Cub Scouts and Their Families

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On the following pages, you will find a list of all the currently scheduled programs for 2022.

To find out more details, register and find out about new events as they become available

please visit our webpage at

In addition to all the programs included in this guide, make sure to check out the high

adventure awards, Camp Balboa awards and MSR awards you can earn as an individual or


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Cub Scouts and Their Families

Day Camps

March 28-April 1 Youth Aquatic Center April 4-8 Youth Aquatic Center

April 11-15 Youth Aquatic Center June 20-24 Lake Poway (Tentative)

July 11-15 Camp Bashor

July 18-22 El Cajon Wesleyan Church

July 25-29 Twilight Camp at Scripps Comm. Park August 1-5 Camp Balboa

December 20-24 Camp Balboa December 27-31 Camp Balboa

Weekend Family Camps

May 27-29 Fun with Family MSR

June 24-26 Fun with Family Camp Bashor September 2-4 Labor Day at the Bay

October 28-30 Fun with Family MSR Other Cub Events

May 7 Mom and Me at Camp Balboa June 18 Dad and Me

June 29 – July 2 Webelos Resident Camp at YAC August 19-21 Webelos Castaway at YAC

November 11 Veteran’s Day Event


Scouts BSA


Sea Scouts

Day Camps

March 28-April 1 Trailblazer Camp at YAC April 4-8 Trailblazer Camp at YAC

April 11-15 Trailblazer Camp at YAC March 28-April 1 Eagle Camp at Camp


April 4-8 Eagle Camp at Camp Balboa April 11-15 Eagle Camp at Camp Balboa

Resident Camp

June 19-25 Camp Fiesta Island June 26-July 2 Camp Fiesta Island

July 3-9 Camp Fiesta Island July 10-16 Camp Fiesta Island July 17-23 Camp Fiesta Island July 24-30 Camp Fiesta Island

July 31- August 6 Camp Fiesta Island Other Events

April 23 Safety at Sea

September 16-18 International Camporee November 12 Shooting Sports Day at


Unit COPE Weekends March 11-13

April 8-10 May 13-15 June 10-12

July 8-10 August 12-14 September 9-11

October 14-16 November 11-13

December 9-11


NYLT at MSR June 26-July 1

July 10-15

Color Guard Train the Trainer at Balboa

April 15 August 28

October 9

OA Polestar at Balboa March 5

University of Scouting August 6

Trail Building at MSR February 26

March 12 April 23

May 14 September 24

October 15 October 29 November 12

December 3

Unit Backpack Training at MSR

March 12-13 April 9-10 May 14-15 October 8-9 November 12-13 Water Trek at YAC

March 2 June 1 November 2

First Aid/CPR/AED at Balboa

February 19

First Aid/CPR Challenge at Balboa

March 11 April 8

Wilderness and Remote First Aid at Balboa

March 12-13 April 9-10

Training for Youth


Participants will experience the great outdoors and enjoy the overnight camping experience at

Camp Bashor at Otay Lakes County Park.

These fun filled weekends are staffed by trained volunteers who will assist campers at

activity stations during the day making sure that each family gets the most out of their camp experience. Activities include crafts, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, archery and more.

In the evenings, families are invited to participate in movie night and a campfire program. Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner,

and Sunday breakfast are all included.

First time youth campers receive their very own sleeping bag and first- time families receive a tent to take Home.

Only $5 per person (Ages 3 and under free)

Camperships available.

MARCH 25-27 May 20-22 JUNE 24-26 AUGUST 26-28 September 23-25

October 14-16

A one-of-a-kind opportunity for non-Scouting boys and girls ages 5-10 and their families to create lasting memories while they explore what the outdoors have to


Units and individuals who volunteer to help will be able to camp for free at Camp Bashor during the weekend.

Visit the website at


2023 National Jamboree

July 19-28, 2023

Summit Bechtel Reserve

The first Boy Scouts of America national jamboree was scheduled to be held in Washington, D.C., in 1935 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Scouting in America. Unfortunately, the jamboree was canceled because of a polio outbreak in Washington. When the first jamboree was finally held in 1937, Dan Beard lit the opening campfire using flint and steel. Scouts from

all 48 states brought the wood that was used in the campfire. There were 27,232 Scouts camped on the National Mall under the Washington Monument. Since that time, an

additional 18 national jamborees have been held, the last in 2017.

Every four years, local councils put together Jamboree units, comprised each of Scouts and adult leaders. Provided there is enough interest and leadership, this year units will include

Male Troops, Female Troops, and Venture Crews.

The Jamboree is open to all who are qualified on a first-come, first-served basis. Qualifications for youth to attend the National Jamboree include:

Registered member of a Scout Troop, who has completed the 6th grade, or will be at least 12 years old (but who has not yet reached their 18th birthday by 8/1/2023) and a first class Scout by July 1, 2023. –OR–

Registered member of a Venture Crew who will be at least 14 years old (but who has not yet reached their 21st birthday by 8/1/2023).

Must live and abide by the Scout Oath and Law.

More information available at


Adults who are interested in attending or would like to serve on the planning committee should complete the survey at


There are two ways to make this happen:

1. Have a leader get trained and serve as a campmaster for the weekend.

While serving as a campmaster, any leader can invite their unit (up to 12) or family to join them at camp for the weekend and pay no camping fee. Program fees (shooting, COPE, etc.) and camping fees beyond the alotted 12 will not be waived.

2.Complete a service project on the property.

For those units who would like to attend camp and use their time there to perform a day long (6 hour) service project, general camping fees will be waived. Half day service projects (3 hours) will result in half price camping fee. Service

projects must be pre-approved by the the camping department.

Program fees (shooting, COPE, etc.) will not be waived.

To receive more information about becoming a campmaster, complete the survey at

Interested in free or discounted camping at

Mataguay, Camp Balboa or Camp




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