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Mark eting C ommunic ation September 2014 BGL BNP PARIBAS S.A. 50, avenue J.F. Kennedy L-2951 Luxembourg Téléphone : (+352) 42 42-1 Fax : (+352) 42 42-25 79 R.C.S. Luxembourg : B 6481


Current Account


A current account tailored

to your needs

Your customised current account consists of:

• the “


”: core components and services for your daily

banking needs

• the “


”: additional components and services tailored

to your specific requirements

Your banking needs will vary depending on your profile and

lifestyle. And your day-to-day asset management requirements

will change with time. BGL BNP Paribas understands this, so we

are offering a customised current account package, exclusively

to our customers in Luxembourg. Working with your advisor, you

can build an account that is remarkably

flexible and perfectly

tailored to your needs


Alongside a core set of

components essential to your daily


, you are

free to choose

from a range of


and complementary services

, picking the ones that best suit

your personal situation.

Your monthly charges are

fully transparent





One or more OptiFlex current accounts to manage your money on a daily basis (available for 11 currencies)

A V PAY debit card1) for ATM withdrawals and in-store purchases anywhere in Europe

1 printed statement / account / month to help you monitor your balances

Quarterly statements for each account

15 wire transfers2) / month for your Web Banking payments

You pay a monthly all-inclusive fee for the “Essentiel”,

with no hidden surprises!

Free BGL BNP Paribas wire transfers

4 manual transfers2) / month to another BGL BNP Paribas account

2 manual transfers2) to another bank in Luxembourg or the European Union

3 ATM withdrawals / month in Luxembourg and the European Union (withdrawals from BGL BNP Paribas and Raiffeisen ATMs are free)3)

1) Subject to acceptance of application

2) EUR-denominated transfers (up to EUR 125,000) in Luxembourg and to an account in the SEPA zone: i.e. the EU countries, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland,

Monaco, Switzerland (+ Andorra, San Marino and the Vatican) with the payee’s IBAN and BIC, specifying “fees shared”.

3) Only with the V PAY debit card. All additional withdrawals and expenses relative to withdrawals in Luxembourg and the EU with a credit card (VISA or



With the V PAY debit card, you can withdraw cash from 365,000 ATMs and pay for purchases in eight million shops in Europe. V PAY cards are protected by advanced technology in line with the very latest security standards.

Visa Classic and MasterCard Blue credit cards

are international deferred-payment instruments. The cards allow you to make spur-of-the-moment purchases without breaking your budget. They also include accident/travel insurance, providing cover against death or disability.

The “Libertés”-options…

for a truly tailor-made account!

Much more than a simple means of payment, MasterCard Gold, Platinum and Elite credit cards provide you with extensive insurance and assistance packages and an exclusive programme of advantages and loyalty benefits.

The MasterCard Gold credit card provides you with trip cancellation and delayed departure insurance, 24/7 hospitalization and medical assistance covering you and your family anywhere in the world, 24/7 Home Emergency assistance in the event of an incident linked to your home, and other benefits.

The MasterCard Platinum credit card provides you with additional insurance and assistance packages such as: insurance cover on car hire, golf and winter sports equipment, etc. This card also offers a concierge service for your requirements from Monday to Friday, 9:0 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The MasterCard Elite credit card offers the most comprehensive level of insurance and assistance.

There are higher ceilings and the concierge service is available 24/7.

Your MasterCard Gold, Platinum and Elite credit cards provide you with access to the Premium Benefits

programme, which provides you with permanent privileges and events in the fields of travel, culture, gastronomy, sport and well-being. Just sign up on the site. Unique events, exclusively for BGL BNP Paribas clients, offer the opportunity to discover exceptional sites and memorable experiences.

You will find all information in the brochure: “Open up a world of privilege with our outstanding credit card range”.

The Web Credit Card is a virtual credit card that you can safely use to make online purchases. If you make online purchases with your Web Credit Card, we will provide a delivery guarantee for goods bought, as well as coverage against non-compliant deliveries.

1) Cards of the same type: Visa Classic and MasterCard Blue or two identical cards, e.g. two debit cards, two MasterCard Gold cards or two Web Credit

Cards. The Duo option applies only to the Libertés offering (not to “Essentiel”).


If you opt for two cards of the same



as part of your Libertés, we’ll give



Unforeseen situations can crop up at any time, ranging from an impulse purchase to a last-minute snag. BGL BNP Paribas will help you cope without upsetting your budget. The OptiLine1) credit line is a rainy-day fund on which you can draw depending on your needs. It is available at all times and there are no restrictions on repayments. You pay interest only on the amount actually drawn.


BGL BNP ParibasNomad

Luxembourg only

Looking for protection for your mobile devices, such as smart and mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras and GPS equipment?

Our Nomad insurance solution covers all the family’s devices against theft and breakage. Taking out a policy is simple and easy, and it provides cover to repair or replace your device with an equivalent if it is stolen or damaged in Luxembourg or elsewhere. Contact a branch advisor for more information.


For peace of mind, take out a


insurance policy


. In the event of death,

any outstanding OptiLine commitments

will be repaid.

1) In EUR only. Capped at EUR 12,500

2) Premium payments are determined based on the age of the


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