2020 CWFIA Winter Board Meeting Agenda

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2020 CWFIA Winter Board Meeting Agenda

March 5, 2020

Delta King 1000 Front Street

Old Town Sacramento, CA 95814

Welcome Guy

Verification of a Quorum (Quorum confirmed) Randy

Board Introductions John

Treasurers Report Greg

Motion to accept/Vote to accept

Minutes of Board Meeting, October 15th, 2019 Randy

Accept as read/Vote to accept (Minutes accepted)

President Remarks Guy

Lots going on lately and over the past 5 years. Trying to move CWFIA in directions politically/legislatively.

Business Manager Report Jean

Membership Numbers (per zone) (included at end of minutes) Conference numbers (included at end of minutes)

Web Site update

• All conference materials on website: conf reg, membership, flyer, hotel reservation link

• Email Office 365: (chg’d from 3-year em term to a 1-year em term to make sure the Office 365 email system was working for our needs without being in a 3-year contract. New em contract to renew 11/2020. (11/19/2019-11/19/2020). Can renew at a longer-term contract in 11/2020.

• Domain: cwfia.org, cwfia.net, & cwfia.com will have domains expire 7/25/2020. Those domains will be renewed at that time.



Business Update:

• Microsoft OneDrive contract canceled. All cloud stored information lost; they can’t explain.

• Website running well Intercom Deadlines:

• May Intercom submission deadline: Friday, April 17 • August Intercom submission deadline: Friday, July 17

• November Intercom submission deadline: Friday, October 16

Conference Business & Update Jean

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel 2020 contract

• Classrooms (Ballroom: breaks into 2 large classes, Maime-Meteor, Tallac, Flying Cloud – MILO)

• Hospitality (3 suites available: 2 Monday, 2 Tuesday & possibly Wednesday)

• Banquet (tasting of meals in May 2020 at the Tahoe Resort) Update on course schedule & instructors: All courses secured with instructors.

Conference assignments:

• Instructor introduction & POST Stamping sheets • AV volunteer sheet (Randy to manage set-up) • Assist with raffle ticket sales and manning table • Assist with setup & teardown of raffle table

• All BOD to greet & assist prior to conference start on Tuesday and throughout conf as needed

• Release of tables at banquet

• Color Guard secured with SLT PD (Lee secured)

Government Hotel rate vs Conference rate future conferences Jean informed the board that hotels typically block certain types of reservation types from being used when making room reservations using the government rate, Travelocity, Expedia, etc., when registering for a specific group’s event, to protect that group’s room block. At the 2019 conference in Palm Springs, the Riviera did not do enact that process right away due to their change in reservation systems. The Riviera did move any such reservations into the CWFIA room block.



Conference Banquet Guy

MC John Martire

Raffle Grand Prize: $500 (Revised to $1000) Cash, 5 (10) very crisp new $100 bills. The board voted to increase the amount to purchase raffle prizes from $2500 to $3500.

Review Prizes (the BOD was asked to send any gift ideas to Cynthia. Billy will assist with the “new” way of raffling prizes.

Conference Vendors Billy

Not enough room in Tahoe; wait until 2021.

2022 Conference Location (still need to find properties)

Washington DC Update Greg

Greg gave his update on the coalition’s visit in Washington. The coalition met with many legislator’s and staffers.

USDA/FNS San Francisco Greg

No notes taken.

CWFIA and UCOWF Relationship John

Recommendation to discontinue affiliate membership paid by CWFIA with UCOWF. UCOWF will be informed of CWIFA’s intentions to discontinue membership at the UCOWF conference in August/September. I advised the board that CWFIA will still have affiliate membership dues to pay to UCOWF for all new members from 11/2019-6/30/2020 or discontinuance of affiliation) (motion carried)


CDSS is interested in the connections CWFIA is having on the National level & with FNS & USDA. Many personnel changes within CDSS in management positions.

State Committee report Glenn

Glenn passed out a list of proposed MPP revisions, ACL’s and policy interpretations. Glenn advised the board that the State Outreach committee will becoming more involved with reaching out to legislators.



Bylaws, Section 10 Randy

Randy spoke about some of the areas the bylaws need updating on. He will work with Cynthia Santillan, CWFIA Bylaws Chair to go over the needed changes and come back to the board with those proposed updates.

WHOVA Demo Lupe

Time schedule on representative availability. Thursday at 9:30am, demo & chat lasted 25 minutes. The app provides for printing badges (added feature), schedule, forms (POST cert form is very questionable). The conference director provides the attendee list and emails of all attendees. If there is not 100% participation of attendees downloading the app, we would have to be prepared to have all forms and schedules printed for those not using the app. The base cost is $1299, plus additional features added to the base cost. The board decided that Lupe & Jean would work together on reviewing the 14-day free app time period to see how it works and to deal with any problems/issues that arise. The board decided to possibly use an app like this for the 2021 conference, not this year’s 50th conference.

How does their service streamline or eliminate tasks from the business manager? The largest task eliminated is printing of all materials. CWFIA loads materials on flash drive; hasn’t printed mass of materials in years. If the app is used, you still must be prepared for those that do not want to use the Whova app & have materials provided or on flash drive.

Learned from video that there is not 100% of participation by attendees with using the app; video talked about striving for 80-90% participation). We would still have to produce schedules, forms (evals, POST certification forms, badges…for those that do not participate.

Committee Assignments and Breakouts Guy

(Two 30-minute breakouts)

Establish Committee Responsibilities Committee Goal and Plan

(all committees broke out into groups for discussion on the groups goal and assignments)


5 New Business

Conference presentations Guy

Past CWFIA Board of Director members & Presidents Waive Banquet Fees?

Include article in May & August Intercom inviting Past Presidents and past board members to conference banquet. CWFIA would not cover any costs should a past member wish to attend. They can contact the business manager for further information.

Create Facebook/Instagram accounts for CWFIA Guy

Ken volunteered to create these accounts and monitor/update pages as needed

Legislative Updates Guy

Public Assistance Legislation Peace Officer Legislation

Elections Randy

Board Member Terms

Randy went over the term chart for upcoming May 2020 elections for zone directors. The current board members up for election are Lupe Rubalcava (Zone I), Shawn Ferris (Zone II), Shannon Richardson (Zone III), no positions up for re-election (Zone IV), due to resignation, one vacancy (Zone V), Christine Getty (State DHCS) & due to resignation, one vacancy (DA Director at Large).

POST Update Rogelio

Rogelio said that POST informed him that instructors are not allowed POST credits for the conference since they are instructors. Most likely due to the fact that our conference is certified as a whole, not by individual classes. POST also does not require the outlines to be at the 3rd level of detail.

Intercom Guy

With Karl having retired Guy discussed the future of the Legislative Updates in the Intercom newsletter. Chris Staiger volunteered to provide these updates on welfare programs. Chris Getty will be assigned to provide updates on state medical legislation. Jean told the board that on 3/3/2020, she asked Karl if he would be continuing to provide these updates. Karl said that he



wanted to still send in these legislative updates. Jean presented this information to the board. Chris Staiger was informed of Karl’s desire to continue with the updates.

Old Business

Conference Presentations Guy

Past Presidents Coin Box Set (recognize Past Presidents at banquet if they attend; invite past presidents and board directors to the banquet, by placing an article in the May and August Intercom)

Additional Topics from the Board Board


State of California Attorney Welfare Fraud

Investigators Firearm Carry Decision, April 12, 1998

Closing Remarks Guy

Motion to Adjourn Guy

Vote to Adjourn Guy


CWFIA Winter Board Meeting Sacramento – Delta King Hotel Conference & Membership Report

March 4-5, 2020 Conference Counts: 2016 = 260 (Tahoe) 2017 = 277 (San Diego) 2018 = 299 (Tahoe) 2019 = 270 (Palm Springs) Membership Counts:

Zone Active Tribal TANF

(by zone) Associate Ex-Officio DHCS 22 0 0 0 I 73 0 0 1 II 119 1 0 0 III 129 1 1 0 IV 69 5 0 1 V 24 0 0 0 Out of State 0 0 12 0 TOTALS: 436 7 13 2 TOTAL MEMBERSHIP: 458 LIFE MEMBERSHIP: 88 (458 + 88 = 546) BREAKDOWN:

Zone I: 74 (70 active agency / 3 active self-pay / 1 ex-officio) Zone II: 120 (115 active agency / 4 active self-pay / 1 agency TANF) Zone III: 131

(117 active agency / 12 active pay / 1 associate self-pay / 1 agency TANF)

Zone IV: 75 (69 active agency / 0 self-pay / 5 agency TANF / 1 ex-officio) Zone V: 24 (0 agency / 24 active self-pay)

DHCS: 22 (22 active agency / 0 self-pay) Out-of-State: 12 (12 associate agency associate) Life: 88 TOTALS: 393: Active Agency 43: Active Self-pay 1: Associate Self-Pay 12: Associate Agency 7: Active Agency TANF 2: Ex-Officio

88: Life

546 Total Agency/Self-Pay/TANF/Out-of-State/Life




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