Test 4 - Module 4 1. VOCABULARY A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals.

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Test 4 - Module 4


A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals.

1. are currently trying to find an effective treatment for cancer. SCIENCE

2. The sudden of the population will probably lead to an unemployment

crisis. GROW

3. I have a lot of , but the worst is that I can’t stop eating chocolate. WEAK 4. The doctor suggested drinking a lot of water and avoiding to the sun. EXPOSE 5. Many promise things they can’t deliver. POLITICS 6. After the manager’s , the staff held a meeting to discuss various

issues. ARRIVE

7. Sharon works as a for a large firm. TYPE 8. Some people don’t want to get married because they don’t want to lose their


B. Choose the correct option








to complete the sentences.

1. After a certain age, your metabolism becomes slower, so it is more difficult to lose the weight you have .

a. earned b. gained c. won d. received

2. Purple was very popular last year, but now it is suddenly out of .

a. date b. fashion c. practice d. shape

3. The of her sick grandfather broke her heart.

a. sight b. show c. scene d. image

4. Did any problems during my absence?

a. rise b. raise c. arise d. lift

5. Her mother tried to convince her to reconsider, but she had already decided to marry Barry.

a. in brief b. in advance c. in charge d. in vain

6. The family offered a(n) to anyone who might have information about the missing girl.

a. income b. salary c. payment d. reward

7. Linda spent the afternoon in the park through magazines and sitting in the sun.

a. gazing b. glancing c. staring d. watching

8. His boss was for being extremely strict and old-fashioned.

a. favourite b. famous c. notorious d. popular





C. Complete the sentences with the words/phrases in the box.

a hurry charge work particular brief the ordinary order advance

1. I would recommend reserving a table two weeks in .

2. Apparently, the manager was in , so he promised to see me the following day.

3. We have run out of money, and all the cashpoints in the area are out of .

4. They introduced us to Rea, who was in of the department.

5. Being out of for a long time means both financial and psychological pressure.

6. The chef specialises in spicy recipes. His curry dishes, in , are very popular.

7. I haven’t got all day. Tell me the news in .

8. There was something out of about that man that made him look suspicious.

D. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.

review include estimate contain appreciate silent speechless remove

1. Amelia was when her daughter told her she had secretly got married.

2. The packaging says that the cake nuts and raisins.

3. The police officer asked him a question, but he remained .

4. Fay is the film critic who wrote that nasty about The Dark Knight.

5. Recently, all cashpoints have been from the metro stations.

6. In the US the rental fee the cost of electricity and water bills.

7. To show how much he my help with his assignment, Chris bought me a present.

8. The interior designer that redecorating the house would cost around €10,000.






E. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use relative

pronouns or adverbs.

1. Jessica was talking to a man. He bought the house next to hers.

The man .

2. They were building a school. It was destroyed by the fire.

The school .

3. I am driving Emma’s car. Emma is away on holiday.

Emma, .

4. These actors live in London. Most of them have studied abroad.

These actors, .

5. The Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand. New Zealand is a wonderful country.

New Zealand, .

6. Johnny’s aunt is 75 years old. Her cottage is near the beach.

Johnny’s aunt, .

7. This castle was bought by a duke. It was built in the Middle Ages.

This castle, .

8. Florida is often hit by tropical storms. Florida is a state in the southern US.

Florida, .

F. Complete the sentences using either the infinitive or -ing form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Emily Schumann was the only student of the school (win) a scholarship.

2. (garden) is my mother’s favourite pastime.

3. There is no point in (try) to persuade her. She has made up her mind.

4. Do you mind (clean) the kitchen a bit?

5. It was a great shock (see) him after so many years.

6. That house was too expensive for me (buy).

7. I have always enjoyed (have) coffee with friends on a Sunday afternoon.

8. On her way to work, Monica stopped (pay) a visit to her aunt.

9. Henry bought a book (learn) how to cook Chinese.

10. The doctor was happy (see) that the little girl was doing better.

11. The Robinsons are not wealthy enough (afford) a Ferrari.

12. Why don’t you try (drink) some warm milk before you go to bed?





G. Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.

1. Children shouldn’t lie / have lied to their parents.

2. The girl over there can’t be / have been Amanda. She is in Australia at the moment.

3. The little girl’s parents ought to have taken / take her to the dentist as soon as she started complaining about a toothache.

4. Jonathan said he might say / have said something to Julie about the party, but he can’t remember for sure.

5. Thank you so much for the present, but you needn’t buy / have bought me anything.

6. Ellie must have left / leave the lights on before going out. She always forgets to turn them off.

7. You should let / have let me know you were coming. I would have cooked dinner if I had known.

8. Jamie must be / have been on his way to the airport as we speak.


H. Read the text and answer the questions 1-6. Choose






, or




The Western film industry today is closely associated with Hollywood, USA. But Bollywood, its Eastern equivalent, has gained tremendous popularity and is considered to be one of the largest film-producing industries worldwide. Bollywood got its name from the merging of the words Bombay - the former name for the city of Mumbai - and Hollywood. It is used to refer to the film industry based in that Indian city, not to all of Indian cinema as is sometimes mistakenly believed.

Bollywood films are for the most part musicals and the language spoken is Hindi. Nevertheless, due to their ever growing international popularity, more films are featuring Indian English and some are now exclusively in English.

Bollywood films have been around since 1913 when the first silent film was produced in India and by the 1930s over 200 films were produced annually. The industry has had peaks and troughs over the decades; however, in 2000 there was a boom in Bollywood film popularity around the world. A new generation of actors and actresses caught the public’s eye, in particular, Aishwarya Rai – who is believed by many to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Bollywood films are usually a three-hour dazzling extravaganza of music, song and dance. Often the plot of the film is melodramatic; there are usually conflicts between characters, a lot of drama and desperate villains trying to hurt the main characters. A Bollywood film will both entertain and thrill you as well as provide you with considerable insight into Indian culture.

1. Bollywood is

Line 1 ›

Line 14 ›



d. the largest film producer in the world.

2. In line 1 what does its refer to? a. Bollywood

b. Hollywood c. the US

d. the Eastern film industry

3. What is true of the Bollywood film industry? a. It now only produces English films. b. It was always successful.

c. It has some Hollywood characteristics.

d. It is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

4. Aishwarya Rai

a. starred in some of the first Bollywood films. b. became known due to her extraordinary beauty. c. was famous before becoming an actress. d. has acted in recent Bollywood films.

5. In line 14 what does dazzling extravaganza mean? a. a cultural shock

b. an impressive show

c. an unsuccessful combination d. a simple storyline

6. On what grounds does the writer recommend Bollywood films in the last paragraph? a. because they are funny

b. because they combine drama and music c. because they can teach us a lot about Hindi

d. because they provide us with a culturally enriching experience




I. You will hear a conversation between two friends, Rachel and William. For questions 1-5,

choose the best answer

a, b




1. Why did William's mum cry when she heard Faryl Smith sing?

a. because she was moved by the music

b. because Faryl is so young

c. because Faryl was offered a huge record deal

2. Rachel thinks it's great that young people

a. are being discovered by major record companies.

b. are making classical music more popular.

c. are trying their luck on the show Britain's Got Talent.

3. To go on the TV show

a. you need to have some kind of talent.

b. you need to be as good as George Sampson.

c. you need to be a singer or dancer.

4. What is Rachel's talent?

a. She can sing.

b. She can dance.

c. She can play an instrument.

5. William tells Rachel that

a. most performers don't feel nervous when performing live.

b. performing live is part of being a famous musician.

c. auditioning is more stressful than performing live.


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