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Our Partners:

Jacquard Systems

Company Profile


Our Partners:

About Us:

As a well-established consultancy firm with branches across the Middle East, we provide comprehensive business environment management solutions that are innovative, flexible and tailor-made to suit your unique needs, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Jacquard Systems has a proven track record and specialized experience in delivering IT services to the financial and security sectors in the EMEA region with emphasis on the GCC and Iraqi markets. Whether we are providing an end-to-end or an expedient repair solution, we uphold dynamic client relationships in order to understand your business initiatives at all times thereby aligning your Information Communication Technology (ICT) resources with your goals and achieving optimum functionality.

Our Approach:

Drawing on the expertise of a resource pool of international consultants with extensive, experience and skills in diverse technologies, allows Jacquard Systems to bring together visionary solutions under the most challenging circumstances.

We believe that motivation to perform and the will to excel is best achieved by employees who feel part of a team. To live this credo we maintain flat hierarchies and encourage employees to actively

contribute with ideas and suggestions during regular team meetings.

We consider consulting as partnership rather than a relationship. When engaging in a consultancy agreement we care to know what your ins and outs are.

We have a range of engagement choices such as: Long term Engagements-

 Complete IT Management (Outsourcing)  We take care of your IT Management needs  Plan, direct and manager IT strategies Short-to-Medium Terms Engagements-

 Specific Project Coaching  Managing one Project at a time


Our Partners:

 Systematic Project Approach to Project Deliverables

Our Services:

Instead of just using the typical solution of throwing more resources at a problem that provides short-term relief but inevitably becomes unsustainable, Jacquard Systems’ solutions are proactive, future proof and scalable, thus insuring maximum stability and minimum disruption.

We face the challenges of rising costs and reduce the complexity of operating and managing data of any existing infrastructure by incorporating appropriate development model philosophy.

1. IT Systems:

Jacquard Systems can provide a wide range of services to meet your IT needs such as:  Hardware Maintenance for IBM i-Series

 i-Series Replication (iWift)  Server Administration  Networking Solutions

 Hosting Disaster Recovery for Banking System  Access Control and Monitoring

 Hardware Support and Maintenance o iSeries/xSeries

o IBM Banking Printers

 Hiring of our DataCenter, Servers and Equipment  Datacenter hardware installation

 Infrastructure and Operational Support  Branch-In-A-Box Solution

 AS 400 Administration training  Thin Clients

As well as the above we can provide all our clients with:  Project Planning, Evaluation and Execution  Project Estimation and Feasibility studies

 Requirement Analysis, Vendor Selection and Negotiation  Project Rescue


Our Partners:

 Emergency Re-launch Services

 Vendor Management and Coordination  Project Resource Recruitment

 Training Tracks

 Project Implementation  Project Logistical Support  Project Lifecycle Support


We have had a long term engagement with the Trade Bank of Iraq, and assisted them in building their IT team and infrastructure. We have co-ordinated and managed many projects alongside their team. We have also done vendor selections, negotiations and procurement on behalf of TBI’s IT department. We also rented out servers, equipment and datacenter space for their Disaster Recovery site. Our

consultants have been requested over the past five years to solve many of their networking, software and hardware issues.

We currently have several support services in place including a Hardware maintenance, Network support, Server Administration and Disaster Recovery support.

2. Financial Services:

Jacquard Systems has worked with Financial Sector in Iraq for many years and has proved successful in many projects in difficult circumstances.

Some of the services we provide include:

 Temenos T24 Core Banking System Full Implementation  Temenos T24 Customisation and Administration

 Temenos Banking System first level Support  i-Series Replication (iWift)

 AS 400 Administration training

 Misys Equation Banking System first level Support  Misys Midas Banking System first level Support

 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (T24, Equation, Midas)  Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Commissioning (T24, Equation, Midas)


Our Partners:

 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management (T24, Equation, Midas)  Payment Peripherals: Point of Sale, Automated Teller Machines

Alongside the above services, Jacquard Systems can do the following in the Financial Services market:-  Project Planning, Evaluation and Execution

 Project Estimation and Feasibility studies

 Requirement Analysis, Vendor Selection and Negotiation  Project Rescue

 Emergency Re-launch Services

 Vendor Management and Coordination  Project Resource Recruitment

 Training Tracks

 Project Implementation  Project Logistical Support  Project Lifecycle Support


Trade Bank of Iraq

Despite the obvious and numerous challenges by the general uncertainty in Iraq, Jacquard Systems was able to align operation of the Trade Bank of Iraq with the global banking and financial sector’s

regulations and standards through the implementation of the Misys Equation Core Banking System. Trade Bank of Iraq is the leading financial institute in Iraq which interfaces with the local banks and provides credit and trade facilities for the government and private sector. Trade Bank of Iraq was awarded the Best Trade Bank in the Middle East in the Trade and Forfaiting Review in 2007.

In-House developed replication solutions (iWIft) for the Equation and Midas+ banking systems were implemented with TBI and continue to be used for over 3 years.

As part of our Long-Term Engagement with TBI we provided the following services, which formed part of the largest implementation in the Iraqi Financial sector yet:

 Assisting TBI in tendering the Core Banking System  Handling Vendor Negotiations


Our Partners:

 Preparing the Shortlist

 Providing TBI with pre-implementation consultants in Iraq  Managing the Core Banking Implementation project

 Providing training and organising knowledge transfer to TBI Staff  Implementing the Disaster Recovery site in Dubai

 Outsourcing of parts of IT Management.

National Islamic Bank

Jacquard Systems successfully implemented the Temenos T24 Model Bank core banking system at the NIB in Baghdad. The T24 software, that included Islamic modules, was the first of its kind to be implemented in Iraq and has ensured that NIB will be able to compete on the international banking market.

Jacquard Systems project managed the implementation, which took only five months from start to finish, and was able to customise and translate the software to suit the bank’s requirements. As a result we were able to deliver a function rich, pre packaged solution with best practice business processes preconfigured into the T24 product. Furthermore, Jacquard systems provided high level on-site business consulting skills to ensure that the Bank processes are optimised as part of a standard core banking implementation.

Furthermore, Jacquard Systems now has business consultants on-site to support NIB’s staff as well as a system administrator who is managing the Temenos Application.

Replication Software (iWift)

This is an in-house developed replication solution designed for the iSeries Server, compatible with AS 400 platform and Midas/Equation systems. The solution has been extremely successful when used in conjunction with the MidasPlus and Equation banking systems from Misys.

Every time an update is done on one of the MidasPlus/Equation and TI transaction libraries, a journal entry is noted. The journal is a log of all database activities of the system over a period of time, however, journal entries are not limited to just database activities but can include other things such database backup operations as well. This is then copied part of the disaster recovery solution and is replayed through the remote journaling method.


Our Partners:

Remote Journaling is the replication of journal entries from the local server to a remote server. This requires no further development as the iSeries is fully capable of this through its operating systems services.

Branch-In-A-Box Solution

‘BIAB is not a solution but a complete overhaul of business processes’

The Branch in a Box is an in-house developed modular solution, and was designed specifically for the financial sector, to ease the headaches of IT infrastructure roll out to new branches. Furthermore, it or use any external hard drives that may infect the system.

However, BIAB is suitable for types of businesses including logistics, energy and retail.

With the added inbuilt functionality of a more secured monitored system, the BIAB provides the foundation of having a workflow, functionality specific roles, increased security and monitoring (identity use management).

BIAB for the Financial Sector:-

BIAB consists of two main components namely Essential Services and Branch Services. Essential Services are the foundation of the BIAB which provide a modular, scalable approach and the backbone for the IT infrastructure. The Branch Services are the plug-in modules that are built on the foundation of Essential Services.

A design goal of the BIAB is solution redundancy. Even when Essential Services are off-line, branches can still function independently and synchronize with Essential Services once back online, thus ensuring business continuity at the bank and branch level.

We believe that BIAB can become the foundation for your organisational system needs that is built around your core and supporting applications. It allows monitoring, enhances security, and enforces procedures throughout the organisation. By streamlining your IT needs with your organisational vision, BIAB does solidify the foundation to make sure that the system stays modular, scalable and secure. Future Branches or projects will maintain a certain standard that will allow for a quicker roll-out, thus, saving you money and time.


Our Partners:

The home-grown solution for Financial institutions provides essential back-bone services based on ‘Best of Breed’ open source and proprietary software. Scalability is provided by the modular design where a new branch can be pre-configured, the hardware shipped and literally plugged in, to bring the branch on-line. Centralized user management system monitoring, through secure remote connection facilitate pro-active support and hassle-free user management.

Security is integral to the BIAB design with firewall, network access, application, admission control and built-in secured communication. And, with all data stored on the servers, data security is no longer an issue to worry about. Although developed for the banking sector, the BIAB approach can work for any organisations that require enforcement of business processes and procedures, monitoring, control and extra enhancement of security.


Jacquard Systems successfully implemented the Branch-In-A-Box solution at the National Islamic Banks in Baghdad, Iraq. This is first of its kind to be implemented in Iraq. This enabled NIB to continue on its push towards having a modern IT and Banking environment in line with its automation drive.

This has allowed NIB to have a more secured monitoring system with all actions being logged in a centralised server where observation is made easy. For a growing bank such as NIB scalability is important and provided by the BIAB system’s modular design where a new branch can be pre-configured, the hardware shipped and literally plugged in, to bring the bank online.

Most importantly for the financial sector, security is at the heart of the BIAB system with firewall, network access, admission control and built-in secured communication. And, with all data stored on the servers, data security is no longer an issue to worry about.

BIAB increases security, control and transparency whilst simultaneously decreases cost, threats, maintenance and administrations. Jacquard Systems provided the installed all hardware and software and trained NIB’s IT staff on administering and customising the system.

Contact Us:

Tel: +971 4 364 2750 Fax: +971 4 369 7554 Email: info@jacquard.ae