How To Understand And Understand Your Own Race And Culture

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1 Wheaton College

Department of Psychology

African, African American, Diaspora Studies Program 26 East Main Street

Norton, MA 02766 Phone: 508-286-3692 Fax: 508-286-3640

Education Ph.D., Psychology, Pennsylvania State University, 2002 Concentration: Developmental Psychology

Dissertation: Parental racial and ethnic socialization and

the racial and ethnic self-concepts of African American children

M.S., Psychology, Pennsylvania State University, 1996 Concentration: Child Clinical Psychology

Thesis: The relationship between racial attitudes and racial socialization beliefs among three generations of Black females

B.A, Psychology, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, 1994 Honors Thesis: Being black and a woman: exploring the racial identity of African American women

Professional Experience Associate Professor, 2010-present

Wheaton College

Assistant Professor, 2004 - 2010 Wheaton College

Research Associate, 2003-2004 Wellesley College

The Wellesley Centers for Research on Women

Instructor, 2000-2004 Simmons College

Visiting Instructor, 2001-2002 Wellesley College

Instructor, 1999

Pennsylvania State University


2 Publications

Fhagen-Smith, P. (2010). Social class, racial/ethnic identity, and the

psychology of “choice”. In K.O. Korgen (Ed.), Multiracial Americans and social class:

The influence of social class on racial identity. New York: Routledge.

Fhagen-Smith, P. E., Vandiver, B, J., Worrell, F. C., & Cross, W. E. (2010).

(Re) examining racial identity differences across gender, community of origin, and socioeconomic status among African American college students. Identity: International Journal of Research and Theory, 10, 164-180

Worrell, F. C., Vandiver, B. J., Schaefer, B. A. Cross, W. E., & Fhagen-Smith, P. E.

(2006). Cluster analyses of Cross Racial Identity Scale (CRIS) Scores in three independent samples. The Counseling Psychologist, 34, 519-547.

Porche, M., Fhagen-Smith, P.E., Kim, J. H., Vazquez-Garcia, H., Tracy, A. J., &

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Worrell, F. C., Vandiver, B. J., Cross, W. E., & Fhagen-Smith, P.E. (2004). Reliability and structural validity of the cross racial identity scale scores on a sample of African American adults. Journal of Black Psychology, 30, 489-505.

Fhagen-Smith, P. E. (2003). Mixed Ancestry Racial/Ethnic Identity Development

(MAREID) Model. Wellesley Centers for Women Working Paper No. 413. Wellesley, MA: Wellesley Centers for Women.

Fhagen-Smith, P. E. (2003). Mixed race youth between 8 and 11 years old.

In M. P. P. Root & M. Kelley (Eds.). The multiracial child resource book.

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Cross, W. E., & Fhagen-Smith, P. (2001). A life-span developmental model of racial

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Cross, W. E., Jr., Clark, L., & Fhagen-Smith, P. (1999). Black identity development

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Aspects of human development: Racial and ethnic identity in school practices. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Cross, W. E. Jr., & Fhagen-Smith, P. E. (1996). Nigrescence and ego identity

development: Accounting for differential black identity patterns. In P. B. Pederson, J. G.

Draguns, W. J. Lonner and J. E. Trimble (Eds.) Counseling Across Cultures (4th ed.).

Newbury, CA: Sage.


3 Presentations

Fhagen-Smith, P. (2008, July). The mixed ancestry racial/ethnic identity development (MAREID) model. Mixed Ancestry Colloquium, Centers for Research on Women, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA.

Fhagen-Smith, P. (2008, February). The relationship between dimensions of self-concept during the early adolescent years: An exploratory study. Paper presented at the 16


annual National Association of African American Studies conference: Placing democracy and human rights at the heart of minority issues. Baton Rouge, LO.

Maizner, R. & Fhagen-Smith, P. E. (2006, October). The female Muslim immigrant

experience in the United States: A qualitative study. Paper presented at the 6


annual Diversity challenge: Do immigrants catch or carry race and culture? Boston College, Newton, MA.

Fhagen-Smith, P. E. & Bates, K. (2005, October). Diversity training: Interventions and research opportunities. Workshop presented at the 5


annual Diversity challenge:

Making race and culture work in the world of work. Boston College, Newton, MA.

Erkut, S., & Fhagen-Smith, P.E., & Porche, M. (2004, July/August). Mixed ancestry experience. Symposium presented at the 109


Annual American Psychological Association Convention, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Fhagen-Smith, P. E., Erkut, S., & Vasquez-Garcia, H. (2003, October). Theoretical help

still needed: What does it mean to be of mixed ancestry? Structured discussion presented at the 3


annual Diversity challenge: 30+ years of racial identity theory: What do we know and how does it help us? Boston College, Newton, MA.

Fhagen-Smith, P. E. (2003, October). Cross Racial Identity Scale (CRIS) Scores and

Demographics: Does Participants’ Sex, Age, SES, Racial Designation and Childhood Community Make A Difference? Paper presented at the 3


annual Diversity challenge- 30+ years of racial identity theory: What do we know and how does it help us? Newton, MA.

Fhagen-Smith, P.E., Vandiver, B. J., & Cross, W. E., Jr. (2001, February). Black identity and gender differences. Symposium presented at the 18


Annual Teachers College Winter Roundtable on Dealing with Gender and Social Class in Cross-cultural Psychology and Education, New York City, NY.

Wijeyesinghe, C. L., Fhagen-Smith, P.E. & Jones, J. (2001, October). Racial identity in the classroom: Models of black, white and multiracial identity development and their application to teaching, advising, & counseling. Symposium presented at the 1


annual Diversity challenge: How to survive teaching courses on race and culture. Newton, MA.

Cross, W.E., Worrell, F. C., Fhagen-Smith, P.E., & Vandiver, B.J. (2000, August).

Integrating theory and research: The cross racial identity scale. Symposium presented at the 108


Annual American Psychological Association Convention, Washington, D.C.

Cross, W. E., Fhagen-Smith, P. E., Vandiver, B., & Cokley, K. (1999, February).

Development of a new nigrescence measure: Theory, development, and application.

Workshop presented at the 16


Annual Teachers College Winter Roundtable on Confronting Race and Racism in Psychology and Education, New York City, NY.

Fhagen-Smith, P. E., & Allison, K. W. (1997, April). The relationship between racial



attitudes and racial socialization beliefs among three generations of black females.

Poster presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Washington, D. C.

Cross, W. E., Jr., & Fhagen-Smith, P. E. (1996, February). Nigrescence and ego identity development. Paper presented at the 13


Teachers College Winter Roundtable on Cross Cultural Psychology and Education, New York City, NY.

Professional Activities Ad-hoc Reviewer: 2010-present

Journal for Research on Adolescence, Identity: An international journal of research and theory

Grant Consultant, Identities, Vulnerabilities, and Strengths of Mixed-Heritage

Adolescents,Wellesley Centers for Research on Women, Principle Investigator: Sumru Erkut, 2008-2010

Invited Presentation. The MAREID model. Faculty Luncheon Presentation, Wheaton College. Norton, MA, April 2009.

Invited Presentation. Using NVIVO for qualitative research. Research and

Instruction: Tech N Talk, Wheaton College. Norton, MA, February 2009.

Budget Advisory Committee, Faculty Member, Wheaton College, 2006-2009 Presidential Task Force, Faculty Member, Wheaton College, Spring 2009

Program Coordinator, African, African American, and Diaspora Studies, Wheaton College, 2006-2007

Invited Presentation, Shady Hill School, Cambridge, MA, Topic: Psychological and educational needs and adjustment of biracial children, 2004

Ad-hoc Reviewer: 2003-2008

Child Development, Journal of Black Psychology, Journal of Family Studies, Journal of Intercultural Disciplines

Board Member, Wide Horizons Adoption Agency, Waltham, MA, 2004-2005 Invited Workshop, Graduate Study in Psychology, Simmons College, 1999 & 2002 Guest Lecturer for College Courses:

Global Education for Intercultural Competence, Wheaton College, Topic:

Multiculturalism and Identity Development, 2007

Social and Psychological Development of African Americans, Simmons College, Topic: Racial and Ethnic Self-development among African American children, 2000

Professional Membership American Psychological Association

Division 45: Society for the Study of Ethnic Minority Issues Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues

Society for the Research of Child Development

Society for Research on Adolescence



Grants and Fellowships

Mellon Grant, Project: Australian Aboriginal Identity Project (Wheaton College, 2006), $2000 The Liberal Arts Research/Graduate Studies Office Dissertation Grant (Pennsylvania State

University Grant, 2000) $2,000

New England Board of Higher Education, Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship (Simmons College, 1999-2000) $21,000

The Liberal Arts Research and Graduate Studies Office Travel Grant (Pennsylvania State University, 1997) $300

Awards and Honors

SPSSI Award for Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring, Spring 2011, $500 Faculty of the Year, Wheaton College Intercultural Board, Spring 2009.

Clinical Psychology Student Paper Award-Diversity Area, Title: Working with ethnic minority children and their families: Cultural competency and culturally relevant psychotherapy (American Psychological Association, Division 29, Clinical Psychology, 1999) $1000

Community Service

School Committee Parent Representative, Mansfield Public Schools, Jordan/Jackson Elementary School, 2008-2010

Girl Scout Troop Leader, Troop #80372, Brownie level, Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, 2008-2010

Courses Taught

Abnormal Psychology, Adolescent Development, Developmental Psychology, Educational

Psychology, First Year Seminar: Cultural Identity and History Lessons, Lab in Developmental

Psychology, Multicultural Psychology, and Seminar: Social and Emotional Development




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