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What’s New in 7.4 and Why it’s Important

Productivity Enhancements

Landed Cost Improvements

Unit of Measure Improvements

Manufacturing & Distribution

Platform & Performance


7.4 - Productivity Enhancements

Create and Track Overpayment of Invoices

Process Customer Refunds in Cash Receipts

Support Negative SO Non-Inventory Line Items

Business Insights


Customer Refunds from Cash Receipts

To clear an unapplied credit memo or an unapplied payment in Accounts Receivable:

1. Create a batch in Process Invoices, and Enter Invoices. 2. Select Debit Memo from the Invoice list.

3. Click the Detail tab, and select the correct General Ledger account. Complete remaining fields as needed.

Note: When posted, the debit memo will debit A/R, and credit the offset account used for the debit memo line item.

4. Click the Totals tab, and click the Appls button. 5. Select the applicable unapplied memo or payment. 6. Save the record, and post the batch.

If Cash Management is used:

1. Create a batch in Process Bank Transactions, and create a bank transaction to reverse the effects of the original

deposit of the unapplied payment.

2. If a cash account is used on the A/R debit memo, use a cash account as an offset account for the Bank

Transaction. This has a net effect of zero for the cash account and updates Cash Management records. If an A/P check is required for issue to the customer:

1. Create a vendor account for the customer in Maintain Vendors. If desired, associate the vendor record with the

customer record in Maintain Customers.

2. Expand Accounts Payable and Activities. Double-click Process Vouchers. 3. Create a batch.

4. Create a voucher for the vendor created above for the refund amount. Credit the appropriate accounts.

5. Generate and print the check using Process Invoices for Payment or Process Manual Checks. Alternatively, add the


Customer Refunds from Cash Receipts




Business Insights Performance


Business Insights Top “N”


performance and

provides a “Quick


Landed Cost Improvements

Vendor Freight


Per Item


7.4 - Landed Costs Improvements

New option to apply freight to item auto generates landed cost

Flexibility to define landed cost types independent of specific item or


Apply at receipt line using per-unit percent of cost or flat amount per unit

– OR

Apply to receipt total and allocate by cost, quantity, weight,

volume or manually

Override allocation method and/or change the cost amount

for predefined cost types where the amount is not



Unit of Measure Improvements

Buy Rounded Stock Rounded Issue Rounded

Kilos Pounds Ounces


7.4 - Unit of Measure (UOM)

Expanded decimal precision in data tables


Stored in expanded precision


Displayed in user defined precision

Flexible rounding methods for base (smallest) UOM

UOM stored with transaction records

“Auto Adjustments” to prevent “invisible”


Physical Count records qty in both

precisions – Displayed in rounded qty

Bin transfers in any UOM

New Item UOM BIE view


Override Primary Vendor

Auto calculate demand

across the business


Sales Order



Take advantage of

quantity discounts from


Track and leverage


and internal

lead times

Locked into Primary


Primary Vendor set by

Warehouse Replenishment

default with no override

Can’t take advantage of

cost shopping

Can’t leverage express ship


Advantages of



Reverse Progress and Production Entry

Working Away

End of Day

Last Entry


Assign Manufacturing Preferred Bins

Only distribution


available – how can

I keep enough for


Backflush from Bin Tracked Warehouse

Bin Tracking makes

picking faster and easier

Backflush makes material

issues faster and easier

Cannot backflush

from bin tracked


Backflush from Bin Tracked Warehouse


Improved Manufacturing Posting


7.4 – Platform and Performance

Crystal XI R2 (v11.5)

Microsoft Office 2010

Improve Business Insights Explorer performance

Update third-party controls

Visual Studio 2010 and .Net

Framework 4.x

Operating System and SQL

Server Service Packs


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