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Volume XXX

July 2021

Issue 7

NEXT CLUB MEETING: Kar Park in Pleasanton

3 Wyoming St Ste 100, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Saturday, July 10


, 2021 @ 10:00 a.m.

With Zoom attendance option.

P r e s i d e n t’s M e s s a g e …

Hi Everyone!

These hot summer days sure make for nice cruise weather in the evenings, don't they? Sometimes it's even fun to cruise during the day, like we did after our June meeting when we cruised over to Donnee Hankel's house and picked her up on our way to lunch on the water in Alameda. We made her very happy that day.

Our summer picnic at Cedar Mountain Winery last month went off without a hitch. Attendance was great as was the food (and there was plenty of it).

Several members brought Easy-Ups to provide shade for everyone (even one with a mister, courtesy of the Glidewells), and we introduced a new member to the club, Steve Edwards and his wife Pi'ilani. A big Thank You to Robert & Carole for organizing another great club event, and a special Thank You to the Glidewells for going above and beyond the call of duty! (A keg of iced waters?! Incredible.)

A few days prior to our picnic, a group of members got together for a surprise drive-by of Chevelles at our Treasurer Cindy Crusco's rehab facility in Los Gatos. This unique form of mental therapy, together with over 8 months of other treatment and physical therapy due to a fall last October, worked so well that Cindy has officially returned home!

Our next event is right around the corner. July 17th is Movie Night at Callippe Golf Course in Pleasanton. There will be designated but limited parking for classics, so if you're interested in going, be sure to sign up sooner rather than later. Let Randy Ochs or me know if you need a registration form. Admission is free, and there will

be food there that you can buy, just like at a real drive-in theater. Some things never go out of style.

See you at the next meeting.

Bev Mosqueda, Club President

Nor-Cal ChevelleCaminos Post Office Box 36046

San Jose, CA 95158

Founded June 1, 1994 First Meeting January 1995

Visit us on the web at https://nor-calchevelles.com

Club Officers




Treasurer (Interim)

Membership Coordinator Web Master

Newsletter Editor Merchandising

Events Coordinator


Public Relations

Bev Mosqueda 408 219-1946

Robert Deem 925 381-4483

Joanie Butler 510 795-0891

Mike Crusco 408 466-6235

Mike Crusco 408 466-6235

Mike Crusco 408 466-6235

Lance Glidewell 510 219-9548

Jerry Kochan 925 570-6173

Joanie Butler 510 795-0891


(Send pictures to Bob Nastasi for the website)

Steve Fox 925 389-0900

Club Meetings

2nd Saturday of the Month 10:00 a.m.

Kar Park 3 Wyoming St. Suite 100

Pleasanton, CA 94566 (Also via Zoom)


Dave Hankel Tribute Meeting & Alameda Cruise Saturday, June 12, 2021

Joseph Soares driving Joanie Butler’s 1970 Chevelle arrived first at Martin Luther King Jr.- Shoreline Center Parking lot, 7250 Doolittle Drive, Oakland. Followed by Michael Dardis, Bev

& George Mosqueda, Robert & Vickie Deem, Robert & Joannie Nastasi, Lance & Maria Glidewell, Randy & Angela Ochs. We had a shorter than usual club meeting in the parking lot with the San Leandro Bay behind us. We were joined by several Canadian Geese and their goslings walking the lawns for food. A County Sheriff stopped by to see what we were up to and asked if anyone had a Mustang! No we said this is a Chevy Car Club not Ford.

We ended the meeting and drove to pick up Donnee Hankel at 1084 Post, Alameda. From Post Street we turned right on to Calhoun, left turn onto High Street, across Otis Drive and right on to Bayview Drive. Joe and Donnee insisted on driving this street which turned out to have

several speed bumps. Michael Dardis honked his horn to let Joe know how annoyed he was. We turned right on to Shoreline Drive cruising along the Alameda shoreline getting thumbs up and waves from the people along the route. When we arrived at Central Ave., we turned left and cruised along until the left turn on to Ballena Blvd. The cruise ended at the Pier 29 Restaurant parking lot. In the parking lot Chris Paulson and his mother, Wanda, were waiting to join us.

The club had reservations for 12:30, but we arrived at noon. They seated us in the patio dining area that views the cars and the bay. The meals and service were very good. This restaurant had no time limit so we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon talking and listening to the music Robert played on his

bluetooth speaker. Randy brought pictures of Dave Hankel that were passed around then given to Donnee. Maria and Lance brought back the gumballs in a jar to be guessed for a gift card. The weather was pleasant with a breeze that came up in the afternoon, this turned out to be a good day.

After the event, Joanie and Joe drove a very pleased Donnee

home cruising via Santa Clara Avenue.


More pics from Club meeting at Oakland MLK Jr. Shoreline parking lot, June 12


& Dave Hankle Tribute Cruise




Grace Cortez Jason Ledgerwood Bob Monkman Katie Schurtz August Bev Mosqueda Randy Ochs Bob Cartier Steve Spatola Patty Wood

From your Webmaster Michael Crusco:

For your convenience, a new button has been added to the club website home page. We now have the option to pay our club membership dues using PayPal, Debit, or Credit Card. If you prefer to still use a check, you can still do that by printing out the membership renewal form, filling it out and sending it to the PO Box with a check.

FOR NOW, please continue to send in the form even if you use PayPal. You can send it to the PO Box or email it directly to me at mikec44212@aol.com

Currently, this button can only be used for Membership Renewal as the amount of $42.00 is hard coded in. The additional $2.00 is to cover the PayPal Fees. In the future, this PayPal button will also be used for new membership, merch purchases, and Run-thru-the-Canyon.

We’re always looking for a new Featured Car for the club website. If you would like to participate, send me four pics of your car with at least one picture with you in or next to it.

Also send details on your car on how and when you purchased it. The more details the better.

From your Newsletter Editor Lance Glidewell:

Do you have content that you would like to see in the newsletter? Please submit articles, pictures, recipes etc. to Lance.Glidewell@LamResearch.com.

This Photo by

If you notice a missed birthday, please let

your editor know!


Tech Tips and Recommendations:

Some insights about headlights (

By Joannie Nastasi)

During my ’70 Chevelle’s oil change, my mechanic noted that my high beam headlight was out. He said that since it was the traditional T3 headlight, he knew I’d want to get it replaced with another one. So the research project began! Thought I’d share my new knowledge on this fascinating venture!

The term “T3” comes from the fact that once the headlight is installed, it is to be tilted down 3° and then tilted to the right 3° (T = tilt and 3 = 3°). My source* states this is so as to not blind an oncoming driver.

The “T3” headlights were manufactured by the Guide Lamp Company, Anderson, Indiana, so you will see the word “GUIDE” and the symbol “T3” etched or pressed into the headlight’s glass on front.

The number “2” is on the very top center of the low beam headlights (most outward position on a 4 headlight system), and the number “1” is on the low beam headlights (inner position).

The low beam (outer position headlight) has three prong connection at back; the high beam headlight (inner position) has two prongs. (I found when researching replacement headlights for sale, a few sellers had this turned around!)

T3’s were installed in GM cars from 1956 – 1972. *My source of info was a YouTube video: David Price, Michigan Chapter NCRS (Corvette) swap meet, April 2014.

1956: one year only style; larger letters “sealed beam”

1957 – 1962: changed to smaller letters “sealed beam”

1958 was the change from 2 to 4 bulbs; 2 bulbs were 7” diameter; 4 bulbs were 5.5” diameter

1958-1959: a pattern change of a plain triangle and the word “Guide” was above triangle

1960-1967: The word “Guide” was moved to the bottom of the triangle 1968-1971: vertical lines were added to the triangle and the T3 was etched inside the bulb, whereas it was previously on the outside in a raised etch.

1972: triangle removed; T3 was underneath “Guide” in very small letters I’m going to go with the idea that this info

applies to Chevelles too as the YouTube guy stated “GM cars.” With that conclusion, I determined that my right side, low beam headlight is the wrong year for my 1970 as it has no vertical lines in the triangle!

On another note, I saw a YouTube video that suggested the prongs might just be tarnished. So after my daughter found a nice T3 on Ebay and purchased it for my birthday, we removed the “bad” headlight and first tried a simple cleaning of the prongs with some sandpaper, re-connected headlight and it works! Bob did install the newly purchased headlight, and we have the old “still working” headlight in a box in storage.


'67 Chevelle SS For Sale

As some of you may know, after 15 years of enjoyment, Bob Monkman is sadly parting ways with his 67 Chevelle SS.

If anyone has other sites to advertise on or advice for Bob, please pass that info along.

Below are links to see the current listings from Hemmings & Classic Cars.



'67 El Camino For Sale

This El Camino has always been a California car. The body was stripped to bare metal in completing the restoration. The car has a SuperSport hood, and all of the trim pieces, not on the car, are

included. There are also many, additional El Camino parts available. It's an extremely nice car, a complete running & driving car, currently licensed in CA.

The engine is a 327 (matching numbers to the El Camino). The transmission is a new 700R4, the rear end is a 12 bolt with 3.73 gears, aluminum intake manifold with 4BBL Carb and Rear Air shocks among the equipment.

Asking appraised price:


For more info, call Marlene Massetti at 510 415-4337.


2021 Annual Club Picnic

Saturday June 26, 12 pm to 3 pm

Cedar Mountain Winery, 10843 Reuss Road, Livermore


Drive by in support of Cindy June 27



And the best news of all,

Cindy is now at home



Remember to put this on your calendar:


Current Merchandise Inventory List:

Club Merchandise Inventory List - 12/31/2020

Name Description/Color Size Sell Price Qty in

Stock Value

Men's Shirts Polo Shirt Design

Grey L $31.00 0 $0.00

XL $31.00 2 $62.00

2XL $34.00 1 $34.00

Black L $31.00 0 $0.00

XL $31.00 1 $31.00

2XL $34.00 1 $34.00

Women's Shirts Polo Shirt Design

Grey M $31.00 0 $0.00

L $31.00 0 $0.00

XL $31.00 1 $31.00

Black S $31.00 1 $31.00

M $31.00 0 $0.00

L $31.00 0 $0.00

XL $31.00 1 $31.00

Blue M $31.00 1 $31.00

L $31.00 1 $31.00

XL $31.00 0 $0.00

Red M $31.00 1 $31.00

L $31.00 2 $62.00

XL $31.00 0 $0.00

Hats Baseball Style

Black $20.00 2 $40.00

Maroon $20.00 2 $40.00

Blue $20.00 2 $40.00

Navy $20.00 2 $40.00

Red $20.00 3 $60.00

Hunter Green $20.00 2 $40.00

Pink $20.00 1 $20.00

Hats Visor Style

Navy $20.00 1 $20.00

Totes Bags

Tall Grocery Totes (Black) $18.00 2 $36.00

Tall Grocery Totes (Red) $18.00 1 $18.00

Wide Laptop Totes (purple) $23.00 1 $23.00

Old Merchandise

Misc older style T-shirts $10.00 1 $10.00

If you wish to order an item off the list, please contact: Jerry Kochan 925 570-6173


For those of you looking for something a little closer to home in the south bay…

Ronnie’s Morning Get Together is a cars and coffee style meet that takes place on the 2nd Saturday of each month. The event starts early with attendees arriving from all around to enjoy the company of good people and awesome rides.

For those of you looking for something a little closer to home in the north bay…



. Cottle Road, San Jose Show N Shines Every Tuesday, 4:00 pm

Arrive early if you’re going to show your car.

Another resource for NorCal events:

Proud Partner of the American Car Culture Association https://norcalcarculture.com/


For Hot August Niles registration please use the following link:



For Nostalgia day registration please use the following link:


Approved Meeting Minutes-May 8, 2021

The meeting of Nor-Cal ChevelleCaminos was called to order at 10:15 a.m. by President Bev Mosqueda on May 8, 2021 at KarPark, 3 Wyoming Street #100, Pleasanton, CA 94566. No members attended via Zoom. The sign-in sheet was passed around, and there were 13 members in attendance: Bev & George Mosqueda, Robert Deem, Joanie Butler, Jay Ball, Lance & Maria Glidewell, Carole & Jerry Kochan, Robert Monkman, Bob & Joannie Nastasi and Randy Ochs. Bev circulated a Get Well card for everyone to sign for Cindy Crusco.

TREASURY REPORT: In Michael Crusco’s absence, Bev reported the checking account balance to be the same as last month, $2,561.20.

MEMBERSHIP: In Michael Crusco’s absence, Bev reported that we have 32 active members. Joannie Nastasi gave an update on Cindy Crusco. She reported that Cindy is scheduled for her brain flap surgery on May 17th. Cindy has been moved from a center in Oakland to Vasona Creek Healthcare Center in Los Gatos. Jay Ball reported that he has called Cindy and says that she really appreciates that people call her.

OLD BUSINESS: Joannie Nastasi made a motion to approve the April 10, 2021 meeting Minutes, Randy Ochs seconded the motion, a vote was taken, and the minutes were approved with the two trick items.


Robert Deem recapped the Angel’s Camp/Murphy’s Cruise. Even though everyone had a great time and all went well, the drive and the day were long. Robert would like to make this an annual event, but if we do, we’ll skip going to Murphy’s in the future. He thought that a better plan would have been having lunch in Copperopolis then cruising to Prospect 772 Winery. Jay Ball asked if the cruises and events could start later for the people coming a long distance.

Everyone present agreed with Jay that it would be better to plan later start times. Randy Ochs commented that Robert and Vickie had set a new standard for club cruises with the planning, games and fun we had with this event. Carole suggested that in the future we should cruise together on the return trip in case someone has trouble or gets lost.

Everyone agreed that we should always have a return cruise plan.


Insurance Update: Bev reported in Michael Crusco’s absence that there was no update yet on the status of the club’s insurance. However, an application for a quote has been submitted, and Michael is waiting for a response.


May 22 – Marin Headlands & Fort Baker Cruise. Joanie Butler is coordinating this event. She has tried to contact the Visitors Center & National Park Service, but there was no answer as to whether the Nike Site SF-88 is open for demonstration tours. Since club members will be coming from all directions, we will meet at 11 am at Fort Baker on Marina Road (Point Cavallo) and meet to take photos of the cars with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Everyone should bring a picnic lunch, chairs sunscreen and jackets. After lunch we’ll cruise to the opposite side of 101 and through the tunnel on Bunker Road, then turn right onto McCullough Road for views and more photos. If time allows we can then cruise to the west side of the Marin Headlands. Those interested in attending this event should contact Joanie Butler at (510) 795-0891 or via email.

June 12 – Randy Ochs and Joanie Butler will be meeting to plan the June meeting location and cruise route for the cruise to Alameda to honor Dave Hankel.

June 27 – Annual Club Picnic – This event is being coordinated by Robert Deem and Carole Kochan. After some


Approved Meeting Minutes-May 8, 2021 (continued)

July 17 – BBQ & Drive-in Movie at Callippe Golf Course – Randy Ochs is coordinating this event and gave a brief update.

He reminded everyone that an email had gone out to the members with the names of movies to choose from. The BBQ runs from 5:00 – 9:30 p.m., and everyone should bring chairs and blankets. A flyer will be coming out with more event details.

September 11 – Run Thru the Canyon (also known as RTTC or our annual Poker Run). This event is being coordinated by Randy Ochs and the RTTC Committee. Bev brought approx. 250 flyers to the meeting for members to take with them to distribute at car events. Flyers have been sent to several other car clubs. Registrations have started coming in. Michael Crusco and Joannie Nastasi will handle pre-registrations and payments received in the mail, as well as charting. Randy is still working on finalizing stops. He asked for and received assistance from volunteers to fill in a couple empty positions.

Randy would like every club member to donate a raffle prize. Bev and Carole will handle collecting the raffle prizes.


1. Membership renewals are due in June.

2. Ronnie’s Car Show in San Jose on the same Saturday mornings as our monthly meetings - Bev went there before the meeting and distributed the 50 RTTC flyers she brought with her. She ran out of flyers almost immediately due to the huge turnout.

3. May 29 – Kassabian Motors Cars & Coffee 9 am-11 am – promoted by Steve Fox (Announcer) 4. June 20 – Carole Kochan promoted a Father’s Day car show at Black Hawk Museum.

5. September 26 – Bev announced that she received an email msg. from Altamont Cruisers indicating they may do the Nostalgia Days car show this year.

6. Tuesday nights In N Out Burger on Cottle Road in San Jose Show N Shines starting at 3:00 or 4:00.

NEWSLETTER EDITOR: All submissions should be emailed to Lance.Glidewell@lamresearch.com by the end of the month, including and especially stories of cars to feature in future newsletters.

WEBSITE PHOTOS: Bob Nastasi agreed to assist Michael Crusco with uploading photos to the club website. Members can also upload photos of their own once specific event tabs are added by Bob. Club photos can be found by going to the “Events” tab and then the “Event Photos – Our Scrapbook” tab on the Home page.

TECH SESSION: Joannie Nastasi says that “Pepe Le Pew” (70 Chevelle) needs headlights.

NEXT MEETING: June 12, 2021. Location to be announced since it will be held in or near Alameda in honor of Dave Hankel.

Cruise to lunch: FIREHOUSE 37 at 250 Market Place, San Ramon Meeting adjourned at approx. 12:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joanie Butler


2021 C






(UPDATED ON 7/12/21)


10 – Club meeting & cruise to lunch

17 – Movie Night & BBQ at Callippe Golf Course in Pleasanton [Randy]

31 – USA Hot Cars & Coffee in San Ramon August

5-8 – Hot August Nights in Reno 8 – Hot August Niles Car show **

14 – Club meeting & cruise to lunch 27-29 – GoodGuys in Pleasanton 28 – Castro Valley Cruise **


4 – Club meeting & Nominations followed by cruise to lunch 11 – Run Thru The Canyon (RTTC)

26 – Altamont Cruisers 32nd Fundraiser/Car Show **


9 – Club meeting & Elections followed by cruise to lunch 10 – Sutter Creek Car Show & Chili Cookoff - [Randy]

16 – Chevelles & El Caminos on the Wharf [Bev & George]

24 – Octoberfest Beer Run - (tentative)

30 – Halloween party at Bob's Haunted House in SJ (tentative) November

6 – 17 Mile Drive in Carmel [Robert, Steve]

13 – Club meeting & cruise to lunch or Good Guys 13-14 – Good Guys in Pleasanton


11 – Christmas party

** – Not a club Event



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