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(415) 288-4252

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

7/85 - Present PRIVATE PRACTICE, San Francisco and Mill Valley, CA Psychologist

Conduct individual and group sessions with adolescents and adult population. Specialize in treatment and training focused on sports psychology/peak performance

issues, police and fire personnel and families, women’s issues, chemical dependency problems, depression, anxiety, stress management, life transition, and post traumatic stress disorders. Work extensively in sports psychology with the City College of San Francisco's Cross Country Track and Field teams '92-'95, Western States 100 training camp as a sports psychologist, Leukemia Team in training, and with both professional football (NFL) and basketball players. Provide organizational training in various business settings.


Member of group of designated psychologists who provide services to San Francisco Police Department and other public service oriented personnel (such as fire and paramedic). Informal consultant to Stress Unit from 1/87 to 1/94. Acted as trainer for the Peer Counseling program.

6/88 - 1/09 NATIONAL EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE SERVICES, Milwaukee, WI Western Region Employee Assistance Representative and Affiliate

Acted as liaison to local human resource people (including extensive work with General Electric employees), provided a variety of organizational training services, and assessed employees for a variety of problems.

4/98 - 6/2002 WOMEN IN SPORTS EVOLUTION, Ventura, CA Sports Psychologist

Provided back up support for program geared to bring young female athletes into athletic excellence through extensive training in a variety of areas.

9/02 - 12/2002 PSYCHO-LEGAL ASSOCIATES, Inc., Huntington Beach, CA Sports Psychology Fundamentals - Seminar Teacher

Taught numerous classes for continuing education class on sports psychology to therapists at a variety of locations in California.


Faculty and Advisory Board Member, Alcohol and Drug Studies Program. Also taught “An Introduction to Sports Psychology” classes, Police Psychology, and the Role of Spirituality in the Psychotherapeutic Process. Taught courses at the following schools: National University, John F. Kennedy University, Professional School of Psychology, California Graduate School, and San Francisco State University.

1/90 - 1/98 GREENWICH UNIVERSITY, Hilo, Hawaii Faculty/Mentor

Assisted highly experienced and highly motivated adult students to complete a Masters or Ph.D. through an independent yet guided and independently structured course curriculum. Both structure and guidelines are negotiated between mentor (faculty) and student


1/90 - 6/91 HENRY OHLHOFF OUTPATIENT PROGRAMS, San Francisco and San Rafael, CA Clinical Supervisor

Provided supervision to eight counselors for adolescent and adult clients with chemical dependency and eating disorder issues.

3/91 MOVIE CONSULTANT, San Francisco, CA Consultant

Assisted Michael Douglas and Jean Tripplehorn on their character profiles (traumatized, alcoholic policeman and female police psychologist) in the film “Basic Instinct”.



Provided assessment, evaluation, training, and education for city and county

employees with chemical dependency, emotional, marital, legal, and financial problems. 3/84 - 4/85 EAP PROGRAM CONSULTING, Oakland, CA


Assisted a major Bay Area consultant in setting up an employee assistance program through working with a joint labor-management committee.

9/84 - 4/86 COMMUNITY COUNSELING AND EDUCATION CENTER, Fremont, CA Psychotherapist and Program Development Specialist

Worked with adolescents, adults, couples, families, and groups primarily with chemical dependency related issues. Conducted needs assessment and program development activities in chemical dependency treatment and stress management. Provided outreach to the business community. Taught groups of interns about adolescent development and chemical dependency.

3/83 - 6/86 LEHRHAUS JUDAICA, Berkeley and San Francisco, CA Faculty

Conducted courses on the Jewish woman.

6/84 - 6/85 STRESS CONTROL ASSOCIATES, Walnut Creek, CA Psychological Intern

Provided psychotherapy in a variety of forms from behavorial, cognitive,

psychodynamic, and systems perspectives. Acted as an Employee Services Person for an employee Assistance Program contract.

8/83 - 6/84 THE BIOFEEDBACK INSTITUTE OF SAN FRANCISCO, San Francisco, CA Psychological Intern

Treated psycho-physiological disorders through the use of biofeedback and individual psychotherapy. Conducted program development of stress management and external employee assistance programs. Taught stress management in the Institute’s professional training program.


Psychological Intern

Furnished psychotherapy to university students aged 18 to 65. Trained in sports psychology with the ‘84 and ’88 Olympic clinical psychologist for track and field.

1/81 - 8/82 FAMILY COUNSELING CENTER, El Cajon, CA Psychotherapist

Worked with adolescent and adult children of alcoholics, co-alcoholics, alcoholics, addicts, and court referred clientele. Referred to outside support groups such as AA, Alanon, Alateen, and Parents Anonymous.


1/79 - 1/81 SAN DIEGO YOUTH INVOLVEMENT PROJECT, San Diego, CA Outreach/Residential Counselor

Provided services for predominately Latino and African-American adolescents and their families in San Diego’s gang district. Responsible for directing Juvenile Delinquency Prevention programs at two local high schools. Taught peer counseling and parent effectiveness training to adults and teens.

9/77 - 1/79 EL CAJON CONNECTION, El Cajon, CA Therapist, Adolescent and Family

9/77 - 9/78 WOMEN’S RESOURCE CENTER, Oceanside, CA

Counselor, Child Abuse and Battered Women’s Hotline 5/77 - 9/77 BAYSIDE SETTLEMENT HOUSE, San Diego, CA

Assistant Summer Recreation Director, Minority Children’s Program 1/76 - 9/76 SOCIAL ADVOCATES FOR YOUTH, San Diego, CA

Big Sister


Weekend Recreational Counselor with mentally challenged and emotionally disturbed clients.

9/75 - 9/76 PROJECT OZ, San Diego, CA

Night Counselor and Group Therapist with adolescents. 6/75 - 9/75 TRAIL BLAZER CAMPS, Port Jervis, NY

Wilderness Counselor with minority welfare girls from New York City agencies. 9/74 - 6/75 BAYSIDE SETTLEMENT HOUSE, San Diego, CA

Volunteer Counselor with minority welfare girls.

9/73 - 6/74 MESA VISTA PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL, San Diego, CA Volunteer Aide with intensive care locked in unit patients. EDUCATION

7/85 Ph.D. Professional Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology, Berkeley, CA; APA Accredited

8/82 M.S. Counseling/Marriage and Family Therapy, University of La Verne, Coronado, CA 6/77 B.A. Psychology, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA

AWARDS College Honors, 1974 - 1977

Honorary Presentation of Full Membership in Psi Chi, 1976

LICENSES Former Licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor - MFCC MR 19789



EMDR Advanced Training August 1998

Assessment and Clinical Innovations in Police Psychology August 1998 American Psychological Association’s National Convention 1992 - ‘98, 2000

Association for the Advancement of Applied Sports Psychology's National Convention '94, '97, ‘98, 2000, 2002

Police Psychologists American Psychological Association Training '95. '96, '97, ’98, “99, 2000 Advanced Critical Incident Debriefing and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Workshop EMDR Basic Training 1993

Critical Incident Stress Management: Basic Training Annual Eating Disorders Conference, 1987

Dual Diagnosis of Substance Abuse

Second Annual Stanford Conference on Alcoholism Comprehensive Treatment of Family Substance Abuse PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS

Marin County Psychologists’ Association 2009 Public Education & Marketing Chair 2009

Association for the Advancement of Applied Sports Psychology 1995 to present UC Berkeley Extension - Alcohol & Drug Studies Program, General Psychology

Advisory Board Member Alcohol & Drug Studies Program 1993- 2000 American Psychological Association 1983 - 2003

Past Secretary/Treasurer - Police Section of Division 18 Employee Assistance Professionals Association 1983 -1997

Former Chair, Evaluation and Research Committee; Education Committee Member Sponsored and Financed Dissertation Research 1984-‘85

San Francisco Psychologists Association 1987 - 1992 Board Member; Associate-at-Large, 1990

National Council of Alcoholism

Former Member Occupational Program Committee Psi Chi (National Honor Society in Psychology) PERSONAL INTERESTS/INVOLVEMENTS

City of Mill Valley Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee 1999- 2000, 2008 - ‘09 Milleys (Mill Valley Creative Achievement Awards) Board of Directors, 2005 to present Mill Valley Art Commission 2005-’08, Chair 2007 - ‘08

Dept. of Public Works. Marin County - Bicycle Advisory Comm., 2001 - 2005 Marin Cyclists - Advocacy Chair '97-'98, Special Events Chair '98

President 1999, 2000, Century Co-Chair 1999, 2000 Century Volunteer Coordinator 1995 - 2004

Marin County Open Space District - Trails Committee Member, 4/93 - 1/96. Running/Marathon and Ultramarathon Running; Scuba Diving; Snow Skiing; Bicycling; Hiking; Mountain climbing; Horseback Riding; Reading; Writing; Movies; Theatre; Traveling



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Partially funded and sponsored by ALMACA’s Program Evaluation and Research Committee.

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DeCovnick, J., Kneier, A., and Steidinger, J. (1984). Cancer Thematic Apperception Test: Instrument for Treatment Planning and Research. Unpublished manuscript. Langley-Porter

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Steidinger, J. (1982). A Study of the Relationship Between Self Identity and Jewish Identity Among American Jewish Women. Unpublished master’s thesis, University of La Verne, La Verne, CA.






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