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1st University in Latin America and 112 in the World, International Student`s indicator, QS World University Ranking 2012/2013 as featured on 2,500 international students during 2012

51 different countries represented during 2012

72 international dual degree programs with prestigious institutions from Europe and United States

1st University in Latin America, International Dual Degree Programs, the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education.

142 agreements of international academic cooperation

90 out of top 100 US universities represented during last 3 years (US News Ranking 2012)

48th Anniversary Celebration: “Belgrano: Yesterday and today”. 2nd International Congress of Business Education.

20th edition of the International Night Celebration with the participation of stands from 15 countries.

Largest academic program in English.

Largest interdisciplinary program on

SPRING 2012 International News

Universidad de Belgrano in Numbers


> Fall semester (March to July): November 30th

> Spring semester (August to December): May 30th

APPLICAtION REQUIREMENtS 1. C.V and a 4x4 square photo

2. Essay stating the reasons why do you want to study in Belgrano


For those who truly

wants a life-changing

Pursuing an internation-al education at the Uni-versity of Belgrano has proven to be an extremely rewarding experience. Living in the vibrant and energetic city of Buenos Aires, Argen-tina has given me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in a unique cul-ture and truly push myself to better my Spanish language skills. Although the University of Belgrano offers sev-eral intriguing courses in English, I chose from among those in Spanish to challenge myself by expanding upon my knowledge of the Spanish language and learning about Latin American topics in the language. My experience in these classes has thus

far proved to be far more rewarding than I had envisioned. In these classes, I have examined themes, cultural aspects and current issues relating to Latin America as a whole and among the different regions through film, music, and class discussions involving the knowledgeable professors as well as other international students from all over the world. Engaging in this sort of learning environment has enhanced the style of education I feel at I have received by opening my eyes to global perspectives and by challenging myself to express myself in the Spanish language in the ways I would do so in my native language. I highly recommend the inter-national experience offered by them University of Belgrano for those who truly want a life-changing and adventurous educational experience.

Ryan Villegas

CsU long BeaCh

United states


My Spanish has Improved Dramatically

My experience at Belgrano University has been nothing but a positive one. First coming here, I was a little nervous to be taking my classes in Span-ish because I’m not fluent and did not know if I would be able to understand the material. However, it has turned out to be the perfect choice. the professors are all really warm and welcoming and are willing to answer any questions or go over anything the students need. My Spanish has improved dramatically and each day it’s becoming easier and I’m learning more. It is also help-ful that all the students in my classes with me are international and we are all in the same situation. they come from all over the world and it has been great to meet new people and form friendships with them which I hope to keep even after the se-mester is over. I do not feel shy to participate in class because I

laURen ganiM

BRyant UniVeRsity

More than a teacher,

a Friend

From laughs to learning, my month-long intensive Spanish course has been one the most memorable experi-ences of my Argentinean adventure. More than a professor, Josefina was our friend that held 5-hour conversations with us in Spanish. She always

smiled and taught with more enthusiasm than all of my past Spanish teachers combined. More than a class, we evolved into an Argentinean family that played games and made up the best stories. Never once did I lack the motivation to wake up for class. On the contrary, I went to bed looking forward to what the next day would hold. I learned a lot, had fun, and genuinely enjoyed the entire month.

daniel gaRCia

UniVeRsity of


santa BaRBaRa

United states


Intensive Spanish

Month in Buenos Aires

the intensive Spanish month started out with a placement exam. this was not a big deal and in no way doomed you to spending the next four weeks in the wrong class. the teachers understand fully that placement exams aren’t full proof and are more than willing to help you get in the right class for your level. Once the class actually started I thought that it would be tough to adjust to five hours of class each day but it wasn’t too long before classes seemed to fly by. It was truly amazing how fast everyone’s Spanish speaking abilities improved in such a short amount of

Clinton MCgilVRay

UniVeRsity of

ColoRado, BoUldeR


New Vocabulary

the Spanish program at the University at Belgrano has been great so far. It is really helpful for me to time in the class-room, reviewing grammar and learning new vocabulary. the teachers are very knowledgeable and I can already feel that my grasp on Spanish is improving.

JaRed CaRlson

UniVeRsity of

ColoRado, BoUldeR

United states


PEAL: Programa de estudios

argentinos y latinoamericanos

Semester Courses for International Students

Courses transferable to U.S. and European Credit System (ECtS)

Course Catalogue 2013 (taught in Spanish)

(PEAL 262) Estudios culturales latinoamericanos

(PEAL 264) Cine latinoamericano

(PEAL 302) Arte argentino contemporáneo

(PEAL 312) Historia latinoamericana siglo XX

(PEAL 321) Literatura latinoamericana

(PEAL 322) Literatura argentina

(PEAL 330) Estudios culturales argentinos

(PEAL 331) tango, la expresión de Buenos Aires

(PEAL 345) Argentina, sociedad abierta

(PEAL 346) Pensamiento político latinoamericano

(PEAL 350) Ética

(PEAL 369) Historia económica en Latinoamérica

(PEAL 372) Política Económica Argentina

(PEAL 373) Economía social en Latinoamérica

(PEAL 400) Latinoamérica y la economía global

(PEAL 420) Estudios de género en Latinoamérica

(PEAL 442) Narrativas de lo monstruoso en Latinoamérica (Special topic Literatura latinoamericana)

(PEAL 444) Ficciones urbanas: las ciudades latinoamericanas (Special topic Literatura latinoamericana)

(PEAL 454) Sociedades latinoamericanas: los movimientos sociales

(PEAL 455) Sistemas políticos: los populismos en

the Argentine and Latin American Studies Program (PEAL) offers introductory upper division courses in art, cultural studies, economics, ethics,

history, literature, political theory, gender studies and sociology, all of which focus specifically on Argentina and Latin America. Full-time students have to take a minimum of four courses and a maximum of five. Courses meet twice per week for 90 minutes each class and take a total of 60 hours to complete. Course syllabi is available online at http:// php?opcion=PALAS

On request, we can create customized summer

programs from our own course catalogue or from


Español y Portugués Language Area

(SPAN 120) Español Básico

(PORt 120) Portugués Básico

(SPAN 150 / 155) Español Intermedio A y B

(SPAN 220 / 225) Español Avanzado A y B

(SPAN 230)Español para hablantes de herencia

(SPAN 156 / 226) Producción Oral Intermedia y Avanzada

(SPAN 200 / 300) taller de escritura

the Spanish and Por-tuguese lower division courses offered by PEAL are intended to promote prac-tical language skills in the foreign language. ten cours-es are offered: nine in Span-ish and one in Portuguese. Portuguese is offered at be-ginner level only. Bebe-ginner Spanish meet three times a week for 90 minutes each class and take a total of 90 hours to complete. Oral production courses meet once a week for a total of 30 hours. the other courses meet twice per week for 90 minutes each class and take a total of 60 hours to complete. All students must take a written placement test on arrival. A minimum of ten students is required for each course. Course syllabi is available online at studies.php?opcion=PALAS


PALAS: Program in Argentine

and Latin American Studies

Semester Courses for International Students Courses transferable to U.S. and European Credit System (ECtS)

Course Catalogue 2013 (taught in Spanish) (PALAS 310) Argentine Economy

(PALAS 330) Social Economy in Latin America

(PALAS 333) International Business in the Southern Cone

(PALAS 340) History of Latin America

(PALAS 360) Political and Social Change

(PALAS 362) Latin American Cultures and Societies

(PALAS 366) U.S.–Latin America Relations

(PALAS 370) Argentina: the Making of a Country through its Literature

(PALAS 372) Latin American Literature

(PALAS 380) Gender History in Latin America

(PALAS 400) Latin America in Global Economy

(PALAS 420) Jorge Luis Borges: Visions of Culture and Knowledge

this 15-week- upper division program is for undergraduate students with elementary or in-termediate Spanish and for students interested in transferring credits in Latin American Studies to their home universities. Full-time students have to take a minimum of four courses and a maximum of five. Courses meet twice per week for 90 minutes each class and take a total of 60 hours to complete.

Course syllabi is avail-able online at http:// php?opcion=PALAS

On request, we can create customized summer pro-grams from our own course catalogue or from syllabi


Spanish at Universidad

de Belgrano

Intensive Year-Round Courses

Courses transferable to U.S. and European Credit System (ECtS)

Course Catalogue 2013 (taught in Spanish)

(INt 121) Español Básico (INt 151) Español Intermedio 1 (INt 181) Español Intermedio 2 (INt 221) Español Avanzado

the School of Languages and Foreign Studies offers intensive lower division courses all year round with complete immersion in Argentine life and culture. A team of qualified native Spanish faculty with expertise in applied linguistics teaches language courses using the communicative approach methodology. Classes meet five times a week for 3 or 5 hours and take a minimum of 100 hours and a maximum of 120 hours to complete (see table). On request, we also offer special programs e.g. Spanish for the

Professions (medicine and healthcare, political and social sciences, business and the law) and we train instructors in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. Students are allocated to different levels on the basis of a written placement test that will take priority over past courses. Course capacity is limited to 15 students. Course syllabi is available online at http://www.


January 7 - February 1 4-week course 5 hours M-F 100 hours February 4 - March 1 4-week course 5 hours M-F 100 hours March 11 - May 3 8-week course 3 hours M-F 120 hours May 27 - June 19 4-week course 5 hours M-F 100 hours June 24 - July 19 4-week course 5 hours M-F 100 hours July 29 - August 23 4-week course 5 hours M-F 100 hours September 2 - Dec. 6 7-week course 3 hours M-F 105 hours 7-week course 105 hours






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