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Address: 486 West Circle Dr. Dept. of Economics, 110 Marshall-Adams Hall. Michigan State U.

East Lansing, MI 48823.


2020– Professor of Economics, Michigan State University.

2014–2020 Associate Professor of Economics, Michigan State University.


2007 PhD in Social Science. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA (USA).

2002 BS in Economics. University of Málaga. Málaga, Spain (EU).


Political Economy. Public Economics. Game Theory.

Collective Decision-Making. Implementation Theory.


2021– Professor (by courtesy) of Political Science, Michigan State U.

2019– Faculty Affiliate, Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State U.

August 2021–August 2022: Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Economics, U. Michigan.

January–June 2020: Visiting Associate Professor, Dept. of Government, Harvard U.

January–June 2020: Faculty Affiliate, Inst. for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS), Harvard U.

2017–2019 Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol.

2013–2017 Reader in Economics, University of Bristol.

2007–2014 Assistant Professor, Wilf Family Department of Politics, New York University.

2008–2014 Affiliated Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, New York University.

Sept. 2010 – June 2011: Visiting Scholar. Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship, and Center for Mathematical Studies in Economics and Management Science.

Kellogg School of Management. Northwestern University. Evanston, IL.

May–June 2009: Visitor, Economic Organization and Public Policy Programme, STICERD, London School of Economics.

May–June 2008: Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, U. Autónoma Barcelona.

Fall 2005: Visiting Student Research Collaborator, Department of Economics, Princeton Univ.


2019-2022: Associate Editor. Journal of the European Economic Association.

2014-2015: Guest Editor (with Gergely Ujhelyi). Special issue on Political Economy, Games.



∙Peer reviewed articles in SSCI journals

21. “A measure of partisan advantage in redistricting.” Election Law Journal, forthcoming.

20. “Implementation by vote-buying mechanisms,” with D. Xefteris. American Economic Review, forthcoming.

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2. “United We Vote” (2007). Journal of Public Economic Theory 9(4): 1-33.

1. “Contested Elections in a Citizen Candidate Model” (2006). Economics & Politics 18: 95- 102.

∙Other publications

27. “Bargaining with outside options,” with Ken Binmore, in G. Caballero and N. Schofield (editors), State, Institutions and Democracy: Contributions of Political Economy. Springer, 2017.

26. “A comment on choice rules and median outcomes,” with F. Giovannoni, in G. Caballero and N. Schofield (editors), Political Economy of Governance: Institutions, Democracy and Elections. Springer, 2015.


25. “Corrigendum to ‘Generalized Risk Dominance and Asymmetric Dynamics’ [JET 145(1):

216-248 (2010)],” with Marcin Peski (2014). Journal of Economic Theory 154: 668-669.

24. “Challenges to the Standard Euclidean Spatial Model,” in G. Caballero, D. Kselman and N.

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23. “On the Distribution of Particularistic Goods,” with Antonio Nicolò, in G. Caballero and N.

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22. “Forming Voting Blocs,” in E. Aragones, C. Bevia, H. Llavador and N. Schofield (editors), The Political Economy of Democracy. Bilbao, Fundación BBVA, 2009.

∙Working papers

28. “Regime change.” Invitation to revise and resubmit, Journal of Public Economics (07/2021).

29. “Quadratic voting with multiple alternatives,” with K. Ligett, N. Immorlica, G. Weyl and D.

Xefteris. MSU Economics working paper 2019-01.

30. “Efficiency in collective decision-making via quadratic transfers.” with S. Lalley, K. Ligett, N. Immorlica, G. Weyl and D. Xefteris.


- 2021: Excellence in Refereeing Award, American Economic Review.

- 2019: IPPSR Michigan Applied Public Policy Research grant, for “Partisan Fairness in Redistricting,” with co-PI C. Smidt, $25,000.

- 2016: Excellence in Refereeing Award, Journal of the European Economic Association.

- 2014: Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, €100,000 (accepted only €16,000).

- SISL Graduate Research Fellow, academic year 2006-2007.

- Haynes Intermediate Graduate Fellow, Summer 2005.

- Olin Student Fellow, Winter and Spring 2004.

- HSS Divisional Fellowship, Caltech, academic year 2002-2003.


• At Michigan State University (Fall 2014 – )

-Spring 2021: (PhD) Game Theory, EC 911. Previously taught F14, F16, F19.

-Fall 2019: (PhD) Microeconomics I, EC 812A. Previously taught, F15, F16, F17, F18.

-Fall 2017: (PhD) Mathematical Applications in Economics, EC 811A. Taught F15, F16.

-Fall 2014: (Undergraduate) Game Theory, EC 401.

• At Harvard University (Spring 2020)

-Spring 2020: (PhD) Formal Models of Domestic Politics, Gov 2006.

• At the University of Bristol (Winter 2014)

-Winter 2014: (PhD) SWDT Program: Foundations of Rational Choice.

• At New York University (Fall 2007 – Spring 2013)

-Spring 2013: (PhD) Implementation Theory, POL-GA 2265 // ECON-GA 3001.07.

-Fall 2012: (PhD) Mathematics for Political Science, POL-GA 1110.

Previously taught F07, F08, F09, F11.

-Fall 2012: (Undergraduate) Social Choice and Politics, POL-UA 0845 // ECON-UA 0245.

Previously taught F07, F09, F11.


-Spring 2012: (PhD) Political Economy: Political Parties POL-GA.1400.

-Spring 2010: (PhD) Social Choice. G53.3200.002.

-Fall 2008: (PhD) Political Economy. G53.1400.


• PhD thesis committee chair (name, program, graduation year, and first job) -Christian Cox, MSU Economics, 2021. Postdoctoral fellow at Yale U.

-Zijian Qi, MSU Econ. (expected Spring 2022).

-Kit Zhou, MSU Econ. (expected Spring 2023).


• Public service

-2021: Panelist, Education session, MI Independent Citizen Redistricting Commission.

-2020: Panelist, Orientation session, Michigan Independent Citizen Redistricting Commission.

• Conference organization

-2018: II Great Lakes Political Economy Theory conference. East Lansing, MI.

-2011: Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Program Committee Member:

Formal Modeling Section Head. Chicago, IL.

-2010: Urrutia Elejalde Workshop on Information, Dynamics and Political Decision Making, Co-organizer with Salvador Barberà and Matthew Jackson. Barcelona, Spain.

• Invited keynote lecture presentations

-2018: Australian Political Economy Network workshop. Canberra, Australia.

• General public lectures

-2021: Dept. of Economics First Alumni Lecture, Michigan State U.

• Other seminar, workshop and conference presentations -2021: Princeton Political Economy workshop

-2020: Harvard Political Economy workshop; IPPSR Public Forum on Redistricting in Michigan; UC Riverside Theory workshop; Indian Statistical Institute Economics seminar (remotely).

-2019: New York U. Colloquium in Law, Economics and Politics; Great Lakes Political Economy conference; EEA/ESEM conference; UPV/EHU Game Theory seminar; U.

Bocconi. Dept. of Social and Political Science seminar; U. Padova. Dept. of Economics seminar; NSF/CEME Decentralization conference; Strategic Partnership in Applied Redistricting Knowledge conference; Political Economy in the Chicago Area (PECA).

-2018: U. Waterloo Economics seminar; Columbia U. Political Economy workshop; U. New South Wales Economics Theory workshop; King’s College. Economic Theory seminar; U.

Notre Dame. Micro Theory seminar.

-2017: U. Illinois Microeconomics seminar; Great Lakes Political Economy conference; U.

Cyprus, Dept. of Economics seminar; Queen’s U. Microeconomics workshop; U.

Maryland IO/Theory seminar.


-2016: Political Economy in the Chicago Area (PECA) conference; Formal Political Theory roundtable. Shepsle Festschrift conference; New York U. Political Economy workshop;

Stony Brook Game Theory Festival; NICEP Political Economy conference; CORE UC- Louvain Economics seminar; GW4 Game Theory workshop; Lancaster Workshop in Political Economy.

-2015: Workshop on Social Choice and Mechanism Design; U. Michigan. Economic Theory seminar.

-2014: SITE. Dynamics of Collective Decision-Making workshop; 5th LSE/NYU Political Economy conference; U. Nottingham CEDEX workshop.

-2013: ITAM. Dept. of Economics seminar. UC Berkeley Political Economy workshop;

Columbia U. Political Economy workshop; Michigan State U. Economic Theory seminar;

Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory; Workshop on Institutions and Economic Outcomes; U. Leicester. Dept. of Economics seminar; U. Bristol. Dept. of Economics seminar; U. Pompeu Fabra. Economic Theory seminar; Conference in Honor of Norman Schofield; Wallis Institute Political Economy seminar; U. Southern California.

Dept. of Economics, Theory seminar; USC Marshall School. Applied Economics workshop; U. Oslo. Dept. of Economics seminar; U. Malaga. Economic Theory seminar.

-2012: NBER Summer Institute Political Economy meeting; Higher School of Economics.

Political Economy seminar, II International Conference on Political Economy and Institutions (ICOPEAI); Contemporary Applications of the Spatial Model workshop; U.

Pablo Olavide. Dept. Economics seminar.

-2011: Conference on Institutions in Democracies; Priorat Positive Political Theory workshop;

Ecole Polytechnique / HEC. Economic Theory seminar; U. Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy. Political Economy seminar; Harvard/MIT Positive Political Economy seminar; Stanford U. GSB Political Economy seminar; Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory conference; Public Economic Theory 11 conference; Midwest Political Science Association meeting,

-2010: U. Carlos III, Madrid. Microeconomic Theory seminar; Kellogg School, Northwestern U. Political Economy seminar; Information, Dynamics and Political Decision Making conference; International Conference on Political Economy and Institutions; Washington U. St Louis. Political Economy seminar; II LSE Political Economy conference; American Political Science Association meeting; Workshop on Political Economy, Stony Brook Game Theory Festival; Midwest Political Science Association meeting.

-2009: Gerzensee Summer Symposium in Economic Theory; XII Summer School in Economics and Philosophy; I Economic Perspectives Meeting. MOVE, U. Autónoma Barcelona; UC Berkeley. Seminar on Institutions and Positive Political Theory; Princeton U. Political Economy workshop; Rutgers U. Microeconomic Theory workshop; U.

Warwick. Public Economics workshop.

-2008: U. Essex. Political Economy series; London School Economics. Political Economy Research seminar; U. Malaga. Dept. of Economics seminar; Bellaterra seminar, Dept. of


Economics, U. Autónoma Barcelona; Workshop on the Political Economy of Democracy;

American Political Science Association meeting; Social Choice and Welfare meeting;

Midwest Political Science Association meeting.

-2007: Wallis Conference on Political Economy; Logic, Game Theory and Social Choice 5 conference; Arizona State U. Carey School of Business Dept. of Economics seminar; UC Irvine. Dept. of Economics seminar; Columbia U. Political Economy workshop.

-2006: UC Berkeley. Political Science dept. seminar; U. Chicago. Harris School of Public Policy seminar; U. Pablo Olavide, dept. of Economics seminar; Yale U. Political Science dept. seminar; American Political Science Association meeting; Social Choice and Welfare meeting; Midwest Political Science Association meeting.

-2005: Princeton U. Political Economy workshop; II Malaga Workshop on Social Choice and Welfare; Logic, Game Theory & Social Choice 4; Public Economic Theory Meeting, Marseille, France.

-2004: Society for Economic Design meeting.

• Manuscript reviewer

American Economic Journal: Micro American Economic Journal: Policy American Economic Review

American Journal of Political Science American Political Science Review B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics Comparative Political Studies

Complex & Intelligent Systems Constitutional Political Economy Econometrica

Economics Bulletin Economic Journal Economic Policy Economic Theory Economics and Politics Economics of Governance Election Law Journal European Economic Review European Financial Management European Journal of Political Economy Games

Games and Economic Behavior Information Sciences

International Economic Review International Journal of Game Theory

Journal of Law, Economics and Organizations Journal of Mathematical Economics

Jour. of Optimization Theory and Applications Journal of Peace Research

Journal of Politics

Journal of Population Economics Journal of Public Economic Theory Journal of Public Economics

Journal of the European Economic Association Journal of Theoretical Politics

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PNAS (Proceedings of the Nat. Acad. Sciences) Political Analysis

Political Research Quarterly Political Science

Political Science Quarterly

Political Science Research and Methods Public Choice

RAND Journal of Economics Review of Economic Design Review of Economic Studies Routledge

Quarterly Journal of Political Science Social Choice and Welfare


Journal of Comparative Economics Journal of Development Economics

Jour. of Economic Behavior & Organization Journal of Economic Theory

Jour. of Elections, Public Opinion & Parties

SERIEs Springer

Theoretical Economics World Politics

• Grant proposal reviewer

-Agencia Nacional de Evaluación y Prospectiva (Spain), Economic Theory area.

-European Research Council (European Union).

-Ikerbasque (Basque Country), Economic Theory area.

-National Science Foundation (United States), Economics area.

-Research Grants Council (Hong-Kong, China), Humanities, Social Science & Business area.

-Swiss National Science Foundation.

Latest update: August 9th, 2021.