Please take this entry confirmation to the expo to pick up your race number (you will only receive your race number when showing this document)

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October 2008

The Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon is the marathon of the short ways!

The marathon centre is situated at the grounds of the Frankfurt Trade Fair (Messe Frankfurt). This is the main location where you fi nd the registration venue and race number pick up, Birkel Pasta Party, the marathon expo marathonmall, clothes disposal, fi nish area and the award ceremony. Our offi cial marathon hotel, (Maritim Hotel Frankfurt) is only 50m away. The Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon is the marathon of the short ways.

Race number pick up

Friday, 24th of October 2008, 1pm to 7pm Saturday, 25th of October 2008, 10am to 7pm Sunday, 26th of October 2008, 7am to 9am Messe Frankfurt, hall 1, level 2

Late registrations

Friday, 24th of October 2008, 1pm to 7pm Saturday, 25th of October 2008, 10am to 7pm Messe Frankfurt, hall 1, level 2

It is not possible to register on Sunday, 26th of October 2008!


Friday, 24th of October 2008 1pm to 7pm Saturday, 25th of October 2008 10am to 7pm Sunday, 26th of October 2008 8am to 6pm

You can purchase offi cial Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon wear at our booth opposi-te the exit of the registration venue in hall 1 level 2.

Sport-Talk ’Anti-Doping’

Saturday, 25th of October 2008 1pm to 3pm

At Maritim Hotel Frankfurt, Salon Maritim I, II and III, Theodor-Heuss-Allee 3, 60486 Frankfurt am Main (next to the Festhalle).

Pretzel Run – Breakfast Run (5km)

Saturday, 25th of October 2008 11am

Start: Dresdner Bank, Jürgen-Ponto-Platz, fi nish at the Trade Fair. 500 T-Shirts at the start! You will be provided with original Frankfurt pretzel, apple juice and much more in the fi nish area.


Saturday, 25th of October 2008 1:30pm to 6pm Show programme starting at 3:30pm Festhalle, Trade Fair

Mini Marathon (4,2km)

Sunday, 26th of October 2008 10:45am Start: Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage

Finish: original “marathon fi nish” in the Festhalle For children and youth born 1992 to 1998.

Please ask for a separate registration form.

Stock-headed Peter Run (420m)

Saturday, 25th of October 2008 12pm Start : Straße der Nationen, Trade Fair Finish: original “marathon fi nish” in the Festhalle For children born 1999 to 2003

Please ask for a separate registration form.

Church service

Saturday 25th of October 2008 6pm Festhalle, Trade Fair, Blue saloon (Blauer Saal)

Information for runners

Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon • 60135 Frankfurt am Main • Germany

Dear runner,

we are glad that you have chosen to start in Frankfurt am Main. We would like to give you some important information concer-ning the race.

We have registered as written down at the left-hand-side. Please check if your entry is correct. If there is any mistake,

please let us know:


Fon: +49 69 37004680 Fax: +49 69 370046811

Please take this entry confi rmation to the expo to pick up your race number (you will only receive your race number when showing this document)


Dear Marathon runner,

We are happy to welcome you at the Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon. Below you will fi nd some useful infor-mation about the marathon. Please take some time to read it carefully.

How to get there

By public transport

S-Bahn: S3, S4, S5, S6; stop at Festhalle/Messe Underground (U-Bahn): U4; stop at Festhalle/Messe Bus: 32, 50; stop at Festhalle/Messe

Tram: 16, 17 from Central station to Festhalle/Messe

By car

Please note the signs leading to the Expo grounds (Messe Frankfurt) and to the parking garage at Rebstockgelände (Sunday: Daily ticket for 9€). You can use the free shuttle ser-vice from there to the Expo grounds on October the 26th 2008. On October the 25th you can use all parking garages around the Messe Frankfurt.

You can place your camper at Rebstockgelände, Block L (“Park and Sleep”)

Please check the plan ‘How to get there’.

On October the 26th 2008, all roads in the Expo-area will be closed by 8am so that you should take the following way to the Messe Frankfurt: Please follow the signs ‘Messe Frankfurt’ and leave the Autobahn A5 at the exit ‘Westkreuz Frankfurt’ to Autobahn A648, leave at the exit ‘ADAC/Rebstock’. Follow the signs to the parking (Messe-Parkhaus). Take the shuttle-service from the parking garage to the expo grounds.

Please check the plan ‘How to get there’.

Baggage (clothes) check-in

You can bring your clothes in the offi cial bag until 8am on 26th of October to the baggage check-in in hall 1, level 1. Please stick the number on your bag and allow enough time to check-in your bag. There is no other possibility than hall 1 level 1 to hand in your bag with clothes.


It is possible to hand in your own nutrition for the race on 26th of October 2008 until 8am in hall 1, basement (only signed bottles (no glass): kilometre and race number). Due to orga-nisational constraints, it is only possible to off er this service to competitive runners (Men: faster than 2h45, women: faster than 3h00) and participants who need special nutrition due to medical reasons.

Race number

Only athletes wearing the race number of the Dresdner Klein-wort Frankfurt Marathon 2008 are allowed to participate in the race. It is not possible to transfer your race number to any other person. It has to be attached to the shirt-front. It is not allowed to change the race number in any way or to fold it. This would lead to a disqualifi cation. Athletes wearing no race number will be disqualifi ed, too.


You will get a sponge when picking up your race documents. Don’t forget to take it along with you during the race.


There are 35 toilets at the start and fi nish area. Please use the lavatories on the Expo Grounds, too.

Pace maker

We off er Pace maker for the following fi nish times: 2:59:00, 3:29:00, 3:44:00, 3:59:00, 4:14:00, 4:29:00, 4:59:00, 5:29:00 and 5:59:00. All participants can get a wrist band at the ASICS booth in the marathon mall for your timetable (which is attached to your race number if your expected fi nish time was registered).


The race is only scored by using the ChampionChip system.

Further information: Mika timing GmbH, Strundepark, Kürtenerstr. 11b, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach Fon: +49 2202 24010 Fax: +49 2202 240129


Please attach the chip to the laces of your running shoe. We can only assess your time when you cross the mats lying at the start, along the course and at the fi nish (Persons who do not have these times will be disqualifi ed). Additionally a video surveillance system is installed along the course. Please wear your race number during the whole race well viewable on your chest.

If you do not own a chip, you have to rent one.

Purchase: You pay 31€ (cash) at the registration venue when picking up your race number (24th to 26th of October 2008). Rent: You pay a deposit of 31€ (cash) and will receive 25€ back when returning the chip (Sunday, 26th of October 2008 bet-ween 1pm and 6pm, hall 1, level 2 – registration venue).

Please pay fi rst for the chip sales slip at the indicated cash re-gister at the registration venue area. Then pick up your race number and chip. If you own a chip, please indicate the chip number when you register for the race (letter-fi gure combina-tion) per e-mail at HYPERLINK „“

Please note: No chip – no participation!


The start will be at 10am at the Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage towards city centre. There are diff erent corrals for all runners. Please go to your assigned start corral before 9:50am. Your start corral is printed on the race number and you are only allowed to enter the corral that you are assigned to. Big balloons indicating the diff erent start corrals (with logos for each corral; e.g. ASICS, Dresdner Kleinwort, Skoda, VGF,…) will show you the way to your start corral.

ASICS corral

International elite runners and runners with a fi nish time to 3:00 hrs

Dresdner Kleinwort corral

Runners with a fi nish time between 3:00 and 3:30 hrs

VGF corral

Runners of the relay

Skoda corral

Runners of the relay with a fi nish time between 3:30 and 4:00 hrs

Maritim corral

Runners with a fi nish time between 4:00 and 4:30 hrs

Rosbacher corral

Runners with a fi nish time between 4:30 and 5:00 hrs

Festhalle Frankfurt corral

Runners with a fi nish time of at least 5:00 hrs and all running their fi rst marathon

Fast and fl at course

The course - the shortest way is marked with a green line - goes through city centre of Frankfurt am Main on solely asphalted streets. Signs indicate each kilometre and the half marathon, too. There is a big clock showing the race time each 5km and at the half marathon. The course is easy and fast to run and has 2007 led to a new course record by Wilfred Kigen (2:07:58) and at the same time to his third victory in series. With this new course record the Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon has placed itself behind Berlin and Hamburg as the third fastest marathon in Germany and the ninth fastest worldwide. The course record for the women has been set by Alevtina Biktimi-rova from Russia with a time of 2:25:12 in 2005.

The fi rst part of the course leads the runners through the city of Frankfurt with its fascinating skyline, then to the district of Sachsenhausen, towards the residential area of Höchst und back along the Mainzer Landstraße through the city centre

and the trade fair tower into the ‘Festhalle’ with its red carpet. The total altitude diff erence is 27.8 metres only (lowest point: 89,4m above NN; highest point 117.2 metres above NN).

Water stations

The stations at 5km and 10km are lined up on both sides; all other stations are one-sided only!

Every 5km the order at each water station is as follows: Clock, medical aid, own nutrition, Rosbacher mineral water Naturell, Rosbacher Sport, tea, troughs with water to dunk in your spon-ge, litter bins. Starting at 15km there are moreover organic bananas, dried banana and dried apricot by Seeberger. At 25 km, 30km and 35km Coca-Cola is off ered. At 37,5km there is Rosbacher Drive.

Refreshments (Rosbacher mineral water Naturell and troughs with water) can also be found at 12.5km, 17.5km, 22.5km, 27.5km and 37.5km.

Lavatories along the course

You will fi nd two toilets every at 5km and 10km, afterwards every 2.5 kilometres after the water or refreshment stations.

Medical aid

If you need medical aid, we recommend to run or walk to the next water station where you will fi nd a medical aid station. If you decide to quit the race, you can take either the bus at the end of the fi eld or public transport which you can use for free with your race number. Besides there are shuttle buses to the Expo Grounds at 16km, 20km, 25km, 30km and 36km.

It is not allowed to be accompanied by any means of trans-portation (bikes, cars, motorbikes) or to use roller-skates, inline-skates, skateboards or any other similar means. It is not allowed to bring animals on the course.

Time limit

You will fi nd the fi nish in the ‘Festhalle’. The fi nish is opened until 4:15pm that means that the time limit is 6 hours (net). Participants, who fi nish later than this, will not have any offi cial time, but they will receive a fi nisher medal and can use the wa-ter station at the fi nish area and all other services.

Finish area

You will run through the east gate into the ‘Festhalle’ and you will reach the fi nish line after 60m. There are stands for a to-tal of 10,000 persons (8,000 seats and 2,000 standing rooms). When crossing the fi nish line and running on the mats, your time is registered. Please try to move quickly forward towards the so called ‘Forum’ where you will receive your medal and fi nd the fi nish area water stations.

Water stations at the fi nish area

The following products are off ered: Rosbacher mineral water, Rosbacher Sport, Rosbacher Drive, Coca-Cola, Beers by Rade-berger Brewery, Birkel Noodle-soup, organic apples, organic grapes, fruits and nuts by Seeberger, cake, etc.

It is not possible to go back to the fi nish line from the water station. Only participants are allowed to enter this area. Please agree a meeting-point with your family and/or friends some-where outside this area.

Baggage disposal, Showers, Massage,


Firstly, please pick up your baggage in hall 1, level 1 (you can take the escalator) until 6:00 pm. You need to show your race number to get it. You will fi nd the changing rooms and sho-wers in hall 1, basement. You can also use the shosho-wers at the swimming-pool ‘Rebstockbad’. Just show your race number. Besides you can also use the massage service in hall 1, level 1.


After the race you can meet your friends and family members, who understandingly do not have access to the locked areas, at the following two meeting-points: hall 1, level 2 or “P1” (area on the expo-grounds between Festhalle and hall 1).

Important information


More information

Breakfast run – Pretzel run (5km)

You are invited to join the Pretzel Run, Saturday, 25th of October 2008, 11am. It starts at the Dresdner Bank, Jürgen-Ponto-Platz and fi nishes at the expo-grounds. Drinks and original Frankfurt pretzel will be off ered at the fi nish.

Sports expo marathonmall

The Marathon Mall is the offi cial information and sales expo of the Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon. Sports goods manufactures, sport department stores and various suppliers present themselves and off er goods for running, biking and skating. Besides marathon organisers from Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland inform about their events.

Opening hours:

Friday, 24th of October 2008 1pm to 7pm Saturday, 25th of October 2008 10am to 7pm Sunday, 26th of October 2008 8am to 6pm

Birkel Pasta-Party

The traditional Birkel Pasta-Party takes place in the ‘Festhal-le’. Bring the voucher that is attached to your race number with you and you will get a free meal of pasta (with several sauces) including drinks from our sponsors Rosbacher, Co-ca-Cola and Beers by the Radeberger Brewery. There will be a show- and entertainment programme (3:30pm to 6pm).

Runner´s Lounge

Invite guests and team members into the “Hospitality-area”! Use the passion marathon as a platform to care for your business contacts and to deepen them. The “Gud Stubb” of Frankfurt off ers your guests here fore the adequate at-mosphere in the Runner´s Lounge. This exclusive area can be booked by private individuals and enterprises – interna-tional top-class sport can be experienced in a unique loca-tion. Therewith your guests are part of a worldwide leading marathon event and still completely private. Celebrate your success at the Frankfurt Marathon together with your guests and enjoy an exciting and adventures day at this event.

Additional data is available from +49 (0)69 3700468-25 or

Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt

Mara-thon on TV

hessenfernsehen Hessen Sport Extra live: 9:45 am to 13:30 pm

Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt

Mara-thon on radio

hr1: many reports and interviews all day long

Public Relations

We are very grateful if you could send us articles about the Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon that are published in your local newspaper.

Environment protection

The organisation team strives to arrange the Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon as environmental-friendly as possible. Please help us to avoid garbage and use the gar-bage bins.

Red Cross emergency: (069) 71 91 91 92

The organisation team wishes you a pleasant stay in Frankfurt am Main and a successful race.

Note: All information is based on the organisation status in August 2008.

Important information

Fast certifi cate

You can pick up a fast certifi cate with your time around 30 mi-nutes after you fi nished in hall 1, level 2 (registration venue). All participants will receive an offi cial certifi cate and a CD with all results via post after completion.

Medal engraving

You can have your personal fi nisher’s medal engraved with your name and overall time.

Sunday, 26th of October 2008, 12 pm to 6 pm, hall 1, level 2 (registration venue). If you have not ordered it with your regis-tration, note that you have to pay 8.00€.


A list of all results will be found in hall 1, level 2. Objections can be made until 3rd of November 2008.

Results online

Awards for age classes and teams

The fi rst three of each age class will receive – unrequested – a free start for the following year and a running shirt. The dispatch takes place at mid-December. There will not be any special award ceremony.

Our service for you

The following services are included in the registration fee:

➜ Race number and safety pins

➜ Starting bag fi lled with high-quality products of our sponsors and partners

➜ Coupon booklet with numerous vouchers of Frankfurt’s facilities and our partners ➜ Race number as ticket for public transport

on 26th of October 2008 (region 50) ➜ Pocket course map

➜ Free participation at the Pretzel Run, T-Shirt for the fi rst 500 participants at the start

➜ Sport-Expo marathonmall ➜ Sportgespräch (‘Sport- Talk’) ➜ Programme brochure

➜ Voucher for the Birkel Pasta Party on 25th of October 2008 (pasta and drinks) ➜ Bag for disposal of your clothes ➜ Clothes disposal

➜ Sport nutrition along the course ➜ Heat sheet

➜ Huge variation of sport nutrition in the fi nish area ➜ Finisher medal

➜ Fast certifi cate ➜ Massage

➜ Free entry to “Rebstockbad” (swimming-pool): swimming, changing room, showers

➜ Certifi cate, results brochure and results CD per post ➜ And last but not least: The organisation of the whole event!

The new valuation for the year 2008 has been evolved by the Business Performance Academy (BPA/Heidelberg) in cooperation with the or-ganisation of the Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon.

Executives like enterprisers, self-employed per-sons or managers of companies or organisations can register for this valuation. The individual re-sults of the “Marathon Managers 2008” will be collected separately, broken down by women and men. The winners are able to look forward to some high-class prizes, among others a trip to Dubai with the participation at the “richest marathon of the word”.

Additional data is available from marathonmanager.html

Allianz/ Dresdner Bank

company valuation

The internal valuation includes employees of Al-lianz/Dresdner Bank Group only. All details can be found in the intranet of Dresdner Kleinwort. Your contact is the Dresdner Kleinwort Sponsor-ship Team:

Charity Projekt

„Gemeinsam mehr Bewegen“

with the ‘Caritasverband Frankfurt e.V.

In cooperation with the Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon the Caritasverband esta-blishes a continuous and innovative project “Gemeinsam mehr Bewegen” in Frankfurt’s day-care centres. The aim is to communicate the amusement of sports and games as well as education and consulting in health questions – all of this with involvement of the parents. We seek your assistance for this project. We will carpet the road with one ‘mat of dona-tion’ (prospectively “Börsenplatz”). With over-running this mat the runner donates 3.00 € for “Gemeinsam mehr Bewegen”. The amount of donation will be debited from the account of the participant in the week after the run. Additional data is available from


course map











Maritim Hotel




showers, changing rooms






baggage disposal



race number pick up,

late registrations,


fast certificate,

medal engraving

Sports expo



entry to the start

corrals Messe Frankfurt,

Rosbacher, Maritim

Hotel, Skoda, VGF

and Dresdner


entry to the start



finish area


Meeting-point Minimarathon


Kinder -sammel- stelle

Shuttle bus from/to Messe-Parkhaus Rebstock



How to get there

Time table runners

km Straße First Last Start Messeturm 10:00:00 10:10:00

1 Mainzer Landstraße 10:03:01 10:18:40 2 Neue Mainzer Landstraße 10:06:01 10:27:20 3 Mainzer Landstraße 10:09:02 10:36:00 4 Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 10:12:02 10:44:40 5 Bockenheimer Landstraße 10:15:03 10:53:20 6 Bockenheimer Landstraße 10:18:03 11:02:00 7 Bremer Platz 10:21:04 11:10:40 8 Eschersheimer Landstraße 10:24:04 11:19:20 9 Bockenheimer Anlage 10:27:05 11:28:00 10 Junghofstraße 10:30:05 11:36:40 11 Bleichstraße 10:33:06 11:45:20 12 Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 10:36:06 11:54:00 13 Schaumann-Kai 10:39:07 12:02:40 14 Kennedyallee 10:42:07 12:11:20 15 Kennedyallee 10:45:08 12:20:00 16 Nierderräder Landstraße 10:48:08 12:28:40 17 Kelsterbacher/Schwanheimer Straße 10:51:09 12:37:20 18 Goldsteinstraße 10:54:09 12:46:00 19 Morgenzeile 10:57:10 12:54:40 20 Zur Frankenfurt 11:00:10 13:03:20 21 Rheinlandstraße 11:03:11 13:12:00 22 Mauritiusstraße 11:06:11 13:20:40 23 Schwanheimer Brücke 11:09:12 13:29:20 24 Auff ahrt Schwanheimer Brücke 11:12:12 13:38:00 25 Bolongarostraße 11:15:13 13:46:40 26 Bolongarostraße 11:18:14 13:55:20 27 Walter-Scriba-Straße 11:21:14 14:04:00 28 Oeserstraße 11:24:15 14:12:40 29 Birminghamstraße 11:27:15 14:21:20 30 Mainzer Landstraße 11:30:16 14:30:00 31 Mainzer Landstraße 11:33:16 14:38:40 32 Mainzer Landstraße 11:36:17 14:47:20 33 Frankenallee 11:39:17 14:56:00 34 Frankenallee 11:42:18 15:04:40 35 Mainzer Landstraße 11:45:18 15:13:20 36 Mainzer Landstraße 11:48:19 15:22:00 37 Taunustor 11:51:19 15:30:40 38 Kaiserstraße 11:54:20 15:39:20 39 Bleichstraße 11:57:20 15:48:00 40 Hochstraße 12:00:21 15:56:40 41 Mainzer Landstraße 12:03:21 16:05:20 42 Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 12:06:22 16:14:00 Ziel Festhalle 12:06:58 16:15:44