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Mga Watawat Ng Mga Bansa Sa Asya


Academic year: 2021

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Silangang Asya

The People's Republic

of China

Capital c.: Beijing Population: 1,324,443,000 Total area: 9,640,820 km2


Capital c.: Tokyo Population: 127,690,000 Total area: 377,873 km2


Capital c.: Ulaanbaatar Population: 2,629,000 Total area: 1,564,120 km2

North Korea

Capital c.: Pyongyang (P'yŏngyang) Population: 23,790,000 Total area: 120,538 km2

South Korea

Capital c.: Seoul Population: 48,224,000 Total area: 99,538 km2

Hong Kong Special Administrative

Region of the People's Republic of


Capital c.: Victoria Population: 7,071,600

Total area: 1,104 km²


(The Republic of China)

Capital c.: Taipei Population: 23,174,528 Total area: 36,190 km²

Timog Silangang Asya


Capital c.: Bandar Seri Begawan Population: 390,000 Total area: 5,765 km2


Capital c.: Phnom Penh Population: 14,444,000 Total area: 181,035 km2


Capital c.: Jakarta Population: 231,627,000 Total area: 1,904,570 km2


Capital c.: Vientiane Population: 5,859,000 Total area: 236,800 km2


Capital c.: Kuala Lumpur Population: 27,170,000 Total area: 329,847 km2


Capital c.: Naypyidaw Population: 48,798,000 Total area: 676,578 km2

The Philippines

Capital c.: Manila Population: 88,574,614 Total area: 300,000 km2


Capital c.: Singapore Population: 4,588,600 Total area: 683 km2



Capital c.: Bangkok Population: 63,038,247 Total area: 513,115 km2


Capital c.: Hanoi Population: 87,375,000 Total area: 331,689 km2

East Timor

Capital c.: Dili Population: 1,155,000 Total area: 14,874 km2

Timog Asya


Capital c.: Dhaka Population: 158,665,000 Total area: 143,998 km2


Capital c.: Thimphu Population: 658,000 Total area: 47,000 km2


Capital c.: New Delhi Population: 1,134,260,000 Total area: 3,287,260 km2


Capital c.: Malé Population: 306,000 Total area: 298 km2


Capital c.: Kathmandu Population: 28,196,000 Total area: 147,181 km2


Capital c.: Islamabad Population: 163,579,000 Total area: 796,095 km2

Sri Lanka

Capital c.: Colombo Population: 19,299,000 Total area: 65,610 km2

Timog Kanlurang Asya


Capital c.: Kabul Population: 27,145,000 Total area: 652,090 km2


Capital c.: Manama Population: 760,168 Total area: 694 km2


Capital c.: Nicosia Population: 855,000 Total area: 9,251 km2


Capital c.: Tehran Population: 71,208,000 Total area: 1,648,200 km2


Capital c.: Baghdad Population: 28,993,000 Total area: 438,317 km2


Capital c.: Jerusalem Population: 7,282,400 Total area: 22,145 km2


Capital c.: Amman Population: 5,924,000 Total area: 89,342 km2


Capital c.: Kuwait City Population: 2,851,000 Total area: 17,818 km2



Capital c.: Beirut Population: 4,099,000 Total area: 10,400 km2


Capital c.: Muscat Population: 2,595,000 Total area: 309,500 km2


Capital c.: Doha Population: 841,000 Total area: 11,000 km2

Saudi Arabia

Capital c.: Riyadh Population: 24,735,000 Total area: 2,149,690 km2


Capital c.: Damascus Population: 19,929,000 Total area: 185,180 km2


Capital c.: Ankara Population: 70,586,256 Total area: 783,562 km2

The United Arab


Capital c.: Abu Dhabi Population: 4,380,000 Total area: 83,600 km2


Capital c.: Sanaá Population: 22,389,000 Total area: 527,968 km2

Hilagang Asya


Capital c.: Yerevan Population: 3,002,000 Total area: 29,800 km2


Capital c.: Baku Population: 8,467,000 Total area: 86,600 km2


Capital c.: Tbilisi Population: 4,395,000 Total area: 69,700 km2


Capital c.: Astana Population: 15,422,000 Total area: 2,724,900 km2


Capital c.: Bishkek Population: 5,317,000 Total area: 199,900 km2


Capital c.: Dushanbe Population: 6,736,000 Total area: 143,100 km2


Capital c.: Ashgabat Population: 4,965,000 Total area: 488,100 km2


Capital c.: Tashkent Population: 27,372,000 Total area: 447,400 km2


Proyekto sa

Araling Panlipunan



ng mga


Bansa sa


Ipinasa ni:

Angelique P. Hibaya

II- Amethyst

Ipinasa kay:

G. Hansel Royos

II- Amethyst


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