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Ramsay Cornish Auctioneers & Valuers

The Decorative House: Antiques & Interiors Auction

Started Oct 06, 2018 11am BST

15-17 Jane Street Edinburgh Scotland EH6 5HE United Kingdom

Lot Description

1 A Japanese Satsuma teapot, Meiji period, c. 1900, of compressed globular form, with concave cover, bamboo swing handle, painted with twin panels of ladies, children and attendants, four character mark. Length across spout 13.5cm

2 A set of twenty Chinese export mother-of-pearl late 19thc gaming tokens, each of rectangular form centred by a monogrammed cartouche within a floral border (20)

3 A large Japanese Satsuma dish, Meiji period, painted in the characteristic palette with a peacock amidst flowers, iron red nine character mark to base. 37cm

4 A large Japanese carved rootwood figure of a deity, mounted on a naturalistic root stand. 63cm

5 A Japanese carved wooden figure of a street vendor, the elderly man carrying a bundle of sticks (object lacking from his right hand), incised character mark to base; together with a Japanese carved wooden figure of a carp, signed, (damage to tail) (2) First 14cm

6 A large Indian bronze group of two deities, one Vishnu, on a stepped integral stand. Height 93cm

7 Indian School, Lovers, watecolour on ivorine, framed. Panel 18.5cm by 12cm


A Chinese porcelain bowl, probably Tongzhi period, of circular form with scalloped gilt rim above a conforming body painted with battling figures, turquoise interior and base with red seal mark; together with two smaller bowls of similar type each painted with courtly figures (both with damage to th ...[more]

9 A 19th century Imari porcelain charger, in a characteristic palette painted with flowers and symbols, bearing initials to the underside.

Diameter 35.5cm

10 A lacquer pen box, late 19th century, of Qajar type, the cover decorated with a girl in a landscape, the sides with deer, buildings and portrait vignettes (a/f). Length 22cm

11 A 19th century brass bowl of Mamluk type, decorated with cartouches of calligraphy in mixed metals. Diameter c. 11.5cm

12 A Chinese blue and white porcelain vase and cover, possibly 18th century, of slender baluster form, painted with figures and birds amidst flowering boughs, four character mark of Qing type (repaired, and losses to cover). 23cm

13 A Chinese bronze and copper seal box, of rectangular form, the cover engraved with stylised calligraphy. Height 2.75cm, width 5.5cm

14 A Chinese patinated bronze brush pot, of cylindrical form, cast in relief with pine and bamboo, impressed seal mark. 11cm by 8.75cm

15 Two Chinese painted wooden figures, one Shou Lao, on an integral wooden stand, the other a Worthy, standing with clasped hands. (2) First 23cm


16 An Oriental carved, gilt and lacquered carving of a standing figure in formal robe holding a box. 45cm

17 A Chinese tusk section ivory brush pot, Canton, 19th century, carved in relief with ladies in a mountainous landscape against a pierced ground, lacking base, mounted on a carved hardwood stand. 13cm by 10.5cm

18 A Chinese tusk section ivory brush pot, Canton, 19th century, carved in relief with dragons against a pierced ground, lacking base, mounted on a hardwood stand. 11.5cm by 10.5cm

19 A Chinese Export porcelain bowl, 19th century, enamel painted with figures and flowering boughs within bands of precious objects and floral sprigs in blue and gilt, unmarked. Diameter 23cm


A Chinese porcelain punch bowl, with European decoration in blue and gilt and bearing the inscription in Gothic lettering "May Prosperity Attend the Arethusa of Arbroath, Capt. D. Leslie" and further inscribed to the base "from your devoted Liebman and Mathiasen"

(chipped, hairlines). Diameter 28.75 ...[more]

21 A Chinese porcelain jar and cover, of baluster form, with domed cover, painted in the famille rose palette with cartouches of flowers and insects against a floral and scroll ground, unmarked. 29cm


An Anglo-Indian ivory box, c. 1900, of cylindrical form, the cover carved in relief with a flowerhead and vines, the body inlaid with roundels of Sadeli type, opening to a number of miniature bone dominoes; together with an Edwardian ivory notepad. (2) First 4cm by 5cm

23 A 19th century Tunbridgeware work box, of plain rectangular form, the cover inlaid with a mother of pearl plaque; together with a another work box, 19th century, of flattened sarcophagus form. (2) First 13cm by 27cm by 19cm (2)

24 A Yoruba, Nigeria, carved wooden female figure, with high combed coiffure, wearing a beadwork robe and necklace; together with a Juju, Nigeria, straw figure; and two fly swats with beadwork handles (4). First 26cm

25 A small group of prehistoric and later artefacts including: stone arrow heads, Persian Empire bronze arrow head, medieval nail etc;

together with stone fragments found in Nigeria 1958, fragments of Kende pots etc.

26 A bronze novelty table lighter, c. 1900, cast as the bust of a Moor, the mouth open for a taper holder, hinged cover to the head, on a stiff leaf-cast integral plinth. 21cm

27 Taxidermy: a cased trout, bearing a label "Trout 2lb 1/2 oz, Loch Leven" and bearing taxidermist's label verso, Wm. M. Ingles, North Berwick and inscribed "caught by Frank W. Turbyne, June 1931". Dimensions of case 33cm by 56cm

28 A Victorian chinoiserie decorated papier mache letter rack, gilt painted with courtly figures; together with a wall-hanging matchbox holder similarly decorated. (2) First 16cm by 17cm


An early 19th century flintlock pistol, the lockplate signed Wheeler, with walnut stock (losses), butt with brass escutcheon, ramrod (damaged), pitted barrel with proof marks; together with a walnut pistol with octagonal steel barrel (numerous losses and damage). (2) First, length of barrel 23cm

30 The National Bank of Scotland, £20 banknote, Edinburgh, 1st November 1957, serial no. A009-937, value bottom right, coat of arms bottom left, watermark top left and Forth Bridge verso.

31 The National Bank of Scotland, £20 banknote, Edinburgh, 1st November 1957, serial no. A045-074, value bottom right, coat of arms bottom left, watermark top left and Forth Bridge verso.


32 The National Bank of Scotland, £20 banknote, Edinburgh, 6th July 1942, serial no. A132-631, value top right and left, Edinburgh panorama vignette verso, inscribed in ink top centre and ink blot bottom centre verso.

33 A late 19th century Tartanware cotton reel box, of cylindrical form, the cover printed with an image of David Livingstone, manufactured by Clark & Co. of Paisley, fitted with spools. 5.5cm by 10cm

34 Dylan Bowen (British, b. 1967), Square Cut Vessel B, slip-glazed earthenware, painted signature. 14cm

35 Dylan Bowen (British, b .1967), a square cut vessel, slip-glazed earthenware, painted signature. 8.5cm

36 Dylan Bowen (British, b .1967), a square cut vessel, slip-glazed earthenware, painted signature. 12cm

37 Dylan Bowen (British, b .1967), three small square cut vessels, slip-glazed earthenware, painted signatures. Tallest 8.5cm (3)

38 A Ludwigsburg porcelain sauceboat, 18th century, double lipped and twin handled, moulded and painted with floral sprays, with blue printed mark and incised R H. (a/f) Length 23.5cm

39 A group of Indus Valley terracotta ceramics, c. 1500-2000 BC including cups and bowls painted with leaves, geometric patterns, fish etc (damage, restoration, re-painting). Largest 20cm diameter (7)

40 A Staffordshire spill vase modelled with a pair of spaniels with shredded coats; together with a pair of similar models of seated spaniels with shredded coats. Height of first 14cm

41 A Continental floral encrusted porcelain mirror, late 19th century, the oval plate within a conforming frame boldly modelled with polychrome flowerheads and with powder blue ribbon-tied surmount, formerly with easel back (losses, repairs). Height 46cm

42 Claire Murray (British, Contemporary), Red Flower Man, glazed earthenware, mounted on a stand. Height overall 25cm

43 Helen Rondell (British, b. 1972), Raku Fired Form, incised with a monogram. Height 18cm

44 A Villeroy & Boch Mettlach stoneware twin-handled vase, of shouldered ovoid form, with serpent handles, the body moulded in relief with Classical busts, impressed and incised marks (repairs). 40cm

45 An 18th/early 19th century tin glazed pottery dish, polychrome decorated with a sailing ship, with blue and yellow splash and squiggle rim, unmarked; together with a French 19th century faience plate painted with a floral spray. (2) First 29cm


A set of three Clarke's Patent Cricklite cut and pressed glass candleholders, c. 1900, each with star-cut oval base below a tapering faceted stem supporting a gilt-brass collar beneath the pressed glass holder, with shaped funnel and brass shade holder, stamped Cricklite and with moulded mark to hol ...[more]

47 A William Moorcroft shallow dish, in the Pomegranate pattern, painted signature and impressed mark. Diameter 22cm

48 A William Moorcroft pottery vase, in the Pomegranate pattern, of tapering form, painted and impressed marks. 27cm

49 A Lalique ashtray or cendrier in the Nancy pattern, frosted and clear glass, marked "Lalique France". Length 21cm

50 A Chelsea dish, c. 1760, painted in the Meissen manner with sprays of Deutsche Blumen, moulded en rocaille with c-scrolls within a brown line rim, iron red anchor mark (rim chip). 22cm


51 A salt-glazed figural whistle, modelled as a lady in a hat, an animal in her arms. Height 10.5cm

52 A Wedgwood dragon lustre vase, of slender baluster form, with a mottled blue ground, printed mark and pattern number Z4829.


53 A Villeroy & Boch Delft vase and cover, early 20th century, of faceted baluster from, painted with vignettes of flowers and birds, painted mark (damage to cover, rim chip). 22cm

54 Two Wemyss Pottery preserve jars: each of cylindrical form with domed cover, one painted with redcurrants, the other strawberries, painted mark, one with printed retailer's mark, Thomas Goode, (both crazed, the second with repaired cover and chips to body). 12.5cm

55 A set of three early 19th century pearlware plates, reticulated, each decorated with Egyptian motifs within a Greek Key band. Diameter 19cm


A Royal Worcester twin-handled vase, in blush ivory, of ovoid baluster form, painted with floral sprays and with wing and scale handles, puce printed mark for 1895, shape number 1712 (lacking cover); together with a Royal Worcester blush ivory jug, of baluster form, painted with floral sprays and wi ...[more]

57 A pair of Continental porcelain vases, 19th century, possibly Paris, of baluster form, each painted with a cartouche of a flower-filled basket against a bleu celeste ground, with gilt sea creature handles, on a square base (both with repairs). 28cm


A pair of striking German porcelain jars and covers, late 19th century, each decorated with floral swags in relief, and painted with floral sprays, the covers with figural knops of a girl and boy in 18th century costume, underglaze blue factory mark (some losses, repairs).


59 A pair of German porcelain figures, late 19th century, of a courting couple in 18th century costume, he holding a rose, both bearing a basket, on rococo scroll moulded bases, incised marks. 27cm

60 Stefan Wewerka (German, 1928-2013), A Drunken View of Edinburgh Castle, 1971, etching, signed in pencil, ed. 13/25, framed. Plate 20cm square

61 •Ian Hamilton Finlay (Scottish, 1925-2006), The Little Seamstress, with Richard Demarco c. 1970, screenprint 46cm by 59cm NOTE:

Artists Resale Right may apply

62 A set of three 19th century Stevenographs, of hunting scenes, "The First Point", "The Meet" and "Full Cry", in original period mounts and frames. Each c. 5cm by 15cm

63 •Duncan Grant (1885-1978), The Ballet, View from the Stalls, lithograph, published by Contemporary Lithographs 1939, William Weston Gallery label verso, framed. 48cm by 63cm NOTE: Artists Resale Right may apply

64 Georges de Feure (1868-1943), Le Retour du Chevalier, lithograph, signed and dated in the stone with publisher's blindstamp, published edition issued by L'Estampe Moderne, 1897, framed, with William Weston Gallery label verso. Image 32.5cm by 22.5cm

65 Bruce Onobrakpeya (Nigerian, b. 1932), Uyendjo Vibosu, signed in pencil and dated 1988, ed. 10/75, additive plastograph, framed.

27.5cm by 23cm

66 Bruce Onobrakpeya (Nigerian, b. 1932), Emerako, signed in pencil and dated 1984, ed. 5/75, deep etching (plastograph), framed. 23cm by 28cm


67 Bruce Onobrakpeya (Nigerian, b. 1932), Ohworigita, signed in pencil and dated 1984, ed. 71/75, deep etching (plastograph), framed.

23cm by 28cm

68 David McClure R.S.A., R.S.W. (Scottish, 1926-1998), Red Music Studio, lithograph, signed in pencil and dated (19)82, ed. 2/17, framed.

23cm by 30cm

69 Willie Rodger R.S.A., R.G.I. (Scottish, b. 1930), Private View, linocut, ed. 19/100, framed. 12.5cm by 12cm

70 Willie Rodger A.R.S.A, R.G.I. (Scottish, b. 1930), Folk 3, linocut, ed. 4/25, framed. 9cm square.

71 Willie Rodger A.R.S.A, R.G.I. (Scottish, b. 1930), Shit, linocut, artist's proof, framed. 7.5cm by 6cm

72 Willie Rodger A.R.S.A, R.G.I. (Scottish, b. 1930), Folk 1, linocut, ed. 4/25, framed. 9.5cm by 9.5cm

73 Willie Rodger A.R.S.A, R.G.I. (Scottish, b. 1930), Wee Heavy, linocut, ed. 62/75, framed. 10cm square


Two early 19th century hand-coloured comic etchings: John Phillips (pseudonym A. Sharpshooter), Medicinal See-Saw or A Cure for Flatulency, pub. J. Gans 1829, framed; and Isaac Cruikshank, Nicol Cabbage, The Taylor's (sic) Apprentice giving a Clyster to his Old Mistress, pub. Thomas Williamson 1804, ...[more]


•Salvador Dali (1904-1989), Le Premier Rendez-Vous (The First Meeting), engraving with drypoint in colour, signed in pencil, ed.

146/249, from La Quete du Graal, published 1975 Verlag, Paris, Open Eye Gallery label verso, framed. 39cm by 26cm NOTE: Artists Resale Right may apply


The Panorama of Europe, A New Game, hand-coloured engraving in 12 sections, laid on linen, published November 1815, J. & E.

Wallis, London and J. Wallis Jnr., Sidmouth, Devon, mounted in a rosewood frame, under glass (lacking instructions, slip case etc).

46.5cm by 61.5cm


Queen Victoria; an albumen portrait photograph by John Chancellor of Dublin showing the Queen with her three heirs, Edward Prince of Wales, George Duke of York and Prince Edward (later Edward VIII), inscribed "The 4 Generations, Victoria RI, 1899", possibly in the Queen's hand, framed, the photograp ...[more]

78 Queen Victoria: a photogravure by Annan & Sons, after a photograph by Hughes & Mullins, inscribed Victoria RI June 22nd 1897 and (1837-97). Image 22.5cm by 16.5cm

79 After H. Heath, "The Great Fight, between Broome and Hannan, for £1,000", aquatint, engraved by Hunt, framed. Visible 54cm by 66cm

80 James McNeill Whistler (American, 1834-1903), The Winged Hat, butterfly monogram within the plate, lithograph, framed. 24.5cm by 18.5cm

81 A. Kaby (French, fl. 1910-30), The Torn Dress and The Fur Muff, a pair of coloured etchings, each signed in pencil and edition of 100, framed. Plate, larger 34.5cm by 16.5cm

82 Louis Icart (French 1880-1950), The Hat Box and The Feather Hat, a pair of etchings, each signed in pencil, editions of 75, framed.

Plate 29.5cm by 13cm


WILLIAM FRIESE-GREENE (1855-1921) -- Photographic portrait of young woman, signed and dated by the photographer, 1888, in contemporary blue velvet frame (worn), glazed, internal measurements 36cm x 28.5cm; together with a smaller copy. Note Friese- Greene was a professional photographer but also a no ...[more]


84 William Lionel Wyllie R.A. (1851-1931), HMS Victory, etching, signed in pencil, mounted, unframed. Plate 28cm by 20cm

85 William Lionel Wyllie R.A. (1851-1931), HMS Orion, etching, signed in pencil, mounted, unframed. Plate 28cm by 20cm

86 William Lionel Wyllie R.A. (1851-1931), HMS Northampton, Sea Scout Training Ship in Front of St. Paul's, etching, signed in pencil, mounted, unframed. Plate 30cm by 21cm

87 Carington Bowles, Bowles's New Medium Map of Dorset Shire, engraved map with some hand colouring, published London 1785, framed. 24cm by 32.5cm

88 Anders Leonard Zorn (Swedish, 1860-1920), The Beadle and The Old Soldier, a pair of etchings, each signed in pencil, framed. Plate 16cm by 12cm and 13.75cm by 11cm (2)

89 James McBey (1883-1959), "Distant Salute", etching, signed and numbered in pencil, inscribed "20 October 1925 Venice" in the plate, old gallery label verso, framed. 18cm by 40cm

90 Norman Wilkinson, (1878-1971), Leaping Salmon, etching, signed in pencil, framed. 22.5cm by 30cm

91 Eileen Soper,R.M.S., S.W.L.A. (1905-90), Sea Urchins, etching, artist's proof, signed in pencil, framed. 14.75cm by 20cm


Antonio de Simone (Naples, fl. 1860-1900), The Steam Yacht Nahma, inscribed lower left and indistinctly signed lower right, bodycolour on paper, framed. 37cm by 57cm. Note: The Nahma was commissioned by the American Gilded Age millionaire and yachtsman Robert Goelet. It was built by the Clydebank En ...[more]

93 James Miller R.S.A., R.S.W. (Scottish, 1893-1987), A Continental Harbour, signed lower right, watercolour, framed. 30.5cm by 45.5cm

94 James Miller R.S.A., R.S.W. (Scottish, 1893-1987), Santa Maria de Guadalupe, signed and inscribed in pencil, watercolour, framed.

43cm by 55cm

95 James Miller R.S.A., R.S.W. (Scottish, 1893-1987), A French Street, signed lower left, watercolour, framed. 28cm by 38cm

96 James Miller R.S.A., R.S.W. (Scottish, 1893-1987), A Venetian Backwater, watercolour, framed. 32cm by 43cm

97 James Miller R.S.A., R.S.W. (Scottish, 1893-1987), Murano, Venice, signed lower right, watercolour, framed. 23cm by 37cm

98 James Miller R.S.A., R.S.W. (Scottish, 1893-1987), Canal Scene, Venice, signed lower right, watercolour, framed. 39cm by 54cm

99 James Miller R.S.A., R.S.W. (Scottish, 1893-1987), San Trovaso, Venice, signed lower left, watercolour, framed. 38cm by 55cm

100 20th Century School, "Love Birds", indistinctly signed, oil on canvas, framed. 49cm square

101 Cherylene Dyer (Contemporary), Hidden Tryptic, signed, oil on canvas, framed. Each 10cm by 7.5cm

102 Davy Brown (Scottish, b. 1950), The Yellow Teapot, signed lower left, oil on board, framed. 38cm square

103 W.D. Lyell (British, fl. 1900), A View of Constantinople, signed lower right and dated 1909, titled lower left, watercolour, in a good gilt- composition frame. 26cm by 49cm


104 Lena Robb (Scottish, 1891-1980), Still Life of White Roses, signed lower left, oil on board, framed. 34cm by 23cm

105 Donald Paton (British, 1879-1949), Loch Achray and Ben Venue, signed lower right, watercolour, framed. 24cm by 35cm

106 English School, c. 1840, Portraits of a Lady and Gentleman, a pair of oils, she in a lace cap, he a colourful waistcoat, oil on canvas framed. Each 32cm by 24cm

107 Peter Knox (British, b. 1942), Beached Ships at Sunset, signed oil on canvas, unframed. 75cm by 92cm.

108 Georg Eisler (Austrian, 1928-1998), Reclining Nude, signed and dated 7.III.'82, crayon on paper, framed. 65cm by 47cm

109 Edward Gage M.B.E., R.S.W., P.S.S.A. (Scottish, 1925-2000), Hansom Cab, pen and ink, Open Eye Gallery label verso, framed. 15cm by 19cm

110 •Hatti Pattisson (Scottish, Contemporary), Summer Landscape, signed lower right, framed. 55cm by 80cm NOTE: Artists Resale Right may apply

111 •Diana Hope (Scottish, Contemporary), The Doll's House Chair, acrylic on board, Open Eye Gallery label verso, framed. 90cm by 90cm NOTE: Artist Resale Right may apply


Sir Joseph Noel Paton R.S.A., F.S.S.A. (Scottish, 1821-1901), At Prayer, pen and ink, signed with a monogram and dated 1888, bearing presentation inscription "To Dr Cameron Lees with all friendly regards, Noel Paton, Nov. 1888", framed. 18.5cm by 27.5cm Note:

Cameron Lees was a prominent Scots churc ...[more]

113 Attributed to Sir William Fettes Douglas P.R.S.A. (Scottish, 1822-1891), John Knox and other Figures, pen and ink, signed with a monogram, framed. 14cm by 19cm

114 Duncan Cameron (Scottish 1837-1916), Coastal Cottages at Sunset, signed lower left, oil on canvas, in a gilt-composition frame. 29cm by 44cm

115 Duncan Cameron (Scottish 1837-1916), A Harbour at Sunrise, signed lower left, oil on canvas, in a gilt-composition frame. 29cm by 44cm

116 19th Century School, Portrait of a Young Girl with a Rose in her Hair, reverse painting on glass, oval, within a gilt-composition frame.

41cm by 32cm

117 •Sir Osbert Lancaster (1908-1986), Lamp on a Tripod Table, conte crayon and ink on paper, framed. 56cm by 35cm NOTE: Artist Resale Right may apply

118 •Sir Osbert Lancaster (1908-1986), Bergere Chair with Umbrella, conte crayon and ink on paper, framed. 48cm by 52cm. NOTE: Artist Resale Right may apply

119 •Sir Osbert Lancaster (1908-1986), Classical Statue in a Landscaped Park, conte crayon and ink, framed. 110cm by 54cm NOTE: Artist Resale Right may apply

120 •Sir Osbert Lancaster (1908-1986), The Hunt, conte crayon and ink, framed. 34cm by 47cm NOTE: Artists Resale Right may apply


121 Alfred Theodor Olsen (Danish, 1854-1932), A Calm Sea, signed lower right, oil on canvas, in a good gilt-composition frame. 37cm by 69cm

122 Pamela Thalben-Ball (British/Australian 1927-2012), A Scottish Loch, signed lower right, oil on canvas, gallery label verso, framed.

39cm by 49cm

123 Henry John Dobson R.S.W. (Scottish 1858-1928), "Spinning", signed lower right, watercolour, bearing original gallery label verso, Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Water Colours with title and attribution, in a gilt-composition frame. 59cm by 49cm

124 English School, c. 1820, a portrait miniature of a gentleman in a blue coat, oval, watercolour on card, in a conforming brass frame;

together with a smaller portrait miniature of a gentleman, c. 1830, oval, in a brass frame. (2) First 72mm by 61mm

125 John Falconer Slater (1857-1937), A Stormy Seascape, signed lower right, oil on canvas, framed. 60cm by 90cm

126 Arthur Perigal R.S.A., R.S.W. (British, 1816-1884), Two Views of Rome, each signed, dated 1872 and 1873, watercolour, mounted on board, unframed. 18.5cm by 13cm and 11cm by 19cm. (2)


19th Century School, an unusual pair of oils relating to Irish Emigration, one with a ragged figure gazing at a "Shamrock Lines" passage to New York poster, the other depicting the same figure, prosperously dressed gazing at a poster advertising passage back to Dublin, oil on canvas, framed. (2) Eac ...[more]

128 John McLeod (Scottish, 19th Century), The Rat Catchers, signed lower right and dated 1856, oil on panel, in a gilt-composition frame.

41cm by 54cm

129 James Watterston Herald (Scottish, 1859-1914), Feeding the Chickens, signed lower left, pastel, framed. 67cm by 55cm

130 James Watterston Herald (Scottish, 1859-1914), Leaving the Church, signed lower right, watercolour, framed. 54cm by 44cm

131 James Watterston Herald (Scottish, 1859-1914), Mother and Child Feeding the Chickens, signed lower left, pastel, framed. 69cm by 49cm

132 Norman Wilkinson P.R.W.S., R.I. (1878-1971), The Needles, signed lower right, oil on board, Tryon Gallery label verso, framed. 29cm by 38cm

133 Harold Wyllie R.S.M.A. (British 1880-1975), HMS Victory, signed lower left, watercolour, framed, exhibition label verso. 30cm by 35cm

134 Harold Wyllie R.S.M.A. (British 1880-1975), The Frigate Constitution, signed lower left, watercolour, framed, exhibition label verso. 30cm by 35cm

135 Harold Wyllie R.S.M.A. (British 1880-1975), The Frigate Constitution, signed lower left, watercolour, framed, label verso. 33.5cm by 28.5cm

136 Archibald Kay R.S.A., R.S.W. (Scottish, 1860-1935), Cattle Watering in a Woodland Landscape, signed lower right, oil on canvas, framed. 61cm by 75cm

137 Robert Condie Hardie (Scottish, 1898-1981), Lochan on the Way to Glencoe, signed lower right, watercolour, framed. 25cm by 33.5cm

138 Giusto Viti (Italian, fl. 1900), Bust of a Young Child, modelled looking down, on an integral rectangular plinth, signed, marble. Height overall 32.5cm


139 A pair of 19th century patinated bronze figures emblematic of Seasons, one carrying a wine jug the other with a basket of fruit at her feet, each on a marble base. 28.5cm

140 A late 19th century silver-plated and cut-glass scent bottle chatelaine, modelled as a quiver of arrows, with suspension chain and belt loop. Scent bottle 12.5cm

141 A cased set of four late Victorian silver salts, Jonathan Wilson Hukin and John Thomas Heath, London 1884, each of basket form, with part twisted handle, and with original spoons, egraved with crests and monograms. Total 5.6 troy ounces

142 A George V cased silver sugar and cream, Hukin & Heath, Birmingham 1933, each of faceted oval form, on a stepped foot, in a fitted Hamilton & Inches case. 12.2 troy ounces

143 A late Victorian Scottish silver tea caddy, Hamilton & Inches, Edinburgh 1895, in the Rococo taste, of bombe form, the cover with bands of gadrooning, on scroll cast feet, engraved with a crest. 11.25cm, 7.7 troy ounces

144 A late Victorian silver three piece tea service, Thomas Bradbury & Sons, London 1894, in the Regency taste, each piece of oval bellied form, chased with a band of half gadrooning, engraved with a monogram. 40 troy ounces

145 A George V lady's vanity case, by Mappin & Webb, the (partially) fitted interior with a variety of silver mounted brushes, hand mirror, scent bottle, dressing table jar etc, hallmarked for London 1916, each piece monogrammed J.K.R.

146 An Edward VIII lady's vanity case, by Mappin & Webb, the (partially) fitted interior with silver and engine-turned green enamel hand mirror, brushes, jars and bottles, hallmarked for Birmingham 1936.

147 A 19th century silver-plated card case, with scalloped rim, engine turned bands and engraved with a monogram. 9.75cm by 6.75cm

148 Three silver vesta cases: the first with foliate engraving hallmarked for Birmingham 1907; the second, larger, similarly decorated, marked for Birmingham 1923; the third George Unite, Birmingham 1895. (3) Largest 50mm by 38mm

149 Three silver vesta cases: the first with foliate engraving, Birmingham 1899; the second, smaller, Birmingham 1908; the third, modern, chased with the figure of a golfer and stamped "Sterling". (3) First 45mm by 33mm

150 Two Victorian silver vesta cases, the first, with diagonal bands of chased foliage, hallmarked for Birmingham 1885; the second, with twin reeded bands, marked for Birmingham 1886. (2)

151 A silver cigar cutter, Birmingham 1962, with engine turned decoration; together with a similarly decorated silver pill box, Birmingham 1966. (2)

152 A George V silver card case, Mappin & Webb, Birmingham 1924, with engine turned decoration and gilt interior; together with a George V silver card case, Birmingham 1913, engraved with foliate scrolls and a monogram. (2)


A handsome silver-plated dome top stationery box, c. 1900, retailed by Asprey, of casket form, decorated in the Anglo-Indian taste, with silk lined (distressed) fitted interior, marked Asprey & Son, 166 Bond Street; together with a silver-plated blotter en suite. (2) Stationery box 17cm by 22cm by ...[more]

154 A silver salver, A.E. Jones, Birmingham 1969, in the Georgian taste, of circular form with piecrust rim, raised on ball and claw feet and bearing presentation inscription. 30.5cm diameter, 24 troy ounces

155 withdrawn



A matched set of three 1930's silver and blue enamel boxes, the largest, a jewellery box, of circular form, the royal blue engine turned enamel cover mounted with the crown of the Merchant Marine, marked for Birmingham 1938; together with a compact and pill box, en suite, marked for Birmingham 1932. ...[more]

157 Asprey & Co., a silver-plated cocktail shaker, in the Art Deco taste, stamped marks. Height 30cm

158 A pair of Scottish Provincial silver basting spoons, William Ferguson, Elgin, c. 1830, Old English pattern, each with pointed bowl, not engraved. 9.6 troy ounces

159 A Scottish Provincial silver soup ladle, Charles Jamieson, Inverness, c. 1800, Old English pattern. 6.3 troy ounces


An unusual group of four Victorian Scottish silver agricultural medals, oval and circular, from the Edinburgh Christmas Cattle Markets, 1859, 1860 and 1861, two with ropetwist mounts and suspension loops, two with leaf and scroll cast mounts and suspension loops, Edinburgh marks and makers, dates in ...[more]

161 An 18th century silver cream jug, of baluster form, raised on shaped pad feet, with later 19th century engraved decoration, marks rubbed. Length across handle 12cm, 5.4 troy ounces


Two pairs of Chinese Export silver bud vases, early 20th century, Wang Hing, each cylindrical and raised on three paw feet, one pair chased with prunus against a stippled ground, the other pierced and engraved with dragons amidst clouds, stamped marks including

"90". Height 11.25cm

163 A group of Chinese Export silver by Wang Hing comprising: two pairs of cauldron salts, one chased with bamboo, the other in relief with dragons; and a small cylindrical box and cover, chased with bamboo (5). Total weight 6 troy ounces

164 A Chinese Export silver bowl, early 20th century, of circular form, elaborately pierced with flowerheads and leaves, stamped marks including "90". Diameter 16.5cm, 10.3 troy ounces

165 A Russian silver vodka cup or measure, late 19th century, engraved with cartouches of buildings and leaves, stamped marks including

"84" and dated 1895; together with a George V silver model of a 17th century armchair, marked for Birmingham 1910. (2)

166 A pair of George V silver-topped scent bottles, hallmarked for London 1933, of globular form, with star-cut bases. 11cm


A George V silver flatware service, twelve place settings, Robinson & Co., Sheffield 1934, Old English pattern comprising: twelve table forks, twelve dessert forks a pair of sauce ladles, four table spoons, twelve soup spoons and twelve dessert spoons, each piece engraved with the initial "B", in th ...[more]

168 A cased set of six George V silver pistol-handled fruit knives and forks, Sheffield 1910, in their original fitted case.


A striking Victorian diamond and seed pearl-set gold locket brooch, of shaped oval form, centred by an old rose-cut diamond within a band of seed pearls, centering pierced scrollwork against an amethyst glass or enamel ground with foil backing, the border cast with scrolls, glazed locket reverse. Wi ...[more]

170 A sapphire and diamond cluster ring, the central sapphire within a band of small round brilliants, on an 18ct yellow gold band.

171 A ruby and diamond ring, early 20th century, the central cushion cut ruby flanked by a pair of oval cut rubies spaced by pairs of round brilliant-cut diamonds, on an 18ct yellow gold band.


172 A ruby and diamond ring, early 20th century, centred by an oval cut ruby flanked by a pair of round-cut rubies spaced by pairs of round brilliant cut diamonds (one lacking), in a pierced scrolling mount, in 18ct yellow gold.

173 A diamond and sapphire cluster ring, the central round brilliant-cut diamond claw-set above a square plaque of four diamonds and four sapphires, on split shoulders and an 18ct yellow gold band.

174 A coral brooch, c. 1900, carved as a single rose bloom, on a 9ct gold mount, with safety pin. Diameter 25mm


A Victorian mourning brooch in the Etruscan taste, of circular form, the central black glass panel centred by four seed pearls in a quatrefoil setting, within an engraved band decorated with white enamel, glazed locket reverse, in (unmarked) yellow gold, with safety chain. Diameter 36mm

176 A Victorian purple garnet brooch, c. 1850, of three lobed form, modelled as leaves and berries and set with four oval cut stones, suspending an oval drop, centred by a further oval cut purple garnet, unmarked. Length 68mm


A diamond, seed pearl and coloured stone brooch, possibly a demantoid garnet, early 19th century, centred by a shaped stone, millegrain set, mounted with rays each with a diamond terminal, four with half seed pearls, mounted in silver and (unmarked) yellow gold, with safety chain. Width 33mm

178 Two red amber faceted bead single strand necklaces, each of graduated oval beads. Longer 49cm, total gross weight 78.5 grams

179 An early Victorian gold (unmarked) and black enamel mourning brooch pendant, oval, centred by a decoratively arranged hair locket, within scrollwork , brooch and pendant fitting, with safety chain. 55mm

180 A 19th century seed pearl and enamel mourning ring, the five half seed pearls in a stepped, graduated setting framed by black enamel, in (unmarked) gold.


A group of brooches comprising: an early 20th century sapphire and diamond bar brooch, centred by a round-cut sapphire flanked by a pair of small brilliant-cut diamonds, each in millegrain setting, the bar stamped 15ct; a 9ct gold bar brooch, set with rubies and seed pearls; and a small bug brooch s ...[more]

182 A Nigerian yellow metal (unmarked) fringe necklace, the chain composed of circular plaques, suspending wirework roundels and quatrefoil stylised flowerheads. Length 42cm, 18 grams

183 A Nigerian yellow metal (unmarked) fancy link chain necklace, composed of pierced spheres on an oval ball clasp. Length 36.5cm, 7.3 grams

184 A George IV enamelled crown, mounted as a brooch; together with a Victorian enamelled half crown, similarly mounted. (2)

185 A small early Victorian yellow metal mourning brooch, of rectangular form, centred by a glazed hair locket, within a border chased with flowerheads, pin and safety chain. Width 26mm

186 A Chinese silver-mounted jadeite plaque brooch, early 20th century, the plaque carved with fruit within a frame decorated with wirework scrolls and stamped "SILVER". Width 43mm

187 An Austro-Hungarian garnet brooch, late 19th century, of domed flowerhead form, set with stones of varying cuts, with safety chain.

Diameter 38mm


188 A Victorian gold (unmarked) locket, of oval form, the cover with raised panel centred by a sapphire surrounded by seed pearls in a star- cluster formation, glazed interior, on a 9ct gold chain with barrel clasp. Locket (excluding bale) 35mm by 28mm, gross weight 20 grams

189 Two 19th century stick pins: the first formed as a horseshoe, set with alternating rubies and diamonds; the second of garnets in an oval arrangement. (2) First overall 75mm

190 A 9ct gold charm bracelet, the curblink chain suspending a cased enamelled half sovereign, cross and Bergen city plaque, on a heart padlock clasp. 39.6 grams

191 A Nigerian yellow metal (unmarked) bracelet, composed of linked oval panels, each decorated with a symbol in relief. Length 19cm, 15 grams

192 A Georg Jensen modernist silver brooch, 1960's, of triangular form, design no. 341, import marks for London 1964. Diameter 40mm

193 A pair of Georg Jensen silver "butterfly" earrings, of modernist design, c. 1960, with post and screw fittings, marks including design number 116A. Length 17mm

194 A Georg Jensen silver ring, of modernist design, by Henning Koppel, stamped marks including design number 89.

195 A 9ct gold and enamel civic brooch, centred by an enamel shield depicting the arms of Motherwell, within a thistle-cast surround and with St. Andrew's cross surmount. 43mm, 15.5 grams gross

196 A three stone diamond ring, the graduated round brilliants claw-set on a white metal band, unmarked, possibly platinum. Central stone approximately 1 carat.

197 A portrait miniature of a young girl, c. 1900, oval, watercolour on ivory, in a yellow metal mount stamped "15" set with seed pearls, with suspension loop. 5.5cm by 4.5cm

198 A single strand cherry amber bead necklace, the graduated oval beads on a white metal barrel clasp. Largest bead c. 30mm by 20mm, gross weight 77 grams

199 A pair of cherry amber drop earrings, each spherical bead suspended from a white metal chain, fish hook fittings. Approximate diameter of bead 16mm, gross weight 4 grams

200 An Italian micro mosaic brooch, 19th century, depicting St. Peter's Rome, oval, within a black glass rectangular plaque, mounted in yellow metal. 40mm by 48mm

201 A 19th century cross pendant, in powder blue glass, within a beaded border, mounted in yellow metal. Length including bale 68mm

202 A late Victorian five stone diamond ring, the graduated stones "gypsy"-set in a tapering 18ct yellow gold band.

203 A yellow metal "belt and buckle" bangle, hinged, with safety chain, unmarked, cased. Diameter 64mm, 12 grams

204 Two yellow metal bar brooches, late 19th century, one with a horseshoe, inscribed "Remembrance", the other with a heart, engraved with initials, unmarked. First, length 53mm, total 4 grams (2)

205 A pair of cultured pearl and diamond stud earrings, each circular pearl surmounted by a round brilliant-cut diamond point, mounted in 18ct yellow gold, post and butterfly fittings. Diameter of pearl 7mm


206 A pair of 18ct gold gentleman's chainlink cufflinks, of shaped shield form, linking to a torpedo bar, engraved with a monogram. 4.4 grams

207 Two pairs of gentleman's yellow metal chainlink cufflinks, each of shaped shield form, linked to a dumbbell bar, engraved with a monogram. Total 9 grams

208 A cased table top Clavinova. Length 113cm

209 A Longines gentleman's yellow metal wristwatch, c. 1960, the circular dial with Arabic and baton numerals, with subsidiary seconds dial, presentation engraving verso, on a leather strap. Diameter 34mm

210 A gilt-brass skeleton clock, in 19th century style, the cream enamel chapter ring signed Charles Voisin, Paris and with Arabic numerals, with spring-driven fusee movement, raised on six columns and mounted on a circular marble plinth (lacking glass dome). Overall 56cm

211 A gilt-brass mounted rouge marble mantel clock, late 19th century, of architectural form, the gilt dial with Arabic numerals, eight day movement striking on a gong, with pendulum. 29cm

212 A late 19th/early 20th century cello, possibly German, with two piece back, bearing paper label "Antonius Stradiuarius faciebat...1726", with bow, in a fitted hard case. Length of back 77.5cm

213 A George III mahogany stick barometer, early 19th century, the concave moulded crest over a bowed glass enclosing a silvered dial, the attractively figured bowed trunk with ebonised stringing over an urn form cistern cover. Length 96cm


A Scottish mahogany cased longcase clock, James Cuthbert Perth, early 19th century, the brass dial with Roman numerals within shell and scroll spandrels under an arch inset with a portrait engraving, and with date aperture and subsidiary seconds dial, within a conforming hood, the door flanked by co ...[more]

215 A rosewood triple hourglass timer, the three glasses within turned baluster spindles, inset to top and bottom with a ceramic roundel.



A late 19th century gilt-metal mounted oak bracket clock, the dome-top case enclosing a conforming gilt dial with silvered chapter ring, Roman numerals, foliate spandrels, fitted with slow/fast and silent/chime subsidiary dials in the arch, the movement by Winterhalter &

Hoffmeyer, eight day movemen ...[more]

217 Negretti & Zambra, an oak cased barograph, the bevelled glass cover enclosing a mechanism bearing maker's label and inscribed

"R/41158, Baro 28/31...range thermo 0/120 F...", the case fitted to the base with a drawer. 22.5cm by 37cm by 23cm


COIN & COINAGE -- VAUGHAN, Rice. A Discourse of Coin and Coinage: The First Invention, Use, Matter, Forms, Proportions and Differences, ancient & modern: with the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Rise or Fall thereof, in our own or Neighbouring Nations:

and the Reasons. Together with a Short Acco ...[more]


MEDICAL INTEREST - Searle, Karl and Dr. E.F. Von Graefe. Ueber die Nature, die Urfadyen und die Behandlung der Cholera, Berlin, Berlegt bei Dunder und Humblot, 1831, 8vo, ink library stamp to title page "Lesezirkel, Dar Es Salem", browned and spotted throughout, re-bound in later quarter cloth board ...[more]


HISTORICAL AMERICAN INDIAN PRESS - Historical and Statistical Information, Respecting the History, Condition and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States: Collected and Prepared Under the Direction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs...By Henry R.

Schoolcraft, Illustrated by S. Eastman, Capt. ...[more]



SCOTT, Walter. Marmion; A Tale of Flodden Field, Edinburgh, Ballantyne, Constable, Miller and Murray, 1808, FIRST EDITION, browned throughout, some spotting, contemporary blue morocco, gilt, spine re-backed with cloth with original spine laid down, corners bumped, extremities rubbed; together with a ...[more]

222 HEMINGWAY, Ernest. The Old Man & The Sea, London, Jonathan Cape, 1952, FIRST EDITION, lightly browned throughout, original pictorial cloth, some marginal fading, spine faded.


OLIVER & BOYD (Publisher's) A Historical Account of His Majesty's Visit to Scotland, Edinburgh, Oliver & Boyd, 1822, five engraved folding plates, spotting and browning throughout, end-papers replaced, contemporary marble boards re-backed in modern green cloth with paper spine label; together with t ...[more]


SHERATON, Thomas. The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book, The Third Edition, Revised, a facsimile reprint of the 1802 third edition, Towse Publishing Co., NY, 1946 [Complied and Edited by N.I. Bienenstock], biography of Sheraton by Walter Rendell Storey, frontispiece, plates and illustrati ...[more]


SCOTTISH NATIONAL MEMORIALS - MACLEHOSE, James and Sons(Publishers to the University), Glasgow, 1890, lge. 8vo, chromolithographic frontispiece, photographic plates, illustrations, lightly browned throughout, spotting to fore-edge, original cloth, gilt, extremitites rubbed, corners bumped, spine gil ...[more]


ROYAL INTEREST -- LANG, Andrew. Prince Charles Edward, Goupil & Co., London, Paris, New York, Edinburgh, 1900, LIMITED EDITION 1259 of 1500 copies on fine paper, large 4to., colour frontispiece, plates and illustrations, some spotting and browning, contemporary half green morocco, gilt, inner hinge ...[more]


BATEMAN, Henry Mayo. Colonels, London, Methuen & Co. Ltd., [1925], colour frontispiece, plates and illustrations, light browning and spotting throughout, original pictorial boards, some soiling, extremities rubbed; together with a quantity of other illustrated books and comics including Buster Brown ...[more]


SCOTTISH INTEREST - JAMIESON, John. An Etymological Dictionary of The Scottish Language, Paisley, Alexander Gardner, 1879, large 4to, 4 vols., lightly browned throughout, occasional spotting, contemporary cloth, corners bumped, extremities rubbed; and a quantity of other books mainly relating to Sco ...[more]


THE FOLIO SOCIETY -- A collection of sixteen works published by The Folio Society, including Rudyard Kipling Seleted Poems (2004), The Raj (1999), Patrick Leigh Fermor, A Time of Gifts (1999), Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales (1998), The Best After-Dinner Stories (2003), Hilaire Belloc, Cautio ...[more]


[BALL, Charles], The History of the Indian Mutiny. Giving a Detailed Account of the Sepoy Insurrection in India, London, London Printing and Publishing Company, [1875-1900], 7 vols., 4to, engraved title pages, portraits, plates and two double-page maps of India hand- coloured in outline, browning and ...[more]


FYFE, Andrew. A Compendium of the Anatomy of the Human Body. Intended Principally for the Use of Students, Edinburgh, J. Pillans &

Sons, 1807, 3 vols., 8vo., thirty-four engraved plates (three hand-coloured), two folding (one hand-coloured), lightly browned throughout, some light soiling, some plate ...[more]


McMURTRIE, Mary. Wild Flowers of Scotland, Heritage Press (Scotland), Towie Barclay Castle, 1982, LIMITED EDITION, number 26 of 450 copies, signed by the artist, papermaker, binder and printer on the title page, coloured plates and illustrations, pictorial endpapers, original publisher's quarter bro ...[more]


THE FOLIO SOCIETY -- WAUGH, Evelyn. Black Mischief (1980), Scoop (1982) and The Loved One (1993); together with

approximately 84 other fiction volumes, authors include Thackeray, Huxley, Kipling, Graves, Hemingway, Chekhov, Orwell, Sassoon, Maupassant, Saki, Stevenson, Eliot, Woolf, Zola, Conrad, Be ...[more]


234 THE FOLIO SOCIETY -- Lawrence, D.H. The Rainbow (1981) and Woman in Love (1982); together with approximately 29 other volumes of fiction, authors include Trollope, the Bronte Sisters, Conan Doyle, Hardy, Dickens, Fitzgerald and Austen (a lot)


THE FOLIO SOCIETY -- Three boxed sets including Daphne Du Maurier, Four Cornish Novels (My Cousin Rachel, Frenchman's Creek, Rebecca, Jamaica Inn) 1991; E.F. Benson, The Mapp and Lucia Novels (Queen Lucia, Miss Mapp, Lucia in London, Mapp and Lucia, Lucia's Progress, Trouble for Lucia), 1994; Wilkie ...[more]

236 THE FOLIO SOCIETY -- A quantity of approximately 54 non-fiction books, subjects include, History, Art Reference, Music and Biography (a lot)


GUERIN and SCHWARTZ (French early 19thc, Publishers) -- Vues et Description du Jardin des Tuileries (1812); Vues et Description du Palais-Royal (1813); Vues et Description du Jardin des Plantes (1813), 3 vols., Paris, Guerin, Schwartz, Le Normant (printer), oblong 4to., engraved title page and four ...[more]


PALESTINE - ASSHETON, J.T., An Historical Map of Palestine or the Holy Land, Drawn by J.T. Assheton, London, Published by Samuel Leigh. Strand. Engraved by Sidney Hall, Bury Street, Bloomsbury, 1820, outline colouring, dissected and laid on linen, as issued, illustrated with vignettes of biblical ev ...[more]


BELLEW (Captain [Francis John] 1799-1867). Views in India, London, Published by the Author, 1833, 4to, lithographed title vignette, list of Subscribers, five lithograph plates after Capt. Bellew on stone by W. Purser and printed by C. Hullmandel, damp-staining to bottom right, sometimes affecting im ...[more]


SHEPHERD, Thomas Hosmer. -- London and its Environs in the Nineteenth Century, Illustrated by a Series of Views from Original Drawings by Thomas H. Shepherd. With Historical, Topographical and Critical Notices. Series the First, Comprising the Earlier Edifices, Antiquities &c., [published by Jones & ...[more]

241 Sandeman Vintage Port 1977, Silver Jubilee stencil, bottled 1979, 75cl


A group of cognacs comprising: Hine Signature Petit Champagne, 70cl, boxed; Courvoisier Here's to Now, 70cl, boxed; Martell Tricentenaire 1715-2015, 70cl, boxed; Martell V.S., 70cl, boxed; Martell 2000 V.S.O.P., boxed, 70cl, boxed; and Courvoisier Luxe Cognac, 1 litre, unboxed. (6)

243 A group of liqueurs comprising: two bottles of Cointreau, 70cl; Grand Marnier Cordon Jaune, 70cl; Drambuie, 70cl; Wenneker Apricot Brandy, 50cl; together with a bottle of vintage port. (6)

244 Chateau Gazin Pomerol 1980, 75cl, five bottles (5)

245 Port: Fonseca Bin 27, magnum (150cl), cased; together with Grahams Late Bottled, 210cl, cased. (2)

246 Port: Cockburn 1955, 75cl, lacking original label; Delaforce Sons & Co. Finest Vintage Port 1975, 75cl; Fonseca 1963 75cl; and Croft Distinction bottled 1976, magnum (150cl), cased. (4)

247 A group of Bordeaux and other red wines including Chateau Gruaud Larose 1983, 75cl, two bottles; Chateau Beychevelle St.-Julien 1980, 75cl, one bottle; and five further assorted bottles, 75cl. (8)

248 A case of Chateau Grand Puy Ducasse Pauillac, Medoc, 75cl (12)

249 A case of Chateau La Croix St. George's Pomerol 1983, 75cl (12)


250 A case of Chateau Haut Cadet Grand Cru, Saint Emilion 1981, 75cl (12)

251 A case of Chateau Castera Cru Bourgeois Medoc 1983, 75cl (12)

252 A case of Chateau Malescot St. Exupery Margaux, 1980, 75cl (12)

253 A case of Chateau Chasse Spleen Moulis Cru Exceptionnel 1981, 75cl (12)

254 A case of Chateau Les Ormes de Pez, St. Estephe Medoc, 1982, 75cl (12)

255 A case of Chateau Cissac Medoc 1981, 75cl (12)

256 A case of Chateau Batailley Grand Cru Chasse Pauillac 1985, 75cl (12)

257 A case of Chateau Montgrand Milon Pauillac, 75cl (12)

258 A case of Chateau Haut Cadet Grand Cru, Saint Emilion 1981, 75cl (12)

259 A case of Chateau Cantenac Brown, Grand Cru Class 1981, 75cl (12)

260 A case of Chateau Mouton Baron Philippe 1971, 75cl (12)

261 A case of Chateau Fombrauge Grand Cru, St. Emilion 1982, 75cl (12)

262 A case of Chateau Chasse Spleen Moulis Cru Exceptionnel 1981, 75cl (12)

263 A case of Chateau D'Angludet Margaux Cantenac 1988, 75cl (12)

264 A case of Chateau Montrose Saint-Estpehe 1983, 75cl (12)

265 A case of Chateau Fombrauge Grand Cru, St. Emilion, 1983, 75cl (12)

266 A large ebonised artist's easel, c. 1900, with adjustable top bar and deep base shelf, on a trestle base. Height 185cm

267 A sandstone staddle stone, of characteristic form. 54cm by 44cm diameter

268 A sandstone staddle stone, of characteristic form 57cm by 53cm diameter


A Chinese lacquered and painted elm marriage cabinet, fitted with a pair of doors decorated with figures and pavilions in a mountainous landscape against a red ground, within a frame decorated with butterflies and scrolls, the interior with a covered well. 175cm by 105cm by 50cm

270 An oak child's armchair in the Chippendale taste, c. 1900, with yoke crest rail and pierced splat, drop in seat flanked by outscrolled arms, on square section legs.


271 A set of seven Victorian oak dining chairs, each with tablet crest, stuffed over seat and raised on turned baluster legs.

272 A pair of late 19th/early 20th century granite curling stones, with metal-mounted turned wooden handles.


A late Victorian oak dining suite, comprising: a wind-out dining table, the rectangular top with cut-off corners, raised on ring-turned tapering legs moving on castors, with three leaves: a set of twelve dining chairs, each with scroll carved crest rail, stuffed over seat and raised on turned reeded ...[more]

274 A Victorian tripod table with chequerboard top (heavily smoke damaged), circular, above a fret-carved apron (losses), on a Gothic carved baluster standard over four hipped downswept legs. 75cm by 51cm


A mid-Victorian inlaid walnut, marble-topped, mirror-backed credenza, the arched mirror plate beneath a leaf and scroll carved surmount above a bowed marble top, the conforming case fitted to the centre with a glazed door flanked by paired, turned columns, between bowed fielded panel doors, on a pl ...[more]

276 An Edwardian inlaid rosewood foldover card table, the rectangular swivelling top above a scroll carved frieze, raised on square section tapering legs terminating in castors. 73cm by 91cm by 44cm (closed).

277 An 18th century oak gateleg dining table, with twin leaves, fitted with two frieze drawers, raised on slender columnar legs and blocks joined by stretchers. 72cm by 100cm by 119cm (open).

278 A set of eight Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs, each with scroll carved backsplat, raised on reeded legs terminating in castors. (8)

279 A George III mahogany corner washstand, of bowed form, fitted with a frieze drawer. 81cm by 60cm by 42cm

280 A Victorian marble-inset mahogany cylinder pot or bedside cupboard, of characteristic form, with a single door. 80cm by 35cm diameter

281 A mid-Victorian mahogany circular breakfast table, the top with moulded edge above a plain frieze, raised on a boldly turned baluster standard, over leaf-carved hipped downswept legs with scroll feet. 72cm by 130cm diameter

282 A George III style mahogany pot cupboard, in the Adam Revival taste, the tray top above a pair of doors carved in relief with paterae and swags, on chamfered legs. 81cm by 51cm by 46cm


An Edwardian mahogany partial bedroom suite, in the Adam Revival taste, comprising: a compactum wardrobe, the doors and drawer fronts elaborately carved in relief with ram's heads, urns, ribbon-tied swags and putti; together with a marble topped chest of drawers, similarly decorated. (2) Wardrobe 20 ...[more]

284 A small Edwardian marble topped mahogany washstand in the Adam Revival taste, the galleried top above a dummy frieze drawer, raised on square section tapering legs terminating in spade feet. 86cm by 54cm by 53cm

285 An early 20th century painted wooden rocking horse, possibly F.H. Ayres, dappled, with glass eyes, saddle, stirrups and reins, on a baluster turned trestle base. Height 100cm, length 110cm

286 A William IV rosewood occasional table, the (faded) rectangular top above a moulded frieze, raised on a slender baluster standard, part reeded, over a shaped platform base on flattened bun feet. 74cm by 69cm by 54cm

287 A large French fruitwood and painted kitchen table, by Chalon, the four plank top raised on blue painted square section tapering legs, comfortably seating twelve, maker's label. Height 77cm, length 315cm, width 109cm


288 A large satinwood-inlaid mahogany toilet mirror, in the George III taste, early 20th century, the bevelled mirror plate within a conforming frame between urn-topped uprights, on a platform base fitted with two drawers and raised on ogee bracket feet. 80.5cm by 64cm


A Scottish pine kitchen dresser, mid-19th century, the superstructure with fret carved crest above a row of drawers supported on turned uprights, the base with three frieze drawers above further drawers flanked by cupboard doors, raised on ball feet. 162cm by 127cm by 49cm

290 Jacques of London, a lawn croquet set, new, in a fitted oak case, complete with mallets, hoops, leather measuring tape etc.

291 A parcel-gilt walnut high-back side chair in early 18th century style, with scroll carved crest and pierced splat, raised on cabriole legs terminating in paw feet.


A George IV rosewood foldover tea table, of rectangular form with rounded corners, the top with boldly gadroon carved edge over a carved frieze, raised on a tapering square section standard and four hipped downswept legs terminating in leaf-cast brass caps and castors. 76cm by 98cm by 49cm (closed).

293 A three seater sofa, upholstered in a green tartan and tweed, with loose cushioned seat, raised on turned legs moving on brass castors.

Length 192cm

294 A three seater sofa, upholstered in a green tartan and tweed, with loose cushioned seat, raised on turned legs moving on brass castors.

Length 192cm (en suite with the preceding lot).

295 A mid-Victorian inlaid walnut gilt-metal mounted pier cabinet, the rectangular top above a glazed door flanked by uprights decorated with pendant ribbon-tied floral inlay, on a plinth base. 105cm by 83cm by 33cm

296 A pair of antler-mounted oak wall sconces, each rectangular top above a pair of crossed antlers mounted on a columnar bracket. 54cm by 50cm

297 A late 19th century giltwood mirror, the oval plate within a conforming frame with putto surmount, the frame carved with leaves and pods. 94cm by 103cm

298 A George III mahogany corner washstand, the superstructure with aperture for a wash bowl, the shelf with a frieze drawer and raised on splayed legs joined by a stretcher. 108cm by 54cm by 39cm

299 A George III mahogany bowfronted chest of drawers, with two short over three long graduated cockbeaded drawers, raised on shaped bracket feet. 102cm by 105cm by 52cm

300 A pair of Tom Thackray hoop back Windsor armchairs, each with pierced splat, dished seat and raised on turned splayed legs joined by a crinoline stretcher. Note: Tom Thackray is based in Yorkshire and is one of the UK's leading Windsor chair makers.

301 A late 17th century oak coffer, the three-panel top above a thumb moulded frieze and conforming three panel front, the stiles continuing to legs. 69cm by 134cm by 56cm

302 A 19th century giltwood overmantel mirror, the arched plate within a conforming frame, with scroll carved crest (crest largely lacking, elements present). 107cm by 140cm

303 A French patinated bronze and champleve enamel easel mirror, c. 1900, the oval bevelled plate within a conforming frame decorated with foliate and floral polychrome enamels, surmounted by a cartouche and raised on twin putto feet. Height overall 35cm


304 An oak mule chest, c. 1700, the hinged rectangular top with moulded edge above a plain single panel front, the stiles continuing to legs.

81cm by 135cm by 54cm

305 A Victorian ebonised bobbin-turned chair, with lozenge back splat, rush seat, the legs joined by stretchers.

306 A William and Mary oak chest of drawers, c. 1700, the rectangular top above four moulded long drawers, raised on (later) bracket feet.

94cm by 95cm by 63cm


A Chinese mother of pearl inlaid rosewood, marble-topped side table, the rectangular top inset with marble and with a band of floral inlay, over a relief-carved frieze and fret-carved apron, raised on square section legs terminating in ball and claw feet. 81cm by 98cm by 56cm


Giorgetti, a striking dining suite comprising a circular macassar wood table, the veneered top raised on three square section ebonised legs, bearing maker's label; together with six leather dining chairs, in brown hide, each on tapering square section ebonised legs with white metal caps and each be ...[more]


A good 19th century rosewood, pietra dura and brass book slide, retailed by H. Rodrigues of Piccadilly, London, the arched folding ends mounted with an oval pietra dura panel inlaid with a floral spray, within an elaborate pierced brass surround, inset maker's label. Length closed 33.5cm

310 A small Victorian gilt-composition overmantel mirror, the arched plate beneath a shield and floral swag crest, raised on ceramic bun feet.

74cm by 100cm


A striking pair of pitch pine Gothic Revival throne chairs, each back with triangular crest over relief carved tracery and with shaped crocket finial over a plank seat, the arms also with crocket finials, on square section chamfered legs and pierced tracery spandrels.

Height 135cm

312 A 19th century mahogany framed footstool, in the French taste, the square upholstered seat raised on cabriole legs terminating in scroll feet. 39cm by 44cm square

313 Taxidermy: an elephant's foot stick stand, c. 1900, with ebonised rim and coopered interior. Height 47cm

314 A small George III inlaid mahogany chest of drawers, the rectangular top with a band of satinwood inlay above a brushing slide with inset adjustable writing slope, over four long graduated drawers, raised on bracket feet. 74cm by 79cm by 47cm

315 A 19th century mahogany whatnot, of four tiers, raised on turned uprights, one tier fitted with a frieze drawer, moving on castors. 137cm by 51cm by 40cm

316 An Edwardian inlaid satinwood double chairback settee, the crest rail inlaid with ribbon-tied garlands over a canework back and seat, flanked by downswept arms, raised on tapering square section legs terminating in spade feet. 97cm by 87cm by 50cm

317 A pair of Regency style mahogany etageres, the square top above three tiers, each with pierced gallery, joined by turned uprights, on baluster turned feet. 77cm by 30cm square

318 A late 19th century gilt-metal mounted mahogany vitrine table, the glazed cartouche shaped hinged top opening to a velvet lined interior, raised on cabriole legs terminating in scroll cast sabots. 78cm by 63cm by 38cm

319 A pair of Victorian walnut footstools, circular, each with a band of Tunbridge decoration, raised on ceramic fluted ball feet. Height 13cm, diameter 28.5cm (2)





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