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CNN.com Advertise with Us Specifications Guidelines Effective: October 24, 2009


Academic year: 2021

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CNN.com can help you achieve your advertising objectives, offering a wide variety of rich media formats to help you strengthen brand awareness and ultimately yield a high ROI. Whether it's standard IAB placements or innovative custom solutions, CNN.com is the place to help you create a compelling and rich ad experience for consumers.

EXPANDABLES Total File Size Video File Size

(initial + polite)

Medium Rectangle 300x250 yes 40k 80k 120k 300x500 left 4 left

336x850 or 300x600

Leaderboard 728x90 yes 40k 80k 120k 728x270 down 4 down

Skyscraper 160x600 yes 40k 80k 120k 400x600 left 4 left

*3:1 Rectangle 300x100 yes 40k 80k 120k — — — — — — Rectangle 180x150 yes 40k 80k 120k — — — — — — Button 120x90 yes 20k 85k 100k — — — — — — ** Entitlement 88x31 no 5k — 5k — — — — — — 300x50 no — — 100k — — — — 450x50 no — — 100k — — — —

Pushdown 970x66 yes 60k 160k 220k :15 seconds flash

animation; :30 970x418 down 4 down

Video Pre-roll — — — — — — — — —

Video Post-roll — — — — — — — — —

Clickable Video Ad — — — — — — — — — —

Video Companion 300x60 no 30k n/a 30k — — — — — —


(Special circumstances)

All Floating Ads — — 80k 160k 240k — — — — —

^^This represents the post-page load ("polite") file size. When/if users click off page, additional load must terminate immediately. * New IAB Ad Unit

** Special entitlement Logo treatment will involve coordination with agency and CNN.com due to new ad integration design guidelines. This requires an .eps file of advertiser logo to be submitted. See your respective ad operations contact for more details.

Expandable Banners (User-Initiated ONLY)

All expandables must be user-initiated across the site. CNN.com strongly recommends and prefers 'click to initiate’, however, will accept roll over/roll off pending site approval. Method of expansion and un-expansion must be the same. (i.e., click-to-initiate or click-to-close OR rollover-to-initiate or roll off-to-close)

Site pre-approval is required before accepting an expandable banner on the Home page. If approved for the Home page,

user initiation must be click-to-initiate and click-to-close. Preferred execution includes 300x250 expansion LEFT to 500x250 ONLY. Additionally, CNN.com must pre-approve expandables for section fronts. Preferred execution includes 336x280 expansion DOWN to 336x500 OR LEFT to 500x280. Click to expand is preferred however 'roll on/roll off' will be accepted pending site approval. Expandable Ads are accepted on all pages and for all ad units except for the following:

No expandables accepted on these pages: - NewsPulse

- CNN Video section; CNN.com Live Video Player

- Story pages with in-page video synched with a pre-roll commercial

Panel Expansion Direction — — 40k — Full Expansion Size — — 120k —

Animation & In-banner Video Duration


Large Rectangle 336x280 yes 40k 80k

Half-Page Ad yes 75k Maximum number of panels 500k for low bandwidth & 1MB for high bandwidth :15 seconds flash animation; :30 seconds in-banner video


Ad Product Dimensions Rich Media Max Initial

File Size ^^Max Polite File Size ^^Max Polite File Size left — — — Aspect Ratios: 16:9 & 4:3 Overlay Video Banner

720x300 yes 40k — 500k/lo bw 1MB/hi bw :15/:30 seconds — 336x500 25k left 4 —


- iReport.com main page No expansion of these units:

- 336x850 - 300x600 - 300x100 - 180x150 - 120x90

Maximum Expansion on HTML (creative pixel size includes banner and panel): 728x90 expands to 728x270 (expands down only); Polite file load - 80k

336x280 (300x250) expands to 336x500 (expands left only); Polite file load - 80k 160x600 expands to 400x600 (expands left only); Polite file load - 80k

All Expandable ads must be 3rd Party Served Pushdown Banner

The Pushdown banner is a premium opportunity for advertisers to maximize the full content area within the banner upon initialization. CNN.com accepts the Online Publisher Association (OPA) pushdown on multiple pages across the site pending site approval. Contact your digital ad sales representative for more information.

Ad opportunities: 970x66 pushes down content, expanding to a maximum 970x418. Maximum initial file size: 40k

Maximum expansion duration: Up to :05 seconds

Maximum animation: Up to :05 seconds. If animation continues after collapse, the maximum time permitted is :10 seconds. Therefore, the total animation within the push down banner is :15 seconds.

Frequency capping: One (1) host-initiated expansion per user 24-hours. Subsequent displays are user-initiated push-down banner replay by clicking. Audio: User-initiated

Video: Host or User-initiated Border: 1 pixel black

Close buttons: Top Right Corner (Prominent and obvious, preferably 11 pixels font size bold text and 4 pixel padding around the text). Flash Ad Requirements

Flash Versions: Up through Flash 8 Frame Rate: Must be no more than 18fps File Size: Cannot exceed 40K

Animation: 15 seconds maximum Backup gifs must be submitted Click Tracking

The author of the Flash source file (.fla) has to assign a clickTag variable using a getURL button action. They also have to make sure that they have selected _blank for a target so it opens in a new window.

A helpful link:

Tracking Macromedia Flash Movies

The button action code should look like one of these examples: on (release) { getURL(clickTag,"_blank") } on (release) { getURL(_level0.clickTag,"_blank") }


on (release) { if (clickTag.substr(0,5) == "http:") { getURL(clickTag,"_blank") } } Floating Ads

Floating ads appear and move across a web page for a maximum of :15 seconds and then resolves into a standard banner. Floating ads not accepted in the CNN.com home page or any story pages, however, they are permitted on section main pages pending site approval.

Frequency capped at one (1) ad every eight (8) hours per user. A mandatory "CLOSE X" button(s) must be prominent and obvious in the top right corner for floating banners. In-Banner Video Ads

In-banner video can be host-or-user initiated up to :30 seconds and must have standard controls (i.e. play/pause, audio/mute, and stop). Audio must be user-initiated, except for In-banner Video ads in Expandable banners when expansion is on click. If expansion is on rollover/mouse over, audio must be user-initiated on click.

CNN.com will NOT allow any in-banner video ads on the multimedia story pages and video section as those pages will have a pre-roll synced with a 336x280 banner. Maximum initial file size: 40k

Polite file size: 80k for flash; 500k/lo bandwidth and 1MB/hi bandwidth for video

Long-Form In-Banner Video Ads

CNN.com accepts long-form in-banner video ads up to 2:00 maximum on section main pages and special reports (excluding the Home Page) in the 336x280 banner only. If video is host-initiated, at :30 seconds the video ad should pause and offer the user an opportunity to play the remainder of the video ad.

If video is user-initiated, no 'pause' function required and ad can play the full length. Maximum initial file size: 40k

ALL long-form video ads must be tested by and approved by CNN.com five (5) business days in advance of the campaign launch.

Standard controls (i.e. play/pause, audio/mute, and stop). Audio must be user-initiated, except for In-banner Video ads in Expandable banners when expansion is on click. If expansion is on rollover/mouse over, audio must be user-initiated on click.

Overlay Video Ads

Overlay banner appears at the top of the video player while main video content plays. A banner is served after :30 seconds into the video content and is present for :10 seconds before it automatically collapses itself. A close "X" button will be persistent.

Following the IAB specifications, when users engage with the overlay banner, video content is paused and will remain paused until a user chooses to resume. After engaging with the creative, users are taken to the advertiser's site. However, if users do not engage with the ad, the banner disappears after :10 seconds. Banner sizes: 300x50, 450x50

Maximum ad display duration: :10 seconds

Animation: If animation is present, it should only play once, no looping will be accepted. Audio/Video: Not accepted

File format: JPEG, GIF, or Text Click Event:

- User clicks on banner once it appears and the banner expands while video content is paused. - User clicks on banner once it appears and is redirected to the advertiser's site.

Additional instructions include:

- Text and image – 100% opaque; background – 70% maximum Transitional Ads (also referred to as Interstitial Ads)


All click-through URLs must open in a new browser window. The transitional ad needs to show on entry.

Accepted section main pages only: Entertainment, Technology, Travel, Living, Health, Opinion and Justice

Dimensions: Up to 770 pixels wide and 600 in height, and all fixed-width web pages should be center-aligned in the browser window and should have a design space of 766 pixels wide, plus 4 pixel margins on both the left and right sides (total page width equals 770 pixels).

Horizontal scroll bars are not permitted. Maximum initial file size: 40k

Maximum Animation: Up to 15 seconds and must close automatically after that. (Video can be host-or-user initiated. Audio must be user-initiated.)

Close Functionality: Ad must include a CNN header (which CNN.com can supply) with a 'SKIP THIS AD' link that will go to the link the user clicked on. Click here for an example of the CNN Header

Frequency: One (1) exposure per unique user every 24-hours. Approved vendors: Unicast and Klipmart

Prior approval required for all transitional ads at least 15 business days in advance of the campaign launch . Final approved creative must be submitted at least 5 business days in advance of the campaign launch.

NOTE: CNN.com serves ad tags thru IFRAMES, so please modify the code accordingly and include instructions for trafficking. Additional Instructions

Audio and Video

No host-initiated audio is permitted on CNN.com. Audio must be user-initiated by clicking within the banner and contain clearly visible "mute" and "stop" functionality. Video can be host-or-user initiated. Any exceptions need prior approval.

Frequency Capping for the following:

Floating Ads: One (1) ad every eight (8) hours per user

Transitional Ads and Pop-unders: One (1) exposure per unique user every 24-hours Ad Creative Animation Time for the following:

Transitional, Audio, and Floating Ads: Up to :15 seconds all pages.

In-Banner Streaming Video: Up to :30 seconds on all pages. Allowance of up to 2:00 maximum on section main pages and special reports (excluding the Home Page) in the 336x280 banner only with a video pause at :30 seconds to invite users to continue viewing the ad. Video must contain clearly visible "mute" and "stop" functionality. Animation/Looping Guidelines for all media types:

No loop maximum, but total animation time for all loops combined cannot exceed 15 seconds. Also, ads may not employ persistent rapid/"strobbing" animation of any graphic, copy, or background element(s).


Where applicable, the "ON/OFF", "STOP/PLAY", and "CLOSE" button must be prominent and obvious. "Close X" Button:

A mandatory "CLOSE X" button(s) must be prominent and obvious in the top right corner for floating, out-of-banner, and expandable banner initiated by a user's click. Close button font size must be 11 pixels, bold text, and 4 pixel padding around the text. Reminder ad may not cover core page navigation or other ads.

Pop-unders and Pop-ups

Pop-unders are ONLY permitted on the CNN.com home page. No host-initiated audio or video in any pop-unders. Pop-ups are not accepted on CNN.com.

Approved Third-Party Vendors and Third Party Servers:

24/7 Real Media Facilitate Digital

AdDynamix Factor TG


Advertising.com Flashtalking

AdShuffle IB

Ad Tech Helios IQ (Aktiv Digital) Klipmart Atlas a.k.a. Aquantive Interpolls

Blackfoot Linkstorm

Bluestreak Mediaplex

Bridgetrack Metrixlab

Brightroll Poindexter

Broadband Enterprises Pointroll

Casale Quigo

Clearspring Rovion

Cossette Shoshkele/United Virtualities

DART/Doubleclick/Motif Specific Media

Dynamic Logic Tango Zebra

Exponential/Full Tango/Tribal Fusion TruEffect

Eyeblaster Unicast (i.e. Viewpoint)

Eyereturn Visible World

Eyewonder Zedo

No third party served value-added 88x31's on the home page. If the 88x31 entitlement is paid for, we can third party serve with the understanding that CNN.com is not responsible for any excess serving fees due to "over-delivery" resulting from ownership of this home page unit.

CNN Video Guidelines

Accepted Streaming Video Ad Delivery Formats Aspect Ratios: 16:9 & 4:3 (4:3 to get black curtains to fit 16:9) Size: Full Screen

Tape-Based Media (4:3 only): Any standard-definition format Betacam: SP, SX, Digital Betacam, MPEG IMX File-Based Media (16:9 & 4:3): Delivered on CD-R or


Uncompressed QuickTime, MPEG-2 Program or Transport Stream file, DV file, MXF All files must contain a soundtrack, even if the ad is to run without sound Delivery Address for Streaming Assets:

Turner Ads QA CNN.com

One CNN Center, SW0836B Atlanta, GA 30303-2762 Turner.Ads.Qa@turner.com

Delivery Address for Video Podcast Assets: DEREYCK MOORE


ONE CNN CENTER, AT6531A ATLANTA, GA 30303 404-827-5563

dereyck.moore@turner.com Companion Display Ad Formats

336x280, 300x60, 300x50, and 450x50 Banners (JPEG, GIF and Rich Media) Consistent with CNN.com Rich Media Ad Guidelines:


Branding Studies w/ Pop-Up Questionnaires (launch from 336x280) Exceptions to CNN.com Rich Media Ad Guidelines

No Audio, Pop-Up Ads, Pop-Unders, Expandable or Floating Ads CNN Mobile Guidelines

Acceptable mobile advertisement platforms are as follows: .gif

.jpeg .png

Graphic/Display Format

Any graphic/display banner must be submitted as a .gif, .png, or jpg, with any one of the following specifications: XX-Large Banner 320x70 7-10k static

X-Large Banner 300x64 6-9k static

Large Banner 215x34 5-7k static

Medium Banner 167x30 3-5k static

Small Banner 120x20 2k static

Section Targeting

Advertisers can target specific sections on CNN's mobile WAP site, such as US, World, Entertainment, etc. Other Services

Mobile Offsite Client URLs: If you choose to use a mobile offsite URL that will link from your ad creative, please provide the mobile site in WML and XHTML supported formats. If you choose to provide either platform, we will default to using our internal jump page for the remaining formats.

Clients must provide text and graphic for static landing pages to support WML and XHTML formats. General Information

All mobile ads must be received by CNN.com at least 20 days prior to contracted launch date. Contact

For operation inquiries, please contact Jaime O'Connor or Scott Braslow: internationaldigitadoperations@turner.com CNN.com Approval Process

Prior approval from CNN.com must be given for use of the following rich media types on section main, story, and show pages: Pushdown Ads

Expandable Ads (Roll on/Roll off functionality)

In-banner Long-form Video Ads (creative runs from :30 seconds to 2:00 minutes maximum) Transitional Ads

Floating Ads

All Rich Media ads require 72-hour approval by site. All creative executions, deal specifics, and demo/mockup of the proposed creative must be submitted to CNN.com and CNN Sales management in advance of the deal closing.

In the case of extreme negative user feedback/interference CNN.com management reserves the right to pull creative prior to campaign delivery. Advertiser would then have the right to make good impressions with other mutually acceptable inventory.

Custom Ad Submission Process


Manager will submit to Digital Business Integration group (DBI) for initial review and approval. This should include a mockup of the concept or link to a live example by the agency for concept review. If concept requires CNN.com site senior management approval, DBI will facilitate.

If concept is approved, test tags are provided by Sales (AE and/or planner) to Digital Media Technology team Q/A team for testing a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the start date.

NOTE: Some concepts may require more than two (2) weeks lead time if the concept requires major changes to CNN.com section templates. Approval and notification contacts:

Jaime O'Connor or Scott Braslow internationaldigitadoperations@turner.com

Traffic Guide for CNN Network Television Commercials

Shipping Address: Fax or Email Traffic Instructions to:

Commercial Traffic Department CNN, Headline News, Airport Network:

One CNN Center Rose Wang

9-South CNNtraffic@turner.com

Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 827-2946 - fax

Loading Dock # 5 (404) 827-1637 - phone

Attn: George Fox (404)827-3924

Commercial Requirements:

Commercial Clearance: For confirmation of tape or satellite receipt: Mediacenter.sales@turner.com

(for script and advocacy approval) (404) 878-0179

Kathy Christianson

(404)878-0466 - fax Satellite delivery services: DG Fast Channel, Williams Vyvx and Media DVX.

(404)827-5393 - phone Or Tape Format: Digi Beta - 2 Tapes per commercial cover all networks.

Kathy.Christianson@turner.com Commercials must be in MONO sound.

No multi reeled spots accepted.

Instruction Requirements:

Written instructions must have the following information:

Date, Network, Advertiser, Product, Flight Dates, Commercial length, ISCI code, Rotation Traffic contact name and phone number.

Copy revisions must be followed up with a phone call from the agency. Billboard Requirements:

CNN, Headline News & Airport Network: Graphics stored as EPS files.

:05 written script must also be sent via email with graphics. :05 to :07 animations are accepted (with/without Matte). Animated logo should not include audio voice-over.

Animations must be received in Digi-Beta tape format 2 weeks prior to air. Materials can be sent via email to: CNNBillboards@turner.com (404) 827-3127. Deadlines and Policies:

Commercials and written instructions must be received 5 business days before start of flight. Billboard materials must be received 2 weeks before start of flight.


Tapes are held for 60 days after the run of schedule.

Agency must designate on the written instructions if the tapes are to be returned at the end of the schedule. Please include contact name, phone number, mailing address and shipping account information


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