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Nexus GPS Tracking


What is Nexus GPS Tracking?

● Nexus GPS Tracking is a GPS tracking and fleet management system which is meant

to improve the transport operations quality of your company

● The solution is developed by Nexus Electronics SRL. The company has a wide

expertise in transport and IT fields, starting with 2007


Features of Nexus GPS Tracking

● Multi-language system ● Customizable solution ● Detailed mapping data

● Tracking activity is stored for unlimited period of time ● Real-time tracking

● Trip history

● Starting / Stopping hours

Real-time monitoring for: fuel consumption, fuel level in diesel tank Preventing fuel theft

● External sensors monitoring: temperatures, ON / OFF sensors ● Drivers identification

● Points of Interest / Hot Spots (POI) ● Real-time alerts, like:

● Speeding

● Enter / Exit in POI ● Stop duration

● Due date ● Distance ● Activity reports


Benefits of Nexus GPS Tracking

● Improves driver safety ● Increases productivity

● Minimizes extra working hours ● Reduces fuel consumption

● Improves Client's company services ● Reduces reaction times

● Diminishes the cost for insurance policies ● Minimizes vehicles usage


Nexus Telematics GT1e

Our GPS tracking systems incorporate latest technology and they are developed for vehicle monitoring and vehicle security applications.

The devices are compatible with all the available vehicles and equipments on the market.

They can be connected with a wide range of external sensors.


Route on the Map

Routes are displayed on the map based on time interval or trip. This option is also available in „Journey” report.


Tracking on the Map – Points of Interest (Hot Spots)

The user can input in system unlimited number of Points of Interest one by one or bulk upload. Every circular Hot Spot has a radius around its center and detailed description. There are also available polygonal Points of Interest.


Activity reports – Journeys

The report displays detailed information about trips of any monitored vehicle. The user can select any time interval to generate the report.


Activity reports – Speed

The report displays speed variations of any vehicle. The information is displayed in charts and in tables.


Activity reports – Fleet summary

The report contains summarized information about all the important data regarding fleet's activities.


Many other activity reports

● Extended Journeys ● Vehicle usage

● Daily activity

● Last known location ● Drivers activities ● Routes deviation ● Hours deviation

General Fuel Consumption Daily Fuel Consumption Fuel Consumption

Real-time Fuel Consumption

Fuel Level variations ● Temperature variations ● Daily temperatures ● Stops

● Journey through POI's ● Stops in Hot Spots ● Top Hot Spots

● Costs

● Alarms log ● Input sensors

● Scheduled reports log


Fuel Consumption Reporting

Nexus GPS Tracking has the possibility to measure and / or to estimate fuel consumption based on several methods:

● theoretical consumption calculation ● fuel level sensor


AIC-900 Series flowmeters

AIC flowmeters use direct fuel consumption measurement method.

Main advantages of the solution are:

• Better than 99% fuel measurement accuracy

● Provides important data for reducing fuel consumption

• Instruments protected with diesel fuel filter • High fiability

• No interference with vehicle electronic systems


AIC-900 Series flowmeters


Fuel Consumption Reports – Real-time Consumption

The report shows in a graphical interface how speed is direct proportional to fuel consumption. This kind of information is usefull for comparing driving styles of users of vehicles for improving their skills. Bottom line is reducing fuel consumption.


Fuel Consumption Reports – Daily Consumption

The report shows a table that contains the following information on columns:

● Date of activity

● Total liters of diesel used during the day ● Total distance driven

● Total driving hours

● Consumption / 100 km ● Consumption / hour

The second half of the columns display incremental information based on above data recorded during current day and previous days of activity.

Last line of the report in the second half of the table contains totals and averages for the analyzed period of time.


Fuel Consumption Reports – General Consumption

The report shows a chart in which the user can compare the same type of vehicles and can see how the fuel was used during activity. Any important differences can be easily understood and analyzed.

There is also available tabelar data where the values are presented and split for different usage situation.


Fuel level sensor – Nexus FS-10

The fuel level sensor provides information about the level of diesel in the fuel tank at any moment.

Main advantages of the system are:

Measurement error: ± 1%

● Electrical non-interaction with the tank body

● Allows cutting "at place" up to 30% of its initial length ● Protection of fuel level sensor output from short circuit ● Protection from overvoltage (up to 100 V)

● Stable and exact output signal

● Bayonet lock and small overall dimensions of the outside

sensor part


Fuel level sensor – Nexus FS-10

It is recommended to install the fuel sensor in the geometrical center of a tank.

It is necessary to carry out the tank calibration procedure after fuel level sensor installation.

As a result, the conformity table of fuel volume in the tank to the fuel sensor output signal will be received.

Tank monitoring system uses obtained dаta to determine the fuel volume in the tank.


Fuel Consumption Reports – Fuel Level Variations

Fuel level sensor passes the information on raising or lowering fuel level or volume in tank to tracking device. Vehicle tracking system with the help of GPS determines the location and time.

The user of the system receives information about changes in fuel level in the form of parameters or diagrams. Refueling or fuel theft dаta is presented in visual form.


Fuel Consumption Reports – Fuel Level Variations


About us

Nexus Electronics SRL is based in Bucharest, Romania. We are the creators and developers of Nexus GPS Tracking and we offer GPS tracking services through web-based applications.

We have a wide experience in cost control solutions and telematic systems. Nexus GPS Tracking has been launched in 2007.

At the moment, we are the leaders in fuel consumption measurement systems for heavy vehicles in Romania.

Our address is:

24th Alexandru Donici Street, 1st Floor

Zip code 020479, Bucharest, 2nd District


Contact information:

• phone: +40 21 320 05 61

• email: • web:





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