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Primal Power Tantra

A guide & instructions for tantra-tantric sex

by Jon Peniel

ISBN# 0-9660015-7-5  2001 Windsor-Hill Inc.



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Primal Power Tantra – Traditional Tantra-Tantric Sex Training………4

Tantric Sex Training………..………..4

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Show Me the Energy………..……….5

Men Have It Harder………….……….………..6

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About the author:

Jon Peniel is an American who spent years in a unique pre-Buddhist

monastery. His expertise covers all known forms of tantra/tantric sex from various cultures. He has personally mastered the forms of tantra taught at the monastery (3 years of traditional training, then decades of practicing).

Jon Peniel entered the monastery while still a teenager. There, he was also educated in the spiritual teachings and practices of most of the world’s traditions and cultures. He studied ancient teachings, and practiced tantra, meditation, and yoga, eventually attaining their highest degree of spiritual achievement by the age of 21.

Peniel wrote a book about the order’s ancient teachings, in the late 1990’s. It became an independent press best seller in the US and Israel. He is now the international “head” of the order, and teaches, primarily in North America.

The monastery was located in an area of Tibet that was considered "forbidden" by the people of Tibet and even Tibetan Buddhists. It remained unknown to the outside world until recently, when Peniel wrote a book about his experiences there, revealing their teachings and ancestry.

Even the area where the monastery was located, was a mystery and paradox - a sub-tropical valley, amidst the high frozen Himalayas. It was a part of the world never before documented by "outsiders" until explorers from National Geographic finally made it there a few years ago.

The late, famous psychic, Edgar Cayce spoke many times of the obscure spiritual order Peniel belongs to, during the years of psychic readings he gave. Cayce, sometimes called “the sleeping prophet” because he would give his readings during an out of body experience or trance state, was the most

documented psychic in the world. Interestingly, Cayce also prophesized the future "arrival" of a spiritual messenger/teacher, named Peniel.


Primal Power Tantra – Traditional Tantra-Tantric Sex


This book covers the various methods of tantric sex, from the new to the ancient. It discusses the positives and negatives of each, and gives detailed instruction in what we’ve found to be the best method (and gives you the reasons why, so you can decide for yourself).

To our readers:

This book has two categories of readers. One is the person who just wants to become a better lover, improve their sex life, sexual abilities, and perhaps give it a deeper dimension. The other is those who are on a spiritual path, and either want to use sex as one more tool for spiritual development, or find the best way to integrate sex into a spiritually oriented lifestyle.

Since I’m having to write for both types of potential readers, let me

apologize in advance to each group, for the parts of my writing that aren’t specific to your particular goals. But, you will find what you are looking for here –

regardless of whether it is the ultimate in spiritual sexuality, or just a method for the best sex you’ve ever had.

A Rose by Any other Name

There are many names used for spiritual/sacred sexuality techniques. The most common are tantra, tantric sex, tantric yoga, and tantra yoga. Regardless of what you call it, we are covering it in this book.

Prerequisite to reading this book

This booklet is actually #2 in a series regarding spiritual sexuality. It would be best if you have already read “Sex and the Spiritual Guy (or Woman)” – a

guide to spiritual sexuality, prior to reading this booklet. It discusses the

fundamental biology, psychology, and spirituality behind sex, and the various attitudes and ways people have of approaching it. Just in case you have not yet read that, I will repeat a few things from it that may help you understand this one better.


Show me the energy

Tantric sex involves working with and using the high vibration life energies and finer emotions that can occur between men & women during the sexual act.

What do we mean by “high vibration energies”? Is this some kind of whodoo-voodoo new age bull? Quite the contrary.

When we talk about tantra yoga or tantric sex being “energy based” or using “life energies”, what do we mean? This isn’t some “new age hype” – the energy techniques of tantra, while ancient, are founded in science.

Human bodies/brains are based on electrical energies. For instance, a doctor will determine if you’re alive or dead, based on if you have brainwave electricity/energy. And how does a heart work? Electrical signals tell the muscle to contract and release in certain ways. When you look at it scientifically, most

everything about our bodies, is energy based.

Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine (now accepted by modern science for the most part), that works by dealing with the body’s “energy flows”. Acupuncture “points” can actually be measured and located by use of an electrical meter that can read micro-amps. Have you ever seen an acupuncture chart? Part of the approach, is that the body has energy “circuits” (called meridians). Some of these circuits are involved in the practices of tantric sex. The MAIN energy

meridian (like a line with many acupuncture points on it), is called the governing meridian. This meridian runs along the center of the body, both on the back and front of the torso. It includes the groin area, and is one of the energy systems worked with in yoga and when you are practicing tantra-tantric sex.

For decades, universities have been scientifically studying energy aspects of the body/mind/spirit. Have you ever heard of “auras”? Did you know they could be scientifically photographed? Electro-photography, first developed by the Russians during the cold war, was used to photograph acupuncture points and more.

Other scientists throughout the world, duplicating the Russian experiments, have gone even farther. They have photographed such things as the energy steaming out of the hands of a “healer”. They have pictures of the full outline of a whole leaf – yet the picture was of a partial leaf – one that was recently torn in half (yet the “aura” of the whole leaf still remained).

Dr. Moss, at UCLA, did some research particularly relevant to tantric sex. An electro-photography study of the auras of people in relationships was

conducted. Couples sat across from each other, and each placed a hand on the table, close to, but not touching, the other person’s hand.

The electro-photography equipment was turned on, revealing the glowing corona-like “aura” energy around their hands. The auras of couples who didn’t corona-like each other, actually “bent away” from each other – looking for all the world like the auras themselves were trying to avoid ANY contact with the other person. Yet the auras of couples who were romantically involved, “reached out” towards the other


person. Also, when they were asked to kiss, an orange ball of light would grow larger, get to about “pea size”, then “burst” – then the cycle would start again. Just imagine what happens during sex! Now just imagine what CAN happen during sex, if you focus your mind on intensifying and directing those energies.

So besides being a scientific fact that our bodies are electrically/energy based, it has also been shown that these energies can be affected by our minds and emotions.

Other energy related aspects of tantric sex, involve something called the “kundalini”, and “charkas”. Both are spiritual/mental energy aspects, but we have no time or space to go into all that here. It is a study in and of itself.

Basically, when you “connect” with a sexual partner, you are also

completing an electrical circuit or “energy circuit” (ever notice that our sex organs are built like “plugs” and “sockets”?) And this “connection” can be dramatically affected by your mind and emotions.

Another aspect of tantric yoga/tantra yoga, is the fact that we are “electro-magnetically” based, like the Earth.

By using the techniques of tantric sex, the same invisible force that makes a compass needle point north, can “supercharge” sex - our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and our spirits.

Alpha brainwaves, those associated with relaxation and meditation, are in the same frequency range as the Earth’s “resonant frequency”. When we

approach sex as a meditation, as is done with tantra, our brainwaves go into that range, and others. Thus, besides flowing energy between our bodies during tantric sex, we also begin to “tap” the Earth’s energy, and indirectly, what the Earth is “tapped” into (the Sun), and what the Sun is tapped into ( the Milky Way galaxy), and what the galaxy is tapped into, etc. – the very Universe itself. And the One energy/spirit that comprises it all. Whew!!! Talk about having a cigarette after sex – you’re going to need a cigar store!

Men have it “harder”

Both males and females have a role to play in tantric sexual training, and practices. But in the early stages, while women do use visualization and energy direction techniques, it is primarily males that do the most training (at least in the sense of self-discipline training). That’s because the male has the most difficult time getting his attention/consciousness out of the “guttural” or lower vibratory levels of physical sex, and into the emotional and spiritual levels. Unfortunately, because it has been primarily a male training “thing”, and so many cultures have been male dominated, it has also become very male oriented in some cultures. Such is NOT the case with the “primal power tantra” form of tantric sex taught by our order.


The history and varieties of tantric sex.

There are many different types of tantric sex, from many different cultures and religions. Some bring spiritual closeness, bliss, aid the process of spiritual development/enlightenment, and returning to a spiritual state of being. However, some forms of tantric sex are selfishly based, and actually destructive (because one partner uses their mental powers to drain spiritual and life energies from the other, rather than sharing the energies with their partner).

The Primary Types of Tantra

Tantric sex can be divided into three primary types.

One is a “give and take method”, in which the couple shares their spiritual and life energies during sex, and tap into the energies of the Earth, the

Universe/Spirit. In this way, the energies build and benefit both partners. That is the basis of our primal power tantra tantric sex.

Another method, we could call a “take” method. Using this form of tantric sex involves one partner using visualization to take advantage of the other,

“sucking”, and “draining” their energies, and “hogging” it all for themselves. This may sound hard to believe, but it’s founded in real science.

And finally, there are “new age” versions that have no tradition behind them, and are often just fabrications, or modifications from someone who has read books about it, or learned it at a seminar from someone who also doesn’t really know anything about it or lacks any traditional training. I know of one such “tantra teacher” who has been around for over a decade, and is very popular – he even has teacher training seminars. He makes big bucks while using it as an excuse to cheat on his wife. He also practices black magic. In fact, he uses it, and the threat of it, to coerce and control women he wants. Whether you believe in black magic, or just think it’s all in the mind of the victim, the bottom line is the same to the victim.

That final new age type of tantra can involve just about anything. Some teachers are sincere, and want to help people enhance their sex life, or help those who have sexual blocks, get past them. It can have validity for sexual/emotional sensitivity training, sexual openness training, etc. But other times it can just be a sham.

Besides other adverse effects, such “sham” teaching can give people an “excuse” to have regular low-consciousness sex, while deluding themselves (or a sexual partner), into thinking/feeling it is “spiritual”. It can also be a great “pick up line” to impress or get sex from people who are spiritually oriented, or who

consider themselves spiritual.

It amazes me that anyone would take “tantra lessons” from someone who has no real background in it, and doesn’t really even understand what genuine tantra is (because they’ve never practiced it), or how to do it themselves. People


who wanted to be a mechanic wouldn’t learn it from someone who’s only experience comes from reading a book or taking a seminar from someone else who doesn’t have any real training or experience either. Yet they’d take something as essential to life and existence as spiritual sexuality, and get instructions from an “airy fairy” faker?

Maybe martial arts would make a better comparison. After all, tantra and true martial arts are related disciplines. Wouldn’t it be foolish to take martial arts lessons from someone who didn’t really train in some kind of proven, or real, traditional martial arts? Even Bruce Lee trained his whole life in a traditional form, then later in life, modified and improved on it, creating his own style based on the old style, but incorporating aspects of other time proven methods, like boxing. But he didn’t just “channel” it or make it up, or modify something he read about.

People are often even more discerning about Yoga, and look for a trained teacher in a given style. Yet they will take “tantra” lessons from anyone who takes out an ad saying that they teach it – with no qualifications other than having been to a seminar given by someone else who’s made up their own thing (to make money or get sex).

There is a reason traditions are traditions. And yes, sometimes they need to grow and evolve – but any real growth and evolution comes from someone who has first mastered the tradition, and then improved upon it – in which case, it will still have its “roots” in the tradition. And as with “real” traditional martial arts, training is not just given to anyone who has a buck to pay. It is part of an entire way of life. Who would you want on your side in a fight, someone better than Bruce Lee, or a guy who “picked up” some martial arts techniques in a seminar from a former receptionist who got it through a seminar? If you were ever attacked and needed to defend yourself, or an innocent person, what would you want “under your belt” – the easy fun “training” of a weekend seminar, or some weekly sessions, or years of discipline & training from a teacher who’s done the same training, from a lineage of teachers that have survived thousands of years of attacks?

Real, traditional tantra training, regardless of whether it is the first or second type, takes as much time and discipline to learn as traditional martial arts or Yoga training (it’s just a lot more fun!).

The “Take” Method

Some methods, especially some with origins that come from the orient, are very sexist - slanted toward the male’s advantage. This method typically teaches men to practice what is essentially energy “vampirism”. They learn techniques to essentially “suck” the vital energies (see our website link “tantric yoga/tantra yoga” for details) from their female sexual partner, taking it all for themselves and leaving their partner drained. This results in the female being negatively impacted in several ways – it has severely detrimental emotional, physical and spiritual effects. It can result in women having weaker immune systems, aging younger, and dying


younger, while the men remain more youthful and have longer lives. The following paragraph is a true story that exemplifies this.

A Chinese kung-fu master, who was very old (I seem to remember 140?), was finally “running out of steam” and beginning to die. So this old man started going to brothels daily, and keeping himself “charged” and alive by sucking the life energies from prostitutes. He did this daily. After the “madams” or “pimps” started noticing that their “girls” were becoming so weak and tired that they were unable to perform their jobs anymore, the man was banned from all the brothels of the area, and subsequently died.

But while such “one-sided” tantra training is generally “male sided”, it is by no means exclusive to men. I once met a famous actress from the early days of movies, who was known for her blatant sexuality, both on and off screen. Never one to be known for being sexually shy (to put it mildly), she told me that she stayed more youthful and vital, by using “sex magic” to drain the energy of the men she had sex with. She also had a pyramid over her bed, to attain similar benefits from the concentrated Universal Life Energy it provided (don’t ask me how I know that).

The spiritual order I am part of, and many other compassion oriented spiritual paths, consider those types of tantric practices to be highly abusive, destructive, and never to be done. We believe those who practice such methods will suffer serious karmic repercussions from doing so.

The “Give & Receive” Method – Primal Power Tantra

Our spiritual order has always practiced a “giving” and “sharing” oriented tantric sex, that is helpful to spiritual growth, and physical health. It can be called “primal power tantra” for reasons that will become obvious.

Primal Power Tantra is a form of tantra that benefits both our angelic spiritual nature, and our animal nature. It allows each of our natures to be pure and function both independently, and in harmony as one. At the same time it helps our spiritual side to transcend its selfish addictions to lower vibrational sex, and return to our spiritual origins.

In our opinion, primal power tantra is the best and “highest vibration” form of spiritual sexuality. It is the most ancient, time proven, and effective practice of spiritual sexuality/sexual meditation that exists.

Warning: Since during the training stages of tantric sex, males have not developed total orgasmic control, it is possible for pregnancy to occur. In fact, the traditional early stage training takes that into consideration, and allows for it. If your beliefs include the use of birth control, you may still want to use it until tantric sex is mastered. Later stages of primal power tantra development, bring the ability to choose when and if there will be conception, even without birth control. It also allows for having “spiritually conscious conception”. If you do choose to have children, we believe that primal power tantra training, done properly along with


other spiritual training, will result in having higher consciousness, spiritually oriented children.

In any case, we strongly recommend that the training only be practiced by individuals in a totally devoted, committed relationship, who have the same spiritual ideals. Thus, if they have children, they will all have the opportunity for a good and lasting spiritual family life.

Primal Power Tantra vs. Celibacy

Celibacy, the practice of refraining from sex, does have spiritual benefits. But it can also cause physical problems, and reinforce certain unhealthy emotional and mental issues, if they exist already.

First, the physical drawbacks. Suffice it to say, that it is unnatural for an animal not to have sex, at least during the reproductive cycles and reproductive years of its life. And the human body is an animal (except for a few people I know who are vegetables and minerals). While many of the intricacies of the human body’s “workings” remain unknown to modern science, it isn’t difficult to realize that depriving it of any of its basic natural functions, will have side effects.

Not allowing the body to perform its natural sexual functions, especially for males, can have negative effects on the body’s health, including creating prostate problems. Even your mental attitude towards sex, and whether or not you see it as something spiritual, can affect physical health, and in particular, prostate health in men.

But most importantly, your attitude can reflect, and impact, your mental and emotional states. And those can do more than just impact you physically. They can also affect your entire way of interacting with others, and life itself. More about that in a minute, but first, let’s cover the physical impact.

The male body, even if it isn’t being allowed to have orgasms as much as it likes or needs, has a built-in safety mechanism – “wet dreams”. But if it’s your attitude that is preventing your from normal sexual activity (as opposed to mere physical celibacy), that may not be enough to keep you healthy. I suffered prostate problems and infections during my days as a young monk. I had chosen to be celibate, even though I had a relationship. That was not the normal practice at the time, but I, in with my young naïvety and ego, believed that sex, even primal power tantra tantric sex, was not something a spiritual person should be participating in (plus I had performance anxiety). I did have wet dreams, but my mental attitude was still negative regarding sex. I didn’t understand at the time that everything in the Universe, was based on some form of polar opposite interaction (i.e., “sex”). I am certain that it was my mental attitude that caused my prostate problems. No one else was having prostate problems, even though they were practicing first stage primal power tantra and only got to have an orgasm once a month, yet had intercourse daily. But no one else had an “issue” with tantric sex being “un-spiritual” either. [By the way, before you start such a practice, you might want to ask your doctor. They are usually against it. Mine told me it could cause prostate problems – and of course that went into my mental conditioning too.]


The effects mental attitude or celibacy can have on women are not as easy to “pin down” as they are with men. But in general, we have seen certain

common weaknesses in teeth, gums, and physical strength/well being overall. That is a generality of course. But consider the concepts of the electrical and kundalini/chakra functioning of the body. The lower charkas, sometimes referred to as “root” and “sex” chakras, are the power supplies (so to speak) for the rest of the being. Here’s an analogy – you may have the most sophisticated stereo system in the world, or home theater system, but if you don’t have it plugged into the raw power coming from your wall socket, it won’t do you a bit of good. It MUST have the raw, primal power, in order to turn it into the more refined types of power that will play your music or movies.

Other than the physical, people who are practicing celibacy because of

denial or avoidance of sex, can tend to be emotionally and spiritually cold and

distant. Sometimes it is also accompanied by bitterness, anger or repressed anger. All of that will of course, have some physical impacts also.

If practiced properly, primal power tantra has all the beneficial aspects of celibacy without having any of the drawbacks of celibacy, or having to be celibate. For example, you can still have sex, yet the mind, body, and emotions are focused in the “higher” realms such as love, caring and the spiritual/universal life energies. In fact, primal power tantra accomplishes these things better than celibacy, and has many other benefits (including simultaneously allowing the human bodies we live in, to function naturally and healthily).

The extra spiritual benefits of primal power tantra, over celibacy, are many. First, extremely powerful self-discipline is required, and thus, developed. Then there is the transcension of physical lust and sex-addiction.

Let me use the alcoholic example I used in Sex & the Spiritual Guy (or

Woman). It’s not the greatest example in the world, but you should get the gist if

you want to. Most alcoholics avoid alcohol entirely, and never have even one drink (and this is as it should be for most alcoholics). Health/spiritual issues regarding alcohol aside, wouldn’t it be a greater mastery over the self, a greater

self-discipline, to be able to have a single drink, then stop? Wouldn’t it take even

greater strength of will, self-discipline and transcension of self-controlling desires, to be able to take a drink into the mouth, taste it, but not swallow it? Who would be achieving the greater transcension over their lower nature, the alcoholic that must never touch the stuff, or the one who can taste it, but not drink? Applying this to sex - which of the following disciplines is more difficult - staying away from sex entirely, or engaging in it without having a physical orgasm (especially for a man)? Which of the two really requires the most self-discipline (especially for a man)? And thus, which method offers the greatest transcension and freedom from the lower desires & the animal body, and thus, the greatest spiritual gain?

The Fundamentals of Primal Power Tantra

Primal power tantra involves allowing the body to have sex, while mentally and spiritually transcending/detaching from that, and placing the


attention/consciousness in the mental/emotional/spiritual realms. It also bypasses the spiritually detrimental aspects of normal (selfish) sexual activity, and avoids negative tantric sex practices.

Tantra, like fine wine, gets better with age

Traditional training to master primal power tantra, including our advanced “Magical Sex” tantra, goes in three stages, and takes three years - one stage per year. But we will only be giving instructions for mastering primal power tantra, so you can cut that to two years – for traditional training. Of course, you aren’t a

monk doing traditional training in a monastery, so this can be modified to suit you. Spiritual, mental and physical transformation occurs over the course of the entire training. But when the point of achieving mastery is reached, a great transformation takes place, impacting the individual in many ways. They develop new emotional and spiritual/psychic sensitivities, new abilities, and achieve a new intimacy and “oneness” with their mate. If you are on a true spiritual path of some kind, it will also assist you in achieving your spiritual goals.

This form of spiritual sexuality, is soooooo much more ecstatic and fulfilling on so many new levels, that after experiencing it, choosing to have regular sex would be like someone with sight, hearing, and speech, choosing to be blind, deaf, and mute. Plus, the physical act of sex eventually becomes irrelevant, and the feelings of unselfish love, spiritual orgasmic ecstasy, etc., can be experienced whether or not the body is involved. It can even happen spontaneously while with the mate, or apart – even in dreams. Time and space can no longer separate you. Again, this can also be achieved with celibacy combined with other spiritual

practices like meditation, yoga, along with methods of transcending the illusion of separateness. But practicing primal power tantra takes more self-discipline, thus it’s generally faster, and more of a “sure thing”.

Committing to your training

Primal power tantra training takes determination, commitment, conviction, and concentration. If you put the time in effort into it, you will be rewarded. But make the commitment or don’t even start – you’d just be wasting your time if you aren’t going to stick to it.

Here’s a mediocre example based on the earlier alcoholic example:

practicing primal power tantra training is something like an alcoholic choosing to drink every day, but never swallowing. If they can get through the tough beginning times, they’ll develop incredible strength of will. And after they have totally

mastered that self-discipline, and are no longer controlled by their self-urges to have a drink, they can even swallow it every so often (of course, with tantra we’re talking about something good for you, not something detrimental like alcohol). I know that’s a bit confusing, so perhaps you should re-read it again, then read on.

Now put the above example into the sexual realm, and you’ll get an idea of the training involved. A man has intercourse every day, but is not to have an orgasm. This is part of the basic training. Before anything else is accomplished, the male MUST learn to control orgasms, and to shift his sexual viewpoint out of


“the whole point of sex is to have an orgasm”, that every man has. This is a huge change, and requires total self-discipline. And primal power tantra practice forces it.

Done right, the rigors of this training period eventually pass. It changes to where it is no longer “a self-discipline”, a conscious effort, or conscious at all. It all becomes second nature. You could even “appear” to be having regular sex, going through the motions, but not having “regular” sex at all. You will be having tantric sex, regardless of what your body is doing. The positions won’t matter, the

movements won’t matter, nothing will change the wondrous permanent inner change that you will have made.

Once a male masters tantra, their entire outlook on sex, relationships with women, and spirituality, will make a shift. They can then start experiencing the higher emotional and spiritual energies involved with their relationship, and all life – two spiritual beings exchanging energy with each other, and the ALL.

As time goes on, not only are all the benefits mentioned above experienced, but also the merging of the higher emotions, and letting the animal passions flow while transmuting those feelings into the spiritual realms. The overall result? Transcending the selfish separate animal self, overcoming the “addiction” to sexual self-indulgence, attaining a higher spiritual consciousness, and moving towards oneness with the Universe/Universal Spirit. AND having the most incredible sex you’ve ever had – something impossible for you to even imagine right now.

For instance

Obviously, I eventually got over my blocks, went through my three years of training, and mastered the practice. Can we say “multiple orgasmic cosmic spiritual sex that lasts longer than a day if you want it to”? My personal record is 28 hours, and my mate had hundreds (if not more) orgasms during that time, turning into one non-stop continuous spiritual orgasm. And it was all mutually experienced. Afterwards, we got in bed to go to sleep, but instead, immediately left our bodies together, and our spirits toured and merged with the cosmos, like two comets spinning together, whose tails were intertwining like DNA strands of light trailing throughout the galaxies. Did I mention that this difficult training is very worthwhile and really pays off in the end?

Now for the downside

Of course, you may have to take a break and go to the bathroom sometime – oh well.

Boot Camp – the Basic Training

In contrast to the relatively short time that military “boot camp” lasts (which I’m sure can seem like forever), as I mentioned earlier, the traditional tantric

training of our order, lasts three years. Now don’t panic, you probably aren’t part of our order. For all the rest of you reading this, you can modify the time periods, or anything else for that matter, to fit you, fit your mate, fit your goals, and fit your speed of accomplishment. It’s like “home-schooling” children – you can go faster


or slower, depending on how well you do, and what you want to achieve out of it. The three years is just the recommended time, and tradition.

The first year mainly concentrates on the male learning to have absolute control over his orgasm (not the other way around as is typically the case). Also, he should begin to develop his energy visualization skills, and the ability to “tune in” to the female, and her orgasms.

[Note: We have 2 companion CD’s for primal power tantra tantric sex practice and training (see info towards end of book). They are meant to be played while actually training (during “sex”). The verbal, guided part, is the same on both CD’s, but one has classical music in the background (Ravel’s Bolero followed by the Crescendo from Daphne & Chloe), while the other has the “vibrational sounds” that help induce a deep meditative state.]

Preliminaries to the Physical Aspects of Training

Before starting, a “signal” needs to be prearranged between the man and woman, that lets the woman know to “freeze!” (stop moving, or doing anything sensual). The signal will be used when the man is getting too close to “losing control” and having an orgasm. The signal can be anything that works well for both of you, such as tapping her on the knee or leg, grabbing her waist in a “hold still” sort of way (my favorite), simply saying “stop”, or an alarm panic switch (that last one is only for use in case of extreme fire or flooding occurring at the same time the male is close to an orgasm. Doesn’t happen too often). Of course a judo chop to the throat also works in a pinch, but we generally try to avoid that. All kidding aside though, it is important that the woman be very sensitive to this, and stop immediately when the signal is given, even though she may be quite

involved in the tantra, or want to keep going because she is having so much pleasure, or about to have an orgasm. Even if she is in the middle of an orgasm, she must control herself and stop. This is important training after all, and both partners need to have their priorities straight, rather than being overly caught up in their own pleasure and continuing anything (even slightly) that might contribute to the man going over the cliff and having an orgasm.

Men - remember not to fall into the trap of pretending that you just “pushed it too far” and couldn’t help “going over the edge” and having an orgasm. There is both a conscious and subconscious desire to have an orgasm that must be

transcended if the training is to succeed.

Men & Women - While it is primarily the male that wants his orgasm for pleasure, both partners are dealing with biological reproductive drives – the male wants to plant seeds, and the female wants to grow them. So beware of falling into any “bull” or “game playing” about “accidentally” having an orgasm, when it really wasn’t an accident, and either the man pushed it too far deliberately, or the woman pushed him past the limits of his capabilities, deliberately. Women, this goes for “attitude” also. If you are going to train or help a man train, drop the desire for him to have an orgasm, whether it’s ego, wanting to be nice, or wanting to make babies.


The man’s training requires that he does “push the limits” and be as “close to the edge” as possible during primal power tantra tantric sex practice, without having an orgasm. So it may occasionally happen that he does truly accidentally have an orgasm. If that happens, there should be no judgment or feelings of negativity about this, either from the woman, or from the man feeling guilty or like he isn’t doing well. That can only hinder training, and could eventually create a negative pattern. Just beware that you aren’t fooling yourselves regarding the real cause (as in the paragraph above). Achieving any worthwhile skill in life, takes training, time, patience and discipline – this is no different. Discuss it. Being verbally and emotionally open with each other, is important.

If you wish, before your tantra sessions you can create a nice spiritual

atmosphere, with a candle or candles, and burning some pure balls of Frankincense & myrrh (not the impure stick or cone type of incense). Don’t do anything that could start a fire, ok?!

The Physical Aspects of Training Here’s how “first year” training is done:

If “foreplay” is required, begin with that, but only the minimal amount necessary to insure the levels of lubrication and arousal required for intercourse. It is however, mandatory for the male to have an erection during the “basic training” years/phases. Later on, tantra will work regardless.

Tantra positions

The male should lie on his back, and the female get on top of him,

preferably in some form of sitting or upright position, although lying on top is fine. It is also alright for the male to be sitting, it’s just usually easier if he’s laying down. Whatever tantra positions are chosen, one of the priorities is to make sure it is a position the female enjoys. She should be in a position that is sexually arousing to her, and optimizes her chances of orgasm. Contrary to the male’s goal (which is to refrain from orgasm at this stage of training), the female can (and should) freely have as many orgasms as possible (not forced however, just what flows naturally). This feeds “life energy” into the “circuit” that is being built by both partners, via the use of their minds. By the same token, another priority is that your choice of tantra positions must be something that makes it as easy as possible for the male to keep from getting too excited/having an orgasm. So try to find the best balance.

The female is free to move around, up & down, whatever, to stimulate and enjoy herself. In fact, in these phases she should do all the moving, while the male remains as still as possible.

The primary reason for the above two restrictions, is that it is harder for a male to refrain from climaxing, if he is on top, or when he is participating in “moving”. Don’t worry, this isn’t forever – once sexual tantra is mastered, the male can be in any position, and move, without risk of orgasm.

The Mental Training

First, let’s cover the mental training for the man. For most men, their first hurdle will just be preventing an orgasm. Men have always had to deal with this


kind of problem, and have often turned to visualizing something that is not sexually arousing, and sometimes a "turn off". For instance, thinking about sports, their mother-in-law, etc. But obviously, primal power tantra tantric sex training involves something quite different.

The following is a rather esoteric thing to grasp, and thus difficult to explain, but here goes. OK, I’m speaking to the guys now (the women should read this also though, because it goes into the total understanding). In early first year primal power tantra training, the most effective visualization to help prevent uncontrolled orgasm, is for you to visualize yourself as being female. I’m not talking about things like having breasts, wearing dresses, etc. But it is a matter of mentally shifting into the “receptive polarity mode”, and imagining that your mate is a male, and is penetrating you with the male organ, rather than the other way around. That probably seems strange to you, but it is a very effective and easy way to help prevent an orgasm. It also keeps the mind within the relationship and the sharing of energies, rather than off thinking about irrelevant things like sports. That technique is also the beginning stage of training to visualize the tantric spiritual energy circulation system that you'll be developing more and more as time goes on – the energy flow begins with the female, and goes to the male, then back again.

The whole idea is to develop receptivity. Receptivity to the energies being generated between the sexual mates, and even to those of nature, the Earth, and the Universe/Spirit. Every time the female has an orgasm, she is injecting you with energy - energy of all kinds – sexual energy, spiritual energy, emotional energy, mental energy, physical energy, reiki/universal life energy, etc. This also includes, but is not limited to, energy from various chakra frequencies from the lowest to the highest. And even energy from the Universal Spirit if she is a

spiritually oriented woman (which we will assume she is since she is doing this with you). And it isn’t just you who is getting this injection/infusion of energy – it goes into the whole – the “oneness” created by the joining of the two of you.

Thus, every time she has an orgasm, you should visualize and emotionally feel like a female, be receptive to that energy and feeling, as if she is a male having an orgasm inside you (the female in this instance).

Once you really get comfortable with that, and get that visualization down pat, you should begin to focus on it more as an energy orgasm that she is having inside you, rather than thinking of it as physical. This is all about the energy that is produced, transferred, and shared when two opposite polarities interact with each other – just like electricity, magnetism, atoms, and solar systems. And since she is the one who is out-flowing and generating the energies every time she has an orgasm, you are the one receiving it. Some female Native Americans have even used their orgasmic energy to heal. Using household electricity as a metaphor, it is as if your penis is a household electrical plug, that is being plugged into a wall, or that you’re a light bulb being screwed into a live socket (great choice of words, eh?).

Now, after you have mastered that part, and are having no trouble preventing an orgasm, regardless of how excited you get, or how long you do


primal power tantra tantric sex for, you’ll go on to the next phase of visualization.

But not until you have total control, and the only time you have an orgasm, is

when you consciously decide to have one. This can take virtually no time, a day, a week, a month, or a year. Every man is different. Don’t feel bad if it takes a while – it is supposed to, and usually does. That’s part of why you’ve got a full year for the first stage training.

After you’ve developed total control, the next phase of stage 1, involves what you do with all that energy you’re getting from all her orgasms. You don’t want to be a hog, keep it all for yourself, and just drain her. You want to create a circuit between you. A circular constant energy flow that increases in power and intensity with each of her orgasms. This will feed and nurture both of you at the same time. This circuit starts with her orgasm, then it enters you, then you visualize it going up your spine, up and around the back of your head, back down the front of your body, to your penis, and from there up her spine, around her head, back down her front side until it reaches her vagina, then back into you… That completes one cycle of the circuit, and begins the next. You want this to be a continuous energy flow though, so you don’t stop your visualization with just

completing one cycle of the circuit. You need to eventually keep seeing it as one constant stream that never stops. At first though, you will have to visualize it all slowly, step-by-step, one piece of the circuit at a time. Eventually you will see it as one glowing energy flow that has no beginning or end – just ONE flow that looks something like a folded infinity symbol if you were looking at the two of you from a side view.

Do NOT rush yourself though. You must take it slow, and let the

visualizations and other aspects of your training, completely ingrain themselves into your mind and programming. It needs to eventually become totally integrated, automatic, subconscious, super-conscious, something that happens even if you don’t think about it, or aren’t “practicing” primal power tantra tantric sex. But for now, as you consciously and deliberately move the energy around with your mind, it will slowly get faster of it’s own accord. In fact, you won’t be able to keep the visualization from getting faster over time, all by itself, just by practicing it slowly. But it must happen on its own, by itself, without you forcing it. Eventually, it gets so fast, that it reaches a sort of “mental speed of light” and becomes the ONE flow, ONE circuit, making you and your mate ONE on many energy levels. As those levels build, you will both raise in energy and consciousness.

Now for the women

You will essentially be doing the same visualizations as your mate (given above), but obviously in the opposite direction. For instance, in the very beginning you will be visualizing yourself as the male penetrating your mate, the female. And when you have an orgasm, you'll be seeing yourself “ejaculating” into him, just as a male would be having an orgasm with a female. Later on, this will change to JUST a visualization of injecting energy into him.


Make sure the two of you discuss his progress, and at what stage of the visualization he is at, so you can be doing the same visualizations at the same time. If any of the visualizations hamper your orgasms, don’t bother with them until you are having no restrictions.

Besides being sensitive to if your mate is getting too close to having an orgasm and helping him prevent that, one of your main responsibilities is having orgasms (I know it's horrible, but somebody has to do it).

His and Hers – general tips and training rules If possible, you should have intercourse daily.

Traditionally, during first year training, the male only gets to have an

orgasm once a month (remember, you don’t have to do it traditionally, you can set more frequent times – but it’s vital to stick with whatever you choose, in order for self-discipline to be developed, and the benefits of the training to be realized).

When it is time for the male to have an ejaculation orgasm, several things change, and the roles reverse. The male gets on top, and has an orgasm as quickly as it comes naturally, disregarding whether or not the female will have, or has an orgasm. Just like in the animal kingdom. That doesn’t mean the female shouldn’t have an orgasm if it just “happens” during that brief length of time. It’s just that it shouldn’t be a goal during this one day a month, a week, or whatever, in which it is the “male orgasm time”. This is important for several reasons.

Sure, it gives the female an opportunity to be self-sacrificing, which can be a positive thing for her. But that’s not the primary reason for doing this by any means. The main reason is that it reinforces the fact (and reinforces the sub-conscious programming) that the body is an animal. Why is that important? Nature, is one reason. And “contrasting” the body against the spirit, is another.

Ironically, allowing the animal to have it’s time to behave totally naturally, actually further reinforces the fact (and programming) that we are spiritual beings, just inhabiting and using an animal body as a vehicle. It sends the message that the spiritual being who we really are, our inner-being, our soul, our spirit, is totally in control of our lives – free to choose if and when the animal can fulfill its needs. We have free will. We are free to choose selfishness, animalism, self-indulgence, separateness – OR to align our free will with higher, more spiritual forces and emotions also – including unselfish love and giving. This is what can bring us into alignment with (oneness with) the Universe/Spirit.

Our traditional training reinforces that, and teaches the self/animal who is really in charge. Like a dog, denying it a treat doesn’t demonstrate its training and discipline – but being able to put a treat on its nose, and have it wait until we say “OK”, is what shows the training & discipline that demonstrates and proves transcension over the lower urges.


Second Year Training:

“Second verse, same as the first”. Second year training is virtually the same as the first year, with the exception that the male starts having orgasms once a week, instead of once a month. And of course, the discipline, emotional and spiritual skills/sensitivities that were acquired during the first year of training, will be in place by now, which make the entire experience different and easier.

COMMON PROBLEMS THAT CAN BE ENCOUNTERED: 1. Male has premature ejaculation

2. Female has difficulty having orgasms Common Reasons:

Men & Women: Fear

Sexual Abuse as a child or adult. Guilt Programming


Lack of training

Performance Anxiety (fear about having an orgasm too soon, or not lasting long enough for female to have orgasm)

Lack of Self-Discipline

Deliberately giving-in to desire for orgasm Women:

Not trusting mate Mate insensitive Not liking mate

Not wanting to surrender to mate, or spiritually

Female performance anxiety – afraid of not having orgasm Solutions:

For Men: Relaxing


Feeling unselfish love

Feeling (knowing) you’re not going to be judged if you “screw up” (no pun intended).

Letting go of guilt and replacing it with truth and love.

Letting go of fear, replacing it with courage – even the courage to look bad, or perform badly. You won’t need to care if you perform badly, as long as you are not deliberately having orgasms. You are training. How would you perform if you’d never hit a ball in your life, and started training with the Yankees and had to get up to bat right away?

COMMUNICATION. Discussing everything with your mate, especially your feelings. If you don’t have good communication and a non-judgmental partner, you’d better start with that, because you aren’t going to develop a good spiritual relationship and gain spiritual growth without such fundamental relationship foundations in place and working. The same goes for how you deal with your partner if she is having difficulties.

Patience, communication, unselfish love, acceptance, kindness – are all fundamental. If your mate is self-absorbed and is more concerned with her orgasms than your training and how you feel, then you need relationship

counseling, and if that doesn’t work, perhaps you need to find someone who cares about you too. Relationships are not give and take – that doesn’t ever work. One that is good, happy, harmonious, and works, is one that is give & give. If each of you is on the taking end once in a while, without wanting or demanding it – that’s the way a good relationship works.

For Women:

Be understanding and compassionate with yourself if you have difficulty having orgasms. That is very common. There can be many reasons for that, and if what we’re about to discuss here doesn't help, you might want to consider getting professional help. Problems can come from childhood abuse, guilt programming, a lack of sensitivity on your mate's part, a lack of trust, or an un-willingness to surrender to either your mate, or God. You may have good reason to not trust your mate, nor want to surrender to him.

But you don't have good reason to not surrender to the Universe/Spirit. And after all, that's what this is ultimately about -- for both of you. But if you have a bad relationship, you are going to need to resolve it, or find a good one. This is an issue for women that men don’t have. Most men (without serious psychological problems, or age issues) can have sex with anyone and have an orgasm. But something that goes into the orgasm factor for most women is feeling trust, caring, knowing they are cared about, in order to have feelings of openness and surrender that go into the overall makeup of their orgasms, and orgasmic capabilities. That’s not true with everyone of course, but it is a generality that applies to most –

especially those who have difficulty with orgasms.

Sure, there are “warm up” and length of time factors – how long a man needs to last before you can have an orgasm, and other factors. But in general, in


a good relationship, foreplay is every interaction you have with your mate, all the time. And the better your relationship, the more orgasmic, and more quick to orgasm, you’ll be.

Anyway, assuming it is a good relationship, just “shift your mind” to a mode of relaxing and enjoying yourself – not “try”. Either do, or do not. DON’T put pressure on yourself, or “try” to have an orgasm. That usually backfires. If you let go, relax, get into it, focus on and enjoy the feelings of love, intimacy, and

sensations of pleasure, you are more likely to have an orgasm than if you are “trying” or “focusing on” having an orgasm.

If you need to feel animalistic, passion, lust, etc., in order to open up and get flowing, go for it. You need that part of your body and the lower chakra energies working before you can work with the higher. There’s nothing wrong with that. Also, barring working out any programming or psychological problems that may be having adverse effects on your ability to have orgasms, you may want to help stimulate and intensify your pleasurable sensations yourself.

Self-stimulation, vibrators, etc., are all OK to use if you need them – heck, they can be fun even if you don’t need them. If you have a problem with that too, then you have other programming blocks that also need to be dealt with. As to your “other half” - if you’re fine with using extra stimulation, but your mate doesn’t want you to because he is jealous or threatened (insecure), you should discuss it with him

seriously, because this whole program is not going to work for him or you, if you are not orgasmic – AND if he is going to be that selfish and closed minded. Plus, such a threatened attitude also means you have other relationship problems that tantra is not going to cure. Sure, he can still train to control his orgasms,

transcend his lust, and make spiritual progress in that way, and you can both visualize the energy circuit, etc., but you won’t be infusing the same energies you would be if you were having orgasms – and feeling unselfish love for each other. And if you don’t feel like surrendering and becoming one with him, it’s also going to hamper the whole point of spiritual sexuality.

Don’t forget what I said in the Men’s Solutions section. Much of that applies to you too. Plus, if you are judgmental, or make him feel bad because you’re not having an orgasm, or he’s not lasting long enough for you to have an orgasm, it will create performance anxiety and worsen the problem for both of you.

If the above suggestions don’t help, or either of you have serious sexual or relationship problems, you should get relationship counseling. If it’s just a problem with one or the other of you, and it can’t be resolved, you might want to consider “moving on” and finding someone you can feel truly good about, and be really intimate with on all levels.


Not so Typical Problems:

Women getting negative from having a great sexual experience.

In rare occasions, some women experience negativity, or get “bitchy” the next day after having great sex. That’s because the orgasms are feeding their selfish nature, and are just used as a self-indulgence. Something many of us have seen that you may be able to use as an example, is a child getting too much self indulgent pleasure during a day at Disneyland – they sometimes get very negative. The same thing can happen with women getting a great deal of pleasure from tantra – and taking it to the self indulgent “feeding selfishness” part of themselves. Thus, the negative selfish nature gets nourished and reinforced, rather than what should be happening – the exact opposite – feeding the giving nature, the spirit, and denying the selfish addictive nature.

If that happens, try to work with it. Be more disciplined and concentrate more on directing your primal power tantra sexual practice into being a spiritual, unselfishly loving experience. Focus on that during tantra. If that doesn’t work, which is extremely, extremely rare, then regular celibacy might be the path you need.

The Road to Shambhala –

the ultimate benefit of Primal Power tantra

Practicing primal power tantra, along with other non-sexual spiritual training, can even help you achieve what some call enlightenment, Universal consciousness, or nirvana, satori, samadhi, or whatever. It’s something like the results of consciously having a “near death” experience, in which you have a realization of your oneness with the Universe, and how life goes on forever.

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Our guided visualization CDs help you learn or enhance sex, tantra, or primal power tantric sex practice, should you decide to take that route. One CD has classical music in the background (including Ravel’s Bolero – famous for having sex to, and once banned from universities because of it being used “seductively”). The other CD has scientifically created “Vibrational Sounds” in the background, to help induce a deeper subconscious meditative state.



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