So you think you ve got RPO?

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Are you getting enough of

the right candidates?

Are you measuring what good looks like?

Do you have

attrition or employee engagement issues?

Do you have a social media strategy?

Are you engaging active and passive candidates?

Who manages the candidate experience?

Do you have recent research that surveys candidate experience and employee engagement?

Do you have an in-house or creative advertising agency team?

Talk to TMP

• We specialise in Employer Branding • Check out the EVP we created for Virgin Media

• Talk to our in-house communications team • TMP has the UK’s largest

creative function Talk to TMP

• Ask how we improved attrition rates at Network Rail

• Or talk to our in-house team of 10 occupational psychologists

Talk to TMP

• You could be attracting candidates not in line with your values

Candidates who experience a bad recruitment process are ‘7’ times more likely to tell their friends about it. See what is saying about your organisation.

Measuring employee engagement and customer satisfaction are key barometers of success. How could you capture and analyse this insight?

Success can be measured in different ways, but by not analysing it or linking it to overall business results, you may never truely know.

Do you measure ROI of the hiring in terms of business performance?

Do you have an EVP?

Do you still have a reliance on agencies?



The following aspects should be

critical to ensure a lined up people plan:

Attracting the best candidates should be a joint focus and responsibility of any successful partnership between a client and their RPO provider.

Recruitment advertising in today’s increasingly fragmented digital world causes problems for many organisations trying to identify the appropriate channels to appeal to their target audience. Understanding which adverts to place, and at what time, can be a challenge; building a picture of your ideal candidates, and

understanding how and where to appeal to them, is key.

At TMP, our heritage in advertising means that we use a variety of attraction channels, from print advertising and basic online banners through to rich media and social activations. We build over 100 websites a year, including campaign microsites and career portals. We believe that creative work needs to have integrated options: an idea that works digitally needs to translate into print, and event-led experiences need to communicate ideas that may have started life as part of the brand’s identity.

Even if your organisation has clear goals that align your corporate and people agenda to your resourcing strategy, there’s always room for improvement!



Recent research indicates that 46% of new hires fail within 18 months. When they fail, 89% of the time the reason is attitude, not lack of skill. So how can you ensure that your candidates have what it takes to do the job? We’re not just talking about

qualifications, but assessing their problem-solving skills,

examining their drive and initiative, and establishing what kind of environment would best suit their abilities.


Employer Branding

Put simply, employer branding in a recruitment context is the process of promoting your company to the people you want to attract, by communicating your culture and unique selling points to potential candidates. This ensures that the individuals you attract are engaged with your organisation, have a feel for your culture, and are eager to work for you. Everything your RPO partner does should be aligned with your Employee Value Proposition.


Talent Pooling

Picture the scene: you’ve posted a role, received a hundred applications, interviewed ten, and appointed one. What happens to the other applicants? For many companies, the answer is nothing; after going to the trouble of attracting and engaging a raft of talented, enthusiastic candidates, the organisation seems to forget about them. Of course, when a role urgently needs to be filled, the same companies will panic. There is a better way!

We build talent pools differently. As well as placing passive and unsuccessful applicants into a talent pool, we engage the market for pipeline positions. Once potential candidates are placed in a talent pool, we keep them engaged by sending regular

communications, including emails and texts, assuring them that they haven’t been forgotten and that we’ll keep them informed of future opportunities.


Direct Hiring

The goal of a successful RPO service is to reduce reliance on recruitment agencies, directly sourcing all roles. With all the above in place your RPO should be filling the majority of your roles, and incrementally increasing the percentage of direct hiring with every requirement over time. And what about those difficult to fill positions? Does your RPO go straight to the supply chain? Our RPO service has a Senior, Professional and Specialist


Measuring success shouldn’t be a gamble

The success of an RPO provider should be directly linked to the success of the people strategy. After all, there’s no point achieving success if you can’t measure it! If you’re more than half way through your RPO contract you should have a strong indication of success levels.



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