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Academic year: 2022

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Satgurunath D. Gaikwad * Dr. Vaishali S. Khaparde **

* Librarian,

Konkan Gyanpeeth Karjat College of Arts, Science &


At- Ladivali, Post-Tiwre, Tal Karjat,


Maharashtra, India.

** Professor & Head, Department of Library and Information Science, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad,

Maharashtra, India.

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ABSTRACT: - The present paper, while studying the importance of DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals, aiming to cover all subjects and languages.

As of September 2014, this directory contains 9,996 journals and 1,730,422 Articles. DOAJ aims to be the one stop shop for users of open access journals.

80 Open Access Journals on Library and Information Science were studied.

KEY WORDS – Bibliometric, Library and Information Science, E- journals, Online Journals, DOAJ, Open Access, Publication analysis.


Mapping is to represent all adjacent areas or knowledge in a helpful order showing the logical subordination and co-ordination of classes.

It helps people to think more effectively as a group without losing individuality helps groups manages the complexity of their ideas without

trivializing losing detail. Mapping is a technique first used by J. D. Bernal and refined by Eugene Garfield. Mapping is the methodology of developing knowledgebase for a given field.

Mapping of knowledge provides an overview of the distribution of knowledge at different levels e.g. at the level of nations, states, cities/towns, institutions, journals disciplines, sub disciplines


“Knowledge Librarian” An International Peer Reviewed Bilingual E-Journal of Library and Information Science

etc. The work on maps of knowledge depends on the field considered for mapping knowledge such as papers published in professional journals and cross-citations for every such paper. In these maps the items are positioned in relation to each others in such a way that those topics that are cognitively related to each other are positioned in each other’s vicinity, and those not or hardly related, are distant from each other. Generally science maps are constructed by the co- occurrence information principle, i.e. the more two elements occur together in one and the same paper, the sooner they will be identified as being closely related. Different elements of a bibliographic record may be used to generate a map structure. Each element reveals a specific structure, unique in a sense, but always related to the structures based on other elements.


Mapping is a structured process, focused on a topic or construct of interest, involving input from one or more participants that produces an interpretable pictorial view (Concept map) of their ideas concepts and how these are interrelated.


The objectives of the present study are to find the following-

To examine the distribution of Journals according to periodicity.

To find out distribution of Journals based on publishing body.

To identify the distribution of Journals based on document type.

To analyze the distribution of Journals based on format.


The present study is limited to “DOAJ’

Directory of Open Access Journals Open source Journals Directory. A total Number of 80 Journals were identified in the directory form the discipline of Library and Information Science which will be undertaken for the further study.


The list of Journals published in the field of Library and Information Science will be collected from the “DOAJ” Directory of Open Access Journals Open source Journals Directory.

The required data for the study will be collected from the “DOAJ” Directory of Open Access Journals Open source Journals Directory with adequate details such as name of Journals, year of publication, place of publication, frequency etc.


S. Hinze and H. Grupp. (1996)15 Paper presented at the 4th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicatior, Antwerp, Belgium, 5-5 Oct-1995. In this article the author


Analyzes activities in new biotechnology in food science and technology using bibliometric methods. Uses multidimensional scaling to visualize the structure of the field as represented by scientific literature and patent applications.

For the science as well as for the technology side increasing activities in the field where found. The specialization analysis shows above average specialization on the science and the technology side in the EU member countries (except for Germany) as well as in the USA.

Chand, Prakash and Singh, Dharmendra Sengar (2000),14 in their article “A bibliometric Study of Solar Energy Research in India”

introduce bibliometric analysis of the solar energy research collected from ISA, INPAT, INSPEC, SCI database and also scanned annual report of other Indian R&D organization covering 1992 – 97 period for the purpose. It gives quantitative and qualitative assessment of R&D output contributed by the scientist and organization and presents rank order of the institutions which have made their contribution in the discipline of solar energy research. Analysis also indicates thrust areas of solar energy research.

(Khaparde, 2011) Abstract Knowledge is the totality of ideas, conserved through human civilization and knowledge management (KM) is a process, which converts the internal and external information of the organization into actionable knowledge. KM has emerged as a key concern of

organizations. Better management of knowledge within the organization leads to improved innovation and competitive advantage.

Developing an effective KM system requires a well-balanced approach.

(Khaparde & Pawar, 2013) studied the authorship pattern and author’s collaborative research in Information Technology with a sample of 17917 articles collect from LISA during 2000- 2009.The average number of authors per article is 1.80. In the study the degree of collaboration (C) during the overall 10 years (2000-2009) is 0.71 but the year wise degree of collaboration is almost same in all the years of mean value 0.49.

According to 10 years of period, the multi- authorship articles are higher and predominant on single authorship. The study found that the researches in Information Technology are keep toward team research or group research rather than solo research.

(Khaparde, 2013)The paper studied the Bibliometric Analysis of Research Publication of Department of Chemistry, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, from 1975 to 2012. It analyzed all the 774research publications from the 144 journals. It examines year- wise distribution of papers, authorship pattern, journal in which author publish, it revealed that the number of publications has increased consistently from the year 1975 to the year 2012. 25% of the total publications have been made in 2009, 2010,


“Knowledge Librarian” An International Peer Reviewed Bilingual E-Journal of Library and Information Science

and 2011. And the majority of the publications are made with 4 authors. And also the majority of the research paper published in journal of heterocyclic chemistry.

(Ambhore & Khaparde ,2014) they analysed The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) lists open access scientific and scholarly journals, that meet high quality standards by exercising peer-review or editorial quality control and are free to all from the time of publication based on the Budapest open access initiative. Total 31 free online journals were accessed through DOAJ and analyze based on country, language, subject headings, keywords, their accessibility and availability of archives of online journal in Agricultural Biology .

(Ambhore & Khaparde, 2015) conducted a study on an evaluation of planetary science repositories in DOAR. The paper provides detailed picture of repositories under Earth and Planetary Science (EP Sci.) category available in Directory of Open Access Repositories (DOAR).

In this study EP SCI. repositories EP SCI. ted in Directory of Open Access Repositories (DOAR) are analyzed for number of items archived so far, software used, type of material archived in these repositories etc. Out of 75 repositories Earth and Planetary Science in DOAR. The study discloses the leading countries with repositories providing EP SCI. content and also highly used software used in these repositories.

Bidyarthi Dutta et.al.12 (2005), The article found on Rank Vs Number of articles distribution pattern of a journal system has been investigated from the viewpoint of Bose-Einsten statistics assuming a subject as equivalent to a phase space, a specific or micro subjects as equivalent to a phase cell and corresponding journals as the Bose – Einstein Particles. In this article found that scientific papers in journals is an interesting phenomenon in scientometrics. In this paper the author express about derivd a theoretical expression for the distribution of articles in journals based on Bose-Einsten statistics and we have derived Booke’s simplified equations.

Rekha Mittal7 (2005)Found the article “citation mapping of published literature on embelia ribes”

In these article authors are discussed about the various mapping module like Mapping, Citation Mapping, Single Mapping and Multiple Mapping.

The article use useful for my study about the meaning of mapping and various mapping techniques available.

Ajay T. Agashe et.al9 (2010) In a study they observed that united states is in 1st rank in publishing 10 e-journals followed by Brazil English is the most common language. On Business and management DOAJ is to increase the visibility and ease of use of open access scientific and scholarly journals.


Onexy Quintana‑‑‑‑Martinez5 (2014) found an article about the “Mapping the invisible colleges of innovation management field during the period from 1956 through 2012” A set of 387 articles was retrieved from the Social Science Citation Index corresponding to the period from 1956 to 2012, then by using Bibliometrics a classification of the corresponding research community according to production and impact was made, and were determined the invisible colleges. These article inspire me to do the present study.

Nirmal Singh11 (2014) In this paper the study found on DOAJ Open Access Journals contributing over from the year 2000 to 2011 ten years study. They cover the 17 subjects in the

study and SAARC countries i.e. 7 this study also gives idea for my present study.

Ajitabh Dash8 (2015) performed a survey on banks of India with regard to customer expectations and perceptions in relation to services quality. The study also efforts managerial implications and scope for further research.

Pradeep Kumar Misra,10 (2015) tried to find out the open – access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions; they found 27 Open Access Journals as freely available on websites in all subjects which is available free.

Table: 1 List of Free E-Journals on Library & Information Science on DOAJ Sr.


Title of E- Journals

Abbreviati ons

URL ISSN No. Publisher

1 Ariadne ADR http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/ ISSN: 1361- 3197 (Print); 1361-

3200 (Online)


University of


2 Asia Pacific

Journal of Multidisciplinar y Research

APJMR http://www.apjmr.com/


(Print); 2350-8442 (Online)

Lyceum of the Philippines University, Batangas

3 B Sides BS http://ir.uiowa.edu/bsides/ 2155-6687 (Print) University of


4 Biblioteka i

Edukacja Library and


BELE http://www.bg.up.krakow.pl/ 2299-565X (Online) Main Library of Pedagogical University of Cracow


Revista do Instituto de Ciencias Humanas & da Informacao

BRICHI http://www.seer.furg.br/biblos /about/index

0102-4388 (Print);

2236-7594 (Online) Universidade

Federal do Rio



“Knowledge Librarian” An International Peer Reviewed Bilingual E-Journal of Library and Information Science

6 Bulletin des

bibliothèques de


BBF http://bbf.enssib.fr/ 0006-2006 (Print);

1292-8399 (Online) French School


Librarianship and



7 Chinese

Librarianship : an International Electronic


CLIEJ http://www.iclc.us/ 1089-4667 (Online) Internet Chinese Librarians


8 Ciência da

Informação em


CIR http://www.seer.ufal.br/index.

php/cir/index 2358-0763 (Online) Universidade

Federal de


9 Ciencias de la


CDI http://cinfo.idict.cu/index.php

/cinfo 0864-4659 (Print);

1606-4925 (Online)

Centro de

Estudios y

Desarrollo Profesional en Ciencias de la


10 College and

Research Libraries

CRL http://crl.acrl.org/ 0010-0870

(Print); 2150-6701 (Online)

Association of College and Research Libraries

11 Cybrarians


CJ http://www.cybrarians.info/jo

urnal.html ISSN: 1687-

2215 (Print)


Cairo 12 DIGITHUM DI http://journals.uoc.edu/index.


1575-2275 (Print) Universitat

Oberta de

Catalunya 13 D-Lib Magazine DLM http://www.dlib.org/ 1082-9873 (Print) Corporation

for National Research


14 Documentación

de las Ciencias de la


DDCI http://revistas.ucm.es/ 0210-4210 (Print);

1988-2890 (Online)

Universidad Complutense

de Madrid 15 e-Ciencias de la

Información ECI ttp://revistas.ucr.ac.cr/index.p


1659-4142 (Print) Universidad de

Costa Rica 16 Electronic

Journal of Africana


EJAB http://ir.uiowa.edu/ 1092-9576 (Print) University of


17 Evidence Based

Library and Information Practice

EBLIP http://ejournals.library.ualbert

a.ca/index.php/EBLIP 1715-720X (Print) University of



18 Evolution of Science and


EST http://www.est.vgtu.lt/index.p

hp ISSN: 2029- 2430 (Print); 2029-

2449 (Online)

Vilnius Gediminas Technical

University 19 In the Library

with the Lead Pipe

LLP http://www.inthelibrarywithth


1944-6195 (Online) In the Library with the Lead Pipe

20 Informatio INF http://informatio.eubca.edu.uy

/ 2301-1378 (Online) Universidad de

la República

21 Information

Research: an international electronic

journal IRIEJ http://www.informationr.net/i


1368-1613 (Print) Information


22 Information

Technology and


ITL http://ejournals.bc.edu/ 0730-9295 (Print);

2163-5226 (Online)

American Library

Association 23 Informatologia INF http://hrcak.srce.hr/ 1330-0067 (Print) Croatian


n Association

24 Informing

Science The International Journal of an Emerging


ISIJET http://www.informingscience.


verview 1547-9684 (Print);

1521-4672 (Online)

Informing Science


25 Interdisciplinary Journal of e- Learning and Learning


IJLO http://www.informingscience.


1552-2210 (Print);

1552-2237 (Online)

Informing Science


26 Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and


IJIKM http://www.informingscience.

org/Journals/IJIKM/Overview 1555-1229 (Print);

1555-1237 (Online)

Informing Science


27 International Journal of Information Dissemination

and Technology

IJIDT http://www.ijidt.com/ 2229-5984 (Print);

2249-5576 (Online)

M. M.

University, Mullana-

AMBALA 28 International

Journal of Information Science and Management

IJISM www.naisit.org/journal/detail/

id/1 2008-8302 (Print);

2008-8310 (Online) Regional


Center for

Science and



“Knowledge Librarian” An International Peer Reviewed Bilingual E-Journal of Library and Information Science

29 International Journal of Knowledge Content Development and Technology

IJKCDT http://ijkcdt.net/main.php 2234-0068

(Print); 2287-187X (Online)

Research Institute for Knowledge Content Development

& Technology 30 International

Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning

IJMKL http://www.toknowpress.net/j ournals/ijmkl/


(Print); 2232-5697 (Online)

International School for Social and Business Studies 31 International

Journal of Medical


IJMR http://journals.bmsu.ac.ir/ 2345-525X (Online) Chemical Injury


Center 32 International


Journal of Library and Information


IRJLIS http://irjlis.com/ 2249-0213 (Print) International

Research :

Journal of

Library and Information

Science 33 International

Review of Information


IRIE http://www.i-r-i-e.net/ 1614-1687 (Print) International

Center for


Ethics 34 Iranian journal

of Information Processing &

Management IJIPM http://jipm.irandoc.ac.ir/ 2251-8223 (Print);

2251-8231 (Online)

Iranian Research Institute for Information and


35 Issues in

Informing Science and Information


IISIT http://www.informingscience.

org/Journals/IISIT/Overview 1547-5840 (Print);

1547-5867 (Online)

Informing Science


36 Issues in

Science and Technology Librarianship : a quarterly

publication of the Science and Technology Section, Association of College and Research Libraries

ISTL http://www.istl.org/ 1092-1206 (Print) Association of College and




37 Journal of Balkan Libraries

Union JBLU http://dergipark.ulakbim.gov.t


2148-077X (Print);

2148-9823 (Online) Trakya

University 38 Journal of Data

Mining and Digital Humanities

JDMDH http://jdmdh.episciences.org/ 2416-5999 (Online) Nicolas Turenne

39 Journal of Electronic


JEP http://www.journalofelectroni


1080-2711 (Print) University of Michigan

Press 40 Journal of

Health Information

Management JHIM http://him.mui.ac.ir/index.php

/him 1735-7853 (Print);

1735-9813 (Online)


University of Medical

Science 41 Journal of

Information and Organizational


JIOS http://jios.foi.hr/ 1846-3312 (Print);

1846-9418 (Online)

University of


42 Journal of Information

Literacy JIL http://ojs.lboro.ac.uk/ojs/inde


1750-5968 (Online) Chartered Institute of

Library and Information

Professionals 43 Journal of

Information Science Theory

and Practice

JISTP http://www.jistap.org/ 2287-9099 (Print);

2287-4577 (Online)

Korea Institute of Science and Technology

Information 44 Journal of

Librarianship and Information


JLIS http://www.lib.nccu.edu.tw/ 1023-2125 (Print) National Chengchi


Libraries 45 Journal of

Librarianship and Scholarly


JLSC http://jlsc-pub.org/ 2162-3309 (Print) Pacific University

(Oregon) 46 Journal of

Library and Information

Science JLIS http://jlis.glis.ntnu.edu.tw/

ISSN: 0363-3640 (Print); 2224-1574 (Online)

National Taiwan Normal

University 47 Journal of

Library and Information Science


JLISR http://morris.lis.ntu.edu.tw/ 1990-9128 (Print);

2218-3388 (Online)


Association of the Republic of China

(Taiwan) 48 Journal of

Library and Information Studies

JLIS http://jlis.lis.ntu.edu.tw/ 1606-7509 (Print) National

Taiwan University


“Knowledge Librarian” An International Peer Reviewed Bilingual E-Journal of Library and Information Science

49 Journal of Scientometric


JSR http://www.jscires.org/ 2321-6654 (Print);

2320-0057 (Online) Wolters

Kluwer Health and Medknow

Publications 50 Journal of the

European Association for Health

Information and


JEAHIL http://eahil.eu/ 1841-0715 (Print) European Association for

Health Information

and Libraries 51 Journal of the

Medical Library


JMLA http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ 1536-5050 (Print) Medical Library

Association 52 Journal of

Western Archives

JWA http://digitalcommons.usu.edu


2154-7149 (Online)

Utah State University

53 Kansas Library

Association College and University Libraries Section


KLACU http://newprairiepress.org/ 2160-942X (Print) Kansas State


54 Libellarium : Journal for the History of Writing, Books and Memory

Institutions LJHWBMI http://libellarium.org/index.ph

p/libellarium 1846-8527 (Print);

1846-9213 (Online)

University of


55 Library

Philosophy and


LPP http://digitalcommons.unl.edu


1522-0222 (Print) University of Nebraska,


libraries 56

Liber Quarterly : The Journal of European Research

Libraries LQJER http://liber.library.uu.nl/index.

php/lq 1435-5205 (Print);

2213-056X (Online) Utrecht

University Library Open Access


57 Library and

Information Research : Research into Practice for Information &

Library Services

LIRRPILS http://www.lirgjournal.org.uk/


1756-1086 (Print) CILIP Library

& Information Research Group


58 Libres: Library and Information Science

Research Electronic


LIBRES http://libres-ejournal.info/ 1058-6768 (Print) Curtin University of


59 Mètode Science

Studies Journal:

Annual Review MSSJAR https://ojs.uv.es/index.php/Me

tode/index 2174-3487 (Print);

2174-9221 (Online)

Universitat de

València 60 Pakistan Journal

of Library and Information Science

PJLIS http://pu.edu.pk/home/journal /8

1680-4465 (Print) University of the Punjab

61 Partnership : the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and


PCJLIPR https://journal.lib.uoguelph.ca /index.php/perj/#.Vh5CCeyqq


1911-9593 (Print) Utrecht University

Library Open Access


62 PontodeAcesso

Ponto de Acesso PAPA http://www.portalseer.ufba.br/

index.php/revistaici 1981-6766 (Print) Universidade

Federal da

Bahia 63 ProInflow PW http://www.phil.muni.cz/jour

nals/index.php/proinflow ISSN: 1804-

2406 (Print)


University 64 Qualitative and

Quantitative Methods in


QQML http://www.isast.org/ 2241-1925 (Print ISAST

65 Revija za RZ http://knjiznica.zbds-

zveza.si/index.php/knjiznica 0023-2424 (Print);

1581-7903 (Online)

library science, information science, book studies,



66 Revista

Brasileira de Educação em Ciência da


RBECI http://www.abecin.org.br/ 2358-3193 (Online) Associação Brasileira de

Educação em

Ciência da

Informação 67 Revista Ibero-

Americana de Ciência da


RICI http://periodicos.unb.br/index.


1983-5213 (Print) Universidade

de Brasília

68 Revue Française

des Sciences de l’Information et de la


RFIC http://rfsic.revues.org/ 2263-0856 (Print) Société Française de

Sciences de l’Information

et de la



“Knowledge Librarian” An International Peer Reviewed Bilingual E-Journal of Library and Information Science

69 School Library


SLR http://www.ala.org/aasl/slr 2165-1019 (Print) American Association of




Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologie dell'Informazion

e SCIRES-IT http://caspur-


cires-it 2239-4303 (Print) CASPUR-



71 Serie

Bibliotecología y Gestión de

Información SBGI http://seriebibliotecologia.blo


0719-0832 (Print) CASPUR- CIBER




SLIS http://aquila.usm.edu/slisconn ecting/

2330-2917 (Online) bepress

73 South African

Journal of Libraries and Information Science

SAJLIS http://sajlis.journals.ac.za/pub 2304-8263

(Print); 0256-8861 (Online)

Stellenbosch University

74 Studii de

Biblioteconomie şi Ştiinţa


SBSI http://www.lisr.ro/ 453-5386

(Print); 2392-8107 (Online)

University of Bucharest

75 TEM Journal TEM http://www.temjournal.com/ 2217-8309

(Print); 2217-8333 (Online)


76 Tidsskriftet


TA https://journals.hioa.no 1891-8107 (Online) ABM-Media

77 Virginia

Libraries VL http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/ejourn


1086-9751 (Print) Virginia Library


78 Vjesnik

Bibliotekara Hrvatske

VBH http://www.hkdrustvo.hr/vbh 0507-1925

(Print); 1334-6938 (Online)

Hrvatsko knjižničarsko društvo

79 Weave: Journal

of Library User


WJLUE http://weaveux.org/ 2333-3316 (Online) Michigan

Publishing 80 Webology WB http://www.webology.org/ 1735-188X (Print) Regional


Center for

Science and Technology



Table: 2 To examine the distribution of Journals according to periodicity.



Periodicity No. of E- journals


1 Quarterly 31 1

2 Bi-Annual 27 2

3 Bi-Monthly 9 3

4 Monthly 4 4

5 Yearly 3 5

6 Weekly 1 6

7 Fortnightly 1 6

8 Not found 6 -

Table 3: To find out distribution of Journals based on publishing body.



Type of Institutions Total % of Records

1 Universities 38 47.50

2 Associations 09 11.25

3 Government Institutions

04 05.00

4 Other organizations 11 13.75

5 Club 07 08.75

6 Research Institutions 11 13.75 Total 80 100

Table: 4 To identify the distribution of Journals based on document type.



Format No. of E- Journals


1 Print &


54 1

2 Print 15 2

3 Electronic 11 3

Table 5: To analyze the distribution of Journals based on format.

Sr. No E-Journals based on format

No. of Journals


1 PDF 65 1

2 HTML 10 2

3 PDF & HTML 05 3

1 1 4 9

31 27

0 3 10 20 30 40

No. of E-journals

No. of E- journals

15 11


0 10 20 30 40 50 60

Print Electronic Print &


No. of E-Journals

No. of E- Journals


“Knowledge Librarian” An International Peer Reviewed Bilingual E-Journal of Library and Information Science

FINDINGS : The Graphs shows the information about the frequency of the E-journals periodicals which were available on DOAJ on the subject of Library and information science, on the 1st rank the Quarterly, 2nd rank Bi-Annual and 3rd rank stood on Bi-Monthly. The study shows the more E-journals published on DOAJ is Quarterly.

The above graphs shows that the Document type of the 54 E-Journals found that Print and Electronic form and stood on 1st rank in the study, were as the Print are 15 & 11 found Electronic Document type. The Graphs shows that the distribution of Journals based on format PDF are files are 65 and stood on 1st rank, HTML format are 10 in number and stood on 2nd rank were as the PDF and HTML combined are found in less number i.e. 5. The present study finds the format in PDF files are more than others.

CONCLUSION: This study is limited to library and information science journals appearing in DOAJ, and there are many, undoubtedly, that exist which are not ostensibly open access, still the body of literature appearing in this field of research and scholar is impressive. So it should be

as libraries continue to advocate for open access, and continue to create such quality publications from around the world and in more and more languages.13


• Ajay T. Agashe, Shalini R. Lihtkar and Ramdas S. Lihitkar (2010), “Free online Journals on Business and Management on Directory of open access journals (DOAJ)

; SRELS Journal of Information Management Vol-47, No-1, pp-41 to 60

• Ajitabh Dash (2015) “Quality – Based perceptual Mapping perceptual Mapping of leading Banks of India: An Empirical study, The IUP Journal of Management Research, Vol-XIV, No-4, pg 61-69.

• Ambhore S P & Khaparde V.S. (2014), Open Access Online E Journals On Agricultural Biology: A Study E-Library Science Research Journal ISSN : 2319- 8435, Vol.3 Issue.2 | Dec. 2014 pp. 1- 13

• Ambhore S. P. & Khaparde V.S. (2015), An Evaluation Of Planetary Science Repositories In Doar e-Library Science Research Journal ISSN : 2319-8435, Vol.3

| Issue.3 | Jan. 2015 pp. 1- 6 Chen, K. and Hsiang, J. 2009. The unique approach to institutional repository: Practice of National Taiwan University. The Electronic Library, 27(2).

• Anand H. R. and Ahmad Tahir,

Methodology for mapping information


10 5

0 100


E-Journals based on format



needs of research scientists in the field of power metallurgy, Annals of library science and documentations 37,3; 1990;

pgs. 96-101.

• Bidyarthi Dutta and B. K. Sen (2005)

“The scattering of articles over a journal system as observed form the viewpoint of Bose-Einstein statistics” Annals of Library and Information Studies, Vol-52, No-2;

2005, pgs. 51-55.

• Chand, P & Sengar, D S 2000, “A

bibliometric study of solar energy research in India”, Journal of Library and

Information Science,Vol.25,No.1,pp.45- 59.

• Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) (http://www.doaj.org) accessed on date 29-10-2014

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0974-973X (P) Online 0974- 9624.

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Journal of Computer Science &

Information Technology. 2013.1(1), 46-5

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& Information Technology. 2013. 1 (1).


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Pg . No. 14

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• Mittal Rekha op.cit.

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Scientometric Research. Sep–Dec 2014 Vol 3 Issue 3


“Knowledge Librarian” An International Peer Reviewed Bilingual E-Journal of Library and Information Science

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S. Hinze and H. Grupp. (1996) Paper presented at the 4th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicatior, Antwerp, Belgium, 5-5 Oct- 1995.


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