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DAS ETS 2015-17 Policy Option Packages - Support Base IT Operations

1a Network $3,000,000 $0 $3,000,000 0.00 Network Equipment Lifecycle Replacement

Replace critical network equipment that will be at or past of end life in 2015-17. Failure to replace will increase likelihood of network availability issues and

prevent implementation of IPv6. 1b Distributed $1,000,000 $0 $1,000,000 0.00 Server Lifecycle Replacement

Replace servers that will be at or past of end life in 2015-17. A significant

percentage of deployed servers were initially installed in 2009-11

1c Security $2,000,000 $0 $2,000,000 0.00 Security Equipment Lifecycle

Replacement of end of life security equipment including end points used for secure networking. Failure of this equipment could result of loss of network connectivity

1d Storage $600,000 $0 $600,000 0.00 Primary Storage Disk Encryption

To meet federal regulatory compliance for sensitive data such as HIPAA, FTI (Federal Tax Information) and other sensitive private data types.

1e Security $138,390 $111,964 $250,353 0.50 Vulnerability Scanning Tool & 1/2 Position

Scanning tool would allow for

vulnerability scanning of all servers on the data center floor to find security exploits to remediate and to meet security audit findings. 0.5 FTE to performance regular scans of state's infrastructure

1f Security $763,390 $111,964 $875,353 0.50 Log Event Correlation and Monitoring Tool & 1/2 Position

Security tool that collects, monitors, analyzes and reports security events. This new service will monitor SDC managed server instances and network devices to meet security audit findings.


1g Security $1,000,000 $0 $1,000,000 0.00 Privilege User Access Tool

Tool to manage and report privileged user access to systems hosted at the data center. This new service is to meet security audit findings.

1h Security $440,000 $0 $440,000 0.00 Security Training

SANS online Information Security Awareness Training modules for all staff in ETS (Enterprise Technology

Services). This training supports our security audit findings. ( 220 FTE x $2,000ea)

1i Mult $348,127 $2,911,058 $3,259,185 13.00 13 Positions to Support Growth in Previous Biennia

Support customer growth in

infrastructure which occurred in 2011-13 and 2013-15 and is currently being supported by LDs and contractors. Failure to hire permanent staff will impact the ability of ETS to meet service levels or pay higher costs for contracted resources

1j Applications $53,558 $447,855 $501,413 2.00 2 Positions to Support Enterprise Applications

2 application specialists to support Tririga, ePaystub, Online Time and to re-write and consolidate DAS legacy business created applications. Failure to hire permanent staff will impact the ability of ETS to meet service levels or pay higher costs for contracted



DAS ETS 2015-17 Policy Option Packages - Support IT Growth

2a Mainframe $500,000 $0 $500,000 0.00 Mainframe Capacity Support mainframe upgrade which will occur in 2015-17

2b Multi $803,558 $447,810 $1,251,368 2.00 Implement IPv6

IT professional services, FTE and equipment to support conversion to IPv6. Request from agencies in support of application upgrades is expected. 2c Storage $3,228,558 $447,810 $3,676,368 2.00 Support Storage Growth

Purchase additional storage capacity and staff to keep up with the growing demand of storage growth, new customers and new service offerings.

2d Distributed $2,107,116 $895,620 $3,002,736 4.00 Support Server Growth

Windows servers continue to be one of the areas with the greatest growth and change requests. Additional positions are required to support these activities as is funding to procure new hardware and software.

2e Security $53,558 $447,810 $501,368 2.00 2 Security Positions to Support Increased Security Demands

FTE to keep up with the growing demand of customer requests for security changes and regulatory compliance


2f Applications $207,116 $895,620 $1,102,736 4.00

4 Positions to Support New Customers for Application


Application FTE to develop applications to any ETS customer in the shared application delivery platform or

customer’s environment. New requests from customers such as: Ethics

Commission, Employee Relations Board, Department of Energy, Oregon State Marine Board, OLIS, Forestry and Governor’s Office. Examples include HRIS (CHRO), Performance Metric Application. Includes $100,00 for application development software

2g Storage $700,000 $0 $700,000 0.00 Long Term Storage

Long-term storage would remove files from primary storage and backups, and stored in the event the file would need to be accessed at a later time. Cost

avoidance could be achieved through slowing down growth of Primary storage and backups.

2h Storage $500,000 $0 $500,000 0.00 Storage for Infrequent Accessed Files

Infrequent file storage access would move files that have not been accessed for a given time to less expensive storage and remove files from the backup system. Cost avoidance would be achieved through slowing down the growth rate of primary storage and backups.

2i Storage $500,000 $0 $500,000 0.00

File Searching for Evidence Preservation and Legal Hold of


Currently the agencies do not have a simple method to search for evidence or a consistent process for legal hold of data for investigation. This would provide an effective way to search through all online, archive and backup copies of an agency’s information.


2j All $2,000,000 $0 $2,000,000 0.00 Monitoring Software

Purchase and install an all

encompassing monitoring toolset will allow for monitoring of all the state's infrastructure and agency applications running on any platform


Desktop $3,107,116 $895,620 $4,002,736 4.00 Implement Virtual Desktop Service

4 staff, hardware and software to implement virtual desktop service - 2,500 users @ $1,200 ($3,000 5 year TCO/2 years)

2l TAM $1,445,337 $671,715 $2,117,052 3.00 Automation Automate provisioning and other routine tasks that require manual support delaying server delivery time.

2m Admin $253,558 $447,810 $701,368 2.00 Performance Management

Performance management software w/ 220 seats. This investment will allow ETS to manage to our strategic plan, cascading goals from the strategic plan down to the individual. $50,000/year software costs $100,000 implementation cost, one time. 2 FTE to support

program area ongoing.

2n Admin $226,779 $223,905 $450,684 1.00 Time Tracking

Time tracking process in support of business within a business

transformation, Full Cost. The Time Tracking tool will allow ETS units to track and collect information on actual time spent on customer and internal project allowing for accurate charge back. $50,000/year software costs $100,000 implementation cost, one time. One FTE t0 support

2o Admin $450,000 $0 $450,000 0.00 Proactive Customer Service

Establish online service catalog and customer portal to support automated provisioning, performance reporting and customer support


DAS ETS 2015-17 Policy Option Packages - Support Agency IT Projects

3 All





Agency IT projects Companion POP Companion POP to agency projects which are submitted requiring ETS support through the 107BF14 process

DAS ETS 2015-17 Policy Option Packages - Support Agency IT Purchases

4 All





Support Growth in Agency Purchases

Limitation only for growth in pass-through. Supports growth in agency purchases of items such as long distance, network connections to field offices and agency specific software.






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