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The following workshop presentations are tentatively participating in the Summer Expo

taking place Sunday, August 1st. This is subject to change and a final schedule is

pending. Updates will be published regularly, along with the final Expo program when

available. Check back.

Pathways “Memorial Audience“ for Allyson Walsh

Diane Adele Nichols

Allyson Walsh and Adele Nichols, known as the “PsyTwins”, have held audiences and private readings for Pathways Show participants for over twenty years. Allyson’s passing in December, 2020, has left clients heartbroken. Please join Adele as she talks about Allyson. Readings are expected to occur while talking to audience members.

30 Ways to Clear Your Energy Body (And Why it Matters)

Rachel Hartenstein

Description pending.

The 7 Keys to Manifesting Success

Rev. Dr. Wanda Leigh Holmes and Rev. Dr. Linda Ruth Greene

The 7 Keys to Manifesting Success class will help the student remove blockages, put faith and belief into action and show how thoughts and words create your reality and much more. The keys also correlate to the Chakra (energy) system which helps the student be a deliberate creator.

A Holistic Approach To Better Health

Neelam Sethi

Touch N Heal therapies are designed to manage pain & illness in a natural approach, with long-lasting results and no side-effects. Learn more about holistic strategies for better health, including how these various developed therapeutic tools can be used by oneself: the 4 Essential Tools-kit, the Wrist Massager, and a Cervical Magnet Belt that helps with Diabetes, back, knee, and joint pains.

Ancestral Eye Reading by Irigenics®

Amy G Dougherty

Discover the amazing treasure map of your ancestors in your eyes. Train to become an Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reader. Become the next author in "The Ancestors Within" and an expert panelist in the Ancestral Summit Nov 2022!

Awakening to Love

Joanne Selinske, PhD, Cht.


to learn to love yourself—key to awakening to your divine essence. Join us to better understand how developing self-love and compassion will enhance your life as well as all your relationships.

Curiosity: A Birthright and a Bridge to Freedom

Liora Hill

Zoetic Workshops offers a seminar series called “Bridges To Freedom” that literally takes any moment of upset, resentment, resignation, hurt, sadness, anger, any kind of Not-Love, and transforms it into Peace, Freedom, Self-Expression and Joy. It means going from 3-Dimensional thinking and experiencing to 4-Dimensional BEing The Flow. In this class we instantly flip the switch from Anxiousness to Curiosity.

Enlightened Rest: The Yoga of Sleep

Claudia Neuman

Yoga Nidra is an ancient yogic practice that enables you to effortlessly reap the benefits of deep sleep. Join Claudia Neuman, MSW, E-RYT 500, YACEP, Certified ®Para Yoga Nidra instructor, for this sublime and rest-filled event. No experience needed.

Essential Oils 101

Colleen McCartney

Come experience doTERRA! In this intro session we will collect health concerns from the group, and cover how to use the oils for your needs. You will experience 10 different essential oils! You don’t have to buy anything, but we will have some specials just for those who attend the class. We will also have a raffle at the end of the class, so make sure you plan to stay until the end!

Experience Hypnosis and Learn About Hypnotherapy

Donald Pelles, PhD, Certified Hypnotherapist

Experience hypnotic trance and explore how it can enable and empower you to make changes on both the unconscious and conscious levels, to open up to new directions and possibilities, to new ways of feeling, thinking, doing, and being.

Experience Transformation in the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field

Amy McLaughlin

Reiki Master introduces the power of healing art in the form of Tao Calligraphy. After leading attendees through simple and powerful meditation and wellness practices in the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field, volunteers receive special free blessings and soul communication for life guidance. All attendees receive free blessings for one request.

Explore Astral Travel

Skydin Zeal

Skydin creates handmade metaphysical Art and Talismans in silver and gold microscopically riddled with ancient symbols. Skydin teaches the spiritual uses of the symbols he creates. His fields are Scandinavian Spirituality and kabbalistic numerology; he has served Manhattan for 11 years through Spiritual


Explore What a Blu Room Can Do For You!

Sarah Shores

The Blu Room® is a patented technology that creates a relaxing atmosphere that insulates the user from the daily environment. Using light and sound the user experiences the calm of the consciousness-lifting environment. The Blu Room® is not a medical device but it may facilitate healing in some individuals.

Financial CHAKRAS™

Ash Shukla

What if you could apply CHAKRAS as a rule to take control of your finances, business, and life? For the first time ever, wouldn’t it be nice to learn a secret formula derived from CHAKRAS and apply it into your physical life? Join me to find out more.

Halotherapy - How to Improve Your Respiratory Health

Lindsay Dively

Learn how halotherapy or "dry salt therapy" works, the science behind it, and the many benefits for your respiratory health. Practicing respiratory hygiene is imperative because the origins of many respiratory issues that affect our overall health and wellness come from the air we breathe. Air pollution and our changing climate, both of which are beyond our control, make our air less healthy to breathe. Take back control with halotherapy! Healthy lungs and a clean respiratory system are essential for vitality, energy, and longevity.

How to Create Peace in a World of Chaos...“Be the Peace You Want to See in the World!”

Rhonda Lucas-Sabater

“This is your destiny: to realize the divine gnosis, the universal saga of your Being, and to become one with all Life." Join us on this trek to the summit of attainment, and learn the wisdom of the ages from the Saints and Sages from both East and West who have blazed a trail of Light for us to follow.

How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times

Members of ECKANKAR

Get above the daily fray to find inner peace, balance and greater awareness. Through our stories and your practice, learn effective spiritual tools including finding Inner Guidance, setting your own waking dreams, reducing karma, spiritual exercises, gratitude and unconditional love.

“I Am An Empath ….. Why Do I FEEL Everything?”

Eileen Strange


Meditation With Light and Auras

Mara Berman

Meet your angels and spiritual guides in an experiential meditation. Learn aura cleaning, and chakra clearing. Experience the comfort of nourishing white light and twelve dimensional rings infused with light splashing down on your aura. Feel comfortable in your own energy.

The Nature and Function of Counterpart Selves

Joe Mancini

In this workshop, after Dr. Mancini quickly explains the nature and function of Counterpart Selves,

participants will engage in a hypnotic exercise to access one or more such selves to gain other viewpoints on an important issue. Counterpart Selves were first discussed by Seth, channeled by psychic Jane Roberts.

Rise of the Empath

Ingrid Jolly

Join me for a sacred intent to practice with created light and living light. We will experience how simple and effective we can be in our service as caring Stewards of all sentient life on Earth & the Universe.

Sacred Space of a Female: Female Problems and Natural Solutions

Dr. Shakiera Hockaday-Bey

I am sure a lot of you have made promises to yourself over and over to take control of your health. I am here to help you change the way you think of your body, mind, and spirit. Based on my book Sacred Space of a Female, this workshop discusses female problems and natural solutions.

Tapping into Feminine Energy

Katherine Searcy

During this session, participants learn integral energy healing techniques along with connection with the spirit guides to begin understanding and utilizing the creative and receptive power of feminine energy.

Thrive This Time…No Matter What with THE WORK of Byron Katie



Come experience the simple, foolproof processes that USE whatever upsets you to transform your inner critic into the champion of your HAPPINESS! Learn about The Work of Byron Katie, The Wheel of Self-Love and Shawn's other Happiness Hacks.

Turn Your Inner Turmoil to Triumph with 3 Simple Steps

Nicole Batiste

You want to disappear to regain a sense of control in your life. You’re obligated to appear like

everything’s okay. You're a mom, an executive, you’re someone who’s been bravely showing up every day, yet inside you’re struggling. You're not alone. Discover 3 simple steps you can take to create the balance and calm you seek so you can smile and mean it.

Your Body Never Lies

MaryAnn Ley

Join Dr. MaryAnn Ley, Chiropractor and Master Clinician in Nutrition Response Testing as she






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