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Legal & Copyright Notice

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Major Arcana

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards which are numbered from 0

to 21. They show the Fool's Journey, which is the path we take

from our earliest awareness to finally becoming integrated and

fulfilled. Each card represents one step along the journey of inner

growth. This journey starts with the Fool, then proceeds to the

Magician, the High Priestess, the Empress, the Emperor, the

Hierophant, the Lovers, the Chariot, Strength, the Hermit, the

Wheel of Fortune, Justice, the Hanged Man, Death, Temperance,

the Devil, the Tower, the Star, the Moon, the Sun, Judgement, and

finally the World.

Not everyone goes through these stages in order, and sometimes

people tend to go back and forth a bit rather than in a straight

line. Some people also skip some of the steps. Everyone’s journey

is different.

Overall, the cards of the Major Arcana signify things with deep

and lasting meaning. They show universal themes.



Minor Arcana

The cards of the Minor Arcana depict things that are more a part

of our daily lives. They signify feelings, wishes, or events that

might be fleeting.

The Minor Arcana is divided into four suits: Swords, Cups,

Pentacles, and Wands. Each suit represents a different aspect of

our daily lives.

Swords represent the element of air, or the mind.

Associations: Logic, Truth, Intellect, Power.

Cups represent water, or the soul.

Associations: Feelings, Emotions.

Pentacles represent the element of earth, or the body (all that is


Associations: Physical being, Physical needs.

Wands represent fire, or intuition/willpower.

Associations: Imagination, Inspiration, Motion, Potential

Energy, Ambition, Effort.


Within each suit, there are cards numbered from Ace to Ten as

well as the Royal cards. Studying the numerology behind each

number is beyond the scope of this guide, but I would like to

briefly discuss the role of each member of the royal court.


The King of any suit is the ruler of that suit. That means he not

only possess all the characteristics of the suit, but to a greater

degree. He “rules” over the other cards of his suit. The King also

personifies the male attributes of his suit.


The Queen on the other hand personifies the female attributes of

a suit. Like the King, she also “rules” over the other cards of the

suit, serving to strengthen the King.

Both the King and the Queen represent authority figures. They are

mature adults.


The Knight is a servant of the King and Queen. Given his youth (he

is a young adult), he represents the qualities of the suit to a lesser

degree. He is sometimes seen as a messenger or seeker,



Tarot Card Reference Guide

The following pages of this guide are dedicated to providing some

basic information on each of the tarot cards depicted in the

Rider-Waite-Smith Deck.

Each page includes a picture of the card, common keywords,

meanings, and reverse meanings based on my own experience.

You can use this information as a guide to help you start forming

your own interpretations of the cards.

Copyright Notice:

Please note that the card images in this guide are from the

Rider-Waite-Smith deck published in 1909 in the U.S. and are no longer

under copyright in the U.S. They are NOT the modified and

recolored US Games version published in 1971 (which is still under



The Fool

Keywords: New Beginnings, Birth,

Innocence, Carefree, Unknown, Possibilities, Spontaneity

Tarot Card Meanings: This signifies

the beginning of a new journey. It may be physical, spiritual or mental in nature. This is the time for new beginnings, ventures and adventures. Good time for making investments. But you also need to be careful and think twice before taking any decision.

Reversal Meanings: You may be

making a bad or rash decision. Your impulsiveness will be the cause of your downfall. Not a good time to start a new venture. You need to exercise patience and discretion.

The Fool represents someone walking blindly to his fate without

heeding any warning signs.



The Magician

Keywords: Knowledge, Power,

Action, Individuality, Agent of Change, Skill, Unknown Abilities

Tarot Card Meanings: This card

signifies a strong personality with willpower, skill and creativity. This is the time to be adventurous and start new projects. Success is bound to follow soon. This signifies creativity and ability to understand you potential by taking risks.

Reversal Meanings: This shows a lack

of imagination and will to start any new project. You may feel insecure and have low self confidence in yourself. Learn to communicate with your friends and do not close yourself to the world. Think twice before taking any action.

The Magician is someone with the ability to control and

manipulate people, events, and things.


The High Priestess

Keywords: Intuition, Mystery, Dreams,

Secrets, Spirituality, Unseen Wisdom, Hidden Forces

Tarot Card Meanings: Your intuition

will play a very important part in your decisions more than what you think is true. Emotions may be responsible for your judgment. Be patient and take time to think. Wisdom and influence is seen in the near future.

Reversal Meanings: You may hide

you true feelings about things. You may ignore your intuitive nature and your decisions may lack foresight. Things will not come to you easily. You need to work hard to achieve your goals.

The High Priestess represents the ability to understand and

interpret the word of God—the understanding of the Law which is

the highest and best use of our intellectual ability.



The Empress

Keywords: Fertility, Creativity, Birth,

Abundance, Success, Femininity, Nature

Tarot Card Meanings: Execution of

your decisions is in your own hands now. You need to take calculated risks to achieve your goals. You may receive some good news related to a wedding or birth of a baby. Now is the time to take action and develop your creativity.

Reversal Meanings: Problems with

other women are seen. You may not be able to develop you creative side. There may be indecision and hesitation. There may be infidelity, infertility or an unwanted pregnancy. Be prepared to face anxiety and depression.

The Empress is the matriarch incarnate, representing security,

comfort (both physical and emotional), and understanding.


The Emperor

Keywords: Solid Foundation, Father-

Figure, Authority, Confident, Discipline, Control, Reason

Tarot Card Meanings: This is the

time to organize yourself and plan your actions. Take your time and then take you decisions. Logic and reasoning are the only things that will help you achieve your goals. Competitiveness, common sense, authority and power are seen. Wealth and stability are also seen in the near future.

Reversal Meanings: You may not be

able to take a liking to organization. You may also dislike authority and power. Your friends may manipulate you. There may be a lack of stability even though you are talented and deserve more than you are getting. Success may elude you for the time being. You may be immature in your decisions.

The Emperor represents a different kind of wordly wisdom: the

understanding that it is not enough to want peace and security, or

even to teach it; sometimes you have to be willing—and able—to

defend it.



The Hierophant

Keywords: Government, Society,

Religion, Tradition, Teaching, Beliefs, Spiritual

Tarot Card Meanings: You may be

more worried about your social status and unsure if you are ready to sacrifice it at the cost of what you think is right. You seek wisdom and pure knowledge. Marriage and partnerships are seen.

Reversal Meanings: You may be

unconventional and not adhere to the rules of the society. You may be led to believe in false truths. This is not a good time for new ventures. Be careful of people who give you wrong advice.

The Hierophant, or High Priest, represents religious authority—

the search for truth, the interpreter of secret mysteries, the one

who points the way to salvation (or whatever your ultimate

spiritual goal may be).


The Lovers

Keywords: Alignment, Bonds,

Passion, Unions, Relationships, Sexuality, Harmony

Tarot Card Meanings: This is the

time to understand and give a meaning to your relationships. Develop those that you feel need to be nurtured and cut off those relationships which are useless. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. There is optimism and freshness in the air.

Reversal Meanings: You may have to

face some problems in you

relationships. Things may not be as harmonious as you would like it to be. You may have to face infidelity, frustration, deception and doubt. Do not be in a hurry and rush into things.

The Lovers are a union of opposites, pictured here as male and

female, and of the mystical bond between those who are alike in




The Chariot

Keywords: Victory, Control,

Aggressive, Journey, Assertion, Discipline, Movement

Tarot Card Meanings: You may see

success soon. Have a positive outlook towards life and keep away from negative people. Perseverance is the key to your success. You will be able to overcome your adversaries due to you decisiveness. This is a good time for travel.

Reversal Meanings: You may be able

to see success but not taste it. Thing may not be working out the way you fee they should be. There may be some losses in you ventures. You may develop a feeling of envy towards others. Last minute defeats may occur.

The Chariot represents the mastery of real opposites, control over

and use of those things which are by their nature in conflict.



Keywords: Courage, Strength,

Determination, Patience, Self Control, Compassion, Acceptance

Tarot Card Meanings: You have the

courage, determination and will power to achieve your goals. Change your ways and start looking at the big picture. Do not concentrate too much on details and forget what you ultimate goal is. Do not be unbiased and prejudiced in your decisions. Be convinced and optimistic about your decisions.

Reversal Meanings: Your thoughts may

be petty and prejudiced. You may feel weak and give in to unworthy impulses. You may face lack of energy and will power. Do not feel intimidated or pressurized by anyone.

The Strength card represents the inner strength required to

overcome obstacles placed in your path.



The Hermit

Keywords: Guidance, Teaching,

Contemplation, Seclusion,

Illumination, Searching, Introspection

Tarot Card Meanings: You need to

take out time and think about your situation. Do not do things for others’ sake. You need to be prudent and seek sound counsel. Be cautious and vigilant in your dealings. You need a mentor who can guide you.

Reversal Meanings: Learn to take out

time to spend with your loved ones. Learn to appreciate the finer things in life. Don’t let responsibilities bog you down. Don’t take hasty or rash


The Hermit represents a search, done alone, and requiring light

(the lantern representing understanding or knowledge) to


Wheel of Fortune

Keywords: Vision, Luck, Change,

Karma, Destiny, Opportunity, Choices

Tarot Card Meanings: You may have

some special gains. Your destiny may be changing and you may face

advancement in life. You will have good luck and easy progress. Old problems will end and new beginnings will happen.

Reversal Meanings: Your time may

not be so good now. You may face a bout of failures and bad luck.

Unexpected events may be responsible for your bad fate. There will be lots of difficulties and unwanted delays.

The Wheel of Fortune represents things in life that just happen,

and over which you have no real control.




Keywords: Balance, Justice, Fairness,

Aspirations, Decision, Balance, Cause & Effect

Tarot Card Meanings: You may get

involved in legal issues. Seek sound advice from elders. You will be able to lead a harmonious and balanced life. You will be known as considerate and virtuous person. You will get sound judgments in all your issues.

Reversal Meanings: You may not get

the right judgments but unjust decisions. There may be delays in issues and biased opinions. There may be a lot of legal problems to deal with. Do not trust people to support you but believe in yourself.

The Justice represents divine justice – absolutely impartial and

strictly fair.


The Hanged Man

Keywords: Delays, Devotion,

Sacrifices, Martyrdom, Reversal, Holding Back, Initiation

Tarot Card Meanings: You need to

rise above this material world. There is more to life than the small mundane issues. Give others time to get used to you way of thinking. This is the time for sacrificing and waiting for better things in life. This is a rebirth period in your life.

Reversal Meanings: You sacrifice

might be useless. You are confused about your goals in life. There is a lack of commitment and selfish motives in your actions. There is no excuse for laziness. There is always another avenue open if one avenue closes.

The Hanged Man represents that personal sacrifice is required in

order to attain your goal.




Keywords: Rebirth, Transformation,

Ending, Complete Change, Renewal, Transformations, Life Cycle

Tarot Card Meanings: This is the

beginning of a new life. You have to start from scratch. You won’t get anything easily. Do not give up hope nor wallow in self pity. Give up old habits that you don’t like and start a new life. There may be a lot of changes in your life.

Reverse Meanings: The changes in

your life may not be pleasant. You may not be ready to face them. This may leave you exhausted mentally as well as physically. This may be a period of stagnation. You may be lethargic and make excuses for your actions.

Death represents a complete severance with the past; the ending

of your life as it was.



Keywords: Balance, Flexibility,

Patience, Equality, Blending, Conservation

Tarot Card Meanings: Do not force

people to accept your views

immediately. Give them time. Till then, better to avoid debates and arguments. Common sense, compromise and a cool mind needed to overcome this situation. A moderate temperament reaps

harmony, happiness and confidence.

Reversal Meanings: Be careful of the

people around you. Everyone is trying to use you for their own reasons. Do not believe in all that you see. You may take many wrong decisions in a very short span of time. There may be a lot of disagreements. Life may seem unstable at the moment.



The Devil

Keywords: Jealousy, Materialism,

Despair, Bondage, Addiction, Hopelessness, Sexuality

Tarot Card Meanings: Your dark side

may be trying to take over your good side. Do no give in to materialistic decisions that may spoil your life. Give up habits that are doing you harm. There may be an unexpected failure or loss; you may feel frustrated and oppressed.

Reversal Meanings: The handicaps

that you fear most may be overcome. Nothing is clear in your life at the moment Do not let the past affect your present. Greed, abuse and emotional blackmail are written on the card. There is nothing but evil tendencies in all your actions.

The Devil represents a kind of intelligence that seeks to destroy

for the sake of upsetting divine balance.


The Tower

Keywords: Shaken Foundation,

Sudden Changes, Downfall, Release, Destruction, Upheaval, Revelation

Tarot Card Meanings: There may be

a sudden change or disruption in your life. A relationship may end. Monetary security reduces. Your routine is thrown out of control. Things may not happen you way, Make the best of the situation.

Reversal Meanings: You may be

trapped in a bad situation. You may face imprisonment of some form (physical, emotional, etc.). There may be opposition in your dealings. Do not lose heart or patience. Compassion is the only way to get out of this situation.

The Tower represents destruction resulting directly from your

own lack of understanding and good judgement, and/or from the

misuse of your free will.



The Star

Keywords: Success, Hope, Optimism,

Health, Aspirations, Faith, Spirituality

Tarot Card Meanings: This is a very

positive card and signifies hope, inspiration, balance and harmony. You are highly optimistic and have a good chance of making up in long standing situations. Your will be confident in your actions and have a very positive influence over others.

Reversal Meanings: Your dreams may

not be fulfilled. Your hopes may be crushed leaving you depressed and frustrated. You may be rigid and stubborn and not ready to adapt to new changes in life. There may be some bad luck and a lot of obstacles to face. This may lead to self doubt and lack of trust.

The Star represents the accomplishment of your goals and giving

something back (generosity).


The Moon

Keywords: Dream, Subconscious, Fear,

Imagination, Illusions, Mystery, Intuition

Tarot Card Meanings: Your

intuitiveness is at its peak now. Do not start any new ventures. People may be very emotional but do not become like one of them. You tend to spend more time in illusions and in an unconscious state or daze. You may not be taking the right decisions.

Reversal Meanings: You may be

deceived by someone but realize it before it is too late. You may hide in a land of dreams to avoid thinking about reality. You may not be able to

differentiate between reality and illusion. Do not trust people as you are bound to get deceived.

The Moon represents the idea that you want to learn to shape

events, not be shaped by them.



The Sun

Keywords: Confidence, Illumination,

Optimism, Attainment, Fun, Energy Renewal, Greatness

Tarot Card Meanings: You are

enthusiastic and passionate about your work. Your hard work is ready to reap good results. Be open to criticism. You are happy and satisfied with your accomplishment. You may receive lot of rewards and acclaims.

Reversal Meanings: You may be very

unhappy and lonely. Life may seem to have come to a stand still.

Relationships may be going through a tough time. Failures may happen; leaving you depressed.

The Sun represents the transition between the visible light of this

world and the spiritual light of the world for which you are



Keywords: Transformations, Great

Awakenings, Changes, Decisions, Rebirth, Inner Calling, Absolution

Tarot Card Meanings: Your hard

work reaps all the rewards. Do not be too harsh on yourself. Learn to be patient to be successful. Health will improve. There may be positive changes in life. This is a good time to make changes in your career. Important changes that alter your life may


Reversal Meanings: This is a period

of stagnation. You may fear failure and thus try to delay it by taking no

decisions. Your health may not be too good. You may also develop a fear towards death. You also suffer from a feeling of guilt for your actions.

Judgement represents the end of your old life and the beginning

of a new one, but in this case, whatever change is about to



The World

Keywords: Expansion, Outcomes,

Reward, Awareness, Perfection, Accomplishment, Integration

Tarot Card Meanings: Trust people

who mean well. Look at both sides of the situation before making a decision. Do not get bogged down by other’s views. Success is seen in the near future. Your hard work will be rewarded. You will feel fulfilled, satisfied and experience a sense of completion.

Reverse Meanings: You may feel

dissatisfied with life. A feeling of disappointment depresses you. There is a lack of achievement that troubles you. Things may be delayed just when they are about to be completed. Try to overcome frustration and lead a normal life.

The World represents complete mastery and understanding of

your own inner nature and of the forces surrounding you.


Two of Swords

Keywords: Balance, Doubt, Truce,

Stalemate, Choices, Anticipation, Impending Conflict

Tarot Card Meanings: This represents

a stalemate situation. You have still not decided which course of action you should follow. You are trying to gain time by stalling. Indecision may lead to trouble.

Reverse Meanings: You may be

surrounded by fake friends. You may be given misleading information. Be careful when dealing with certain people.

Someone may betray you.

The Two of Swords represents qualified friendship that can lead

to a stalemate without cooperation or the joining of forces.



Three of Swords

Keywords: Sorrow, Suffering, Integrity,

Tension, Heartbreak, Betrayal, Separation

Tarot Card Meanings: This signifies a

broken heart and betrayal. There may be a separation which may lead to a lot of sorrow and tears. There may be disruption and discord to a large extent. The only solution is letting go of things. Health related to the heart may not be very good.

Reverse Meanings: An alliance may be

broken. Mistakes may be made due to decisions made in a state of confusion. You may suffer from mental stress. There may be the breaking of a truce which may lead to some quarrel.


Four of Swords

Keywords: Seclusion, Withdrawal,

Truce, Retreat, Recuperation, Reflection, Meditation

Tarot Card Meanings: This is the time

build up your mental strength. Meditate and spend time in a calm atmosphere. You need to replenish your strength and spend time in spiritual thinking. You need to take rest and relax.

Reverse Meanings: You may be

depressed or exhausted. Be careful of stress as it can affect you adversely. There may be social unrest and strikes. Think twice before taking a decision. You may also face enforced isolation or


The Four of Swords signifies that contemplation and vigilance is

needed, or a period of recuperation.



Five of Swords

Keywords: Loss of Friends, Discord,

Verbal Battle, Humiliation, Betrayal, Defeat, Loss

Tarot Card Meanings: There may be

some mental tension. You may also have to face some losses. Friends also may break relations with you. Your victory is not worth the effort you have put in to achieve it. You may have to accept some limiting factors and acknowledge certain errors in judgment.

Reverse Meanings: You may be

indecisive in nature. You may also be paranoid about things in general. Spite and malice may be seen in your dealings. A misfortune may fall on a friend.

The Five of Swords represents the defeat of your plans, great loss,

ruin, or misfortune.


Six of Swords

Keywords: Determination, Passage,

Understanding, Travel- Water, Problems, Journey, Transition

Tarot Card Meanings: You may go on

a long journey, mostly probably by sea. This may be the calmer period after turbulent times. This is an important time in your life. Situation will improve. You will find the solutions to your problems.

Reverse Meanings: They may be a

delay in your travel plans. Solutions may not be that forthcoming. You may have to deal with unwanted obstacles. You should not give up hope and move forward.



Seven of Swords

Keywords: Confidence, Stealth,

Cunning, Shrewd, Mistrust

Tarot Card Meanings: Tact is needed

in solving your problems. You need to be careful of the people whom you trust. You may be running from something. Unwanted mistrust may make you paranoid. Life may seem to be getting brighter for you. You are filled with inspiration and enthusiasm. There may be a change in job or residence.

Reverse Meanings: You may not

always complete what you start even though victory is in sight. You are reluctant to carry out daring actions when required. You may suffer form lack of support. People may

underestimate your skills and give you undue advice.

The Seven of Swords represents hope and confidence—though it

can signify overconfidence leading to instability.


Eight of Swords

Keywords: Imprisonment, Interference,

Indecision, Stifled, Danger, Mental Unhappiness, Confused

Tarot Card Meanings: You may suffer

from a restricted course of action. You may suffer from severe weakness or temporary illness. You may feel bound and trapped in some situation but you have the skills to get out this problem.

Reverse Meanings: You may be

frustrated and depressed. You may hurt your loved ones unknowingly. There may be an accident or fatal occurrence. You may be moving away from the problem rather than finding a solution to it.



Nine of Swords

Keywords: Stress, Anxiety, Despair,

Concern, Misfortune, Guilt, Nightmare

Tarot Card Meanings: Things may not

be as bad as they seem to be. It reminds you that even the smallest thing can make a huge difference at times. You may go through a period of stress and worry. You may also be miserable about certain losses. The worst has past and you need to let go of it.

Reverse Meanings: You may have

doubt and suspicion on some people which may turn out to be true. You need to think positively. You may be having nightmares and premonitions.


Ten of Swords

Keywords: Negative Cycle, Lowest

Point, Crisis, Disaster, Disappointment, Catastrophe, Transformation

Tarot Card Meanings: You may be at

the lowest point in your life. You may face some sorrow or sudden misfortune. Plans may fail. Losses may occur. There may be a lot of pain and despair. Things will get better soon.

Reverse Meanings: You may have the

illusion that the worst has past. The good fortune is temporary. You will be able to fight over your adversary. There may be some success. Health will improve.

The Ten of Swords represents sorrow, tears and affliction, either

presently or soon to come.



The Page of Swords

Keywords: Truthful, Just, Vigilance,

Good Thinking, Fortitude, Unexpected Happening, Health

Tarot Card Meanings: You are full of

grace and diplomacy. You are assertive and won’t take things lying down. You are sharp minded but may not take things lying down. You ay receive some news on the legal front. You are good

negotiator and very understanding with people.

Reverse Meanings: An unforeseen

happening may occur and you may be unprepared for it. Heath may not be too good. You may be called an imposter. You may be highly interested in other people’s affairs.

The Page of Swords represents a person pretending to be a friend,

bad news.


The Knight of Swords

Keywords: Impulsive Actions, Disputes,

Warning, Direct, Logical, Authoritative, Aggressive

Tarot Card Meanings: You are very

brave and aggressive. You strive to fight all obstacles in your path. You may want to show off you strength. You are positive in your outlook towards life. You may be dominating and ready for any challenge.

Reverse Meanings: You may be too

smug and conceited. You may start things but not finish them. You are always ready to fight. You may be rash and a chauvinist. You may be labeled as a troublemaker.

The Knight of Swords represents someone who will undermine or

hurt you, or a warning of enmity and opposition.



The Queen of Swords

Keywords: Mature, Intellectual

Manipulations, Bold, Experienced, Mental Chaos, Perceptive, Witty

Tarot Card Meanings: You are warrior

and always ready for a challenge. You are highly independent with your own set of ideals. You may be witty and outspoken.

Reverse Meanings: You may be

narrow-minded and deceitful. You may be a dangerous adversary as you are very intelligent. You may be an ill tempered person and vengeful.

The Queen of Swords represents a woman of power and

authority, or a symbol of personal loss, emotionally devastating



The King of Swords

Keywords: Mature, Mental strength,

Power, Analytical, Intellectual, Fair, Honorable

Tarot Card Definitions: You are an

authoritative figure. You will make a good warrior or lawyer or diplomat. You are highly active, energetic and full of ideas. You may depend on your intellect more than your intuition. You are a wise counselor and an independent judge.

Reverse Meanings: You may abuse your

power and authority. You may be

calculative and obstinate. You may cause unnecessary problems and disruptions. You may be full of selfishness and cruelty.

The King of Swords represents a man of power and authority, or a

situation that is potentially harmful.



The Ace of Swords

Keywords: Justice, Victory, Raw Power,

Courage, Strength, Beginning, Mental Forces

Tarot Card Meanings: This may be the

beginning of a new unexpected venture. You may become a valiant leader. You may have the strength and ideas for making a new beginning. You may have to face obstructions and hurdles. You have the will power and courage to achieve you goals. You just need to focus your determination. Triumph and victory is soon to be seen.

Reverse Meanings: You should be

cautious when trying to overcome obstacles. You may be responsible for your own destruction. You may be confused and your thoughts may not be very clear.


Two of Cups

Keywords: Relationship, Communion,

Partnership, Romance, Solving Differences, Attraction, Agreement

Tarot Card Meanings: This may be the

beginning of a harmonious and cooperative relationship. New relationship, either love or friendship may be in the budding stage. Now is the time to reach an agreement and call it a truce. You may be attracted to someone who is very much unlike you. Be clear about what you expect from a

relationship before entering into one.

Reverse Meanings: You may be into an

empty relationship. There may be misunderstanding and no confidence in the relationship. Separation is possible. Love may turn violent. There may be unfaithfulness and deceit.

The Two of Cups represents a partnership, a marriage, or a union,

all based in harmony.



Three of Cups

Keywords: Planned Pregnancy, Birth,

Support, Harmony, Celebration, Abundance, Exuberance

Tarot Card Meanings: Your hidden

talents will be discovered. You may be lucky in love. You are a hospitable and sensitive person. This signifies

blooming of a new relationship. This is the time for celebration and family outings. You intuition will become clearer.

Reverse Meanings: You may have

become self indulgent and obnoxious. Relationship may be loveless. Life may just not seem worth living for. Unknown talents may remain hidden. You may let yourself be wasted and unappreciated.

The Three of Cups represents success and victory in business or



Four of Cups

Keywords: Apathy, Boredom, Re-

evaluation, Hope, Day Dreaming, Self- Absorbed, Disillusioned

Tarot Card Meanings: Your life may

be stagnating and you may be bored with it. You may be bored and

disillusioned. You may need something to stimulate you life and stop day dreaming about the past. Apathy makes you miss out on opportunities.

Relationships may be unfulfilling.

Reverse Meanings: Your vigor may be

renewed. You are ready to face new challenges in life. New relationships are on the cards. Action is seen in you life.

The Four of Cups represents a friendly warning; your own

negative outlook is keeping you from attaining or appreciating

everything you could need or hope for.



Five of Cups

Keywords: Regret, Change, Despair,

Disappointment, Depression, Loss, Lack of Hope

Tarot Card Meanings: This signifies

loss and regret about something done in the past. You need to forget the past and make a new beginning. Relationships may be unsatisfactory. There may be some kind of sorrow or remorse in your life. You need to accept things as they are and move on.

Reverse Meanings: You may meet an

old friend or lover. This may be the beginning of a new relationship. Life may seem more positive. You may feel the courage returning in you to start life all over again.

The Five of Cups represents that you are only seeing the losses

and not the gains; it’s up to you to see the positive.


Six of Cups

Keywords: Childhood, Pleasure,

Innocence, Good Will, Reunion, Nostalgia, Joy

Tarot Card Meanings: This is the time

to make the best of new opportunities. Happiness may be brought to the present from the past. Too much of

overindulgence about the pats may not be good. This may be the beginning of a new relationship.

Reverse Meanings: It doesn’t help to

think too much about the past. Reliving lost glory isn’t going to get you

anywhere in life. Return to the present and face life as it is.

The Six of Cups represents memories of looking back at when you

were happy; it shows that you can relearn happiness.



Seven of Cups

Keywords: Fantasy, Imagination,

Dreams, Illusion, Decision, Possibility, Magic

Tarot Card Meanings: This represents

the choices that need to be made. You may be faced with a lot of

opportunities; you need to choose the right one. You may not be focused in life. Your imagination may be highly active and conflict with reality.

Reverse Meanings: You will be able to

make the right choices in life. Your mind will be focused and you will have a strong will power. You will be

resolute and determined to reach your goal.

The Seven of Cups represents imagination and visions, either

fantastic or reflective.


Eight of Cups

Keywords: Loneliness, Sacrifice,

Withdrawal, Weariness, Abandonment, Independence, Cycles

Tarot Card Meanings: You may wish

to abandon your current path in life. You may be disappointed in love. You need to let go of the past and move on. There may be some disappointment.

Reverse Meanings: You may restless

and ready to risk anything just for some thrill. You may be searching for

pleasure and may feel reckless at this point. You may refuse to ignore negative situations and move on with life.

The Eight of Cups signifies that you will get what you’ve hoped

for, but you may be being overcautious.



Nine of Cups

Keywords: Comfort, Compromise,

Happiness, Fulfillment, Goals Achieved, Satisfaction, Sensual Pleasure

Tarot Card Meanings: This is a time

for emotional satisfaction and

contentment and physical well being. You may have overcome problems and are satisfied about it. You may be in for a great fortune and happiness. Success is on the cards.

Reverse Meanings: Your mistakes may

cost you your success. The results may not be up to your expectation. Your self indulgence may lead to shortage of money. There are signs of some illness too.

The Ten of Cups represents that everything you hoped for will

soon come to be, triumph, complete success.


Ten of Cups

Keywords: Success, Idealism,

Completion, Achievements,

Contentment, Marriage, Attainment

Tarot Card Meanings: This is the time

for happiness. Relationships will be fruitful. There will be domestic bliss. You will be emotionally balanced. Success and rewards will be seen soon. A harmonious and secure environment will be experienced.

Reverse Meanings: There may be

problems on the domestic front. Friends may be lost. Some minor unhappiness will be seen. Social standing may fall. Children may fight with their parents.

The Ten of Cups represents real love: contentment, domestic

bliss, satisfaction in your accomplishments.



Page of Cups

Keywords: Service Rendered,

Messenger, Intuitive, Loving, Emotional, Loving, Good Taste

Tarot Card Meanings: You are a

gentle, loving and caring person. This is time to be intuitive and intimate. You may be gifted with great foresight. You may be young at heart. This may be the beginning of a new relationship or birth of a child.

Reverse Meanings: You may be selfish

and not wish well for others. Your imagination is poor. You may be lazy and believe in gossiping. Your

knowledge about things may not be very in depth.

The Page of Cups represents a person who will render an


The Knight of Cups

Keywords: Offer of Love, Kindness,

Temperamental, Aggressive, Fanciful, Refined, Romantic

Tarot Card Definitions: You are a

romantic person at heart. You may be intensely passionate and temperamental. You are an intelligent person with a streak of aggressiveness.

Reverse Meanings: You may fall in

others’ traps. You may believe in flattery. You will not think twice before falling down to trickery or fraud. You may be a congenital liar.

The Knight of Cups often represents a lover, or the messenger of

true love.



The Queen of Cups

Keywords: Mature Woman, Feminine

Wisdom, Spiritual, Loving, Intuitive, Emotional Security, Psychic

Tarot Card Meanings: You are a

loving and tender person. Your maturity level is high. You may also be a psychic and intuitive. You are full of

compassion and represent a happy marriage.

Reverse Meanings: You are not a

person to be trusted. You are a dreamer and unreliable. Morality means nothing to you. You may also suffer form superiority complex. You may be responsible for the destruction of others.

The Queen of Cups represents a mother figure, intelligent and

cultured, or an environment in which you do, or should, feel



The King of Cups

Keywords: Wisdom, Empathetic,

Diplomatic, Sensitive, Maturity, Honorable Feelings, Loyal

Tarot Card Meanings: You are a

business man to the core. You are a kind and considerate person. You do not run away from responsibility. You are a great leader. You are a skilled negotiator and seeker of power.

Reverse Meanings: You may be crafty

and violent. Your dealings may not be very transparent. You have no sense of responsibility. You are dishonest and corrupt and do not mind leading others into the same trap.

The King of Cups represents a just and good man, or a situation

involving justice, intelligence, or honor.



The Ace of Cups

Keywords: Good Karma, Love,

Spiritual Fulfillment, Contemplation, New Hope, Birth, Happiness

Tarot Card Meanings: This signifies

beginning of a new life, journey or love. You feel spiritually fulfilled. The

intuitive and creative mind is active and such projects will succeed. The

unconscious mind may become more active.

Reverse Meanings: This signifies

barrenness of the mind or the body. You may be stagnating and satisfied with life. Love may fail. You may be disappointed and lonely.

The Ace of Cups represents fertility, celebrations, consummation

of a worthy union.


Two of Pentacles

Keywords: Adaptability, Change,

Balance, Versatility, Flexibility, Fun, Finance Juggling

Tarot Card Meanings: There is a need

for maintaining a good budget and taking care of finances. You may be good at handling multiple tasks. This is the beginning of a new venture where a lot of effort is required. You need to be flexible and highly energetic. This is a symbol of fun and good times.

Reverse Meanings: You may not be

able to handle multiple matters. You may spend beyond your means as there is no proper planning. You need to recognize the signs indicating trouble. You may reckless and rash. Projects may not be completed.

The Two of Pentacles represents good fortune, gaiety and fun, or

perhaps good news, a warning to juggle financial affairs.



Three of Pentacles

Keywords: Negotiation, Skill, Planning,

Employment, Progress, Team Work, Competence

Tarot Card Meanings: This represents

the initial completion of a project. To become a success the project may need the support and cooperation of a lot of people. You need a lot of skillful planning to be done for all future ventures. Skillful work is always sees success and is appreciated.

Reverse Meanings: Skillful work is

neglected at the cost of cutting costs. Quality of work may be low. Ambitions may be common place. You may not be sure of the path you have chosen. You may be suffering from low confidence and enthusiasm. The results are disappointing.

The Three of Pentacles represents proficiency in a craft,

profession or trade, and that the skill could prove profitable.


Four of Pentacles

Keywords: Security, Stability,

Materialistic, Possessive, Tenacious Hold, Control, Inadaptable to Change

Tarot Card Meanings: This signifies

material and financial security. Business will prosper and so will wealth. There may be a promotion on the job front. You may have fixed ideas. You may be selfish to a certain extent depending on you time and resources.

Reverse Meanings: You may be a

spendthrift. Business may not do well. You may not be ready to take a risk. There may be some obstacles on the business front. You may not be able to delegate work, leading to poor quality.

The Four of Pentacles represents a feeling that there is a need to

protect one’s possessions.



Five of Pentacles

Keywords: Dependence, Worry, Loss,

Ill health, Anxiety, Spiritual, Ruin

Tarot Card Meanings: You may suffer

from loneliness and desolation. Poor health is predicted. Mind may be impoverished. There will be an emotional, mental or physical loss. There may be disputes with co workers. Financial stability is nil.

Reverse Meanings: You may be

overindulgent. You may always be getting into fights. You are generally a bad influence on people. There may be some problem with your marriage. You may face long term unemployment.

The Five of Pentacles represents that there could be disaster in

business, material trouble, losses, or poverty.


Six of Pentacles

Keywords: Prosperity, Success,

Knowledge, Inequality, Good News, Luck, Charity

Tarot Card Meanings: You will

receive what is rightfully yours. You may do a lot of charity work you are very generous and always ready to help people. You will be rewarded

accordingly in return. You will clear all your debts and do a lot to benefit others.

Reverse Meanings: Debts may

increase. Money may be squandered away. You may exploit people for money. You may be jealous of others’ prosperity. You may lead an extravagant life style.

The Six of Pentacles represents that previous problems are solved;

it describes you as being a person who cares about others and will

use your prosperity to help.



Seven of Pentacles

Keywords: Profit / Loss, Vision,

Perseverance, Evaluation, Frustration, Risk, Incomplete Work

Tarot Card Meanings: You have to put

in a lot of work to gain recognition. Development won’t be very quick. You need to reevaluate your moves. You need to concentrate on one task at a time. There is just a temporary pause in work before completion. Charitable work is not recognized.

Reverse Meanings: You may be

responsible for your own financial insecurity. You may expect stiff competition and sudden setbacks. You may make dead investments. You may not be clear in your mind about the path to be taken. You need to keep your patience.

The Seven of Pentacles represents profit, specifically of reaping

the rewards of your labors.


Eight of Pentacles

Keywords: Improvement, Purpose,

Consistent, Education, Diligent, Organized, Persistent

Tarot Card Meanings: You may be

learning a new trade. Only hard work will reap rewards. You will be

employed soon and you skill will be put to test. You should not halt with you work but continue till it gives you results.

Reverse Meanings: Your energy may

not be used for the right purpose. You dislike hard work and have no ambitions in life. You may not be happy with your trade and not enjoy it. Your dealings may not be transparent.

The Eight of Pentacles represents that you know where you’re

going now, and how to get there, whether or not you realize it.



Nine of Pentacles

Keywords: Abundance, Culmination,

Financial Gain, Gratitude, Refined, Wisdom, Good Luck

Tarot Card Meanings: You may be

financial comfortable. This is all due to hard work and independence. You enjoy a harmonious atmosphere. You may have financial gains from unexpected sources. You may be popular in the social circle.

Reverse Meanings: You may have

become rich by fooling people. You may have gained your fortune from other’s misfortune. You may make promises to people but not keep them. You will lose you friends because of your spiteful nature. You may be corrupt and will not gain stability.

The Nine of Pentacles represents order, security in possessions

and relationships, the wisdom and experience you need to handle



Ten of Pentacles

Keywords: Inheritance, Wealth,

Security, Affluence, Potential, Completion, Permanence

Tarot Card Meanings: You will have a

stable family life. You may come into good fortune or may acquire property. This card signifies financial and

emotional stability. You will be affluent and rich. There may be a family


Reverse Meanings: Too much of

family traditions may be restrictive; fights may lead to wealth being lost. Mentally you may be dull and sloppy. You may have to live on a tight budget. Money may be lost in gambling or bad deals. Theft may occur.

The Ten of Pentacles represents that you are established in both

family and business, well-deserved feelings of confidence,



The Page of Pentacles

Keywords: Practical, Prosperous,

Entitlement, Good News, Trustworthy, Make a Difference, Assistance

Tarot Card Meanings: You may be

eager to learn the tricks of the trade. You do not differentiate between work and play. All distractions are put aside when goals have to be achieved. You have a high level of concentration and enthusiasm. You are a generous, kind and loving person.

Reverse Meanings: You may have no

sense of humor and love exploiting people under you. You think you are the only important person in the world. Monetary difficulties are seen. You may be a rebel and waste money.

The Page of Pentacles represents a scholarly young man or

woman, artistic and refined, or it can mean good news.


The Knight of Pentacles

Keywords: Stable, Thorough, Efficient,

Potential, Reliable, Confident, Cautious

Tarot Card Meanings: You love

nature and animals. Your outlook may be dull but you have a lot of patience. You are trustworthy and take on responsibilities. You are very reliable, practical and a very hard worker. You may travel for business. Set you goals and achieve them.

Reverse Meanings: You may be very

greed and suppressing in nature. You may also feel self satisfied with your deeds. Financial stability may be missing. This may be due to your carelessness, impatience and

irresponsibility. You may be intolerant and narrow minded.

The Knight of Pentacles represents a young man of great

potential, or unfulfilled expectations, quarrels.



The Queen of Pentacles

Keywords: Mature, Material Security,

Practical, Reliable, Resourceful, Good Hearted, Trustworthy

Tarot Card Meanings: This card

represents the procreative, nurturing and protective nature of motherhood. You may be an intelligent person who uses his talents to the most. You are a thoughtful and creative person. You appreciate the simple things in life.

Reverse Meanings: You are very

materialistic in nature. You may be suspicious and narrow-minded too and believe in a lot of showoff. You do not trust people even though you depend on them. You are obsessed with money.

The Queen of Pentacles represents a regal and respected woman,

or security, wisdom, prudence and wealth.


The King of Pentacles

Keywords: Mature, Patient, Security,

Loyal, Influence, Reliable, Enterprising

Tarot Card Meanings: You are a pillar

of solidarity and strength you may be in a very responsible profession like a banker or a chief in any industry. You are trustworthy, patient and cautious. You do not lose your temper unless under dire circumstances. Your investments are very sound.

Reverse Meanings: You may be

materialistic in nature and prone to taking bribes. You are not ready to take risks and not adaptable to change. You are unfaithful and corrupt. You are ready to take bad financial risks.

The King of Pentacles represents power and influence, a man

interested in sponsoring the arts and sciences, though




The Ace of Pentacles

Keywords: Success, Wealth, Reward,

Security, Prosperity, Manifestation, Practicality

Tarot Card Meanings: You may

receive unexpected money. There may be lot of monetary gain. This is a sign of prosperity and a new beginning. Your hard work will be rewarded. You will enjoy a lot wealth, happiness and all the good things in life.

Reverse Meanings: You may become

greedy and dependent on material pleasures in life. You may become greedy about money. This may make you a miser. Money may not bring you any pleasure.

The Ace of Pentacles represents attainment; new enterprises are

destined for success.


Two of Wands

Keywords: Originality, Negotiation,

Contemplation, Obstacles, Decisions, Boldness, Planning

Tarot Card Meanings: A lot of good

things are yet to come. You are a considerate person with a soft heart. Partnerships will be successful. Travel is possible. Your maturity will lead will initiate new ventures. This is the time for contemplation. Success will be the reward of your hard work.

Reverse Meanings: You may gain

money through illegal means. You may lose faith in yourself and cause the same to happen in others. Your ambition may be bad for your own future. You may avoiding responsibilities and be pessimistic about life in general. Impatience may not be good for you.

The Two of Wands represents something unexpected will happen

or enter the picture, or loss or failure in your new enterprise.



Three of Wands

Keywords: Initiative, Group Energy,

Luck, Opportunity, Fate, Confidence, Exploration

Tarot Card Meanings: This signifies

strength and confidence in your motives. You will be a good leader and confident. You will be making decisions keeping the future in mind. Business and ventures will be moving smoothly. A lot of

negotiations may happen which will prove to be fruitful.

Reverse Meanings: Be careful of

becoming arrogant. You may face disappointment due to mistakes in decisions. You may not be able to put your plans into action. Your ventures may not work out at the last moment. There may be a lack of determination and strong base.

The Three of Wands represents that problems can be resolved if

the person remains calm, dignified, intelligent.


Four of Wands

Keywords: Celebration, Harmony,

Completion, Relaxation, Happiness, Holiday, Freedom

Tarot Card Meanings: This is a time

for enjoying the rewards of your hard work. You are very innovative and creative. You like all the finer things in life. You will have a well settled home and a prosperous and happy life. There is chance of a romantic relationship. You may have a reason to celebrate and lot of holidays. This is the time to take rest and relax.

Reverse Meanings: You may give more

importance to show off and decorum than actually necessary. Your life may be ruled by superfluous rules and

regulations. Learn to appreciate the smaller things in life. Romantic relationships may not work out.

The Four of Wands represents that you are out of trouble; relax

and enjoy life for a while.



Five of Wands

Keywords: Struggle, Frustration,

Irritation, Quarrel, Aggressiveness, Conflicts, Competition

Tarot Card Meanings: This is time to

test your courage. There may be some legal battles to be fought. There may be a lot of conflicts and a period of struggle. You may get frustrated with the minor problems but this can be overcome with some patience and conviction. You may also face stiff competition from your rivals.

Reverse Meanings: You may face a lot

of legal obstacles that could have been avoided. You may be tricked into some frauds or deceptive ventures. You may be given wrong information which may lead to your failure.

The Five of Wands represents greed, competition for financial

gain, hardship.


Six of Wands

Keywords: Progress, Victory, Success,

Good News, Recognition, Reward, Harmony

Tarot Card Meanings: You may soon

hear some good news. You will be recognized for your hard work. This is a victory card. Your self esteem will get a boost. Completion of your work inspite of all obstacles will make you more self confident. Your organization skills, plans, effort and hard work are the keys to your success.

Reverse Meanings: You may fear that

your enemies will get the better of you. Results may be delayed or not that good. You may face some bad luck. Your travel to some place may be postponed. Your efforts may go unrecognized. You may be apprehensive and face some set backs.

The Six of Wands represents very good news, a message of hope

and victory, may indicate gifts about to be received.



Seven of Wands

Keywords: Stiff Competition,

Conviction, Defiance, Challenge, Determination, Courage, Good results

Tarot Card Meanings: You may have

to face stiff competition and may need aggressive determination to do the same. Your conviction will take you places. You need a lot skill and nerve to get you past the hardships. You need to rely on your inner strength and judgment.

Reverse Meanings: You are not sure of

what you want from life. This hesitation causes you to lose many profitable opportunities in life. You have to just face the bad times and things will get better. Patience is the key. You need to get over your doubts and fears.

The Seven of Wands represents success achieved by courage and

determination, profit and gain.


Eight of Wands

Keywords: Passion, Activation, Speed,

Flight, Progress, Time for Action, Growth

Tarot Card Meanings: You may be

approaching your goal. This is the time to act. Your life seems to be full of hope and progress. This is the time to prove yourself. You have a lot of new ideas which need to be implemented. Romantic relationships may work out.

Reverse Meanings: Do not get carried

away with things at the spur of the moment. Take time to think about your actions. There may be some quarrels on your home front. You may be rushing into a relationship. You may be jealous about some people. Do not act

spontaneously without thinking about the consequences.

The Eight of Wands represents that this is a time to take action, to

be hopeful, to plan your next moves.



Nine of Wands

Keywords: Courage, Advantage,

Stamina, Stability, Steadfast, Persistence, Will

Tarot Card Meanings: You have

prepared yourself for your eventual victory. All the hard work you have put in will pay off. You have to just

overcome the final obstacle. You will enjoy good health. Your strength and stamina will be at its peak.

Reverse Meanings: Health may not be

very good. You may not be practical and maybe unable to reach your goals. There may be lot of unforeseen delays and obstacles in your path. You may not have been prepared to face the obstacles. Stability in life is not seen for the


The Nine of Wands represents a job well-done, the ability to plan

wisely, courage under fire.


Ten of Wands

Keywords: Burden, Oppression, Stress,

Restriction, Struggle, Excess Activity, Accomplishment

Tarot Card Meanings: This is a time

for struggle. You may have to bear more burdens than you can handle. You are going through a struggle and there is a lot of tension on your head. Projects may not work out as planned. Do not take up all responsibility. Learn to delegate work. Do not feel

overburdened. Learn to relax.

Reverse Meanings: You may have to

bear losses due to your short sightedness. You may have temptations to take the easier way out. You may be jealous of others’ success and fine way to spoil them.

The Ten of Wands represents the feeling that you can do

anything, but also warns not to take things for granted.



The Page of Wands

Keywords: Ambition, Enthusiasm,

Noble Intention, Confident, Courageous, Creativity, Helpful Information

Tarot Card Meanings: You are highly

adventurous and enthusiastic about life. You may easily get bored with things and not complete them. You have good intentions. You are a good friend and supporter. You are creative, confident and courageous.

Reverse Meanings: There may be

journeys that are delayed. You may not be able to keep some matters in

confidence and spread rumors. You may show yourself to be completely different from what you are. You may be mentally unstable and be unable to make

decisions. Someone may break your heart.

The Page of Wands represents a message is coming from a young

friend, or information that will affect your current enterprise.


The Knight of Wands

Keywords: Impulsive, Adventurous,

Restless, Passionate, Hot Tempered, Energy, Flexible Intuition

Tarot Card Meanings: You are highly

aggressive and impulsive. You tend to be hot tempered and have less patience. You are a good friend. You are eager and energetic. People get attracted to your magnetic nature. You may be

unpredictable at times which makes you an enigma.

Reverse Meanings: Too much of

enthusiasm may not be good for you. You may always be getting into fights. Your narrow mindedness and suspicious nature may cause work to be delayed. Journeys may be delayed. A relationship may break up.

The Knight of Wands represents a trustworthy, faithful young

man, or a journey or move, change of job or relationship.



The Queen of Wands

Keywords: Adventurous, Energetic,

Passionate, Inspiration, Mature, Creativity, Charming

Tarot Card Meanings: You are a well

liked person. You are a cheerful person and have a charming personality. If you are a woman, you are mature and fond of your home. You may be temperamental, but also generous and independent. The card may also predict the success of a project.

Reverse Meanings: You may be jealous

of others and fickle minded about things. You are ready to achieve anything by deceit. You take pleasure in dashing other people’s dreams and posing

resistance. You may have a domineering personality. You may be malicious and cruel.

The Queen of Wands represents an honorable, intelligent, friendly

woman, confidante, or valuable assistance.


The King of Wands

Keywords: Entrepreneur, Inspiration,

Boldness, Leadership, Mature, Honor, Strong Wisdom

Tarot Card Meanings: You are a

charismatic leader. You have a

wonderful personality and a mature. You are independent old and inspiring. You are highly motivated and reliable.

Reverse Meanings: You may be

prejudiced and unyielding. You may not understand the difficulties of others. You may be intolerant and severe.

The King of Wands represents a man of status and wealth, or the

time has come to take action in business matters.




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