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Chiara Carrozza. Address Travessa do Adro 27, 2 dt Lisbon, Portugal Via F. Azzi, 10/ Turin, Italy


Academic year: 2021

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Chiara Carrozza

Address Travessa do Adro 27, 2° dt 1150-001 Lisbon, Portugal Via F. Azzi, 10/37 10100 Turin, Italy

Contacts +351 939420087 (Pt) +39 339.6831193 (It) carrozza.c@gmail.com chiaracarrozza@ces.uc.pt Skype @ chiara.carro Twitter @ myfirstSN Websites http://coimbra.academia.edu/chiaracarrozza http://www.ces.uc.pt/investigadores/index.php?action=bio&id_investigador=592 http://omerasocialsciences.org

Field of specialization Political and Economic Geography

Political Economy

Public Policy and decision-making Water-related struggles and policies

Current research interests Interpretive approaches to policy analysis Research policies

Science and Technology Studies Water narratives

Current activities

May 2011 – May 2013

Post-doctoral fellowship at CES – Centro de Estudos Sociais, University of Coimbra. Research project deals with expertise in decision-making processes, following STS (Science and Technology) and IPA (Interpretive Policy Analysis) approaches.

September 2010 –

Co-direction of the research project The funding of social sciences’ research in the European Research Area, Twai – Torino World Affaire Institute.

Education, training, visiting

Dates 2012 February - March

Position Visiting scholar at Bradford University (UK), working with Dr. Liz Sharp

Name and type of organization Archaeological, Geographical and Environmental Sciences Department, Bradford Centre for Sustainable Environments http://www.sustainable-environments.brad.ac.uk/

Dates October 2005 – October 2008 (thesis discussion 29th of January, 2009) Title of qualification awarded Dottore di ricerca in Scienza politica (Phd in Political Science)

Principal subjects and main interests

Public policies, local government, public administration, governance theories, liberalization and privatisation reforms. Doctoral dissertation on water management policy and politics in Italy (tutor prof. Luigi Bobbio, title: “Come si governa l’acqua in Italia?”).

Name and type of organisation Department of Political Studies, University of Turin, Italy http://www.dsp.unito.it/

Dates 2006 October-December

Position Visiting student at the School of Public Policies, INLOGOV (Local Government

Studies), supervised by professor Chris Skelcher

Name and type of organization School of Public Policy - University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK


Dates 1996-2002

Title of qualification awarded Laurea (eq. BA plus MA) cum laude in Economics

Principal subjects Advanced courses in Political Economy, Economic Geography and Regional Planning. Final dissertation on "Community Based Partnership" and its application in Italian and European local economic development policies.

Name and type of organization University “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy http://www.economia.uniroma1.it/

Teaching experience

Seminar for PhD students "Public services management models” (PhD in Democracia no Século XXI), April 27, 2012 (3 hours), Centro de Estudos Sociais - CES, University of Coimbra.

Guest lecturer at the 2012 – GRIM (Global Legal Research and Information Management) Stockholm Winter School with the “Presentation of the digital project Omera Social Science”, 21 February 2012, University of Stockholm.

Seminar for PhD students "Decisional processes in policy-making" (PhD in Ciência, Economia e Sociedade), October 28, 2011 (3 hours), Centro de Estudos Sociais - CES, University of Coimbra.

Lecturer in How to write a dissertation course, University of Turin, for undergraduate students, Autumn 2010, (18 hours, 3 ECTS)

Lecturer in Public policies analysis course, University of Turin, 2010-2011 (54 hours, 9 ECTS)

Lecturer in How to write a dissertation course, University of Turin, for undergraduate students, Spring 2010 (18 hours, 3 ECTS)

Lecturer in Public policies analysis – Introductory course in the 2009-2010 edition of the Master in Public Policy Analysis - MAPP (2nd level), University of Turin (24 hours) Lecturer in Public policies analysis course, University of Turin, 2009-2010 (60 hours, 10 ECTS)

Lecturer in Public policies analysis, University of Turin, 2008-2009 (60 hours, 10 ECTS)

Assistant lecturer in Political Science, technology supported learning course, University of Turin, 2007-2008, (10 ECTS)

Short courses for S.o.l.co. S.r.l., private company

- Citizens involvement in public decision making (6 hours), May 31, 2007 - Research Design and methods (6 hours), June 23, 2008

Work experience

Dates January 2004 – February 2011

Occupation or position held Researcher

Main activities and

responsibilities Socio-economical and policy-oriented research, local development projects, policies’ evaluation and monitoring. Main works:


• September - February 2011

Research associate in the research project SYNERGIE funded by Provincia di Roma, dealing with local employment policies.


Research associate in a research project funded by the Local Governments’ Observatory of the Piedmont Region, dealing with the impact of the federalist’s reform on Piedmont Region’s local governments.


September-May 2010

Coordination of research activities (quantitative: survey and qualitative: structured, in-depth interviews) in S.I.L.V.E.R. - Sistema Integrato Lavoro, Voucher formativi E Rilevazione dei Fabbisogni, project funded by POR Lazio 2007-2013, dealing with


employment policies in Rome Province.


Elaboration of a Policy Report for CREl - Consiglio Regionale dell’Economia e del Lavoro of Lazio Region (regional board dealing with local economy and employment issues) on the regional implementation of the Lisbon Strategy and the flexicurity model (title: Coniugare flessibilità e sicurezza nella Regione Lazio: approcci e modelli di sostegno alla precarietà lavorativa).



Coordination of research activities (qualitative: structured, in-depth interviews) in Invasi - Iniziative per la valorizzazione del sistema idrico integrato, project funded by the Operative Regional Programme Sicilia 2000-2006, dealing with water resources governance in Sicily Region.



Coordination of research activities (survey, in-depth interviews and focus groups) in SMS - Sperimentazione di un Modello di Sensibilizzazione a favore dell'emersione del lavoro irregolare project, funded by the Operative Regional Programme Sicilia 2000-2006, dealing with underground and informal economy in Enna and Siracusa provinces of Sicily Region.



Research associate in a research project (qualitative and quantitative: statistical analysis and interviews) on social economy in rural and internal areas of Abruzzo Region funded by EU's Equal - II phase.


Consultant for the Dipartimento della Funzione Pubblica (Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri agency) during preparatory works for planning Italian policies under EU Structural Funds in 2007-2013 phase.

December 2004 – February 2005

Research associate and consultant for employment services implementation for Calabria Region’s Employment Services system, project funded by the Operative Regional Programme of Calabria Region 2000-2006.

November 2004 - May 2005

Research activities and team coordination in Risorsa Acqua project dealing with Italian water management reform and its implementation at local level funded by the Operative Regional Programme of Sicily Region 2000-2006.


January -June

Elaboration of a local development strategy based on cultural and artistic heritage in Val di Noto (Siracusa's province, Sicily), funded by the Operative Regional Programme of Sicily Region 2000-2006.

Name and address of the main employer

S.o.l.co. S.r.l. - Viale Castrense, 8 00177 Rome, Italy http://www.solcosrl.it/

Type of business or sector Private company

Dates May 2003 – January 2004

Occupation or position held Researcher

Main activities and

responsibilities Collaboration to EU research project and housing of asylum seekers and refugees in Rome, Berlin and Paris Europe Land of Asylum comparing life conditions

Name and address of employer Casa dei diritti Sociali - Via dei Mille, 6 00100 Rome, Italy

Type of business or sector N.G.O.

Dates November 2002 – September 2003

Occupation or position held Researcher


responsibilities development, elaboration of integrated development projects (Decentralized Cooperation with Maghreb Countries, Twinnig Programme between Naples and Cuba Granma District, in collaboration with UNOPS – UN).

Name and address of employer Rete dei Sistemi Locali di Sviluppo Territoriale – Via Santa Lucia, 76 Naples, Italy

Type of business or sector Public agency for local development

Publications Decisional rounds and local modes of governance in Italian water management reform, Water Policy, 13, 2011, 751-768, http://www.iwaponline.com/wp/01306/wp013060751.htm • Gruppi di interesse e politiche dei servizi pubblici locali. Alcune note preliminari,

Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche, agosto, 2, 2011, 137-170,

http://www.mulino.it/rivisteweb/scheda_articolo.php?id_articolo=35122&from=%2Fws%2FrwDirectDownloa d.php%3Fdoi%3D10.1483%2F35122

• La riforma dei servizi pubblici locali. Il caso dei servizi idrici, Stato e Mercato, aprile,

1, 2011, 161-188,

http://www.mulino.it/rivisteweb/scheda_articolo.php?id_articolo=34550&from=%2Fws%2FrwDirectDownloa d.php%3Fdoi%3D10.1425%2F34550

• Looking for alternative paths to policy analysis, Teoria Politica, Nuova Serie, Annali,

I, 2011, 451-454, http://revistas.marcialpons.es/fichaarticulo.php?id_articulo=2095

Privatising local public services between industrial legacy and political ambitions,

Local Government Studies, 36: 5, 599 — 616,


La riforma dei servizi idrici in Italia. Modi locali di governo fra continuità e rottura, in Rivista Italiana delle Politiche Pubbliche, n. 1, April 2008, pp. 5-36 (http://www.mulino.it/edizioni/riviste/scheda_fascicolo.php?isbn=12378&ilmulino=).

Forthcoming I referendum del 2011. Una vittoria a metà, in Anna Bosco and Duncan Mc Donnell (eds), Italian politics 2011. Politica in Italia 2011: Il Mulino (it); Berghahn Books (uk).

Et si l’eau ressourçait la politique en Italie?, in Aubry H. (ed), Les autres voix de

l’eau, La Dispute, Paris.

Other publications Ricerca scientifica, La Piccola Treccani Encyclopedia.

Scenari per la riforma della cooperazione intercomunale in Piemonte, with L. Bobbio, A. Poggi, F. Imarisio and A. Corsini, Policy Report, Osservatorio sulla

Riforma Amministrativa della Regione Piemonte

(http://www.regione.piemonte.it/oss_riforma/), May 2010.

Flexycurity nella Regione Lazio: approcci e modelli di sostegno alla precarietà lavorativa, with A. De Nicola, Policy Report 1/2009, Regione Lazio – Consiglio Regionale dell’Economia e del Lavoro (CREL).

Di cosa parliamo quando parliamo di modelli?, in “Nuvole. Per la ragionevolezza

dell'Utopia”, n. 36, January 2009, a special issue on Italian university reform, which I co-direct (http://www.nuvole.it)

Conferences and seminars Narratives about the experts-policymaking liaison. Notes toward a paper on expertise in political decision-making, presentation of the draft paper at the research seminar of the Núcleo de Estudos sobre Ciência, Economia e Sociedade (NECES), Coimbra, 11th of April 2012.

Contested water reforms. Looking beyond models, comunication presented at the

Pennine Water Group Conference (Theme 3: Implementation and engagement), University of Sheffield, March 22, 2012

Exploiting “nature” for social justice?, comunication presented at the seminar “Security, Justice and Sustainable Development”, organized by the Bradford Centre for Sustainable Environments, March 21st 2012, University of Bradford

Pursuing your international academic career: web resources for job and funding opportunities, Post-doc Seminar (with Michele Grigolo), February 8, 2012, CES-Coimbra.

Interpretive approaches for policies studies. Some remarks from a water policymaking’s research, Methods in Dialogue Workshop, January 19th, 2012, CES-Coimbra

Quand l’eau ressource la politique, seminar at Le Temps Des Forums, UPEDD -

Universitè populaire, Ivry-sur-Seine (Paris), January 10, 2012.

• Organization (with Irene Bono) of the workshop Mobilità, precarietà e competitività. Workshop sul finanziamento non convenzionale alla ricerca in scienze sociali, at the Department of Political Studies, University of Torino, November 17, 2011.


• Politica in Italia - Politics in Italy seminar, University of Bologna, Italy, November

11, 2011, presentation of the paper Un referendum non fa primavera.

• 6th ECPR (European Consortium for Political Science) General Conference, University

of Iceland, Reykjavik, 25-27 August 2011, presentation of the paper Making Europe of Knowledge work. Non institutional actors funding research in social sciences (with Irene Bono).

• 6th Interpretive Policy Analysis Conference Discursive Spaces. Politics, Practices and Power, Cardiff, 23-25 June 2010, presentation of the paper Bene pubblico, bene privato e bene comune. Mapping discursive frames in Italian water policies.

• Seminar Lunch TWAI - Torino World Affairs, Mario Einaudi Center for International

Studies, presentation of the paper The funding of social sciences research, Torino, 24 February 2011 (with Irene Bono).

• ESOF - Euroscience Open Forum 2010, Turin, July 2-5, 2010.

• 5th Interpretive Policy Analysis Conference Discourses and Policy Practices. Politics-Legitimacy-Power, Grenoble, June 23-25, 2010.

• ECPR Regulatory Governance Standing Group, Third Biennial Conference Regulation in the Age of Crisis, Dublin June 17-19, 2010, presentation of the paper

Decisional rounds and local modes of governance in Italian water management reform

(stream: “Regulating the network industries”).

• XXIII SISP Annual Conference (Italian Political Science Association), Rome,

September 17-19, 2009, presentation of the paper “Chi è il politico? Attori privati e processi di policymaking” (Who is the politician? Private actors and policymaking), section 7.3.

• XXI SISP Annual Conference (Italian Political Science Association), Catania,

September 20-22, 2007; I presented the paper La riforma dei servizi idrici in Italia. Una mappa dei cambiamenti nei modi locali di governo (Changing patterns of local governance in Italian water services reform.) in ‘Local public services governance’ panel.

• Graduate Conference of Italian Political Science PhD, Settignano, Florence, June 6-8,

2007; I presented the paper Il governo locale dell’acqua in Italia (Italian local government of water resources) in ‘Local Government’ panel.

• VI Biennal E.E.S. Conference (European Evaluation Society): Governance, Democracy and Evaluation, Berlin, September 30th - October 2nd , 2004.

Summer school and courses • Course Desigualdades ambientais. Instrumentos de análise e intervenção, December

17, 2011, CES-Lisboa.

• Summer School “Renewed ways of doing politics”, Centros de Estudos Sociais,

University of Coimbra, 15-17 July, 2009.

• Ph.D. course Network Governance. Between efficiency and democracy, University of

Roskilde, October 09-13, 2006, Centre for the Study of Democratic Network Governance.

• Summer school Applied environmental and regulatory economics, Turin, September

11-22, 2006, University of Piemonte Orientale (Political Science Department) and Fondazione per l’Ambiente Teobaldo Fenoglio.

• Doctoral workshop Public policies in European governance system, Moncalieri (Turin), 2006, May 10 – 13, URGE - Research Unit on European Governance.

Languages skills

Mother Tongue Italian

Other languages

(self-assessment) Understanding Speaking Writing

Listening Reading interaction Spoken production Spoken

English good good good good good

Portuguese good good good good fair

Spanish good good fair basic basic

French basic fair - - -

Computer skills Competent with Windows based systems and all Office’s components, including Excel. Good knowledge of SPSS, software for statistical analysis.


Other skills Experience in writing applications for research grants and in managing projects under national and European framework.

Awards and grants Travel grant by Pennine Water Group, University of Bradford and University of Sheffield (£ 2000).

• Post-doctoral fellowship awarded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia), 2011-2013.

• Doctoral fellowship awarded by the Department of Political Studies of the University of Turin (Italian Ministry for Research and Education funds), 2005-2008.

• The article “La riforma dei servizi idrici in Italia. Modi locali di governo fra continuità e rottura” has been awarded the scientific board of the Rivista Italiana delle Politiche Pubbliche as the best paper presented in 2007 by a junior researcher in the field of public policy and public administration.

Membership From September 2009 I am member of the Standing Group “Political Science and Public Policy” of the Italian Political Science Society (SISP) www.sisp.it

Other activities From February 2010 to February 2011 I worked as assistant editor at the Italian public-opinion review Polena www.polena.net

• I am reviewer for Local Government Studies, Water Policy, Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche.


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