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Team of

Training Center



”Patriot” Training center is a team of military

professionals who are instructors from the USA, Israel, Georgia and Ukraine.

Combat experience of the team members:

Deployments in

Israel, Georgia, Ukraine as well as Kosovo, Iraq, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan.

Our achievements:

within six months we have prepared more than 800 fighters from different units, among them soldiers from:

79th Paratrooper brigade, 129th recon batallion, 74th recon batallion, 24th Infantry brigade, 93rd Infantry brigade, “Poltava” police batallion, SOF batallion based in Severodonetsk as well as territorial defense


Soldiers, who underwent training in “Patriot”

note that skills and knowledge helped to minimize the loss of life among soldiers.

In particular, the 93rd Infantry (the well known

“Cyborgs”) praised the benefits of the knowledge gained in the center

for carrying out complex combat operations.


Team Training Center “Patriot”

Giorgiy Kalandadze - former Chief of Staff of the Georgian armed forces, Brigadier General, Commander of the Georgian ground forces, commander of the brigade, the battalion commander.


Higher military Academy of Georgia, the Ranger school in the US, Higher Military Command School in Estonia.

Underwent training in the USA (Fort Benning), has fought in Georgia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

While serving, took part in the reform of the Georgian army, the establishment of military industries, the creation of a new system of education of the Georgian armed forces and overall modernization of the Georgian army after the war.

Participant of the war against Russia in 2008 (commander of the brigade).


Team Training Center “Patriot”

Mamuka Abashidze - Lieutenant-Colonel, former Head of the Anti-terrorism Center of Georgia, Commander of Special Operation Forces of Georgia, Commander of the special forces battalion.


Anti-Terrorism SWAT training center in the US.

Took part in the reform of the technical units of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia, in which he held leadership positions.

Has participated in combat in Georgia, took part in all special operations in Georgia between 2000 and 2012.

Participant of war against Russia in August 2008 (battalion commander).

Kikabidze Merab - deputy head of the Chief of Staff of Georgia, Colonel, Head of the Border Police, commander of the Brigade, batallion commander.


Turkish Gendarmerie School, rate of “COMMANDO” in Turkey, captain “career”


Underwent training in Turkey, has fought in Georgia and Serbia.

In the position of Deputy Chief of General staff of Georgia, he led the reforms of the army reservist service system of Georgia (Territorial defence) and also the reform of the Border Police of the MIA of Georgia.

Participant of war against Russia in August 2008 (battalion commander).


Team Training Center “Patriot”

David Makishvili - Lieutenant-Colonel, Head of the Training and Assesment Department of Georgia, Commander of Brigade, Batallion Commander, Head of Brigade’s intelligence.


Highest military academy, French Foreign Legion, Reconnaisance course.

Being a commander of batallion and brigade, he led the reforms in his units.

Has fought in Georgia, Somalia, Sierra Leone and Kosovo.

Participant of war against Russia in August 2008 (recon platoon commander).


J. M.


What we can accomplish:

✓ form and prepare infantry and special forces units from the very beginning until full combat readiness in a very short terms (3 to 9 months), including its Headquarters and its structure;

✓ AAR of the existing units and

develop a training program based on the results of the assesment;

✓ develop and propose the structure of the staff of the unit,

command, department;

✓ create and organize training centers for staff and instructors;

✓ monitor current processes

of the already prepared units, propose

futher recommendations for improving combat readiness based on our analysis.

✓ prepare program for further training and improvement of the soldiers

of the unit;

✓ make tactical program for interaction of the unit with other units of the armed forces or police

in case of anti-terrorist operations,

emergency situations and imposed martial law.


Our advantages:

We are preparing both soldiers and officers in Ukraine as well as in ATO zones which makes the preparation in accordance with NATO standards

possible and eliminates additional costs;

All teaching and instruction is in Russian or Ukrainian;

experience of confrontation with Russian agressor;

experience of preparation and

interaction between our instructors and Ukrainian fighters. We know their mentality as well as their weak and strong sides;

experience creating and reforming governance structures in post-Soviet space.


Konstantin Parshin is a Ukrainian lawyer and businessman, a participant of Anti-Terrorist Operation in Eastern Ukraine (the “ATO”). He is also the founder of military training center

“Patriot” and private security company


Private security company “Griffon” provides the following services:

- protection of cargo transported by vehicles and railways;

- protection of industrial objects of various complexity;

- protection of industrial enterprises in the area of the ATO;

A large number of employees of Griffon participated in the ATO in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

In the past Griffon provided security services to Ukrainian gas transportation system as a subcontractor with the state security companies of Ukraine.


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