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My name is Fr. Jesus Trinidad Oliveros Martinez, and I live

in a town which is very close to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I

am from a very large Catholic family: there are nine of us,

five brothers and three sisters. One of my sisters is a

religious sister.

Even though God loves everyone, I have come to believe

that God has truly blessed me; because God has been

present in every moment of my life. For example the

powerful moment when I felt called by Him to be a priest.

At the age of 11, I went to study in the “Villa de los Nin os”

which means “boys town.” It was a boarding school in

Mexico City, which was operated by religious sisters.

Every day we had time to study after dinner and there was

a particular day on which I did not have much homework

to do. I decided to read the stories of the saints. When I finished reading the story of St. Francis

of Assisi, I had an overwhelming sense and said “I want to be a priest”. At age 19, I entered the

seminary in Mexico where I studied for 8 years. Eventually, I met the vocation director, who

helped me discern the opportunity to join the Joliet diocese. God was truly present in the

entire process!

After a year, I was accepted to be part of the Joliet diocese, and I was sent to study for 5 years

at the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio. The seminary is definitely a place

where I grew. The United States has been a country where I have met many wonderful people.

When I was going to be ordained as a deacon, I had the tremendous opportunity to do my

diaconate retreat in Assisi, a place very significant for my vocation because of St. Francis of

Assisi. I visited the church where the tomb of St. Francis is located and I had an opportunity to

pray in thanksgiving for my vocation. Also, in the same trip I served a Mass with Pope Francis.

Though I am not worthy, I feel confident to continue pursuing my vocation.

As a deacon, I did my summer assignment in the Kankakee community at St. John Paul II

Parish. The following year, I was ordained as a priest at the Cathedral of the diocese of Joliet,

and sent to serve for 3 years at St. Andrew Parish in Romeoville.

The vocation that God gives each one of us is one of

the most sacred things that He gives us, and we must

take care to be faithful to the gift of our vocation.

Thank you very much for including me in your


Saint Petronille Catholic Parish


Fr. Thomas Milota

June 29, 2021

Dear Parishioners of Saint Petronille,

Happy Independence Day!

We celebrate the freedom that was hard won by so many of our ancestors and the richness of our nation

which includes native people and immigrants from almost every region in the world. Although our nation

seems more divided now than ever, we give thanks for the sacrifice of so many who came to our country

hoping for a better life. We pray for the welfare of our nation, that our Almighty Lord guide her, protect her

and heal her wounds. We pray for those seeking freedom right now and a remedy to injustice wherever it

is found and in whatever form.

Each one of us has a story of our family coming to our nation, members who have given so much for her

welfare and as Saint Petronille Parish marches this 4


of July in the Glen Ellyn parade let us commend her

into the protection of our loving Lord.

In my own situation, my father’s family emigrated from present day Czech Republic in the first part of the



century and so we remember in prayer all of those immigrants seeking this same opportunity. On the

other hand, my mother’s family has roots all the way back to our nation’s founding, including James Smith

who signed the Declaration of Independence and James Harrison Smith who was commissioned in General

George Armstrong Custer’s 7


Calvary on June 20, 1876 in Madison, Wisconsin. This was 5 days prior to

the famous battle, which meant he was “en route” when the battle occurred. If he had made it to the battle,

you may have been spared having me as your pastor.

Welcome Fr. Jesus!

Fr. Jesus Oliveros begins his term this week at Saint Petronille. As you can see, I have included his photo

and bio in this week’s email and bulletin. Fr. Jesus will also be preaching all of the Masses this weekend and

greeting parishioners after all of the Masses. Please take a moment to say “hello” and welcome Father to

our parish.

Welcome to our new Director of Young Adult/Youth Ministry!

As you know, it has been a long process trying to find the right person for our new Director for Young Adult

and Youth Ministry. Certainly, the pandemic slowed down our process after Annemarie Coman entered

religious life, but we have a wonderful candidate with a great deal of training, experience and energy. It is

my privilege to introduce you to Carina Greico who possesses a BA in Theology and a BS in Psychology from

Loyola University of Chicago and is the founder of the Catholic Student Group at Loyola. She also lived and

worked for several years at Well of Mercy in Arizona and has experience organizing and directing mission

trips. Please take a moment to read her complete biography included elsewhere in the bulletin. Carina will

officially begin work at Saint Petronille on July 8



May Almighty God bless you and keep you.

In Christ,


Dear Parishioners at St. Petronille,

My name is Carina Greico and I am taking on a new role as Director of Young

Adult/Youth Ministry at St. Petronille. I cannot even begin to express my excitement

for being a part of this beautiful parish, community, and mission. Though my role is

mainly interacting with the young adults and youth at St. Petronille, it is my

personal goal to also get to know many of the parishioners here as well.

A little bit about me; I grew up in a very Italian, Catholic home, which means

food and good community are my Love Languages. I have a little turtle named

Tortellini, who loves adventure and escapes very often. I have a deep admiration for

Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II. They are my role models and friends who

intercede for me very often. In my freetime, I enjoy chasing a sunset, watercoloring, and spending time in

front of the Blessed Sacrament.

It is a great joy of mine to serve the young adult community at St. Petronille. I hope to help create an

environment where young people can thrive and feel connected with one other, Christ, and his Church.

Please pray for me as I work towards filling the Church with young faces! Do not hesitate to

introduce yourself if you see me around! I look forward to meeting you all very soon!

With joy,

Carina Greico

St. Petronille Religious Education

Register your children for 2021-2022

Religious Education soon!

All registration forms can be found on the parish website,

under the Ministries Tab – look for Religious Education


Our classes will be in person, and we cannot wait to see you!

CATECHISTS are NEEDED! Is this the year to volunteer?

Catechist training will be provided.

See the Volunteer Opportunities Form, on the Religious Education tab

on the parish website

Any questions? Call the Religious Education Office (630) 858-3798

Julie Knox – Director of Religious Education x. 4109


Monday, July 5 St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria and

St. Elizabeth of Portugal

6:15am Intentions of the Celebrant

8:00am Michael Dahlke(si) r. Foley Family

Tuesday, July 6 St. Maria Goretti

6:15am Intentions of the Celebrant

8:00am Dorothy Daly, CSJ(d) r. Marjorie McLain

Wednesday, July 7

6:15am Barbara McCafferty(d) r. Gerrie & Michael Kehnast 8:00am Clement McLain(d) r. Marjorie McLain

Thursday, July 8

6:15am Matt Roth(d) r. Jerry & Maureen Shekleton 8:00am Godofredo Mabilangan(d) r. Geselda Rosal

Friday, July 9 St. Augustine Zhao Rong & Companions

6:15am Maria Caro Ignacio(d) r. Marida Ignacio 8:00am Robert Hilb(d) r. Family

Saturday, July 10

8:00am Marybeth Uhlarik(d) r. Marilyn Korpalski 5:00pm Ann & Emmett Byrne(d) r. Mame Byrne

Sunday, July 11 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

7:30am Michael Glaser(d)

9:30am Marianne Bowles(d) r. Family 11:30am St. Petronille Parishioners

5:00pm Colin Murtaugh(d) r. Sandor Family

(d)=deceased (si)=special intention

Parish Life

Monday: Gn 28:10-22a/Ps 91:1-2, 3-4, 14-15 ab [cf. 2b]/Mt 9:18-26

Tuesday: Gn 32:23-33/Ps 17:1b, 2-3, 6-7ab, 8b and 15 [15a]/Mt 9:32-38

Wednesday: Gn 41:55-57; 42:5-7a, 17-24a/ Ps 33:2-3, 10-11, 18-19 [22]/Mt 10:1-7 Thursday: Gn 44:18-21, 23b-29; 45:1-5/Ps 105:16-17, 18-19, 20-21 [5a]/Mt 10:7-15 Friday: Gn 46:1-7, 28-30/Ps 37:3-4, 18-19, 27-28, 39-40 [39a]/Mt 10:16-23 Saturday: Gn 49:29-32; 50:15-26a/Ps 105:1 -2, 3-4, 6-7 [cf. Ps 69:33]/Mt 10:24-33 Next Sunday: Am 7:12-15/Ps 85:9-10, 11-12, 13-14 [8]/Eph 1:3-14 or 1:3-10/Mk 6:7-13


Week of

July 4, 2021

We pray for this couple as they

look forward to their wedding


Julianna Walsh & Mitchell


We welcome the

following children

recently baptized into

Grace Julianne daughter

of Christopher & Anne

(Karcz) Rohr

Lexie Marie, daughter of

Jeffrey & Mallory

(Wielgolewski) Poe

Thank you for your

generous support in

last week’s Peter’s

Pence Collection! As

a parish, we

collected $818.00.

Our contributions, combined with those

from our brothers and sisters around

the world, provide essential support for

the Holy See’s activities and help Pope

Francis relieve the victims of wars,

oppression, and natural disasters

around the world. If you missed the

collection, it is not too late to give. To

donate online, go here:



. For

more information, visit



Prayers Needed For Those Who are Sick

Parishioners: Gina Adduci, Max Adduci, Tom Allison, Mili Bertrand, Donna Bresser, Delores Cassidy, Paul Cassidy, James Chambers, Michael Clifford, Becky Elbrecht, Patricia E, Adam Farley, Janice Farley, Jerry Fleischfresser, Anne Geraghty, Gloria Gogola, Tom Gorman, Lorraine Grabner, Erica Gustafson, Lois Hoffman, Elizabeth Hwang, Laura Jay Vicky Judd, Ed Jung, Beth Kilker, Nancy Kirkwood, Guy Lapore, Evelyn Lechner, Jean Leyman, Joan Loesch, Kermit Ludwig, Diane Makowski, Mary McGinty, Mekdes Manno, Jean Mazza, Molly McKenna, Bob Melichar, Marilyn Melichar, James Michel, Mary Ann Mikus, Ethan Moon, Richard Moskal, Simon Nabeti, Clementina Niemann, Richard Pozdol, Sue Scarpelli, Jacqueline Radke, Scott Radke, Don Rauch, Mary Rauch, Ginny Scruggs, David Tansley, Jeff Valaika, Edward Wolski, Tom Zur

Friends/Relatives: Fr. Javier Almanza, Amadeo, Julia Anderson, Constantinos Athanassakis, Ernie Avellana, Gemma Bailey, Bill Blair, Michel Brown, Daniel Burke, Maggie Burzawa, Maria Luz Caro, Teresa Caro, Ben

Cavanaugh, Alyssa Chappell, Randy Rinehart Chase, Dolores Clement, Rita Danner, Kathy Davit, Barbara DeMars, Dee DeMars, Fr. Thomas Dieter, Mary Ann Doherty, Fr. William Donnelly, John Dreyer, Marlys Dunlap, Joni Dunley, Fr. Stephen Eickhoff, John Ellison, Judy Fontana, Anthony Giunta, Sam Graunke, Cecilia Grissom, Patricia Harrison, Christine Hellman, David Higgins, Phyllis Holmen,

Bernadette Hotze, Kay Hyland, David Ignacio, Jinny Irons, Jill Jackson, Elaine Jayson, Jackie Johnson, Marian Johnson, Omar Katafago, Max Kelderhouse, Jill King, Fr. Richard Kostelz, Becky Kreidler, Patrick Kuefler, Kim Kuhnle, Fr. Roger Kutzner, Fr. Jim Lennon, Joy Loboda, Bob Lowrie, Ernestine Lowrie, Mary Anne Luczak, Tim Mackey, Sue Mancini, Chrissy McAleer, Tom McCluskey, John Mertz, Andrew Meyers, Paul Michel, Leo Milota, Margaret Monnier, Lauren Montenegro, Ronald Nelson, Angela Novak, Mary Jo Orbegoso, Fr. Michael Pennock, Baby Carter Polizzi, Angelo Sands, Nancy Sidener, Fr. Miroslaw Stepien, Darin Tenuto, Dee Rankin, Ray Rasmussen, Mary Rathunde, Valerie Rauch, Mary Jane Renschen, John Rossi, Carl

Schaubhut, Angela Schuman, Anu Singh, B Wanda Slupik, Fr. George Smith, Jean Smith, Kay Smith, James Spalo, Michael Stinn, Peter Stone, Julia Suchomski, St. Teresita, Sr. Ellen Thomas, Sylvia Van Witzenburg, Eric Vargas, Kenia Vargas, Anthony Verdico, Michael Vincelette, Nancy Vis, Margaret Waltman, Jason Weiner, Bill Wilkiel, Fr. Keith Wolfe, Ray Young * bold type denotes new to the list this week.

We pray for:

Mike Ramage

that he may now enjoy the great blessings of

eternal life. We pray also for his family and

friends, that they may find peace in the

promises of Christ.

Call Parish Office (630) 469-0404 x0, with names to be added/removed from this list.

Michael Boatright Peter Carey Christopher Cavoli Mitch Chmielarz Patrick Daigle Robert Donnelly Joe Doyle Meagan Doyle Liam Farrell John Hatfield Anthony Iovinelli Francis J. Koykar David Laird Bobby Lendabarker Emily Martis Brian McDevitt Christopher Melka J.J. Miller Mike Misner Joseph O’Carroll Paul Orbegoso Eric Peterson Robert Piper Tony Russo John Ryan Mark Ryan Jason Sta Ana David Stefanik Steven Tutaj

Remember members of the military, especially relatives of our own parishioners, in your prayers.

Saint Petronille Stewardship

Thank you to all those who support the mission of Saint Petronille Parish with their time, talent and treasure. Sunday collection; total YTD,

including electronic giving

through June 2021 $ 1,509,184.88

Sunday collection budget

through June2021 $ 1,470,730.00 Over $ 38,454.88

Drop-off/Mail-in collection

(not including electronic giving)

June 26/27, 2021 $ 13,898.50


Adult Faith Formation

Christine Balaty, Director,


Join us in praying the

Consecration to St. Joseph

A 6-week devotion

Following the book by Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC

Consecration to St. Joseph:

The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father

A weekly group will gather

Thursdays from August 12 through September 9

Consecration date September 13, 2021

With the exception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph is our most powerful intercessor in

heaven due to his singular role as Head and Protector of the Holy Family. In 1870, Pope Pius IX

pro-claimed St. Joseph the patron of the Universal Church. According to Catholic tradition, Joseph died in

the “arms of Jesus and Mary”. He is considered to be a model of the pious believer who receives

grace at the moment of death; in other words, St. Joseph is the patron saint of a happy death. In

ad-dition, St. Joseph is most well-known as the patron saint of fathers, families, and workers.

Now, the Year of St. Joseph as proclaimed by Pope Francis, is the perfect time to consecrate

ourselves to St. Joseph. Here’s what the Consecration to St. Joseph will look like here at St.


Purchase the book Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father by Fr. Donald H.

Calloway, MIC through www.marian.org (click on “Marian Helpers Catalog Shop Mercy” in the

upper right-hand corner of the homepage, and scroll down to find the book, put it in your cart,

and purchase). You can also find the book on Amazon or through other book sellers by searching

for “Consecration to St Joseph Fr Donald Calloway”. Order your book now so that you have it

in time to start on August 12!

Contact Christine Balaty by email balatyc@stpetschurch.org or call (630)469-0404 x2107 to

regis-ter for the morning OR evening group. You do not need to regisregis-ter for both. The same group

ses-sion from the morning will be repeated in the evening to accommodate your availability.

Morning group sessions 1-5 will be in the Conference Room in the Parish Office (door 3) from

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM from Thursday, August 12 through September 9, 2021.

Evening group Sessions 1-5 will meet in Colonial Hall (enter through door 4) from 7:00 PM –

9:00 PM from Thursday, August 12 through September 9, 2021.

Session 6 – Consecration Day will take place in the Mary Chapel at the same morning and

evening times


Anthony & Brandy Bianco July 1 - 15 yrs Robert & Judith Doyle

July 2 - 61 yrs

Verne & Mary Ellen Schmidt July 2 - 55 yrs

Sales & Nani Kalayil July 4 - 40 yrs Dennis & Kathryn Lawson

July 5 - 35 yrs

Gregory & Stephanie Pierce July 5 - 30 yrs

Robert & Ellen Pieper July 5 - 25 yrs Robert & Jennifer Solak

July 5 - 25 yrs Don & Susan Turner

July 5 - 25 yrs Edward & Barbara Bright

July 6 - 64 yrs Joseph & Ann Donato

July 6 - 30 yrs Joseph & Becky Nowinski

July 6 - 25 yrs Jeff & Lisa MacKay

July 7 - 20 yrs

Thomas & Martha Sweinsberger July 7 - 20 yrs

Stephen & Kacie Hurley July 7 - 5 yrs Jessica & Michael Fazzio

July 8 - 15 yrs George & Mary Kennedy

July 9 - 55 yrs David & Anna Macias

July 9 - 10 yrs


to the following couples celebrating their milestone wedding anniversary!

Sign-up to be a part of the fun

SparkFest Volunteers needed:


Monday, July 5—Friday July 9

6:15am Mass


8:00am Mass


Friday, July 9

7-7:45am Confessions

PLC, Door 2




Saturday, July 10

8:00am & 5:00pm Mass


4:00pm - 4:45pm Confessions

Door 2

Sunday, July 11

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Weekend Masses:

Saturdays - 5:00pm Sundays - 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am, and 5:00pm

The 5pm Saturday and 9:30am Sunday Masses, and 8am Mon - Fri Masses will be available by live

streaming with a congregation present.


07.05 - 07.11

Tanya Singh, Coordinator


“Come Follow Me”

The Rite of Christian

Initiation of Adults

Please pray for these adults who are currently on

the journey of becoming Catholic or completing

their full reception into the Catholic Church by

receiving the rest of the Sacraments of Initiation

(Eucharist, Confirmation):

Steven Anderson, Garrett Fife, Brendan Sailer

Considering becoming Catholic or are a Baptized

Christian who would like to receive Eucharist and/

or Confirmation in the Catholic Faith? Contact

Christine Balaty at balatyc@stpetschurch.org or

(630) 469-0404 x 2107 for more information.

The Diocese of Joliet will hold



Annual Wedding

Anniversary Mass





Sunday, August 29, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. at the

Cathedral of St. Raymond in Joliet.

If you are celebrating either your 25





anniversary this year, please contact

the parish office so that we may submit

your name to the Diocese for a formal

invitation. Those celebrating over 50 year

anniversaries do not receive a formal

invitation, but will be able to register to

attend at a later date.

One of the greatest opportunities we have at St. Petronille is the humble honor of bringing the Eucharist to those in our parish community who are unable to attend Mass due to health challenges.

Christian Services is excited to announce that we will be offering a series of training opportunities for our current and/or prospective Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the homebound (this includes all

those who currently bring Communion to

parishioners, those who bring Communion home to a family member, and/or those who are interested in becoming a part of this ministry). It has been several

years since we last offered training for this very

important and holy ministry, so we are happy to be able to offer the chance for us all to gather to pray and reflect on this ministry and those to whom we minister. We will be offering this same training two times over the next year; please find a time which will work for you and your schedule.

What greater joy, than to bring Jesus into the homes of those who carry the burden of illness. We look forward to seeing you to share in faith and fellowship!

Ministry of Care Training for all current and


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

“One Bread, One Body”

 Saturday October 2, 2021- 9am-11am  Tuesday February 15, 2022 - 9am-11am

Location: Parish Life Center

RSVP: Tanya Singh at singht@stpetschurch.org



We have many trained ministers of care ready to bring

Communion and visit our sick and/or homebound parishioners. Please contact Tanya Singh at (630) 469-0404 x2108 or singht@stpetschurch.org for more information.

Reporting Sexual Abuse:

Anyone with reason

to believe that a child has been abused or is being abused should report their suspicions to civil authorities. Contact: Illinois Department of Children and Family Services: (800) 25ABUSE (800) 252-2873 or local police. The Diocese of Joliet Victim Assistance Coordinator is available to help victims/survivors of child sexual abuse by a cleric, employee or volunteer of the Catholic Church. The Victim Assistance Coordinator will report to Bishop Hicks and coordinate efforts of pastoral support and outreach to assist in the healing process. The Victim Assistance Coordinator can also assist in making a report to civil authorities. Contact the Diocese of Joliet Victim Assistance Coordinator at (815) 263-6467.


(urgent prayer ministry) Prayer requests which are deemed urgent should be emailed to Gert MacPhail at gertalert3@aol.com. We also invite parishioners to join the Prayer Connection as ‘pray-ers’.

Eucharistic Adoration Every Friday

We have the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the Church every Friday from 3 -10pm, Adoration on First Fridays beginning

at 11am. Mass until 8am Mass on Saturday. The Blessed Sacrament, exposed in the monstrance, brings Jesus very close to us, and all are welcome to come and pray. To

make a regular weekly or monthly commitment to prayer, call Parish office at

630 469-0404 x0 for more information.

Keep up on the latest Parish Happenings

Parish eNews Blast

Text STPETS to 22828 to start receiving the

Parish e-mail blast

Crisis Pregnancy Resources

· Rachel’s Vineyard: 877 467-3463 · Waterleaf: 630 701-6270

· Project Gabriel: 877 734-2444 · National Birthright: 800 550-4900 · Natural Family Planning: 815 221-6251

Pro-life and family information links:

www.usccb.org/about/pro-life-activities/index.cfm www.prolifeacrossamerica.org, www.priestsforlife.org www.onemoresoul.com

Choose Life! Ministry meetings held

Third Thursday each month, 7:30pm, Parish Office. Contact simeojw19@yahoo.com for more information.

Now, more than

ever, it’s time to

get FORMED!!!

If you haven’t logged into FORMED, you are missing out on an incredible collection of Catholic movies, talks, books, and more!!! It’s free to you because St. Petronille pays the subscription cost. It is easier than ever to register and access all the content YOU want. Here’s how to get FORMED:

Register more easily – no more passwords or codes! All you have to do is go to

stpetschurch.formed.org , choose “St. Petronille, Glen Ellyn, IL” from the drop-down menu, enter your name and email address, and you’re in!

You can get the FORMED app for your phone or tablet

More content is constantly being added Login to stpetschurch.formed.org to connect or re-connect with your

Catholic faith on demand!

ESSE – Ecumenical

Support Services for

the Elderly

is a not for

profit organization which

provides adult day care options that promote the

physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of

older adults and their families. Open to persons of

all faiths, ESSE is dedicated to preserving the

independence and dignity of individuals

experiencing dementia while offering respite for

their caregivers. There are three sites where safe,

comfortable, and pleasant interactive day care is

provided in Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, and Warrenville.

The Glen Ellyn site is located at Faith Lutheran

Church, 41 N. Park Blvd. Call us at 630 260-3773

for more information.

The Rite of Christian

Initiation of Adults (RCIA)


Mass Schedule

Weekdays 6:15am & 8am Saturday 8am

Sunday Liturgies Celebrated: Saturday  5:00pm Sunday  7:30am  9:30am  11:30am  5:00pm Holy Days: Vigil 7:00pm

Holy Days 6:15, 8am and 7:00pm

National Holidays: 9am only Eucharistic Adoration:

 Fridays 3-10pm

 First Friday of each month, 24 hours following 8am Mass

Ministry Offices at 420 Glenwood Avenue

(630) 469-0404 :

Adult Faith Formation :



Christian Service:


singht@stpetschurch.org Liturgy and Music:






Grade School:

425 Prospect Avenue

MAIN: 630 469-5041 FAX : 630 469-5071 E-mail address: office@stpetschool.org MS. MAUREEN ASPELL, PRINCIPAL, X3101




MRS. KAREN GRONWICK, SECRETARY, X3000 gronwickk@stpetschool.org

Parish Office & Ministry Offices at :

420 Glenwood 630 469-0404 fax: 630 469-0412

Faith Formation (P3-Gr. 8):

MAIN: 630 858-3796 x4000 Fax: 630 858-6232

E-mail address: faithformation@stpetschurch.org

Pastoral Life:

Adult Faith Formation Inquiries (RCIA):

Contact Christine Balaty at (630) 469-0404 x2107.

Anointing of Sick:

Please phone the Parish Office. Communal celebration held seasonally.

Communion Calls:

Communion for homebound available. Contact Tanya Singh (630) 469-0404 x2108.

Parish Registration:

A special welcome to our new parishioners. Please introduce yourself, and register your household as soon as possible. Please call the Parish Office at (630) 469-0404 x0.





E-mail address: office@stpetschurch.org



. D




, B




, x2103,














. S




, P










. P




, C




, x2302,


Sacrament of Reconciliation: Fridays: 7 - 7:45am Saturday: 4 - 4:45pm.

Other times available by appointment with priest. Communal Reconciliation celebrated seasonally. The Reconciliation Room is located in the southeast corner of the Church.

Sacrament of Baptism

Pre-Baptismal catechesis held third Monday of the month. Baptisms held Sundays at 1:00pm. For Baptism inquiries, phone the parish office.

Sacrament of Marriage:

Couple must personally notify the parish office at least six months prior to the preferred wedding date.

St. Petronille Parish

420 Glenwood Avenue, Glen Ellyn IL 60137

(630) 469-0404

Web Site: http://www.stpetschur ch.or g Parish office hours

8:30am - 4:30pm M-TH 8:30am -1pm F

Pastoral Staff



. T




, P








. J




, P










. J




, S




, (630) 849-5006







, D


, (630) 469-0404






, D


, (630) 858-5499





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