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Backhoe Loaders Excavators

Skid Steer Loaders Wheel Loaders


Table of Contents

04_ Hyundai Spirit

06_ Introduction for Hyundai Construction Equipment 10_ History

12_ Research & Development 14_ Product Support

16_ Remote Management System (Hi-mate) 18_ Our Vision

20_ Excavators 22_ Wheel Loaders 24_ Backhoe Loaders 25_ Skid Steer Loaders 26_ Industrial Vehicles 28_ Company Organization 30_ Global Network




An Enterprising & Pioneering Spirit Can Create Miracles

Founder Chung Ju-yung (1915 - 2001)

The success or failure of any venture depends on the attitude and thinking of those involved. We have achieved technological advancements that were considered theoretically and scientifically impossible.

These accomplishments were the result of an enterprising and pioneering spirit dedicated to hard work. The source of these abilities is the mind. Conviction can inspire extraordinary efforts. An enterprising spirit is the key to performing miracles.

I have tackled projects thought to be beyond human capability and my motivation is the satisfaction of seeing those projects succeed.



Creative Wisdom Positive Thinking Unwavering Drive



Technology that supports a beautiful and enjoyable life


Technology that pioneers a bright and comfortable future for humanity


Technology that builds a rich global community


The Construction Equipment Division of Hyundai Heavy Industries is widely recognized as an industry leader for its use of advanced ergonomic engineering and technology.

Backed by highly advanced factory automation, a zero-tolerance quality control inspection system, and innovative engineering, the Construction Equipment Division offers a wide range of construction equipment to satisfy the demands of customers.

The Construction Equipment Division started production in 1985, and now manufactures of construction equipments including hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders as well as industrial vehicles. The Construction Equipment Division markets and supports its products through 500 local distributors in 130 countries.

The Construction Equipment Division also maintains nine global operation centers in the United States, Europe, India, Indonesia, Brazil and the Chinese cities of Jiangsu, Shandong and Beijing.


Skid Steer Loaders

Industrial Vehicles

Wheel Loaders

Backhoe Loaders


Factory 2 : Construction Equipments

Design Verification Building

Factory 1 : Industrial Vehicles

Construction Equipment Division History

1985 Foundation of Construction Equipment Development Center

1987 Inaugurated first factory in Ulsan, Korea

1988 Launched HX Series excavators

1990 Launched ROBEX Series excavators

1991 Established U.S. subsidiary ( HCE U.S.A. ), Chicago

1995 Established Europe subsidiary (HHI Europe N.V.), Belgium Established “Changzhou-Hyundai” subsidiary, China

2002 Established “Beijing-Hyundai” subsidiary, China

2003 Established “Hyundai-Jiangsu” subsidiary, China

2005 Set up Parts · Service Centre in Eumseong, Korea

2006 Set up Training Centre in Eumseong, Korea Established Istanbul branch office, Turkey

2007 Established “Hyundai Construction Equipment India“ subsidiary Established “Changzhou Hyundai Hydraulic Machinery” subsidiary, China

2008 Established Dubai branch office, U.A.E Established Moscow branch office, Russia

2009 Launched 9 Series excavators & wheel loaders

2010 Established “Hyundai (Shandong) Heavy Industries Machinery“ subsidiary, China

2011 Established Jebel Ali Branch Office, Dubai

Established “Hyundai Heavy Industries Brazil“ subsidiary Relocated U.S. subsidiary to Atlanta


Better ideas lead to better technology

Hyundai Heavy Industries’ commitment to R&D will continue to play a vital role in motivating future technological advancements. Customer-oriented product development and our legendary values of durability and reliability instilled confidence and trust in the minds of our customers.

We, at R&D center focus on continuous innovation to deliver eco-friendly and cutting-edge technology products that best fit the diverse needs of our customers.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Research Institute

• Construction Equipment Research Institute • Corporate Technology Institute

• Advanced Technology Institute • Industrial Technology Institute • Frontier Technology Institute • Overseas Research Centers

- Hyundai Technologies Center in Hungary - Hyundai China Technology Center

Advancement through Innovation

Research & Development

Tensile strength testing Acceleration testing a wheel loader


“Hyundai Genuine Parts” ensure your success by satisfying your expectation for high

performance of Hyundai Construction Equipments and Forklifts.

‘3-S Service’ is the catch phrase of Hyundai Heavy

Industries’ After Sales Service System when responding to after sales requests of customers. The phrase reminds the service team to provide the best possible service as quickly as possible, minimizing equipment downtime.

Speedy Service

Upon receiving an equipment breakdown report we respond with the utmost speed, especially in cases involving serious breakdowns impacting equipment operation. A Service Team will arrive at the site quickly to perform a quick analysis to determine the cause of the problem. They will also supply replace parts to maximize the equipment operation rate.

Satisfied service

We try to find solutions that will satisfy all complaints made by a customer, regardless of how minor the problems might be. We also offer an emergency dispatch service system to provide better service.

Superior Service

We operate vehicles furnished with a wide variety of special tools and equipment. We have also set up a high quality service system with a variety of digitalized measuring instruments and computerized equipment.

HHI Parts Distribution Center guarantees QUICK & ACCURATE DELIVERIES through global sales network and automatic inventory control system.

Hyundai Genuine Parts guarantee

• Reliability • Productivity • Durability • Longer Life Time of your Machine

Product Support

For Your Safety and Work Performance

Parts Operation System



Parts Order HHI Server WMS Server Request & Response

Internet(Ceres) Shipping PDA




Service Speedy Service Superior

Service Satisfied Service

PARTS CENTER WAREHOUSE AREA : 18,400m2(96m x 192m)


Remote Management System

GPS ORBCOMM GES HHI Server Internet Customer Dealer/Manager RMCU

(Remote Management Control Unit)

Hi-mate, Hyundai’s newly developed remote management system, utilizes GPS-satellite technology to provide customers with the highest level of service and product support available. Hi-mate enables users to remotely evaluate machine performance, access diagnostic information, and verify machine locations at the touch of a button.

• Machine Location Information • Daily Operation History • Notification

• Anti-theft

• Fuel Efficiency Management

• Excavators • Wheel Loaders • Forklifts

Benefits of Hi-mate

Available Machine

How it Works

Fleet Management

• Working Hour Summary • Fleet monitoring • Working hour (Mode)

Machine Monitoring • Location Information • Daily report • Geo-Fencing Machine Status • Alarm Information • Periodical Maintenance • Detailed Information


Our Vision - Moving You Further

Indomitable spirit and passion drives us as we pursue our vision of shaping the future as a global leader in our businesses. By consistently innovating to offer the industry’s finest products, technologies and services, we aim at superior satisfaction of our customer.

Superior customer satisfaction through prominent technology & quality Provide rewarding careers for our people to achieve their dreams Enhance corporate value with world-leading products


9 series of Hyundai Robex excavators feature distinctive

new styling, significant specification and technical improvements. The complete range that includes the new hydraulic system,the Hi-mate System (Remote Management System) that uses GPS-satellite technology, and advanced cluster have been conceived as a true ‘global concept’ to meet the increasingly stringent international requirements on energy efficiency, safety, and environmental protection. These business solutions also include Hyundai’s legendary values of durability and reliability.

Crawler Excavators

- 11 ton ~ 120 ton

Wheel Excavators

- 5.5 ton ~ 21 ton

Mini Excavators

- 1.6 ton ~ 8.0 ton



The Construction Equipment Division manufactures wheel loaders that range from 125hp to 335hp. All wheel loaders are powered by Cummins engines with ZF transmissions, and include standard z-bars, integrated tool carriers and extended reach configurations.

The central intelligence control system adopts selective digital and analogue signals to provide a self-diagnostic function and a machine history recording.

Structural integrity is designed and tested with the Finite Element Method (FEM) to eliminate potential stress from various job applications and working conditions. In addition, the maximum weight limit for ROPS certification has been recalibrated and certified to provide greater safety.

Wheel Loaders


New Hyundai Backhoe Loaders designed to offer optimum customer value through ergonomic interior, durability, operator comfort and easy serviceability.

This series backhoe boom design is an inherently strong design, perfect for heavy duty applications. A strong and rigid loader frame allows for greater lift capacity, improved visibility. A specially designed cab provides maximum comfort, safety and excellent visibility. The one-piece hood tilts away for easy ground access to all critical services and grease points for reduced maintenance and operator safety.

Hyundai Skid Steer Loaders deliver flexibility, reliability and performance in one go, ensuring a productive solution to the small-scale loading challenges.

The ROPS/ FOPS canopy is designed for the operator’s comfort, safety, and excellent visibility to maximize productivity. The wide entrance to the operator compartment, the handles, and the non-slip footsteps are provided for the operator’s convenience, and a full safety. Open-type canopy and a control valve on the upper position provide easy access to all pipes and relief valves for maintenance.

Various attachments provide high productivity and easy operation.

Backhoe Loaders

Skid Steer Loaders


Thorough Technology & Quality


Hyundai Forklift Trucks meet the quality, performance and economical efficiency required at any worksite moreover combine compact and sleek body design with broad working radius.

Safety, durability, and the operator’s comfort level have been considered under various working conditions.

Standard masts, two and three stage free lift masts, and a full range of optional masts are designed to adopt various attachments.

Diesel Forklifts

- 1.5 ton ~ 25 ton

LPG Forklifts

- 1.5 ton ~ 5.0 ton

Electric Forklifts

- 1.0 ton ~ 5.0 ton

Diesel Forklifts LPG Forklifts Electric Forklifts


Company Organization

Shipbuilding Division

Offshore & Engineering Division

Engine & Machinery Division

Electro Electric Systems Division

Industrial Plant & Engineering Division Construction Equipment Division

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) had its ground-breaking ceremony in March 1972.

HHI spreads across 2,300 acres that cover 1,500 acres of its production facilities and 800 acres of amenities (apartment complexes, schools, and recreational centers).

Since the successful construction of its first two 260,000 DWT supertankers in 1974, HHI has builtand delivered almost every kind of ship to customers the world over. Backed by technology and experience acquired through shipbuilding as well as streamlined modern facilities and a highly skilled work force, HHI has diversified its business activities from shipbuilding into other heavy industrial fields. On this vast compound, HHI operates various business lines :

Shipbuilding, Engine & Machinery, Offshore & Engineering, Industrial Plant & Engineering, Electro Electric Systems, Construction Equipment and Green Energy.


Chicago Office Atlanta Subsidiary Belgium Subsidiary (Geel) Indonesia Subsidiary Moscow Office

Morocco Office Algeria Office Jebel Ali Office Istanbul Office Dubai Office India Plant (Pune) Beijing Plant Shandong Plant Changzhou Hyd. Plant

Jiangsu Plant

Ulsan Headquarters / Plant

Brazil Plant Chicago Office Atlanta Subsidiary Belgium Subsidiary (Geel) Indonesia Subsidiary Moscow Office

Morocco Office Algeria Office Jebel Ali Office Istanbul Office Dubai Office India Plant (Pune) Beijing Plant Shandong Plant Changzhou Hyd. Plant

Jiangsu Plant

Ulsan Headquarters / Plant

Brazil Plant

HHI’s global management system actively responds to the continuous changes of the global economy characterized by enconomic integration and proliferation of regional economic blocs. Following years of robust business by the Construction Equipment Division and Electro Electric Systems Division in the Chinese market, HHI is now making progress into other BRIC economies and other promising markets by securing first mover advantage through the expansion of production facillities, R&D centers, and subsidiaries. HHI plans to expand its current network of 19 overseas branch offices and 20 overseas subsidiaries. We also plan to develop further as a “global leader” in heavy industries by enhancing our overseas network communications and concentrating efforts on localizing overseas subsidiaries. Strategic footholds have been established in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas that will allow our head office to be closely connected through a global managment system.

Global Network

Construction Equipment Division : 130 Countries, 500 Hyundai Dealers

Sales Subsidiary Production Subsidiary Sales & Service Office

Belgium Beijing India Atlanta Shandong Jiangsu Brazil




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