What do you see on your horizon?

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What do you see on

your horizon?

By joining the Worldchoice Affiliate Agency scheme, we

promise to brighten your horizon by removing all the time

intensive tasks associated with owning and administering an

independent travel agency allowing you and your staff to

concentrate on shaping your future.


Who are Worldchoice?

Established in 1976, Worldchoice made its mark as one of the very first travel agents consortia. Today, with over 30 years experience under our belts and over 600 members, we are very much at the forefront of travel industry. Leading the way in the formation of trade groups and associations and representing the interests of the independent travel agent.

Here at Worldchoice we believe our strength is our independence and we protect ours, and yours, passionately.

We aim to provide our travel agency members with a comprehensive range of services and facilities from which they can make considered selections.We consult with our members at every level and are the only independent travel agency consortia to actively promote and encourage a regional structure which gives members the opportunity to meet with their peers and colleagues, debate trading and trade issues and represent their views back to the Worldchoice board of directors, some of whom are elected members themselves.Worldchoice is a collaborative team of members, regions, staff and directors all working towards one common goal – your success!

Who will join the Worldchoice Affiliate Agency scheme?

• Business owners that wish to free themselves of time consuming administration and financial tasks, to allow themselves time to gain perspective on their business strategy, promoting growth and sales.

• Home workers who may have built up a good database of regular clients and now feel that they are ready to venture into their own business, take a greater percentage of the sales and be in control of their own development.

• Business owners that wish to retire without selling or closing their agency, may consider the affiliate agency scheme to be an excellent way of removing their capital and liability, leaving friends, relatives or employees with a sustainable business that can be driven forward.


Introducing the Worldchoice Affiliate Agency scheme:

Here at Worldchoice we have consulted with many owners to develop our new Affiliate Agency scheme! We are delighted to have the opportunity to share with you the wealth of experience, credibility and stability that we have, which when coupled with our innovative and dynamic strategy for growth provides you with great prospects!

With over 30 years of experience with independent travel agencies, we recognise the growing pressures of managing the numerous administrative duties which can affect the success of your business and detracts from the pleasure of running your own business. The large amount of capital required for bonding is a barrier for new starters from entering the industry and restricting owners retirement plans.

Which is where we come in, we realised that we could provide the perfect solution to all of these problems. By becoming an affiliate agency member you can run your own business, develop your own strategy, follow your own rules, safe in the knowledge that the administration and bonding requirements have been taken care of by us.

Having owned our own shops for some years, we already have in place the structure to centrally manage all the back office functions, banking and reporting tasks associated with travel agencies. We can provide you with all the tools you need and together, we will go far!

What does the Worldchoice Affiliate Agency Scheme offer me?


Your ABTA Membership, ABTA bond are both included as part of our service to you we will also automatically produce and despatch your annual and quarterly ABTA returns


It’s all about the brand – here at Worldchoice we are the proud owners of a powerful and widely recognised brand that we have invested heavily in promoting the brand as a national credible travel agency chain. We also have an exclusive travel arrangement with the UK Passport agency which allows our members to provide a passport “check and send service”,as well as the extra foot-fall this creates, the Worldchoice brand appears on some several million passport application packs every year!



IT scares you? Don’t worry we will install a complete front and back office system and provide full and comprehensive IT support and training. We are always at the end of the phone and will give you as much support as you need!


We will handle your back office administration in full; we will make your operator and principal payments and reconcile your banking. We will complete your insurance returns and generally ensure your business administration is taken care of. With years of experience managing our own agencies, you can be assured the smooth running of your business is in safe hands.


As a member of Worldchoice, you benefit from the massive buying power that is Triton Travel Group. Triton is the joint commercial venture between the leading independent travel agency groups; we contract the very best deals with tour operators and travel partners, as well as using our combined buying power to contract directly with hotels and travel providers.

The tool we use to give you access to this is TRITON SEARCH a unique system designed with the needs of the independent travel agent in mind. We feature our own accommodation only facility, our own airfare wizard which includes rates with scheduled, consolidated and no frills carriers, our own dynamic packaging system which is fully ATOL protected, viewdata access with a range of additional tactical and exclusive pricing options for Worldchoice agents. The most astounding piece of this system, however, is the facility to check a standard tour operator’s holiday from viewdata against our dynamic packaging system to see if we can find the same or similar product for you at a cheaper price.


Our merchant fees are highly competitive and we will provide you with pdq machines – at no additional cost.


Your affiliate agency status with Worldchoice will give you access to our extremely competitive foreign exchange facility. As ever we have a range of options available to you and will help you decide which one works best for you.From as simple as mail order foreign exchange to a full in store bureau.


At Worldchoice we place training new skills, business mentoring and team coaching highly on our list of priorities. We have a team here in Peterborough dedicated to sourcing and providing you with the very best options in training choices. Our facilities include everything from dynamic on line training workshops to ‘on the job’ training in store. Learning new skills and developing your business can be a daunting prospect, we commit to being with you every step of the way.


What do you do next?

Call us on 01733 396821 and we will answer any further questions

you may have.

You may be wondering what the cost of this will be!

£200 for the first six months whilst you adjust to your new

found freedom then either 1.25% of turnover or £500 per

month, whichever is the greater, for the remainder of the

agreement which will be for an initial 12 months.