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Most Holy Redeemer Parish Clubs and Organizations




We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

— 1 Thessalonians 1:3 NIV

Meetings are held in Fr Benoit Parish Center, next to the Church, unless noted

Garden Angels, Office, 584-1326 MHR Weekend Meals Ministry

2nd Sun., Donna P., 584-1326

Hadley Food Pantry Sun. 12-1pm

Sharon: 584-0919

MHR Altar Society Cleaners, MHR Readers, Extraordinary Ministers, Altar Servers

Office: 584-1326

MHR Cub Scouts, Pack 505

Jennifer: 687-7184

MHR Boy Scouts, Troop 550

Tues., Joe: 665-8563

MHR Venture Crew 550

Sun., Mike: 253-7522 (M/F, age 14-20)

Girl Scouts

Fri., Barbara 587-9912

MHR Catholic Youth (CYO) Basketball (Boys/ Girls Gr 3-6)

Sat/Sun, Terry: 461-1032

MHR Youth Ministry/Faith Formation

John Gibbons 584-1326

MHR Catholics For Life

1st Thurs., 11am Mary: 584-4889

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Deb: 584-6255

Friends of St. Romuald

2nd Thurs., Coffee after Mass, 584-1326

Most Holy Redeemer Club

1st Mon., 6:30pm, Sue: 586-8575

St. John's Women's Guild

3x yearly, Peg: 549-5625

Tuesday Night Prayer Group

Weekly, 6:15pm, in Church, Leona: 586-1715

Knights of Columbus, Hadley/ Amherst Council 1619, 2nd Mon.

Meets at Amherst KofC Hall: 253-6500

Gentlemen of St. Joseph Prayer Group 2x Monthly, Wed,

in Church, Bob: 773-1100

Polish Women's Alliance (PWA)

4x yearly, Alvira: 584-4494

Rosary Sodality

2x yearly, Agnes: 584-8809

St. Anne's Sodality

1x yearly, Eleanor: 586-2601

Maker Fun Factory

Vacation Bible Camp 2017

Mon-Fri, July 31-August 4, 9am to Noon


MOST HOLY REDEEMER CATHOLIC CHURCH (413) 584-1326 Mailing Address: PO Box 375, Hadley, MA 01035–0375

Church, Parish Center and Offices

120 Russell St. (Rt. 9), Hadley

Holy Rosary Cemetery Huntington

Road (near Rocky Hill Road), Hadley

Office Hours

Tues & Thurs 9am - Noon


Fr. Shaun O’Connor, Pastor Mariana Hynninen, Parish Secretary John Gibbons, Faith Formation Doug Almanzar, Music Director Pauline Danylieko, Funeral Organist Frank Wilda, Folk Choir 10:30am


Finance Council and Cemetery,

Kathy Zieja

Pastor’s Council, Pat Jasmin Faith Formation Board, John Gibbons


LifeTeen and Edge Youth programs are in over1500 parishes worldwide

FIRST FRIDAY Masses 8am and 1:45pm

Adoration 2:30-6pm HADLEYAT ELAINE MANOR

MONTHLY MASS 2nd Thurs, 10:30am

Communion on Sundays


during Monday’s morning Mass

Annual Novena, November 18-26 MHR PARISH FEAST DAY & PICNIC July 30, 2017

MHR PARISH PICNIC Last Weekend of July

AFTERNOONSOF PRAYER & ADORATION First Friday, Confession, 1:15pm Mass 1:45; Adoration, 2:30-6pm Sacrament of Matrimony

Wedding date cannot be set until after a meeting with the parish priest, at least 1 year before desired day.

Call for an appointment.

Sacrament of Penance (Confession) Saturdays, 3-3:30pm;

First Friday, 1:15-1:45pm

Advent & Lent Parish Penance Services, and after Stations of the Cross in Lent and also by appointment.

Sacrament of Baptism for Infants or for Young Children or Adults To sign up for classes, you can call the Faith Formation Office, 584-1326 All music copied for congregational singing at MHR is used under license

#A-612188 from and with permissions through

Knights of Columbus

Council #1619


20 W




D. Rocasah, M. Smiarowski, C. Cezeaux

August Barbecue tickets $12./person ($9 for 20 week club members). Contact Bill Dion at 549-6649 or John Miller at 549-5625 for Barbecue tickets.

This Week’s Votive Light Prayer Intentions

For our soldiers: Chris Ahlemeyer, Quentin Antes, Gary Bristol, Ryan Brown, Mark Butler, David Fill, Dan Grzybowski, Jeffrey Kristek, Joe Lapaire, Edmund Loughran, Nathan Meaux, Daniel Milano, Paul Morrissey, Chris Sylvain, Sean Szawlowski,

Kyle Keith, Sam Salvatore  For Claire, from

family. For Ann Kristek from Diane & Joe. For Adeline Rocasah from Diane & Joe. For John Kzcowski from family. For Catherine Woodard from family. For Edward, Victoria, & Theresa Banas, Edward Machno & Frances Slattery from Fr. Charles. For Rita Bishko. For Beverly Waskie-wicz from her husband. For Leocadia DudkieWaskie-wicz from family. For Michaeline Yezierski from Mom. For Edward & Pauline Rytuba from son.

Joseph Roj (1st Anniv.) from wife and family.


July 1/2 Budget Difference YTD Budget

Collection Difference

Weekly Collection $3341.00


+$208 +$208.00





National collections $42.00

Thank you for your generous support of our parish community!

Pope Francis’

Worldwide Prayer


Prayer Intention

For July 2017 Lapsed Christians.

That our brothers and

sisters who have strayed from the faith, through our prayer and witness to the Gospel, may rediscover the merciful closeness of the Lord and the beauty of the Christian life.

Join us in praying for these intentions!

Weekend Masses are in the main church; Weekday in the chapel, enter thru Office door

14th Sunday, Ordinary Time

Saturday, July 8, 2017

4pm: Eugene Boulanger r/b wife & family

Sunday, July 9, 2017

8am: Nathan Kermensky r/b his Godparents

10:30am: Souls of Bartolomeo & Anna

Monday, July 10, 2017

8am: People of Most Holy Redeemer

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

8am: Peter Salvatore

r/b Helen & Michael Waskiewicz

Wednesday, July 12, 2017—No Mass

Thursday, July 13, 2017

8am: Joseph Fitzgibbon r/b family

10:30am: Mass at Elaine Manor

Friday, July 14, 2017

8am: Fr. Larry Dunn, MIC

15th Sunday, Ordinary Time

Saturday, July 15, 2017

4pm: Fred Smith r/b wife

Sunday, July 16, 2017

8am: Honoring St. Mary Magdalene

r/b Polish Women’s Alliance Grp 499

10:30am: Peter Wysocki

r/b Dorothy Jekanowski Gawle

What’s Happening This Week

At Most Holy Redeemer

Congratulations to our

Cash Calendar Winners!

July 1– David Mercer $200

July 2– Vincent Cleary $100

July 3– Helen Mokrzecki $25

July 4– Marge Lacharite $25

July 5– Anne Mussel White $50

July 6– Chris Fydenkevez $25

July 7– Joseph Fydenkevez $25

July 8– Ann Konieczny $75

Altar Flowers donated by Kathy Godek

in loving memory of


“for I am meek and humble of heart” July 7/8 2017  14th Sunday Ordinary Time

Parish Mission Statement

Most Holy Redeemer Church was created in 1998 with the merging of Holy Rosary

Church (1917) and St. John’s Church (1915), both of Hadley.

As the one Roman Catholic Church in the Town of Hadley, Massachusetts,

our Mission is:

—To be a welcoming place of worship for all.

—To proclaim the word of God and cele-brate the sacraments.

—To attend to our ongoing formation in Christian living and support one another in spiritual growth.

—To dedicate our service to God. —To recognize and support our respon-sibility for God’s people, for spiritual and corporal works of mercy to the larger community, area and world. —To celebrate our belief in the message and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church and demon-strate our appreciation for the many gifts we have received.

mighty rode a horse.

Prayer is a time to relax into the mystery of this love of God; our Sunday worship is to join in the community of those loved by God. This is the source of our family life in God, naming us all as broth-ers and sistbroth-ers.

This reflection was written by Fr Donal Neary SJ, editor of the Sacred Heart Messenger magazine in the UK. If you’d like to receive an email with Sunday reflections from Fr. Donal and others, you can find a email subscription form on the Sacred Heart Messenger website

I enjoyed what Fr. Donal Neary, SJ, writes about the readings this week and wanted to share it:

One of the burdens people bore around Jesus’ time was that of a heavy, law-centred religion. Some of the religious people of Jesus’ time had very strict in-terpretations of the law, and Jesus is challenging this overburdening reli-gion. The same hap-pens often in any religious people – some can be over-demanding and their piety may seem overbearing.

Brings out the Best

Jesus’ message is challenging and demanding, in a way that is fulfilling for the person, offering rest from the burdens of life and from the rigours of religion. True religion brings out the best in people, not be-rates them for the worst. It is based on love and nourishes our deepest desires for love. Religion is meant to be a sup-port for the anxieties of life, not add to them. True religion is not guilt-ridden like it sometimes has been; it is caring for others, and loving God and knowing we are infinitely loved by God.

You are Precious and Loved

Jesus always speaks of God as gentle – like in the first reading (Zecheriah 9:9-10), God is presented as one who rides on a donkey – the mark of the humble person, whereas the king and the

by Fr. Shaun

Holy Rosary Cemetery

A reminder that glass items, as well as

artificial flowers are not allowed at

graves. High speed commercial mower

blades spin at much faster speeds than

home mowers, and such items become

life-endangering when caught in the


OSHA rules apply to the cemetery!

Most Holy Redeemer Polka Mass  Chicken Dinner Dance

Sunday July 30 at Young Men’s Club Pavilion Adults $12; Children (under 12) $6


Tickets available after Masses and in the Parish Office and from Bernice Baranowski 413-210-7856


Pastor’s Council 3rd Mon. Jan., Feb., Mar., April, May Sept., Oct., Nov., Parish Hall, 7pm Finance Committee 3rd Mon. January—December Parish Hall, 5:15pm ======================== Hadley Weekend Meals Ministry A project of MHR, First Congregational, North Hadley Congregational and Take and Eat, Supported by the Hadley Young Men’s Club Meals are delivered on the 1st Sat. and 2nd Sunday each month. MHR’s

team prepares meals on the 2nd

Sunday every month. Want to

help? Contact Office 584-1326


Hadley Food Pantry

A project of MHR and First Congregational

The Hadley Food Pantry in the MHR parish hall is open every Sunday from

Noon to 1pm

Contact: Sharon: 584-0919


Would You Like A Hospital Visit?

By law, hospitals can’t provide us with patient names. If you, or

some-one you know, would like a visit while in the hospital, please call or email the Office, and Father will make a point of stopping by.

MHR Faith Formation News & Notes

John Gibbons, Director of Faith Formation & Parish Child Advocate 413-584-1326

10:30 Mass is Our Family Mass

Children’s Liturgy of the Wordat 10:30am Mass will resume in late August

After the beginning of Mass, children (with older sib-lings or parents if they like!) go to the Daily Mass Chapel to take part in an activity and listen to a chil-dren’s version of the Gospel, then rejoin us for the Procession of Gifts and Eucharistic Prayer.

Vacation Bible School 2017

Mon-Fri, July 31-August 4, 9am to Noon

Maker Fun Factory

Created by God Built for a Purpose

We've got the solution to summertime boredom...send your kids, grandchildren to Maker Fun Factory, MHR'S Summer Bible Camp, where they'll discover that God is wild about them! Bible Point crafts, team-building games, cool faith-filled songs, and tasty treats are just a few of the

Maker Fun Factory activities that help connect to real life. So mark your calendars July31-August 4. Registration forms are available in the vestibules and at the church office. $50 for the

week for the 1st child--additional family members $20/child (That’s $10 a day —Price

in-cludes all daily crafts and daily snacks!)

—————————————————————-Taking the Scriptures Home — 14th Sunday Ordinary Time

Gospel ReadingMatthew 11:25-30

Family Connection Jesus prays in thanks to God, who has revealed himself to the lowly.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus teaches an important lesson for families: from the youngest and simplest among us we can learn the most profound insights about God. Parents who are attentive to this reality can learn much from their children even as their children are learning from them. Families who create time and space for encounters with God will enrich the faith of all who share in family life.

Gather as a family and read together today’s Gospel, Matthew 11:25-30. Allow time for each person to reflect on what Jesus reveals to us about God. Invite each person to show these things in a creative way, perhaps through a picture, poem, or some other means. Share these with one another. Conclude in prayer together, thanking Jesus for making God known to us. Pray together the Lord’s Prayer or today’s Psalm, Psalm 145.



You may receive the Blood of Christ from the Chalices at any Mass — no

wheat particle is mixed in.

after the 10:30 Mass!

Please stop in to the parish hall, to enjoy fresh coffee and a light snack!

Always a good time had by all!

St. Pauly Mission

Confirmation Clothing Project

Thank you for donating your bags of clean used clothing to our St. Pauly Mission project. Our

Con-firmation students help prepare the bags for St. Pauly’s drivers to pick up.

Thank you for continuing to collaborate with our MHR St. Pauly Textile clothing drop off shed project!

In 2016 roughly 16,141 garments of clothing were donated to our shed. This was enough to clothe an estimated 1,957 people. This clothing is being

used right now by people in one of 44 different

countries (including the US) to which our clothing

was distributed this past year.

MAY 2017 Clothing Donations



! (M







Thank you to all who have donated!

What Types Of Items Are

Accepted At the Drop-Off Shed?

All clothing, shoes, sneakers, belts,

purses, blankets, sheets, pillowcases,

drapes and stuffed toy animals

What Not to Drop-off:

Furniture, electronics, household items, books, toys, garbage, pillows, rags, and fabric scraps.


Do you remember ..?

We received one correction for this choir photo

from the 1960s Choir Christmas record album!

If you think there are mistakes, let us know!

Top row: Ed Kostek, Robert Piziak, Ed Dymek, Ed

Dizek 2nd row: Linda Wiator, Elaine Hukowicz,

Clementine Kulikowski, Pauline Rytuba, Carolyn

Gwozdz, Kathy Bemben 3rd row:, Amelia

Matusz-ko, Nellie Dymek, Helen Gwozdz, Helen Kowal,

Bernice Waskiewicz Choir directed by Mary

Dawicki; organist: Sr. Pulcheria

What’s Happening At Most Holy Redeemer

Projects Being Worked On Right Now

Thanks to a generous donation from a

parishioner, the peeling paint on the

Parish Hall will be scraped and




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