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Líder del grupo

Dr. Roberto Parra.

Profesor Investigador S.N.I I, Miembro de la Academia Mexicana de

Ciencias y líder de la Cátedra de Bioprocesos ambientales. Ha publicado más de



en revistas científicas de arbitraje estricto,

9 patentes y 3 capítulos de libros,

550 citas. Experto en Agua, Energía y Alimentos











food and high




Nutraceutics and fuctional food

• Process development for agricultural waste.

• Biocompounds production.

• Development of enzymes for industrial processes.

Biotechnology in microorganisms

• Isolation of microorganisms

• Genetic codification.

• Genetic recombination.

Extraction techonlogies

• Development of extraction processes.

• Secondary metabolites extraction.

• Pigment and antioxidant extraction.

Bioenergy and wastewater treatment

• Biodiesel, bioethanol and biogas generation.

• Anaerobic digestion and N and P removal for wastewater treatment.

• Bioreactor Engineering.


Optimization of process conditions by microencapsulation and


Search for more appropriate and natural polymers (mesquite

gum, gum arabic, chitosan and banana starch).


Isolation and purification of metabolites of high economic value for their

use in the production of functional foods and nutraceuticals


Biorefinery and Biocatalysis

Revaluation of agro-industrial waste.

Obtaining bioactive ingredients for functional

foods and nutraceuticals.

Microbial production of enzymes











1 Profesor

3 Postdocs

6 PhD candidates

6 MSc candidates

6 Specialist

10 Assistants

8 Exchange students

8 Social Service

Scientific Production


Technological Development



Fuhding (MXN)

A) Genetic charachterization of new isoenzymes of lacasse from

Pycnoporus sanguineus for water and soil bioremediation

(FINNOVA) No. 192118


$ 1 M

B) Bioethanol and biomass production from remaining product


$ 4 M


System and process development for supercritical

extraction of microalgae based added value metabolites

CONACyT 209590

Tecnología Ambiental

Biomex S.A. de C.V.

$ 12.7 M


Advanced electrocoagulation as an innovative process for

vinazes pretreatment from tequila industry in pilot scale


Microalgae Project

Pigment extraction


Photobioreactor Design

Culture optimization

Research Articles

“Development and design of systems and

processes of algae “ CONACyT 209590


Bioreactors Engineering

Anaerobic reactor design

Research articles


Biogas production from vinasses wastes (Tequila industry)

Process optimization





process for pre-treatment of vinasses at pilot level”

CONACyT 209590


Technological Development 2015



Fuhding (MXN)

E) Development of technology for saving resources: pericarp

recovery for use in the production process cornmeal enriched

Hari Masa

$ 11 M

C) Development of systems and process technology for obtaining

and supercritical extraction of secondary metabolites with high

added value

Tecnología Ambiental


Collaborative projects 2015

Red Temática BIOCATEM

Biocatalisis para las industrias Alimentaria, Técnica y Médica

British Council - CONACYT

Bilateral participation in the development of biotechnology on the

environment, agriculture and food sciences.


Bioenergy and Wastewater Tretament

The Bioenergy and Wastewater Treatment research line seeks to

integrate different disciplines to develop solutions in the

energy-water nexus. The main areas to tackle are: biogas,

biodiesel and biojet fuel production, Nitrogen and Phosphorus

removal and use from industrial wastewater, wastewater

treatment technologies.

Gibrán Sidney Alemán Nava, PhD

Gibran Aleman has a PhD Engineering in Environmental Systems with a BSc in Biochemistry Engineering. Currently he is Leader of Bioenergy and Wastewater Treatment area in Chair of Environmental Bioprocesses. He has experience in microalgae biomass and lipid productivity optimization. His research has been focus on the optimization of operation conditions of medium scale photobioreactors. Moreover, he also develops projects related to anaerobic treatment for biogas production. He has been awarded with the Genera Monterrey, Hacerlo Mejor 2011 and DOW Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge awards, and is coauthor of two pending patent.


 System and process development for supercritical extraction of microalgae based added value metabolites CONACYT-PROINNOVA: 195966. Tecnología Ambiental Biomex S.A. de C.V.

 Advanced electrocoagulation as an innovative process for vinasse pretreatment from tequila industry in pilot scale (3rd stage) CONACYTPROINNOVA 209590 -SELFTEC S.A. de C.V.

 Dielectrophoresis system for biomass separation based on its lipid content.  Environmental, social an economic impact of industry.

 Biosensor development for endocrine disruptor compounds in wastewater.  Design and construction of bioreactor for microorganisms cultivations (fungi,


Microalgae Bioprocesses and Nanobiotechnology

Area of research focused on the study of nanobiotechnology for

application in environmental and food bioprocesses. Microalgae

culture with food applications and extraction of high value

metabolites. Microalgae cultivation for carbon dioxide capture

and wastewater treatment.

M.Sc. Sara P. Cuellar-Bermudez

Chemical Engineer with experience on algal cultures in photobioreactors as well in lipid extraction and pigments. She has participated in research visits to KU Leuven in Belgium and Arizona State University (USA). Her research has focus in food waste re-utilization by microalgae as well as lipid production for biodiesel from cyanobacteria. Currently she leads a co-industry funded project related with supercritical extraction of metabolites in different feedstock and the “Photobiological CO2 Capture and Fuel Production for the Cement Industry” in collaboration with UCLA.


Microalgae proteins nanoencapsulation

Photobiological CO


Capture and Fuel Production for the Cement Industry

Supercritical extraction of high value metabolites

Enzymatic lysis of microalgae cells

Utilization of food wastes for microalgae culture

Pigments extraction from microalgae


Biorefinery and Biocatalysis

Dra. Magdalena Rostro Alanis


Development of technology for saving resources: recovery pericarp for use

in the preparation of nixtamalized corn flour, CONACYT-2015 PEI.

Revaluation of waste wheat industry. MUNSA.

Obtaining prebiotic from agro-industrial waste. SELFTEC.

Enzymatic production of laccases. CHEVRON

Obtaining and stabilization of functional compounds from Pitaya.

Production of enzymes from fungi.

Getting bioethanol from agro-industrial waste by microorganisms.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Biologist specializing in the environmental area, she is graduated from the Facultad de Ciencias Químicas of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León.

Has a Master of Science in Industrial Microbiology. In July 2014, she obtained his degree of Doctor of Science in Pharmacy with thesis project: "Obtaining and characterization of arabinoxylan-oligosaccharides from nixtamalized corn pericarp and determination of prebiotic activity and antioxidant activity."

In 2012 she performed a research stay at the University of Vigo in "Biotechnological processes and technologies for determining biological activity".

Has extensive experience in the area of ​​utilization of agro-industrial waste to obtain value-added compounds.

Research Area focused on the treatment of vegetal and








compounds, microbial enzymes and nutraceutical ingredients.

Analysis of the biological activities of the compounds as

antioxidants, prebiotics, antimicrobials, etc.


Functional foods and nutraceuticals.

Analytical Chemistry

Research Area focused on the isolation,

characterization, identification and quantification

of compounds and nutraceutical ingredients from

plant and microbial biomass.

Dr. José Rodríguez Rodríguez

Doctor in Biological Sciences with emphasis on food and Master in Chemistry with specialization in Analytical Chemistry. Experience in the Food Industry for Gruma, SA de C. V, in the area of Analytical Chemistry for ATLATEC and education field in the ITESM since 1996. Domain processes optimization and validation of methodologies and quality systems analytical laboratories. Currently working as co-counsel in the UANL and ITESM in research projects in the area of Food and Chemistry of natural products on issues such as extraction, identification, quantification and stabilization of bioactive compounds from agroindustrial products. Collaborates transversely with other lines of investigation in the area of Analytical Chemistry. Has 8 publications and 9 participations in national and international conferences.


Biotechnology and rural communities


The aim is to improve the quality of life of the population in

social backwardness in Mexico through productive activities

involving biotechnological processes (Bioprocess and Food

Processing), through the identification of opportunity areas in

the market by products that can be produced in the

communities in which it intervenes Legacy Base of the Pyramid.

MC. Luisaldo Sandate Flores

Master in Administration and Science with

orientation in Environmental Systems at

Chair of Environmental Bioprocesses at

Tecnologico de Monterrey with

experience in microalgae biofilm. He has

been awarded, DOW Sustainability






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