****Also, if you have done previous promotions and have multiple mailing lists, make sure you select the most recent one.

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Instructions for Using the Integrated Direct Mail (IDM) System for BERNINA Direct

Mail Pieces

Getting Started Creating Your Mailer Checking Out

Uploading Your Customer Lists Updating your Customer Lists Managing Your Logos

**Helpful Hints and Reminders**

Getting Started

● Go to the website: http://www.berninamarketinghub.com

● If you already have an established account (if you placed orders for a previous promotion you have one), login with your email address and password. If you cannot remember the email address you used or the password, select “Forgot Your Password” to have it emailed to you.

● If you do not have an established account, Please e-mail berninasupport@visionps.com or call (708) 570-7974.

Creating Your Mailer

● When you are ready to customize your mailer, navigate to the the mailer that you would like to create by clicking on the Catalog tab and then selecting the appropriate

subcategory or product..

● You are now directed to the “Personalize Your Item” page.

● Each mailer will have an option to use a Logo. If you do not have a logo in the system, please follow the instructions that are located on the upload screen.

**PLEASE NOTE – If you have placed orders using the IDM previously, there will be an option to load previously saved personalization data. Simply click on the link that reads - “Load” on the personalization screen and then select the imprint you would like to use. Once selecting an imprint, you will have the option to view and edit the imprint as usual. Please make sure that you still review it for

accuracy before finalizing your order. ● Select your optional logo or upload a new one.


and replace with your customized copy. Here are a few postal rules regarding the content in this space:

○ You must first enter the full address for your main store. This serves as the return address for the mailer. The format should be as follows:

■ Store Name ■ Address Line 1

■ Address Line 2 (if necessary) ■ City, State Zip

○ If you have more than one store, you can also enter your other store addresses in the space, but DO NOT INCLUDE THE ZIP CODE ON ANY ADDITIONAL ADDRESSES - ONLY THE FIRST ONE. This is a postal regulation that must be adhered to. The format for additional addresses should be as follows:

■ Store Name ■ Address Line 1

■ Address Line 2 (if necessary) ■ City, State

○ In addition to entering your store addresses, you may also enter phone numbers, store hours, web addresses, email addresses, directions to store or any other personalized store messages.

○ If there are any questions about what you are entering, please contact support at berninasupport@visionps.com or call (708) 570-7974.

● Once you have entered your copy, click “Update” button. You can then click preview image to View a larger Image. You can also preview the print ready PDF by clicking the “Preview PDF” button, which is directly under the picture of the mailer, in order to see what you have entered. If the copy that you have entered is too long for the space allotted, you will then need to go back in and edit your copy.

● Once you have input your Store Information and Message, you will need to select a list. If you do not have a list, you can upload a list at this time.

● In addition, you can request additional mailers to be drop shipped to your store. These can be ordered in increments of 250. Please select your desired quantity from the drop down box and select “With Imprint” or “No Imprint”. For some promotions there may be two different options without an imprint, folded and flat. Folded is ready to be mailed and Flat is left unfolded if you plan on running them through a printer on your own.

● Now, click “Add to Cart” to add to your shopping cart.

● From the shopping cart, you can “View a PDF” of your mailer, “Edit” your mailer or “Delete” your mailer and start over.


Checking Out

● Once you have finalized your mailer, click on the “Checkout” button to continue with the order process.

● The next page, titled “Checkout Process Overview”, gives you a summary of the remaining steps in the process. Click “Continue Checking Out” to proceed.

***Please Note – If you have not already created a mailing list, you will not be able to continue with the order process until you do so. Please see “Uploading your Customer Database” and “Creating Your Mailing Lists” below for


****Also, if you have done previous promotions and have multiple mailing lists, make sure you select the most recent one.

● It may take a moment to allocate your mailing list to the order and generate samples from your mailing list. Once the process is complete, you can click on “View sample PDF” to review the samples. These samples will contain actual customer data from your mailing list.

● Once finished reviewing your samples, click on “Continue Checking Out”.

● Next, if you have ordered items to be drop shipped to your store, you will select a delivery address from the drop down box. “Your Primary Location” is the address that you entered under “Your Profile”. You may also have entered additional store addresses that will appear on the list. After you have selected the location that you would like the items to ship to, click on “Ship All Remaining Items”. If you did not have any drop shipped items, simply click on “Continue Checking Out”.

● If you have items drop shipping to your store, the next screen will prompt you to enter your preferred shipping method for your drop shipped items. Make your selection and click on “Continue Checking Out”.

● Now, you come to the “Payment Information” screen where you can review your order. ● Once you do so, you will be sent an email confirming your order. Your order is now


Uploading Your Customer Lists

● The first step in uploading your customer list is insuring that it is in the proper format. The IDM system supports Comma Delimited (CSV) files.

● If you do not use Microsoft Access to store your customer database, most other software programs, including POS systems, Excel, Works, etc. have the option to export or save your data into a Comma Delimited Format.

● Here are some requirements for the file format:


○ LastName containing the customer's Last Name.

○ Address1 containing the first line of the Customer’s Address

○ Address2 containing the second line of the Customer’s Address (this field must still be present even if there is not a second address line)

○ City containing the customer's City. ○ State containing the customer's State. ○ Zip containing the customer's Zip Code.

Updating your Customer Lists

● Once you have your customer list in the proper format, click on the “My Accounts Tab” and locate the “My Mailing Lists” link on the left side of the screen to begin the upload process.

● Under My Mailing Lists, you will be able to manage your lists. You have the option to view, delete or download your list. To edit your list, click the view button.

● Then you can simply follow the directions on the screen to upload your customer list: ○ Step 1: Click the “Choose File” button and locate the file on your hard drive. ○ Step 2: Click the “Upload” button.

○ Step 3: Once your file is uploaded, you will have the option to name the list and select whether the uploaded lists has headers included or not, select whether your separator is tab or comma and select a date for the expiration of the list. ○ Step 4: In the right column you have the ability to assign the import fields to the

proper fields in your file. You will need to select the “Skip” option for fields that are not required for mailing.

○ Step 5: Click on the "Create List".

● Once you have completed this process, your list will be viewable for editing, filtering and merging with other lists.

Managing Your Logos

● Logos can be uploaded during the ordering process. You can also remove any unwanted Logos from your library at that time.

● When uploading, you can enter the image name in the box. (this can be any name that you wish to use that will help you remember which version of the logo you are using.) These names are also searchable in your Library.

● Then, Click on the browse button and select the image file from your computer.


● Once you have located the image file that you wish to upload, simply click on the “Upload” button.

● You can now see the image that you have uploaded. It is ready to be inserted into your mailer.

**Helpful Hints and Reminders**

1 When customizing your mailer imprint areas, please pay close attention to the

information listed under the “Creating Your Mailer” section of the IDM instructions above. There are certain requirements and restrictions that must be adhered to.

2 Make sure you delete ALL of the suggested copy in the Imprint Area box. Any copy left in the box WILL print on your mailers.

3 You are not limited by the copy suggested, only by the postal regulations, so please feel free to be creative with your messages here.

4 Make sure that you review the final design by clicking the "Download PDF" button of your final mailer before continue with the checkout process and finalizing your order. (This is a required step when your mailer is added to your cart). You can even print out a copy and review for accuracy. REMEMBER - this is the exact copy that will appear on the final mailer that will be sent to all your customers, so make sure it says what you want to say, exactly the way you want to say it.

5 Logos can only be printed in black and white - no color logos and no gray scale logos are accepted. If you need help converting your logo to a black and white jpeg image, please send it to me via email at berninasupport@visionps.com, and I'll try to help. 6 If you are a returning IDM user and are updating your database and mailing list, please

pay special attention to the section in the IDM instructions entitled "Uploading your Mailing List". Make sure you follow the proper steps to insure your mailing list is as accurate as possible.

7 The format of your database file is very important to insure that it uploads properly. If you are having trouble getting your list into the required format, please send to me via email to berninasupport@visionps.com, and we will do what we can to help.

8 During the checkout process, please pay close attention to the "Select Your Mailing List" during the personalization process. If you have participated in past promotions, you may have more than one list to choose from. Make sure that you select the most current one from the dropdown box. You can also click the “Show” button to preview your list and verify that it is the proper list. Your order quantity will be updated to reflect the quantity in the allocated mailing list.

9 Lastly, your order is not placed until you click on the "Continue Checkout" button and continue through every step of the checkout process. You will be sent a confirmation email letting you know that your order has been received. If you do not get one and thought your order was placed, please give contact support at