Post-Doc Research Fellow Scuola Superiore Sant Anna, Pisa Institute of Management

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revised: 22/05/2015

Post-Doc Research Fellow

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa Institute of Management




October 2009 to January 2013

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento

Pisa, Italy

Ph.D. of Management – Innovation, Services and Sustainability.

Thesis: “Corporate Responses to Climate Change: From a Mitigation to an Adaptation Perspective”, s.pdf

Tutor: Prof. Marco Frey, Full Professor Final mark: 100/100 cum laude

March 2012 to June 2012

Grenoble Ecole de Management

Ph.D. Visiting Student

Grenoble, France

Research field: Corporate Adaptation to Climate Change Supervisor: Dr. Jonatan Pinkse, Full Professor

January 2006 to December 2006

Bocconi University

Master of Economics and Environmental Management

Milan, Italy

Final paper: “Ecotourism in Italy. A development opportunity for WWF’s Italian Oases”

Final mark: 108/110 October 1999 to

July 2004

LUISS Guido Carli University

Honours Degree of Political Science

Rome, Italy

Final Paper: “The new borders of marketing: the theory of experiential marketing”

Final mark: 110/110 cum laude October 2001 to

June 2002

U.L.B. Université libre de Bruxelles

Erasmus Exchange Program

Brussels, Belgium





March 2010 to present

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Studi

Universitari e di Perfezionamento – Institute of Management, Sustainability Management

Pisa, Italy September 2015 – August 2018 Jan 2014 -Dec 2015 Jan - Dec 2014

• Project IRIS (Improving Resilience of Industry Sector), submitted for Life program funding in October 2014 and then funded. Tasks: designing and drafting.

• EU ETV (Enviromental Technologies Verification) VERINET (VERification in Italy for INnovative Environmental Technology) Project on the behalf of Certiquality. Tasks:

- Monitoring of impacts of technology verifications and annual reporting through an annual online survey for ETV proposers

Assessment of Options for a Sustainable Product Policy Framework on the behalf of the European Commission - DG Environment. Tasks:


Pagina 2 di 6 Jan - Dec 2014 Jan -Dec 2014 June 2013 - Oct 2014 June 2013 - Dec 2014 March – Aug 2013 Jan 2011 -Dec 2013 Sept – Oct 2011 Dec 2010 - June 2011 March 2010

frameworks to tackle the consumption related problems of life cycle stages/products with the largest environmental impacts (food and beverage, household equipment, clothing and footwear)

Supporting the Evaluation of the Implementation of the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) on the behalf of the European Commission - DG Environment.

Supporting the Evaluation of the Implementation of the EU Ecolabel Regulation on the behalf of the European Commission - DG Environment. • Project ASICART (Analysis of technological innovation systems regarding

the heat production from renewable source in Tuscany). Tuscany Region grant.

• Project ReGeoCities (Regulations of Geothermal HP systems at local and regional level in Europe. IEE), website:

• Project OPERA (Operational Procedure for emissions reduction assessment, LIFE + EU Environment Program) on the behalf of ARPA Emilia Romagna, website: Tasks:

- Assessment of the removal efficiency, costs and effectiveness of the air quality plans policies, devoted to the reduction of population exposure to PM10, PM2.5, NO2 and O3

• Project LAIKA (Local Authorities Improving Kyoto Actions, LIFE + EU Environment Program), website: Tasks:

- GHGs inventory of Lucca Municipality

- Business As Usual Scenario at 2020 for GHG emissions of Lucca Municipality

- Climate Commitment Plan of Lucca Municipality

- Definition and drafting of PDDs (Project Design Document)

- Assessment of a potential carbon market for public institutions

• Project BAT4MED (Boosting Best Available Techniques in the Mediterranean Partner Countries, FP7 Program), website: Tasks:

- In charge of the training sessions in Tunisia and Morocco. Preparation of the auditors for the technical audits in textile companies.

- One company visit in Tunisia and one in Morocco. Application of the information provided and the auditing practices explained during the training session. Filling the checklist for the two audit reports

• Project COSMIC (CSR Oriented Supply-Chain Management to Improve Competitiveness), website:

• Project PAMLED (PArtnerships among European and Mediterranean Municipalities for Local Economic Development Promotion, EUROMED), website:

Sept 2011 to September 2013

Italian Climate Network – prize AICA "Comunicare il Protocollo di Kyoto" 2012

Web Content Editor (volunteer)

- Content development and editorial plan of the website: (see the blog section for web publications) Feb 2010 - June


British Consulate of Florence

Climate Change Research Officer

Florence, Italy

• Research on Tuscany Region policies, projects and activities implemented at local level aimed at climate change mitigation and renewable energies development.

• Research on companies based in Tuscany Region investing in R&D aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in production process, products and services.


Pagina 3 di 6 Sept 2006 - Sept


WWF Oasi s.r.l. and WWF Italy NGO

Environmental Consultant

Rome and Milan, Italy

• Development and promotion of sustainable tourism in WWF Italian Oases:

- Relationship management and coordination of Oases directors

- Market research on ecotourism

- Support to the definition of a business plan for ecotourism promotion

- Organization events in oasis (Oasis of Orbetello, Orbetello, national WWF meeting, 2007; Oasis of Valpredina, Bergamo, Canon kick-off 2008 and Chicago College team building, 2009)

- Fund raising, B2B management relationships (Canon Italia, Ikea, Axa Assicurazioni, Omron, Bloomberg and so on)

• Business plan for energy efficiency November 2004

to June 2005

Ford Italia S.p.A.

Remarketing manager assistant - Internship

Rome, Italy

May 2002 to June 2002

European Parliament - On. Paolo Bartolozzi


Brussels, Belgium



Gasbarro, F., Pinkse, J., (2015): Corporate adaptation behaviour: the influence of a firm-specific interpretation of climate change impacts, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, DOI: 10.1002/csr.1374

Gasbarro, F., Rizzi, F., Frey, M. (2014): Adaptation measures of energy and utilities companies to cope with water scarcity induced by climate change, Business Strategy & the Environment, DOI: 10.1002/bse.1857

Gasbarro, F., Rizzi, F., Frey, M. (2013): The mutual influence of Environmental Management Systems and the EU ETS: Findings for the Italian pulp and paper industry, European Management Journal, 31(1): 16-26,

Iraldo F., Gasbarro F., (2013): Reward based mechanisms for the participation of local authorities in climate mitigation. Environmental Economics, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp. 81-86.

Iraldo F., Gasbarro F., (2013): How can Local Authorities Participate in Kyoto Actions? Joint Implementation Quarterly, Vol. 19 - No. 1 pp. 7-8 – Groningen, the Netherlands.

Frey, M., Gasbarro, F., Rizzi, F. (2011):“Gestione delle performance ambientali e cambiamenti organizzativi: il caso dell’Emissions Trading Scheme nel settore cartario italiano, in: Frey, M. (Eds.), Il Management della CSR: Esperienze di Ricerca. FrancoAngeli, Quaderni di Economia del Lavoro/96, Milano, pp. 13-34. (ISBN: 978 88 204 0176 4)

Gasbarro, F., Pinkse, J., (submitted in Sept 2012, under R&R process): Managing physical impacts of climate change: How awareness and perceived vulnerability induce adaptation, Business & Society

Gasbarro, F., Rizzi, F., Frey, M. (submitted in March 2015): Beyond innovation: does sustainable market transformation call for sustainable entrepreneurs? International Small Business Journal

Gasbarro, F., Annunziata E., Rizzi, F., Frey, M. (under submission): The role of sustainable entrepreneurs within Sustainable Energy Action Plans




August 7-11, 2015

June 23-26 2015

75 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Gasbarro, F., Annunziata E., Rizzi, F., Frey, M. The role of sustainable entrepreneurs within Sustainable Energy Action Plans.

R&D Management Conference, Pisa.

Gasbarro, F., Rizzi, F., Frey, M. Sustainable entrepreneurs are running in a steeplechase: evidence from a market transformation in a clean energy sector. Gasbarro, F., Testa, F., Frey. M. The determinants of open innovation: evidences from life sciences industry.


Pagina 4 di 6 June 16-18, 2014 September 22-27, 2013 August 9-13, 2013 September 25-29, 2011

Annunziata E., Rizzi F., Gasbarro F. and Frey M. Institutional entrepreneurship for the transition towards an innovative energy sector.

Gronen (Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment) Research Conference, Helsinki, Finland.

Gasbarro, F., Rizzi, F., Frey M. “Changes in water availability driven by climate change: a business perspective”, archival paper.

Gasbarro, F., Pinkse, J. “Corporate adaptation to climate change stimuli: From attention to action”, archival paper.

8th Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy

Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES). Gasbarro, F., Rizzi, F., Frey, M. “Adaptation measures of energy and utility companies to cope with water scarcity induced by climate change”

73 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), Florida, USA. Gasbarro, F., Pinkse, J. “Managing physical impacts of climate change: How awareness and vulnerability induce action” doi: 10.5465/AMBPP.2013.11870 abstract ACAD MANAGE PROC January 2013

6th Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable development of Energy

Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES). Gasbarro, F., Rizzi, F., Frey, M. “The mutual influence of Environmental Management Systems and the European Emissions Trading Scheme on corporate environmental planning: a multiple case study analysis of the Italian pulp and paper industry”, selected as archival paper (ISBN: 978-953-7738-12-9)







April 11-12, 2014 Climate Change Liability and Responsibility, Como. Gasbarro, F. “The impacts of climate change on human systems and awareness raising within industry”.







April 23, 2015 IEFE Bocconi, GEO - Green Economy Observatory. Gasbarro, F. “What does Climate Change change?”



Pinkse, J. & Gasbarro, F. (2013) “Weathering the Storm: 4 Steps to Prepare your Company for Climate Change”, Network for Business Sustainability,, January 31. PEER-REVIEWED

Gasbarro, F. (2013) “Imprese: come affrontare l’impatto dei cambiamenti climatici?”, Il Fatto Quotidiano,, March 6

Gasbarro, F. (2013) “LAIKA: Comuni italiani contro il climate change”, Il Fatto Quotidiano,, February 14

Gasbarro, F. (2012) “Giornalisti, che ne sapete di cambiamenti climatici?”, Il Fatto Quotidiano,, May 8 Gasbarro, F. (2012) “Il Patto dei Sindaci: adesione all’italiana?” Italian Climate Network,, February 22

Gasbarro, F. (2012) “I cambiamenti climatici e le aziende italiane: uno sguardo attraverso il CDP Italy Report 2011”, Italian Climate Network, joomla/extensions/components/content-component/article-categories/132-i-cambiamenti-climatici-e-le-aziende-italiane-un-sguardo-attraverso-il-cdp-italy-report-2011, January 9


Pagina 5 di 6 Copenhagen,, March 29



workshops attended:

• Seminar: Comprendere i sistemi di gestione per la qualità e conoscere la norma UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 – Rina S.p.A., January, 17th and 18th 2013

• Seminar: The Kyoto Protocol’s flexible mechanisms and the VER projects – Ce.Si.S.P., December, 14 2012

• Workshop: CDP Italy 100 Climate Change Report 2012 – CDP, November, 14 2012

• Webinar: Decarbonization in the EU and the US – Florence School of Regulation, October, 9 2012

• Conference: The Environmental Footprint of products – University Bocconi, October, 8 2012

• Seminar: Multivariate analysis for social research, SDIPA – University of Calabria, September, 5-9 2011

• Workshop: European Global Compact Local Networks Meeting – October, 26 2011

• Workshop: Energy Management System in the paper industry – May, 6 2011

• Others

Languages: • Italian (Native),

• English (Fluent),

• French (Fluent, DELF II: A5, A6, February 2004)

Computer skills and competences:

• MS Windows, MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access), internet, e-mail

• Statistic Software: STATA, R, Gretl, SPSS

• Software for qualitative analyses: TALTAC, SPSS, NVivo

Social skills and


• Spokesman of Ph.D students in Social Sciences Board of the Sant’Anna University • Team work • Intercultural skills • Relational capabilities Technical skills and competences:

• Green House Gases inventories

• Business As Usual scenario for GHGs trend

• Econometric and statistic analysis (intermediate level) • Factor and cluster analysis

• Qualitative analysis • Research and reporting

Driving licence: European,Category B

Membership • GRONEN - Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural

Environment (since October 2014)

• Academy of Management (June 2013 – May 2014)

Hobbies and


I love nature and animals

• I practice volleyball, horse riding, swimming and skiing • I like travelling and discovering different countries • I like knitting and cooking





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