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The Journal for Advancement of Stellar Astrology (JASA) is a free, quarterly international journal for the propagation and development of stellar astrology and Krishnamurti Paddhati.


“In the pursuit and discovery of Truth for creating Universal welfare of humankind” (Volume 2, Issue 4)

1. Editorial 08

2. Case Studies in Predictive Astrology

American Presidents and Reincarnations: Part II G.H.W. Silva 13 Discoveries and Lessons in KP: Part I Madhu N Nair (Pranav) 17 Meena 2 Naadi Jyothisha - Jeeva And Sareera Method:

Analysis on Guruji Sri. NV Raghavachary (Meena2)'s horoscope R .Vijayalakshmi 23

KP Astrology and Foreign Travel V. K. Sharma 30

Lost Money—Recovery or Not? A KP Analysis Dr. Nirmal Kothari 33 Marriage Predictions: Part I –Methods in 4 Step Theory Sunil Gondhalekar 38 KP Analysis of Birth Horoscope for Purchase of House P.R. Muralidharan 47

3. Research Perspectives

Meena 2 Naadi System: Stellar Effects: Bhava and Bhava Karaka Dr. N.V.R.A. Raja 48 Marital Continuance: A KP Appraisal Vijay Kumar 50 The Lunar Constellations Part VI: Ardra Dr. E.S. Neelakantan 56

4. JASA Idea Incubator 60

5. Suggestion Box 61

6. The Classroom:

Personal recent case of longevity calculation:

How to use the excel sheet for KP PAM theory               Basilioli Sandro ( Vediko) 62  

7. Billet Doux 66

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The Gurus of modern Stellar Astrology


K. S. Krishnamurti (1908 - 1972)

N. V. Raghavachary (Meena 2) (1913 – 1994)

R. Gopalakrishna Row (Meena 1) (1898 – 1958)




K.S. Krishnamurti. Astrology & Athristha, May 1969. Page 28

Photograph Acknowledgement: Astrology & Athristha, May 1979


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K.S. Krishn[murti s[ying “Moon in^i][t_s Qu_r_nt’s Min^ in KP Hor[ry”

his journal was launched nearly two years ago to stop the fraud and misleading propagation by select few in the name of KP astrology. It is easy to notice these elements in the form of self-styled advisors and reference givers on the internet.

In December 2012, in one of the internet based KP magazine a premeditated ‘fraud’ was committed by a self-styled ‘advisor’ of KP that Moon in KP horary cannot indicate the querent’s mind. There was also some weak logic provided in that baseless article. This ‘advisor’ concluded that use of horary Moon’s signification to understand the querent’s mind has not been applied in KP Reader VI.

This is the biggest bluff and fraud of 2012 in the name of KP, which tantamount to insult of late K.S. Krishnamurti and distortion of his writings.

In this Editorial, I am providing a number of scanned pieces from the KP Reader VI, 1970 Edition where late K.S. Krishnamurti himself has used horary Moon to understand the mind of the querent and from the famous book, Further Lights on Nakshatra Chintamani by late C.R. Bhatt. However, let me elaborate as to what we mean by “querent’s mind” or as KSK used to call—“Mathi” and its relation to genuineness of a horary query or question.

The very edifice of Horary (or Prashna, as it is called in India) is based on the fundamental premise that a querent carries with herself the seed of the answer. The astrologer only deciphers it. The astrologer, by some unknown Divine plan, sits for analysis at a time when the planetary combinations are such that foretells the correct answer to the querist’s question.

In KP Horary system (1-108 previously by KSK, and now 1-249), the number indicates the 1st House cusp only and the remaining 11 house cusps are determined based on the Latitude of the astrologer’s position. The 9 planetary positions are based on the time of judgment of the astrologer and it is exactly here that the role of Moon is important. So, KP Horary number has no relation with the position of Moon, except that the number decides the first house cusp.

Moon at the time of judgment is much like any other planet. However, Moon’s starlord and sublord is the Dasa and Bhukti lord of the horary chart. Further, Moon and its starlord are important Ruling Planets. Now here

comes the role of the querent’s mind and the issue of “genuineness”.

Firstly, not all querists can articulate clearly what exactly they want to ask the astrologer. Some questions remain unspoken. These are “muk prashna” (untold question). Moon’s signification in the horary chart can reveal it.

Secondly, sometimes the querists does not intentionally speak a part of the question due to social reasons or taboo. In these cases too, the Moon’s signification reveals the nature of the query.

Lastly, a querist may intentionally or otherwise ask something which is not really perturbing her mind. It could be that she is unable to articulate or, in the extreme, wants to test the astrologer. Here, the mismatch with Moon’s signification and the querist’s stated question will raise a doubt about the genuineness.


Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit)  M.Com. (Gold Medalist), Ph.D  Jyotish Vidya Ratna (Gold Medalist)  Jyotish Vibhakar, Jyotish Surya    www.astroandrewkp.org  www.astrojasa.blogspot.in




These rules are primary lessons that one learns from his Guru in astrology.

I am providing below a few scanned pieces from KP Reader VI: Horary Astrology, 1970 Edition authored by late K.S. Krishnamurti wherein he himself has advocated the use of KP Horary Moon to know the “mind” of the querent. It is for the intelligent astrologer to find the mismatch between spoken words and the Moon’s signification to catch the genuineness of the query, much what KSK has documented in his practice in Astrology & Athrishta magazines and his Readers.

The above texts are from KP Reader VI: Horary Astrology 1970 Edition, Pages 287 and 195 where KSK has used Moon to know the mind of the querist and ascertain the “genuineness of the query” both in 249 as well as

108 system. Quite contrary to that KP-quack’s view, KSK has used the horary Lagna for ascertaining fulfilment of

horary wishes.

Many a times we are told that 11th house in horary is the sole house to show fulfilment of wishes, but that not fully correct. See for yourself how Moon is used for knowing the genuineness of the query because Moon shows the mind—Mathi—that is, what is the “real” reason that a querent has approached the astrologer.

KP Reader VI is replete with many such examples but this self-styled KP advisor purposely misled thousands of KP followers through his friend’s electronic magazine.



The above two pages have been scanned from Further Lights on Nakshatra Chintamani by late

Chandrakant Ratneswar Bhatt, 1st Edition, 1980. You can easily see that late Bhatt have pointed out that horary

Moon is linked with the querent’s mind and truthfulness of the query posed to the astrologer. As an example, I have shown page 193 (though in his book he has been checking Moon’s connection the required houses for genuineness). Readers can see that in the example of page 193 the question was about success in obtaining Green card. Success is denoted by 11th house and the horary Moon’s position in 11th was used as a corroborating factor about the truthfulness of the query.

It is beyond any doubt that real KP astrologers first look at the horary Moon to find the genuineness of the

query and then looks at other parameters of the chart.

This is a standard practice that is prevalent in Guru-Shishya Parampara in India where a KP Guru of KSK Gharana (lineage) hands down the divine science of KP astrology through hands-on practice. Unfortunately, this ‘self-proclaimed advisor of KP’ has no astrology learning or teaching background and simply by being a friend to an Editor of a monthly magazine (who probably trusts him blindly), is churning our rubbish after rubbish in the name of KP astrology.

In the next page let us see what is late KSK’s view about the philosophy of Horary astrology. KSK is



The above scanned page is from KP Reader VI: Horary Astrology, 1970 Edition Page 294. Here one can see that KSK talks about the relation of the query (which is indicated by the 1-249 or 1-108 number system) with the planetary position available at the time the astrologer sits for judgment. Hence the statement made by the advisor that “the belief of Moon at the time of judgment indicating the mind of querist is found unreasonable as the querist

does not play any role in selecting the time of judgment for the astrologer which decides the Moon position” is due

to complete lack of any formal astrology training received from Guru-Shishya Parampara or formal astrology training tradition.



Time has come to boycott these frauds that are spreading false KP knowledge by distorting the meaning of the printed KP material with their perverted opinions. All true KP lovers and learners should expose these people in every forum and tear open their false veil of KP knowledge.

In this New Year 2013, let all of us take a pledge that we will not allow anyone to insult and denigrate late K.S. Krishnamurti by silently accepting distorted, perverted comments and opinions coming from people who have dubious backgrounds.

JASA is the voice for all of you.

Apart from these, you will find your favourite authors in this issue who are all well established in their fields of astrology. They are the authors who have contributed and shaped the world of KP following the footsteps of K.S.K in a dedicated manner. Read each of the articles and enrich yourself. Apart from very good KP articles, you will also find Meena2 Nadi articles by two great stalwarts of our time and 4 Step Theory directly from the inventor himself.


13 American Presidents and Reincarnations: Part II1

G.H.W. Silva

Congratulations to the learned astrologers, who accurately predicted, the return of Barack Obama as the President of the United States.

There are a number of views that, President Obama is a reincarnation of the late President John F Kennedy. In the previous article, we have indicated some of the similarities in the lives of President Abraham Lincoln and President John F Kennedy. This is due to the reincarnation of President Lincoln as President Kennedy, we believe.

In The birth chart of President John F Kennedy, Sun is placed in the sign of Taurus, 8th bhava. The Moon was in Leo in the 11th bhava. Moon’s North Node, Rahu was placed in Sagittarius and the south node Kethu was in Gemini in conjunction with Pluto.

Nirayana Bhava Chart Of Late President Kennedy.

VII 27.22.53 VI 03.37.55 VIII 24.42.43 Mars 25.49.01 Mercury 27.58.46 Jupiter 00.25.59 Sun. 15.13.46 Venus 24.07.51 IX 26.24.49 Pluto 10.39.16 Kethu 19.52.30 V 04.41.12 Uranus 01.06.16

President John F Kennedy Birth on

29th May 1917, at 15.00 hrs Brookline, United States 42 N 20, 71 W 07

Dasa Balance for Venus 03y 01m 08 days

X 01.09.34 Saturn 04.32.49 Neptune 10.03.28 Fortuna 06.44.49 IV 01.09.34 XI 04.41.12 Moon. 24.35.42 Rahu. 19.52.30 III 26.24.49 II 24.42.43 XII 03.37.55 Ascend. 27.22.53

1 Part 1 of the article was published in the Nov-Dec 2012 issue of JASA.

Vtáx fàâw|xá |Ç cÜxw|và|äx TáàÜÉÄÉzç

The author is a follower of Krishnamurthi Paddhathi, propounded by Guruji, Jyotish Marthand, Sothida Mannan, late Professor K.S.Krishnamurthi for nearly forty years. He has contributed articles to “Astrology & Athrishta” and lightly to the book titled, K P & R P. Sri Silva has also written to a number of news papers and magazine locally and abroad on Krishnamurthi Paddhathi and series of lessons including conducting classes on KP. Currently he is working as a Consulting Engineer in the road sector in Sri Lanka.



The position of Sun in Taurus shows that the native wants to find the certainty of the eternal self rather than relying too heavily on maternal matters such as money and positions.

The Moon in Leo shows the power, leadership qualities and highly independent, and knows how to live from the heart but may need to avoid the emotional games practiced in the past. Again, it is an indication of the power of engagement in the past, ruled over many subjects. The Moon and the south node of Moon, Kethu are keys to the past. The native had been here for many times before, in his other lives. This Moon is receiving a square aspect from Venus. Therefore, the life is pleasant with lovely activities. In a birth chart, the twelfth house is the place where you spend every thing, which you have earned from the 1st to the 10th houses and collected in the eleventh. The 12th bhava is thus the place you spend in this life.

Twelfth bhava of President John F Kennedy is owned by Mercury and is in the 8th bahava, in conjunction with Mars, the lord of 3rd and 8th

Nirayana Bhava Chart Of Late President Lincoln.

Venus 16.19.27 II 01.42.59 Jupiter 00.58.32 III 08.51.15 Kethu 15.50.10 IV 06.03.36 V 28.19.49 VI 20.05.18 Pluto 22.30.47 Mercury 19.09.27 Fortuna 13.24.05 Sun. 02.19.28

President Abraham Lincoln birth on

12th February 1809, at 06.45 hrs Hodgenville, United States 37 N 34, 85 W 44

Dasa Balance for Sun 02y 00m 14 days

VII 16.32.52 Ascend. 16.32.52 Moon. 05.28.15 XII 20.05.18 XI 28.19.49 Neptune 15.35.18 Saturn 12.02.19 X 06.03.36 Uranus 18.34.15 Rahu. 15.50.10 IX 08.51.15 Mars 04.23.18 VIII 01.42.59

In this birth chart, the Sun is in Aquarius. The Moon is in Capricorn in the 12th bhava shows that he was a wise mentor for humanity. The south node of Moon, Kethu is in Aries shows an independent character. This Kethu is receiving opposition aspect from Uranus.

When we consider the dasa balances in these two charts, we note as follows;

According to President Abraham Lincoln’s chart, President John F Kennedy was born during Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Venus dasa, bukthis, Antara and sookshama respectively. The Prenatal epoch of President John F Kennedy had occurred during Moon, Venus Venus, and Moon period.

According to President John F Kennedy’s chart, he was born during Venus, Mercury, Venus Saturn dasa, bukthis, Antara and sookshama respectively.



During the pre natal epoch of President John F Kennedy, north node Rahu was in conjunction with the Moon of President Abraham Lincoln chart. Thus, Kethu was in opposition to Lincoln’s Moon.

Pre Natal Epoch Chart of Late President Kennedy.

VIII 19.06.50 Jupiter 12.05.49 IX 18.38.43 X 22.17.03 Pluto 11.08.57 Venus 12.26.01 XI 26.37.50 VII 24.35.35

President John F Kennedy Pre Natal Epoch Chart on 04th August 1916 Saturn 00.25.12 Kethu 05.40.57 Neptune 10.09.01 Sun. 19.10.19 Mercury 26.47.44 XII 27.48.11 VI 27.48.11 Uranus 25.22.13 Rahu. 05.40.57 Ascend. 24.35.35 V 26.37.50 IV 22.17.03 III 18.38.43 Mars 14.51.13 II 19.06.50 Moon. 20.32.19

Dasa lord Venus was transiting in the Pre Natal Epoch chart with square aspect to the placement of Lincoln’s birth chart. Pre Natal Epoch Jupiter was in conjunction with Lincoln’s birth Kethu.

Accordingly, we could see more similarities in the planetary position of Pre Natal Epoch of President John F Kennedy with the birth chart of President Abraham Lincoln.

In the Birth chart of President Abraham Lincoln, Kethu is deposited in the 3rd bhava in the sign of Aries and in a star ruled by Venus. Lord of Aries Mars is deposited in Libra owned by Venus, in the 8th bhava. Venus is deposited in the second bhava. This Kethu in the 3rd shows some communication works, travelling, stay away from home, brothers etc; The signification of Mars with Kethu is what he had collected from his past life, to be settled or pay back. . His Kethu is receiving opposition aspect from Uranus, who is a joint ruler of Aquarius. This Mars is in the 8th shows leadership, war, and violence etc; Mars is deposited in a sign owned by Venus shows the friendly terms and friendly terms associated with his life and during competitions and elections. These are the remains from the past lives of President Abraham Lincoln.

In the Birth chart of President John F Kennedy, Kethu is deposited in Gemini, in the 9th bhava and in conjunction with Pluto, the joint ruler of Scorpio. The lord of the sign Gemini, Mercury is deposited in the 8th bhava, Aries, owned by Mars and in conjunction with Mars. Kethu is deposited in a star of Rahu, in Sagittarius owned by Jupiter. These depositions are indicating the remains from the previous births of John F Kennedy, showing matters connected with communications, violence, competitions.

The combinations of Mars, 3rd bhava and 8th bhavas of these charts indicate very good astrological similarities. According to these planetary and life event similarilties in the life patterns of these two



Presidents, we could clearly see that President John F Kennedy is an incarnation of President Abraham Lincoln, after a number of births in between..

According to eastern beliefs, this is an example of cause and effect explained in our religion in the acceptance of life after death. Moreover, this is the action and reaction as given in the laws of motion of the great scientist Sir Isack Newton.

These analyses are done according to the rules in the infallible Krishnamurthi Paddhathi. LONG LIVE KRISHNAMURTHI PADDHATHI.




SECUNDERABAD CHAPTER Situated At Kowthavari Kalyana


Padmarao Nagar, Secunderabad.














12-15 CLASSES (6/7 MONTHS) FEE: RS. 2500/-



12-15 CLASSES (6/7 MONTHS) FEE: RS. 2500/-



17 Discoveries and Lessons in KP- Part I

Madhu N Nair (aka ‘Pranav’)

This time I want to share with the esteemed readers, one of my interesting experience in delineating a chart. As a policy, I seldom accept chart-reading for children because as far as my experience goes most of the questions put forth by the parents are silly , ranging from whether the child in future will become a scientist, doctor or an engineer or the President or PM of the country ? It is not practically possible for an ordinary mortal like me to reply such queries. However, this case was totally different. The man, a keralite well -employed in Gulf for quite a long time was here to consult me, somewhere in the beginning of 2012 , along with his wife, for some of his personal matter. In the course of consultation , he told me that he had three children and produced the charts . I didn’t show any interest but one chart caught my attention and that one is being discussed here.

VI10:50 Sn 01:31 VII07:28 VI06:33 IX 07:03 Ma09:58 Mn17:51 Ura25:03 V10:44 Ve09:26 Me07:05 Ra03:29 Dubai UAE 15Mar2008 TOB--09:04 PM Gender--Female X08:45 Ne28:58 V 08:45 Ke03:29 SA® 09:36 XI 10:44 Ju 24:01 Pl 07:05 III07:03 1106:33 As 07:28 XII 10:50

Vtáx fàâw|xá |Ç cÜxw|và|äx TáàÜÉÄÉzç

The writer is a Management Postgraduate with passion in Jyotish, both Vedic and KP. He is actively associated with various Astrological organizations of Kerala and used to contribute articles in the defunct Astrological Magazine , KP & Astrology etc. and also in the KP Year Book, The Astrological E-Magazine etc. He runs a forum “THE ASTROLAB “in the yahoo group, exclusively for the purpose of research.


18 Longitudes Asc 07Li28 Sn 01Pi31 Mn 17Ge51 Ma 09Ge58 Me 07Aq 05 Ju 24Sag 01 Ve 09Aq26 Sa® 09Le36 Ra 04Aq29 Ke 03Le29

Planet Star Sub

Sn Ju Ra Mn Ra Sn Ma Ra Ju Me Ra Ra Ju Ve Me Ve Ra Ju Sa ® Ke Sa Ra Ma Ve Ke Ke Su

Cusp Star Sub Asc Ra Ra VIII Sn Me



Ascendant and its description

In any horoscope , ascendant in general and ascendant lord in particular stands for “Physical body of the native” . In the given chart , ascendant falls in Libra ruled by Venus .

The weak ascendant lord !

Venus is in aquarius owned by a natural malefic Saturn , in a nodal asterism (shatabhikshak) . What aroused my interest was , ascendant lord Venus degree opposition to retrograde Saturn , the latter stationed in its detriment sign Leo in nodal asterism (Magha) . To wit, ascendant lord Venus is rendered extremely weak

The angles are vacant. Ascendant receives the third House full sign parashari aspect of retrograde Saturn posited in its inimical sign Leo .

Strength of Asc. Sublord

Sublord of the Ascendant is Rahu placed in the star of Mars, ruler of second and seventh Houses (maraka) . Importantly , Rahu is in the sub of Kethu that is a full representative of Sun , the badak (obstructive planet, empowered to kill the native ) . To cap it , the sublord of the ascendant is rendered very weak . In short, the ascendant , its lord , and ascendant sub lord are thoroughly spoiled .

Ke9:08 Ju10:51 Ve14:12 Sn18:24 Planetary position At 530 am on 4July 2012, the date of demise Me13:54 Mn 21:18 Ra09:08 Natal Ascendant Ma 06:13 Sa 28:47


20 Strength of VIII cuspal sublord

Sublord of VIII is Me in the star and sub of Rahu posited in IV (ardha-ashtama or half of the 8th House , one of the trigons , 4, 8 &12). This does not augur well for a long life .

Strength of Moon

There is a popular saying among the astrologers of kerala “ Grahanamcha sarvesham

Bhavayth Chandra balam sada “

Of all planets , the strength of Moon counts most . This is because , moon is like the engine oil of an engine .; and other planets to deliver their results moon need to be well-placed and strong . Moreover , strength of Moon is of paramount importance in the case of balarishta or infant mortality .

Moon , no doubt , is waxing and is in Gemini ruled by natural benefic mercury , still its stationing in a nodal asterism (ardra) along with a natural malefic Mars and in opposition to Jupiter , a functional malefic for Lib ascendant was a matter of concern .

Presence of Gaja Kesari Yoga

Moon in angle to Jupiter is said to cause “Gaja Kesari “ yoga , considered to be a life conferring yoga and general belief is, one born with it will see 100 full moon or will complete 84 years . However , the said yoga is marred in this case since Jupiter one of the constituents of the yoga owns a dusthana or Trika (unfriendly ) sixth house .

Jupiter for Libra Ascendant !

Jupiter is not a well -meaning planet for Libra Ascendant , as per classics . This is due to two reasons. 1, Jupiter is the ruler of third house (tri) and sixth (shad) house.

2. Libra (ascendant signifying physical body ) as well as its eighth sign Taurus (longevity) is ruled Venus. Jupiter is regarded as hostile or enemy to Venus .

Ongoing dasha of Jupiter !

At the time of consultation (around jan 2012 ) , the girl was in Jup-Jup Jup is placed in Sagittarius , its own sign , in the third house .

The point to be noted is Jupiter is being aspected by Mars , the first grade maraka (ruler of 2H & 7H ) Importantly , Mars occupies Gemini , its detrimental or inimical sign and this increases the maraka potency of Mars .

Stellar signification of Jupiter !



IV & VIII signification spells trouble and indicates suffering .

Giving preponderance to severe affliction due to mars as well as the ominous stellar significations obtained by Jupiter , death need to strike in Jupiter dasha in Jupiter sub period itself

Transit Jupiter in Rohini nakshatra and activation of Moon !

Jupiter’s Transit is of extreme importance since it is the dasha as well as subperiod ruler .It was observed that Jupiter the dasha cum subperiod ruler is to Transit Taurus by may 2012. Mark the point sign Taurus at birth is afflicted by natal Saturn.

Transit Saturn from Virgo was afflicting natal Moon

The initial observation of late Prof KS Krishnamurthy was “when a planet transit in a Nakshatra, it will highlight the matter signified by the nakshatra lord “

Here Jupiter is third house (breathing) ruler as well as sixth house (disease) ruler. So when Jupiter , the dasha cum subperiod ruler , the lord of 3H (breathing) and 6H (disease) transit in Taurus , the adverse 8H (danger/death) in Rohini nakshatra ruled by Moon, it will bring to limelight the energy of natal Moon . Mark the point , natal Moon was afflicted by Transit Saturn in the beginning of 2012 .

Moon is in Gemini, an airy sign in ardra nakshatra (vayu/wind also for infections ) . Moon at birth is afflicted by Jupiter , the ruler of 3H (beathing) and 6H (disease ) and by mars (cough) .

Can’t all these lead to some health crisis , especially something affecting breathing or lungs ? Of course there are several karakathwas or significations for moon; but read in conjunction with its placement in an airy sign , lung related disease suits best .

Square by Transit Rahu

Transit Rahu will be squaring natal venus , ascendant lord cum lord of eight house of longevity . The square will be exact in the first week of July 2012

Transit Jup in the region Ven—Moon—Moon . Natal moon getting activated .

Natal moon afflicted by Transit Saturn (hardening of mucus , sputum formation) This could prove fatal and the girl may die due to some lung related disease .

Ascendant lord getting weak in Transit !

Venus, the Ascendant lord will be getting weak by Transiting in Taurus, the adverse eighth House, from 28 Mar 2012

All these were my wild guess, purely speculative but based on sound astrological reasoning . It may also be noted the consultation was not for the girl, who was hale and healthy and whom I have never met in life.



Without giving the slightest hint, that threat to longevity was expected; it was requested to give feed back whether something unusual happens in the first week of july 2012.

Actual outcome

Being rich they could afford frequent travels between Gulf and Kerala . In one of their visit to Kerala, ,the girl fell ill that later developed into pneumonia and passed away on 4th July 2012 .

Transit as advocated by prof KSK is a vast area that opens many secrets of prediction. The scribe by publishing this sad incident earnestly hopes that research oriented astrologers will pay more attention to Transit (as per KP)

This write-up is respectfully dedicated to V S Kalyanaraman IPS (retd), the unselfish soul , who use to contribute nearly 75% of articles every month , since several years in leading astrological magazines from south India , under several pseudo names , for the sole objective of promoting Indian Astrology . May his diatribe increase?

The Greatness of Dr Andrew our beloved editor, is he has an open mind to research as well as innovative ideas as distinct from those who quote KP rule book every time and pass destructive criticism without contributing anything constructive. An open mind is a sound mind when it comes to learning and this fact is acknowledged by the progressively increasing number of the readers of this esteemed journal , from round the globe .

Wishing a Happy Prosperous and Peaceful New year to JASA family , let me conclude the write-up .

Editor’s Note We highly encourage such illuminating articles where the author discusses his rich experience as an  astrology practitioner. Astrology is a science which can provide rich and diverse experience, which  may sometimes border on the Divine. We need to capture these and share it with the whole world  and give full credit to the authors who are blessed and experienced in such methods. 

We earnestly wait for continued write‐ups on these from Sri Pranav ji.



Meena2 Naadi Jyothisha: Stellar effects- Jeeva and Sareera method Analysis on Guruji Sri. NV Raghavachary (Meena2)'s horoscope

Jyothida Thendral Mrs. R .Vijayalakshmi

“குருஅனுகிரகம் நமக்கு சrயான பாைதயில், நல்லஅறிைவக் ெகாடுத்து வழிகாட்டியாக இருக்கும்”

“Guruanugraha will help us in giving the right direction, right information and right guidance”

I am with great pleasure and joy to analysis my Guruji Sri. NV Raghavachary(Meena2)’s horoscope. Guruji’s chart shows clearly that he was not only the greatest astrologer but also is a Rishi Mahapurush. I am not from an astrologers family but I am learning astrology with Guruji’s blessings and from his books. When I sit for Astro counseling, Guruji showers blessings and guides me by giving Sukshma points from his photograph. I am blessed to write this article on Guruji’s Centenary celebration year and dedicate the same at his feet.

Guruji NV Raghavachary(Meena2) was a great astrologer and he practiced as an advocate for 50 years and was honoured posthumously by the Hon’ble Justice, Madras High Court. He was working on the importance of the consultations and some basic concepts of the Stellar Astrology since 1933-35. It is known as fact that the Book on Naadi Jyothisha published with the pen name Meena was a joint work with Late Sri R Gopala Krishna Row.

He had spent more than two-thirds of his life on Astrological research. He has devoted himself to the exposition of the hidden treasures of one of our most valuable and least known branches of knowledge. He has imported to his works thoroughness and accuracy that calls for high praise and a fullness of treatment that is commendable. Meena Naadi2 system illustrates and highlights the importance of constellations while arriving timing of events.

Guruji NV Raghavachary (Meena2) Horoscope. Date of Birth: 18.03.1913

Birth time : 08.25am Tiruvallur,(Near Chennai) TN, India

Vtáx fàâw|xá |Ç cÜxw|và|äx TáàÜÉÄÉzç

Mrs R Vijayalakshmi is a practicing Naadi astrologer from Barur Dharmapuri Dt.TN. Did her M.A. (astrology) from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad. She is one of the founder trustees of JKR Astro research foundation, Secunderabad. She participated in many Astro conferences and seminars and delivered talk on importance of stellar astrology. She has honorary titles like Jyothida Thendral, Jyothida Ratna, etc.,. She is a resource person to Department of Astrology, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu. She had contributed number of articles in Tamil astrology magazines. She is a keen follower of Naadi Jyothisa of Meena 2 system and also disciple of Dr.NVRA Raja Jr.Meena2.


24 Analysis:

Ascendant lord and 8th lord Mars is in his own Star thus Mars has become the Jeeva planet. Since Jeeva planet Mar in his own star, occupied house lord Saturn has become the Sareera planet.

2nd and 7th lord Venus is in her own star Venus has become Jeeva planet. Since Jeeva planet Venus is in her own star, Venus occupied house lord Mars has become the Sareera planet.

3rd and 6th lord Mercury is in the star of Mercury, but Mercury is with Sun, who snatched the Jeeva power from Mercury since Sun gets digbala being posited in the star of Saturn who own the 10th house. Jeeva planet Sun is in the star of Saturn and hence Saturn has become Sareera planet.

4th lord Moon is in the star of Saturn, Saturn has become the Jeeva planet. Jeeva planet Saturn is in the star of Sun and hence Sun becomes the Sareera planet.

5th lord Sun is in the star of Saturn; Saturn has become the Jeeva planet. Jeeva planet Saturn is in the star of Sun and hence Sun has become the Sareera planet.

9th and 12th lord Jupiter is in the star of Venus, Venus has become the Jeeva planet. Since Jeeva planet Venus is in her own star, Venus occupied house lord Mars has become the Sareera planet.

10th and 11th lord Saturn is in the star of Sun, Sun has become the Jeeva planet. Jeeva planet Sun is in the Star of Saturn hence Saturn become the Sareera planet.

House Jeeva Sareera

1st Mars Saturn


25 3rd Sun Saturn 4th Saturn Sun 5th Saturn Sun 6th Sun Saturn 7th Venus Mars 8th Mars Saturn 9th Venus Mars 10th Sun Saturn 11th Sun Saturn 12th Venus Mars

Planets Jeeva Sareera

Sun Saturn Sun

Moon Saturn Sun

Mars Mars Saturn

Mercury Sun Saturn

Jupiter Venus Mars

Venus Venus Mars

Saturn Sun Saturn

Rahu Saturn Sun

Ketu Moon Saturn


If Jeeva or Sareera planets of Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, 10th house, 11th house are Connected to 2,5,9,10 and 11th houses, then the native becomes an eminent astrologer and great philosopher, with a spiritual bent of mind and service oriented.(Dr.NVRA Raja's Stellar Effects in Astrology Jeeva and Sareera page No.423)

Jupiter is the lords of 9th and 12th houses, Jupiter’s Jeeva and Sareera planets are Venus and Mars. Yoga karaka Jupiter’s Sareera planet Mars happen to be Ascendant lord posited in his exalted house Capricorn (10th house) that too in his own star and aspects Lagna and 2nd lord Venus, 4th and 5th house., This combination had given Guruji an intellectual courage and positive thought and critical analytical abilities and Vak siddhi and intuitive power. The best Yoga karaka Jupiter for Aries ascendant is posited in his own house and aspects Ascendant.

This causes Lakshmi Yoga and If Jupiter directly aspects the Ascendant, especially from his own house, the native will possess a sack load of punya. Jupiter bestows scholarship in astrology, philosophical mind, and good children. Jupiter’s Jeeva planet Venus and is the lord of 2nd house posited in Ascendant and being aspected by Jupiter himself from 9th house clearly explain something more than mere perfection of astrology and positive application theory in all his writings and indicates remarkable foresights .Connection of Jupiter to 2nd house is important for giving correct and positive prediction. Mercury is the karaka for astrology, intelligence and mathematical analysis. Mercury is in his own star Revati. Satwic planet Mercury attained Satwic guna, and hence it will deliver good and favourable results pertaining to its karakathwa even though it is posited in its debilitation house. Mercury’s Jeeva and Sareera planets are Sun and Saturn, (5th and 10th lords), both planets are in mutual Sookshama nakshatra Parivarthana .Mercury’s connection to Fifth house helped Guruji to interpret and decode secrets in Astrology and also pushed him to associate with eminent Naadi astrologers.



Saturn who is 10th and 11th lord, Saturn’s Jeeva and Sareera planets are Sun and Saturn, Jeeva planet Sun who is 5th lord posited in Pisces along with Mercury the karaka for astrology and intelligent and Rahu. Sareera planet Saturn posited in 2nd house in 5th lords star, 5th and 10th lords star parivarthana has given intuition. 5th house Jeeva and Sareera planets are Sun and Saturn Jeeva planet Saturn is posited in the 2nd house and Sareera planet Sun is the lord of the 5th house. Both 5th and 2nd house had connection, Gnanakaraka Jupiter aspects 2nd lord Venus this shows intelligent interpretation and effective prediction and the connection between 5th and Mercury helped Guruji to attain mantra siddhi.

Ref: Stellar Effects in Astrology-Jeeva and Sareera-By Dr.NVRA Raja Meena2 Jr. Editor’s Note

We thank Smt. Dhanapal for this powerful article which is not only a fitting tribute to one of the greatest astrologer of the last century but also a modern ‘rishi’ in the field of astrology. The Readers

can easily find the various astrological combinations of an erudite scholar, astrologer and a great human being in late Sri NV Raghavachary (Meena2)’s horoscope as discussed by Smt. Dhanapal.



In every person's life, there are situations where one overcomes adversity with sheer strength of thoughts.

Param Pujya Gurudev Vaikuntavaasi Acharyasri N V Raghavachary (Meena 2) is pioneer in heralding

new vistas in Stellar Astrology. The centenary celebrations of the birth of Pujya Gurudev Acharyasri N V Raghavachary would be celebrated on 24th March 2013 and the members of Astrological community

being led by JKR Astro Research Foundation shall vow to pass the Stellar Secrets to the entire mankind, directly and indirectly, physically and spiritually. The Celebrations include Lectures, Seminars, and Workshops being conducted by most renowned and eminent Scholars and practitioners under the auspices of his primary disciple and son Dr. N V R A Raja and his team.

There is a story which Acharyasri used to quote often the essence of which he is an embodiment. “There was once a Sage who had realized the truth about himself and the world around him. Every day he used to sit in front of ocean and meditate. During those moments, seagulls would fly fearlessly around him and play. At times, these birds would even sit on his shoulders.

One day, as usual, the sage went to the seashore to meditate. A small boy who came to play on the seaside came up to him and said, “These birds play so freely near you. Won’t you catch one and give it to me?”

The Sage agreed. The next day when went to meditate on the seashore, all the seagulls flew well above his head; not one bird came anywhere near him! The birds were able to sense his intention from the waves that emanated from his body!”

Your energy field will also touch people. Make sure you have good energy and create good vibrations around you. For this, understanding the other’s need is extremely important. Acharyasri N V


Who was Acharyasri?

Yug Rishi, who revived and rejuvenated the great traditions founded by Varahamira and other rishis. Yug Vyasa, who wrote contemporary commentaries on Practical aspects of Stellar Astrology

Great Nationalist who was intoxicated with great passion for freedom.

Sanskriti Purush (An embodiment of Indian culture), who revived the tradition of Samskaras and

educated the public about the importance of Shodash Samskaras (16 rites from birth to death)

Jagadguru (World Teacher), who taught about the individual and collective goal of life to humanity that

was lost in the dungeon of darkness. He initiated millions of people on the path of spirituality.

B Booaarrdd ooff TTrruusstteeeess C Chhaaiirrmmaann--DDrr..NNVVRRAARRaajjaa:: SSeeccrreettaarryy––SSrriiPPaarraassJJaaiinn:: TTrreeaassuurreerr––MMssSSaattyyaassrreeeeRR:: MMeemmbbeerrss––SSrriiSSaannjjaayyKKaattttaa&&SSmmttRR V Viijjaayyaallaakksshhmmii C CeenntteennaarryyCCeelleebbrraattiioonnssooff P PaarraammPPoooojjyyaaGGuurruuddeevvAAcchhaarryyaassrriiNNVVRRaagghhaavvaacchhaarryy((MMeeeennaa22)) O OrrggaanniissiinnggCCoommmmiitttteeee C Chhaaiirrmmaann––SSrriiCCSSCChhaallaamm::SSeeccrreettaarryy––MMssSSuuddhhaa::JJtt..SSeeccrreettrraarryy––MMssSSaattyyaassrreeeeRR::TTrreeaassuurreerr––SSrriiSSeenntthhiillKKuummaarr Regd. 37/2011 101 Rockwell Apartments, Jyothi Colony, Kakaguda, Secunderabad 500 015

Email: meena2naadi@gmail.com Web: www.astrologytraining.com Phone: +91-40-27740246









A great Tapasvi (ascetic), who performed the arduous sadhana of Gayatri.

A great Philosopher, who liberated philosophy from the maze of confusions and mysticism and stood as a live example of the ideals.

A great Thinker, who presented to the world a new thought process propagated through ‘Practical Stellar Astrology’

An elevated Spiritual Soul, who presented spirituality as true art of living.

A Spiritual Scientist, who propagated movement to integrate science and spirituality and proved - “Science and spirituality do not contradict but complement each other.”

The Acharya of this era, who revived the ancient tradition of Rishikul-Gurukul and the Leader of Thought Revolution, who offered solutions to all individual, familial, social and global problems.

A Prophet, who proclaimed with certainty ‘The descent of Heaven on Earth’ and ‘Awakening of divinity in humans’ and also strived hard throughout his life towards this goal.

A great Religious Saviour, who liberated Gayatri and Yagya from the shackles of blind faith and hypocrisy, thus making it a mantra for daily worship in every household.

A great Organizer, who in his lifetime influenced millions of people with his love

A great Brahmin, who presented himself as a living example of a true Brahmin. He adopted a simple and inexpensive lifestyle of an average Indian befitting a Brahmin; and inspired many others to follow his example.

A compassionate and Inspiring Patron: Millions of people, who embraced him, felt the burning agony within him and wholly dedicated their lives to realize his noble ideals.

A great Siddhapurush, who accomplished intense penance and utilized the fruits of his Tapasya in transforming others.

A Great Guide, who inspired millions to tread the path of spirituality and noble ethics.

An Incarnation, whose life’s goal was to make manifest ‘Descent of Heaven on Earth’ and ‘Awakening of Divinity in Man’.

With immense joy, I, together with other members of Organising Committee and the trustees of JKR Astro Research Foundation and Dr. N V R A Raja most cordially invite you to the grand finale of the Birth Centenary Celebrations of Param Pujya Gurudev Vaikuntavaasi Acharyasri N V Raghavachary (Meena 2) a leader who led path-breaking revelations in Stellar Astrology on 24thof March 2013 at 09:00 AM at Hari Hara Kala Bhavan, Rashtrapathi Road, Secunderabad AP.

Our Honorable Governor of Andhra Pradesh, His Excellency Shri E S L Narasimhan has graciously condescended to inaugurate the function.



To commemorate the Birth Centenary Celebrations of Param Pujya Gurudev Vaikuntavaasi Acharyasri N V Raghavachary (Meena 2) a special bilingual issue – a Research Souvenir of Astrology which will carry

articles written by renowned scholars of Astrology, Palmistry, Vaastushastra and Occult sciences etc., who share their valuable expertise, experiences and knowledge on an extensive range of subjects. This major publication shall serve as a useful reference for everyone related to Astrology. More than four technical sessions spread over the day to be addressed by learned scholars of astrology drawn across the country.

At the culmination of Birth Centenary Celebrations the trustees of JKR Astro Research Foundation intend to honour and present appropriate public recognition to all those scholars and learned astrologers who have contributed their mite in promoting and propagating the divine science of astrology, through their articles, discourses, lectures and discussion debates. There would be invaluable opportunity to enrich and the experience and learning for all practitioners of astrology.

A cultural program is also scheduled on the evening of 24th March 2013 highlighting the cultural heritage

of Andhra Pradesh.

In this regard we reach out to you and to all others through you in enlisting your valuable support and liberal contributions in every way in making these Celebrations a grand success by sharing your invaluable secrets of Stellar Astrology.

…. Chairman Organising Committee

Organisation Committee Members & Disciples

Smt Katyayani Devi 9391371418 Smt Hemalatha 9989122110 Sri N V Sampath

Sri K V Muralidhar Patnaik Sri Srinivasan

Sri T K Raghunathan Sri G Yagnya Kumar Sri Maruti Sarma Sri Bimbadhar B Sri Chakrapani


30 KP Astrology and Foreign Travel

Er.V. K. Sharma

A querent who was eager to settle in a foreign country asked me to check when he will be able to travel to a particular country I told the querent to intimate any horary number between 1 to 249 he told the number as 7 ,Accordingly I made the horary chart on dated 27-6-2008 at 3:31PM at Chandigarh.


Moon in the sign of Jup lord of 9 Moon is posited in 12 th house and moon is in the star of Mercury lord of 3 As Moon is linked with 3,9 [long journey] and 12[stay in foreign land] so Moon reveals true nature of query about foreign travel.


Asc sublord Jup in 9 and it’s in the star of Ven in 3 lord of 2 and 7 and it’s in the sub of Mercury Lord of 3 so Asc sublord signifies 3 and 9, which show the effort of the querent for foreign Travel.


As per Gulberga theory if Asc sublord of Horary number asked is same as Lagan starlord or Moon starlord of Ruling Planet then the query asked is to be answerd affirmative otherwise not In this case Asc sublord of Horary number is Jup and Lagan starlord of Ruling Planet is also Jup so I told the querrent that he will certainly proceed to foreign country as planned.


If the 11 th sublord and its starlord both are in direct motion and are not retrograde position And is significator of relevant houses then the desire of querent is fulfilled In the case under Reference 11 th sublord is Venus is in 3 rd house and it’s in the star of Rahu in 11 Rahu is in The sign of Sat lord of 11 and 12 as 11 th sublord signifies 3, 11 and 12 so desire of querent will be fulfilled.


According to K.P astrology if 12 th sublord and its starlord are in direct motion and are not in Retrograde position and is significator of 3,9 or 12 houses then one goes abroad in the joint significators of 3,9 and 12 in this case 12 TH CUSP sublord is Merc in 3 it is in the star of Moon in 12 th lord of 5 hence 12 th sublord Signifies 3 and 12 Hence 12 th sublord is significator of 3 and 12 which is conducive for foreign Travel. Moreover Mercury is also Ruling Planet.


Vtáx fàâw|xá |Ç cÜxw|và|äx TáàÜÉÄÉzç

The author has done B.E electrical from Punjab University,Chandigarh and started his career as Sub divisional officer in Punjab state electricity board from 1976-1984. Then he worked at various senior posts of Bhakra Beas Management Board including Superintending Engineer at Bhakra Dam (World’s Largest Gravity Hydro Dam) from 1984-2005. Er. Sharma retired in September-2005, and was practicing Parasher astrology since 1992. He learned KP Astrology from Dr H.S Negi, Ludhiana, Late Sh. Suresh Suhasane, Mumbai and Prof K.Hariharan, son of Late Sh. K.S Krishnamurthy and I am practicing KP and Parasher Astrology and also writing articles in various magazines from last 8-9 years. He has learnt Parashar astrology from Dr H.S Rawat, Director Maharishi Prasher Jyotish Vidyalya, New Delhi. Er. Sharma obtained following degree from Maharishi Prasher Jyotish Vidyalya,New Delhi: JYOTISHVID. He has also obtained following degrees in astrology from KPS Astrological Research Institute Chennai : JYOTISH VISHARATH, JYOTISH VACHASAPATI, K.P HORARATNA



9th sublord Sun is in 3 lord of 6 and sun is not having any planet in its star so Sun becomes Strong significator of 9 being cuspal sublord of 9 th house 9 th sublord Sun is in the star of Rahu in 11 it’s in the Sub of Sat lord of 11 and 12 ,So 9 th sublord is significator of 3,9 and 12 Which is conducive for foreign travel.


3 RD Cusp sublord is Venus is in 3 lord of 2 and 7 its is in the star of Rahu in 11 Rahu is in sign of Sat lord of 11 and 12 it is in sub of Ven in 3 So 3 RD cusp Sublord is significator of 3 and 12 which is conducive for foreign travel Also Venus is a Ruling Planet





On the day of enquiry on dated 27-6-2008 Mahadasha of Mercury and Bhukti of Mars was Running, MERCURY \ MARS From 29-11-2007 to 25-11-2008.

Mahadasha lord Mercury in 2 lord 3. Mercury in the Star of Moon in 12 and in the Sub of Venus in 3. So Merc Mahadasha is significator 3 an12 which is conducive for foreign travel Merc is also RULING PLANET.


Mars in 5 Mars aspect 12 the house Mars is in the star of Ketu and Ketu is in the sign of Moon in 12 and its sub Sun is in 3 and it also significator of 9 as explained above so Bhukti Dasha of Mars signifies 3,9 and 12 which is conducive for foreign travel. Moreover MARS is also RULING PLANET.

After above calculations i informed the querent that journey to foreign country will be before the end of Mars Bukti that is before 25-11-2008.

Check transit of SUN For actual Date.




Editor’s Note

We congratulate Sri Sharma ji for his precise prediction up to the exact date of the event. He has upheld the beauty and accuracy of KP astrology for which KP is well known. All the readers around the world will benefit to read his article and understand that, in the KSK tradition, KP astrology is still capable making predictions up to the exact date of the event.


33 Lost Money—Recovery or Not? A KP Analysis

Dr. Nirmal Kothari

Question: I have lost money from my business place at home. Whether recovery is possible or not? (Question asked by means of communication i.e. over phone).

Horary Number: 111 (out of 249).

Time of Judgment: 01-12-2012 (Saturday), 19:37:00 Hrs. (IST).

Place of Judgment: Park Street, Kolkata, W.B. (Long/Lat: 22N27, 88E20) Ruling Planets: Saturn / Mercury – Rahu – Sun / Mercury – Jupiter – Mercury.

Software Applications/Settings for Casting Chart: KP Original Ayanamsha, Placidus House Division, True Nodes and Geographical Latitude.


If 11h cusp Sub Lord signifies 2 (Liquid Assets, Money) 6 (Opponent’s Loss/Expense), 11 (gain, fulfillment of desire, success) in the DBA of 2, 6, 11, recovery of lost money is possible. If signifies 5 (Opponent’s Gain, Success, fulfillment of desire), 8 (Hindrances, Obstacles, Difficulties), 12 (Native’s/Querent’s Loss) in the DBA of 5, 8, 12, recovery of lost money is not possible.

Matters signifies by Cusp/Houses

1st Cusp : Self, Opponent’s 1st house 2nd Cusp : Liquid Assets, Money etc.

3rd Cusp : Self efforts, communication, calculation, writing, memory, concentration. 4th Cusp : Home, House, Flat, Fixed Property.

5th Cusp : Opponent’s Success, gain, fulfillment of desire. 6th Cusp : Opponent’s Loss/Expense.

7th Cusp : Opponent, Business.

8th Cusp : Hindrances, Difficulties, Obstacles. 9th Cusp : Luck, Prosperity.

11th Cusp : Native’s/Querent’s Success, gain, fulfillment of desire. 12th Cusp : Native’s/Querent’s Loss, Expenses.

Vtáx fàâw|xá |Ç cÜxw|và|äx TáàÜÉÄÉzç

  Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Astrology & Vastu Sciences from All India Federation of Astrologer’s Societies  (AIFAS), New Delhi.  Jyotish Visharad, Jyotish Acharya and Jyotish Gana Shiromani from KP Stellar Astrological Research Institute (KPSARI),  Chennai, TN.  Jyotish Shastri and Vastu Acharya from Udaipur University, Rajasthan.  Vastu Shiromani from Marwar University, Rajasthan.  Vastu Srestham from The Institute of Vedic Culture for Public Welfare & Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology, Durgapur,  WB.  Practitioner of Pyra‐Vastu and Reiki Pranik Healing.    Email : astrologer.nirmalkothari@yahoo.com    


34 Moon is the reflector of querent’s mind

Moon (Gemini 18-03-35) is in star of Rahu and sub of Sun. Moon is the occupant of 10, owner of 11 (Success, gain, fulfillment of desire). Starlord Rahu is the occupant of 2 (Money). Rahu acts as an agent of Sun. Rahu conjoined who is the occupied in 3 (communication), owner of 12 (Loss, Expenses). Sublord Sun is the occupant of 3 (communication), owner of 12 (Loss, Expenses).

Here Moon clearly indicate/reflects the genuineness of query of Querent/Native. Ruling Planets – The Divine Power for judgment of Forecast in KP Astrology Day Lord: Saturn – Occupant of 2, conjoined to Venus who occupied in 2. Moon Sign Lord: Mercury - Occupant of 2.

Moon Star Lord: Rahu – Occupant of 2. Moon Sub Lord: Sun – Occupant of 3. Lagna Lord: Mercury - Occupant of 2. Lagna Star Lord: Jupiter – Occupant of 9. Lagna Sub Lord: Mercury – Occupant of 2.

Note: Occupancy is stronger than Ownership. Here all ruling planets does not signifies 12 (any loss to native/querent). Hence, recovery of lost money is possible.

11th Cusp (Cancer 08:28:10) for Querent/Native: The sublord of 11th cusp is Venus. Venus is in the star of Rahu and sub of Sun.

Venus is the occupant of 2 (Money), owner of 2 (Money) and 9 (Luck. Prosperity).

Starlord Rahu is the occupant of 2 (Money). Rahu conjoined to Sun who occupied in 3 (communication), owner of 12 (Native’s Loss/Expenses).

Sublord Sun is tenanted (there is planet in stars of Saturn) and in star of Saturn (as per KP Rule, If any planet is posited in the stars of the sublord of the cusp, then take Starlord as a strong significator of that cusp). Here, Saturn (Starlord of Sun) is the occupant of 2 (Money), owner of 5 (Opponent’s Success, gain, fulfillment of desire) and 6 (Opponent’s Loss/Expense). Saturn is conjoined to Venus who occupied in 2 (Money), owner of 2 (Money) and 9 (Luck. Prosperity).

Venus signifies 2, 3, 12 in connection with 2, 6, 9. So, recovery of lost money is possible.

2nd Cusp (Libra: 06-45-36) for Querent/Native: The sublord of 2th cusp is Rahu. Rahu is in the star Jupiter(R) and sub of Rahu.

Rahu is the occupant of 2 (Money).

Starlord Jupiter(R) is the occupant of 9 (Luck, Prosperity), owner of 4 (Home, House, Flat) and 7 (Business, Opponent).

Sublord Rahu is the occupant of 2 (Money). Rahu conjoined to Sun who occupied in 3 (communication), owner of 12 (native’s Loss/Expenses).



11th Cusp (Capricorn 08-28-10) for Opponent: The sublord of 11th cusp is Venus. Venus is in the star of Rahu and sub of Sun.

Venus is the occupant of 8 (Hindrances, Difficulties, Obstacles), owner of 3 (Luck, Prosperity of the querent/native) and 8 (Hindrances, Difficulties, Obstacles).

Starlord Rahu is the occupant of 8 (Hindrances, Difficulties, Obstacles). Rahu conjoined to Sun who occupied in 9, owner of 6.

Sublord Sun is tenanted (there is planet in stars of Saturn) and in star of Saturn (as per KP Rule, If any planet is posited in the stars of the sublord of the cusp, then takes Starlord as a strong significator of that cusp). Here, Saturn (Starlord of Sun) is the occupant of 8 (Hindrances, Difficulties, Obstacles), owner of 11 and 12 (Opponent’s Loss/Expenses). Saturn is conjoined to Venus who occupied in 8 (Hindrances, Difficulties, Obstacles), owner of 3 (Luck, Prosperity of the querent/native) and 8 (Hindrances, Difficulties, Obstacles).

Venus signifies 3, 8 in connection with 3, 8, 12. So, recovery of lost money of querent/native is possible.

2nd Cusp (Aries: 06-45-36) for Opponent: The sublord of 2th cusp is Rahu. Rahu is in the star Jupiter(R) and sub of Rahu.

Rahu is the occupant of 8 (Hindrances, Difficulties, Obstacles).

Starlord Jupiter(R) is the occupant of 3 (Luck, Prosperity of the querent/native), owner of 1 and 10. Sublord Rahu is the occupant of 8 (Hindrances, Difficulties, Obstacles). Rahu conjoined to Sun who occupied in 9, owner of 6.

Rahu signifies 3, 8 in connection with 8. So, recovery of lost money of the querent/native possible.

Joint Period for Querent/Native and Opponent

At the time of judgment running DBA is Rahu-Sun-Venus. Joint Periods will start from 03.11.2012 to 28.12.2012.

Rahu signifies 2, 4, 7, 9 in connection with 2 for querent/native. Rahu signifies 3, 8 in connection with 8 for Opponent.

Sun signifies 2, 3, 6 in connection with 11 for querent/native. Sun signifies 8, 12 in connection with 5 for Opponent.

Venus signifies 2, 3, in connection with 2, 6, 9 for querent/native Venus signifies 3, 8 in connection with 3, 8, 12 for Opponent.

From the above analysis following major points should be taken into consideration – (1) Ruling Planets does not strongly signify any losses to querent/native.

(2) DBA lords are in favor of querent/native.

(3) Although Bhukti lord Sun signifies 6, 9 and 11 in connection with 4 which is in favor of Opponent. But under ruling planets Sun is in sub of Jupiter and Jupiter is Retrograde. Hence, Sun will not strongly fructify the matter.



5. At the time of query i.e. day of judgment, Rahu Star is running (Moon transits in Star of Rahu). Rahu is treated a mysterious, deviated as well as distracted planet in astrology. So, recovery is not possible within the time period where Moon transits in the star of Rahu (i.e. upto 23:30 Hrs. on 01.12.2012). Thereafter recovery of lost money is possible within the time period (from 23:31 Hrs., 01.12.2012 to 05:54 Hrs., 05.12.2012) when Moon transits in the stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Moon – all three are present under ruling planets.

My Opinion: Recovery of lost money is possible within period 02.12.2012 to 05.12.2012. More specifically –

1. From 23:30 Hrs. on 01.12.2012 to the sun rise time of next day i.e. 06:00 Hrs. on 02.12.2012 (when Day Lord becomes Saturn which is a ruling planet), OR

2. From 06:01 Hrs. on 02.12.2012 to the sun rise time of next day i.e. 06:01 Hrs. on 03.12.2012 (when Day Lord becomes Sun which is a ruling planet), OR

3. On 05.12.2012 (when Day Lord becomes Mercury which is a strong ruling planet)

Actual Fact/Conclusion: On 02.12.2012 at morning, the Querent/Native has informed me that lost money issue has been resolved. Actually there is mistake in books of accounts (two cash transactions entries of IN & OUT mistakenly not entered in cash books) and the native/querent found the mistake when Moon has crossed the star of Rahu i.e. around 01:00 AM on 02.12.2012.

Learning Facts: 11th CSL Venus has conjoined to Saturn in horary chart. And Saturn is karak planet for mistakes and posited in the star of Rahu. Venus also posited in the star of Rahu. Rahu conjoined to Sun who occupied in 3. 3rd

house indicates communication, calculation, memory, writing etc. The issue of lost money resolved after proper communication and deep verification of books of accounts. So, in KP if we go in depth analysis, pin-point prediction can be made successfully. Pranaam to Guruji !

Hearty Welcome to Dr. Kothari

On behalf of 11000+ readers of the JASA family spread over more than 83 countries across the world, I extend my hearty welcome and good wishes to Dr. Nirmal Kothari. His current article based on KP astrology showcases the original methods propounded by late K.S. Krishnamurti, which will be an illuminating path for many practitioners of KP.

We wish him many years of fruitful association and contribution to JASA

Editor’s Comments

Readers to carefully note that Dr. Kothari has correctly and rightfully applied the Moon’s signification in KP Horary to gauge the reflection and genuineness of the querent’s mind apart from other brilliant application of KP principles. In the current Editorial, I have also shown that this has been the method followed by the inventor of KP late KSK also. It is only in few electronic magazines on the net churned out by people having no qualification and background who tries to create deliberate confusion in the minds of readers about the true methods of KP.






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