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Our passion is electronic document


Docman is the leading supplier of advanced electronic document management, workflow and transfer software for Primary, Secondary and Social Healthcare organisations.

Our technology is responsible for maintaining detailed records and documents for over 40,000,000 patients and managing over 3,000,000 items of patient correspondence weekly. Docman removes the paper process for healthcare organisations who want to share information between providers and for organisations to internally process letters.

We pride ourselves on our one click philosophy and intuitive software to ensure healthcare professionals spend their time with patients and not patient letters.

Every day thousands of documents are sent to GP Practices electronically from secondary care providers using Docman. Practices use Docman GP to process these letters around their organisation and manage them efficiently. Our software is designed to be completely user friendly so you can focus your time on patient care.


One click user friendly software to save your

practice time.

6,000 practices and 200,000 healthcare professionals use Docman GP to make their document management simple. Typically saving practices over 7 hours a day, Docman enables you to quickly and intuitively capture, file, workflow, view and process patient letters efficiently.

Turn several mouse clicks into one

Our intutive workflow platform will speed-up the document proces, allowing you to workflow all documents around the practice, seamlessly. With the power of one click, send documents with

iWorkflow around your practice to single or groups of users in real time. Annotate, comment and

add actions to manage patient letters more efficiently and benefit from being highly efficient and spend less time on each document.

Accurate and efficient filing and clinical Read Coding to save your staff time

Intellisense is a Clinical Content Recognition system which helps with NHS Read Coding and

speeds up the filing process of incoming post. Patient details in a document are highlighted and populated into the filing fields for you. Read Codes are presented to the user working seamlessly with the patient record and whilst preventing duplicate letters.

Receive hospital letters electronically and no longer handle paper.

All incoming post from local hospitals using a Docman Hub will now be electronic. Every letter will go straight into Docman with EDT Connect, removing the need for scanning and saving you time

on every incoming letter. EDT Scheduler allows practices to pre-set when you want to receive your electronic post, which helps to manage and even out your workload throughout the day.


A secure and managed back-up

Docman Cloud Back-up provides practices with a secure, N3 managed service for backing up

their Docman documents and database. The solution means GP practices can move away from managing and backing up to a server locally and back-up practice data automatically to the cloud. Specifically designed for healthcare organisations your documents and databases are safeguarded and backed-up electronically.

Keep on top of all things important

A fully audited discussion platform for everyone to organise, manage, share and discuss patient or business matters together for better practice decision making. In Collaborator, documents can be

dropped into conversations for discussions, vital when other clinical opinions are needed for patient issues. Practice policies can be drafted and reviewed amongst members of staff, as well as To-Do lists, managing patient complaints and internal referral reviews.

Keep practice policies organised in BackOffice for support with CQC

BackOffice Library will store all practice documents electronically in one place for all Docman

users to access, dependent on security settings. It will remove the need to search through piles of paper copies of practice procedures and health and safety guidelines, when documents can quickly and easily be found.

BackOffice Apps give you a way to store practice data in different platforms. These Apps include

Fridge Temperature Logs, Significant Events and Birth Registers, providing you data that’s consistent and readily accessible.


Ash Trees Surgery has 13 GPs, 3 Nurse Practitioners, 6 Nurses and 13 Administrators and a 15,000 patient list. The practice uses Docman with EMIS Web.

Docman has streamlined the practice’s working processes and improved data quality, helping to maximise QOF points and free professionals to concentrate on patient care. The practice estimates to have saved 7 hours per day in staff time by using Docman over a paper process, which enables the practice to manage the ever increasing workload to the highest standards.

Roger Townson, IT Manager, Ash Trees Surgery:

“Since using Docman the practice has benefitted from becoming paper-light and the

significant time savings associated. We have a lot of practices visit us to see what Docman can do. The system has revolutionised our practice and it has made a huge impact in making us efficient. In result we have recommended the system to other practices.” Lisa Jones, Data Team Leader:

“We did a time analysis into the impact of iWorkflow in comparison to Docman’s previous

workflow module and the time savings found were considerable. We have saved each of our staff around 1 hour a day because of the automated workflow processes we have set-up across our practice.”

“Our Acute Trust has a Docman Hub so our letters are received electronically and are pulled into Docman automatically using EDT Connect. We have this running every 15 minutes so that letters are continuously dropping into Docman. The solution has ensured we now have no back log of documents and we can turn things around within hours. For hard copy documents, letters are scanned in and we use Intellisense to pick out the key information to file the document. This automates the process to ensure we are efficient and achieve data quality.”

Since using Docman the practice has benefitted from becoming paper-light and the significant time savings associated, Roger summarises “We have a lot of practices visit us to see what Docman can do. The system has revolutionised our practice and it has made a huge impact in making us efficient. In result we have recommended the system to other practices.”

Ash Tree Surgery saves 7 hours per day with


“I strongly think that Docman would benefit other practices in our area in the same way it has done for us, we really couldn’t cope without it.”


As a paper process, the traditional postal

system is inefficient, costly and labour


Docman Hub is an electronic postal service for the secure delivery of letters between any healthcare provider, removing the need for stamps, envelopes and other associated costs. Over 120 NHS Trusts use Docman Hub to send and receive a variety of clinical and non-clinical documents safely and securely, including electronic discharge summaries, ensuring timely delivery with a full audit trail.

The user-friendly software is developed with the used in mind to make managing incoming and outgoing post as seamless as possible. With a full audit trail of every letter, Docman Hub will give you the ability to track each letter that comes through it and when it was delivered for easy and quick reporting.

Electronic documents keep confidential information private. Patient details are kept secure and are also delivered much faster and at a lower cost than using the postal service.

Sending letters electronically not only benefits the sender, but recipients too. Practices receive patient letters much quicker and with less hassle than managing paper documents.

The solution transfers clinical and non-clinical documents including: • Discharge Summaries

• Encounter Reports • Radiology Reports • Outpatient Clinic Letters • Out-of-Hours Reports • 111 messages • Referrals - - - - - - -


-University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (UHCW) has utilised Docman’s electronic document transfer solution Docman Hub to send over 1 million patient letters electronically to GP Practices.

The Trust reports a saving of around 50 pence for each patient letter sent electronically, which delivers a saving of £20,000 a month. Time savings are also generated both for the Trust and Primary Care by removing the processes of handling paper.

The Trust has 16 document sources connected to the Hub enabling patient letters to be sent to the neighbouring 155 practices electronically, securely and in real time. Previously patient letters were sent by paper to practices, resulting in a time consuming and costly process.

UHCW sends over 40,000 patient letters electronically each month to local practices and covers a population of over 1 million across Coventry and Warwickshire. The correspondence being sent electronically covers a wide range of areas but includes clinical letters, ad-hoc letters, inpatient admission and inpatient discharge (eDischarge) information.

Mark Walker, Clinical Results Reporting System Manager, University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust said:

“UHCW sends patient letters in real time to GP practices. Our previous process was to send paper letters to our GP colleagues; this was a costly and time consuming method. We estimate the paper process cost us around 50 pence for each letter and then there are the additional time costs involved in handling paper.”

“155 Practices are receiving these letters electronically and practices are set-up to receive them into Docman GP for filing and onward workflow every couple of hours. This electronic process enables us to know when each patient letter was sent and when it was received by the practice. If a patient is no longer at the practice then the document can be easily rejected and sent back to us to manage, whereas a paper process this would be time consuming to complete.”

Sending one million letters:

University Hospitals Coventry and

Warwickshire NHS Trust

“We estimate the paper process cost us around 50 pence for each letter and then there are the additional time costs

involved in handling paper.”


Interoperability: Greater Manchester

Electronic Clinical Correspondence

The innovative project covering 14 NHS Trusts and 503 GP practices is using technology to support and improve the process of sending clinical correspondence from Hospitals to GP practices across the Greater Manchester area.

Docman Hub has enabled the electronic production and delivery of key hospital letters that are sent to GP Practices including A&E attendance, In-Patient Discharge and Out-Patient Discharge and covers practices in the below CCGs:

• Bolton • Bury • HMR • Manchester North • Manchester Central • Manchester South

Daniel Alexander, Project Manager, at GMCSU:

“Docman has been a real driver in strengthening the relationship between CCGs and Trusts. It is a huge project that is unique in its kind of having a joined-up approach across many provider organisations.”

“As part of the project, practices across the region were provided with Docman, the market leading electronic document management system used by 6,000 practices nationally. The system enables the electronic letters sent from secondary care organisations to be delivered directly into a practice’s electronic business process for managing hospital letters.”

“The second phase of the project includes connecting Mental Health Trusts and Community Service Providers to the electronic correspondence network. Phase three of the project will further open this to private healthcare organisations.”

“A key driver of the project was to deliver patient letters securely to GP practices in timescales that really make a difference. Joining up each of the organisation’s Hubs brings us another step closer to becoming paperless.”

“A key driver of the project was to deliver patient letters securely to GP practices in timescales that really make a difference.”


Docman is pleased to announce Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust is the first organisation to choose Docman as a Trust-wide electronic workflow system for clinical and non-clinical documentation. The Trust will utilise Docman EDM to process and track documentation to standardise the communication process for its 3,500 employees across 71 sites. The project covers Oxleas’ five directorates and is working with 3 CCGs that include over 150 GP practices.

The solution will electronically manage documentation including internal post, mental health

reports, care plans, documents between directorates, medication reviews, CPA, request for further information, assessment letters, DNA letters, change of medication forms, discharge summaries and encounter reports.

The project will also utilise Docman Hub, the solution used by over 100 NHS organisations to send and receive clinical and non-clinical documentation to and from GPs.

Laurelle Morgan-Bruce, Programme Manager, Clinical Transformation, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust:

“We identified that the process of managing paper, email and faxes between our services and sending information to GP practices could be improved. Paper would be sent to practices and around our services, creating delays in delivering information to the point of care when it is needed most.”

“Our Trust required an electronic document transfer solution to support our paperless strategy and create time and cost savings.”

“By going electronic we will have complete visibility of our documentation. The project will provide a clear indication of the number of documents sent across our health economy and provide access to exactly where a letter is in the system. This will be extremely valuable for reporting and understanding exactly what information is being transferred where and when. Information will be delivered to the point of care and everyone will have access to the information they need, when they need it most.”

Supporting Paperless Working:

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

“Our Trust required an electronic document transfer solution to support our paperless strategy and create time and cost savings.”.


The referral process is complex. Docman

RMS keeps it simple.

Our intuitive software will improve the way referrals are managed, tracked and audited within your trust.

Referrals are electronically captured, filed, processed, viewed and analysed using a flexible and highly configurable workflow platform. Docman RMS can be tailored to suit the demands of individual specialities and yet retain a one click philosophy that works for clinicians and administrators.

Docman RMS provides better reliability and consistency. Electronic documents provide stability to your procedures, with consistent routines leading to higher efficiencies and more confidence and accuracy in daily tasks.

Having a central repository for electronic copies of all referrals, regardless of their source provides a reduction in time spent tracking letters/managing queries. This reduces patient complaints and the Trust operates in more consistent time scales.

Organisations will know exactly where a referral is in the process, when it was received and when the workflow was completed, leading to no more lost referrals and a better patient service.

This intuitive software supports Trusts by reducing the time taken from the receipt of a referral to the appointment being booked, helping Trusts to meet treatment time targets and avoid costly fines.


King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has redesigned their outpatient referral process to improve quality and patient care by implementing a fully electronic system using Docman RMS. Colin Sweeney, Director of IT at King’s College Hospital:

“When a patient is first referred to us, Docman allows us to ensure patients are booked into the right clinics without paper letters or faxes. It also gives us a full audit trail of the referral process, so that when patients ring the hospital we know where the referral is in the pathway. Previously, that would have meant hunting through piles of letters on desks.”

The project addressed the following issues:

• Wide variations in the time taken from receipt of referral to appointment booking, creating pressures in achieving Referral to Treatment time targets

• Varying processes for receipt, logging, grading and appointment booking, resulting in the need for a high degree of local specialty knowledge

• Considerable effort by administrative teams in tracking referrals and dealing with queries • Inconsistent information available for managing patient and GP queries and for reporting

on the referral management process

• A higher than desirable level of patient complaints and PALS enquiries regarding referrals The objectives of the project were therefore to:

• Standardise administration processes for referral management and improve essential data capture

• Enable the re-organisation of administrative teams whilst retaining clinical decision making • Improve service efficiency through the provision of an electronic referral management process • Improve the patient and GP experience

Electronic Referral Management:


Docman Vault supports greater interoperability

and sharing of documents between

healthcare settings.

In line with the NHS 5 Year Forward View, Docman Vault supports record sharing by providing access to documents to deliver improved sharing and interoperability.

With a push for shared records, Docman Vault is an enabler to incorporate the latest documents to provide a complete view of that record.

Docman Vault provides you with the ability to share documents and information with patients, third parties and providers. The Docman Vault concept is based around an NHS patient centric document cloud store, hosted on a secure N3 environment with strict security and access control. Consumed through an open API, Docman Vault provides a platform for sharing patient documents, Docman Hub letters and non-patient documents.

• Created for all Health and Social Care Organisations, the Vault will allow practices to securely store documents within Docman GP, keeping all health professionals involved and patients informed.

• Safe and secure connections in line with published NHS standards for approved and verified third parties.

• Uploading documents to the Docman Vault will be a seamless background process with no disruptions. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


-Connecting Healthcare

We are really excited about our cloud strategy. Interoperability has always been at the heart of everything we do at Docman, we will now be able to take this to an all new level. The Five Year Forward View poses a way forward to some of the challenges facing the NHS, new ways of working enabled by technology will be key to the future of its success.

By moving to a new cloud based platform, Docman will support the growing move to GP federations and the cross Health and Social Care sharing of patient data. One of the areas I am personally really excited about is the engagement of patients in their care journey, Docman in the cloud will enable new ways to interact with patients and their personal devices.

Ric Thompson, Managing Director, Docman

For more information, contact our Sales Team on 01977 66 44 96 or send an email to


01977 66 44 96


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Our passion is electronic document management.

We provide one click, easy to use electronic document

management software to support busy NHS


Built on a one click philosophy, our software is designed

to be completely user-friendly so you can focus your

time on patient care.

Arrange a demonstration

01977 66 44 96

The Trust utilised Docman very effectively and send out over 60,000 electronic letters in the past 12 months which has helped deliver improved patient care and given efficiency savings to both the Trust and local GP’s.

Robert Clacher, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Docman just makes document management so simple and easy - it’s a real life saver!

Matthew Grant, Practice Manager, Forrest Medical Centre

Docman RMS provides the platform for a slicker, intuitive system to solve our problems and improve our process. In result, patients will get an appointment quickly with the right consultant in the right clinic.

Mohammed Ajaz, ICT Project Manager, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust




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