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How to use this book The way I roll

The basics Get your tarot on Quick start interps Order in the courts The Majors The Minors Spreads Reversals? Timing Pay attention! Intuition

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All images are from the 1909 edition of the Rider Waited Smith deck.


Dedicated to all you tarot

playas and ballas. May your

readings be right on and



About this book

This is a labor of tarot love and fun. Based on my popular Tarot Card by Card series

and some other killer tarotcentric blog posts, this ebook will give you a heaping dose of tarot goodness, fresh ‘n funky interpretations, and some basic advice to get you started on your tarot journey.

Why this book? I wanted to compile all of the Tarot Card by Card interpretations in one

place along with some good, basic tarot guidelines to help even the total novice get a solid foundation under their feet.

My style is more hip hop than hippie - expect slang, modern lingo, an occasional f-bomb, and a whole lotta tarot raps! Why? Because tarot isn’t just for the esoteric

set - it can be practical and fun. I hope that you’ll find it to be a useful and enjoyable tool to add to your spiritual and self development toolkit.

Love, Theresa


how to use this


Your tarot tour guide

This is a guide, only a guide. There are tons of great tarot books on the market so

you’re in luck. Think of this little e-book as a fun and irreverent intro to tarot. Print it out, page through it, scribble your own interpretations in the margins, test out my methods, and discard anything that doesn’t work for you.

(And if you’re really brave: drop some beats, grab the mic and start tarot rappin’, yo!) The book starts with basic advice, some “quick start interpretations” (hello tarot flash cards!), the Card by Card series, and more sweet tarot tips ‘n techniques.

Each Card by Card entry includes: keywords, a general meaning, reversals, an

affirmation (learn to create your own here), a theme song, a journaling prompt, plus a rap!


Although my style is firmly tongue in cheek, you’ll find my methods and interpretations easy (and fun) to use.

A special note for the more somber minded folk: If hip hop slang and humor isn’t

your thang and you prefer a serious and scholarly tone, I encourage you to get a copy of Rachel Pollack’s “78 Degrees of Wisdom” or sign up for The Tarot School’s excellent correspondence course.


the way I roll

My method

Feel free to adapt mine - or create your own.

I’m all about having the right environment for reading. When you are reading tarot, be sure to have a quiet space. This will ensure you can concentrate, which makes for a better reading.

First, think of your question. Be sure to get as clear as you can. Decide which spread you are going to use (There are many to choose from – these are patterns for laying out the cards. A position in a spread can determine the meaning).

Begin shuffling the cards in a manner that is comfortable for you. Continue shuffling as you focus on your question. When you feel ready, put the deck face down on your table.

Cut the deck three times with your left hand (I always use the left hand because it’s the hand closest to your heart – the reading then comes from your heart. If you are


compelled to use your right hand, that’s fine.). Then, put the deck back together any way that you wish.

Lay out the cards for your chosen spread.

Once you have focused on your question and laid out the cards in your chosen spread, it’s time to begin interpreting!

Here’s what to do:

Scan the spread to see what the majority is (Majors, Minors, Courts, reversals, etc). Is there a consistent pattern? Make a note. Are the cards “lower numbers” (the beginning of a situation) or “higher numbers” (a situation coming to a conclusion)? Are the cards moving in sequence (1,2,3, etc) or all over the place (5, 2, 9, 3)?

Start reading the cards one at a time, preferably in sequential order (if the spread has one).

If you are stuck on a card, move on. Make a note of it and come back to it later. If you are not “feeling it”, let it go. Feel free to look up possible interpretations if you need to. Pay close attention to the card that “grabs you” the most. After a while, ditch the books and start reading from your gut.


the basics

It starts with a structure

Understanding the general structure gives you a firm tarot foundation. Most tarot

decks follow the same format. You may find variations here and there (ex: extra cards or different names for the suits), but this traditional guideline can be easily formatted to work with any deck.


A tarot deck is comprised of 78 illustrated cards.

The cards are divided into two sections:

Major Arcana – The Major Arcana cards have a title and are numbered 0 – 21. These

represent the bigger picture, fate, things outside our control, major lessons.

Minor Arcana – The Minor Arcana cards are numbered Ace – 10 and are divided into


There are also four “Court Cards” in each suit: Page, Knight, Queen and King.

The Minor Arcana represent the day to day events; the things we have control over; human life. The Courts represent people, energy we may be needing/expressing, as well as messages or rank.

Each suit rules a specific area:

Cups are emotions and love, water element

Wands are creativity, work and passion, fire element Swords are thoughts, challenges and conflicts, air element Pentacles are material world, physical energy and values, earth


get your tarot on

Tips to get rolling

Let’s get familiar with your tarot deck:

Spend time with your deck every day. A card of the day is a perfect way to get comfortable with tarot interpretations.

Keep a tarot journal. Write down your readings, thoughts and explorations. Take a class.

Write the meanings on each card (This is a bit renegade but it is a good method when you are just starting out. Remember, decks can always be replaced!)

Pick a card and meditate on the image. Note what impressions you received.

Do tarot “flash cards”: turn over the cards and giving a one word interpretation for each. Move through the deck rapidly. Do this every day.


Join a local tarot meet up.

Practice as often as you can with as many willing people as you can find.

Get a few good tarot books as references. Refer to them when you draw a blank. Want to learn tarot history? Check out Mary Greer’s fantastic post about Tarot History for Newbies or get yourself a copy of Robert Place’s “The Tarot - History, Symbolism and Divination” for an in depth look.

(PS looking for a more traditional set of interpretations instead of my fly rhymes? Rachel Pollack’s “Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom” is THE classic, yo. That’s why I am mentioning it again.)


quick start interps

This will get you started

These quickie interpretations will give you general meanings. Tarotcise: grab an

old tarot deck and write these interpretations on each card. Use them as flash cards to improve your speed.

Fool – A fresh start; the beginning of a journey Magician – Developing skills and talent; manifesting High Priestess – Intuition; trust your gut

Empress – Creativity; pregnancy; mother; pleasure Emperor – Stability; authority; father; work

Hierophant – Conforming to rules; spiritual leader; teacher or mentor Lovers – Romance; partnerships; choices

Chariot – Triumph; finding direction; vehicle

Strength – Inner strength; handling problems; power Hermit – Turning inward; pulling back; withdrawal Wheel of Fortune – A change; luck; karma

Justice – Fairness; court or legal issues; balancing the karmic scales Hanged Man – Sacrifice; a period of waiting


Death – Big change; transformation; out with the old in with the new Temperance – Balance; middle way; choosing carefully

Devil – Negativity; poor choices; haters; being stuck

Tower – Disruption; chaos; difficult change; a fall from grace Star – Hope; optimism; happiness and health

Moon – Danger; hidden enemies; lack of clarity; need to reflect Sun – Joy; happiness; good things coming

Judgement – Higher calling; toot your horn; being heard; ending World – Completion; success; end of an important cycle; graduation Ace of Cups – new love

Two of Cups – romance; meeting

Three of Cups – fun and friends; celebration Four of Cups – boredom; apathy

Five of Cups – loss and grief Six of Cups – nostalgia; romance Seven of Cups – choices; daydreams Eight of Cups – moving on; travel Nine of Cups – wish fulfillment


Page of Cups – romantic message; a well loved child Knight of Cups – a sensitive young male

Queen of Cups – a kind woman King of Cups – a caring man

Ace of Wands – new job or creative beginning Two of Wands – new work options; plans Three of Wands – success or travel Four of Wands – security and happiness Five of Wands – competition

Six of Wands – success and leadership Seven of Wands – challenges

Eight of Wands – quick movement; travel; news Nine of Wands – caution; boundaries

Ten of Wands – hard work; burdens Page of Wands – good news; student

Knight of Wands – an industrious young man Queen of Wands – a creative woman


Ace of Swords – a new challenge or mental endeavor Two of Swords – indecision; contemplation

Three of Swords – heartache; separation Four of Swords – rest after a battle; meditation Five of Swords – victory through deceit

Six of Swords – moving forward

Seven of Swords – thievery; dishonesty Eight of Swords – feeling stuck

Nine of Swords – sorrow; losing sleep Ten of Swords – loss; an ending

Page of Swords – strong minded youth; legal news

Knight of Swords – a challenging man who enters your life quickly Queen of Swords – a strong woman

King of Swords – a logical and intelligent man Ace of Pentacles – a new financial opportunity

Two of Pentacles – juggling resources; financial decisions Three of Pentacles – recognition for talent; collaboration Four of Pentacles – financial stability; possessiveness

Five of Pentacles – financial loss; abandonment; poverty consciousness Six of Pentacles – generosity; charity


Seven of Pentacles – hard work ahead; slow growth Eight of Pentacles – rewarding work; getting lost in a task Nine of Pentacles – financial security; abundance

Ten of Pentacles – financial success; family

Page of Pentacles – a message about money; good student Knight of Pentacles – a stable, dependable young male Queen of Pentacles – a grounded, earthy female

King of Pentacles – a secure and successful male


Cups – Spring Wands – Summer Swords – Fall Pentacles – Winter

Courts (can represent people or different facets of your personality):

Page – a student; a message; news Knight – young male; higher education Queen – a woman; nurturing


order in the court

Court cards are often problematic for readers of all levels. They can represent

people, different facets of your personality, energy that you need for a situation or other things such as messages.

Page – a student; a message; news

Knight – young male; higher education; action Queen – a woman; nurturing

King – a man; mastery

Let’s start by looking at them as people:

If we break down them by elements and physical descriptions we get:

Cups: Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), fair haired and blue eyed, emotional, sensitive Wands: Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), auburn hair, green or brown eyes, fiery, motivated Swords: Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), light or grey hair, blue eyes, intellectual, logical Pentacles: Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), dark hair and eyes, dependable, practical Using that method the Page of Cups might be a fair haired and sensitive child; Knight of Wands a passionate auburn young male; Queen of Swords a mature and intellectual


and the King of Pentacles a dark haired male who is responsible. (Those are simplistic but you get the drift.)

A good exercise to get more familiar with the Courts as personas is to connect them with people you know or public figures. This can help you get an image in

mind that you can call on when you get stuck. Examples:

Queen of Pentacles is a dark haired, practical and earthy woman. She’s someone who is down to earth and successful, maybe even wealthy. Oprah Winfrey would be a perfect archetype.

Knight of Cups is a fair haired, sensitive male. One who is in touch with his emotional side. How about Ryan Gosling?

A special note: sometimes you may need to be rather gender neutral as some people may identify with the opposite gender. For example: a self professed tomboy

may identify with a Knight rather than a Queen. Likewise, a male who plays a caretaker role may see shades of a Queen in his persona. Remember, we all carry both male/ female shields at times.


Sometimes Courts can represent a side of yourself that need to bring to a

situation. For example, if you are back in school, you may need to tap into your Page

side and adapt a beginner’s mind. Or if you are taking the boss role at work, you may need to channel your inner King.

The Courts can also represent things that are not people oriented. For example:

Pages can represent seeds that you are planting, school, or news. How do you know if the Court is talking about an actual person or something else?

This requires practice and a bit of intuition on your part. You’ll need to look at the

other cards and see what information they may reveal. As you get more familiar with the tarot, you’ll begin to piece together what role those Courts are playing in the reading.

Recommended reading: Understanding the Tarot Court (Special Topics in Tarot Series)

by Mary Greer and Tom Little. Once again, Mary and her co-author, Tom, write the one book that sums it up.


tarot card by


Ready to interpet?

These easy to understand interpretations should get your rolling! Enjoy, study, and


the majors


the fool

Fresh start

Keywords: new beginning, fresh start, risk, a chance, new cycle, originality,

fearlessness, travel, innocence, being green, trickster, acting foolish

Attributes: Uranus, Air

General meaning: It’s about to get all new beginnings and fresh start around here.

Are you ready to change your path? Tired of hanging on to all that old crap? Put your baggage behind you and take that leap like a true balla. Situations call for optimism, faith and fearlessness. Original thinking. Beware of the biters at your heels but do what you gonna do anyways. Jump in, no parachute required. Thinking of a world tour? Do it, dawg.

Reversed: Why you being a fraidy cat? Change is inevitable and it’s time to embrace

it. Sure, there is some unknown stuff ahead but why cling to that old familiar crud that you know sucks the life out of you? Time to gather your courage muscles and make that move. The old way isn’t hip anymore. In fact, it’s not doing a thing for you. That being said, nothing wrong with scoping out the scenario before you dive in. Looking


before you leap could prevent some bullshit later on. Hold back but don’t hold on. Other wise advice: stop acting the fool. Grow up.

Affirmation: I am ready for the next chapter in my life. Theme song: Learning To Fly by Tom Petty

Journaling prompt: When have you taken a major risk? Write about your experience. Rap:

The doors bout to open six feet wide

Are you gonna hold back or will you step inside It’s time for a change, don’t be old skool

If you hold back now, I pity da Fool Time to let go

Go wid the flow


the magician

Do you believe in magic?

Keywords: talent, skill, power, magic, control, manifest, tools, mastery, willpower, focus Attributes: Mercury

General meaning: The Magician is the card of talent and power. You’ve got the mad

skillz to accomplish your goals at this time. It’s time to make the most of your abilities. Know that you have everything you need to manifest whatever it is you have in mind. Your tools are right at your fingertips. Proceed with total confidence and find the magic within yourself now. Met a new person? Chemistry and pure animal attraction.

Prepare for some hot action.

Reversed: Not ready for prime time. You don’t have your shit together at this time.

Better to pull back and wait until you are absolutely ready. Jump in without the right knowledge and you risk blowing it and looking like a newbie. Take your time to develop yourself more. This card can also signal an abuse of power. Don’t be a dick.


Affirmation: I recognize my ability to manifest my goals through the skills I have within


Theme song: Magic by Nick Drake

Journaling prompt: What is your secret (or not so secret) power? Write about your

greatest talents, both recognized and latent.


You got dat wand in the air Don’t wave it around Focus dat will

Point yo finger to the ground You wanna be G

Here’s tha secret sauce: Own dat shit


the high priestess

Feminine wisdom

Keywords: intuition, feminine wisdom, hidden knowledge, secrecy, initiation,

receptivity, spirituality, the inner world

Attributes: Moon

General meaning: The High Priestess is all about trusting that killer instinct you have

within yourself. Got a hunch about something? Go with it. This is time to really listen to your gut. Before making a decision of power, look within and seek out the answers. They are there. You don’t need confirmation from anyone but your own divine self. This card is also about keeping secrets. If someone confides in you, keep that dirt on the down low.

Reversed: You’ve lost touch with your own mojo. Time to get back to the source. Turn

off the outer noise so that you can hear the inner voice. Bad vibes. This is not the time to reveal your top secret plans. Too many big mouths around you – or maybe you got the loose lips? Bitches can be snitches.


Affirmation: All the answers I need are within myself. I trust my own intuition. Theme song: Intuition by Jewel

Journaling prompt: Ever have a crazy hunch that turned out to be off the chart right

on? Journal about that shizz.


She move in mysterious wayz

Look into those eyes and dat serious gaze

Dat bitch knows something and it may be right on Look into her heart and turn your own light on Behind that veil lies all that can be

It only takes belief if you want to see If you wanna be the baddest lady boss You gotta trust your own secret sauce.


the empress

Mother earth

Keywords: feminine power, abundance, fertility, pregnancy, marriage, creativity,

receptivity, pleasure, mothering, nurturing, giving birth (literally or figuratively)

Attributes: Venus

General meaning: This beautiful card indicates that a period of great creativity is

ahead. Whether that be creating art, a new life, a new venture, or a child, this is a marker that all signs are a go. The energy of the Empress is abundant – the wheat field at her feet suggests a good harvest in the future. When discussing relationships, this card can indicate marriage. This is one of the best indicators of pregnancy – in a reading asking about motherhood not only can this indicate conception but also the ability and readiness to be a good parent.

Reversed: A lack of abundance or fertility issues. Unexpected or problem pregnancy.

Whoops. In a reading about marriage, this can indicate problems ahead. Creative blocks. Issues with mom (aka Mommie Dearest!). Turning into mom (not necessarily a


bad thing – unless your mom is Joan Crawford). Baby momma drama. Helicopter parenting. Let your kid breathe and just be a kid, eh?

Affirmation: My creativity and abundance are unlimited.

Theme song: Mother by Danzig, Mother Mother by Tracy Bonham

Journaling prompt: When do you feel the most creative? Grab your journal and

unload your thoughts on creativity.


You gotta believe If you wanna conceive It’s positive perception No Immaculate conception Total reception

No such thing as recession My money is long

My beat is strong

My love for my momma is In dis song


Can you feel me now? Is dis the real me now? Don’t sweat ma technique Don’t get it freaked

Da chillax queen Empress Don’t need to impress. Go awn now…..


the emperor

Like a boss

Keywords: Order, structure, authority, power, boss, masculine, father, ownership,


Attributes: Aries

General meaning: The Emperor represents stability, order and dominion. When this

stern fellow shows up in your reading, issues of power and control may be at play. This is one of my favorite cards to see when asking about business success – it indicates achievement through hard work and discipline. Often the Emperor can represent dealings with authority figures – whether that represents your boss or dear old dad, it’s all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T for da man. If you’re the one in that power position? Time to boss up and command respect. Don’t be a square. (PS this is a positive indicator for marriage too!)

Reversed: Uh oh – here we go from order to disorder, from power to power trippin’,

from authority to tyranny. What seems secure turns oppressive and shaky. A coup may be possible. Now is the time to get your act together, to work towards stability. Get the


ego out of the way and get down to some serious business. Weak leadership leads to weak sauce in any endeavor. If this represents a male in your life, he could be a total control freak. Run.

Affirmation: I am my own authority. Theme song: Like A Boss by Slim Thug

Journaling prompt: Recall a time in your life when you felt totally in control of events.

What did you do to get into that position? How did you feel? Grab that journal and write it out, playa.


Time to channel Rick Ross And own it, BO$$

Negotiate and don’t hesitate Real trill Gs ain’t got time to hate Listen close, you better

It’s all about the cheddar Get dat ass to work Don’t try to shirk

And don’t throw me no shade Work is how empires are made


Wanna achieve Bossmosis? Be the playa with the mostest Word.


the hierophant

The pope is dope!

Keywords: tradition, structure, teacher, mentor, counselor, religion, dogma, advice,

status quo, organization, conformity, rules, church, obedience

Attributes: Taurus

General meaning: It may be best to follow the established rules at this time. Don’t

rock the boat – instead go with tradition. Feeling confused about a situation? A visit to a wise counselor or teacher can help you sort that stuff out. Sometimes a spiritual perspective is what you need to get back on track. Been really bad? Get your arse to confession and stop that nonsense. Often this card can indicate a religious ceremony like a wedding or baptism – so if your honey is acting reluctant, be patient. You may get to that altar in due time.

Reversed: Time to fight the man! Conformity goes out the window and a new order is

ready to rumble into place. Question EVERYTHING. Don’t accept the standard way. This is time for revolution, even if only a personal inward one. Break the rules and think


for yourself. Problems with authority. Feeling like an outcast in your tribe. Rebellion. Originality. Don’t be a biter.

Affirmation: I embrace traditions both old and new.

Theme song: Authority Song by John Mellencamp – reversed Hierophant: Fight The

Power by Public Enemy (you can guess which one I prefer – ha!)

Journaling prompt: Think back to a time when you had to follow the rules and fit in.

Was that challenging for you? Or were you able to find a way to do this with ease? Get your journal and write about authority figures and rules.


Feeling confused About all the rules Go with the flow It’s the status quo Teachers ‘n preachers

They demonstrate and educate But if you feeling hate


You gotta break free And find your own fate

The only revolution to participate Is the one inside – so why you wait?


the lovers

All you need is love

Keywords: romance, partnership, love, choices, duality, opposites, union Attributes: Gemini (Air)

General meaning: Who doesn’t like to see love in the forecast? I sure do as I’m a

romantic at heart. The Lovers can often indicate a relationship coming into your life. Although this is usually romantic in nature, it can be any sort of relationship where good communication is involved. If you are considering getting involved with someone for love or business, this is a hell yeah! This card can also indicate a choice. When

making a choice, follow your heart but be sure you are looking at what option is best for your highest good.

Reversed: You give love a bad name. Divorce, breaking up, emotional chaos. Reverse

this card and things become murky and unstable. If you are asking about love, this may be suggesting a need for counseling and/or reevaluating where the relationship is going. If you are faced with a difficult decision, now is not the time to be impulsive. Best to take your time and be mindful about what you want. I have often seen this card


represent a choice with regrets. It don’t have to be that way, homie. Think before you act.

Affirmation: I am love.

Theme song: Love Song by The Cure

Journaling prompt: Think about the biggest romantic decision you have ever faced in

your life. Marriage? Dumping that zero? Taking a risk on that shy stranger? Get your journal out and write that shizz down.


Hey, have you found the one, dawg? Or is it hit and run, yo?

Do you know if it’s done though? Is it getting redundant, no? Finding the right dude is so Complicate til you see through Open your heart if you want to Take a chance with a miscue You might get a whole new boo


Or a little shawty so cute Love is in da air so true true You don’t need a love guru Gonna go for it and say ooh ooh Get dat romantic breakthrough. You got all da right moves


the chariot

Take the wheel

Keywords: triumph, directed willpower, control, direction, movement, progress, vehicle Attributes: Cancer (Water)

General meaning: Things are progressing. The reigns are firmly in your hands and you

can move ahead with confidence. It’s time to put the past in your rear view mirror and stay focused on the road ahead. Not sure where you are going? Investigate more than one path if you please. In time, it will become clear as ice. You got this, dawg. In the market for some new wheels? Whatcha waiting for – go on and get ‘em.

Reversed: Your overconfident nature is about to bite you in the arse. Moving ahead

without a plan or clue. Things are getting out of control and you need to pull it together or face complete chaos. This reversal can also indicate getting stuck – whether that be stagnancy or simply being a stick in the mud, it’s not cool. Control freaks. Car problems and travel issues.


Theme song: Wood Grain Wheel by Slim Thug

Journaling prompt: Think of a time in your life when you felt crystal clear about your

path. What events prompted this feeling? What were the circumstances that preceded this situation? Get dat journal out and write that shizz down.


Get dat wheel and drive, dawg It’s fo real and live, dawg Who you tryin’ to jive, dawg Life is a thrill ride, dawg It’s not just survive, dawg How you gonna arrive, dawg? Don’t be all contrived, dawg No need to connive, dawg You know what I implied, dawg It’s about to get world wide, dawg.



You got da power

Keywords: strength, inner power, self control, control, calm, taming, endure, willpower Attributes: Leo

General meaning: The appearance of the Strength card often indicates an ability to

transcend the obstacles around you through your inner strength. No matter what you are facing, know that you have the power within to master the issue. Applied willpower leads to results. Your strength may be tested now – stay the course and don’t lose hope. Strength can also indicate taming the animal desires. Your vices can be controlled – it’s up to you. Sometimes this card can also indicate taking control and shutting some shit down. Time for a smack down!

Reversed: You’ve lost it, dawg. Things may be spiraling out of your control. Get your

act together. Submitting to the situation at hand or giving up. Fear takes over. Struggles for control or dominance. Who’s really in charge? Stand up for yourself – don’t be weak sauce. Know when to shut yo trap.


Affirmation: I have the power to change anything in my life. Theme song: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

Journaling prompt: Ponder a time in your life when you needed to be strong. What

fears did you need to overcome? How did you move past your obstacles? Get that journal out and write that rap down.


You got 99 problems Now that is whack Time to shut it down I got yer back

Don’t let that shit Get your brain fried You got this handled Da power’s inside.


the hermit

Time out

Keywords: inner wisdom, solitude, withdrawal, quiet, teacher or guru, research, seeker Attributes: Virgo (Earth)

General meaning: In order to get the answers you seek, it may be time to turn inward.

Shut out your distractions so that you may discover the wisdom within. Answers are rarely found in another – everything you need is within yourself. This card can also indicate a need to withdraw from circumstances in order to get a better perspective. Sometimes a player needs a break from the grind.

Reversed: Repeating your past mistakes. Not learning. This can indicate a lack of

wisdom. Doing things without thinking of the consequences. It can also indicate the extremes of solitude – like being some sort of creepy recluse. Don’t lock yourself away. It gets mighty lonely on that mountain top.

Affirmation: Everything I need is within me. I don’t need to look outside myself for


Theme song: All By Myself by Eric Carmen

Journaling prompt: Spend a day alone without speaking or connecting with anyone

(that means no social media!). How does it feel to unplug? Journal about this experience.


There’s a time to play And a time to wait Real trill Gs

Don’t risk their fate Shut it down

Inside your head Go back to yo crib Get still instead You want answers Get in the know All that shizz Is inside you, yo.


wheel of fortune

Spinning wheel

Keywords: luck, change, a turn of events, karma, movement, shift, improvement, fate Attributes: Jupiter

General meaning: A major change for the better is in the works. If you have been

toiling away, the Universe is now ready to move things in your favor. Whether this be luck or simply the consequences of past decisions, know that everything is turning and moving.

Reversed: What goes up, must come down. A downturn. Getting stuck in a major rut.

Hitting a big ole speed bump. Luck runs out. Karma comes calling. If you’ve been doing shizz you’re not supposed to be doing, it is time to pay your dues. Don’t gamble with your luck, dude.

Affirmation: I create my own luck.


Journaling prompt: Do you believe in luck or fate? Or do you think you create your

own reality? Get that journal out and write your thoughts down.


If you running on luck You gonna get f*cked When dues come due Whatcha gonna do?

Luck is something you create You’re mad in charge – it’s yo fate.



Do the right thing

Keywords: fairness, court, justice, balance, weighing options, seeing both sides,

consequences, integrity, honesty, truth, law, middle path

Attributes: Libra (Air)

General meaning: No matter what is happening, you can be sure that the universe is

playing it fair. Justice is being done and you need to trust that you are now seeing the results of past actions. Things are being made “right”. If you are dealing with legal issues, the outcome will be just. Situations may call for harmony and balance. If you are making decisions at this time, weigh all options carefully to find the middle ground. Do the right thing. Time to lay down the law.

Reversed: Justice delayed is justice denied. Unfairness. Getting ripped off. Feeling

oppressed by the court system or “the man”. Getting caught with your hands in the cookie jar. Not a good time to be trying to work the system. Being treated unfairly. Racial profiling. Dirty court shenanigans. Crooked lawyers. Case delayed. Best for you to be chilling now until things blow over.


Affirmation: I treat others the way I want to be treated. Theme song: I Fought The Law by The Clash

Journaling prompt: Think about a time when life felt unfair. What was happening to

you then? How were you reacting to these events? Get that journal out and riff on fairness/unfairness.


Don’t matter if you a dude Or you a lady

If you riding dirty Or be acting shady

This shiz will catch up with you Then whatcha gonna do?

Take a tip from me and get a clue Playas keep it real and pay their dues Do it right and keep it tight

Then you’ll be able to sleep at night Life only gives you what you give out That’s what justice be all about.


the hanged man


Keywords: sacrifice, letting go, faith, suspension, waiting, hang ups, martyr, illusion,


Attributes: Neptune

General meaning: Now is the time to put things on hold until you can get a better

perspective. Non action. A period of waiting may be necessary and wise. If you don’t like the way things are looking, you may need to look at them differently. This is also the card of sacrifice, letting go, surrender – what do you need to release? What are you reading and willing to let go of?

Reversed: Holding on for dear life. Fear of letting go. Feeling like a victim.

Persecution complex. If you are adapting these mindsets, your situation will persist. Only by having the faith to let go can you move past your limitations. This can also represent being victimized or framed. Depending on the other cards present, this can indicate finding the courage to let go once and for all. Stand on your own two feet, fool. Benedict Arnold.


Affirmation: I trust that things will work out as they should. Theme song: Surrender by Cheap Trick

Journaling prompt: Consider a time when your faith was tested. What was that

experience like? How did you feel? Get your journal and write that shizz down.


Be a firestarter Not no effing martyr Get off dat cross And be a Boss How you do dat? Simple and phat Own it, let go



This is the end

Keywords: ending, transition, transformation, release, change, severance Attributes: Scorpio (Water)

General meaning: This is a time for endings. Out with the old and in with the new. In

order for growth to take place, the outworn must be discarded. A major transition. A new cycle is ahead. Release your attachment to what was and welcome the

transformation ahead.

Reversed: Holding on for dear life. A refusal to accept change. Stuck in a rut. Limbo.

Should this card show up reversed in your reading, it’s time to reexamine the stagnant spots in your life. Always remember that the only thing that is unchanging is change. Move on, let go, it’s over, dawg.

Affirmation: I embrace change with an open mind. Theme song: The End by The Doors


Journaling prompt: What is changing in your life right now? How do you feel about

this transition? Are you accepting it – or resisting? Get that journal out and write about it, warts and all.


Things are changing Stuff rearranging It may feel deranging But it’s liberating Go with the flow, yo Move like a mofo Get with the show, bro The end is coming fo’ sho.



Balancing act

Keywords: moderation, balance, healing, alchemy, middle ground, patience, blending,

harmony, guardian angel

Attributes: Sagittarius (Fire)

General meaning: It is time to pause on your journey and consider what you have

learned thus far. How are you going to integrate those lessons into your life? Balance and harmony; finding the middle path. Temperance is also a gentle reminder to remain patient – allow things to work out the way they need to. Rather than trying to force an issue, go with the flow. If you are making any major decisions, weigh your options carefully.

Reversed: Everything’s zen? I don’t think so. Everything is out of whack and it is time

for a major adjustment – even if only your attitude. The energy is all over the place. Disruption. This card can also indicate doing things to excess ala Liberace. Pull yourself back to the center. Lose the bling and seek the real thing.


Affirmation: I create perfect harmony in my life.

Theme song: Get The Balance Right by Depeche Mode

Journaling prompt: What does it mean to live in harmony? How do you find balance

in your day to day life? What areas of your life are not in sync? Journal that stuff, yo.


Shizz hit the fan That ain’t dope But you be learning You can cope Adjust your mind Go with the flow Chillax yo self


the devil


Keywords: bondage, materialism, negativity, slavery, addiction, stuck, jealousy,

deviance, excess

Attributes: Capricorn (Earth)

General meaning: When this card pops up in a reading, you can be assured that

things are taking a turn towards the dark and obsessive. The Devil is about being “stuck” and limited by a situation. The energy is oppressive and heavy. This card can represent addiction in the absolute worse sense. Notice that the chains are loose on the figures – a sign that the situation can change if you want to (or find the courage muscles to let go). It is also a reminder to check yourself before you wreck yourself – are you allowing envy, greed or negativity to taint your world view? Where can you let go a little more?

Reversed: A big ole release! Bondage, schmondage – now you’re free and able to


situation. Leaving an abusive relationship. This is the big shift in consciousness from victim to victor. Liberation, baby!

Affirmation: I find the courage to release my limitations. Theme song: Sympathy For the Devil by The Rolling Stones Journaling prompt: Journal about what it means to be “stuck.” Rap:

Nothing is as tragic As your own black magic Letting negativity

Decide what will be You’re only as stuck As you want to believe You can get unfucked Choose to release.


the tower

Talkin’ about a revolution

Keywords: chaos, disruption, tearing down, rebuilding, uncertainty, blow,

enlightenment, unexpected change, overthrow, revolution

Attributes: Mars

General meaning: The Tower card is a sign that things are about to change –

drastically. This is revolution time, baby. Time to tear all that shit down and start fresh. Don’t try to resist as this is necessary. The ground is being razed to prepare for a new foundation. This card can sometimes indicate violence or a hostile takeover so pay attention to where it shows up in a reading. Everything is about to shift and when it is all done and the dust settles, peace and enlightenment comes. Major crown chakra action.

Reversed: The calm before the storm. A disaster averted. The energy becomes less

intense – more like a small tremor rather than the big earthquake. Clinging to the realm (Thanks Game of Thrones! Ha!). If you are holding on, make sure that your reason for doing so is worth it. Fear of change. Putting a cap on it. Chicken Little – the sky is not falling after all. Stop stressin’, yo.


Affirmation: I am ready to evolve.

Theme song: The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix Journaling prompt: What is your greatest fear? Rap:

One for the money Two for the show Three to get ready For dat Tower to blow Shizz hit da fan Get outta the way

You’ll appreciate this shift Later today.


the star

Make a wish!

Keywords: hope, optimism, healing, balance, spirituality, health, well being, peace,

wishes, vulnerability, success, balance

Attributes: Aquarius (Air)

General meaning: The Star card represents renewal and hope. This is the healing and

peace that takes place after the storm. Optimism is restored and wishes are being fulfilled. Things are looking up! Positive vibes. You can shed your inhibitions and just be authentically you. Taking center stage. Fame: baby, you’re a star!

Reversed: Bummer time. Debbie Downer. Hopes diminish and fear takes over.

Depression or illness. A situation suddenly becomes hopeless. Stepping back from the limelight. Fear of being yourself. Feeling meh…..

Affirmation: I see the good in myself and in my situation. Theme song: I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly


Journaling prompt: What do you hope for? Rap:

At the end of yo rope? You can cope

Stop dat mope Hope is dope.


the moon

Moon child

Keywords: intuition, illusion, deception, darkness, reflection, fear, subconscious,

dreams, difficulty, fear, imagination

Attributes: Pisces (Water)

General meaning: The Moon portends a difficult, unclear path ahead. Things may not

be what they seem – therefore, you need to proceed with caution. There may be unexpected problems and drama, which could complicate matters. The primary vibe here is anxiety – it may be time to examine your fears. The dark night of the soul. Imagination could be rampant – ground yourself and try not to work yourself up in a lather. Watch out for liars and haters.

Reversed: The objectivity you seek finally becomes oh-so-clear as day. All things

come out in the open and you now know what you are working with. Truth always comes to the surface. No more hiding – it’s obvious. Fear is vanished and you can proceed with confidence. A strong message in your dreams – pay attention to that shit.


Affirmation: I know that I will find my way.

Theme song: The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen

Journaling prompt: I am a huge believer in recording dreams. If you have not, start a

dream journal and begin keeping track of your nightly visions.


Nothing is clear You cannot see What lies ahead What can dat be? You feeling scared Chillax homie Just slow it down No anx-i-ety

Sometimes the dark Hides the biggest crime But nothing is as shady As my dope ass rhyme!


the sun

Here comes the sun

Keywords: optimism, success, joy, birth, happiness, health, inner child, energy,


Attributes: Sun (Fire)

General meaning: A joyous and happy outcome. Success at last! The freedom to

enjoy the fruits of your labor. Celebration and pleasure. The clouds are lifted and you can proceed with confidence. Birth of a beloved child. This is the card I want to see in a reading when I am looking for a positive sign (PS it’s my favorite card in the deck). Big time recognition. It is your time to grab that spotlight and run with it, yo.

Reversed: Still a good outcome but less happy happy joy joy – more like a quieter yet

still optimistic future. Delayed gratification. Having a hard time stepping into that spotlight and taking a bow. (Could also be someone else taking credit for your stuff!) If other negative cards surround this, it could indicate sadness. Bratty kids.


Theme song: Don’t Look Back Into the Sun by the Libertines (or Mr. Blue Sky by ELO

for you classic rockers!)

Journaling prompt: Think back to a time when you felt free, happy and full of

optimism. What was happening in your life at that time? What experiences might bring you the same feeling now?


At the end of the day When all’s said and done Will you count your problems Or have some fun

Step out from the shade Don’t be bent

Give yo’ self props And represent!



The calling

Keywords: rebirth, ending, higher calling, announcement, judgment, transformation,

reawakening, passage, renewal, shift, oneness

Attributes: Pluto

General meaning: You are being called to something greater. Now is the time to let

go of the old and rise up! A major rebirth is possible. This is the end of an important chapter – you are integrating the lessons from that time and seeing the light. Listen to your conscience and do the right thing. Taking the high road. The cosmic wake up call. Tooting your own horn.

Reversed: A critical error in judgment. Your perspective is skewed. You may have lost

the ability to be objective or to follow your inner guidance and now you may suffer the consequences from that. Getting stuck in a rut. Refusal to hear the call. Religious fanatics, false prophets and cults. You may be judged unfairly by some bigot. Ignore that negation, playa.


Affirmation: I am ready to receive my higher calling.

Theme song: The End Is The Beginning Is The End by The Smashing Pumpkins Journaling prompt: Consider how you act as a judge in your own life or in others.

What would it feel like to remove the inner/outer critic?


There’s a very fine line Between discerning And judgmental

Is your critique aligned Or are you burning Accidental?

Think before you whine Be concerning

And developmental. Let a homie shine Respect be earning


the world

It’s all yours

Keywords: completion, ending, success, travel, closure, graduation, Universe,

freedom, environment, rebirth

Attributes: Saturn

General meaning: Congratulations – you have successfully completed a major cycle/

mission or lesson! Your journey is now coming to a conclusion and you’re getting ready for the next chapter. A feeling of elation and completion. Your karmic work is done. You’ve reached your goal and it’s all good, baby. If you’ve been struggling with an issue, closure is now at hand. A good omen for long distance travel. Think globally, act locally.

Reversed: Limbo time. You may feel as if things are on hold. What lesson did you not

learn? What things are unfinished? Loose ends are dangling. Time to tie that shizz up so that you can move forward. If you don’t have closure on an issue, you can’t let anything new enter your life. Unfinished business. Everything is up in the air. Travel problems.


Affirmation: I am complete.

Theme song: Hey World by Michael Franti

Journaling prompt: How do you feel about the world you live in today? What are your

hopes for the future of the world? Your world?


Closure is king

That’s the word on the street Finish dat karma

Time to complete What you wanna be When this shizz is done? Going out on top


the minors


ace of cups

New love

Keywords: new love, new emotional beginning, proposal, marriage, new relationship,

rekindling, offer, heart opening

General meaning: The Ace of Cups indicates that a romantic offer awaits you. A new

suitor or partnership. If you are looking for love, it’s very likely that something positive is on the horizon. Emotionally, this is a time to open yourself up. Be vulnerable and express the softer side of your self (you don’t always have to be a straight up thug – show that tender side!). A great card for weddings, proposals, births or any sort of heart centered celebration.

Reversed: An emotional disappointment. Perhaps the other person is not feeling the

same as you. They may be unavailable emotionally or have commitment issues. Being turned down. Feeling let down and depressed – or blocked. If this card is combined with the Devil, it can speak of serious addiction issues. Time to get some intervention in da house.


Theme song: Looking For a New Love by Jody Watley

Journaling prompt: When have you been completely open emotionally? What did that

feel like? What was the situation that created this opportunity?


My cup runnin’ over Its on overflow My heart be open I’m ready, yo

Those days of rappin’ Might be done this time It’s R&B

Smooth lovin’ rhyme. (And dat ain’t no crime!)


two of cups

Come together

Keywords: relationship, love, romance, meeting, engagement, marriage, healing

General meaning: If you are in the market for love, the Two of Cups indicates that you

may be meeting someone soon. This card can also signify any sort of positive partnership – friendship or even work related. It’s all about connecting and coming together to form a healthy and lasting alliance. Sometimes this card can indicate a wedding or engagement. Sharing a common goal. Healing. Meeting halfway. Compromise. Engagement. Romance. That loving feeling. Love at first sight.

Reversed: You may be having a hard time seeing eye to eye. Relationships take a

difficult turn. Communication breakdown. A separation is possible. Perhaps you both want different things at this time? Something or someone may be coming between you. Disputes and arguments. A missed romantic opportunity. Disinterest. He’s not that into you.


Theme song: Let’s Stay Together by Al Green

Journaling prompt: How do you show up in a relationship? Do you communicate

openly? Do you express your feelings with your loved ones? Get out that journal,contemplate and then write it down.


You ready for lovin’ You about to get dat wish Git your booty out there And give it a swish You want a partner It ain’t hard to find Make dat effort Git your goal aligned Then be the best you That you can be

And they’ll be all on you Like honey and a bee.


three of cups

Party all the time

Keywords: celebration, friendships, support, party, gathering, fun, joy, achievement,

weddings, bridal or baby showers

General meaning: It’s time to celebrate! Whether you are attending a party or simply

celebrating a victory, get the champagne out and live large. This card can signify a formal celebration like a wedding or an informal girl’s night out. It can also indicate a circle of support when you really need it. The Three of Cups is usually a welcome sight in any romantic reading BUT it can also indicate a love triangle if other cards support it (ex: The Devil).

Reversed: The party is over. Premature celebration. Getting all drunk ‘n stupid.

You’re going to regret that overindulgence in the morning, pal. A lack of support at a time when you need it most. Friends let you down. Interference from an outside source. Gossip and bickering. Someone is running their mouth about your business.


Theme song: Ladies Night by Kool and the Gang

Journaling prompt: Where can you find joy and pleasure in your life right now? Focus

on something that makes you happy and journal about it.


Get the crew together Let’s celebrate

Time to chill And conversate Pop the bubbly And give a toast We be bossing up Cause we da most. It’s no secret We on the verge Big success ‘N living large.

So gather your peeps And hit da club

Real true playas Just warmin’ up.


four of cups

So bored

Keywords: boredom, apathy, withdrawal, discontent, rejection, offering, meditation General meaning: You’ve pulled away to regroup. Why? Because what’s in front of

you hasn’t been satisfying. This is a period of contemplation and sorting out the

options. Everything seems stale and boring. Meh. Are you unable to see the cool stuff right in front of your face? Maybe you’re just a malcontent. Rejecting. Pushing away help. Either you’re a bummer or getting all Zen ‘n stuff.

Reversed: A new outlook. That mental/emotional breakthrough that you needed is at

hand. Voila – no more complacency. You’re getting a big ole sign from the Universe. It’s like right there. Stop messing around and act on it. Getting back in the game after some time away.

Affirmation: I choose to see the opportunities in front of me. Theme song: Mope by Bloodhound Gang


Journaling prompt: Find the most boring task you can imagine. Notice where your

mind goes when you are engaged in this task. Can you stay focused on the work at hand or does your mind drift? Journal about your findings.


So you decided you’re bored And hate everything

What do you expect Constant thrills and bling? Drop that attitude

Let go of dat mope You might just find Dat yo’ life is dope. You don’t really need Swag every minute Get back in da game Jump right in it.


five of cups

Good grief

Keywords: disappointment, loss, hurt, sorrow, grieving, regret, depression

General meaning: You have suffered a loss and are now moving through the grieving

process. The pain is real and you must move through it. This card is all about deep loss and regret. The energy here can get stuck in wallow mode. Can you forgive and move on? There is something very good on the horizon but if you only choose to look at what you have lost you will never be able to see what you can have. Put the water under the bridge and start again.

Reversed: A whole new emotional outlook is at hand. It’s time to move on and let that

old shizz go. Recovery time, baby. You’re ready to get on with your life. Major healing ahead. Forgiveness work.

Affirmation: I am ready to deal with my losses and regrets in a healthy manner. Theme song: I’ll Be Missing You by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans


Journaling prompt: Think of a time when you experienced a great loss. How did you

cope? What did you do to move forward? Journal about your process.


Let’s talk a little bit bout the Five of Cups Loss is part of growin’ up

You can’t avoid it or run away

Sooner or later every dog has his day Even a thug has to feel some pain No one is immune, we all the same Learn from the grief but let it go It’s all part of the journey, dig it yo.


six of cups

Blast from da past

Keywords: pleasure, nostalgia, friendship, meeting, gifts, security, romance, the past,

reunion, childlike

General meaning: If you are in the market for love, you may be meeting a romantic

partner or being courted. This could be someone new but more often, it’s a suggestion of a blast from the past or someone with whom you are already familiar. The energy here is about returning to one’s roots. Whether that be an old love, a former job or old memories, the past is calling. You may be receiving a gift – don’t look that gift horse in the mouth. Say thank you.

Reversed: The energy moves from nostalgia to being hung up on the past. As in

constantly bitching about the present and longing for days gone by. Those good old days may not be as good as you remember. It’s time to stop clinging to what was and embrace what is. Any sort of emotional immaturity, yours or others, will hold you back now. Man up and stop that b.s..


Theme song: Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day

Journaling prompt: What have you learned from your past mistakes? What are your

takeaways that you can bring into the future for better decision making?


You all hung up Now dats a shame You can’t go back It ain’t da same Wanna revisit? Go ahead

But just remember All that shit is dead.


seven of cups

Decisions, decisions

Keywords: daydream, illusion, choices, fantasy, visions, options, hesitation, temptation,


General meaning: You may be dreaming and scheming. Your head is in the clouds.

This is the card of daydreaming of what could be. Can you find a way to bring those dreams down to earth and turn them into something tangible? The Seven of Cups can also indicate having many choices before you like a kid in the candy store. It may be difficult to figure out which is the right one at this time. Don’t make a rash decision. In a romantic reading, this card can indicate commitment issues. “I don’t know what I want.” Too much bling.

Reversed: Things are becoming clear at last. You now know what actions to take to

move your dreams forward. A choice may be made for you. On a negative note, this could also indicate the end of a dream; being brought back to cold, hard reality. Confusion. An overactive imagination.


Theme song: Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics

Journaling prompt: What dreams have you given up on? What are the dreams you

would like to bring to life? Journal about your dreams, both unrealized and desired.


You got big dreams But you lacking action Gotta make a move It’s da law of attraction Big shizz happens With a plan of attack Show dem haters


eight of cups

Walk away

Keywords: leaving, moving on, retreat, abandonment, travel, quest, solitary, journey;


General meaning: It may be time to move on. You’ve outgrown the current situation.

Sometimes a playa just needs a new perspective. What’s on the other side of that mountain? You won’t know by staying in your comfort zone. Move along, little dogie. You might be surprised at what you find – or learn about yourself. Going away. A great card for hitting the road or leaving for a retreat. (In a negative spread, this can indicate going to prison.)

Reversed: You’re not ready to leave. You keep going back to the scene of the crime.

What lesson are you clinging too? On the other hand, perhaps it is not time to walk away just yet. Return to the situation until you fully understand it. Travel problems. Having to turn around and go right back home. The prodigal son (or daughter or wayward lover) returns.


Theme song: Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You by Led Zeppelin

Journaling prompt: What are you ready to leave? Where are you holding on? Why?

Journal about that shizz.


I’m moving on This shit is done I was ready to go

When it stopped being fun Whatever it was

It ain’t no more Don’t stop me I’m out that door I gotz to leave And I ain’t gonna lie The grass is greener On the other side So step outta my way And let me go

Staying here


But listen close

Cause here’s the deal It was good but

I gotta keep it real. I gotta do me And you do you That’s just life


nine of cups

Sitting pretty

Keywords: wishes granted, indulgence, satisfaction, plenty, happiness, wealth, comfort,


General meaning: The Nine of Cups is traditionally known as the “wish fulfillment” card

and a good omen that you are going to get exactly what you want. Make a wish! Of course, ever the practical sage, I like to add: be specific and careful because the Universe is listening, yo. This card also speaks of feeling satisfied and comfortable. You got what you need around you – and then some. Be grateful because you are sitting oh-so-pretty at this moment.

Reversed: The energy goes from satisfaction to over indulgence. Suddenly, nothing is

enough and you’re going all Gordon Gecko greedy. Smugness. Party animal. Overdoing things. Excess. Weight gain (consequences on all that extravagance). Wishes unfulfilled. Or you got what you want and it turned out to be not so great. Buyer’s remorse (or wisher’s remorse!). Laziness.


Theme song: I Wish by R Kelly

Journaling prompt: I’m a magic genie and I’m going to grant you three wishes. What

would be the most important ones for you?


What you wishing for What do you want? Put that out there And don’t say can’t. A killer job or

A brand new car Maybe you could be The next rap star Or maybe you want A slammin’ girl like Barbie Throw that wish in the well Like Terence Trent D’arby Believe in yo dreams

Keep your goals in your heart But then be willing to work


And do your part The Universe helps Those who believe And work real hard


ten of cups

A happy ending

Keywords: happiness, the happy ending, completion, support, family, celebration, “the

good life”, home, security, unity, harmony

General meaning: Pleasure and happiness. This card indicates that life is looking

good, particularly in domestic and family matters. There are many reasons to celebrate now – even if only the simple joy of being with your loved ones. Support is present if you need it. Whether this is for your home or work, the energy is “one big ole merry ‘n harmonious family”. This card can also indicate a perfect wrap up to a situation. Parties, celebrations, family reunions. Break out the bubbly and enjoy the upbeat vibe.

Reversed: Family troubles create a crack in the foundation. Squabbles and

disagreements make for a hellish home environment. The end of a good situation. Disintegration of support. One of those icky family gatherings with the people you want to see the least. The empty nest. The family from hell. Putting the fun in dysfunction.


Theme song: We Are Family by Sister Sledge

Journaling prompt: What does “family” or “home” mean to you? Rap:

When you work real hard And yo day is through Time to hang with the fam Or yo favorite crew

Cause it’s all about love At the end of the day It’s all dat matters Don’t downplay

Give yo mom and dad Some hella mad props They brought you here And raised you up You wouldn’t be you Without their genes Spittin’ that truth In my rap routine.


page of cups

The wanted child

Keywords: new love, love message, message from the heart or intuition, a well loved

child, fresh emotional start, infatuation

General meaning: The Page of Cups can indicate a love message or romantic

proposal may be coming your way. Someone is ready to express their feelings openly. Someone wants to be your boo. Reach out and touch someone. New love. Who’s crushing on you? A much wanted and very loved child may play an important role in the situation.

Reversed: Romance without maturity. A flirtation that doesn’t go far. Emotionally

infantile or naive. Codependence. Getting a “Dear John” letter. Rejection. Let that sucka go and move on. Experimenting with substances. A spoiled brat.

Affirmation: I am willing to express my feelings to my loved ones. Theme song: Love Note by Huss Baby


Journaling prompt: Write a love note to yourself. Rap:

Here’s the deal:

When you know you feel Show yo love

Be fo real

Say that fluffy stuff Don’t be scared Take a risk Go awn ‘n share Speak from the heart And be sincere Brave and open All love, no fear.




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