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Why Graduate School? By Majid Ahmadi. Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies


Academic year: 2021

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Why Graduate School?


Majid Ahmadi


1. Financial benefit

2. Progress through rank

3. Master Program in Canada, UK and USA

4. PhD Program in Canada, UK and USA

5. Top 10 Electrical Engineering Programs in USA

6. Top 10 Electrical Engineering Programs in UK

7. Quality of the Graduate Programs in Canadian Universities

8. Cost of Education in UK, USA and Canadian Universities

9. Areas of Research in Electrical Engineering 10. Electrical Engineering Department at Windsor 11. Successful Graduates from Windsor

12. Concluding remarks


Average Salary of graduating electrical engineers BASc $50000 to $65000

MASc $57101 to $ 95637 PhD $58958 to $91622


Progress through Rank

90% of the top managers and CEOs of the major



aster Program in Canada, USA and UK

1. In Canada we offer three different types of Master programs. The first one is a

MASc with thesis work.

The second one is MASc with Major paper and the third one is M.Eng which is

just course work. In all of the above Master programs students take minimum of

4 and maximum of 10 courses. Master with Major paper or course work does not

lead to PhD studies.

2. In UK there are two types of Master programs. M.Phil is a pure research

Master program with no course work requirements. MSc is equivalent to Major

paper in Canada.

3. In USA there are two different kinds of Master programs. Course based (10-12


PhD Programs in Canada, UK and USA

1. In Canadian universities PhD students are required to take 4 courses, pass a

comprehensive exam and write a thesis which contains original work and should be examined by an external to university examiner and a committee of internal examiners. Usually takes 3-4 years.

2.In UK PhD students do not require to take any courses with exam, do not

require comprehensive exam but originality of the thesis is a must. The thesis is

examined by external and internal examination committee. Usually takes 4 to 5


3. In USA PhD program is very much course intensive. The students take a

minimum of 8 to 12 courses, the comprehensive exam is more elaborate than

what we have in Canada with high failure rate. Thesis requires originality but



op 10 Universities in USA in EE

1. MIT 2. Stanford 3. UC-Berkeley 4. Cal-Tech 5. Carnegie Mellon

6. Georgia Institute of Technology

7. University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

8. Purdue University

9. The University of Michigan- Ann Arbor 10. University of Texas at Austin



op 10 Engineering schools in UK

1. Cambridge 2. Imperial College 3. Southampton 4. Surrey 5. Bristol 6. Manchester 7. Leeds 8. Sheffield 9. Glasgow 10. Oxford



uality of Graduate Programs in Canadian Universities

All Canadian Universities are offering their Graduate

Programs under a very restrict accreditation process.

If the average of all universities in UK, USA and Canada is taken, Canadian Universities will be on top.


Cost of a Graduate Program for International

students in USA, UK and Canada

Tuition fees for the international students have been increased

tremendously. International students in Imperial College in 1973

were paying 230 Sterling Pounds for full time registration while

now this has been raised to 28500 Sterling Pounds. MIT charged

$5000 in 1970s while currently they are charging $38046.

Canadian universities for home students charge anything

between $4000 to $8000 per year and for international students




f research In Electrical Engineering

according to IEEE

1. Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society

2. Antennas and Propagation Society

3. Broadcast Technology Society

4. Circuits and Systems Society

5. Communications Society

6. Components Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society

7. Computer Society

8. Consumer Electronics Society

9. Control Systems Society

10. Council on Super Conductivity

11. Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society 12. Education Society




f research In Electrical Engineering

according to IEEE (cont.)

14. Electron Devices Society

15. Engineering Management Society

16. Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society 17. Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society

18. Industrial Electronics Society 19. Industry Applications Society

20. Information Theory Society

21. Intelligent Transportation Systems Council

22. Instrumentation and Measurement Society

23. Lasers & Electro-Optics Society

24. Magnetics Society




f research In Electrical Engineering

according to IEEE (cont.)

26. Nanotechnology Council

27. Neural Networks Society

28. Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society

29. Oceanic Engineering Society

30. Power Electronics Society

31. Power Engineering Society

32. Professional Communication Society

33. Reliability Society

34. Robotics & Automation Society




f research In Electrical Engineering

according to IEEE (cont.)

36. Signal Processing Society

37. Society on Social Implications of Technology

38. Solid-State Circuits Society

39. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society

40. Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society


Electrical Engineering at Windsor

ECE Department currently is having 17 faculty members.

This includes, one university professor, one Tier I CRC Chair, one Tier II CRC Chair, 6 professors and 8 Associate Professors.


ECE at Windsor Guiding Principles

 Fundamental Education

 Professional Maturity

 Leadership Skills  Learn How to Learn


Areas of Research at ECE in Windsor

1. Digital Signal Processing

2. Image Processing 3. Pattern Recognition 4. Communications 5. Coding 6. Wireless Communications 7. Cognitive Radio

8. Wireless Sensor Networks

9. Neural Networks 10. Analog IC Design 11. Digital IC Design 12. Embedded Systems 13. FPGA


Areas of Research at ECE in Windsor (cont.)

14. Nano Electronics

15. Low-Power VLSI Cicuit Design 16. Image sensors

17. MEMS

18. Electrical Machines 19. Hybrid Electrical Auto

20. Control

21. Computer Arithmetic


Successful Graduates from Windsor

Senior Vice-President, DaimlerChrysler U.S.A. Auburn Hills, Michigan

President and CEO, EnWin Powerlines Ltd.

Graduate Students from RCIM have won 6 best student paper awards in Micronet Annual Workshops between 1997 to 2005

 Hosted the Inaugural Banquet for President G.W. Bush at the Washington

Hilton on Thursday, January 20, 2001

 Accepted into the Ph.D. program at Stanford University - September 2003

-awarded a graduate scholarship valued at $58,000 USD per year, accepted to PhD program in University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign with full scholarship of

over $50000 in 1991, Accepted at University of Michigan in 1993 with full

scholarship, and recently two accepted to PhD program at Purdue with


Concluding remarks

Graduate program has become essential for those who wish to climb up the ladder in their profession up to the presidency of their company.

This has to start while you are young and full of energy and still remember


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