 from the lake shore north to the county line. The North-South division to be: Highway 70 west to the Kissinmee River, then Highway 10 eut to the intersection of Highway 710, thence east on the section line to the county line. Only a portion of the quadrants will be numbered now but the entire county can be numbered at a later date with this system. Commissioner Williamson moved that this area, 8S outlined, be adopted as the basis for street numbering in Okeechobee County,

motion seconded by Commissioner Lawrence. Motion carried unanimously.

The Chair recognized Mayor Dlmham, of the City of Okeechobeo, as a guest and alked him if he had any comnents. Mayor Dunham thanked Chairman Durrance and then oxprelsed his continued concern for the sanitary conditions in the Lock *7 area. He stated he had contacted the Corp of EnginoIl'B,.Mr. Bob Padrick of the Flood Control Diltrict, Ml'.' Robert Shelton, of the Secretal'Y of States' office and others in regard to thOle

Qonditions. He further stated that he had been told that the Health Department could close the Park if they 90 desired. Mayor Dunham remarked that he hRs an appointment

with Mr. Leonard of the local Health Department and he will report to the Board at a later date on his findings.

i ' I



The Board discussed



., "






---Mr. Dave Simonson of the Department of Youth Services met with the Board on behalf of Mr. James Patch, local Youth Counselor. The local youth work was absorbed into the

state system October 1, 1971. Mr. Simonson stated that other counties around the state had paid the Co\mselors for accrued vacation time they had with the counties. The state adopted the sick leave accrued and will adopt the annual leave, however. they only allow accrual up to 240 hours on annual leave. Mr Patch's leave exceeds this maximum at present, therefore his is. in effect, losing leave time.


; I













...-of the road problem ...-of Mr. Robert Edwards had now been resolved. All deeds are signed and payment has been made.

The subject of the water-sewer franchise was introduced and an attempt made to clarify tho l)l'ocedure to be followed in holding a pubUo hearing. paying fol' notification of land owners etc. Attorney Hendry was dil'ected to work out the details with Mr. Lal'ry Rozler •

Mr. Hendl'Y then reported that all details Depal'tment to reach a salary conclusion.

The Chai~an asked the Attorney to continue with further reports he might have.

Mr. Hendry stated that he had contacted the Department of Commerce. as directed. in regard to the salary for the Maintenance Man. They state that the total they quoted df $3,431.1.8 WIlB bued on a monthly rate of $458.33 for a 40 hour week. The Clerk

pl"ellented the attorney with a break-down of the $5.500.00 which the Board had anticipated. Tho Attorney pointed out some stipulations of the contract and noted

that the position was to be a full time 40 hour week. He will again contact the

the proposal and explained that the employment policy of Okeeohobee County only allows accrual of two weeks vacation time. They further pointed out that when the present BUdget was adopted there was no allocation for Mr. Patch's salary. Commissioner Williamson stated that it was the feeling of the Board they would be willing to pay , the full amount but due to the County Policy this was not possible. Commissioner

Williamson then moved that the County pay Mr. Patch for two weeks salary at the rate he received prior to October of 1971. Motion seconded by Commissioner Raulerson.

~arried unanimously.


'~~..•. I


j I '\


.' I. : it: , .t~

12: 00 Noon Ad.iourn for Lunch

. . Tho Chair recognized Mr. Verne Huffman from the audience. Mr. Huffman explained thut tho southwest corner of' the airport seemed the most desirable location for a skeet range, however. there is a problem of access. By using the present road. people would have to cross the approach pattern. The alternative would be anI-access road at the corner of the prop.rty. There is quite a large ditch there to craBB. Mr. Huffman asked that the Engineer and the Road Supt. look at it and make a recommendation at to culvert or bridge.

Engineer Collins reported that he had correspondence from the Dept. of Transportation in regard to widening and re.urfacing the turn-off strip at the Hilh School. They











rage ...


suggest the possibility of the County doing the base wo~k as the D.O.T. has no funds

fo~ base work, they could then surface it. the tngineer estimates the cost would be approximately $4,000. h~ then suggested the possibility of using soil cement. The Attorney suggested using this areaS as the first portion of four-laning with soil

cement. The Board decided to postpone any action until they meet with D. O. t.

officials in Ft. Lauderdale March ~3. 1912, and det!rmine the status of roads funds available to Okeechobee County. Mr. Collins then introduced a letter Mr. Hom@r Hayes had reo@ived from Mr. Carpenter, tngineer with b. O.


who suglest@d the county check the pessibility of Federal Aid for the Paul G. Rogers Park at Lock #1. Mr. Collins had oontacted the D. O. t. in Ft. Laud@rdale. They informed him that a portion of the 8th cent tax money could pOlsibly b@ ul@d to Qonlttuot a "soi@nic overlook" for the lake. Th@ tngineel' remarked that h@ had r@ceiv@d a letter from Hr. Drew, tnginf!'!l~ with tfudlon Pulp and Papor Co. of PAlatka. Mr. brow hlld read the article on IOU cemlmt rl!cently publilhad in "The l>ida Contraator" Ind @xprelsld great internt in the proc_...

ROlld Supt. Rhoden Itstod that ho neldld road lurvlYI on two of thll oity ItrolU in

~G current paving program. Ona WII AVI. A. Hanaock to Palm, tha other A~ldil.

Conwni8doml' Williamson WtlI dalillna tid. AI liailon with the a1ty, to milt with the City Council in l'o\lllrd to lettinll thvm Ihlro the pllvinll .!)cpanle luoh III lurveYI.

Convnill1onor Thomill Itlltvd that hft hId l"Ot'o1vftd mora 0Dmlllll1ntl rlllllrdina tho train hlock1nll loed ItrlJotl land 1I11lhwly 11141. 110 IllYI loma of tho complllimlntl .tlta tho blockado lllltl 01 long lI8 18 mlnutOi. 110 Alkod Attol'noy Uondry


ha hid aontllctad

tho l'ubUc Sorviclt Conwnlldon on thl1 mllttar. Mr. lIandry Itcatad thcat ho hlld Ipokon with tho RallwoY'1 10cl1 Gttornuy. Tom Conoly. Tho Attornoy Will dirftotod to proclod

furthur in BUlu'ah of n lolution.

Comm1BB1onor RllU1cU'Bon rolated that' he had boon aontlotad by Rev. Duck In roliltion to 11 problem of Bbhool bUB plok Up for h1l children. lIa WII undar tho imprnllon that tho bUB would pick them up i f tharo


Ii turn-around. C0IIIII11.10nor Rilulerion

was directed by the Board to oheck with tho BOllrd of PubUc Inateuatlon to detennin if they WOUld. in faot, pick thom up if the turn-around wal provided. Mr. Raulerlon further roported that the wilter coolor in ttm Courthoule corridor il 1noporativo. Commissioner Lawronce vol\mteered to contaat lIall Refrigeration. from whom the cooler was purchased, and make an attompt to got it ropilired •

















1 j


Commissioner Williamson called the attention of the Board to the Monthly Report of the Building Department. He pointed out that each month the income had increased


and commented on the fine job being done by Building Official Clayton White.


county Permits---



New Construction and Additions--- 34

Electrical••--- 57

Plumbinq--- 37

Mobile Homes--- 29



Total Value of Construction---$249,210.00 Permit Fees Collecced---$l,568.60 License Renewal Pees---$2S0.00 Total Feel Collected---$1,818.60


Chairman Durrance prelented a requelt for reimbursement for expenlel to the State


Dairy Show from County Extena10n Director, Kent Price. Conwnlllionor Raulerlon moved tho request be approved, leoond by CDnIl\ill1onel.' Williamlon, ollrded unan.imoully.




Chairman Durrance presentod the following letter and proclamation he had received

" from Govornor Askew. After hearing the letter and proolamation, Conwniadoner Rau!el'lon moved that it be adopted, seoond by Conwnisaioner Williamlon, oarried un.n~oully.


' j,

I .

C ~1 ;'1' . :1, ·J L'>. .~'




OltltlCH 011GOVURNOR nnUBlN 0'0, ASKBW

March 2, 1972

Honorable Clyde Durrance, Chairman Doard of County Commissioners

Okeechob~e County

Post Office Box 997

Okeechobee, Florida 33472 Dear CommissionerI

During the time which I hllVC been privileged to sorve in government, I have shared with other officials tho opportunity of dealing with many problema vitally affecting tho State of Florida. In many of these situ-ations, the enactment of a now law, or other appropriate action, has helped resolve the problems and move Florida forward.

Our State now facos another crisis and, like many of tho previous si. tua tions, the solution is not. simple.

I rafor to the increasing number of traffic fatalities Florida io enporienoing on its highways. III 1971, the yoarHelld count has roaohed 2,364 and no doubt will oreep even higher as a result of delayed fatalities.

We must faoa up to this sit.uation and take the ac~

t.ion necessary to cope with it. One immediate st.ep is to provide our citizons with as much leadership as possible and take overy opportunity to focus attention on traffic safety.

With this thought in mind, I am suggesting that you . consider the official adoption of the at.tached proclamation by your comn\ission. Perhaps you might find it helpfUl to ' . advise the press of your intentions to inform as. many

citi-zens as possible of your concern. . .


,-:-'" , ,,' . • > " .


~, .' .' # : I






. HonorablQ ClydQ Durrance

~tarch 2, 1972 Pago'Two

Along tho lame linel, I would urgo you to discus.

your communitr traffio lafaty problam with local law on-forcement off ciall al wol1 aa membor. of tho jUdiciary. Only through thio joint offort and cooperation will wa be most .ffuctiva in helpinliJour friend., neiliJhborlJand loved onol ARIUVI3 ALIVE.

As Govornor I plodgo my comploto support to you in this regard. I look forward to working with you to make the streots and highway. of our sta 0 oato as pO.liblo,

ROA/mcS Attachment


'. I . (more)

f /









WHEREAS, the State of Florida is known throughout the nation

, ,j

as the ARRIVE ALIVE State, and

WHEREAS, during the year 1971, the State of Florida exper-ienced 2,364 traffic fatalities, the greatest number in its history, and







WHEREAS, 7 of these deaths were recorded in __ OKEeCHOBEE COUNTy , wherein we reside, and

WHEREAS, we personally and as a governmental body mourn oach and every death that has occurred on our streets and highway., and

WHEREAS, many of the oitizens of OKEECllOBBC COUNTY

are aware of and express their support of highway safety and awareno•• by displaying an emblem deolaring ARRIVE ALIVE on their vehicle., and

WHEREAS, the State of Florida, in oooporation with the Unitod States Secretary of Transportation, has oreated a highway lafety pro·

~" gram designed to save the lives of those we love, and

WHEREAS, the Governor of the Great State of Florida and tho Governor's Highway Safety Commission have a great and oontinuing interest in our safety and well-being and expr81le. thil throu;h the ARRIVE ALIVE program,

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that we .hall lupport tho Governor, the State of Florida and the Governor's Highway Safoty Commission in accomplishing the goal of reduoing traffio fatalities on the highways of Florida and, in particular, thOle streetl and roads in our ~/county of OKEECHOBEE

• I ,






,' r Add TWo ...






'1··~ County Comm18S1oner•



Page ...2;/.'1

4 paC .i ,Ilt'

n~ 1~ rUR~H~R resolved that we shall use our influence as CtHtlSSlONSltS of this~~/countyof OKEECHOBEE

to encourage each and every resident and visitor to



--fUlly support the Governor and his valiant efforts in behalf of all our eiti2ens to ARRIV~ ALIV~t and therefore,

B~ IT ~ESOLV~O that through our own actions and driving habits, we will endeavor to drive, walk and ride in a manner that will reflect our concern for highway safety and use the prestige of our elected offices to encourage each and every citizen of this city/county to follow this oxample and ARRIVE ALIVE.


* *


* * * * *


* * * * * * * *

Chainnlln DurrAnca reportod that ho had dilculllad with Supt. Diggl of the Board of Publio Inltruotion, the po••1bility of joint bids on supplies. gas. oil etc. thereby oroatin; tho p"..1bil1ty of HotUn; a batter priCD by buying in larger vol\ll1e. The Board Igl'lod th1l would bo de8J.rablo. Chaoirman Durrance will dilcu'l th1B further lind roport bllok to tho Doal:'d.

Tho £nlllnoor W{l8 d1rDototl to oall Dr. Bartley. who is under aontf.\lIat to df.\aw up a

lonina pllln for the County. Mr. Collins will f.\eport on thil at the next meeting. Tho pOllibllity of tllk1ng oval' the maintenanoe of leaondary f.\oads in the aounty waa..





disous.od. Cq~tain aOlmtie8 in tho state do this work. othors have maintenanoe aBreemonts with tho Dopartment of Transportation to do such maintenance. Okeechobee County has a maintenance contract. The cost. to date, on secondary work done in the county 1s $26.000 with a projected cost to be $73,000 for the year. The Board f.\equelted

the ~ngineer to survey counties that are doing their own work to afford more facti

and figures for later discussion.



'. ,:,,) q yaa c


( J





Page ..





The Board then entered into extensive dilc.lsion of the road needs of the county as opposed to money available, attempting to solidify plans and reaommendationl to be presented at the BUdget henring in Ft. Lauderdale March 23. After dilculsion, it was the feeling of the Board that the most urgent need, at prelent, was the purchale of right-of-way. Commillioner Williamlon moved that $100,000.00 be let alide for

purahase of right-of-way. Motion loconded by Commillioner Thomas, carried unanimoully. Attorney Hendry stated that he had been contacted recently by a developer who had bought property in Conners Highlands. This developer asked what the county policy was in relation to opening dedicated streets in subdivisions. The Attorney stressed that since, at present, the county hal no concrete pblicy, it would be advantageous to adopt a uniform policy. No action taken.

It was decided further action could not be taken until after the Budget hearing. No further bUlinesl, Commillioner Williamlon moved the meeting adjourn at ~&~S P. M. Motion leconded by Commillioner Thomal, aarried unanimously.






' . ' , ,\ ~., J.: ~.,~ '.. A' HAYNES. W BOARD OF C TY C<HtISSIONERS


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