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After studying and working with the Universal Tao books I discovered a different way of approaching life. I was fascinated and intrigued by the books’ contents which led me to Universal Tao Workshops and finally meeting Master Mantak Chia. After meeting with Master Mantak Chia I began my internal practice in the Universal Tao System. Over the years I have discovered many techniques which have helped me in my practices and I am ready to share them with you.

First I discovered the Universal Tao System consists of many formulas which have been handed down through the centuries in an instructor/student relationship. The ability of students to master these formulas gives them the opportunity to experi-ence their own self-realization or enlightenment.

Like my fellow students I stumbled for years with these for-mulas and through my perseverance came to develop with Master Chia, formula cards (Chi Cards) to assist me in my practice. Instead of fumbling through the book, as I once did, you can now simply have a Chi Card available to help you complete the formula and proceed much more smoothly in your practice.

In the Universal Tao System we are working with internal and external energy. The word in the Tao for energy is “Chi”, thus the Chi Cards are energy formula cards. Through the Chi Cards you will become aware of your own energy and the energy around you. After discovering your own energy you can use the Chi Cards to help purify, transform, regenerate and transcend your energy, and further discover its relationship to the energy surrounding you.


On the first level of the Universal Tao System the Chi Cards consist of thirty (30) formulas based on and corresponding to ten (10) Universal Tao books: Awaken Healing Light,Transform Stress, Chi-Self Massage, Iron Shirt Chi Kung I,Taoist Secrets of Love, and Healing Love. There are 20 cards in a packet avail-able through the Universal Tao for $9.95 per set. The Chi Cards are the size of playing cards which are easy to read and can be easily carried anywhere you go. So you can practice anywhere, just bring your Chi Cards. The front side of the card is the actual formula written down step by step corresponding with the page numbers of each individual book. On the reverse side there are visual color illustrations of the formulas so you can follow them visually. Now available: Level II (30) Level III (50), Level IV (30) Formulas from the Universal Tao Books: Bone Marrow Nei Kung, Fusion I,Tai Chi I, Fusion II, Cosmic Chi Kung, Chi Nei Tsang I; Tao Yin, Simple Chi Kung, Cosmic Cleansing, Iron Shirt Chi Kung II, Fusion III.

This is a very unique and practical way of approaching and working with your practice not only for beginners, but also is an effective teaching aid for certified instructors and practitioners. The Chi Cards will simplify your understanding and practice of the formulas which allows you to focus on your own essence.

In the future the Chi Cards will be available in all levels taught by Instructors and Practitioners. You will be able to start with Cosmic Inner Smile Chi Card and carry through to the Great-est Kan & Li Chi Cards.

The Professor

Master of Nothingness


Cosmic Chi Kung

(Pg 164-174)

Hand Techniques 1-4

(Hold Positions 30-60 Sec.)

Bone Marrow Washing

1. Stand - Armpits open -Tuck in slightly Door of Life - Hands at Sides - Focus with Mind, Eye & Heart.

2. Right Hand to Mideye Level - Circle it - Absorb Golden Cosmic Force (Light) thru Breath, Palm, Mideye.

3. Left Palm Up - Thumb/Index Finger joined - Absorb Violet Heavenly Force thru Breath, Palm, Crown.

4. Left Palm Down-Thumb/Index Finger joined -Absorb Blue Earth Force(Light) thru Perineum, Palm & Soles.

Earth & Heaven Channeling

1. Inhale - Spiral & draw into Palms connecting Points. 2. Lift Hands Up absorb Blue Earth Mother Energy. 3. Turn Palms absorb Violet Heavenly Father Energy.

Tiger Mouth (Activate Meridians)

1. Tiger Mouth at Hips: Open Thumbs (Lg. Intestine). 2. Point Midfinger to Hips - Palms up (Pericardium). 3. Little Finger at Hips - Point forward (Sm. Intestine). 4. Palms Up-Absorb Energy by Palms,Mideye,Crown.

Open Index Finger (Activate Chi Channels)

1. Open Index Finger(Intestine)-Stretch-Lower-Relax. 2. Lower Ring Finger (Warmer) - Relax- Open Index. 3. Lower Thumb (Earth) - Relax - Open Index Finger. 4. Lower Pinky (Heart) - Relax - Open Index Finger. 5. Lower Midfinger (Pericardium)-Relax - Open Index. 6. Close: Inhale (2x) Drawing Fingers up together

-Exhale-Swallow Salvia-Lower Open Hands to Hips. 7. Draw Hands on Navel - Collect Energy at Navel.


CC 3 (1) Tiger Mouth (Large Intestine) Midfinger (Pericardium) Closing

Open Index Finger

Heavenly Channel

© W


Chi T


Cosmic Chi Kung

Formulas 1 & 2 -Yin Channels

(Pg 169-171)

Left & Right Grabbing the Moon

1. Stand - Bone Marrow Washing - Do Inner Smile. 2. Do Earth & Heaven Channeling & Tiger Mouth. 3. Left Grabbing the Moon: Connect Heavenly Force

-Draw Left Hand under Right Elbow Pt and Right Hand over Left Elbow Pt (P-3) - Lift Index Fingers to the Heavenly Father Force then to Earth Mother Force(3x). 4. Lower Hands- Form Chi ball Right Hand (Palm down)

at Navel & Left hand (Palm up) at Lower Tan Tien. 5. Draw Hands to Sides absorb Chi (Yin & Yang Palms). 6. Turn Left Hand over - Palms down absorb Earth Chi. 7. Right Grabbing Moon - Reverse Hands & repeat. 8. Index Finger Practice - Collect Energy at Navel.

Bridge & Regulator Yin Channels

1. Stand - Bone Marrow Washing - Do Inner Smile. 2. Do Earth & Heaven Channeling & Tiger Mouth. 3.Left Hand over Throat Center & Right Hand behind

Thumb to Thumb-Move Hands in/out(Pulling Silk)(3x). 4. Move up to Mideye moving Hands in & out (3x). 5. Down to Throat Center separate Hands at Collar Bone

(ST-13)(Nipple Lines) Hold at Bridge & Regulator Channels - Hands open - Point Fingers at each other. 6. Move down to Heart (Lungs & Pericardium) (ST-16). 7. Move down to Solar Plexus(Liver & Spleen)(LV-14). 8. Move to Navel (Large & Small Intestines) (SP-15). 9. Form Chi Ball-Right hand on top-Hold-Feel Energy. 10. Repeat Left Side-Right Hand on Throat-Left behind. 11. Form Chi Ball-Left Hand on Top-Hold-Feel Energy. 12. Index Finger Practice - Collect Energy at Navel.


CC 3 (2)

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the Moon

Forming Chi Ball

Pulling Silk

Bridge & Regulator


© W


Chi T


Cosmic Chi Kung

(Pg 176-201)

Formulas 3 - Opening Functional Channel

1. Stand - Bone Marrow Washing - Do Inner Smile. 2. Do Earth & Heaven Channeling & Tiger Mouth. 3. Cross Arms at Triple Warmer-5 & Pericardium-6 at

Wrists (Heat Regulator)(Right over Left) - Move Palms up & down - Turn Palms over - Hold absorbing Energy. 4. Turn Right Hand over Left Hand - Activate Large

Intestine at the Navel absorbing the Energy.

5. Raise Right Hand - Open Thumb Activating Tiger Mouth - Hold at Solar Plexus, Heart Center, Throat Center, Mideye - Down to Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus and Navel opening Functional Channel.

6. Double Beam: Open Hands-Left Palm on Navel Right-Palm behind- Move Back & forth activating Functional & Governor Channels connecting the Energy.

7. Draw Left Palm to Solar Plexus followed by Right -Hold - Follow same to Heart Center, Throat Center, Mideye, Crown - Feel Light Beam from the Crown to Perineum - Hold - Reverse back to Navel moving Palms back & forth activating Front & Back Points. 8. Open Palms to Sides - Absorb Earth Energy - Hold. 9. Grabbing the Chi Ball: Turn Palms facing each other at Navel folding a Chi Ball - Open and Close Palms expanding, stretching and squeezing the Chi Ball. Start feeling Energy grow like a Water Balloon (3x).

10. Cross Arms (Reverse) Left Hand over Right at Wrists moving up & down then focus and activate all the Points opening the Functional Channel.

11.Double Beam (Reverse) Left Palm over Right Palm activating all Points in both Channels - Grab Chi Ball. 12. Index Finger Practice - Collect Energy at Navel.


For Books or Instructor in your area contact UTC W ebsite Cross W rists (TW5 - PC6) Open Functional Channel Double Beam

Grab Chi Ball

CC 3 (3)

© W


Chi T


Cosmic Chi Kung

Formula 4 - Yin & Yang Channels

(Pg 204-212)

1. Stand - Bone Marrow Washing - Do Inner Smile. 2. Do Earth & Heaven Channeling & Tiger Mouth.

3. Move Right Palm under Left Arm(Yin Channel) to Arm Pit down Left Side across Hip up Right Side to Head. 4. Beam Right Hand to Left Hand with Ring Finger

(Triple Warmer) to Left Palm-Left Ring Finger to Right Palm-Finger to Palm- Hold at each Position. 6. Proceed with each Finger: Index Finger (Lungs/Large

Intestines, Thumb (Liver), Pinky (Heart), Middle Finger(Pericardium); Beam & Hold at each Position. 7. Lower Palms down - Move Right Palm over Left Arm, (Yang Channel) & Shoulder across Chest under Right Armpit- Press Palms forward - Relax absorb Energy. 8. Do same procedure reversed - Left Hand under (Yin) & over (Yang) Right beaming with Finger Positions. 9. Belt Channel: Focus Palms at Ming Men & Navel -Foot forward - Hold - Turn sweep Palms to Left - Hold-Sweep to Right- Hold - Foot back & reverse (3x). 10. Index Finger Practice - Collect Energy at Navel.

Cosmic Healing - Planets to Organs

(Pg 87)

1. Do Cosmic Chi Kung - Activate Cosmic Spirals. 2. Use Color, Sound, Planet & Picture Organ beaming

to Student’s Organ - Feel Energy going out of Palms. 3. Start with Creative Cycle: Venus - Lungs/Colon-Cool/ White; Mercury-Kidneys/Bladder-Cold/Blue, Jupiter - L i v e r / G . B l a d d e r - Wa r m / G r e e n , M a r s - H e a r t / S.Intestines Hot/Red,Saturn-Spleen/ST.-Open/Yellow. 4. Send Energy with open Palms to other points of body for Back, Legs, Head Conditions & over Distances. 5. Direct Energy with I Power- Collect Energy at Navel.


CC 3 (4) Y ang Channel Activate Chi Belt Closing Finger Beaming © W u Chi T rust


Chi Nei Tsang

Internal Organ Chi Massage

(Pg 73)

Healing Hands Meditation

(Pg 76-82)

1. Grow the Feeling: Breathe in & out - Focus out of Left Eye Corner to Left Hand - Head Still & Straight.

2. Focus with the Right Eye Corner to the Right Hand. (See Healing Energy & Light grow around Figures)

3. Then put Hands facing each other feeling Aura. 4. Continue feeling Aura growing by Opening Hands. 5. Seeing Aura: One at a time focus on Index Finger, Middle

Finger, Thumb, Ring Finger, Pinky Finger. Then Point each Finger at each other & see the Aura.

6. Place Palms up on Knees focusing with Mideye on Left Hand (Thumb & Index Finger connected) & Right Hand (Thumb connected to Pinky & Ring Fingers).

7. Absorb Cosmic Energy thru Left Fingers-Draw it up & blend it with Universal Energy at Crown, then down Right Arm out thru Fingers back to Left Fingers (9x).

Fanning Hot Sick Energy (Pg 110-112)

1. Exhale - Use Heart Sound simultaneously lower Hands from Chest drawing Heat down to Feet Soles. 2. Inhale Cool Blue Earth Energy through Soles.

3. Palms on Knees & Relax awhile - Resume (18-36x). Venting Hot Sick Energy (Pg 112-115)

1. Sit - Hands on Knees - Fingers spread toward Toes. Feet Parallel - Toes pointed up - Be Aware of 20 Tips.

2. Do Triple Warmer Sound (hee) down to Navel & Toes. Feel sound vibration move out Finger & Toe Tips as a Steaming,Dark,Cloudy, Chilly Sick Energy emerges. 3. Be aware: Liver becomes Bright Green - Spleen/


CC 3 (5)

For Books or Instructor in your area contact UTC W

ebsite Universal Forces Fanning V enting © W u Chi T rust


Wind Gates

Opening Wind Gates

(Pg 148-159)

(Use Chart of Wind Gates for Day & Count Points)

1. Groin: Press Femoral Arteries using cutting Finger edges and counting the Pulses (36-72x).

2. Tan Tien: Press on an Angle with Thumb or Elbow 1.5" below Navel and Count the Pulses.

3. Navel Wind Gate Points: Use Thumb & Chart - Left Side First; 1-Left Kidney, 2-Heart, 3-Right Kidney, 4-Bladder and Genitals, 5-Intestines, 6-Spleen and Stomach, 7-Liver, 8-Intestines & Count Pulses. 4. Press Fist rotating around Navel & Palm Press on

Navel opening up TanTien releasing tensions. 5. Relax and focus Patting lightly around Navel.

Chasing the Winds (Pg 143-148)

1. Spiral using 1 Finger Technique around the Navel. 2. Bake the Winds: Place Hand on the Navel and the

other on back underneath the Lower Back. 3. Scooping the Winds lightly to the Tan Tien and

draw the Sick Energy from the Abdomen.

4. Press Finger into Tan Tien focusing, burning & drawing out the Sick Energy at Tan Tien Point.

5. Sweep out Sick Energy massaging counter/clock-wise around the Navel focusing and fanning Sick Energy out down Legs and then reverse.

6. Scoop out Sick Energy massaging clockwise around navel focusing and fanning Sick Energy up through Chest and Arms; then reverse.

7. Gather, scoop & brush Sick Winds while Hands are above Tan Tien-Draw them out sending it down Legs.


CC 3 (6) Right Kidney ➂➂➂➂➂ Liver , Gall Bladder ➆➆➆➆➆ Heart Pressure Points Stomach, Speen ➅➅➅➅➅ Left Kidney➀➀➀➀➀ Tan T ien Intestine ➇➇➇➇➇ Intestine➄➄➄➄➄ ➃➃➃➃➃ Bladder , Sexual Organ

Chart of the Wind Gates

Point No. Tan Tien 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Day Point below Navel

Monday 15 8 17 19 21 10 12 6 15 Tuesday 8 17 19 21 10 12 6 15 8 Wednesday 17 19 21 10 12 6 15 8 17 Thursday 19 21 10 12 6 15 8 17 19 Friday 21 10 12 6 15 8 17 19 21 Saturday 10 12 6 15 8 17 19 21 10 Sunday 6 15 8 17 19 21 10 12 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 © Wu Chi Trust


Navel Examination

Navel Diagnosis & Release

(Pg 122-126)

1. Make Navel Round - Release & see where it pulls. This indicates the Tight Area & the Area to loosen. 2. Press with Thumb & Elbow gradually loosen (3x). 3. Hold Navel from Abdominal Area shaping &


© Wu Chi Trust CC 3 (7)

Upper Pull

-Causes Intestinal Prob-lems, menstrual probProb-lems, constipation, prostate problems, heart burn. breathing problems, insomnia, coughing

Pull to the Upper Left

-Affects the Lower Right Hip and Right Leg, the Stomach, Spleen and causes digestive problems

Pull to the Left

-Affects the Right Side. Kidneys, and Intestines.

Left Hip Pull

-Creates tension and pain on the Upper Right Side of the Navel. Affects the live Gall Bladder, Duodenum, Right Kidney. Some-times causes pain in the Lumbar Plexus or the Left Leg

Pull to the Upper Right

-Affects the Liver and Gall Bladder,

Lower Left Hip, Left Leg and causes intestinal trouble

Pull to the Right

-Affects the Left Side, Kidneys, and I Intestines

Right Hip Pull

-Causes tension on the upper left side of Navel. Affects the Pancreas, Stomach, Spleen, and Left Kidney. Sometimes there is pain in the Lumbar Plexus or the Right Leg.

Pull Down

-Causes intestinal pain mental probleins, bad dreams, Menstrual problems, Prostate or Bladder problems


Detoxifying Skin & Intestines

Use Oil on Certain Spots of the Abdomen Or Use Silk Cloth on Hairy or Women’s Abdomens

Skin Detoxify

(Pg 166-173)

1. Spiral & Cross 3 Fingers outwardly around navel. 2. Spiral 5 Vertical Navel Lines (Middle & 4 Outside). 3. Use Hand Scoop - Rock/Roll Techniques to Navel. 4. Push & Pull toward Navel then Patting Abdomen.

Small Intestines

(Pg 189-202)

1. Use Curve & Twist pressing 2" deep on abdomen. 2. Scoop working out Lumps (Food stuck together)

releasing Gas passing it through Small Intestines. 3. Uproot & Untangle nerves & knots (Finger Technique)

Uproot by stretching Tissue around it toward Navel. 4. Shake Abdomen with Palm - Lean in with Shoulder. 5. Use Cat Pawing Technique (Soft deep movements).

Large Intestine

(Pg 174-188)

1. Use Thumb Press & Scooping Techniques to loosen Colon/Valves in Congested Area-Use light pressure with Elbow as Pain releases (Draw Feet to Hips). 2. Push Inside Right Hip into Ileocecal Valve

massag-ing with Heel of Right Hand openmassag-ing Valve (6x).

3. Press under Left Hip into Sigmoid Valve massaging with Right Hand Heel down to Anus open Valve (6x). 4. Wave Technique: Scoop Knife Left Hand to Ileocecal Valve up Ascending and across Transverse Colon Scoop Knife Right Hand around Colon switching at Descending Colon to Knife Left Hand down into the Sigmoid Valve, Rectum and deep into the Anus. 5. Push & pull toward Navel then Patting Abdomen.


CC 3 (8)

For Books or Instructor in your area contact UTC W


© Wu Chi Trust



Detoxifying Organs


(Pg 204-212)

1. Place Hand on Ribs and below - Massage Organs. 2. Exhale with Lung Sound (Ssssssss) using Pump

Press Technique releasing tension in Diaphragm by massaging down to the Navel and inhale deeply. 3. Continue massaging Navel, Diaphragm and

underneath the Ribs exhaling and inhaling going deeper with softer Finger motion (6x).

4. Meditate - Massage around Diaphragm to open it up. 5. Press Pericardium Point on Arm opening Diaphragm.


(Pg 231- 233)

(Women have Weak Lungs & need to be activated) 1. Rock Rib Cage exhaling Lung Sound (Ssssssss). 2. Hold in pressure with Hands on Ribs when inhaling. 3. Keep Rocking maintaining pressure for Full Exhala-tion holding Hands still maintaining pressure for the Full Inhalation expanding Lungs (3-5x).

4. On Last Inhalation remove Hands so Lungs can overfill with air releasing any tension & patting. 5. Press Lung Holding Point (LU-1) on Chest clearing

and releasing Lungs improving Lung expansion.

For Perfect Digestion

1. Mix Saliva (Original Chi from Kidneys) with Food by chewing Food until it turns to a Liquid - Swallow. 2. Liquids: Chew & move them with Saliva-Swallow.


CC 3 (9) Diaphragm Lung Right Left © W u Chi T rust


Detoxifying Organs


(Pg 239-246)

1. Baking: Left Hand under Ribs-Right over Body-Heat. 2. Thumb Scoop Technique: Pressing Web Pt of Right Thumb & Index Finger under Right Rib Cage with Left Hand pumping on top drawing Sick Energy to Navel exhaling Liver Sound (Shhhhhh) releasing Energy. 3. Massage Liver & Gall Bladder under Ribs with Hands. 4. Sitting Up gently explore Liver detoxifying it drawing out sugar into the Body while exhaling Liver Sound (Shhhhhhh) releasing the Sick Energy.

5. Massage Liver from Lower Rib using the J & reverse J Technique with Liver Sound pressing toward Navel. 6. Massage Liver Pt. inside Big Toes releasing Toxins. 7. Pumping Liver: Place Left Hand on Right Rib & Right Hand under Right Rib Cage pumping toward Navel.


(Pg 235-238)

1. Inhale-Press Pancreas with Right Knife Technique. 2. Pumping Technique: Use Right Hand on Pancreas with Left Hand pumping on Rib Cage while exhaling Spleen Sound (Whooooo) releasing Sick Energy(3x). 3. Use Hand Heel Roll Technique deep into Pancreas.


(Pg 234-235)

1. Scoop with Left Hand - Right Hand pumping Spleen. 2. Use J & Reverse J Techniques drawing to Navel while exhaling Spleen Sound (Whoooooo).

3. With Right Hand on side of Ribs with Left Hand (Open Thumb under Ribs) Pump Ribs straight to Navel while exhaling Spleen Sound (Whoooooo).


CC 3 (10) Liver Pancreas Spleen © W u Chi T rust


Detoxifying Organs


(Pg 255-257)

1. 1 Knuckle Technique: Spiral on Sternum & between Ribs to open up Heart - Transform Hatred into Joy. 2. Massage Heart, Pericardium & Triple Warmer Pts

below Sternum in Diaphragm Area while exhaling Heart Sound (Hawwww) - Patting Chest.

3. Press Wrist at Heart-7 Pt on Pinky Side & Sternum. 4. 1 Finger Technique spiraling with Right Hand into Diaphragm. Press Left Hand into Heart Controller Area on Right Middle Wrist (Pericardium Point) - Reverse with Triple Warmer Point to release Sick Energy.


(Pg 249-254)

(Located 1"on Both Sides of Navel -3" Long to Ribs) (Deep on 3rd Layer of Organs next to Spine) 1. Gently massage with Finger & Thumb Techniques

Deeply breaking up bumps & sand in Kidneys while exhaling Kidney Sound (Choooo) releasing Energy. 2. Massage deeper using your Body Weight not Muscle entering from Navel on an Angle to Kidneys under Abdominal Muscles releasing Sick Energy - Pat area. 3. Work thru the Back with Thumb Technique while on their side by holding floating Rib pumping back over Adrenals with Thumbs then sweep the Sick Adrenal Energy into Descending Colon & reverse. Blow warm air into Kidneys with Kidney Sound (Chooooo). 4. Use Baking Technique on Kidneys warming them. 5. Spiral with Finger & Palm Press Techniques on

Bladder (4" below Navel above Pubic Bone) and releasing any Blockages - Patting area.


CC 3 (11)

For Books or Instructor in your area contact UTC W

ebsite Heart Heart - 7 Point Kidneys © Wu Chi Trust


Detoxifying Lymph, Psoas & Nerves

Lymph System

(Pg 259-275)

1. Use 1 Finger Technique & Thumb at Angle-Massage down Navel Lines (1" off Center Line) from Ribs to Pubic Bone - Start at Navel draining Lymph to Navel. 2. Curve Fingers underneath Left Rib Cage lifting it up pressing Spleen with Thumb Roll Press Technique draining Lymph toward Navel releasing Sick Energy. 3. Use Finger Spread Technique in between Ribs massaging to Sternum - Use Thumb Press to Groin. 4. Use Thumb Press to drain Lymph below Collar Bone to Sternum & Navel releasing Sick Energy - Pat area. 5. Turn Neck - Massage down Neck Lines to Collar Bone draining Ears. Hold Jaw - Drain Lymph down to Ster-num with Wave Technique releasing Sick Energy. 6. Massage Arm Pits (Pectoral/Auxiliary) to Sternum. 7. 1 Finger Technique massage Groin (Iliac/Inguinal).

Psoas Muscle

(Pg 295-300)

1. Activate Psoas Muscle before each Technique by raising Knee with Hand & hold Foot with other Hand rotating Hip slowly in a Circle & reverse opening Hip. 2. Push Knee against Chest-Relax-Repeat(4x) Open Hip. 3. Shoulder under Knee- Thigh to Chest- Deeply locate Psoas with Fingers inside Hip-Lightly massage Psoas. 4. Massage Down & Hold Fingers Still - Student Press Knee Right, Left, Back & Forward-Hold-Long Breaths. 5. Rotate Leg-Pull it - Do Both Legs - Pat Abdomen.


(Pg 311-315)

1. 1 Finger Technique: Massage Spine-Release Pain. 2. 1 Finger Technique: Massage Sacrum-Release. 3. 1 Finger Technique: Massage Skull-Release Pain.


Pectoral Nodes Axillary Nodes Thoracic Duct Supratrochlear Nodes Cisterna Chyli Superficial Inguinal Lymph Nodes Brachial Plexus Spine Cervical Plexus Psoas CC 3 (12) L

ymphatic Drainage System


Sexual Organs


(Pg 320-325)

1. Uterus Massage:Place 8 Fingers to one side of Uterus keeping both edges of Hands together and aligned. Apply deep, probing, kneading motion massaging any tangles or twists - Hold Uterus Center with both Hands releasing any Pain.

2. Ovarian Massage: Pull Knees up then use Fingers & Hand Heel in rocking motion working on Right Ovary while Hand slowly sinks massaging Left Ovary with weight of Left Hand on top of Right Hand - Push and pump with soft rock and roll motion sending Ovaries Sick Energy out (Reverse).

3. Cervix Massage: Locate Center Line 1/2" above Pubic Bone - Use Thumb Head 2 inches from either ovary and gently massage deeply then Hold.

4. Bake and Massage Liver & Gall Bladder Organs. 5. Do Female Sexual Energy Massage daily at home &

it helps to wear loose fitting tops during the day.


(Pg 325)

1. Use 1 Finger Technique above Pubic Bone pushing down into Prostate and deeply, gently massage. 2. Tilt up Sacrum & Press Finger (1") into the Hole on the Perineum Area then gently pulling & massage the Tendon loosening any blockages.

3. Bake and Massage Kidneys & Adrenal Organs. 4. Do Male Sexual Energy Massage daily at home & it


CC 3 (13) Ovarian Massage Sperm Palace Seminal Vesicle Seminal Duct

For Books or Instructor in your area contact UTC W



Common Ailments


(Pg 330-331)

1. Detoxify Skin (Brushing) & release Large Intestine. 2. Detoxify Liver, Gall Bladder, Adrenal Glands,Kidneys. 3. Massage Neck & Head (Brachial & Cervical Plexus). 4. Place Hand under Body shaking & baking Kidneys. 5. Practice Venting/Fanning Techniques(Haww-Hee). 6. Press Tan Tien & Forehead Pts breathing into them. 7. Stay away from Citrus Juices & Chicken(Warming).

Leg Pain (Sciatic Nerve)

(Pg 301-311)

1. Use Elbow to massage Piriformis Muscle in Hip Hole. 2. Press Forearm rolling down Thigh on Side of Leg. 3. Grasp & stretch Popiletal Tendons in back of Knee. 4. Rotate Knee Cap & then the Hip Joint in its Socket. 5. Massage Sciatic Nerve down- through Calf Muscle. 6. Massage Nerves below Ankle - Tap Heel (Reverse).


(Balancing Pulses)

(Pg 281-294)

Don’t Do on Anyone with Detached Retinas, Blood Diabetes, Heart Problems, Aneurism,

Thrombo-sis, Varicose Veins, Pregnant Women

1. Use Thumb Technique on Aorta - Open & close flush-ing out & cool down Organs releasflush-ing Back Pain like Playing a Flute moving up Aorta 1 Organ at a time. 2. Use Finger Technique on Sides of Neck flushing

out the Brain releasing Heat and Headaches.

3. Turning Head balance the Neck Pulses with Aortic Pulse - Use Finger Technique - Reverse.

4. Balance Upper Body (Arm, Elbow, Wrist) Pulses with Aortic Pulse- Finger Technique-Reverse to other side. 5. Balance Lower Body (Groin, Knee, Ankle) Pulses with the Aortic Pulse - Use Finger Technique - Reverse.


CC 3 (14) ciatic Nerve T endons Arteries Superior Mesenteric Abdominal Aorta Renal (Kidney) Aorta Inferior Mesenteric Celiac © Wu Chi Trust


Tree Chi Kung

Immortal Healers: Pine (Blood),Willow (Headaches), Cedar (Heat), Maple(Pain), Fir(Bruises), Elm(Stomach), Cinnamon (Cold), Plum (Spleen), Fig (Diarrhea).

Tree & Palm Chi Kung

1. Stand or Sit (1-2' of Tree) open & connect with Tree. 2. Extend Arms - Palms facing Tree - Focus at Nose Use Left Palm, Mind & Eyes to absorb Tree Chi (18x). 3. Parallel Tracking: Watch Tree control it’s Energy as it watches you - Draw and Hold close to intense & thick Energy contracting with the Tree’s Energy.

4. Feel Tree’s Energy (Cool & Healing) - Use Eyes to guide Energy inside Left Arm, Left Shoulder, Left Neck, Left Ear & Crown - Down to Back of Right Ear, Right Shoulder, Inside to Right Palm into Trunk (9-18x). 5. Draw back Energy sealing off Tree Energy.

6. Reverse Polarities- Let Tree Energy flow back (18x). 7. Close with an abrupt gesture or sound (Hand Clap). 8. Collect Energy at Navel - Do Bone Breathing.

Tree Chi Kung - Yin & Yang Side

1. Stand or Sit (1-2' of Tree) extend Palms facing Tree. 2. Feel Tree’s Energy - Move it up inside Arms to Neck Sides and Ears to Crown - Move Energy down Func-tional Channel to Feet and Soles - 10' into Ground. 3. Bring Energy up to Tree Roots into Trunk & Palms (9x).

Reverse using the outside of Body (Yang Side). 4. Send Energy thru Tree’s Trunk from Right Palm to Left Palm - Reverse (Men 36x - Women 24x). 5. Send Energy slowly down into Upper Trunk - Move Energy into Lower Trunk. Then move it into Tree Roots-Feel and exchange Force with Tree.


CC 3 (15)

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Universal Forces


ree Chi Kung

Y in-Y a n g © W u Chi T rust


Cosmic Fusion

Formula 1 - Creation Cycle

(Virtues)(Pg 105-144)

1. Do Fusion I Practice forming Pearl with 4 Pakuas. 2. Be aware of Kidneys - Do Kidney Sound (Chooooo) Draw Cold Energy to Kidney Collection Pt. - Listen Grow Gentleness in Big Blue Ball at Perineum. 3. Look to Liver with Liver Sound (Shhhhhh) - Blend Gentleness giving Birth to Kindness - Moist Energy in Liver Collection Pt. into Green Ball - Expand it. 4. Feel Tongue connect with Heart - Do Heart Sound (Hawwwww). Gentleness & Kindness give Birth to Joy growing Hot Energy in Heart Collection Pt. in Red Ball. 5. Feel Mouth connect with Spleen - Do Spleen Sound (Whooo). Gentleness, Kindness & Joy giving Birth to Fairness growing Mild Energy in Spleen Collection Pt. into Big Yellow Ball expanding it in Center of Body. 6. Feel Nose connect with Lungs-Do Lung Sound (Ssss). Gentleness, Kindness, Joy & Fairness giving Birth to Courage in Lung Collection Pt. into Big White Ball. 7. Creative Cycle: Complete Cycle from Kidney to Lung Collection Pts combining Virtue Pearls growing Virtues Healing Body. Repeat the Cycle - Blend Virtues each time by growing the Pearls in all Collection Pts. (9x). 8. Compassion Energy: Blend of all Virtue Energies into Golden Compassion Pearl - Move Pearl in Creation Cycle (3-6x). Stop at Heart - Feel Virtues flow, glow, expand in Heart. Feel Heart Open & blend Virtues into Compassion Energy. Feel Sexual Arousal flow into Heart activating Compassion- Move Pearl to Cauldron-Form Bigger Compassion Pearl-Move the Pearl in the Microcosmic Orbit loving & healing the Organs. 9. Collect Energy at Navel - Do Chi Self Massage.


CC 3 (16)

Creation Cycle

Gathering Kidney Energy

Become aware of

the Kidneys

Do the Kidney

Sound (Chooo)


Draw the cold

Energy to the

Collection Point

Pull up the

Perineum And

push the Energy

Ball down

Pull up the Left

and Right Side of

the Anus send the

Energy to the Kidneys Kidney Collection Point Right Side Left Side

Feel the Nose

connect with the

Lungs Blend Gentleness, Kindness, Respect and Fairness. bring it to the Lungs to give birth to Courage, Righteousness and justice Let the Courage, Righteousness and Justice Flow down to the Lung Collection Point Collect the Courage, Righteousness and Justice in the Collection Point

Giving birth to Courage,

Righteousness and Justice

from the Lungs

© W


Chi T


Cosmic Fusion

Formula 2 - Thrusting Channels (Pg 144-171) 1. Left Thrusting (Red) Channel: Left Anus - Left Genital

Left Kidney-Spleen-Left Lung - Left Thyroid - Left Brain. 2. Middle Thrusting (White) Channel: Anus - Cervix

Prostate - Pancreas - Heart - Throat - Pineal - Crown. 3. Right Thrusting (Blue) Channel: Right Anus - Right Genital - Right Kidney - Liver - Right Lung - Right Brain.


1. Follow Fusion II Formula I - Form Pearl to Perineum. 2. Stage One: Inhale Pearl with Left Nostril up Left (Red) Channel to Diaphragm - Exhale down Left Channel to Perineum. Inhale up Middle (White) Channel to Dia-phragm - Exhale down Middle Channel to Perineum. Inhale Pearl with Right Nostril up Right(Blue)Channel to Diaphragm-Exhale down Right Channel to Perineum Continue 9 Steps: Middle-Left-Middle-Right-Middle. 3. Stage Two: Inhale Pearl up Left (Red) Channel to Neck

Exhale down Left Channel to Perineum.Inhale up Middle (White) Channel to Neck - Exhale down Middle Chan-nel to Perineum. Inhale Pearl up Right (Blue) ChanChan-nel to Neck-Exhale down Right Channel-Continue 9 Steps 4. Stage Three: Inhale Pearl up Left (Red) Channel to Crown- Exhale down Left Channel to Perineum.Inhale up Middle Channel to Crown-Exhale down Middle Chan-nel to Perineum. Inhale Pearl up Right ChanChan-nel to Crown - Exhale down Right Channel (9 Steps).

5. Leg Routes: Men bring Pearl from Perineum up & out of Crown(6") absorbing Heavenly Energy - Split Pearl down Channels down Legs to Toes into Earth - Draw Earth Energy up thru Soles-Shoot up to Crown (9x). (Women Reverse - Crown to Soles out into Crown) 6. Collect Energy at Navel - Do Chi Self Massage.


CC 3 (17)

Thrusting Channels

Top view of the Thrusting

Route at the Crown



Thrusting Channel

The energy path of the

Thrusting route for Men

Lung Thrusting Channel

Scapula Scapula Vertebra (T-1-T-2) © W u Chi T rust


Cosmic Fusion

Formula 3 - Belt Channels

(Pg 172-190)

1. Follow Fusion II Formula I - 2: Form Pearl to Perineum. 2. Circulate Pearl to Left Side (Counterclockwise) to

Door of Life, to Right Side-Back to Navel(9x Crisscross) 3. Move Pearl circulating 9x-Crisscross to Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Mideye, Crown, Halo (6") above Head. 4. Reverse Pearl to Right Side (Clockwise) of Halo, to Backside, to Left Side & Front of Halo (9x-Crisscross). 5. Move Pearl circulating (9x-CC) - Crisscross to Crown, Mideye, Throat Center, Heart Center, Solar Plexus, Navel, Sexual Center, Perineum, Knees, Soles, Beneath Earth (6") in the Ground.

6. Reverse - Circle Pearl to Left Side (Counterclockwise) of Circle beneath Earth, to Backside, to Right Side & Front Side of Circle beneath Earth (9x-Crisscross). Move Pearl circulating 9x - Crisscross to Soles, Knee, Perineum, Sexual Center, Navel - Return to Cauldron. 7. Men - Shoot Pearl out (6") above Crown - Collect Heavenly Energy spiral Pearl (Clockwise) down each Belt Channel into Earth (12") - Reverse - Spiral (Counterclockwise) - Gather Earth Energy up each Channel to Crown back to Navel (Up & Down - 9x). 8. Women - Shoot Pearl out (12") of Soles -Gather Earthly Energy spiral Pearl (Counterclockwise) up each Belt Channel out Crown (6") - Reverse - Spiral (Clockwise) Collecting Heavenly Energy down channels to Earth back to Navel (Up & Down-9x).


CC 3 (18)

For Books or Instructor in your area contact UTC W


Clockwise Turning Counter-Clockwise Turning 3-6 Inches Below Throat Heart Solar Plexus Navel Sex Organs Perineum Knees Feet 3-6 Inches Above Crown Third Eye © W u Chi T rust


Cosmic Fusion

Advanced Practice Formulas 4-5

(Pg 191-194)

Energy Body

1. Follow Fusion II Formula I-3 - Form Pearl to Perineum. 2. Inhale (Sips) up to Navel to Heart to Crown - Swallow

Saliva - Exhale - Open Crown - Shoot Pearl out. 3. Practice moving & controling Pearl up & down(1-6'). 4. Relax Senses forming Energy Body in Physical at Navel. Form another Pearl - Run it in Physical Body’s Microcosmic- Shoot Pearl out - Expand into another Energy Body above Crown - Circulate both Orbits. 5. Move Thrusting & Belt Channels into Energy Body. 6. Gather Energy Body in a Pearl - Draw into Body. 7. Collect Energy at Navel - Do Chi Self Massage.

Spirit Body

1. Follow Fusion II Formula I - 4: Form Pearl to Perineum. 2. Form (Blue/Gold) Compassion Pearl at Heart & move to Cauldron in Cosmic Orbit to Energy Body.

3. Exhale Send Pearl to Energy Body Heart Exhale Send it above Energy Body Crown forming Spirit Body. 4. Move Pearl Up & Down (12') above Energy Body. 5. Condense Pearl/Energy Body-Draw back into Body 6. Run Microcosmic in Physical & Energy fer Microcosmic from Energy Body into Spirit Body; Run all Three Microcosmics together (1 Channel). 7. Extend Thrusting Channels (3 Bodies) to Spirit Body. 8. Extend Belt Channels (3 Bodies) to Spirit Body. 9. Finish: Condense energy of Spirit & Energy Bodies into a Pearl. Pull the Pearl into the Physical Body. 7. Collect Energy at Navel - Do Chi Self Massage.


CC 3 (19) Spirit Body Energy Body Physical Body © W u Chi T rust


World Link Meditation

Link Time:Asia 12:00pm-America 12:00am-Europe 6:00am

1. Empty Mind down to Lower Tan Tien - Fill with Chi. 2. Feel Fireball behind Navel & above Kidneys-Move in

Kidneys Center(Yang within Yin). Feel Fire/Softness in Heart(Yin within Yang).Connect 3 Fires in Triangle. 3. Fill Abdomen then Upper Brain with Chi-Lower it with

Middle (Heart) Mind to Lower (Tan Tien) Mind. Bring

3 Minds into 1 Mind(Yi) & into 3rd Eye to 6 Directions.

4. Connect Yi Power to Personal Star (6”above head)

-Link other Personal Stars to Energy Body in Middle

-Expand/Spiral awareness/consciousness to Universe. 5. Draw Circle of Fire (7’)-Expand with Protective Animals-Behind (N) Blue Tortoise (Gentleness), Front (S) Red

Pheasant (Joy),Right (E) Green Dragon (Kindness),Left

(W) White Tiger (Courage), Above (C) Yellow Phoenix (Fairness),Below(C)Black Tortoise(Stillness).Empty yourself with“I am worthy of Divine Love/Protection.” 6. Feel Peace affirming sub-vocally“I am at Peace in my

Heart in Family, Friends, Community“(Picture them).

7. Expand Yi in Universe multiplying it into Forest Green

Light-Draw it down into Body binding Negative Sick

Energy out digging hole burying it into the Ground(3x). Draw down Ocean/Sky Blue Light rinsing & flushing all remaining negativity down into Ground (3x). Spiral down Violet Light recharging Body-Subvocalize:“Let

all sickness go, so Body can function at its Best“.

8. Touch Sacrum-Activate Bone Marrow(White Cells) &

Upper Legs & Arms(Red Cells) & Sternum(T-Cells)

9. Subvocalize Commands with Yi thru 3rd Eye-Multiply

it with Physical-Emotional-Mental-Spiritual Images. 10. Broadcast Questions-Wait for Solutions to return. 11. Accomplish all Virtuously - Collect Energy at Navel.


CC 3 (20) World Link © W u Chi T rust




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