RENAISSANCE distinctly different. Luxury designer ceramic wall and floor tiles. Specialist glass, stone and metal mosaics.







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distinctly different


Luxury designer ceramic wall and floor tiles. Specialist glass, stone and metal mosaics.



Welcome to the Renaissance

collection of fine ceramic tiles sourced

from the best quality ceramic tile

companies from around the world.

Our mission is to offer you the

ultimate and unrivalled collection

of the finest quality and beautiful

designed tiles suitable for all the living

spaces in your home.

Our collection of tiles features the latest designer performance glazed

porcelain floor and ceramic glazed wall tiles which are complimented

by our vast range of mosaics incorporating glass, natural stone,

metal and porcelain. The products featured in this brochure are a

selection of the most popular ranges in the Renaissance portfolio.

Visit our award winning showroom in Bridgnorth to see the complete

collection and be inspired by the endless potential that tiles can give

to your home.



Range: Colour: Illustrated Sizes





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PAGES 96 - 115

Taking inspiration from nature, this collection is

filled with earthy tones and undulating textures.

A stylish collection of ceramic wall and floor tiles for

modern and minimalist interiors.

Neutral creams and classic whites abound in this

collection to create a subtle, sophisticated style.

A breathtaking collection of natural stone, glass,

and porcelain mosaics

distinctly different





Range: Colour:

Illustrated Sizes

Inspired by the subtle earthy hues

and rugged surface textures of stone

and marble, the Renaissance natural

tile range encompasses an exquisite

selection of traditional rustic slates

to contemporary honed limestone

finishes, combining beautiful aesthetics

with uncompromising functionality.




Available in two natural colours these travertine stone effect tiles offer a timeless and classic finish for any bathroom or wetroom. Coordinate the wall and floor tiles to create harmony and accentuate the look with natural stone mosaics.



Sizes 400 x 250mm CDC0100 White CDCO101 Beige Sizes 316 x 316mm CDC0102 White GL IV CDCO103 Beige GL IV Sizes 318 x 310mm

CR131 White/Grey/Black Tumbled Brick Mosaic CR130 Creme/Noce Mosaic Tumbled Brick Mosaic

316 x 316mm 318 x 310mm 400 x 250mm

Sizes available tiles:

Co-ordinating Mosaic Beige

CR130 Crema/Noce Tumbled Brick White

CR131 White/Grey/Black Tumbled Brick


Co-ordinating Mosaic



Range: Travertine Classico Colour: Beige / CR130 Crema/Noce Mosaic


Range: Travertine Stone Colour: Noce / Mixed Relief Mosaic Illustrated Sizes: 450 x 450mm / 400 x 250mm / 300 x 300mm



The earthy colours and organic

tones of Travertine Stone combine to create a deeply sumptuous finish. Travertine Stone is suitable for both walls and floors, the range is complimented by the addition of textured relief tiles and natural stone mosaics.

318 x 310mm 300 x 300mm 450 x 450mm

605 x 305mm

Size: 605 x 305mm CDCO308 Stella CDCO309 Stella Tesela

Size: 450 x 450mm CDCO135 Noce GP V CDCO136 Stella GP V Size: 400 x 250mm CDCO130 Noce CDCO131 Stella CDCO132 Noce Relief CDCO133 Stella Relief

Size: 318 x 310mm

CR130 Crema/Noce Mosaic Size: 300 x 300mmCDCO137 Mixed Mosaic Wall

CDCO138 Mixed Mosaic Floor GP V Sizes available:


CDCO138 Mixed Mosaic 50 x 50mm Floor


CDCO137 Mixed Relief Mosaic 50 x 50mm Wall Stella Relief

Noce Relief CDCO309 Stella Tesela




400 x 250mm 605 x 305mm

CR130 Crema/Noce Tumbled Brick

Co-ordinating Mosaic




Encapsulating the natural beauty of saturnia stone, Caesar Stone brings drama and elegance to any interior. Available in two beautifully muted colourways the range is perfectly complimented by three subtle mosaics.


CDCO155 Beige Mosaic 50 x 50mm


CDCO156 Crema Mosaic 50 x 50mm CR150 Mother of Pearl / Stone / Glass Brick

450 x 450mm Size: 450 x 450mm CDCO152 Beige GP V CDCO153 Crema GP V Size: 400 x 250mm CDCO150 Beige CDCO151 Crema Sizes available:

Caesar Stone


Co-ordinating Mosaic 400 x 250mm 300 x 300mm 300 x 300mm Size: 300 x 300mm CDCO155 Beige Mosaic CDCO156 Crema Mosaic

CR150 Mother of Pearl / Stone / Glass Brick Wall



Range: Caesar Stone Colour: Crema / Crema Mosaic



Range: Forest Colour: Brown Illustrated Size: 333 x 333mm



333 x 333mm

Size:333 x 333mm CDIM160 Beige GP IV CDIM161 Brown GP IV CDIM162 Dark Grey GP III Size available:

Beige Brown Dark Grey



Made from re-cycled ceramic materials this eco-friendly glazed porcelain floor tile is available in three distinct and striking tones. Forest offers a low maintenance,

versatile and practical flooring solution for your home.



Beige CDEE373 Mixed Mosaic 50 x 50mm

Noce 100 x 100mm Only Scabos 100 x 100mm Only



The silky soapstone finish and chiselled edges of Pietra Del Luna and it’s plethora of sizes combine to create unique flooring designs of un-rivalled beauty.

The 100x100 wall tile adds interest to walls, kitchen splashbacks and shower enclosures.


304 x 304mm 150 x 150mm 100 x100mm 455 x 455mm Size: 455 x 455mm CDEE370 Beige GP V CDEE371 Bianco GP V CDEE372 Nero GP IV Size: 455 x 304mm CDEE366 Beige GP V CDEE367 Bianco GP V CDEE368 Nero GP IV Size: 304 x 304mm CDEE363 Beige GP V CDEE364 Bianco GP V CDEE365 Nero GP IV CDEE373 Mixed Mosaic

Size: 150 x 150mm CDEE360 Beige GP V CDEE361 Bianco GP V CDEE362 Nero GP IV Size: 100 x 100mm CDEE374 Beige CDEE375 Bianco CDEE376 Nero CDEE377 Noce CDEE378 Scabos 455 x 304mm Sizes available:

Pietra Del


304 x 304mm Layout guide (FD39)



Range: Pietra Del Luna Colour: Beige Illustrated Sizes: 455 x 455mm / 455 x 304mm / 304 x 304mm / 150 x 150mm



Range: Memories Colour: Grey Illustrated Size: 500 x 125mm


500 x 125mm R11 External Finish 500 x 125mm MJS1 White GP V R11 MJS5 Beige GP V R11 MJS3 Grey GP IV R11 MJS2 Taupe GP IV R11 MJS4 Brown GP IV R11 Size: 500 x 125mm MJRN White GP V MJRS Beige GP V MJRQ Grey GP IV MJRP Taupe GP IV MJRR Brown GP IV Size available: Beige Brown Grey Taupe White



Taking it’s inspiration from aged natural wood, this “shabby chic” design has a crackle grained finish for a distressed look. Available in two finishes, the

outdoor surface is perfectly suited to for use in wetrooms and external floor areas.


Size: 500 x 125mm External Finish



Available in seven colourways, Habitat perfectly recreates the look and feel of a traditional wooden floor.

Also available in ribbed finish suitable for wet barefoot or external floor areas, this range will compliment both traditional and contemporary interiors.



500 x 125mm 500 x 125mm Ribbed R10 External Finish

Size: 500 x 125mm M7UH White GP V M7UJ Cream GP V M7UK Beige GP V M7UL Cherry GP IV M7UM Brown GP IV M7UN Walnut GP IV M7UP Black GP IV

Size: 500 x 125mm Ribbed External Finish M7UR Cream GP V R10 M7UT Cherry GP IV R10 M7UU Walnut GP IV R10 Sizes available: Cherry Cream Black Brown Walnut Beige White



Range: Habitat Colour: Black



Range: Burgundy Stone Colour: Beige Illustrated Size: 500 x 500mm


500 x 500mm Size: 500 x 500mm M75F Bianco GP IV M75G Beige GP IV M75H Rosa GP IV M75J Moka GP IV Size: 500 x 250mm M75L Bianco GP IV M75M Beige GP IV M75N Rosa GP IV M75P Moka GP IV Size: 500 x 250mm Scored M752 Bianco GP IV M753 Beige GP IV Size: 500 x 40mm Border M756 Bianco GP IV M757 Beige GP IV Sizes available: Rosa Bianco Moka Beige




Taking inspiration from drifting sand patterns, this silky, semi-polished wall and floor tile is available in four neutral colours. The scored detail tile will add harmony and interest to any interior. Burgundy Stone is a beautiful

flooring solution that offers both an uncompromising sense of style and a versatile low maintenance finish.


500 x 250mm 500 x 250mm Scored 500 x 40mm Border


Almond Multicolour

CDSLA05S Multicolour Interlocking CDSLA01S Ochre Interlocking

CDSLA03S Multicolour Strip CDSLA04S Ochre Strip

CDSLA02S Almond Interlocking

Ochre Slaty perfectly embodies the riven

feel and natural look of slate, whilst providing a durable low maintenance surface that will enhance any interior.

Be inspired by the highly varied and realistic colours and designs within this range, Slaty is equally at home in both traditional and contemporary environments.


300 x 300mm 150 x 75mm 300 x 300mm Strip 300 x 300mm Interlocking 453 x 453mm 758 x 453mm 605 x 300mm 605 x 147mm Sizes 758 x 453mm CD4MA8 Almond GP V CD4MA7 Ochre GP V CD4MA6 Multicolour GP V Sizes 605 x 300mm CD6ZB4 Almond GP V CD6ZB3 Ochre GP V CD6ZB2 Multicolour GP V Sizes 605 x 147mm CD5CB7 Ochre GP V CD5CB6 Multicolour GP V Sizes 453 x 453mm CD4EC0 Almond GP V CD4EA0 Multicolour GP V Sizes 300 x 300mm CD3NQ2 Almond GP V CD3NQ0 Multicolour GP V Sizes 300 x 300 Interlocking Mosaics CDSLA05S Multicolour GP V CDSLA02S Almond GP V CDSLA01S Ochre GP V

Sizes 300 x 300mm Strip Mosaics CDSLA03S Multicolour GP V CDSLA04S Ochre GP V Sizes 300 x 300mm Mosaic CDN465 Ochre GP V CDN464 Multicolour GP V Sizes 150 x 75mm CD7A51 Almond GP V Sizes available:



300 x 300mm



Range: Slaty Colour: Multicolour



Range: Heron Colour: Ceniza Luxglass / Malla Mosaic Illustrated Size: 600 x 300mm / 300 x 300mm


300 x 300mm 600 x 300mm

Size: 600 x 300

CDPA128 Ceniza Luxglass GP IV Size: 300 x 300mmCDPA129 Malla Luxglass

Sizes available:

CDPA129 Ceniza Luxglass Malla Ceniza Luxglass



The subtle travertine design and the semi-polished surface of Heron add a luxurious feel to your home. Create stunning feature areas with the unique co-ordinating geometric mosaic.



Plomo Terra

CDPA138 Malla Dorado Strip Mosaic

CDPA139 Malla Grafito Strip Mosaic Musgo



Subtle undulating textures and rich earthy tones combine to create a range that will compliment both traditional and contemporary environments.

Create an opulent feel and add interest to your interior with the Dorado and Grafito strip mosaics.


303 x 303mm 613 x 303mm 613 x 303mm

Sizes 613 x 303mm CDPA130 Terra UGP CDPA131 Musgo UGP CDPA132 Plomo UGP CDPA 133 Negro UGP

CDPA138 Malla Dorado UGP CDPA139 Malla Grafito UGP

Sizes 303 x 303mm CDPA134 Terra UGP CDPA135 Musgo UGP CDPA136 Plomo UGP CDPA 137 Negro UGP Sizes available:



Range: Burma Colour: Negro



Range: Giotto Colour: Gris Illustrated Size: 604 x 297mm


604 x 297mm

Size: 604 x 297mm CDPA125 Marfil Luxglass GP IV CDPA126 Gris Luxglass GP IV Sizes available:

Marfil Luxglass

Gris Luxglass



The neutral limestone palette of Giotto will compliment any living space within your home. This durable and low maintenance

range is available with rectified edges and a semi-polished surface.








Designed to mimic natural limestone, Toledo is available in three organic tones designed to compliment your interior. The co-ordinating wall and floor tiles bring harmony to your space whilst the mosaics add interest.


445 x 445mm 615 x 615mm Size: 615 x 615mm CDR127 Cream GP IV CDR128 Beige GP IV CDR129 Gris GP IV Size: 445 x 445mm CDR123 Cream GP IV CDR124 Beige GP IV CDR125 Gris GP IV Size: 400 x 250mm CDR120 Cream CDR121 Gris Size: 300 x 300mm CR194 Ice/Stone Mosaic Sizes available:


400 x 250mm Wall CR194 Ice/Stone Glass 15 x 15mm Co-ordinating Mosaic 300 x 300mm



Range: Toledo Colour: Cream



Range: Opus Colour: Black


405 x 202mm 202 x 202mm 610 x 610mm 610 x 405mm

Sizes - All CDEE393 White GP V

CDEE392 Black GP IV CDEE391 Gold GP VCDEE390 Beige GP V

Sizes available: White Black Gold Beige



Taking inspiration from the textured surface and neutral colours of stone, Opus will provide a real wow factor in your home. The structured, chiselled edge detailing adds an incredible sense of authenticity to this low maintenance range.


Sold in modules - Each module contains one piece each of

610 x 610 / 610 x 405 / 405 x 202 / 202 x 202mm


This tumbled travertine floor tile harnesses and recreates the beauty of natural limestone with the practicality of porcelain. The high tile to tile variations coupled with the riven edges further enhances the limestone feel, Instone is supplied in four coordinating sizes to create an array of floor designs. Size: 758 x 453mm CD4MA2 Bone GP V CD4MA1 Golden GP V Size: 453 x 453mm CD4EF0 Bone GP V CD4ED0 Golden GP V Size: 453 x 300mm CD3GG0 Bone GP V CD3GG2 Golden GP V 300 x 300mm CD3NQ4 Bone GP V CD3NQ3 Golden GP V Size: 150 x 75mm CD7A53 Bone Brick GP V

Golden Bone

758 x 453mm 453 x 453mm 453 x 300mm 300 x 300mm 150 x 75mm

Sizes available: Layout guide (FD13)



Range: Materia Forte Colour: Oxida


100 x100mm 613 x 613mm Size 758 x 453mm CD4M40 Oxida GP V CD4M42 Bronzea GP V CD4M41 Basaltica GP V Size: 751 x 446mm CD4M62 Oxida GP V CD4M63 Bronzea GP V Size: 751 x 222mm CD4M65 Oxida GP V Size: 613 x 613mm CD6G53 Oxida GP V Size: 453 x 453mm CD4EC3 Oxida GP V CD4EN1 Bronzea GP V CD4EC2 Basaltica GP V Size: 453 x 300mm CD3GB2 Oxida GP V CD3GF9 Bronzea GP V CD3GB1 Basaltica GP V Size: 300 x 300mm CDN306 Oxida GP V CD3NE8 Bronzea GP V CDN305 Basaltica GP V Size: 300 x 300mm Mosaic CDN308 Oxida GP V Size: 300 x 225mm Brick CDN310 Oxida Mosaic GP V CDN309 Basaltica Mosaic GP V Size: 150 x 75mm CD7A07 Oxida GP V CD7A06 Basaltica GP V Size: 100 x 100mm CD9A39 Oxida GP V CD9A41 Bronzea GP V CD9A38 Basaltica GP V Sizes available: Basaltica Bronzea Oxida


Materia Forte

These decadent floor tiles combine the beauty of Cotswold Stone with the durability of porcelain, available in three natural shades, Materia Forte will add warmth and individuality to your interiors. The extensive size options work together to form lavish patterns to suit any space.


300 x 300mm 300 x 225mm Brick 300 x 300mm 150 x 75mm 453 x 453mm 751 x 446mm 751 x 222mm 758 x 453mm 453 x 300mm Layout guide (FD41) R R





Dark CDSAN03S Dark Interlocking

CDSAN07S Dark Strip


Replicating the delicate random vein effects of Cumbrian slate, Sands is available in four organic colours to add an edge of subtle sophistication to your interior.

A textured appearance is created with the “drifting sands” and “layering” elements within the design, whilst its smooth surface makes it easy to maintain.


758 x 453mm Size: 758 x 453mm CD4M53 Brown GP V CD4M37 Dark GP V CD4M36 Grey GP V CD4M35 Ivory GP V

Size: 300 x 300mm Strip Mosaic CDSAN08S Brown GP V CDSAN07S Dark GP V CDSAN06S Grey GP V CDSAN05S Ivory GP V

Size: 300 x 300 Interlocking Mosaic CDSAN04S Brown GP V CDSAN03S Dark GP V CDSAN02S Grey GP V CDSAN01S Ivory GP V Sizes available:




Range: Sands Colour: Brown Illustrated Size: 758 x 453mm



Range: Applestone Deluxe Colour: Beige / Decoro Beige Illustrated Size: 600 x 330mm


450 x 450mm 600 x 330mm Size: 750 x 750mm CDML70 Beige GP IV CDML71 Bianco GP IV CDML72 Grigio GP IV CDML62 Tortora GP IV Size: 600 x 330mm CDMKD3 Beige CDMKD4 Bianco CDMKD6 Decoro Beige CDMKD7 Decoro Bianco Size: 450 x 450mm CDML74 Beige GP IV CDML75 Bianco GP IV Sizes available:




The soft delicate effect of Applestone Limestone is perfectly recreated to give this range a sophisticated decadence. The Decoro tiles can be used to create a unique and opulent display.


Decoro Beige Decoro Bianco Tortora Beige Grigio Bianco 750 x 750mm R

Additional sizes available to order.



Inspired by nature, Wood_Ker has the look and feel of wood, the natural variation combining end and cross grain patterning to add to it’s authenticity.

The large format wood planks give the effect of a natural wooden floor with the practicality of porcelain.


1000 x 144mm

Size: 1000 x 144mm CD2T01 Brown GP V

CD2T02 Nut GP V CD2T03 Cream GP VCD2T04 Grey GP V

Sizes available:


Grey Brown Nut Cream R



Range: Wood Ker Colour: Nut



Range: Timberlux Colour: Quercia Illustrated Size: 900 x 150mm


Size: 900 x 150mm CDMLA3 Castagno GP IV CDMLA4 Quercia GP IV CDMLA5 Olimo GP IV CDMLA6 Larice GP IV CDMLAJ Acero GP IV CDMLAK Frassino GP IV Sizes available:



Breathtakingly beautiful, Timberlux captures the look and feel of natural wood through its use of intricate, random and organic variations. It’s subtle grained surface further adds to the illusion and authenticity of the range.


900 x 150mm Castagno Larice Quercia Acero Olimo Frassino


Silver Cream Beige


Taking its inspiration from the beauty of natural stone and available in three muted tones, this versatile and timeless classic will complement both classic and contemporary interiors.

Downton Flags will effortlessly add practicality and glamour to any environment.


440 x 440mm 660 x 440mm Size: 660 x 440mm CDV70 Beige GP IV CDV71 Cream GP IV CDV72 Silver GP IV 440 x 220mm 220 x 220mm Sizes available:



Sold in modules - Each module covers 0.87m2 and contains the following:

660 x 440mm (1 piece) / 440 x 440mm (2 piece) 440 x 220mm (1 pieces) / 220 x 220mm (2 pieces) Layout guide



Range: Downton Flags Colour: Beige Illustrated Sizes: 660 x 440 / 440 x 440 / 440 x 220 / 220 x 220mm





Range: Colour:

Illustrated Sizes

An eclectic range of neutral, white

and cream tiles, our Classics collection

will compliment and enhance both

traditional and contemporary settings.

Inject interest and luxury with the

addition of bold accent colours or

classic mosaics to create both unique

and interesting interiors.



Marfil Parador

CR116 Emperador / Imperial / Marfil 25 x 25mm CR148 Emperador 50 x 50mm CR146 Emperador 25 x 25mm


Drawing inspiration from natural Crema Marfil polished marble. Crema combines uncompromising style and a subtle sophistication. The emperador natural stone mosaics add to the opulent feelings of pure indulgence found in this range.


305 x 305mm 305 x 305mm 450 x 450mm 605 x 305mm Wall Wall Size: 605 x 305mm CDCO3 Marfil CDCO4 Parador Size: 450 x 450mm CDCO245 Marfil GP V CDCO246 Parador GP V Size: 446 x 316mm CDCO115 Marfil CDCO116 Parador Size: 305 x 305mm CR146 Emperador Mosaic (25mm) CR148 Emperador Mosaic (50mm) Size: 305 x 305mm CR116 Emperador/Imperial/Marfil 446 x 316mm Sizes available:




Range: Crema Marfil & Parador Colour: Parador / Emperador Imperial Marfil Mosaic



Range: Daino Colour: Crema


450 x 450mm 893 x 295mm Wall Wall Wall 605 x 305mm Size: 893 x 295mm CDCO7 Crema Size: 893 x 75mm CDCO8 Crema Border

Size: 605 x 305mm

CDCO5 Crema Size: 450 x 450mmCDCO247 Crema GP V

CDCO248 Beige GP V Size: 446 x 316mm CDCO117 Beige CDCO118 Crema Size: 305 x 305mm CR188 Mink Mosaic (25mm) CR189 Mink Mosaic (50mm) Size: 300 x 300mm KTL005 Perlato Mosaic (25mm) CR166 Mink Blend (23mm) 446 x 316mm Sizes available: Beige Crema Border

CR188 Mink Polished Marble Mosaic 25 x 25mm


CR189 Mink Polished Marble Mosaic 50 x 50mm

KTL005 Perlato Gris Mixed Mosaic 25 x 25mm

CR166 Mink Blend Mosaic 23 x 23mm



Daino is a timeless classic, the aggregated stone effect blends perfectly in to any room. Add architectural interest to

walls with the addition of a feature detail strip.


893 x 75mm

300 x 300mm 305 x 305mm


Estatuario Nero Marquina 25 x 25mm Rustic Metal Tesala Acero


Inspired by the beauty and variance of marble, Estatuario is available in two colourways.

This timeless classic will enhance any interior with it’s chic yet practical style. Use the co-ordinating mosaics to add details and interest.


305 x 305mm 295 x 145mm 450 x 450mm

605 x 305mm

Size: 903 x 305mm

CDCO10 Estatuario Bevelled Size: 605 x 305mmCDCO6 Estatuario Size: 450 x 450mmCDCO249 Estatuario GP V Size: 305 x 305mmCR147 Nero Marquina Mosaic Size: 295 x 145mmCDCO24 Rustic Metal Tesala Acero GP III

Sizes available:


903 x 305mm




Range: Estatuario Colour: Estatuario Illustrated Sizes: 605 x 305mm / 295 x 145mm



Range: Andes Colour: Andes Bianco Flat Matt Illustrated Size: 605 x 305mm


605 x 305mm 605 x 200mm

Size: 605 x 305mm

CDCO56 Andes Blanco Flat Matt CDCO240 Arctic Ripple White CDCO241 Arctic Ripple Cream CDCO55 Austral Blanco Flat Gloss

Size: 605 x 200mm

CDCO140 Austral Blanco Gloss CDCO141 Austral Marfil Gloss Sizes available:

Andes Blanco Flat Matt

Arctic Ripple White Gloss

Arctic Ripple Cream Gloss Austral Blanco Flat Gloss

Austral Marfil Flat Gloss


Arctic, Austral

& Andes

A range of classic white and cream wall tiles in flat gloss, flat matt and ripple finishes in two contemporary sizes. Create a simple, sophisticated look by incorporating a mosaic feature band or wall.




Inspired by the natural variations found in volcanic igneous rock, Fusion’s delicate and distinctive layers blend beautifully in to any interior.

Available in three organic colourways, this range offers a versatile, practical and low maintenance flooring solution.


Size: 758 x 458mm CD4MB3 Silver GP V CD4MB5 Ivory GP V CD4MB4 Amber GP V Size: 600 x 300mm

CD6ZE8 Amber GP V Size: 600 x 147mmCD5CB0 Amber GP V Size: 150 x 75mmCD7A54 Silver GP V

CD7A56 Ivory GP V CD7A55 Amber GP V Sizes available:


150 x 75mm 758 x 453mm 605 x 300mm 605 x 147mm Silver Ivory Amber Layout guide (FD42)



Range: Fusion Colour: Ivory



Range: Fontanarosa Colour: Ghiaccio Illustrated Size: 600 x 600mm


600 x 600mm 600 x 300mm Size: 600 x 600mm MJQY Greige GP IV MJQW Ghiaccio GP IV Size: 600 x 300mm MJR2 Greige GP IV MJR0 Ghiaccio GP IV Size 305 x 305mm CR188 Mink Mosaic (25mm) CR189 Mink Mosaic (50mm) Sizes available: CR188 Mink Mosaic 25 x 25mm Greige CR189 Mink Mosaic 50 x 50mm Ghiaccio



This soapstone inspired range has a silky smooth surface and is available is three coordinating sizes and two subtle colourways. The natural, tactile beauty of Fontanarosa will compliment both contemporary and traditional settings.


305 x 305mm 305 x 305mm


Sahara Beige

Mojave Grey

CR156 Calico Blend Mosaic 23 x 23mm

CDN465 Slaty Ochre Mosaic 50 x 50mm

Kalahari White

YOR220 Ebony Blend Mosaic 23 x 23mm


Gentle drifting sand in diagonal and swirling patterns create a organic feel to the wonderfully enigmatic Driftstone range. The coordinating floor tiles combine with the wall tiles to harmonise your interior.


300 x 300mm 305 x 305mm 500 x 250mm

Size: 500 x 250mm THI100 Kalahari White THI101 Mojave Grey THI102 Sahara Beige

Size: 300 x 300mm THI103 Kalahari White GP IV THI104 Mojave Grey GP II THI105 Sahara Beige GP IV

Size: 305 x 305mm

CR156 Calico Blend Mosaic (23mm) YOR220 Ebony Blend Mosaic (23mm) CDN465 Staty Ochre Mosaic (50mm) Sizes available:


305 x 305mm



Range: Driftstone Colour: Sahara





Range: Colour:

Illustrated Sizes

Effortless style, sharp lines and timeless

simplicity epitomises the Renaissance

Contemporary collection. Ceramics,

glass and stone add individuality, whilst

the refined and striking finishes serve

to both inspire and enhance interiors.




Range: Natural Stone Colour: Black / White / Black & White Insert Illustrated Size: 100 x 100mm


100 x100mm

M6QQ Brown/White Insert GP M6QR Black/White Insert GP M6QT Brown/White Insert GP M6QU Black White Insert GP Size: 100 x 100mm KZC5 Beige GP KZC6 White GP KZC7 Black GP KZC8 Brown GP Size available: Brown/White Insert (M6QT) Black

Black/White Insert (M6QU) Brown Brown/White Insert (M6QQ) Beige Black/White Insert (M6QR) White


Natural Stone

This immensely versatile range combines a neutral palette with indulgent insets to bring a sense of unity and interest to your home.

The riven surface texture and natural stone look together with the metallic elements of the inset tiles work in perfect balance to create unique interiors.


PC114 Cobalt Blue PC134 Racing Green PC118 Orange PC116 Mercury Grey PC154 Lime Green PC120 Terracotta PC128 Sun Yellow PC155 Coffee PC121 Burgundy PC129 Straw PC107 Peach PC156 Chocolate PC126 Primrose PC125 Candy Pink PC157 Pale Grey PC130 Golden Yellow PC109 Pale Blue PC103 Cream PC158 Charcoal PC117 Black GLOSS PC127 Sorbet PC150 Salmon PC108 Stone PC132 Pistachio PC115 Silver Grey PC104 Beige PC101 White PC111 Violet Blue PC131 Pale Green PC153 Lavender PC110 Sky Blue PC133 Moss Green PC124 Rose Pink PC105 Pale Beige PC102 Ivory PC113 Petrol Blue PC149 Maize PC151 Poppy Red PC112 Sea Blue


A range of plain coloured wall tiles available in 39 colours and gloss & satin finishes across four size options.

Use a single colour for a contemporary feel or combine colours and finishes to create your own unique design.


200 x 200mm 200 x 100mm 150 x 150mm 100 x 100mm

All colours available in all sizes - please ask for full availability details. Sizes available:



PC167 Cobalt Blue PC180 Racing Green PC168 Orange PC187 Mercury Grey PC178 Lime Green PC171 Terracotta PC183 Sun Yellow PC184 Coffee PC172 Burgundy PC139 Straw PC162 Peach PC185 Chocolate PC181 Primrose PC174 Candy Pink PC186 Pale Grey PC140 Golden Yellow PC141 Pale Blue PC159 Cream PC147 Charcoal MATT PC148 Black PC182 Sorbet PC169 Salmon PC163 Stone PC144 Pistachio PC146 Silver Grey PC137 Beige PC135 White PC164 Violet Blue PC176 Pale Green PC175 Lavender PC142 Sky Blue PC179 Moss Green PC173 Rose Pink PC160 Pale Beige

PC161 Ivory PC166 Petrol Blue

PC177 Maize

PC170 Poppy Red PC165 Sea Blue



Range: Weekend Colour: Crema Stuttura Illustrated Size: 300 x 100mm


300 x 100mm Size: 300 x 100mm MJPT Bianco MJPW Crema MJPY Fango MJPU Grigio

MJPV Nero MJQ0 Bianco StrutturaMJQ3 Crema Struttura

MJQ5 Fango Struttura MJQ1 Grigio Struttura MJQ2 Nero Struttura Size available: Fango Struttura Fango

Grigio Grigio Struttura

Crema Struttura Crema

Bianco Struttura Bianco

Nero Nero Struttura



The micro mosaic surface of Weekend can be used to create intricate details in your kitchen or bathroom, whilst the spatulate effect forms a subtle texture on your walls. The colours and finishes of Weekend mix perfectly with the Urban & Espace range, enabling you to create an interior that is unique to you.





The gloss and matt contemporary colourways allow you to create bold statements with an architectural feel. The colours and finishes of Weekend mix perfectly with the Urban & Espace range, enabling you to create an interior that is unique to you.


KYWQ Negro KYWR Marron KYWT Beige


KYWP Blanco KYWV NegroKYWW Marron

KYWY Beige KYWX Gris KYWU Blanco

Urban &


300 x 100mm Size available: Beige Marron Blanco Negro Gris

Size: 300 x 100mm Espace Matt Size: 300 x 100mm Urban Gloss

Wall Layout guides



Range: Urban & Espace Colour: Blanco



Range: Gala Colour: Brown / Beige


330 x 330mm Size: 380 x 250mm CAT6 Ice CAT7 Beige CAT8 Brown CAT9 Black

CAU1 Ice Scored CAU2 Beige Scored CAU3 Brown Scored CAU4 Black Scored

380 x 80mm

DR61 Listel Nodis Gris 330 x 330mmCAU6 Ice GL V

CAU7 Beige GL IV CAU8 Brown GL IV CAU9 Black GL III

300 x 300mm CR187 Bronze Lux Sizes available: Brown Black Nodis Gris Ice Beige



Gala’s subtle and organic metallic finish allows you to create an opulent and decadent feel to your interior. The scored and listel tiles can be used to create features within your design and to add to the unashamedly luxurious feel.


380 x 250mm Scored 380 x 250mm 380 x 30mm Wall 300 x 300mm CR187 Bronze Lux 25 x 25mm


Zuchero Antille Mambo Vesubio Mora Fuego


Create a bright and bold statement for a truly unforgettable interior, the gloss finish and striated design add subtle texture to the design. Mix colours with Zuchero or Vesubio to create spaces that are fun, fresh and full of character.


Size: 400 x 250mm CDCO220 Zuchero CDCO221 Antille CDCO222 Mambo CDCO223 Vesubio CDCO224 Mora CDCO225 Fuego Size: 400 x 250mm CDCO230 Zuchero Scored CDCO231 Antille Scored CDCO232 Mambo Scored

CDCO233 Vesubio Scored CDCO234 Mora Scored CDCO235 Fuego Scored Size available:


400 x 250mm 400 x 250mm Scored



Range: Decko Colour: Antille / Zuchero Illustrated Size: 400 x 250mm / 400 x 250mm Scored



Range: Trend Colour: Moon / Ander Geo Scored


450 x 450mm Size: 450 x 450mm Floor CDCO72 Ander GL IV CDCO73 Ebony GL IV CDCO74 Grafito GL IV CDCO75 Beige GL V CDCO76 Moon GL V CDCO77 Plata GL V Size: 400 x 250mm Wall CDCO60 Ander CDCO61 Ebony CDCO62 Grafito CDCO63 Beige CDCO64 Moon CDCO65 Plata

CDCO66 Ander Scored CDCO67 Ebony Scored CDCO68 Grafito Scored

CDCO69 Beige Scored CDCO70 Moon Scored CDCO71 Plata Scored Sizes available: Beige Ebony Moon Grafito Plata Ander



The neutral cement effect of Trend brings an effortlessly contemporary feel to your home. Define individual areas with the scored option and harmonise your space with the co-ordinating wall and floor tiles.


400 x 250mm 400 x 250mm Scored

Size: 400 x 250mm Geo Scored Wall Wall


Bone Bone Tesala Brown Brown Tesala Pearl Pearl Tesala Chrome Chrome Tesela


The delicate random design of cross layered drifting sands form the inspiration of Desert Dune, it’s four organic colourways are available in gloss and scored tiles with a coordinating matt floor tile. Desert Dune’s gentle simplicity will create an oasis of calm in your home.


450 x 450mm 605 x 305mm 605 x 305mm Size: 605 x 305mm CDCO280 Bone CDCO281 Brown CDCO282 Pearl CDCO283 Chrome

CDCO284 Bone Tesela CDCO285 Brown Tesela CDCO286 Pearl Tesela CDCO287 Chrome Tesela

Size: 450 x 450mm CDCO288 Bone GP IV CDCO289 Brown GP V CDCO290 Pearl GP IV CDCO291 Chrome GP V Sizes available:

Desert Dune




Range: Desert Dune Colour: Chrome



Range: Quartz Design Colour: Dark Illustrated Size: 605 x 300mm


605 x 300mm 605 x 300mm R12 External Finish Size: 605 x 300mm CD6J03 Cream GP V CD6J01 Dark GP V CD6J02 Silver GP V Size: 605 x 300mm R12 CD6J06 Cream GP V CD6J04 Dark GP V CD6J05 Silver GP V Size: 300 x 300mm Mosaic CDQ363 Cream (50mm) CDQ361 Dark (50mm) CDQ362 Silver (50mm) Sizes available:




The subtle textured surface and random variable design of Quartz Design fuse to create a dense, durable stone look to this floor tile. Available in multi size options Quartz Design can be used as a single size or in mixed sizes for random effects.


CDQUA02SSilver Interlocking Mosaic CDQUA01S Dark Interlocking Mosaic CDQUA03S Cream Interlocking Mosaic

CDQUA05S Silver Strip Mosaic CDQUA04S Dark Strip Mosaic

Silver Dark Cream

Size: 300 x 300mm Interlocking Mosaic CDQUA03S Cream

CDQUA01S Dark CDQUA02S Silver

Size: 300 x 300mm Strip Mosaic CDQUA04S Dark

CDQUA05S Silver

300 x 300mm Strip 300 x 300mm Interlocking 300 x 300mm


Moravia Cream Bohemia Ice Moravia Dark Bohemia Ivory Moravia Hazel Bohemia Marengo Moravia Ivory Moravia Sand Bohemia Sand


Bohemia is a homogenous stone effect glazed porcelain wall and floor tile incorporating a natural fine grained stone surface which when combined with the subtle textured surface of Moravia creates an unmistakable lavish interior. Create features in Bohemia with Moravia and continue the design onto the floor for a boutique feel.


600 x 300mm CDMA80 Ivory GP IV CDMA81 Sand GP IV CDMA82 Ice GP IV CDMA83 Marengo GP IV CDMA85 Ivory GP IV CDMA86 Sand GP IV CDMA87 Cream GP IV CDMA88 Dark GP IV CDMA98 Hazel GP IV Size available:

Bohemia &




Range: Bohemia & Moravia Colour: Ivory / Sand Decor



Range: Artwood Colour: Cream Illustrated Size: 600 x 300mm


600 x 300mm CDMA97 Sand GP IV CDMA96 Hazel GP IV CDMA95 Cream GP IV Size available: Artwood Cream Artwood Hazel Artwood Sand


Bohemia &


Inspired by natural wood, the unique layered effect of Artwood combined with Bohemia’s beautiful stone effect brings an organic sense of harmony to your interior, The Artwood feature features natural mixes of earthy tones to coordinate with almost any neutral colour scheme.


Bohemia Ice Bohemia Ivory Bohemia Marengo Bohemia Sand CDMA80 Ivory GP IV CDMA81 Sand GP IV CDMA82 Ice GP IV CDMA83 Marengo GP IV


White / Pearl

CR166 Mink Blend 23 x 23mm CR156 Calico Blend 23 x 23mm CR165 Espresso Blend 23 x 23mm Beige / Natural

Mocha / Negro


The unique linear textile design of Strands has a subtle striated surface that is suitable for use on walls and floors. This versatile glazed porcelain tile can be accentuated with the use of mosaic borders to create feature areas and to add interest.


305 x 305mm 600 x 300mm Size: 600 x 300mm CDMA105 White/Pearl GP V CDMA106 Beige/Natural GP IV CDMA107 Mocha/Negro GP IV Size: 305 x 305mm CR156 Calico Blend CR165 Espresso Blend CR166 Mink Blend Sizes available:


Co-ordinating Mosaic



Range: Strands Colour: Mocha / Negro



Range: Storm Colour: Copper / Variegated 3D Mosaic / Variegated Mosaic Illustrated Sizes: 600 x 300 / 440 x 200 / 440 x 320mm


600 x 600mm 600 x 300mm 440 x 320mm 440 x 200mm Size: 600 x 600mm D107 Black GP IV D109 Copper GP IV Size: 600 x 300mm C134 Black GP IV C135 Copper GP IV Size: 440 x 320mm

CAW3 Variegated Mosaic GP Size: 440 x 200mmC165 Variegated 3D Mosaic GP

Sizes available: Black Copper Variegated Mosaic



A weathered metallic effect glazed porcelain wall and floor tile with copper and steel colour options in mixed formats with the addition of 3D and variegated mosaics. Storm creates a lavish statement and

combines beautifully with metallic fixtures and fittings.



Noir Noir Mosaic 50 x 50mm Noir Loseta Argent Mosaic 50 x 50mm Argent Loseta Argent


These rectified glazed porcelain wall and floor tiles incorporate a subtle white vein and gentle riven texture. Re-create the effect of Swiss Mountain Stone with Living Stone in two classic colour options – Noir and Argent.


300 x 300mm 893 x 445mm 595 x 295mm Size: 893 x 445mm CDCO157 Argent GP V CDCO158 Noir GP V Size: 595 x 295mm CDCO124 Argent GP V CDCO125 Noir GP V Size: 390 x 300mm CDCO128 Argent Loseta GP V CDCO129 Noir Loseta GP V

Size: 300 x 300mm

CDCO126 Argent Mosaic (50mm) GP V CDCO127 Noir Mosaic (50mm) GP V

390 x 300mm

Sizes available:

Living Stone



Range: Living Stone Colour: Noir / Argent



Range: Desert Rose Colour: Bone / Dark Illustrated Sizes: 600 x 600mm / 600 x 300mm


600 x 600mm 600 x 300mm Size: 600 x 600mm CDCO304 Dark GP IV CDCO305 Rose GP V CDCO306 Grey GP V Size: 600 x 300mm CDCO300 Dark GP IV CDCO301 Bone GP V CDCO302 Grey GP V Size: 300 x 300mm CDCO327 Dark GP IV CDCO329 Grey GP V CDCO328 Bone GP V Sizes available: Rose Dark CDCO327 Dark 50 x 50mm

CDCO329 Grey 50 x 50mm CDCO328 Bone 50 x 50mm Grey


Desert Rose

The delicate random effect of cross layered drifting sand forms the design of Desert Rose, this glazed porcelain wall and floor tile will add glamour and practicality to any room. Choose from any of the three

colour options to create a statement of elegance and combine tiles with the Desert Rose mosaics for feature areas.






Range: Colour:

Illustrated Sizes

Bringing together an eclectic mix of

natural stone, glass and metal mosaics

and borders, the Renaissance Mosaics

Collection is designed to inspire.



CR187 Bronze Lux 15 x 15mm CR155 Grey Lustre / Glass & Metal Mix 15 x 15mm


This beautiful collection of designer glass, stone and metal mosaics can be effortlessly set into most wall tile ranges, adding a touch of glamour to your interior.

The deep luxurious colours and shimmering accents work to further enhance the beauty of the range.


300 x 300mm

Size 300 x 300mm Metalux CR187 Bronze Lux

CR155 Grey Lustre/Glass Metal Mix Sizes available:

Metalux &


CR180 Platinum Mix 15 x 15mm CR182 Gold Mix 15 x 15mm CR184 Firefly 15 x 15mm CR181 Silver Mix 15 x 15mm CR183 Bronze Mix 15 x 15mm CR184 Firefly CR183 Bronze Mix CR182 Gold Mix CR181 Silver Mix CR180 Platinum Mix Size 300 x 300mm Treasure



Range: Metalux Colour: Grey Lustre / Glass & Metal Mix



Range: Natura Colour: Beige Illustrated Size: 300 x 300mm (15mm)


300 x 300mm

Sizes available:



The organic colours and tactile quality of slate in conjunction with the cool reflective surface of glass instantly transforms your interior.

Available in two size formats, Natura works equally well when incorporated in to both classic and contemporary settings.


CR154 Grey Glass & Multi Colour Slate 15 x 15mm CR152 Grey Glass & Slate

CR153 Beige Glass & Multi Colour Slate 15 x 15mm CR151 Beige Glass & Slate

300 x 300mm

Sizes 300 x 300mm CR154 Grey Glass & Slate CR153 Beige Glass & Slate

CR152 Grey Glass/Multi Colour Slate Mix CR151 Beige Glass/Multi Colour Slate Mix



A stunning combination of both cool smooth matt and gloss glass, natural slate and marble, the Designer Glass range instantly adds a touch of decadence to your interior.

From rich earthy tones to soothing aquas, this collection is guaranteed to inspire and impress.




CR125 Brown Smoke & Coffee 15 x 15mm CR194 Ice/Stone Glass 15 x 15mm CR127 Beige Brown & Onyx 15 x 15mm CR129 Beige Glass & Crema Stone 15 x 15mm

CR196 Grey/White Glass 15 x 15mm CR126 Charcoal Grey & Brown 15 x 15mm CR128 Emperador Marble & Glass 15 x 15mm

Sizes 300 x 300mm

CR129 Beige Glass & Crema Stone CR128 Emperador Marble & Glass CR127 Beige Brown & Onyx CR126 Charcoal Grey & Brown

CR125 Brown Smoke & Coffee CR194 Ice/Stone Glass CR196 Grey/White Glass Sizes available:



Range: Designer Glass Colour: Ice / Stone



Range: Murano Colour: Beige / Mink Illustrated Size: 300 x 270mm




A simply stunning collection of interlocking glass strips that bring the chic and contemporary feel of loft style living to your interior.

Iridescent strips sit beautifully within gloss and matt tessera to create eye catching focal features.


300 x 300mm 300 x 270mm Sizes: 300 x 300mm CR119 Black/Grey Frosted CR118 Beige/Mink/Brown Gloss Sizes 300 x 270mm CR113 Ochre/Beige Murano CR112 Black/Grey Murano CR111 White/Pearl Murano CR110 Beige/Mink Murano Sizes available: CR119 Black/Grey Frosted CR111 White/Pearl Murano CR113 Ochre/Beige Murano CR118 Beige/Mink/Brown Gloss CR110 Beige/Mink Murano CR112 Black/Grey Murano




Stonelux &


Luxury and style optimise the Stonelux collection, light falls playfully across the rippled surfaces, whilst the smooth, natural stone adds opulent and calm undertones. This versatile range works

beautifully as a feature element in both contemporary and traditional environments.

CR156 Calico Blend 23 x 23mm CR166 Mink Blend 23 x 23mm CR221 Sparkle Black 100 x 15mm

YOR220 Ebony Blend 23 x 23mm CR165 Espresso Blend 23 x 23mm CR222 Sparkle Mink 100 x 15mm CR220 Sparkle Beige 100 x 15mm 305 x 305mm 305 x 305mm Strip Sizes 305 x 305mm CR166 Mink Blend CR165 Espresso Blend CR156 Calico Blend YOR220 Ebony Blend

Sizes 305 x 305mm Strip CR220 Sparkle Beige CR221 Sparkle Black CR222 Sparkle Mink Sizes available:



Range: Stonelux Colour: Ebony Blend



Range: Natural Stone Mosaics Colour: Crema/Noce Illustrated Size: 318 x 310mm



Natural Stone


From the smooth honed surfaces to the organic palette, this collection of natural stone mosaics is unashamedly luxurious. The natural beauty and tactile quality of this range will enhance any interior.


CR131 White/Grey/Black Brick 30 x 10mm CR130 Crema/Noce Tumbled Travertine Brick 30 x 10mm CR193 Fiore 04 Blanco 15 x 15mm CR191 Fiore 02 Grigio 15 x 15mm CR150 Mother of Pearl/Stone/Glass 50 x 25mm CR192 Fiore 03 Nero 15 x 15mm CR190 Fiore 01 Travertine 15 x 15mm Sizes 318 x 310mm CR131 White/Grey/Black Brick

CR130 Crema/Noce Tumbled Travertine Brick

Sizes: 305 x 305mm CR193 Fiore 04 Blanco CR192 Fiore 03 Nero CR191 Fiore 02 Grigio CR190 Fiore 01 Travertine Sizes 300 x 300mm CR150 Mother of Pearl/Stone/Glass Sizes available: 300 x 300mm 318 x 310mm Brick 300 x 300mm Brick



Effortlessly add opulence and glamour to both traditional and contemporary interiors with our polished marble mosaics.

This organic range can also be used to create stunning borders and feature areas.




Sizes 305 x 305mm CR189 Mink Polished Marble CR188 Mink Polished Marble CR148 Emperador Polished Marble CR147 Nero Marquina Polished Marble Sizes available:

CR116 Emperador/Imperial/Crema Marfil 25 x 25mm CR188 Mink Polished Marble 25 x 25mm

CR147 Nero Marquina Polished Marble 25 x 25mm

YOR222 Crema Mix Brick 100 x 50mm

CR146 Emperador Polished Marble 25 x 25mm

YOR221 Crema Marfil Brick 100 x 50mm

CR146 Crema Marfil Polished Marble 25 x 25mm

KTL002 Trinity Straight Jointed

CR148 Emperador Polished Marble 50 x 50mm CR189 Mink Polished Marble 50 x 50mm

KTL001 Trinity Brickbond

300 x 300mm 305 x 305mm 305 x 305mm 300 x 300mm 300 x 300mm

Sizes 300 x 300mm KTL002 Trinity Straight Jointed KTL001 Trinity Brickbond CR146 Emperador Polished Marble

CR145 Crema Marfil Polished Marble YOR222 Crema Mix Brick Mosaic YOR221 Crema Marfil Brick Mosaic CR116 Emperador/Imperial/Crema Marfil



Range: Polished Marble Colour: Emperador / Imperial / Crema Marfil Illustrated Size: 305 x 305mm



Range: Slate Colour: Variegated Slate Illustrated Size: 350 x 180mm



Slate &


The craggy and undulating surface of natural slate and quartzite is captured beautifully in the 3D setting of these stunning mosaics. Slate and Quartzite will add a unique and tactile element to living spaces.


CR137 Beige/Green Blend Quartzite CR136 Variegated Slate CR195 3D Variegated Slate

CR197 3D Black Slate CR198 3D Quartzite

CR135 Dark Grey Slate

305 x 305mm 350 x 180mm

Sizes 305 x 305mm

CR137 Beige Green Blend Quartzite CR136 Variegated Slate

CR135 Dark Grey Slate

Sizes 350 x 180mm CR195 3D Variegated Slate CR198 3D Quartzite CR197 3d Black Slate Sizes available:



The neutral colour palette and subtle natural textures are designed to harmonise your interior and will integrate seamlessly into most tiling schemes.

Gentle and elegant, this range will add interest and luxury to both classic and contemporary spaces.



Stone Listels

300 x 70mm 300 x 50mm 270 x 32mm 255 x 37mm 250 x 40mm

Sizes 300 x 70mm CR142 Onda Dark Beige Listel CR141 Onda Beige Listel CR140 Onda White Listel

Sizes 300 x 50mm CR115 Emperador Blend TML004 Verde/Amarillo Mosaic Listel TML003 Rosa/Crema Mosaic Listel

TML002 Blanco/Crema Mosaic Listel TML001 Beige/Nogal Mosaic Listel

Sizes: 270 x 32mm

LEGW23 Listel Easy Grey Wood Sizes 255 x 37mm

YOR216 Travertino Chiaro/Noce/Scabas

Sizes 250 x 40mm

LFGW24 Listel Fascia Grey Wood LFR24 Listel Facia Red LFG24 Listel Facia Grey LFB24 Listel Facia Beige Sizes available:

CR115 Emperador Blend

CR142 Onda Dark Beige Listel CR141 Onda Beige Listel CR140 Onda White Listel

TML004 Verde/Amarillo Mosaic Listel 23 x 23mm TML003 Rosa/Crema Mosaic Listel 23 x 23mm

TML002 Blanco/Crema Mosaic Listel 23 x 23mm TML001 Beige/Nogal Mosaic Listel 23 x 23mm

Listel Fascia Grey Wood Listel Fascia Red

Listel Fascia Grey Listel Fascia Beige



Range: Onda Listel Colour: Beige


Range: Colour: Illustrated Sizes


BAL – the leading brand of professional tiling

adhesives and grouts offers an unrivalled range of

products for a wide variety of tiling applications.

The tried and trusted brand has been the preferred choice of professional tile fixers,

contractors and specifiers for 50 years. Whatever the tile, background or application ensure

your tiles are fixed with products trusted for quality and long lasting performance.


White Star Plus

• Flexible high strength ready-mixed

tile adhesive for walls

• With built in BAL Fibre Strand

Technology (FST)

• Suitable for wet areas including

showers and wet rooms

• Brilliant white in colour


Max-Flex Fibre

• Flexible high strength

cementitious tile adhesive for

walls and floors

• With built in BAL Fibre Strand

Technology (FST)

• Suitable for fixing a wide range of

ceramics, mosaics, porcelain and

natural stone

• Recommended for large format

tiles and swimming pools

• Available in grey and white

Micromax 2

• Rapid-setting cementitious

grout for walls and floors

• Built in Microban®

antimicroban protection

• Suitable for joint widths


• Recommended for power

showers, wet rooms, heated

floors and timber floors

• Available in 9 colours




Andes 56-57 Applestone Deluxe 40-41 Arctic 56-57 Artwood 86-87 Austral 56-57 Bohemia 84-85 Bohemia 86-87 Burgundy Stone 20-21 Burma 26-27 Caesar Stone 10-11 Contract Plus 68-69 Crema Marfil & Parador 50-51 Daino 52-53 Decko 76-77 Desert Dune 80-81 Desert Rose 94-95 Designer Glass 102-103 Downton Flags 46-47 Driftstone 62-63 Emperador Mosaics 50-51 Espace 72-73 Estatuario 54-55 Fontanarosa 60-61 Forest 12-13 Fusion 58-59 Gala 74-75 Giotto 28-29 Habitat 18-19 Heron 24-25 Instone 34-35 Living Stone 92-93 Materia Forte 36-37


Memories 16-17 Metalux 98-99 Moravia 84-85 Murano 104-105 Natura 100-101 Natural Stone 66-67 Natural Stone Listels 114-115 Natural Stone Mosaics 108-109 Opus 32-33 Pietra Del Luna 14-15 Polished Marble Mosaics 110-111 Quartz Design 82-83 Quartz Design Mosaics 82-83 Quartzite 112-113 Sands 38-39 Sands Mosaics 38-39 Slate 112-113 Slaty 22-23 Slaty Mosaics 22-23 Sparkle 106-107 Stonelux 106-107 Storm 90-91 Strands 88-89 Timberlux 44-45 Toledo 30-31 Travertine Classico 6-7 Travertine Stone 8-9 Treasure 98-99 Trend 78-79 Urban 72-73 Weekend 70-71 Wood_Ker 42-43



Glazed Floor Tiles

Glazed ceramic floor tiles, although beautiful to live with and easy to clean, are not indestructible. Reasonable care must therefore be taken in avoiding the fall of household objects, such as pans and cutlery. To maintain the life of the floor foot mats should be provided at external doorways to remove grit from shoes.

If in any doubt about the suitability of a floor tile for a given application please consult our showroom staff for help and guidance. Glazed ceramic floor tiles are rated according to International Standard ISO 10545-7 into classes of abrasion resistance (ISO PEI Classes I to V). The glazed ceramic floor tiles illustrated in this catalogue are designated an abrasion resistance class as specified by their manufacturer. The fol-lowing outlines typical installation circumstances for each classification as an approximate guide only:

Class III

Suitable for light domestic use only (not kitchens or hallways or any room which gives direct access to outdoors). Class IV

Suitable for general domestic use and some light commercial applications.

Class V

Suitable for most, but not all, commercial applications.

Glazed (GP) and Unglazed Porcelain (UGP) Floor Tiles

All glazed or unglazed porcelain tiles require fixing with a polymer modified adhesive due to their low water absorption. We recommend that BAL polymer modified adhesives containing BAL Porcel Bond Plus are used when laying Renaissance Porcelain floor tiles. All BAL adhesive products are covered by a 25 year performance guarantee.

Rectified Tiles

This term is used to describe tiles which have had their edges mechanically squared and precision size calibrated. Such tiles should be installed with care to ensure a flush flat finish is achieved, with a minimum 2mm joint between the tiles.

Highly Decorative and Metallic Finishes

Care should be taken when fixing, grouting and maintaining products with metallic finishes. The use of strong chemical cleaning agents and abrasive cleaners should not be used.

Glazed Porcelain (GP)

Products identified with this symbol have a glazed porcelain body. Generally, most glazed porcelain tiles may be used on walls, floors and worktops. Please check with our showroom team to ensure the product has a surface finish that is fit for the intended application. UGP = Unglazed Porcelain tiles GL = Glazed Vitrified floor tiles GP = Glazed Porcelain tiles

During the manufacture of ceramic wall and floor tiles some variation in shade or pattern can occur. In addition some ceramic wall and floor tiles have a deliberately shaded appearance as part of the design and such qualities should be observed and understood prior to installation.

Similarly natural stone is characterised by its inherent variation and depending upon the type of stone the degree of variation can be significant. In some instances a single sample may not be representative of the entire batch and further steps should be undertaken to carefully understand the appearance characteristics of the particular product prior to purchase and installation. Before fixing tiles several cartons should be opened and the contents mixed to ensure that the size, shade, colour and patterning are acceptable. The colour representations in this brochure are as accurate as the limitations of the printing process will allow. Please refer to actual product samples or request a sample prior to purchasing tiles. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given in this brochure, however, we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

All sizes in the catalogue are approximate, please refer to carton packaging for specific work size information.

For specific information regarding layout designs speak to our showroom team for a copy of the op-tions available.



Craven Dunnill & Co Ltd.

Stourbridge Road, Bridgnorth Shropshire, England, WV15 6AS Tel: 01746 761611





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