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Search Engine


An Hour a Day

David Szetela

Joseph Kerschbaum




Foreword ... xxxi

Introduction xxxiii

Chapter 1 The Art and Science of PPC Advertising 1

PPC and Direct Advertising Fundamentals 2

Components of a Successful PPC Campaign 5

Keywords 6 Ads 6 Bid Prices 7 Landing Pages 8 Conversion Path 10

PPC Campaign Uses 10

The Science of PPC 11

The Art of PPC 12

The State of the PPC Industry 13

Chapter 2 How the PPC Machine Works 17

Think Like a Search Engine 18

How and Where Ads Appear on SERPs 19

How Advertisements Are Triggered 20 How Advertisements Are Ranked 21 How Keyword Match Types Work 27

How Ads Appear on the Google Content Network 30

After the Click 33

Chapter 3 Core PPC Skills and Objectives 37

Learn Scientific Advertising and Ad Copywriting 38

Know Thy Customer 40

Ask the Right Questions 40 How Do Potential Customers Search? 41 What If There's No Search? 45


Chapter 4 Month 1—Research Keywords and Establish Campaign Structure


Week 1: Research Keywords 50

Monday: Defining Personas 50 Tuesday: Using Keyword Research Tools 51 Wednesday: Using Your Best Keyword Source—Your Intuition, and Reports 60 Thursday: Permuting and Concatenating 62 Friday: Researching Your Competitor's Keywords 63




O u

Week 2: Create Your Campaign Structure

Monday and Tuesday: Planning Your Campaign and Ad Group Structure Wednesday: Determining the Number and Granularity of Ad Groups Thursday: Getting Acquainted with AdWords Editor

Friday: Building Out the Campaign

Week 3: Adjust Campaign Settings

Monday: Setting Budgets and Delivery Methods

Tuesday and Wednesday: Setting Your Bidding Strategy and Options Thursday: Targeting Networks and Devices

Friday: Using Ad Scheduling and Geo-Targeting

Week 4: Use Conversion Tracking and Set Click Pricing

Monday: Setting Up Conversion Tracking Tuesday: Setting Up Google Analytics Wednesday: Testing Conversion Tracking

Thursday: Determining Your Starting Keyword Bids Friday: Setting Keyword Bids

Chapter 5 Month 2-Create Great PPC Ads

Week 5: T a k e Stock of Your A d v a n t a g e s . . . . ' . Monday: Surveying Your Competition

Tuesday and Wednesday: Listing Your Own Advantages and Benefits Thursday: Creating Causes for Urgency

Friday: Collecting Your Resources

Week 6: Write Right

Monday: The Fundamentals

Tuesday: The Headline—The Most Important Characters Wednesday: Line 1—Features and Benefits

Thursday: Line 2—Urgent Calls to Action Friday: The Display URL

Week 7: Explore Industry Examples

Monday: The Single-Product Retailer Tuesday: The Multiple-Product Retailer Wednesday: The B2B Service Provider Thursday: The Professional Services Provider Friday: The Financial Services Provider

Week 8: Understand Ads for the Content N e t w o r k . Monday and Tuesday: Writing Contextual Text Ads

. 68

69 75 77 78

. 78

79 81 82 84

. 89

89 90 91 91 95


. 98

99 99 101 102


103 107 108 109 109











Wednesday: Writing Static Banner Ads Thursday: Creating Animated Banner Ads Friday: Advertising on YouTube

Friday Night: Taking Stock

Chapter 6 Month 3—Design Effective Landing Pages

Week 9: Understand the Differences between Site Pages and Landing Pages

Monday and Tuesday: One Store, Many Entrances Wednesday: The ADHD Site Visitor

Thursday: The Golden Triangle

Friday: The Risky Business of Landing Page Links Week 10: Create the Mock-up

Monday: Start with the Golden Triangle Tuesday: Bullet Points, Not Paragraphs Wednesday: The Hero Shot

Thursday: Action, Trust, and Privacy Friday: Sample B2C and B2B Mock-ups Week 11: Lay It All Out

Monday: If It's Not Helping, It's Hurting Tuesday and Wednesday: Form Design Thursday: Error Trapping and Handling Friday: Spouse Testing before Deployment Week 12: Design for Testing

Monday: Decide on Test Elements

Tuesday: Headlines, Subheadlines, and Hero Shots

Wednesday: Action Buttons, Bullet Points, and Form Elements Thursday: Testing Never Stops

Friday: Simple A/B Testing /

Chapter 7 Month 4—Advertise on the Google Content Network

Week 13: Understand Google Contextual Advertising . . . Monday: Ad Types and Sizes

Tuesday: Ad Formats

Wednesday and Thursday: Why Search Ads Don't Work on the Content Network

Friday: Demand Generation vs. Search Satisfaction Week 14: Build Keyword-Targeted Ad Groups Monday and Tuesday: Why Keywords Are Different Wednesday: Building Your Keyword List

Thursday: Demographic Bidding Friday: Ad-Frequency Capping

Week 15: Build Placement-Targeted Ad Groups Monday: Placement Targeting

Tuesday: Choosing Sites and Placements with the Placement Tool

116 117 122 124 126 127 128 129 131 132 133 133 134 134 135 136 137 139 140 140 142 144 145 145 146 147 148 148 151 152 152 156 158 161


162 165 170 171 173 173 174 n o z - I m Z H


Wednesday: Other Tools for Choosing Sites for Placements Thursday: Bidding Considerations

Friday: Separating Ad Types into Ad Groups

Week 16: Launch and Refine Your Content Campaign. . .

Monday: Flipping the Switch—Campaign-Management Checklist Tuesday:"Placement Performance Report

Wednesday: Site and Category Exclusion Thursday: Enhanced Ad Groups

Friday: Flipping the Switch (Again) and Judging Performance

Chapter 8 Month 5—Launch Your Campaign

xxvi H Z Hi H Z o

Week 17: Bid Your Brands

Monday: Your Brand May Be Weaker than You Think Tuesday: Brand and Domain Name Variations Wednesday: URL Variations

Thursday: Competitor Legal and Ethical Issues Friday: Competitor-Name Ad Groups

Week 18: Make Prelaunch Double-Checks

Monday: Budgets and Bid Prices Tuesday: Campaign Settings

Wednesday: Keywords—The Broad-Match Stomp Thursday: Verify Ad Destination URLs

Friday: Launching Initial Ad Testing

Week 19: Flip the Switch

Monday and Tuesday: Launching All Your Campaigns at Once? Wednesday: Are Your CTRs High Enough?

Thursday and Friday: Are You Reaching Your Target Conversion Rates and Costs?

Week 20: Perform Early Course-Correction

Monday: Activating Additional Ad Groups Tuesday: Adjusting Ad Group and Keyword Bids

Wednesday: Adding Keyword Variations to Winning Ad Groups Thursday and Friday: Adjusting Campaign Budget Limits

Chapter 9 Month 6—Optimize Your Campaign

Week 21: Review Your Top-Level Reports . .

Monday: Campaign and Ad Group Reports Tuesday: Network Distribution Reports Wednesday: Ad Performance Reports Thursday: URL Performance Reports

Friday: Placement/Keyword Performance Reports

Week 22: Review Your Deep-Level Reports .

Monday: Search Query Reports Tuesday: Impression Share Reports

Wednesday: Geographic Performance Reports Thursday: Placement Performance Reports Friday: Reach and Frequency Performance Reports

178 181 183


184 185 186 187 188



191 193 195 196 197 198 198 199 200 202 202


206 207 208


209 209 210 212



217 220 222 223 223


226 229 231 233 236


Week 23: Create Additional Useful Reports 236 Monday: Quality Score Reports 236 Tuesday: Demographic Performance Reports 236 Wednesday and Thursday: Google Analytics Reports 237 Friday: The My Change History Report 238 Week 24: Act on Your"Data and Optimize Your Account 239 Monday and Tuesday: Improving Your CTR 239 Wednesday: Improving Your Quality Score 241 Thursday and Friday: Improving Your Conversion Rate 242

Chapter 10 Month 7—Test Ads by Using Advanced Techniques 247

Week 25: Implement Advanced Text Ad Design 248 Monday: Google Dynamic Keyword Insertion 248 Tuesday: Ad Sitelinks 253 Wednesday: Product Extensions 256 Thursday: Product Listings 257 Friday: Local Extensions 259

Week 26: Insert Ad Text Symbols 261 x™

Monday: Bullets and Squares 262 n

Tuesday and Wednesday: Multiple Characters in One 262 § Thursday and Friday: Non-English Punctuation and Random Characters 263 m


Week 27: Use Google Content Nontext Ads 263 5 Monday and Tuesday: Static and Animated Banner Ads 264

Wednesday: Video Ads 266 Thursday: Mobile Banners 270 Friday: Banner Fatigue and Ad Rotation 272 Week 28: Perform Advanced Ad Testing 273 Monday: Set Up Split Tests , 273 Tuesday: Know What to Split Test 275 Wednesday and Thursday: Conduct Initial A/B Split Testing 278 Friday: Reflect on the Outcome of the Test 283

Chapter 11 Month 8—Test and Optimize Landing Pages 285

Week 29: Plan Your Tests 286 Monday: Prioritizing Test Elements 286 Tuesday: Testing Headlines 286 Wednesday: Testing Body Copy 288 Thursday: Testing Offers 290 Friday: Testing Other Elements of Your Landing Page 290 Week 30: Use Google Website Optimizer 294 Monday and Tuesday: Introducing Google Website Optimizer 294 Wednesday and Thursday: Tagging Pages for Google Website Optimizer 296 Friday: Validating Your Pages 298 Week 31: Conduct A/B and Multivariate Tests 298 Monday and Tuesday: Using A/B Split Testing 298 Wednesday and Thursday: Using Multivariate Testing 300 Friday: Choosing the Right Test Method 302


Week 32: Report and Interpret Results

Monday and Tuesday: Reporting in Google Website Optimizer Wednesday and Thursday: Interpreting Test Results

Friday: Reaching the End of Your Landing Page Testing

Chapter 12 Month 9^-Migrate Your Campaign to Microsoft and Yahoo!

Why Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter Matter Different Look, Same Strategy




Week 33: Understand YSM Differences and Advantages. . . . Monday: Standard and Advanced Match Types

Tuesday: Geo-targeting

Wednesday: Ad Types and Lengths Thursday: Ad Scheduling

Friday: Demographic Targeting

Week 34: Understand Microsoft adCenter Differences and Advantages

Monday: Keyword Match Types Tuesday: Geo-targeting

Wednesday: Ad Types and Lengths Thursday: Ad Scheduling Friday: Demographic Targeting

Week 35: Create Google AdWord Exports

Monday and Tuesday: Creating the Root CSV from AdWords Editor Wednesday and Thursday: Creating the Root CSV from Yahoo! Friday: Creating the Root CSV from adCenter

Week 36: Upload and Fine-Tune Monday: Uploading into Yahoo!

Tuesday: Troubleshooting Yahoo! Import Problems Wednesday: Uploading into adCenter

Thursday and Friday: Reviewing Campaign Uploads

Appendix A Advanced AdWords Editor

What Is AdWords Editor? Getting Started

Opening and Downloading Your Account Downloading Campaign Statistics Uploading Your Changes

Navigating, Editing, and Expanding Your Campaigns Saving Time with AdWords Editor

Find and Replace Detailed Ad Text Changes

Spreadsheets Are Still Important Backup Files (AEA)

Export Changes (AES)

302 303 305 305 307 308 309 309 309 311 314 316 320 323 324 324 326 330 331 333 333 335 335 336 336 338 340 340 343 344 344 345 346 346 348 356 357 357 359 359 359


Export Spreadsheet (CSV) 359 Global Edits 359 Upload to Yahoo! or MSN 360 Import Changes 360

Working with General Tools 360

Find Duplicate Keywords Tool — 360 Keyword Grouper 361 Keyword Opportunities 362

Appendix B FacebookPPC 363

Getting Started 364

Targeting Facebook Ads 366

Managing and Reporting 371

Using Facebook Ad-Performance Reports 373

Index 379

n O Z -i m Z H




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