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The MG Car Club Geelong Inc.

This is a catalogue of books, DVDs, and VHS tapes in the Club Library.

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The MGCC Geelong website also contains notes from the Librarian,

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BOOKS - In Chronological Order of Production - see also the Brooklands Books road test reprints in section BB


1 1b The Instruction Manual for the MG Midget (P and PB Series) (copy), The MG Car Company Ltd. (may be borrowed by request to the Librarian) 2 1b Maintaining The Breed, The Saga of MG Racing Cars, John Thornley, 1st edition1950, Motor Racing Publications X33 1b The First Seventy Year (MG Car Club), M.B.Hawke, MGCC Ltd., 2001

X038 1b Maintaining The Breed, John Thornley

3 1b Combat, A (MG) Motor Racing History, Barré Lyndon, Heinemann, 1936 reprint

4 1b The Mighty MG Magnettes of 32: The Cars, The Drivers, The Mystery, Graeme Cocks, 5 1b The Classic MG Coloring Book, Judith Bertoglio-Giffen (NOT FOR LOAN - download

from website only)

6 1b The Pre-War MG Parts Catalogue, from M Type to TD, Barry Walker

7 1b K3 Dossier, A History of MG's Most Famous Racing Cars, M.F.Hawke, Magna Press, 1992

8 1b MG One and a half Litre (sales brochure), The M.G. Car Company Ltd,1937 G181 1b Annual Automobile Review 1953-1954 (1), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1959 G182 1b Annual Automobile Review 1954-1955 (2), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1959 G183 1b Annual Automobile Review 1955-1956 (3), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1959

18 1b MG The Magic of the Marque (presentation leather bound copy in slipcase), Mike Allison, David Watson, 1989 G184 1b Automobile Year 1956-1957 (4), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1959

18 1b MG The Magic of the Marque (presentation leather bound copy in slipcase), Mike Allison, David Watson, 1989 G185 1b Automobile Year 1957-1958 (5), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1959

G176 1b Automobile Year 1958-1959 (6), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1959 G177 1b Automobile Year 1959-1960 (7), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1960 G188 1b Automobile Year 1960-1961 (8), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1959 G178 1b Automobile Year 1971-1972 (19), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1972 G190 1b Automobile Year 1973-1974 (21), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1974 G191 1b Automobile Year 1974-1975 (22), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1975 G192 1b Automobile Year 1975-1976 (23), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1976 G193 1b Automobile Year 1976-1977 (24), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1977 G195 1b Automobile Year 1978-1979 (26), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1979 G197 1b Automobile Year 1980-1981 (28), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1981 G198 1b Automobile Year 1981-1982 (29), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1982 G199 1b Automobile Year 1982-1983 (30), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1983 G200 1b Automobile Year 1983-1984 (31), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1984 G201 1b Automobile Year 1984-1985 (32), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1985 G202 1b Automobile Year 1985-1986 (33), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1986 G203 1b Automobile Year 1986-1987 (34), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1987 G204 1b Automobile Year 1987-1988 (35), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1988 G205 1b Automobile Year 1988-1989 (36), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1989 G206 1b Automobile Year 1989-1990 (37), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1990 G207 1b Automobile Year 1990-1991 (38), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1991 G208 1b Automobile Year 1991-1992 (39), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1992 G209 1b Automobile Year 1992-1993 (40), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1993



G210 1b Automobile Year 1993-1994 (41), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1994 G211 1b Automobile Year 1994-1995 (42), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1995 G212 1b Automobile Year 1995-1996 (43), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1996 G213 1b Automobile Year 1996-1997 (44), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1997 G214 1b Automobile Year 1997-1998 (45), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1998 G215 1b Automobile Year 1998-1999 (46), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 1999 G216 1b Automobile Year 1999-2000 (47), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2000 G217 1b Automobile Year 2000-2001 (48), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2001 G218 1b Automobile Year 2001-2002 (49), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2002 G219 1b Automobile Year 2002-2003 (50), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2003 G220 1b Automobile Year 2003-2004 (51), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2004 G221 1b Automobile Year 2004-2005 (52), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2005 G222 1b Automobile Year 2005-2006 (53), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2006 G223 1b Automobile Year 2006-2007 (54), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2007 G224 1b Automobile Year 2007-2008 (55), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2008 G225 1b Automobile Year 2008-2009 (56), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2009 G226 1b Automobile Year 2009-2010 (57), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2010 G227 1b Automobile Year 2010-2011 (58), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2011 G228 1b Automobile Year 2011-2012 (59), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2012 G229 1b Automobile Year 2012-2013 (60), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2013 G230 1b Automobile Year 2013-2014 (61), Ami Guichard, EDITA S.A., 2014


P02 2b Triple-M Yearbook 1992, MG Car Club P03 2b Triple-M Yearbook 1994, MG Car Club P04 2b Triple-M Yearbook 1995, MG Car Club P05 2b Triple-M Yearbook 1996, MG Car Club P06 2b Triple-M Yearbook 1997, MG Car Club P07 2b P7 is also X82, listed below

P08 2b MG Sports Cars 1929-1936,, Malcolm Green P09 2b 75 Years of the J2, Mike Hawke

P10 2b MG The Illustrated Catalogue of Spares 1929-1939, Sports & Vintage Motors Ltd. P11 2b The Service Parts List for the MG Midget (PA and PB Type), The MG Car Company


P12 2b Magic M.P.H., Lt. Col. A.T.Goldie Gardner, MRP, 1951

X106 2b The MG Collection, The Pre-War Models, Richard Monk, PSL with MGOC, 1994 X107 2z

T00 3a MG TA-TF,

T01 3b TC's Forever, Michael Sherrell T01/2 3 TC's Forever, Michael Sherrell

T02 3 Original MG T Series, Anders Ditlef Clausager T02/2 3 Original MG T Series, Anders Ditlef Clausager

T03 3 The T Series MG’s, Graham Robson

T04 3 The T Series handbook, Dick Knudson, New England 'T' Register, 1986 T05 3 MG Midget Series TD, Service Manual

T07 3 MG Midget TD-TF Workshop Manual, The MG Car Company Ltd, 99184-3/56 T07/2 3 MG Midget TD-TF Workshop Manual, The MG Car Company Ltd, 99184-3/56

T08 3 MG TC-TD-TF Parts Catalogue, Moss Motors Ltd

T09 3 MG T Type Sports Cars 1936-1955, Moss Parts Catalogue T10 3 T Register Year Book, David Saunders – Editor



T11 3 Car Collectors car classics (reprint), Graham Robson T12 3 The Immortal T Series, Chris Harvey

T12/2 3 The Immortal T Series, Chris Harvey

T13 3 Practical MG TD Maintenance, Update, & Innovation, Johnathan Goddard T14 3 MG T Series Restoration Guide, Malcolm Green, Brooklands Books T15 3 MG T Series In Detail TA-TF 1935-55, Paddy Willmer, Herridge & Sons T16 3 MG T-Series, The Complete Story, Graham Robson

T17 3 MG The XPAG Engine, Data, Service, Super-tuning, WKF Wood, The Bigwood Press, 1968

T18 3 Illustrated Catalog, MG TC-TD-TF Parts, Abingdon Spares, USA T19 3 Living with the XPAG, Neil Cairns, MGCC Y Register

T20 3 The Gearbox Fitted to the XPAG, Neil Cairns, MGCC Y Register

T21 3 The T Series handbook, Dick Knudson, New England 'T' Register, 2009, update of T4 T22 3 TCs Forever More!, Mike Sherrell, MS & Mike's Garages, 2017

T23 3 NTG Services T&Y Type Parts Catalogue, 17th Edition, NTG Services, 1990 T24 3 The MG T-Series, The Sports Cars the World Loved First, John Nikas, 2017

T25 3 Instruction Manual for the MG Midget (Series "TC"), The MG Car Company Ltd., 1954 T26 3 Catalog TA-TB-TC Midget and Other "T"-Series, Doug Pelton, From the Frame Up,


T027 3 Factory-Original MG T-Series, Anders Ditlef Clausager, X62 3 MG T-Type, Catalogue, Moss-Europe

X70 3 MG TC TD TF TF/1500 MGA Service Manual, Scientific Magazines X88 3 MGT - TC, TD, &TF Parts & Accessories, Moss Motors US

X89 3

A0 4 MGA,

A01 4 MGA A History & Restoration Guide, Robert P Vitrikas A02 4 MGA 1500, 1600, Twin Cam, F Wilson McComb A04 4 MGA Parts Catalogue (Feb 1988), Moss Motors Ltd A05 4 MGA Restoration/Road Test, Autocar/Car Reprints A06 4 The MGA, John Price-Williams, Veloce Classic Reprint A07 4 MGA & Twin Cam Gold Portfolio 1955-1962, R.M.Clarke

A08 4 The Original MGA The Restorer’s Guide, Anders Ditlef Clausager A09 4 MGA The Complete Story, David G. Styles

A10 4 MGA 50, MGA Anniversary Yearbook, A11 4 MGA 1955 to 1962, All models, Haynes

A12 4 MGA Twin Cam Workshop Manual, A BMC Service Publication

A13 4 John Thornley said "Call it MGA", Piers Hubbard & Roger Martin, MGCC MGA Register, 2015

A14 4 The MG Series MGA 1600 and MGA 1600 (Mk II) Workshop Manual AKD600C, The M.G. Company Ltd., Cowley A15 4 MGA Coupes & Roadsters, 1500, 1600, 1600 MkII, 1955-1962, P.Olyslager Motor Manuals 43, 1963 A16 4 The MGA Owner's Heritage Pack, MGCC MGA Register, 2016

A17 4 MG MGA 1600 Service Parts List, BMC Service Ltd., AKD 1215 A18 4 MGA The Revolutionary MG, David Knowles, Crowood, 2019 X63 4 MGA, Catalogue, Moss-Europe



X90 4 MGA 1500-1600 & Mk II Parts & Accessories, Moss Motors US

X91 4


M01 5 Guide to purchase & DIY Restoration, Lindsay Porter

M02 5 Guide to purchase & DIY Restoration, Lindsay Porter (second copy) M03 5 Guide to purchase & DIY Restoration, Lindsay Porter (third copy) M04 5 Sprite (MK11,111,1V) Midget (MK1,11,111), BMC Series publication M06 5 MG Midget MK111 Auto test, Autocar mag reprints

M07 5 How to Power Tune Midget & Sprite, Daniel Stapleton M08 5 Sprite & Midget, Jonathan Edwards

M09 5 MIDGET/SPRITE Manual, Haynes

M10 5 Original Sprite & Midget, The Restorer's Guide, Terry Horler/Herridge & Sons Ltd. M12 5 MG Midget & A-H Sprite - Your expert guide to common problems & how to fix them, M13 5 Frogeye Sprite - The Complete Story, John Baggott, Crowood

M14 5 More Healeys. Frog Eyes, Sprites and Midgets, Geoffrey Healey

M15 5 Austin-Healey Sprite (Series AN5) Workshop Manual (inc. Special Tuning Booklet), 97H1585C, Austin Motor Co M16 5 Tuning The A-Series Engine (3rd Edition), David Vizard, Haynes, 1999

M17 5 MG Midget Driver's Handbook AKM 3229, BL Cars Ltd., 1978 M18 5 Sprite and Midget Past and Present, Terry Horler, Amberley, 2016

M19 5 Austin-Healey Sprite (Series AN5) Workshop Manual (inc. Special Tuning Booklet), The Austin Motor Company Ltd. M20 5 Practical Classics and Car Restorer on MIDGET/SPRITE Restoration, Brookland Books

X65 5 Sprite & Midget, Catalogue, Moss-Europe

X89 5 Sprite - Midget Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget Parts & Accessories, Moss Motors US X117 5 Sprites and Midgets, The Complete Story, Anders Ditlev Clausager, Crowood,1991

B0 6 MGB,

B01/1 6 MGB Workshop Manual T.P.831A, Leyland MC Australia, 1976 B01/2 6 MGB Workshop Manual T.P.831A, Leyland MC Australia, 1976 B01/3 6 MGB Workshop Manual T.P.831A, Leyland MC Australia, 1976

B02 6 How to Power Tune MGB (4 cyl), Peter Burgess

B03 6 How to Power Tune MGB (4 cyl), Peter Burgess (second copy) B05 6 Practical Classics on MGB Restoration, Practical Classics magazine B05/2 6 Practical Classics on MGB Restoration, Practical Classics magazine

B06 6 British catalogues (MGB) (V8), B07 6 MGB V8, Reprints Motor mags. B08 6 MGB 4 cyl. Auto, Reprints Motor mags

B09 6 Original MGB/C/BGT V8, Anders Ditlef Clausager B09/2 6 Original MGB/C/BGT V8, Anders Ditlef Clausager

B11 6 Guide to Purchase & DIY Restoration MGB, Lindsay Porter

B26/3 6 Guide to Purchase & DIY Restoration MBG, Lindsay Porter (same as B11)

B12 6 Your Expert Guide to MGB & MGB GT problems and how to fix them, Roger Williams B12/2 6 Your Expert Guide to MGB & MGB GT problems and how to fix them, Roger Williams

B13 6 How to Give your MGB V8 Power, Roger Williams B13/2 6 How to Give your MGB V8 Power, Roger Williams



B16 6 The Complete Official MGB 1975-1980,

B17 6 Brown & Gammons MGB/GT/V8 Parts Catalogue (inc. CD ROM), B18 6 Barrie's Notes, Barrie Jones/MGCC MGB Register

B19 6 How to Improve MGB, MGC, & MGB V8, Roger Williams B20 6 MGB50 Official Celebration Book,

B22 6 MGB The Illustrated History, Third Edition, Wood & Burrell, Haynes, 2012

B23/1&2 6 Tuning the MGB 4-Cylinder Engine (2 Vols), Stephen Strange., Virginia (Web Printout) B24 6 Practical Classics Guide to the MGB, Practical Classics Magazine (signed by Don


B25 6 Everyday Modifications For Your MGB, GT, GTV8, Roger Parker, Crowood B27 6 MGB Owners Workshop Manual, 1962 - 1980, John Fowler, Haynes, 1981 B28 6 MGB The Illustrated History, First Edition, Wood & Burrell, Haynes, 1988 B29 6 MGB Workshop Manual AKD 3259 F, BMC, Cowley, 1968

B30 6 MGB Restoration Manual, Lindsay Porter (update of B26), Haynes, 1998

B31 6 Step by Step MGB Service Guide Inclding MGC, V8, and RV8, Lindsay Porter, Porter Publishing, 1994

B32 6 Factory Edited Manual, MGB, MGB GT from 1962, intereurope British Leyland Manual, 163

B33 6 MGB 1962 thru 1980, Roadster and GT Coupe, John Fowler, Haynes, 1989 B34 6 MGB, MGB GT, MkI, II, & III, repair manual 238, Bryan Jones, Intereurope Repair

Manuals, 1977

B35 6 MGB - British Legend, Weeden, Kelsey Media, 2013

B36 6 How to Power Tune MGB 4-Cylinder Engines for Road & Track, Peter Burgess, Veloce, Updated and Expanded, 2018 B37 6 Handbook for the MGB Roadster GT Coupé from 1962, Piet Olyslager, Nelson, 1967 X30 6 How to Improve MGB, MGC & MG V8, Roger Williams

X64 6 MGB, Catalogue, Moss-Europe

X91 6 MGB MGC Parts & Accessories, Moss Motors US

X92 6

C0 7 MGC,

C1 7 MGC, Reprints Motor mags.

C2 7 MGC Abingdon's Grand Tourer, Graham Robson, Magna Press C3 7 Bromsgrove MG Centre M.G.C. Catalogue,

C4 7 MGC Handbook AKD 4887, BMC, 1967

C4 7

A 8 MGB V8 and RV8,

BV81 8

So You Want to Buy an MGB GTV8 or MG RV8? A buyer's guide from the MG Car Club, MGCC

BV82 8 MG RV8, The Manufacturing Story, MGCC BV83 8 MG V8, David Knowles, Crowood

BV84 8 MGB GT V8 Workshop Manual Supplement (AKD 8468), British Leyland, Austin Morris Group, Oxford, 1973

BV85 8

F00 9 MGF, TF, SV,

F02 9 Haynes Modern Sports Cars - MGF, David Knowles/Heynes F03 9 MGF and TF, David Knowles/Crowood

F04 9 The Rover K-Series 16V Engine 1989-2005, Des Hamill F05/X27 9 The Birth of the MG F, Ian Adcock

F06 9 MGF Workshop Manual MY 1997 - 2001, 2 Vols, MG Rover Group, 2000 F06/2 9 MGF Workshop Manual MY 1997 - 2001, 2 Vols, MG Rover Group, 2000



F08 9 The Essential Buyers Guide, MG MGF and TF 1995 to 2005, Rob Hawkins, Veloce F10 9 MGF Electrical Circuit Diagrams,

F13 9 Everyday Modifications for Your MGF and TF, Roger Parker,

F14 9 MGF & MGTF The Ultimate Guide Bookazine, Goldsworthy, Kelsey Media, 2018 X60 9 MG X Power SV, David Knowles

Z99 9


G102/1 10 MG and Related Ephemera Vol 1, See CONTENTS below

G102/2 10 MG and Related Ephemera Vol 2, See CONTENTS below

G102/3 10 MG and Related Ephemera Vol 3, See CONTENTS below X001 10 Great Marques MG, Chris Harvey

X001/2 10 Great Marques MG, Chris Harvey

X002 10 MG Sports Cars, Peter Garnier from Autocar X002/2 10 MG Sports Cars, Peter Garnier from Autocar

X004 10 MG Britains Favorite Sports cars, Malclom Green

X007/1 10 MG by McComb, F.Wilson McComb, Second Edition, Osprey, 1984 X007/2 10 MG by McComb, F.Wilson McComb, Second Edition, Osprey, 1984

X009 10 Spotlight on MG Downunder, Barry Lake X011 10 The Magic of MG, Mike Allison

X012 10 The A,B & C MG, Chris Harvey

X022 10 The Complete MG Guide, John Christy & Karl Ludvigsen

X023 10 The MGA, MGB, MGC – A Collector’s guide, Graham Robson, MRP,1980 X023/2 10 The MGA, MGB, MGC – A Collector’s guide, Graham Robson, MRP, 1977

X025 10 Giant MG Feature, Australian Sport Car World reprint X029 10 MG Log A Celebration of the worlds favourite , Peter Haining X031 10 MG Sports Cars (History), Malcolm Green

X034 10 The MG File (Model by Model), Eric Dymock X037 10 The Classic MG, Richard Aspden

X040 10 MG Britain’s Favourite Sports Car, Malcom Green

X053 10 The Mighty MGs, The TwinCam, MGC, MGB GT V8 Stories, Graham Robson X055 10 MG The Untold Story, David Knowles

X075 10 The Classic MG, Richard Aspden X075 10 The Classic MG,

X076 10 The New MG Guide, John Christy & Karl Ludvigsen, Sports Car Press X077 10 MG, Ian Penberthy, Bison Group

X078 10 The MG Story ….from first to last at Syon Park 21 March-31 May 1981, BL Heritage Limited, 1981 X080 10 Illustrated M.G. Buyer's Guide, MGA, MGB, MGC, Midgets, T Series, racers and others, 1924 to current, Richard Knudson, Motorbooks International X082 10 MG Sports - The Six Cylinder Cars (pre-war plus MGC), An Autocar Special

X083 10 MG Sports, 4-cylinder thoroughbreds from Abingdon, An Autocar Special X085 10 Shire Album 152 The MG, F. Wilson McComb, Shire Publications X104 10 The M.G. Companion, Kenneth Ullyett, Stanley Paul, 1960 X107 10 The MG Story, Anders Ditlev Clausager, Foulis/Haynes, 1982

X108 10 MG Sports Cars, Third Expanded Edition, Autocar, Bay View Books, 1997 X112 10 MG Sports Cars Bookazine, Goldsworthy, Kelsey Media, 2018

X113 10 MG Classics: Book 1, 1922-1939, Eric Dymock, Dove Publishing, 2018 X114 10 MG Classics Book 2, 1945-1965, Eric Dymock, Dove Publishing, 2018 X115 10 MG Classics: Book 3, 1965-2001, Eric Dymock, Dove Publishing, 2018 X116 10 The MG Story, Joseph Wherry, Chilton, 1967




X00 11 MG Y-TYPE

Z06 11 'Enjoying the MG Y Type, Malcolm Green and John Lawson, MGCC Y Register Z07 11 Y Type Information, Neil Cairns, MGCC Y Register

Z08 11 Living with the MG One and a Quarter Litre Y Series, Neil Cairns, MGCC Y Register

Z99 11


X05 12 MG Morris/Magnette Repair/tune up guide, Harold T Glenn

Z01 12 Delving into the MG ZA/ZB Magnette (includes Z2 & Z3), Laurence Scott Z02 12 MG Magnette ID Labels, Laurie Scott

Z03 12 Lucas Tripod Headlamp maintenance, Laurie Scott

Z10 12 Heritage MG Series ZA/ZB Magnette, Laurence (Loz) Scott, Scott, 2017 Z11 12 MG Magnette, Paul Batho, Amberley, 2019

Z13 12 Additional Delving MG Series ZA/ZB Magnette, Laurence (Loz) Scott, 2019 Z14 12 MG Odyssey, Ken McKimmie, self published, 1991

Z15 12 MG Mono-Construction, M.G. Magnette (Series "ZA"), The M.G. Car Company Ltd, AKD.574, 1953



Z05 13 The MG Magnette (Mark III) Driver's Handbook, The M.G. Car Company Limited Z09 13 The MG Magnette (Mark III and IV) Driver's Handbook, The M.G. Car Company Limited Z12 13 Morris Oxford V & VI, MG Magnette III & IV 1959 to 1971Owners Workshop Manual, Haynes, 1971



D01 / X21 14 Morris, Austin, MG 1100, David M. Palmer

D02 14 MG 1100 Driver's Handbook, A B.M.C. Publication

D03 14 The 100 1300 Assistance for the Owner Driver, Intereurope Ltd. D04 14 MG Sports Sedan Guide, Bill Stone, Sports Car Press

D05 14 Morris 1100 Driver's Handbook, BMC (Australia), TP706A, 1964

D06 14 1100-1300 Workshop Manual, British Leyland (Austin-Morris) Ltd., AKD3615, 1972 G009 14 1100 & Kestrel workshop manual, BMC Service Ltd

G118 14 SP Workshop Manual Series No65 Morris Austin 1100, Scientific Publications, Sydney, 1971

X041 14 MG Saloon Cars, Anders Ditlev Clausager

X100 14 MG Saloons & Coupes 1925 - 1980 Photo Archive, Richard L. Knudson, Iconografix, 2005

X101 14


F09 15 Rover 75 and MG ZT : The Complete Story, James Taylor F11 15 Rover 75 & MG ZT Workshop Manual, MG Rover, 2005

F99 15


T06 16 MG TC 1945-1949, R.M Clarke

BB01 16 MG Cars 1929-1934, Brooklands Books BB02 16 MG Cars In The Thirties, Brooklands Books BB03 16 MG Cars 1935-1940, Brooklands Books BB04 16 MG CARS 1940-1947, Brooklands Books



BB06 16 MG CARS 1948-1951, Brooklands Books BB07 16 MG Cars 1952-1954, Brooklands Books BB08 16 MG Cars 1952-1954, Brooklands Books BB09 16 MG Cars 1955-1957, Brooklands Books BB10 16 MG MGA 1955 – 1962, Brooklands Books BB11 16 MG Cars 1957-1959, Brooklands Books BB12 16 MG Cars 1957-1959, Brooklands Books BB13 16 MG Cars 1957-1962, Brooklands Books BB14 16 MG Midget 1961-1979, Brooklands Books BB15 16 MG MGB 1962-1970, Brooklands Books BB16 16 MG MGB 1970-1980, Brooklands Books

BB17 16 MGF & TF Performance Portfolio, Brooklands Books BB18 16 MG TF 1953 - 1955, Brooklands Books

BB19 16 MG TC 1945-1949, R.M Clarke, Brooklands Books

G130 16 Morris Minor 1948 - 1980, Collection No.1, R.M.Clarke, Brooklands Books G199 16


G71 17 British Leyland: Chronicle of a car crash, Chris Cowin,, X59 17 MGs On Patrol, Andrea Green

X68 17 MG History Powerpoint Slides, David Selway-Hoskins

X96 17 The Rover Group : Company and Cars 1986-2000, Mike Gould, Crowood

X97 17


G50 18

Building Cars in Australia - Morris, Austin, BMC and Leyland 1950-1975, BMC-Leyland Australia Heritage Group

G81 18 André Citroën, The Man and the Motor Cars, John Reynolds, Sutton Publishing G82 18 BMC-Leyland Australia Heritage Group Newsletters,

G96 18 Export Drive, BMC & British Leyland Cars in Europe and the World 1945-85, Chris Cowin,

X10 18 Making MGs, John Price Williams

X110 18 MG Made in Abingdon, Echoes from the Shop Floor, Bob Frampton, Veloce X48 18 MG's Abingdon Factory,

X49 18 Aspects of Abingdon,

X58 18 MG War Time Activities, MGCC/Colin Grant 18


B21 19 Don Hayter's MGB Story, The birth of the MGB in MG's Abingdon Design & Development office, Veloce.

G075 19 Auto Architect - (The Autobiography of Gerald Palmer), Gerald Palmer and Chistopher Balfour, Magna Press G098 19 Foggy Memories, A Journey Through the Life of David Fogg, David Fogg, 2011

G099 19 On the Edge, My Story Richard Hammond, Richard Hammond, Phoenix, 2007 G104 19 80th Birthday Celebration, Stirling Moss, Britain's Greatest Racing Driver, Octane MagBook G142 19 ERA Man, Historic racing with W.R.G. (Bill) Morris, Tim May, Morris Publications, 2011 G170 19 Stirling Moss In the Track of Speed, Stirling Moss, Muller, 1957

G175 19 Jenson Button, Life to the Limit, Autobiography, Blink, 2017

G176 19 Stirling Moss, My Cars, My Career, Stirling Moss with Doug Nye, PSL, 1987 G177 19 Stirling oss, The Authorised Biography, Robert Edwards, Cassell, 2001

M11 19 Not in that Car, Roy Locock/Matador

X103 19 Profiles of Sports Car Racers of the 1950s - They Started in MGs, Carl Goodwin, McFarland and Co., 2011



X42 19 Cecil Kimber 1888 - 1988, Various Authors

X52 19 Mr. MG - John William Yates Thornley, Peter Thornley/Magna Press

X67 19 Me and My MG, Stories from MG Owners Around the World, Gordon Thorburn, Remember When

X98 19 The Life of Lord Nuffield, A Study in Enterprise and Benevolence, P.W.S.Andrews and Elizabeth Brunner, Basil Blackwell

X120 19 Unless I'm very much mistaken, My Autobiography, Murray Walker, CollinsWillow, 2003 X121 19 Elon Musk, How the Billionaire CEO is shaping our future, Ashlee Vance, Virgin, 2015 X122 19 Skaifey, Life in the Fast Lane, Skaife & Clarke, Ebury Press, 2010

X99 19

X99 19


CC1 20 MG Owners' Club Yearbook 1979, CC2 20 MG Owners' Club Yearbook 1980,

CC3 20 MG Owners' Club MG Metro Yearbook 1982/3, CC4 20 MGCC Trade Membership Directory 2018,

CC5 20 MGOC Directory of Recommended Suppliers 2018-2020, CC6 20 MG Owners' Club MG Metro Yearbook 1983/4,

X101 20 MGOC Accessories 2018, mgocspares X50 20 G-Torque Archives, MGCC Geelong

X72 20 From Larrikins to Old Snoozers - Commemorating 50 years of the M.G. Car Club Victoria, Leon Sims & Bob Somerville, MGCC Victoria X84 20 The MG Car Club Victoria Year Book 1988, MGCC Vic

X85 20


F12 21 The Rover K-Series Engine: Maintenance, Repair and Modification, Iain Ayre & Rob Hawkins, Crowood Press, 2018 G42 21 SU Carburettors, Owners Workshop Manual, Haynes

G205 21 Motor Manuals Volume II Carburettors & Carburation, Arthur W. Judge, Chapman & Hall, 1932 G232 21 Classic Engines, Modern Fuel: The Problems, the Solutions , Paul Ireland

X102 21 Skinner's Union, A History of the Skinner Family and the S.U. Company, Mike Harvey, The S.U. Carburetter Co.,

X61 21 The A-Series Engine, Its First Sixty Years, Graham Robson, Haynes X69 21 BMC and Leyland B-Series Engine Data, Lindsay Porter, Osprey X86 21 How to be an Engine Expert on MG's, Neil Cairns, MGCC T Register X119 21 Rover V8 - the story of the engine, James Taylor, Veloce, 2017 X118 21 The Rover V8 Engine, David Hardcastle, Haynes, 1995

X99 21z

A00 22b WORKSHOP General Restoration

G003 22b The Restoration & Preservation of Vintage & Classic Cars, Jonathan Wood G016 22b Tuning for Speed/Tuning for Economy, Philip H Smith

G019 22b Automatic Transmission-Borg Warner model 35, BMC Pty Ltd G021 22b Schedule Repair Times (Morris/MG/Wolseley), BMC Pty Ltd G025 22b Workshop Materials, Alex Weiss

G026 22b Home Workshop Hints & Tips, Vic Smeed G030 22b Ultimate Garage Handbook, Richard Newton

G043 22b How to Build & Modify Sportscar & Kit Car Suspension & Brakes, Des Hammill G044 22b How to Build & Modify Cylinder Heads, Camshafts, & Valve Trains, Ben Watson G079 22b Reader's Digest Book of the Car,

G140 22b British Repair Manual Cars Trucks Volume II, Scientific Magazines Publishing Co., NSW, 1947



G141 22b British Repair Manual Cars Trucks Volume III, Scientific Magazines Publishing Co., NSW, 1947

G143 22b Motor Repair and Overhauling Vol II, George Newnes Ltd., 1949 G144 22b Motor Repair and Overhauling Vol III, George Newnes Ltd., 1949 G145 22b Motor Repair and Overhauling Data Sheets, George Newnes Ltd., 1949 G180 22b Ultimate Guide to Restoration, Skelton, Kelsey Media, 2019

G195 22 The Sports Car, Its Design and Performance, Colin Campbell, Chapman & Hall, 1960 G207 22 Dyke's Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia, A.L.Dyke, Goodheart-Wilcox, 1927 G209 22 The Autocar Handbook, A Guide to the Motor Car, Fifth Edition, Iliffe & Son, 1913

X66 22b Restoration Tools, Catalogue, Moss-Europe

A00 23a WORKSHOP Suspension

G048 23b Competition Car Suspension, A Practical Handbook, Allan Staniforth

G174 23b How to Restore & Improve Classic Car Suspension, Steering & Wheels (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual), Julian Parish, Veloce, 2018

A00 24a WORKSHOP Body Repair

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X99 39z




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DVD Contents' pages, VHS

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V33 43b MGF Workshop Manual CD, , V34 43b MG TF Workshop Manual, , DVD

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The Best of MG Volume One (MGB, Safety Fast 1932, Exhibit B801 1959, Magic Carpet 1962), Heritage Motoring Films, see Contents in 'Selected DVD Contents' pages, DVD

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44a VHS / DVD / CD ROM - Other

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V35 44b CAMS Manual of Motorsport 2007, , DVD V41 44b Monroe Shock Absorber Comparisons, , DVD V47 44b Geelong Tramways, DVD, DVD

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V51 44b Jenks & The Bod, Motorfilms Special, DVD

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V68 44b The Best of Motoring in the Thirties DVD (Austin & Morris Films), Heritage Motor Films, 2007, DVD V69 44b SPRIDGET (UK) DVD, TriumphDVD, DVD



Profile Publications Number 45 The M.G. Midget 'M' type Profile Publications Number 15 The M.G. Magnette K3

MotorSport Club News Dec 1930 - MGCC first run to "King's Arms" at Berkhampstead Form of Application for Overseas Membership - to the MGCC Abingdon

Motor Manual Australian Motor Sporting Guide

XVIIIth Australian Grand Prix Souvenir Program - a look back at the 1953 AGP

The MG Midget Series 'T' (facsimile TA Sales Brochure) The MG Midget Series 'TC' (facsimile TC Sales Brochure) Safety MG Fast (facsimile TD Sales Brochure)

Come and taste speed in the new T.F. Series MG (facsimile TD Sales Brochure) It's a fast new world with MG - safety fast! Mk III Midget sales brochure

Australian specification MG Midget Mk IV sales brochure

Dear John - letter to US dealers announcing the new Mk I MGB Superlative MGB - Mk II sales brochure (4 pages)

Sport the Real Thing - MGB L sales brochure (4 pages) The Octagon Spirit - MGB US flier and adverts (5 pages)

British Motor Heritage Limited - MGB & MGB GT Parts Guide and Price List 2011 1930 - 1992 History of the Marque - issued prior to the re-launch of the MG Brand with the RV8 MG RV8 - The Marque Has Returned

G102/2 - MG and Related Ephemera Vol 2

Austin Rover Cars 1985 (Mini, Metro, Maestro, Montego, Rover 200, Rover 2000-3500 - 1985, Pub. No. 3627/C

MG Rover Australia brochures for Rover 75/MG ZT/MGF

MG Collection, Accessories for the individual, Pub. No. 4872 F The Drive of Your Life, Pub.No. 4899

F The Drive of Your Life, Pub.No. 5302 Inserts from above

MGF, Pub.No. 5801

MGF, product details and specifications Pub.No. 5803

Australian edition of above MGF Rover Australia

MG TF Free-spirited. Individual. Distinctive. Pub. No. MGRA-MGTF-9/02-Int MG TF reprinted from CAR magazine March 2002

Bonhams & Goodman Auction News June 2005 - Catalogue of Sydney MG Rover Administrator's Auction

Inside Information - Mobil booklet on how a car works Champion - Spark plug usage charts

Hardy Spicer 1955 Propeller Shaft price list Will your spare tyre get you home? Tire & Wheel Plus Sizing

MGCC Geelong Trade Listing (Members Experiences) 4 pages

G102/3 - MG and Related Ephemera Vol 3

M.G.'s NEW TF - Wheels Magazine February 1954

Wheels Road Test and Analysis of the M.G./T.F. - Wheels August1954 Wheels take you driving in the new M.G. - the MGA - Wheels December 1955 Wheels Road Test and Analysis of the - Sleek, fast M.G.A - Wheels August 1956 M.G. goes Farina - the Mk III Magnette - Wheels April 1959

After 45 years, Wheeler (co-founder of Lonely Planet guides) drives back to London - in his MGB GT

Popular Classics 'The Way We Were' - in the 1950s An MG Guide to OXFORD & ABINGDON

James Flood presents - Cars of the VINTAGE DRIVERS CLUB The Pre-War MG Register of Australia - 1997 Edition

The T-Type, Winter 1981 - various technical articles, Differential update, Cooling system (water) treatment, M.G. paint colours, Rear hub ball race clamping

Passport to Service - MG MGB, Austin-Healey, Sprite, BMC (Australia) Pty. Limited Part No. TP619

The MG Car Club Silverstone Race Meeting, 25th May 1963

The Vintage Sports Car Club of Australia - flyer with photos of typical members' cars The (Ballarat) Courier photos of MGCC Geelong on Tour at Ballarat Airport

Wheelspin, Volume 1 No.1 March 1960 - MGCC Victoria Magazine - photo of Ted Heriot and Fritz Norden Wheelspin, Volume 1 No.2 May 1960 - Cool Ted Heriot in centre page

Wheelspin, Number Three August 1960 - nice TC drawing on Super Shell advert Wheelspin, Number 1, 1961- Approved Fire Extinguishers (C.T.C.!!!) Mechanix Illustrated April 1963 - Tom McCahill tests the new MGB




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