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Discover Calling Telephone Answering and Services


Academic year: 2021

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Discover Calling

Telephone Answering and Services

• Call Handling Flow – Office and Virtual Customers

• Professional Receptionist – Virtual & Onsite

• MXIE Telephone System – Unified Communication

More information at


Call Handling Flow – Office and Virtual Customers

Diagram Shows Call Flow Options

• Incoming calls to the Company transferred to Customer in Office or external location

• Outbound calls from desk phone, MXIE PC, MXIE Mobile

• Calls to and from Receptionist and other users on MXIE

• Calls direct from outside callers to user’s desk phone, MXIE PC, MXIE Mobile

• Transfer calls and messages between Receptionists

More information at

http://www.eonphone.com/supportcenter and Zultys.com

More information at


Call Handling Flow – Office and Virtual Customers

More information: http://www.eonphone.com/supportcenter


Call Receptionist



Office Receptionist

Call transfer

between receptionists


extension calls with

Receptionist and

other users on


Customer Phone Applications

– Desk Phone – MXIE PC – MXIE Mobile/Tablet,

converted analog phone


Calls to Company #

1. Rings to Call Receptionist

2.. Announce caller/transfer

or to VM/ or take message

then VM/Text/Call


Transfer Inbound

Company Calls to customer

in office and external


Outside Callers call direct

to Desk Phone/PC/Mobile

to customer’s private

phone number

Outbound calls from Desk

Phone/PC/Mobile to

customer’s private phone



Professional Receptionist – Virtual & Onsite

• Customers think of us as part of your Brand – like a member of your company

• We never say, “I just answer calls for the company”!

• Professional Receptionist without overhead, management and payroll costs

• Corporate number, individual numbers, extensions, VM, any area code & international

• Multiple Concurrent Calls – no more busy lines

• Call Screening – Our live operators screen calls for you and your staff

• Business Hours Answering • Simultaneous Device Routing • Business Hours Answering • Simultaneous Device Routing

• Voicemail-to-Email and many more

• Auto Attendant Call Routing and Messaging • Answering on Call – forward when needed

• Services beyond answering

Live Call answering

• Handle incoming calls with professional care. • Live Message handling –incoming calls with

professional care. We can transfer calls or relay messages to you in real time via text, or email. • Messages

to you in real time via text, or email.

• Transfer calls • Text

• MXIE Mobile Text • Relay messages

• Sales support

• Provide initial company information

• Set appointments

• MXIE Mobile – personal phone number for

business calls; caller ID and protects your private

number and your work schedule!

• Rapid Activation – Forward today then transfer existing numbers More information at



MXIE Telephone System – Unified Communication

• Affordable – low carrier charges

• Portable – use in any location

• Reliable – Cloud based, Zultys


• Flexible – configure to any use

• Available – Mobile &Tablet Apps

• Simultaneous Device Routing

• Voice mail-to-Email

• Wi-Fi

• Disaster Recovery and many more

More information at



Business-Boosting Efficiency – A full suite of business features in your

hands, all of which can be managed through intuitive online portals

and easy-to-use smartphone apps.


Unified Communications for Windows, MAC, Linux, Mobile App

and Desk Phone

• Make Secure High Definition Video Calls

• Make Any Phone Your Phone convert analog to sip • Disaster Recovery

• Powerful Dashboard on any PC and Mobile device – retrieve voiceless VM online & communications management

• One Central Number with individual extensions and numbers –

simplifies and strengthens your brand

• Conferencing – Control Conference calls, no extra charges • CRM integration

• Presence Management – give each extension the power to set its own availability status – adapt the service to your schedule: day, week, holiday

• Multiple Concurrent Calls – no more busy lines

• Advanced presence management allows you to adapt the service to your schedule

• Make it Yours – set your own greetings, hold music etc.

• Business intelligence reports help analyze usage • Virtual personal assistants for each extension

• Automated Attendant – completely configure company call handling and messaging – professional Voice-Over • Softphone/headset/Bluetooth

• Visual Voice Mail • Instant messaging • Call Recording

• Contact Center and Operator Functionality • Enhanced Call Handling Rules

• Enhanced Notification Rules • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) • Automated Outbound Calling

• Integration with Outlook and Microsoft Exchange • Integrated Fax Server

• Secure Active Directory

More information at


Five Steps to Unified Communications

1. Needs and wants of all your team members

Functions, features

• Does your business have mobile staff, off-site, field sales and support?

• Does your business need to be flexible • Best value to quality

• Support

• Discover Calling Business Consultants can provide support in determining needs

2. Cost and Value

• Look at your phone bill to see how much you‘ll pay • Carrier charges

• Phone system charges (remember some of these are bundled and hard to figure out)

• Internet and network charges • Staff support cost vs. VoIP

3. Support, Training and SLA

• Functions, features • Best value to quality • Support

4. Technology

• Plan to make your Internet connection and network "VoIP-ready“

• When people are unhappy with VOIP service it is internet and network equipment connections.

5. Business Market Value

• How rapidly are your competitors and industry moving to VoIP, Cloud-based communications

More information at


Get Discover Calling to bring the information you need to see if the time is right for Unified



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