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Practicum Log

Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning

Library Media Specialist - Char Harteau Student - Liz Bransky

July 29, 2010 through August 18, 2010






7/29 Thurs

1:00 Met with Char-discussed Practicum, school, schedules, project

ideas, expectations

Very busy, vibrant library! About 47 staff members, 700 or so students. 14 New teachers (nearly 30%) for the 2010-11 school year.

3:00-4:00 3 (3) Barcoded Books with other staff members IRC processes all textbooks

and classroom books. 7/30


8:30 Barcoded books and Organized books with other staff


Young friendly staff.

9:30 Char introduced me to staff members and discussed possible

project ideas. Two collection development projects are in the works. I will be working with Kristi Gettelman - room 19 (5th grade) and Renee Scianni - room 7 (3rd grade). But still have not found 2nd project. I will meet with Renee and others on Monday.

Lunch for Renee is 12:30 - 1:15. This is a good time to discuss her Rock/Land Formation Unit.

10:30 Barcoded books and visited with staff about school and IRC

1:00 Met with Kristi Gettelman. She showed me the textbook she will

be working from. I went through her classroom collection.

2:30 Barcoded books

3:15-4:15 7.75 (10.75) Discussed with Char expectations for Monday morning. I will

be assisting her with her classes. Helping process books and working on my projects. We discussed me putting together an instructional sheet on how to customize a toolbar for her students using Paint. Char showed me how to use paint by creating a Paint document on how to make a Paint document.

New program for me - Paint. Char says it is an accessory on every pc. This is a great software for cropping screen shots on a pc. As well as creating instructional documents.

8/2 8:15 Barcoded Books: Explained the tradebook room; re-freshed my

memory of the circulation system; checked out tradebooks to teachers, moved processed tradebooks

10:00 Web Design Class - reviewed expectations, worked on moodle

slc where they posted a response to a discussion question and responded to 2 other questions

11:00 On moodle, I wrote comments on students’ posts and marked

spelling/gramatic errors. Helped negotiate getting teachers to the IRC to check out textbooks.

Moodle/slc is a great tool for structuring a class

11:48 8th Grade Technology Class - helped with login, answered

questions as student did moodle work.

12:40 More moodle comments.

1:15 Searched IRC catalog for Explorers. Printed out a list

of possible resources for Gettelman project. Spoke with Renee Scianni about a technology project and a collection development project. She is available to chat Tuesday at 12:15. I also spoke with the other 3rd grade teacher on Renee’s

suggestion about doing a project. She seemed interested only if Renee was interested

2:00 Got on computer and organized login information and tried to

navigate through systems on my own.

2:47 Web Design Class

3:35-4:15 8 (18.75) More moodle comments on 7th hour class.

8/3 8:15 Schedule update, check-in, high school teacher meeting,

Moodle comments for students.

10 Web Design Class

11 Moodle comments for students.

11:48 8th Grade Tech Class

12:30 Met with Renee and worked out a technology project with


1:15 Moved books from IRC and Jr High Lit Classrooms

2:00 Worked on the toolbar project to test IRC computers to see if

toolbar settings stay.

2:47 Web Design

3:35-4:15 8 (26.75) Logged back in and checked toolbar settings. And checked on

default search settings.

8/4 8:15 Checked on toolbar settings. Started powerpoint on Paint.

10 Web Design Class. It was during this time that I met and shook

hands with Dr. Thorton, the MPS Superintendent. He was a tall man with a firm handshake. He knew about the instructional standards in a library. He asked Char about her teaching and wanted to make sure he taught elements of research. I am hopefully this man can make some changes that will benefit the students of MPS.

11 Paint Powerpoint

12 8th Grade Tech Class

12:45 Commented on 8th grade Moodle discussion posts.

2:30 Paint Powerpoint

2:45 Web Design Class

3:35-4:15 8 (34.75) Created Sample Paint Poster for my Paint lesson which I am

scheduled to teach on Friday with Hour 2. I also typed up an assignment sheet. This will be handed out to students so they can see their requirements for their assignment at their computer station.

8/5 8:15 Printed out WCLL library list of books on ecplorers that I had

made earlier. Then, I pulled books from WCLL library shelves

10:06 Web Design Class

11 Processed books and kits in classrooms with the literacy

teacher. We barcoded and Ms. Murphy scanned after us.

12:00 8th Grade Tech Class. In this class, I continued to circulate

around the room helping students learn aspects of Powerpoint.

12:45 Processed books and kits in classrooms with the literacy

teacher. We barcoded and Ms. Murphy scanned after us.

2:00 I met with Kristi Gettelman. She gave me feedback on the

books she is interested in and more specific information on the explorers. I had gotten two picture books on explorers. She too appreciated the illustrations and thought the reading level and content looked good. She narrowed the topic to only New World Explorers. So we will leave out the Lewis and Clark type explorers that came into the picture later. Except, I will leave in the few African American Explorers that often acted as scouts as Kristi requested.

2:45 Web Design Class - Helped students with their Powerpoint


3:35-4:15 8(42.75) Went through the lesson I would be teaching 2nd hour tomorrow

using the Smartboard.

8/6 8:15 Shelved books and reorganized a section in the 820 area.

9 Helped an 8th grade English Class with their login, settings and

use of Wordle. They signed up to be in the library.

10 Web Design Class - I presented on how to use the Paint

software and explained the assignment.

11 Helped a 6th grade class use Microsoft Word for an assignment

where they put a photo of themselves behind a poem they wrote. Also helped students set default printer.

11:48 4th hour - 8th grade Tech Class

12:30 Met with Carolyn Messer. Everyone was positive about the

experience. It was good to hear this from Char as I she is a very busy woman. She takes time to explain the details to me. I appreciate that she is comfortable delegating projects. This has allowed me to learn so much about the library, teaching and the use of technology.

She could not find a signature page for all of us to sign. We will meet again next Thursday.

2 Helped another 6th grade class.

2:47 Web Design Class - continued to help students with their

powerpoint presentations.

3:35 - 4:15 8 (50.75)


and where they secure their mouses and keyboards.

8/9 8:15 Faculty Meeting

8:50 Checked over my tech requirements, PPT, and support material

for Tuesday’s lesson. Worked on handouts for Tuesday’s assignments.

10 Web Design Class

11 TitleWave - worked on putting together Explorers Order for the

Gettleman Project.

11:45 8th Grade Tech Class

12:30-2:15 6 (56.75) TitleWave - worked on putting together Explorers Order for the

Gettleman Project. Left early today to see my kids perform at state fair.

8/10 8:15 Talked with Char about the timing of lessons and which

class gets what lesson. Web Design will do the bookmark assignment. The Tech Class will not do the bookmark assignment.

9 Char went through her resources for classes. She shared with

me lists of sites, lessons, resources for lessons. Excellent resource for library instruction.

10 Web Design Class

11 I developed a Bookmark PowerPoint Handout

11:45 I taught the Tech Class how to use Paint and went over the


12:30 Entered books into school catalog

2 I continued to work on the Bookmark PPT Handout.

2:45 Web Design Class

3:30-5:00 8.75 (59.50) I finished up TitleWave Explorer order, wrote up assignment

sheet for bookmark project and checked production tool links/ open source sites. Came up with 12 links for the production tools folder.

8/11 8:15 Entered books into the catalog. 10 books were already numbered

but I could not find them in the catalog. So I started the process again. Later checked with Tracy Murphy. And she could not find e-copies. So all was fine.

10 Taught Web Design Class how to customize a toolbar on

internet explorer. They then developed their own toolbar. Made a print screen with their folders open and submitted a printed out copy of the print screen with their names. Great assignment. They seemed to enjoy the assignment.

I would love to try to teach this to the 7th hour class. I fear they are getting so far behind that I will be gone when they catch up.

11:00 Char found some book requests. I added them to the book


12 Intro to Tech Class. Continued to help this class on their About

Me Powerpoints and sports posters.

Dramatic difference between kids with computer experience and those with little to no experience.

1 Char found more book requests for the titlewave order.

2 I checked in with Renee about the Moodle project. She is

swamped and will not be able to send me what resources she has available.

The outcome of our conversation is that I will proceed based on reading level and types of activities at her other stations. Char wanted me to check with another teacher about book

requests for the Titlewave order. She added two additional series to the list. I added them and printed out the final list.

Titlewaves search capabilities are not as powerful as Amazon. I found myself finding things on Amazon and using the information to locate titlewave books.

2:45 7th Hour Web Design Class. Helped students with their projects.

3:40-5:00 8.75(68.25) Processed books. Lots of books to handle.

8/12 8:15 Processed Books

9 2nd Graders came in. Checked in and out books. A few 6th

graders came in to check out books.

Very difficult to hear young children say their last names. Also challenging to hear the many unusual names. I discussed this with Char. We decided to print out classlists with barcodes.

10 Web Design Class. Students finished their toolbar assignment.

11 I played around with classlists with barcodes. I reset the find


11:48 Intro to Technology Class

12:30 We met with Carolyn Messer. We talked about what we have

been working on. We discussed my Moodle project and lots of other tech resources and their uses.

2 Organized barcode classlists by grade level, classes and

homeroom classes.

2:45 Web Design Class

3:40 - 4:15 8 (76.25) Finished organizing barcode classlists in a three-ring binder.

8/13 8:15 Tabbed Glogster and Delicious to share with Char at her

request. We never got to Delicious. She was quite taken by the examples in Glogster.

8:45 Read Char’s book that she wanted me to read to the 4K

students, Petunia Beware by Roger Duvoisin. I hung up pictures of the wild mean creatures. They came into the library at 11:10. I would not have chosen this book for 4-K students.

9 I monitored student helpers on processing books.

10 Web Design Class completed an internet safety assignment. I

helped when needed but the assignment was self-explanatory.

11:10 I read to the 4K class. They are so young and did an amazing

job given the circumstances. I went through the list of words that Char wanted me to read. I gave an intro to the story. To engage the students a bit more, I had them read a repeating phrase. Unfortunately it only repeated 4 times . I referred to the bad guy pictures as we were reading.

11:48 Intro to Techonology - completed their powepoints and graded

other powerpoints from their own class and from other classes.

12:40 Processed books

2 Char showed me where the MPS policies and procedures are

located and then she printed out 70% of the documents for my records.

2:45 Web Design Class

3:30-3:45 7.5(83.75) Cleaned up the library

8/16 8:15 Talked with Char about doing a pamphlet for the library. She

mentioned this on Friday in passing. She is still interested. I went over elements she would want included in the brochure. We discussed the classes I would teach for today (Monday) and tomorrow.

8:55 Worked on library brochure

9:10 Taught two student helpers procedures for book check in and

check out.

9:20 Typed up student monitor circulation procedures and included

these instructions in the student barcode book.

9:45 Worked on library brochure

10:06 Web Design Class

11 Worked on library brochure

11:48 Taught lesson on screen shots. Helped students complete

assignment to make a How to PowerPoint on some element of PowerPoint

12:30 Worked on brochure and helped checkout more literature


2:47 Web Design Class - Taught lesson on Screen Shots. They had

such a hard time learning this feature and understanding the assignment.

Not all ears and eyes were focusing on my lesson. It was a challenge. The

challenge arose from a student causing a distraction during the first 2 minutes of class.

3:35-4:15 8(91.75) Cleaned up, checked log on requirements for MPS linked sites

such as Discovery Education, Nettrekker

8/17 8:00 Explored NetTrekker

8:15 MAPS testing meeting in the library.

8:45 Worked on Moodle Project. Great site and wonderful way

to organize resources for the classroom. I am eager to develop this resource for my own classroom.


difficult project. I enjoy working with the middle school kids.

12:30 Met with Renee about Moodle project. Although the resources were not

new to her, she did appreciate the organization of the resources. She will write up feedback on my Moodle work.

12:50 Talked with MIke the computer tech guy from MPS about

a student who was not able to add any favorites to her Int Explorer toolbar.

He was super friendly and fixed the problem right away.

1:10 Worked on IRC Brochure

2 Logged onto teaching computer and reset toolbar elements in

preparation for 7th hour.

2:15 Worked on IRC Brochure

2:40 Web Design Class-I reviewed Screenshots and introduced the

toolbar development.

They did a much better job today.

3:40-4:15 8.25(100) Showed Char Delicious, got feedback on brochure. Char took

picture of Donald Goode’s dedication plaque..





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