D o w n l i n e M a x x U S E R G U I D E. T h e F i r s t D o w n l i n e B u i l d e r T o. L e t Y o u H a v e M u l t i p l e P o s i t i o n s







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D o w n l i n e M a x x

T h e F i r s t D o w n l i n e B u i l d e r T o

L e t Y o u H a v e M u l t i p l e P o s i t i o n s

F o r T h e S a m e P r o g r a m


T r o y W r a y & D a r r e n O l a n d e r










About regular downline builders

The problem with regular downline builders

What’s Different About DownlineMaxx

The Marketplace

How Much Do Slots Cost

MaxxPoints – How Do You Get Them?

Slot Value


What Is DownlineMaxx?

DownlineMaxx is a downline builder and mailer.

What makes DownlineMaxx different is the unique nature of the downline builder.

About Regular Downline Builders

In a regular downline builder, you enter IDs for the programs you’re already a member of, you may join some of the programs via the join links or you may choose to leave some slots blank.

If you choose to join a program, the join link will generally be the referral link of your sponsor. But if they left that slot blank then it will be the referral link of the first person upline who has filled in their referral ID for that program.

We call this latter feature of a downline builder ID Flow Through – the ability of the downline builder to look upline until it finds a referral ID.

The Problem With Regular Downline Builders

In most downline builders, people generally do fill in their referral IDs for the programs they’re already a member of but not many people bother to join programs they’re not a member of.

So many slots remain empty. Which is kind of great for the sponsor (or someone else upline) because their referral link is being shown to more people. But if most people are either already a member else they don’t bother to join, it’s academic.

What’s Different About DownlineMaxx

DownlineMaxx is very different from any downline builder you’ve encountered. Most notably, it has the Marketplace.

The Marketplace

The Marketplace allows you to sell or rent out slots that you have no ID for and no interest in joining.


Conversely, it allows you to buy or rent slots in programs that you do have an interest in. Not only that, you can buy or rent unlimited slots for the same program subject to them being available.

How Much Do Slots Cost?

The first and most important point is that all trading in the Marketplace is done with MaxxPoints, not real dollars.

MaxxPoints – How You Get Them

You can earn MaxxPoints for certain activities, notably by referring others. You can gain them by selling or renting out your downline builder slots.

You can also buy them or subscribe to an upgrade package that gives you monthly MaxxPoints.

Slot Value

The market value of a slot in a particular program depends on many factors such as:

The type of program

The ‘activeness’ of the owner

The number of slots for that program already on the market

How long the program has been on the market

With DownlineMaxx, you can ‘acquire’ unlimited slots in other members’ downline

builders, thereby getting your referral link shown to potentially tens or hundreds of people


All programs have their own base value and these are reviewed periodically. Each slot for that program has the same base value.

The most significant factor that increases or decreases the market value is the ‘activeness’ of the owner and by that we mean how often they refer new members to DownlineMaxx.

If you buy a slot from someone, the more new referrals they bring in on a regular basis, the more value that slot has to you and therefore the higher the market value.

Conversely, if you buy it from someone with no referrals, the slot has a low value because you’re hoping that person will bring in referrals in the future.

Referral Freshness Multiplier

Each member has a live Referral Freshness Multiplier (RFM) which is determined by how many referrals you’ve brought in recently (it’s a formula that factors in how many and how recent they are).

If you have slots on the marketplace, it’s in your interest to have a high RFM as that will increase your market value compared to other slots for the same property.

In addition, if you have slots already rented out, the rent you receive will depend on your RFM. If you let your RFM drop by not getting referrals then the rent value of your slots will decrease over time.



Getting Started









How programs are added to your downline builder

Why You MUST Check The New Programs Tab



In a conventional downline builder, typically all the programs are present from the outset.

How Programs Are Added To Your Downline Builder

Because the whole point of DownlineMaxx is to be an effective downline builder, we see no reason to limit the number of programs that we add. However, we also don’t want you to see a downline builder with hundreds of slots that you have to make a decision over whether to join, rent out or sell.

So by default, we add programs to your downline builder in a staggered manner. When you joined DownlineMaxx and first logged in, you were shown a ‘get

started wizard’ and one step of that was to tick all the programs you were already a member of.

Those programs will appear in your downline builder right away (on the basis all you have to do with these is fill in your ID – plus you want to get your IDs in before you first refer someone to DownlineMaxx).

When you go into your downline builder, you’ll see that all your slots are divided into 8 categories (every available slot will be in one of these categories).

Programs that you haven’t yet taken any action on (i.e. haven’t filled in the ID or put up for rent or sale) will be in this tab.

Why You MUST Check The New Programs Tab Regularly

Each time you log in, you may find one or more new programs added to your downline builder.

One of the ways that we try to improve the effectiveness of the downline builder is by ‘forcing’ members to make a decision on each program – either join or put it on the marketplace, don’t just leave it empty.


While you may not like being forced to do something, you will like the fact that your referrals are!

And when we say forced, we give you plenty of time to make a decision but if you do nothing with a program for too long, it will be put on the marketplace for you!

Note that even if it goes on the marketplace, you can take it back provided it hasn’t been taken.

While some people might think this is ‘unfair’, it does make the downline builder more active and more effective. Members tend to pay attention to the DLB – whereas in many programs, people often only go to the DLB page once after they first join and then forget about it.

You will see a notice in the dashboard (the first page you see when you log in) if there are programs that you need to make a decision on:

So we recommend you log in daily initially so that you don’t miss any programs. Beware. We’re not trying to strong-arm you. But

in order to make DownlineMaxx effective, if you don’t enter an ID for a program within a certain

time, it will automatically be put on the marketplace for sale or for rent.


If you click on the ‘new programs’ tab (it is the default) you’ll see fairly familiar looking downline builder ID boxes where you can enter your ID in the usual way. But you do have some other options…

Note the additional details that aren’t present in a regular downline builder…

The base value, in this case 500 MaxxPoints

The sell / rent buttons

The current market value (and your RFM)

A time remain before the slot is automatically put on the

marketplace for sale or rent

If you enter an ID and click update, the program will ‘disappear’ because it’s now in the ‘Your Programs’ tab.


The Other Downline Builder Tabs

Your Programs

We already mentioned this tab. This has all the programs you now ‘own’ i.e. you entered a referral ID. These programs will now never go on the marketplace unless you subsequently decide to sell or rent out.


Self-explanatory – programs that you’ve bought from the marketplace. This means that your referral ID is now being shown to the referrals of the original member (as well as to your own referrals for that program)


As above but for slots you’re renting


Slots that you placed (or were placed) on the marketplace and have now sold. You cannot get these back unless the new owner happens to place it for sale again

Rented Out

As above but for slots you rented out

For Sale

Slots that you’ve got on the marketplace for sale that no-one has bought yet. At any time before it’s sold, you can take a slot back off the marketplace.

For Rent









Buying Versus Renting

Selling For Profit

Growing Your Downlines

Why Upgrade?


The DownlineMaxx marketplace concept means that you can get rid of slots you have no interest in and make a profit but more importantly, you can buy or rent any number of slots (subject to availability) in programs you are interested in. This gives you so much more exposure of your referral link for those programs and you’ll get more referrals as a result.

But while MaxxPoints aren’t real money, you do have to earn (or buy) them and so you still need to spend them wisely.

Buying Versus Renting

When you buy a slot, you pay a one-off fee and that’s it. But to buy a slot may cost hundreds of MaxxPoints, while to rent it will typically cost less than a tenth but you have to pay every month.

If you buy, those MaxxPoints are gone and you then hope that the owner keeps getting referrals so that you have a chance of getting those referrals join that program under you.

If you rent, there’s a distinct advantage; yes you pay every week but the amount you pay depends on how active (their RFM) the owner is. If they don’t bring in any new referrals, your rent will drop to near zero.

So renting is a low risk strategy but an active slot will cost you every week.

Buying is more of a gamble. You only pay once but if the owner then turns out to be inactive, the slot may do nothing for you and all you can do is either keep it and hope the owner brings in more referrals or try to recoup some of your MaxxPoints by selling it again.

Note that you can vacate a rented slot, you can’t sub-rent it i.e. you cannot rent it out to someone else.

Selling For Profit

There is the opportunity to sell slots and sometimes you can make a profit. On the next page is a screenshot of a typical program on the marketplace.


So you can see a couple of things here. One is that the same program can be on sale for a range of prices and the main reason for the difference will be how active the owner is. (how high their RFM is)

You can also see the trend arrows. This shows the current trend in market value of that slot.


Orange is staying roughly the same, red is trending down. While there are no green arrows on this shot, green would indicate trending up.

Note that slots that have been on the market a while will also trend downwards. As an upgraded member, you can get more information on each property (coming soon)

So, if you buy a slot that is trending upwards, you could sell it later at a profit.

Growing Your Downlines

Most people don’t treat downline builders as very important. And if we’re

considering downline builders like you find in most any traffic exchange or mailer or utility program, that’s not such a big deal.

After all, if you promote a traffic exchange, the effectiveness of the downline builder is pretty low so you’d be foolish to promote the traffic exchange purely to try to grow your downlines. That’s because the people that join are generally joining to use the traffic exchange and the downline builder is just a secondary, soon to be forgotten about, feature.

With a dedicated downline builder such as DownlineMaxx, the downline builder is the central theme of the program.

So one referral in DownlineMaxx could easily turn into multiple referrals in your downline programs. That’s called leverage and it’s one of the most important concepts in marketing.

You shouldn’t promote specific programs if they’re in DownlineMaxx; promote DownlineMaxx and have a chance of your referrals not only joining the program you might have promoted but many more besides.

Promoting DownlineMaxx gives you two things: it increases your RFM and therefore the rent you receive (and the sale price of your slots) and it will grow your downlines in all the programs you’ve joined.


Sure, not every new referral will join multiple (or even one) programs but many will and so you’ll get increased benefits from those programs where your

downline is growing.

For example, traffic exchanges will typically give you 10% of the credits your direct referrals earn for free.

Likewise with many mailers.

And that’s quite apart from the fact you may make commissions if they upgrade.

Why Upgrade?

The main reason to upgrade is to make DownlineMaxx even more effective for you.

The second is that you’ll get a monthly allowance of MaxxPoints.

If you take one of the upgrade options, you’ll get insider info in the marketplace e.g. how long a property has been on the market, how active the owner is, how many empty slots the owner has, when they got their last referral.

This can help you pick and choose the slots that have the most potential. (note this functionality is not all there yet but is coming soon).



Why You Should Actually Join Programs

















Traffic Exchanges & Mailers

Business Opportunities



Traffic Exchanges & Mailers

If you want to build free traffic, and you’re intent on using DownlineMaxx then you should join every traffic exchange you can, at least for free.


Because if you use and promote DownlineMaxx (and remember, DownlineMaxx is also in the downline builders of other programs) then you’ll pick up referrals in those traffic exchanges for free – and that will generate you hands-off free credits and possibly commissions over time.

The same applies to mailers. If you use mailers at all then join the ones in

DownlineMaxx. Join for free and take advantage of the free credits you’ll get as DownlineMaxx grows your downlines.

‘Bizops’ – Business Opportunities

DownlineMaxx also has a number of programs we term affectionately ‘bizops’ or business opportunities.

These are programs where the focus is on the product and selling it as opposed to generating traffic.

If you’re already set on promoting a specific product, service or site then we’re not suggesting you change.

But if you want to make residual income, take a good look at some of the ‘bizops’ in DownlineMaxx. While we (Darren and I) don’t specifically endorse any

programs in this category, we only include programs we believe meet the criteria for primarily not being a scam but also that are promoted by well known

marketers that we trust and that will have done their ‘due diligence’.

Because you’re promoting DownlineMaxx anyway, being a member of one or more of these programs could easily lead to you getting referrals.

Most people don’t join multiple ‘bizop’ type programs because they fear they’ll dilute their promotion of each one. With a downline builder, you can promote 10


as easily as 1. Sure it’s not the same as promoting directly but as you can promote 10 for the price of 1, that makes up for it.

Look out particularly for the programs with a one-off join fee – basically a no-lose proposition (beyond that one-off fee)


Checkout some of the tools before you just sell them or rent them out.

Many of them will make your business easier, more productive or both. They’re in the DLB for a reason.


We are committed to making DownlineMaxx the most effective downline builder on the planet.

The marketplace concept is unique and a step in that direction but there’s more to come.

To Your Success Troy & Darren